10+10 (2011) Script

Hey brother so exactly how much did we win?

I rented the car, the equipment, and I had to take off work.

I even paid for gas.

So please just tell me...

How much is my cut?

Don't worry.

You'll get your fair share.

You're worrying for no reason.

Come on, just let me see it.

You're really annoying, you know?


Hold up a bit, hold on...

Lets rest a bit...

I need to rest.

Fuck... these steps will kill people.


What are you doing?

You know I've made this trip, walked this path, multiple times.

And I'm still alive.

Drink some water.

No thanks.

You know my motto, no smell, no taste, I don't drink.

I'll be drinking this.

Oh, you're really living it up.

Brother, You know, last night, I really dreamt that I was above the clouds, flying around It was so real.

Oh yeah?

We all know you daydream the best.

You watch too many cartoons.

Flying around...

Who do you think you are? Li Nezha, Marshal of the Central Camp?

We've made it.

It's right up front.

We made it.

We made it, we made it.

The shrine is so small, won't it be less effective?

Don't you know The smaller the shrine, the more power it holds.

Only I know of this shrine.

And now... you also know.

You can't tell anyone else about it.

Do you understand?

Yes, yes, yes.

Gods of the local land, I, Ah-Ming, always keeping to his word.

I even especially brought my younger brother here today.

Prepared these gifts, as part of our worship.

I also specially prepared two new sets of clothes.

I hope you both will enjoy them.

The gods are very smart.

This film is very popular right now.

The 3D is really complicated.

I think "3-D Sex and Zen" would have been a better choice.

Watch what you say... that's nonsense.

Is it ready? You didn't forget it did you?

No. Yes, I brought it.

Okay, I'll go prepare the projector.

Be careful with the canvas.

I need to pee.

The shrine is right here.

Go farther!

What are you doing

How is it we only won 400 NT?

When did I ever lie to you?

You lied to me.

We won something didn't we?

Even for 400 NT, we must pay our respects.

Why didn't you tell the gods of the local lands You'll come when you win the grand prize.

Why come here for only 400 NT At least we won something.

You lied...

Why did you have to lie...

Come here.


Let me carry you.

No, it'll cause a scene.

You're not the type to worry about appearances.

If I didn't look good, how do you think your dad picked me?

Oh, what nonsense you are talking! Give me a break.

Get your crutch.

Her foot has bad cellulitis.

What's that?

Cellulitis, it's inflammation, like a really bad bee sting.

These are the sales while you were gone.

Two pack of noodles and camphor balls, 58 dollars in total.

Thank you, for giving up your time.

Don't mention it.

I had nothing to do at home anyway.

A-Guo, Haven't seen you for a while, come and visit us sometime.

Mom, this one is for you.

We also sell these here, why do you need to get it from another shop?

Those have already passed their sell-by date.

You have it.

Mom, you can't walk properly, why don't we just close up?

You ask your dad.

Dad has gone to heaven.

He doesn't have time to deal with things in this world.

I suggest we close the shop.

Where would our neighbours buy their things?

Who still gets their things from us?

Who said nobody does?

The Milkfish household buys its stock from us.

Milkfish family?

I thought the mother had died?

Who said that? Nonsense.

She's still alive and well, you'll put a curse on her saying that.

Then who was buried last month?

That's Mrs. 'Mullet'.

Everyone is named after seafood, how can I remember?

Ah, mother, Here's 58 dollars.

That's the takings when you were away.

See? And you said there's no customers.

We've still got regulars.


You were in hospital for 8 days.

The takings are not even enough for a rice box.


How about this?

Let's have a bet.

I'll take you to hospital again in 3 days time.

If anyone comes to buy things your shop will stay open;

If no one comes, I suggest we should close it down.


Take the bet.

Yong-Jiou (forever), You started the shop, you will protect me.

Mrs. Milkfish.

You are also here!

I've come to get some lunch Save time cooking.

Me too.

Our shop also sells this.

But my granddaughter prefers this brand.

I see.

I'll drop by this afternoon for a chat.


Mrs. Shrimp.

She doesn't seem to be home.

She can't walk, where's she gone?

