1 Mile to You (2017) Script

[Ellie, whispers] Run.

[Ellie, whispers] Run.

["I Am Overcome" playing]

* Hold you here inside my heart *

* In walls of steel and stone

* I, and I alone must bear the relics of your love *

* In the shadow of the mountain, a lonely hero stands *

* Memories flood the land Oi!

Gap-Tooth, Fatso, knock it off!


* I am falling, I am overcome *

* I remember days of glory

* Silver at your feet

* The people lined the streets to see your victory parade *

* In this age of toil and reason *

* Hearts are crying out

* Do you hear the sound above the static in your head? *

* I am breathless Hey!

Oi! Knock it off, you two.

[woman] Oh, my God! Oh, my God.

-You never answered. -Ooh.

Boston. Yeah, I like the Red Sox.

-You hate baseball. -I love baseball.

-You should pick Montana. -Montana?

Yeah, they got mountains there.

All right, I'll think about it.

[pole clanging]


So, Bledsoe is in the 800. Let's have him.

-Yes, sir. -Let me run it.

-And you are? -Gap-Tooth, sir.

-And who am I? -Coach Jared, sir. [chuckles]

-Huh. -There they are.

-Hey, Mom. Hey, Dad. -Hey, Dad.

Hey, Bobby.

You guys want some coffee?

No, no, Coach said chemicals are no good for runners.

Oh, okay.

Pass it over.

[footsteps approach]

It's the boys in blue.

You smoke that like a bitch.

-You do, actually-- -Shut up, homo.

Exceptional vocabulary, Bledsoe.

I want this moron to repeat what he just said.

-What did you say? -Whoa, whoa, whoa, "Moron."

Let's everyone relax with the language.

The correct term is homosexual.

Sickle is a homosexual.

Schuler is also a homosexual.

-And proud of it. -Very proud.

Come on, babe.


-Coach. -[door closes]

-You can forget about that, mister. -[chuckles]

Come on. Come on, let me run the 800.

Whoa. That's... That's my race.

I'll sprint out and hold them. Bledsoe won't know what hit him.

Bledsoe is a tool, but you can't beat him.

He ran a 4:10 mile last year, man--

A half is too short for him.

Got it from the guy over there. It's yours if you let me run.

-[whispers] Take it, take it... -Okay. Deal.

You may not want to be waving a joint around, man.

Your spikes. Come on, switch out. Come on, we're the same size. Come on.

Coach is going to be pissed if you don't win.

Shut up! I am going to win!

-Kevin, stop. -I'll be watching you.

I hate Bledsoe. I'm gonna win. I am going to kick his ass. I am going to.

[Kevin] All right.

Runners, take your mark.


-[gunshot echoes] -Hit it!


-Go, Kevin! -Come on, Kevin!

Who is the coach of this team, damn it?

You are, sir.

Bobby's about to take the lead, sir.

[Jared] He can't run that fast.

-Look at him go. -[girl cheers]

-[boy] Go, Kevin! -[girl] Go, Kevin!

[boy] Come on, boy, run!


[announcer] We have a new record. Kevin Schuler, Cotton High.

-Ride with me. -I promised my mom.

Come on, sweetheart, let's get you home.

[bus starts, honks]

Hey, leave your phone on.

-Leave your phone on. -Yes, ma'am.

[whispers] Here's your hat. Bye.

Did you tell my daughter you love her yet?

[Kevin] Hey!


So, how do you guys feel about having your son as a new record holder?

-Best run you've ever had. -[Kevin] Thank you.

Bet you can't pass them before the bridge.

All right.

[turn indicator clicking]


-[pops, hisses] -[screaming]

[tires screeching]

[solemn orchestral music playing]

[no discernible dialogue]



[gasping, whimpering]



-Uh-oh. -It's supposed to hurt.

[Kevin laughs]

[Bobby] Come on. Come on, let me run the 800.

[girl giggles]

[girl, whispers] Run.

[girl] Ride with me.

My daughter likes you.

What do you want with her?

Well, make a choice.




Hello. Bobby has a message for you.

Aw! That's what you're missing, you jerk!

I wish you were with me. I wish you didn't drive with your parents.

[Ellie] Montana.

Mountains. I'll find the perfect home for us.

You'll see.

[breathing rapidly]

[breathes deeply]

[soft rock song playing]

* There's no rest *

* For the wicked heart

* When the wicked lie

* Unfolds

* And bitterness of a lover's art *

* Turning silver lies

* To gold

* Let fall the rain, let fall the rain down on you *

* Let fall the rain, let fall the rain down on you *

* Oh, what a test for the tender heart *

* In the many nights

* Of love

* Oh, what a mess when it falls apart *

* Where another lie

* Will grow

* Let fall the rain, let fall the rain down on you *

* Let fall the rain, let fall the rain down on you *

There are three students left from your grade. They're closing Carton.

A number of schools have offered to accept you as a transfer.

You think you ate enough for breakfast today?

I'll make you something nice when you get home.

That's fine, Mom. I'll give you the full report.


[students chattering]

[school bell rings]




[man] Kevin Schuler.

