10 Things We Should Do Before We Break Up (2020) Script

Hi Mommy.

Hi Mom.

Hold on, we've got a poor connection.

I know, us too.

Okay, we're good now.

Okay, good.

Wanna see a spaceship I built?

This is where they fly the ship.


This is where they sleep, and this is where they go during meteor showers.

Oh wow, that's so cool!

Can you bring it to school so I can see it when I pick you up tomorrow?

Sure, great.

Wallace, when was the last time you brushed that hair?

This morning.

Did you brush your teeth this morning too?


Oh Wallace, don't hit your brother.

Come on. I didn't, he hit me.

Did not! Okay.

You guys.

Do you wanna see what I made?

You have such great new ones there.

Thanks, which ones do you like?

I can bring them to your house.

I meant our house.

Can I speak to your Dad real quick?

Yeah, sure.


Hi. What's going on?

Hi, how are ya?

Hi, good.

Tim, you forgot his guitar.

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one on top of these things.

Sorry Abigail, I spaced. Okay great.

It won't happen again. So it won't be a problem?

No problem.

Okay. Okay, listen.

Luke and Wally it's your bath time.

Say goodbye to your Mama...


Say goodbye!

It's your bath time!

So I'll see you guys tomorrow at pick up right?


Love you Wallace, love you Luke.

Love you Mom!

Bye! Love you!

Hi, Benjamin.


So we have a lot in common.

Oh, yeah?


So do you really like to cuddle?

Excuse me?

'Cause I do.

I mean I actually do like to cuddle, but I think then some people just say that

'cause they wanna seem cuddlier.

I mean, a lot of people really don't like cuddling.

It's like a morbid fear of physical contact and intimacy.

In general, they just try to destroy it like it's a wave that breaks apart before it crests.

So you surf?


And I'm only ever truly at peace in the water.


I'm kidding, I'm completely kidding.

I'm not a surfer, no.

I've been a couple times, pretty fun.

Yeah well, fun is overrated.

It's so overrated.

It kinda does beat staying at home and weeping though.

You should try it sometime.


No, no, surfing.


Yeah, maybe I will.

Gosh, I'm a little thrown.

I'm sorry, you're a lot more beautiful than the...

Okay, wait.

This is you, right?





I'm sorry.

I'm Abigail.

Very nice to meet you. Hi.


Benjamin, that's right. Right.

Yeah, my.

That's, oh that's a long story.

It's not, my friend did that. You didn't.

Yeah. I see.

Well is it okay if I get a drink?

Yes, please do. With you?

Please get a drink. That's all right?

Yes, and let's start over.

And then you can fight things like fracking.

Yeah, I love to fight a fracker.




Oh no.


I know how this is gonna end already.


Yeah. Really?

It's gonna end badly.

It's gonna end tragically.


It's really sad.

That is sad.

I know, it's unavoidable.

I mean, it's gonna start out so sweet.

Like unbelievably sweet love of your life sweet, for a while, and then stress from outside forces we can't predict is gonna get the better of us.

And then we'll just slowly devolve and then suddenly into this shock and awe style of war of attrition.

And then just before we've completely destroyed each other, there's gonna be this brief rest bit of calm, pure, perfect love.

Then, something from the past that was set in motion a long time ago, some like minor but irreversible mistake is gonna get the better of us and then there's not gonna be any turning back, and we'll just devolve into this horrible like, one more night please, kind of sex.

Eventually we'll just get exhausted by all the drama.

But then, I think in spite of ourselves we become really really close friends and then of course one of us dies before we tie the knot.

I just assumed one of us would sleep with someone else and ruin the whole thing.

You mean me.



Look, we need to.

I know what we need to do.

What? We gotta take precautions.

Precautions? Yeah.


10 things.

10 things we should do before we break up.

So if it's doomed, why even bother?

Well, it doesn't have to be doomed, this just all depends on how you feel about it.

Number one.

Okay, get to at least second base in a taxi while crossing a bridge.

What are you, 12?

I was testing the waters, okay...