Open up!

I need to buy 'ghost money', it's for the Land God.

You want the bet It's less than 3 days, I have already earned 15 dollars.

Who's the winner?

Think you know it all.

2011 .09.11 Before the premiere of Seediq Bale at the Venice Film Festival

Dear Lord, I take this moment to thank you for letting us make this visit abroad to present the results of our film production.

In the past, when times were difficult, we could not see the light of day.

But now I wonder at all the new things I have seen.

It's like the harvest for all our past toils.

Perhaps I haven't properly devoted myself to following your path, so that you cannot accept what I do.

But because of your love, to this day, you have never abandoned me.

Many things are getting better for our tribe.

We can see the blessings we receive from you.

Now my children have grown up.

This is my greatest comfort, and my greatest happiness is that my wife has taken me to be her husband.

When I think about my wife, and the 20 years that we've been married, it is because of your blessing that we have overcome so many hardships.

I hope that, through our churches everywhere, and through our faith in you, our people will be united in their belief, and we will take strength for living.

Every place has its culture, no matter the country.

But, the world you created is always the same earth.

From now to the future, my past will be forever altered.

If, through me, and my devotion to your service, you may transform the fate of my people everywhere, I am here, as I wait for the film that you made manifest through me.

Our result, I present to you.

Even though my body has been weak and suffered pain, I have wholeheartedly relied on you and given you my heart,

from the moment I started work on this film until now.

How amazing is your grace.

No matter what happens in the future, I will always believe in your governance.

Through this film, the whole world will see our people's history.

This touches me deeply, and I cry from the bottom of my heart.

These things I have never before experienced, and never before witnessed.

I am full of excitement as well as the anxiety of what is unknown.

But the time has come and I cannot retreat from what I must face, so, at this moment, I have no cares and nothing more to fear.

I ask for your help. On occasions like today, I will rely on you.

All my humble prayers are in the name of Jesus Christ, the Lord, Amen!

Have you seen Uncle Fang?

No, I haven't. Why?

He's been missing since this morning.

It's a chilly day. We have to find him.

Do you know where he'd be?

I don't know. He's been missing since this morning.

Where was I going the other day? I can't remember.

On that day, I thought of many things.

I thought of my wife on the way.

My wife...

She was very nice to me.

A-te, you love gambling.

But you put it aside for me because you wanted to find me.

You were calling my name on the way.

You said, "Uncle Fang!"

I'm very grateful.

I want to take a break.

Uncle Fang...

Please do me a favor.

Please say "Thank you" for me to all my fellow villagers.

This is a story that happened in December last year.

A dementia elder in Yuanshan Township Yi Lan County went missing in the early morning."

It was a chilly day with 7 or 8 degrees Celsius.

All the villagers were out looking for him.

He was finally found by a creek 10 kilometers away from his house.

Unfortunately, he was dead by then.

Good morning.


Mind yourself.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Be careful.

Thank you.

Make sure you're sitting down.

Open the door!

Open the door! Let me on.

Open the door!


Sir, this is not allowed.

I can't open the door if there's no stop.

Please! Let me on.

Open the door!

Let me on.



Come on, please open the door.

I can't open the door if there's no stop.

Open the door. Quick!

Please open the door!

No sir.

Open the door!

Sir, it's company rules.


The Eurasian and the Philippine tectonic Plates converge and collide for centuries Hence rised the beautiful Coastal Range in East Taiwan

Rising cliffs in the seismic belt gives unusual momentum

Accumulated power in the foothill await to go off

Our film crew came to Taitung in 2005

We met a young man in the mountain village His job was to scare away birds with firecrackers in the field

He has been calling one of our female assistants for 6 years


Mom, I'm in a meeting

What! That shot is still in there?

"Allen, the tape for Beijing Why didn't you take out the shot with the national flag?"

What do you mean which flag?

The flag of the Republic of China! Damned it!

Hello, Missy Jin

You want me to submit a note of leave?

I'm sent here by the Manager I was the one who introduced Mrs. Hu's hostel Shit!

Mrs. Hu!

Why didn't you answer my phone?

But I've heard all your messages Really, all of them Is that true?