So, your transcript tells me that you're real bright.

But let's face it.

Carton is better known for its 4-H program than for academics.

Well, we are very proud of our sheep.

See, normally, I'd have to charge $2,000 for an out-of-district placement.

But don't worry, I have an idea.

Hey, send Coach K in.

[Umber] Coach.

Thanks. Hydrate.

So, Coach K tells me you're a runner.

Oh, yeah. Kevin holds the Carton County record in the 800.

-I didn't set any records. -Kevin.

We can find scholarship money for a gifted athlete.

I didn't set any records. And I'm too old.

Ah, you're eligible until next summer.

Yeah, I just want my credits and I want to graduate, that's it.

You're gonna love this program.

And you're gonna be so surprised by the quality of our equipment.

And for right now, we're just gonna forget about the tuition.

[Umber] Welcome aboard, son.

Hey. You don't know anything about me.

First practice is Monday at 3:00.

[Coach K] Yeah, my man.

-You run? -That's their plan.


[Jol] Distance runners are crazy.

-Senior? -No, I'm 32.

Oh, so you flunk what? 14 years?

They won't flunk me no matter how hard I try.

They wanna win on Friday.

[man] Jol Brule.

I'm up.

[Coach K] Here we go. Everybody, let me see it.

Let me see, let me see that frog. Ribbit!

Ribbit! Ribbit!

All right, here we go, guys. Get those hands up!

[grunts] Reaching high. Whoo!

[Coach K] Feel what it's like to be alive. Reaching high.

You are not even breathing.

[Coach K] Freeze, freeze, freeze.

-I'm Henny. -Kevin.

Yeah, I know. I know, Coach K told us about the new runners coming in.

What's the matter with that guy?

Oh, allegedly, he abandoned his family in Africa.

You know, the secret police chased him out.

Honestly, I just think he's from Kansas.

Down to the ground. Let out a primal scream. [screams]

[students scream]

[Coach K] All right, here we go.


[Coach K] All right, on your feet there, homo sapiens. Gather around, gather round, my varsity team. How are you guys doing?

[grunts] Good.

All right, listen, I am going to wake you up here.

We're gonna do, uh, seven three-plus-ones.

That's 300 meters, about five seconds above race pace.

And then, 100 meters cool-downs.

Cool? Ready? On the line, let's go!

[Coach K] Set. [whistles]

[Coach K] Let's go! Remember what fun is?

[Coach K] Hey, Schuler, come here.

Tough guy. Hold on, tough guy.

Stick out your tongue.

Out, out, so I can see it.


What are you...

So you run a couple of miles, now your heartbeat's about 50, so, you've got the heart of a runner, but you're last in everything, so you're not even trying, huh?

Well, maybe I suck.

Nope. Nope. You're, you're a gazelle, man. You're a cheetah.

You know, some of my students, they come out here because it's gonna look good on their resume, which is fine.

Then I've got some students who should really take up golf or... bowling.

Something they can drink beer while they're doing it

'cause they are not going to amount to much as a runner.

And then, every now and then... Nice pace.

I get a runner who wants to dedicate themselves to the purest and most natural sport there is.

No bats, no balls, no pads.

All you need for running is your heart... and your soul.

The Greeks ran in the nude. Did you know that?

-This is getting weird. -Children play tag.

Horses race. Dogs run for fun. Everybody runs, man.

They like it. But not you, huh?

Maybe I hate running.



All right, warm down at your own pace, okay?

And stay away from the rest of my runners.

And the first race is on Friday, so you got that to look forward to.

Good. Smiles are good.

[man] Ready? Set. Hut!

[grunts] You know distance runners are crazy, right?

[Coach K] All right, let's go.

[soft rock music playing]

[Coach K] Hey.

What's in your head?

Uh, commotion.

That's cool. You got voices in your head. That's perfectly fine.

Let me hear.

No, I can't understand them either.

As long as they're saying, "Win."

'Cause that's what you're gonna do.

[boy] Five-two-three! Five-two-three!

-[Coach K] Relax. -One-two-three! -[students] Fight!

-Here comes the... -[students] Boom!

[soft rock song playing]

-[gunshot echoes] -[cheering]

* When the railroad tracks run out *

* Where will you be goin', boy? *

* Will you reach the edge of the woods? *

* When the sheriff is around, you're nowhere to be found *

* The fire in your legs, the wind in your face *

* The echo in the trees, the whisper through the leaves *

* The dark horse is coming

* A lonely mother grieves

[Ellie laughs]

-[Ellie] Her name's... -[Kevin] Get closer.

Bock! Bock! [giggles]


* You never stand and face all the time you waste *

[Ellie, whispers] Run.

* Combing through the mountainside *

* To find the edge of grace

* Just then a calm comes over, your heart feels sober *

* You need a place to rest


[Ellie, whispers] Run.


[whispers] Stop.

-[panting] -[heart beating]

[muffled cheering and applause]

[muffled] Still hate running?

[muffled] Son, that's 14:52. That is three seconds below the track record.

I knew you could do that. You are a phenom, you know that.

You are the game gorilla.