Okay, number two, read the Sunday Times in bed cover to cover.

Cover to cover.

Okay, just the travel section.

We can pick places we wanna go, and plan trips and never go on them.

Okay, well then number three, this is for you.

Learn to surf.

Number four, walk on a deserted beach.

I think that's a little bit obvious.

What if we like make out in an empty swimming pool.

Or actually could we ride on all the elevated trains in Brooklyn?

That's oddly specific.

Yeah, it's sort of a buried memory.

It's the last thing me and my Dad ever did together.

Oh, that's sad.

Okay, let's move on, number five.

Scream at each other.

Number six, hold each other and cry.

Oh! No!

We're breaking up now!

We gotta hurry up!

Number seven, kiss and make up.

And I think we should do like kissing for 10 solid minutes.

Okay, number eight, get married and have a child.

Oh, oh, a child?

Yeah, it...

What if I don't wanna have kids?

Well then that would be a deal breaker for me.

Come on, kids are creepy.

Kids are creepy?

Yeah, you know, they're like intense.

Okay, okay, number nine, nine, say I'm sorry.

Number 10, say goodbye.

No, no, no!

Come on, let's talk about this.

I can't.

Why not?

'Cause I have to go.

Please don't.

What if I feel strongly about kids?

You feel strongly about having kids with me?

No, that's not...

No, I mean, wow, that's really sexy.

I really have to think about that.

Come on, I'm not ready to say goodbye.

But we did all these great things and then it fell apart.

Yeah, but the whole point of the list is to keep it from falling apart.

No, no.

You said it was inevitable.

It doesn't have to be inevitable.

Look, let's get out of here.

Where are we going?

I know this really beautiful bridge.


So what do you wanna do?

Mommy, do you need some help?



Fucking thing.



I'm not late, right? Oh no.

It's good to see you.

It's good to see you.

How are you?

Good, good.

Not great, but...


No, I just, I think I missed you.

What's new with you?

Nothing much.



Are you hungry?


So, there was actually something I wanted to tell you.

No, I think I know what you're gonna say.

I can explain...

I'm pregnant.


I'm pregnant and I have two kids.

You're pregnant with twins?

No, no, no.

I'm pregnant with your child and I already have two kids at home.

Are you okay?

I think I'm actually having a panic attack.

Deep breaths.

I'm so sorry.

It's okay.

That really sucks.


I would've been a good one, huh?

What do you mean, would've been?

I haven't decided what I'm gonna do yet.


Of course, I don't get a say in it, right?


Technically you do.

Are you like pro-choice or no? Yeah.

No, I am pro-choice.

I just, you know, now that I have my kids, it just complicates things.

Wow, this is just, I'm sorry.

It's just bringing up a lot of stuff for me.

I'm guessing you don't have a healthy relationship with your parents?

No, I don't have a healthy relationship with anybody.

Okay, well, I wanted to let you know.

And I'll be considering all my options.

No, what do you mean?

You know what I mean.

No, please, be very specific about.

Either having an abortion or raising the child myself.

No, don't, don't, don't say that.


Because I'm almost 40-years-old and I don't wanna be a deadbeat Dad.

Listen, I'm not asking you to be the Dad.


I really don't like how this conversation is going.

I don't either.

Hey, listen, I don't respond well to threats.

It's not a threat!

Did you do this on purpose or?

That is a really really stupid thing to say.

Well, yeah, I'm damaged.

I'm stupid, I'm fucked up, I told you that.

I warned you about that.

I mean, I drink too much.

I was drunk!


I knew you were gonna say that.

I was drunk too.

Yeah, well you weren't as drunk as I was.

Actually, I was wasted.

It was the first time in three years I had more than two glasses of wine at a time.

Oh my God, I don't love you.

I don't love you.

You know what, this is gonna screw up your entire life.

Know one is gonna wanna be with a single mother of three.

All right.

You know, I knew you had issues, but I didn't realize you were a fucking sociopath!

I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.

I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that I'm just in shock.

This is terrifying.

Please, please, please, please let me apologize to you.


Can we just, can we just talk about this?