Tell me then, what's this?

The pig Why?

No It's the wild little piggy

What about this?

Don't know And this?

Come on It's the wind in the bamboos

What about this?

Actually, I just checked your cell phone Your phone automatically rejects my call

Well, it's because...

Don't be afraid.

I'd like to have my hair washed.

You're the appointment? Miss Liu?

I'm told that you can wash away memories?

And we can retrieve forgotten ones too.

Washed away or retrieved, every memory costs NT$10,000.

Is it complicated?

Come here, take a seat.

There's a part of our brain, the hippocampus, that works on short-term memory.

As information comes in, say, something repeatedly mentioned, the hippocampus transfers it to the cortex and turns it into long-term memory.

However, if that piece of information is not used, it will be removed automatically, that is, it'll be forgotten Removed? So can I also remove someone out of my memory?

Of course, it can be done.

If someone forgets about you, that is to say, you have been removed from his memory, then, in theory, you have never existed in his world.

In practice, the thing that was there can never be completely deleted.

What happens is that a screen blocks the memory out of your mind.

However, if the screen in the hippocampus is washed away memories that were once 'lost' will re-surface.

That's what we call seahorse memory wash.


Can you wash away just my sad memories but keep the happier ones?

Of course, that can be done.

What happened to this guy?

Him? Something went wrong in the process.

But don't worry, his kind of case is very rare.

Now tell me, what kind of service do you want?

I want to wash away my memories of a man.

But keep the happy times you had together?


OK. Look at that seahorse in the fish tank.

Now think back to those memories you want to wipe out.

Put the knife down first and listen to me, will you?

I don't want to leave you either, but you are taking this too seriously.

Too seriously?

Have you never truly loved me?

Chi, you want my complete love?

Didn't we agree in the beginning to just hang out and have some nice times?

Then why did you tell me you loved me?

If I said I love you, that I'd love you forever, that's also part of the service.

Do you mean what you are saying now?

Yes, I mean it!


OK, now I'll wash the bitter part of this memory away.

It's all done now. Try to think back again.

Chi, you want my true love?

I love you, I'll love you forever.

I mean it.

That should do the job.

That's really amazing!

Now I want to try the retrieve function.


You want to retrieve what we've just washed away?

Not me,


I want to know what memory he had of me.

I want to know where I am in his thoughts.

She said she'll always be with me.

She lied to me!

She said she'll always be with me.

She really said she'll always be with me.

She said she'll always be with me.

To whom this may concern.

Is this the right address?

Do you still live there?

You must be that young girl's family.

As I was coming back from the execution and pass along the riverside, that's when I noticed that the Earth has already changed to the colors of the spring.

But I don't know how to embrace this new beginning.

Before the leaves turned yellow last year, that's when that young man became my case.

In this little crowded city of this universe, maybe your beloved daughter and I crossed paths.

If I knew her future, would I have taken a closer look at her, pray for her, and thus hoping to change her destiny?

As a social worker who faces this twenty year old boy on the death row, other than comforting his frightened soul, what else can I do for them?

Do you have any religious belief?

Any religion is okay.

Christian, Buddhism.

We use to worship Buddha at home.

Then would you like to learn to speak to Buddha?

All the sins I've committed in the past, was born out of greed, anger, and obstinacy.

Now changing how I think and behave, I ask for God's forgiveness All the sins I've committed in the past, was born out of greed, anger, and obstinacy.

Who can explain why such a pure life was not blessed?

And why do people make mistakes that they can't even handle?

Unhappy families? Or does the society lack warmth?


Other than complaining about it, are we willing to carry on this responsibility?

At that moment, it was all blank.

There was no right or wrong, love or hate, just all blank.

Is that how it feels at the moment we die?

Are you afraid?

Will a bad person like me finally get my good soul back when I'm executed?

Who can answer this question?

Every tragedy is another end of the world, a disaster to all of us.

That forgotten corner on Earth is the dusk where all the Gods are absent.

The remorse following the atrocity is no longer the intention of the Gods.

Last night, Buddha spoke to me, she said she saved me a place on the other side of the clouds

when the winter is over, she'll be waiting for me.