[voices distorting]

[crickets chirping]

-You're up early. -[Kevin] Gotta run.

-You need to eat more than that. -Don't want to barf.

Kevin, it's ten miles. [sighs]

[soft rock song playing]

* Fields on fire, Marker 73 *

-Hey, Mr. Sickle. -Hey, Kevin.

* Twinkling lights, Iowa city

* I used to let the road get the best of me *

* Something's changed inside of me *

[Coach K] That's it. Relax those hip flexors.

Can tuck and feel it. Nice and loose.

[Coach K] Whoo.

[Henny] Hey! Can I run with you?

[Kevin] Knock yourself out.

[Henny] It looks like it's going to rain. Is it gonna rain?

[Kevin] I don't know.

Oh, I love thunderstorms.

I'm reading "King Lear" right now, and, God, that scene when he's when he is walking through that thunderstorm, it's just incredible.

He should have listened to Cordelia.

[panting] Oh, my God.

Why did you leave me out there?

Because you couldn't keep up.

I've never run that fast before.

I'd race so much better if I trained with you.

[Kevin] It's up to you.

It's my birthday on Saturday.


Well... I'm having a party.

You're invited.

Well, I can't come. I'm busy.


The trainers here are crap. All they know is ice and tape.

Can't you see someone?

Some guys use a doctor down in Hibernia. That's insurance.

My dad will find out.

[Jol] Let's go.

I saw Phil Sickle at the hardware store the other day.

He was talking about that crazy go-kart you and... Bobby built freshman year.

Bobby was a great kid.

Never had to worry about you two.

You never talk about him. Or Ellie.

-Why? -I don't know.

"I don't know" is not an answer.

Come on. We got three more stops to make.

[dog barks]


-Mrs. Schuler? -Have we met?

No. Hi, I'm Henny Finch. I am here to interview Kevin for the school paper.

-About what? -His... his running.

I'm not gonna ask him anything about the accident, I mean, unless he wants to discuss it.

He's... kind of a quiet guy.

Well, he never used to be.

Huh. Gary High is kind of a big place.

It's gonna take some time.

-How old are you? -18.

18 going on what?

-Come on in, honey. -Okay. Thank you.

[knock on door]

This lovely young woman is here to interview you.


Well, I'll let you young people talk. I have to can preserves.

Your mom's so cute.

She buys these huge cans of Walmart blackberry jam, adds lemon juice and then puts them in bottled jars with her name on 'em.

Well, that just makes me like her even more.


I texted you the other day, and you didn't answer.

The article. You know "Kevin Schuler, Champion Runner."

And not, "Whose Friends Died."

Oh, no, I wouldn't write that.

-Are you any good? -Oh, yeah, I'm the best.

-How much do I get paid? -It's a school paper.

I should get something.

-You need a photo too? -[Henny chuckles]

-Do you have a blog? -What?

Maybe you could write a whole series.

Now you're just teasing me.

Henny, would you like some crackers and blackberry jam?

-Would you? -No! No, I'm okay.

Thank you though.


Actually, I have to get home. I'm sorry.

Thank you for coming out to the farm.

What was that about?

It's nothing.

-Dad? -Coach I already ordered for you.

How long has this been sitting here?

-Well, she said... -Excuse me.

I think it's a little cold.

Kevin Schuler is a talent.

I mean, the kind of talent that comes by once in a lifetime.

A high school state champion. A college national champion.

I want you to come on by and see him run.

I want you to recruit him.

I saw his time. Let's see if he can do it again.

-Relax the arms, Kevin. Relax the arms. -[stopwatch beeps]

[ethereal music playing]

[Ellie] No, Kevin!

Oh, come back. Come on. Whoo! Come back!

-Hey, where's your sister? -[whispers] In the barn.



It's your birthday.

-[Ellie] Yeah. It's my birthday. -[Kevin] Happy birthday.

[Kevin] What are you reading?

[Ellie] I was reading Shakespeare.

-I have to stop though. -[Kevin] Why's that?

Because Cordelia just breaks my heart.

[whispers] Run.

[Ellie] Stop.

[cheering and applauding]

[Umber] One in a million.

Well... Okay. Consider it a down payment.

We got to protect him.

[Umber] I'm getting a lot of calls already.

Yeah, well, you know what?

Tell them that because of the accident, he needs to stay close to home to be near his parents. Okay? They're not gonna question that.

All right.

Come here, come here.

Listen, what's this? What's this? I need in here. Right there. Feel that groove?

-Yeah. -Yeah, yeah, feel it.

[humming, clears throat]

-That's it. -Hey, you're right.

Look, another one for the homosexuals.

Get out there.



[Jol] Down! Ten hut!

[man] Come on, Jol. Stay in bounds! Stay on your feet.

You gotta run behind your pass. Show me what you got on defense.

Use your stiff arm! Get the ball and take it down field.

Come on, get up off the ground, son! You can't play on the ground!

Come on, now step up and be a man!

-[Jol] Yes, sir. -Keep it up!

Look at these scouts over here. They come out and don't see you?

This is Kevin. He runs. My father.

-You walking home. -[Jol] Yes, sir.