Are you one of those guys who has to have like, really expensive pillows?

I am particular, I'm not fastidious.

You seem to spend a lot of time on your hair.

Do you always brush your teeth with your mouth open?

I don't brush my teeth with my mouth open.

Yeah you do, I remember.

How do you keep the toothpaste from going everywhere?

That's never really been a problem.

We really don't know each other at all.

Wait, is that something you break up with someone over?

I don't know, maybe.

I don't think I can be with someone so arbitrary.

So anal.

What's wrong with anal?

You're also much more immature than most men.

I am.

And that's why I'd be a really good playmate with kids.

I don't know.


if we don't try, we'll never know for sure.

I thought you were talking me out of this?

Well, I'm an idiot.

I'm 38-years-old, I've never had a relationship that's lasted more than six months.

I just...

I think you should consider having the baby.

I am considering having the baby.

I think you should consider having the baby with me.

I think I can do it.

Oh I gotta go.

Please don't go.

No, I really do.

Kids get to the house at noon.

We have to go on a real date.

Are you asking me or telling me?

Abigail, please go out with me.

Sure, when?

Friday, Saturday night?

Well I have the kids this weekend, so I'd have to get a babysitter.

Okay, Friday then.

Okay, great.

And now all we have to do is fall in love.


Okay, they know the drill.

Bed, bath, books.

If they're good, then they can watch a movie or something.

I got this.


Have fun, no candy.

Yeah, no.

Of course not.


Hey, you got a bike?


You wanna go for a ride?

Where are we going?

What do you think?

It's beautiful.

Right? Yeah.

Do you come here a lot?

I come here often.

It's a good place to hide the bodies.


So, tell me about yourself.

Oh, this is weird.

Yeah, I know.

We gotta do it though, right?

What are you like?

Oh, well, I have an embryo with your sperm and my egg inside of me and I don't know your middle name.



Where'd you grow up?


Are you close with your family?


Do you talk to your Dad?


Do you talk to your Mom?


An aunt?


No family?


I'm gonna need a little help on the family front actually.

I'm sure that you'll have a lot of good tips.

I am full of good tips.

Yeah, you seem like a really good Mom.

Thank you.

I'm gonna climb that.


No, no, no, no, no.


Stand back.

You're gonna get arrested.

I plead guilty your honor!

I led an interesting life!

Made a couple mistakes!


I'm going for a swim.


All right, me too.


Thank you.

This is so cool.


It's really quiet.

It's nice in here.


You're nuts.


I'm not the one having a baby with a guy I barely know.

That's true.

That is true.

You were really considering having it?

I haven't decided yet.

Well what do you think you're gonna do?

I don't know what we're gonna do.

Well, I really like floating here with you.

I really like floating here with you.




How did it go?

Good, good.

Is he here?


He's here.

Could you please?

It's so exciting.

Are you stoned?


That's what I thought.

Okay, we're gonna go upstairs.

Oh, Ben, Ben!

You gotta go.


My kids are gonna be awake soon.

You have to go.

Can I meet 'em?

No, no, no, you gotta go.

He hit me.

Shit, the kids are up!

We have to start doing this in a more methodical way. Mom, Luke hit me!

Okay, okay, we will.

Yes you did!

You know you did!

Don't lie about it! Hold on a sec guys!

I'm just getting changed!

I just think it'll be great to meet them before we get to the hospital.



Guys, You hit me!

Go to your room and I will be right there.

Okay, but hurry up!

Ben, you will meet them.


When it's right.

Well we're working on a deadline here.

I am not comfortable introducing you to my children right now.

I just don't think I can commit to anything until I see that they can commit to me too.

Look, you have until 16 weeks to termination, state of New York. Jesus!

We'll talk about this, I promise.

Just not right now.

Right now, I'm gonna go into their bedroom, when you hear the door close, will you please let yourself out?



I love you.

I'm sorry, I don't know what...

But I do.

I meant it.

All right!

Let's go to the Farmer's Market, I want a donut.

Me too.

Me three.

Luke you get back here!