All the sins I've committed in the past, was born out of greed, anger, and obstinacy now changing how I think and behave I ask for God's forgiveness All the sins I've committed in the past, was born out of greed, anger, and obstinacy now changing how I think and behave I'm remorseful for all my past sins.

All the sins I've committed in the past, was born out of greed, anger, and obstinacy now changing how I think and behave I'm remorseful for all my past sins.

Writing you this letter imagining what you look like,

and also imagining the soul of your beloved daughter and that young man passing by your window.

Be brave... and keep walking.

Please accept his drawing, or just burn it.

Although he never really said it, I believe it represents his remorse and redemption.

Compassion and justice is what we can still have, right?

Let all bygones be bygones, and return everything to the Gods!

Wishing you well in the coming spring!

Halt! Stop running!

I haven't gone home in 8 years.

I can't work legally here in Taiwan.

We don't have ID cards here.

Thailand doesn't recognize us either.

Where do I belong? I don't know.

Here, your think that is my home.

Look at us.

We are also sons and daughters our country too.

I don't want to be pushed around.

I want my nationality.

Hurry up, I need to get some food.

Shut up!


100 dollars! You said 100.

You should be grateful for 10 dollars. Asking 100!

100 dollars.

This is my money.

Stop! Get off. Get your hands off me!

What are you doing?

Give back my money!

Robbery! There's a robbery here! Someone robbed me!

An-Dai, why have you been so long?

Where have you been playing?

I wasn't playing?

Uncle, eat this.

I can't see anything! I can't see anything.

Army nurse. Army nurse.

My eyes are so painful.

Quick, the 8th Route Army is approaching.

We need to run again? Why? Tell me why?

Look at An-Dai, she has a high temperature.

I don't want to see. I don't want to see anymore.

She'll die soon. You better have a look.

I'm so scared. I don't want to run again.

I really don't want to run anymore.

They are there. They are there.

Stop! Stop!

Stop running!

Stop there! Stop there!

The Asian Orphan is crying in the wind His yellow face is covered with red mire His black eyes is filled with white fear The West wind is singing a sad song in the East

The Asian Orphan is crying in the wind No one is willing to play a fair game with you Everyone wants to take away your favorite toy My dear child, why do you cry

Many people has been searching for the answer to the unsolvable question Many people have been singing hopelessly deep into the night Many people's tears have been wiped away in silence Dear mother please tell me why Be good, An-Dai.

When you grow up, mom and dad will send you to Taiwan.

It's paradise there.

Legislation introduced in 2009 granted immigrants from Thailand and Burma legal right to stay in Taiwan.

However, access to the health care system remains a problem, one that society needs to face.

Mr. Kwan wants you to try a new song in his place Me alone?

He wants you, yea And next Monday you go to Singapore


Just you here?

Where is Yen?

Mr. Producer

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself you should have worked on the lyrics Mr. Kwan was fuming He wanted to know who got you into the show Where's your mom?

Get packed up and go home now

There's always next time It's your turn Get going

Got told off?

Kwan is like that He intimitates..

All the fresh on boards He complained..

There were too many sequins on my cheongsam He said it was bad for the picture Fuck him No no no It's my own fault I forgot the lyrics... during my rehearsal I just stood there like an idiot Forgot your lines?

It's good for you sometimes..

You will never forget them When the moment comes There is no 'moment'

Mr. Kwan cancelled my performance

Take a seat


A good brow, apricot eyes a tidy nose high cheekbones Come Open your mouth. Let's take a look Open up Wider

You were born to be in this business Come

Let me check your palm

You must sing on Stay on the stage You will definitely make it big Not just in Taiwan Japan, South East Asia, the Mainland A billion people all of them want to hear you sing The Mainland?

How can that be You've ruined your make-up You won't win them over like that Touch it up for the camera

Quick What are you waiting for?

Come There's not enough material in the program You need to sing the last song Half a song Come Move Get going Get ready Here she comes

In 1949 where we are now was a battlefield.

The casualties were severe.

Now then, Mainland friends, our next stop will be Gu Ning Tou.