What does State want exactly?

Ah, they're gonna take a look at that body of yours.

They'll pay you. That sounded wrong.

-Yeah, that sounds illegal. -No. No, no.

-Isn't it illegal? -It's medical research.

Don't worry, Rosie is a good coach.

[stammers] Coach... Head Coach, Karen Rowan. It's Umber's daughter.

And I'm pretty sure he wanted a son, so...

But yeah, she's... she's good. She's got a good heart.

You'll be...

You'll run on a treadmill. Come on, that'll be fun.


Damn it.

Have you been wearing those all season?

-[muffled] Since spring. -What?

[gasps] Since spring.

Doesn't Sam know enough to get you decent shoes?

[Kevin sighs]


Take better care of my runner.

Ah, well, he's not your runner yet.

Don't try to wind me up like that. It doesn't even work anymore.


Obviously, he is physically talented, but his running is all nerves.

He runs every race like his life depends on it.

You can't coach that.

Well, did you read the printout?


His VO2 is Olympic-caliber.

His muscle response makes him ideal for the mile to 5K.

Nobody can screw that up.

Understood, Coach.

You have to tell me if you're hurt.

How am I going to know if you don't tell me?

What were you two arguing about?

[sighs] Nothing.

We just go back... Oh, come on, man!


-I got you some new shoes. -No, no, no, I have shoes.

-And now you have new shoes. -I don't want new shoes.

Well, you're gonna get 'em. Homo sapiens were not meant to run on concrete.

Look at the Kenyans. They run on dirt and grass every chance they get.

You have to take care of your feet!

You have to take care of yourself.

I can't even put these on you. Let me get something else.

[soft instrumental music playing]

[tires screeching]

Last year, you ran over 17 minutes on that course.

How do you drop off a minute and a half, huh?

What are you doing? You blood doping?

Hit me.

Come on, hit me! You'll feel better.

[Kevin] Oh, is that all you got?

I think you could do better than that.

Do you know why? Why should I hit you?

Your dad got you into running when you were what? Eight?

He held you back a year in high school just so you'd be the best runner in the state.

You spent years eating, breathing and sleeping running.

And they just kicked my ass back to high school.

And here I am, just a nobody, ruining your daddy's plans.

So, come on, hit me, chicken-shit!

Hit me!

You're crazy.

[Kevin] Come on.

[gasps] Hit me...

[engine starts]

[Henny] Hey.

You hungry?

Will you... let me follow you around for the article?

Your running. Your life. You know?

You're kind of inconsistent.

Well, consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.

"Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."

You know, I just read Emerson in AP English and now you're quoting him back to me.

Why do you take those jock classes, huh?

Well, that's where Umber put me.

"That's where Umber put you." Okay.

God, sometimes, I just wanna... strangle you.

We're reading "The Great Gatsby" this week.

You know how he has his... I guess, schedule?

His improvement exercises?

You know, I think of you when I read that.

You act so aloof, but you try harder than anyone.


There used to be an elm over there.

You know, Bobby and I, we built a tree fort, but somebody, somebody cut it down.

Bobby Sickle?

B-S, you wrote... his initials on your shoes.

They're his shoes.

I'm sorry, I don't mean to... bring up bad memories.

You know, when I read about the crash in the papers, I thought it was the most awful thing I'd ever...



I wanna be good for you.

[door closes]

-Where were you? -[Kevin] I was out.

I found the check from the university. $3,000 is a lot of money.

I'm doing physiological testing for them.

Are you allowed to do that?

The coaches say that it's fine.

Are they testing what you're thinking?

No. 'Cause I'm not doing psychological testing.

I am doing physiological testing--

I know what the word means.

Look. You're getting straight As in school.

Your running is amazing.

You just... You never bring any friends over anymore.


I'm not going to dress in all black and bring dad's shotgun to school, if that's you're thinking--

That's not what I meant.

I just don't know what's going on anymore.

That's because I don't want to talk to you.

Or Dad. I don't want to talk to anyone.

[Mrs. Schuler] You know, the polite thing to do would be to write the university a thank-you note.

I wrote the address and I put a stamp on it for you.

-[grunts] -Yeah.

-[grunts] -Come on.

-[grunts] -Come on.

-[grunts] -Come on.


My old man's gotten worse since they fired him.

[Jol] Nothing to do, but bitch on my ass.

-[Kevin] Ah, sorry. -[Jol] It's all good.


[Kevin] Come on.

[Kevin] One more.

-[groans] -Picture your dad.

[Jol roars]

Read that to me.

"Kevin Schuler reads scientific journals as well as Emerson and is a model of fitness and good looks."

You could keep going, please.

"He also admits to having shin splints...

Tendinitis and gastrointestinal disturbances."

This is stupid.

Why do I have to read this here? Are you hurt?

Well, it's supposed to hurt.


Running is the highlight of my day.

If I have a bad day, a good run saves it for me.

What are you doing?

There's good pain... and there's hurting yourself.

Go home. Stay there.

No running for two days.

I don't wanna see you until Friday.

[Coach K] Key on Kevin. And stay ready. This is a hilly course.

All right, everybody else is gonna be gassed.

And that last long hill, that's where we attack.

[Coach K] That's where we win it.

So, let's go on out there and get us a state championship!

Give me a Gary on three. One, two, three!

[together] Gary!

[boy] Five-two-three! Five-two-three!

-One-two-three! -Fight!

-Here comes the... -[together] Boom!

You see the creek?

I hear you are no good with rivers and such.

Keep the team together. All right?

Hey, help each other out. Get in here. Get in here.

We can win this thing, okay? On three, give me a woo-hoo!

-One, two, three! -[together] Woo-hoo!

[Coach K] Yeah.

[man] Ready? Set!


[indie rock song playing]

* Stay right here with the devil in you *

* I can't let you loose *

* Stare me down, let the devil in me tame you *

* You will find what's lost in me *

* No one has to know

* Lead me down, let the devil in me show *


Ellie! Ellie...

Kevin, you're four minutes late. We had to leave without you.

Oh, no, I'm here now. I'm here. I'm here.

[Ellie] You can't come with us, Kevin?

[Coach Jared] Let's get you home, sweetheart.

[Ellie screams]

[cheering and applauding]

-What was that? -I don't think anyone saw.

* Lead me down, let the devil in me show *


[panting] Ellie...

[Ellie, whispers] Run.

[Ellie, whispers] Stop.



[Umber] You're a state champion!

-You nailed that sucker! -You're a state champion!

-Your runner ran into our boy. -I'm sorry, it was accidental.

The Athletic Association recommends disqualifying both runners for poor sportsmanship.

Official Bledsoe, this is a big pack.

[Umber] You know, there's going to be some bumping.

[Rowan] Come on, you can't make that call. It's a state championship.

Run the race ten times. Nobody would beat him.

Do you have anything to say for yourself?

I'm guilty.

Halt, just a gosh damn minute!

He doesn't know what he's saying. He can hardly breathe.

Oh, shit.

[Umber] Come on. He's got no oxygen. Come on. Coach.

[Coach K] Good job, son. Congratulations.

-Why did you run him down? -'Cause he deserved it.

That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Oh, I'm sorry. Did I mess up our package deal to State?

What are you talking about?

If I run for Rowan at State, you're hired, right?

You think I don't figure this shit out?

I don't really care about that, man. I just want you to be able to see what you have.

There is a 100 runners out there who would kill for an ounce of your talent.

Oh, that's great. That's great they're out there.

Why don't you go find them, why don't you work it out with them?

Okay, tell me what they decide. Here, take this.

Take it.

[Coach K] It's 20 miles. Get in the car.

[Kevin] It's an easy 18.




First, you ran the boy down. Then you bragged about it.

That state championship was yours and you threw it away. What were you thinking?

You don't want to explain yourself, huh?

Oh, ho! You don't have to explain yourself to your teammates, why you lost them the state championship, huh?

You don't have to explain yourself to Coach Rowan why her star recruit was disqualified?

[Umber's voice distorts and overlaps]

You are not a wild animal in the woods!

Do you care about anybody? Do you care about anything?

This silent treatment is not real original, Kevin.

I've decided that Coach K can't handle you.

I'm gonna be your coach from now on.

-You can't fire Coach K. -I am principal of this school.

I'm the head coach. I can do what I gosh damn want.

I won't run for anyone else.

I'll quit the team.

[music playing over a stereo]

[music stops]


[Coach K] You leave a spot on that, I will come back to haunt you.

So why are you here, man?

'Cause I blew it.

Umber wanted to fire you because of me.

Ooh. Really?

All he told me was that... you were stubborn.

And I was like, "A stubborn Kevin Schuler, that's not somebody I know, Principal Umber."

[snickers] Yeah.

You want to tell me what happened out there?

Uh... I let you down.

Well, young man.

It was an impressive screw up.

Next time, why don't you just tell me about it before you do something like that?

Coach, I want to run faster.

I want to beat everyone.

And I'm not running for anybody else.


[clears throat]

-[Kevin] Who is she? -Okay.

That is the, ah, only woman who was nuts enough to almost... marry me.

And she was a runner.

Together, we went up to Boundary Waters, pitched a tent on an island.

Spent the summer running around like a bunch of naked hippies.

So, what happened to her?

You know...

We spent all our time together. We were training together. We were living on love.

I didn't need anymore than that. All the stuff I could fit into a backpack was good for me.

And, two weeks before our wedding, she ran off with a rich guy and called me a loser.

Which I was!

Her marriage only lasted a year.

I kind of count that as a consolation prize.

And then she got a job coaching at Gary.

I'm gonna make us some more burgers.

At Gary?

That's Coach Rowan.

[Kevin] What?

And by the time I got back, she had moved on to State and she got me the job at Gary.

[Kevin snickers]

What do all those counselors tell you?

That's a nice segue, Coach.

I read the file. What did they tell you?

They said that I'm fine, that I'm normal and I'm average.

-They were full of shit. -[laughs] Pretty much.

So, I run. Because like you said, running saves a bad day.

You get a lot of bad days?

[Kevin sighs]

[Coach K] Hey.