There'll be plenty of souvenirs to buy and RMB dollars are welcome.

Mr. Lin Haven't seen you for ages.

Weren't you doing business in Shanghai? Yes This is my older sister.

On this day every year she asks me to bring her here to revisit.

Of course, you were born today.

Today is your birthday.

It's been quite a while more than sitxy years?

It's a difficult labor. What shall we do?

Go and get your sister Find your sister


Come on!

Keep up. Don't get left behind!

Come on.


Come here!

Where are you going?

Chiang Take her out the back.

Chiang Be careful Kinmen is our last line of defence.

There's no retreat from here.

My last hope is that I will take you home, take every one of you home.

Are you with me? -Yes!

Do you want to get home? - Yes!

It's the communists!

Hurry, fetch the doctor.

It's a long way, take care.

Ask for Doctor Lin.

A-Chun They're fighting out there why did you come?

Mother Is your mother about to give birth?

The doctor has just left to help the soldiers.

Why are you still here?

Sergent, her mother is going to give birth.

She's here for my husband.

OK, leave quickly!

There's fighting out there, you'd better hurry.

I'll wait for you around the back.

Move! Quick!

Come here little girl.

Don't be frightened.


It's OK.

Come here, he's the enemy.

Are we not having enough trouble today?

Who found this location?

I did.

Director. Are you looking for me?

First time working on a film?


Hold on. I'm really sorry, director.

Have you not taught him anything?

Senior, what have I done wrong?

Don't you say you want to make films?


Don't you know anything about film shooting?

Talk less and do more.

Got it?


(Die for film)

We can frame it to leave out the state symbol.

That's a party symbol.

We don't need to avoid the party symbol. It's the state symbol we need to leave out.

That's the state symbol.

You've never done military service!

Whoa! Cut it out! As if you really care!

None of us even know what it is!

They will know!

Leave it out anyway. It could make the film unsellable in China.

How about the flag?

I can't do anything about it.

You can't avoid this.

I'll ask the art department, ok?

Bob, We can't have the flag.

Director, this is solidly fixed.

What shall we do?

You're asking me?

You want me to Google it?

This is made of wood.

We could just smash it.

Smashing the flag?

Where's your fucking patriotism?

You want to go to jail for smashing the flag?

Calm down.

I just can't take it off.

It's wooden.

We could find something to cover it.


Oh, yeah! Cover it with what?

The Five Stars?

You know they can track down anyone he web these days?

You want me to be stoned to death?

Use your imagination, bro!

Remember how we used to shoot films with no budget?

Where's your imagination gone?

Get some back. Yeah?

This is going to be fucking awesome!

All we have to do is changing the color...

I don't want to hear this. Don't talk to me!



Stop saying sorry, will you?

Please, sort this out.

Assistant director!

Put the actors on hold. Tell them to wait 'til...

They've just left the hotel.

I'm sorry.



I've got the crowbars!

So, since I've done this...

Does it make me a real filmmaker now?

Thank you.

Thank you for saving us.

Oh, no.

Thank you for saving Taiwanese cinema.

Let's start making films!

Let's do it!

1, 2, 3.




(We will unite China.)

The time now is 1800 hours.

This is the Broadcasting Corporation of China on six-sixty hertz.

Dear listeners, welcome back to our program, 'Songs of Formosa'.

I'll now reply to the letter from Miss Sun of Lane 45, Kuang-Fu Road.

Miss Sun wrote to us to say she has a copy of 'Star, Moon, Sun' by Xu Su and she'd like to swap it for 'Red Earth' by Chen Jiying.

So, if any listeners out there have 'Red Earth' and want to exchange it for 'Star, Moon, Sun, ' please contact the program.

Before I play the song I want to reply to Mr. Lu Hai from Yonghe.

He wrote to ask us to play Wish We Met Before Getting Married' by Li Xianglan But I am sorry that I'm unable to play this song since it is forbidden.

As for the photo you asked for, I have already sent one out.

I hope you receive it soon.

Now, I'll play some songs.

The first one is a new song written by Chou Lan Ping.

It's called 'Green Island Serenade' and is sung by Chi Lu-shiya.