This great man, he once said that most people die with their music still in them.

And you got a whole orchestra inside you.

If you really want to run...

Tim Danielson and Marty Liquori, 3:59. Jim Ryun, 3:55, Alan Webb, 3:53.

That's your competition.

And they didn't spike somebody because they were mad.

They were focused.

You go easy... this week.

And then, we will talk.

-[railroad crossing bell rings] -[train horn blaring]

I can't believe that you actually asked me out.

Well, I wanted to show you the beautiful downtown Carton.


Here we have the... We have the post office.

There's a hardware store and... And this is just the best ice cream in town.

Actually, it's the only ice cream in town.

I'm starved all the time.

Oh, here, take mine.

-No, that's okay. -You can have it, really.

I don't want it.

[Henny humming]

-[Kevin] Wow. -[Henny laughs]

[Kevin] Your singing, it's, uh...

Your, uh...

It's good.

What is that? Is that like some kind of jock thing?

I always see basketball players do it and stuff.

And track stars.

Right, yes, and track stars.

No, it's like, uh... it's like it's from the heart.

Or... "I have heart."

"I have heart."

So what, you don't have to be a jock or anything to do it?

No. Rich, white girls could do it too.

Oh, really? Okay. So you give me permission?

Oh, yeah. You knock yourself out.

Okay... [clears throat] All right.


Scored with Henny.

Been there, done that. Don't phone or nothin', just call me a rat.

Look, I...

I'm sorry.


You should be.

And that's actually why I asked you out.

Oh, so this is an apology date?

Look, I'm sorry.

I really love your singing.

Oh, so now compliments? Wow!

-You mean it? -Really.

Really, really.

You know, I forget everything when I am singing.

You're probably the same way with your running, right?

-It's my own world. -Yeah, you're so disciplined.

-I'm not disciplined. -Oh yeah, you're always running.

It's not... It's not discipline.

I run because... I have to.

I feel something when I run. It's like breathing.

So I have to run, every single day.

That's kind of nuts.

Yeah. Maybe.

Um, do you want to see the hair salon?

[Henny laughs]

Full ride.

My old man's so happy he's already bought a bunch of bulldog hats.

How do you feel?


You know, I should feel great, right?

Play some ball. Job. It's all real now.

[sighs] My knee's worse.

If they find out about it...

Like if they find out about the shit that goes on in my head...

Praise Jesus, you're more screwed up than I am.


-About frickin' time. -Seriously. Okay.

[Coach Rowan] Hi.

-Coach. -Coach.

-Where do you wanna... -Yeah, here.

Okay. Come. I'll bring this.

-Do you want a coffee? -Uh... No.

Well, here is Kevin's spring training schedule.

[Coach K] Okay.

Huh. Two race days, one tempo. This is a... state workout.

Well, the consistency is going to be good for him.

Well, I need to see how he feels each day.

You let him do whatever he wants.

I don't coach like this.

All right, well, you were never one for long-term plans.

Coach, I am getting a lot of calls from other schools.

You've seen the offers. He can go anywhere he wants.

[Coach Rowan] Are you serious?

What, are you going to drive him to the airport too?

How long have we waited for an athlete like this?

He's not going anywhere.

[Umber] Coach.

He'll listen to you.



[Mrs. Schuler] Wow!

-[Coach K] Hey. -[Mrs. Schuler] Hey.

Hi! How are you, Mrs. Schuler?

Hi. Good. How are you? It's beautiful.

It's a bribe.

Well... [laughs] Okay. You know, uh...

-Is this even legal? -Uh, apparently, it is.

Because of the... stuff you're doing at the university, I guess.

So, I know, you know, you can get it to use it to go to and from school.

Probably make things a little bit easier.

Yeah, you run everywhere if I don't drive you. It's not safe.

[Mrs. Schuler] I've been telling you to get a car.

So... you're the delivery boy?

-Don't talk like that, Kevin. -No. No, no, it's okay.

Yes. Yes, I am. That's my job tonight.

Delivery boy.

Well, do you agree with this?

-[Coach K laughs] -Do you?


Have a good night.

[Mrs. Schuler chuckles]

I'll see you at practice, okay?


-Good night, Mrs. Schuler. -[Mrs. Schuler] Good night.


I want to take this thing racing.

Here, could you take this up to the door? It's for the church.

Thank you.

-[tires screech] -[Mrs. Schuler] Whoo!

-Hi! -Hi.

Where's your cute mom?

Uh... She left.

Oh, bummer.

Come in, come in.

-Oh, you know, I'm... -No, no, no.

-You know, I gotta... -Hey. Kevin. Come in. Seriously.

-Okay -Thank you.

So, this is the kitchen. You can place your stuff right here if you want.

Just put it right here. Green punch. Hey, what's up?

All right. Rye.

[Henny] Um, drinks. Do you want any? You know?

[Kevin] Oh, cool, cool.

Make up some concoctions, whatever. Hey. How are you?

[Henny] Um...

So, pool.

-Wow. -It's heated. Yeah.

Hey, guys.

What's up? Jol's somewhere, I think.

Oh, yeah?

[Henny] Hey! Now the party's started!

[shouting] Kevin!

-I... I don't... I don't drink. -Oh. You pregnant?

[Henny laughs]

[Jol] "I don't drink." Man, shut up and come on.

[Henny] Come on.

[hip-hop music playing]

[Rye] Kevin Schuler.

Rye Bledsoe.

You know, I'm... screwing two girls from your school.

Oh, congratulations. That's... Wow.

You seeing anybody?


I'm just asking.

Hey, look, you know...

Dennis is a real asshole for spiking you.

And... my dad never should have disqualified you.

-He's a real asshole. -Yeah, it runs in the family.

You know you didn't beat me that night in Briceville, right?

-In Briceville? -That wasn't you.

Oh, yeah, I know that.

But everyone thinks it was me. Isn't that funny?

-Everyone thought I beat you-- -That's funny.


You know, I've got the country mile record.

I got the 1500. I got the 3000.

I beat you in 800 easy.

Yeah. Probably.

Kevin. I am going to kick your ass in track.

-[Kevin] Okay. -[Rye] Okay.

Well, I think you're slow.

-Okay. Okay. -I think I am faster than you.

I think you're drunk too. I also think you need a little bit more hair gel.

-It's water. -Hey, that's a nice shirt.

Maybe you should unbutton it one more. I think it'll look good.

-Think so? -I like the look.

-It's good Hasselhoff. -[Rye] Yeah?

Real good. All right, good talk. See you out there.

Can I feel that? Does that hurt?

[laughs] That's a... That's a good question.

I wonder about Ellie.

Yeah, I don't really remember her.

If you... don't remember her, maybe that...

means you didn't love her.

She... She's dead.

Kevin, I'm...

I'm here.

Do you want to know about Ellie?

-Yes. -She was... She was perfect.

Everything about her was perfect.


You throw a good party.


-What did you say to her? -None of your business.

You don't think anyone cares, do you, asshole?

-What did you just call me? -You heard me.

[Rye] What's up with him?

I can hold my breath longer than you.

You're crazy.

That's what I like about you.

All right. Three, two, one.


[Kevin grunting]


[Kevin retching and coughing]

Best two out of three?







[Jared] Did you tell my daughter you love her yet?


Help me run faster.

Hey, man. Come, sit down.

Okay. Look, look. A four-minute mile at the spring invitational.

That would mean something.

You don't think about running right now, okay?

Look, I have to remember.

You have to remember what?

It's Jared and Bobby and Trolley and Ellie...

Look, I can't... I can't breathe without 'em.

Okay, and when I run fast enough, I could see them, I could find them.

So, I'm just asking you to help me run faster.

-You dream about them? -[Kevin] Yeah.

Yeah. So are you gonna help me?

Listen, okay? There aren't many people who could deal with what you have been through.

You're really strong, and that does not make it easier.

You don't know how to ask for help.

I am asking for help right now.

So if you don't think I could do it, why don't you just tell me?

No, it's not that. All right, why a four-minute mile?

Well, isn't that what everybody wants? It'll make a splash.

It'll be a win-win. Then we'll both go to State.

Hey, don't you dare pin this on me, you little prick.

You promised. You promised me that you would teach me what you know.

I said that I would teach you running. I don't--

That's what I want!

I don't think that's what you need.

And, by the way, you've never run a mile in competition.

You're setting yourself up for failure. It's... It's not healthy.

You don't have enough of a base.

I ran a 120 miles this week.

I averaged a 100 miles through the fall. I have a base.


Whoa! I thought you were joking.


Because this is what I do. This is me.

You haven't done any speed work.

[Kevin] We have four weeks.

I could do it. I could do it. If just help me.

This is a maybe.

What are we doing here?

Old track will be easier on your legs.


[Kevin] This is weird.

Come on.

[Coach K] Okay.

We're gonna run... ten 400s.

Two to four seconds above race pace. Okay?

With 400 cool in between. Let's go. Come on. What are you waiting for?

-Let's get warmed up. -[Kevin exhales]



[Coach K] Go, go. Go! Go!

[Kevin groans]

[Coach K] 63. That's good. But you let an old man beat you.

I was taking it easy. I didn't want you to pull a testicle.

Hey, hey, hey. There is running around in circles, and there is smart training.

Let's focus.

Focus. Let's focus.



How do you feel?

[Kevin] My quads burned on that one.

Oh, yeah? What's in your head? What are you thinking?


That's good. What do you want?

I wanna run faster.

Your heart. Look up at me.

Your heart.

Most important muscle you got in your body.

It never rests, but it remembers everything.

You run with your heart.

You run with your heart.


Ten more quarters now.

Ten more?

That's crazy. That's like two and a half miles.

Hey, you got endurance, but endurance doesn't mean anything.

And you got speed, but speed is a fart in the wind.

I need your body to know that you can run at this pace.

You could do it in your sleep, I need your mind to know it, I need your heart to know it.

We're training for one race, four weeks away.

I don't care what you feel like tomorrow. This, right now, is the test!

So, let's see what you got, hotshot!