This green island is like a boat, floating in the moonlight Darling, you too are floating in the sea of my heart Let my song follow the breeze and blow open the curtain of your window Let my love follow the water's flow endless pouring my feelings for you The palm trees' shadow cannot conceal my love The bright moonlight shines into my heart This green island night, so calm and serene Darling, why are you silent, saying nothing?

The palm trees' shadow cannot conceal my love The bright moonlight shines into my heart This green island night, so calm and serene Darling, why are you silent, saying nothing?

Be careful! It's slippery.

Do you need any help? I'll take this for you.

No. No! Thank you.

Did you just get off work?


I will go upstairs first.


Miss Lee, what a surprise. Just finished work?


I've been delivering letters to every house. I've left one for you.

What's it about?

You know we're having a re-election for the head of the committee?

I was thinking we could work together this time.

You know the current one... He's far too stingy.

We don't even have night security any longer.


Don't you agree? It's outrageous.

Think about the number of single women living in our building, he can't...

Ah, hello, Committee Head!

Well, I must go and practice with my sword Are you waiting for someone?

No, I've just finished work.

I dropped my key again.


Didn't you lose it last week?

Oh, I still have the key for the front door. It's the key to my house that I lost.

You must be keeping that locksmith in business all by yourself.

Miss Lee, don't take it to heart, what I've just said.

I speak so loud on purpose so the Head will hear me.

I will go first.

Goodbye Miss Ma.


Hello Hello, where are you?

I'm in the P.E. class in school I thought the class was dismissed Our teacher is making up the missed lesson today Oh What do you want to have for dinner?

Black Fungus Fried Noodles With beef or with pork?

Beef But you've already had beef noodles yesterday Then I'll have pork OK

Pick it up Are you handicapped or what?

You want me to do it for you?

Where's the money?

Where's the money I told you to bring last week?

Where's the money?

Speak Are you deaf or are you sleeping?

Has the cat got your tongue?

Dummy, what do you think you're going to do now?

Fuck you, dummy. Are you dumb?

Do you have 50 dollars?


You'd better remember tomorrow Otherwise you'll see me everyday You'll see me at the school gate You'll see me at the door by your house You'll even see me crawling on your bed when you sleep Do you hear me?

Yes Louder Yes, I heard you

Come here

Step forward Stand still Do you hear that?

Yes You stand here and count to 100 If you dare to put it down before that You'll be dead meat. Do you hear me?


Does Chow Wei-De live here?

Yes Something wrong with him?

He's my nephew They seemed to have a quarrel at school today I brought him here to clarify with you

OK, a second please

What are you doing?

Is he Chow Wei-De?

Mr. Chow Mrs. Chow You are having dinner now Sit down, sit Chow Wei-De, take a seat

Xiao-Pan's mother passed away when he was little My brother asked me to take care of him Although he's not my own child I still take him as my son Today after he came home He didn't speak a word I asked him What's going on?

He kept his mouth shut So I'm pissed off I asked him again very loudly What's the matter with you?

He told me Chow Wei-De bullies him at school Impossible My son is well-behaved at home It's not the first time Is there any misunderstanding?

There's nothing to say What the hell are you doing?

If you call the police You will see me everyday You will see me when you go out You will see me when you take your son to the school You will even see me in your dream You are a ghost or what?

It's not just me I just came back from other people's house Don't worry about that Put on the helmet Put it on What are you waiting for The bat Which one?

What are you doing?

It's not just me Xiao-Pan, take his bowl and chopsticks Tie them up

Keep the money safe. Give it to the school secretary.

Thank you teacher.

Keep still.

Look after the money.

Thank you teacher.

Those who scored under 60, come to the front.

Are you stupid? Are you stupid? Are you stupid?

Those who scored under 70, come to the front.

Enjoy being punished? You enjoy being punished?

Take your exam paper and stand there.

Move faster!

Enjoy being punished? Enjoy being punished?

Take your exam paper and stand at the back.

Those who scored under 80, come here.

Move faster!

Stand up straight. Palms up.

Are you stupid? Are you stupid? Are you stupid?

Take your exam paper and stand there.

Enjoy being punished? Enjoy being punished?