[Coach K] Finish strong, yeah, finish strong!

Let's go. Finish strong!

[Coach K] Yes!

-63. -That's harder than any mile you will ever do.

Ten more.

No, no, you're done. You passed the test.

I want extra credit. You rest, old man.

You can stop if you want!

Stop! Stop, stop, stop!

Wait, wait, wait! Wait, wait!

Come on, open the door! Open the door!

I'm here! Get this open! Come on, let me in.

That's good. That's great vomiting. Here. Drink.

-No, when I am done. -You're done.

-Here. -[coughs]

Hey, hey, hey. I said, "You're done."

[Coach K] Give me your hand.



Uh, leave it. My dad sees that, it'll kill him.

Hey, come here. I want to show you something.


Come on, speedy. Need a wheelchair?

Coming. I'm coming.

[Jol] Whoo! How fast is it?

I don't know. I feel like corporate meat.

I want one.

It's yours.


-Take it. -Stop playing.

Drive up to Hibernia, see that doctor.

Send me the bill.

-Your sugar daddy. -All right, Mr. Moneybags.

Start hanging out with you more often.

-Hey, Mr. Sickle. -Hey, Kevin.

Caught on a stick there.

How's that big school treating you?

I get by.

I've been reading about you.

I am happy to see something good is coming out of Carton.

When the pond freezes over, we're gonna put the hockey nets back out like you and Bobby used to.

-What do you think about that? -Sure.

-What are you doing right now? -I'm on a run.

Do you want to take just a little break? I want to show you something.

-Yeah. Yeah. -Okay. Let's go.

I really wanted you to see this.

I like coming out here when the wind howls a little bit.

You remember that go-kart he built?

It burned alcohol. It went like 500 miles an hour.

That kid could build anything.

It'd have been better if he had been here to help me.

Go ahead. You can go in.

[class clinking]

[Mr. Sickle] It's all Bobby's stuff.

You see that blue glass?

It keeps bad stuff away.

You'll always be safe in here.

You beat them at the invitational now! Bobby would like that!

[Kevin] I promise!

[strumming guitar]

["In the Winter" playing]

* I remember in the winter

* When you told me I was bitter *

* That the fallen weren't coming home *

* I remember when the splinter

* Only dug itself much deeper

* We had fallen on hard times

[doorbell rings]

* When my bones are cold as stone *


What are you doing here?


I'm going to go to State. I decided that.

You came all the way over here to tell me that?

Have you ever thought about going someplace else?

Montana. Maybe, yeah.

Yeah, we also talked about Boston.

Okay. Right.

Are you even going to call me next year?

-God, you're such an asshole. -I am an asshole.

No, but that's the thing. You're... you're not.

-I should go. -Let me just drive you home.

No, no, hey. I'm good.



You sold this place out. How do you feel?

They'll get their six bucks' worth.

Go win this race, boy.

[man over PA] Men's 1600. Runners on the track.

Sponsored by Watson Quality Ford!

What's in your head?

I can see it.

Focus on pace first half. My race begins third lap.

Your... race.

They're not your competition.

Run your own race.

You'll do something marvelous.

[man] Runners to your lines!


[man] Runners, when your left shoulder is clear, you are free to break to the inside.


[crowd cheering]

Come on, Kev!

Go, Kevin, go!

He's two seconds ahead, lap one.

You're on it right there. Stay relaxed.


Oh, my God.

Yeah, go, Kev!

Go on!

One lap!

Pick it up!

Just open the door! Open the door! I'm here! Please!

I thought we'd lost you.



Sit with me.


[Ellie, whispers] Run.

[crowd cheering and applauding]


[loud cheering]

[Coach K] Hey...

[mouths] Marvelous.

[Ellie, whispers] Run.

[Ellie, whispers] Run...

I love you.



[whispers] Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Oh my-- Kevin!

[Ellie] I love you too.

[Ellie, whispers] Stop.


Are you okay?

[coughs] Are you okay?

Are you okay?

-You just jumped? -Yeah.

Yeah. [coughs]

Are you okay?

I'm so tired.

-I'm tired. -Then stop. Just stop.


You're crazy. You're crazy.

[Henny] Oh, my God.

[soft rock song playing]

* The dead live on

* When you close your eyes

* All your lovers say, yeah

* And when you open them, you never ask *

* You tell yourself you're moving on *

* But you're driving in reverse *

* You turn around your tongue and toes *

* You tell everyone where you're gonna go *

* You never know who you think you are *

* You're always meant to be doing something else *

* Even when you're up you're down *

* Even when you're out you're in *

* And when you say you're done *

* You've probably just begun *

* Can't go through hell and not remember it well *

* If only you knew what you didn't know then *

* You change your name like you change your clothes *

* But everyone knows playing pretend *

* You had handshakes and heartaches *

* And smoked a little pot

* Tried lots of things that you are not *

* Tired of what was good and plain *

* But everyone was doing the same *

* Even when you're up you're down *

* Even when you're out you're in *

* When you say you're done, you've probably just begun *

* The dead live on

* When you close your eyes

* All your lovers say, yeah

* When you open them

* You never ask