Enjoy being punished?

When will you learn?

Still singing? You are being punished.

Still singing!

Stand still!

Are you going to stop?

Blue sky...

Stop singing!

Why can't I sing?

Singing's not allowed.

Singing is not allowed. How many times do you need to be told?

Did you feel unwell?

Get back to your seat.

Keep the money safe.

Thank you teacher.

Keep the money safe.

Thank you teacher.

What do you want?

So you knew all the time what I was singing?

I... I have lots of money here.


Lots of money from those people.

We can go somewhere far away.

Why doesn't your mom... have the wedding during the day?



It came off


We're closed


Hey! Is there another lingerie stores around here?

Go out Keep going Turn left on the second yellow light After turning left, pass a railway track You'll see a NO LEFT-TURN sign Ignore it Turn left there...



Sell me one I can't Size A, right?

They're out of stock Wait till tomorrow What now?

Alright then I'll take a look



Oh no What?

It's torn

It hurts


Forget it!

There's no time I'll get a strapless bra No!

It'll show!

For a wedding, huh?

I have a dress that can go with strapless bra



I'm on the way Almost there OK. Bye!

Who'd dress like this on a wedding?

I would The bride will be pissed That's the purpose!

Like last week my ex got married He dared to send me an invite!

I dressed like this to piss the bride off!

Does it smell?

Nah But... aren't my shoes a bit odd?

Your shoes are too small They don't fit


Almost there OK. Bye!

Might as well change it back That skimpy dress'll piss my mom off But my boobs are bigger than her!

What now?

Well, something's gotta give Make up your mind I'm tellin' ya The old one's not sticky enough... now you're adding a C cup Be a lady Don't be a showoff OK!

Got it ...got it...


It's alright Sorry

She's such a smartass!

Got a laser toning done Doctor told her to avoid the sun They'll have a late night wedding now Shit!

To the left! To the left!

More! More! More!

Okay! More!

Be careful!

Come on! Pull harder!

To the left! To the left!

That looks dangerous I'm going to move some boxes Huh?

It's swaying That really looks dangerous They can handle it

What are you doing?

Moving Why pay people if we have to move ourselves?

Hello What floor are you going to?

Fifth floor Oh, fifth floor Just married?


Just married?

Next week Oh, next week, congratulations

More this way. Okay Out a little more More. Hurry Okay, okay, okay More. Hurry

Excuse me. I'll be right back Come on, a little higher Pull it tighter Okay Higher, higher Out more Hey, sir!

Do you need some help?

No What?


Can we rest for a second?

Okay, okay, okay!

Up, up Higher on the left side More!

This way!


Be careful!

Up more, up more!

Did you rest enough yet?


Let's just move this stuff upstairs

What's going on outside?

I don't know

Okay! Okay!

You guys can go through. It's okay Really, really It's safe, it's safe Thank you! Thank you!

I told you not to go this way.

What it this?

Hey I don't want to start our marriage off like this Me either So?

Then... should we keep going?

You think it over

No problem! We almost got it Oh

What are you doing?

I think we'll be okay.

They are heavy.

Your grandmother gave them to me.

Each weighs six troy ounces.

Pure gold.

These are from your paternal grandparents.

The price of gold has gone up so much.

But don't cash it, however high the price gets, Chances are you couldn't afford to buy it back.

Some are passed down from your great grandfather.

When travel to China was first permitted, Your uncle bought this for me...

...in his first business trip.

It's beautiful.

I had it made into a necklace.

Look at this ring.

Try it.

It fits.

Like mother, like daughter.

It's shaped like a bamboo.

What was this ring made for?

For my engagement to your father.

You keep them in good shape.

0.9999 Must be expensive.

It is now. It was cheaper then.

Thank you.

I wasn't making much money before, But I forced myself to save.

Whenever I saved some, I bought gold.

One grain after another.

Once I had enough, I traded them for a gold bar.

Old gold bars are much purer.

I didn't realize it.

When there were weddings in the family, Or first year birthdays of babies, I had the goldsmith cut off a small piece, And make a bracelet or a ring as a gift.

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La Belle Epoque