There's a man in our house.

So, this is Ben, and this is Wallace, Wallace.

And Luke. Luke.


Donut, anyone?

No thanks.

I'm good.

Thank you.

So why don't you tell me a little about yourselves.

You sound like a talk show host.

You guys like making paper planes or

something that I've.

This is one of my favorite things when I was a...

What do you guys do in your spare time?


And what kind of stuff?

Kid stuff.

Wallace loves to dance.

So what kind of dance?

Ballet, modern, and hip-hop.

In fact, isn't it visiting day soon at your dance class?

Could I go?

Probably not.


I sure love to dance myself.

You guys like music?

Doesn't everyone?

Not everyone, not everyone likes music.

The deaf for...

So what kind of music do girls your age really like?

Good music.

You like girls?

He's seven.


Most kids show proclivity at five or six.

Girls are gross.

That's a shame.

I know a place we could meet a lot of cute ones.

All right, well, that was so fun. All right!

So much fun. Great!

Right? So nice to meet you guys.

Thank you for the donuts.

We should do this again some time.

Or tomorrow, or the next day, or every day, or forever. Or never.

Oh great. Wallace.



All right, see ya later! Bye Benjamin.

Bye, bye guys!

So nice to meet you! Bye, thanks for the donuts.

So what'd you think?

He was all right.

I hated him.

Yeah, I could tell.

It sounds like he passed the first test.

Ugh, barely.

Can I ask the obvious question?


Why are you so opposed to an...

An abortion? Yeah.

I'm not.

I'm all for it.

So why aren't you considering it?

I am.

It doesn't seem like you are.

I am.

I wanna make sure I'm certain before I go.


I'm ferociously pro-choice.

It doesn't seem like you are.

I've had one before.

Early in my marriage to Tim.

We were young, just starting out our careers, it wasn't the right time so I had one and it was no big deal.

But it's different now that I've had my kids, you know?

Knowing what I know now, it's just more complicated.

What do you know now?

Wallace and Luke.

Why are you putting on mascara?

Wallace, you scared me.

I always wear mascara.

You look like you're getting ready for a date.

I'm not.

Are you trying to look pretty for Benjamin?


Wallace and Luke!

Keep your stuff in your...

You guys, you know I already cleaned the living room.

Please clean up after yourselves, this is just...




I'm here for the jam session.


I heard there's a little boy who could really shred at 903 Claremont.

I'm okay.


Come on in.

Wallace, what are you playing!

Is this all you do?

Like you just sit, watch them play, feed them snacks when they get hungry?

Yeah, but you also play with them, feed them, bath them, hug them when they're sad.

You know, teach them things.

Morals, values.

I try to nurture their self-confidence, foster their interests, help them to find goals, get them to activities.

You know, just trying to set an example of who they should become.



No, nine out of 10, that's not bad.

You can't be good at everything.

How do you play?

I don't know, make up stories, funny characters, monster noises.

They like to be chased.

Show me how you do it.


No, come on, show me.

Ah, monster!

I'm gonna get you!

I'm gonna get you too!

So stupid. Mommy!

I could do that.

I could do better than that.

Oh you think so?

Yeah, definitely.

Well I would like to see you try.

Watch this.

Excuse me, excuse me, I don't know if you know that I was part orangutan.

Did you know that?

Did anyone tell you that before?

It's all in the wrist.

All in the wrist.

Like you're throwing a dart, okay?

One, two, three.

All right, breakfast for dinner.

Oh wow.

Nothing better.

We get some hot sauce.

Oh hot sauce, that's a good idea.

Did you know there is a hot sauce in Peru that literally puts hair on your chest.

It's called.

You're been to Peru?

Yeah, I've been to Peru.

I've been to 29 different countries.



I'll show you my passport later.

It's covered in stamps.


Where have you guys been?

We went to Florida on Spring Break last year.

Oh cool.

Some people refer to Florida as God's waiting room.

Our grandparents live there.


So you guys swim?


What about diving, you ever been diving?

We went snorkeling last year.

That's pretty cool.

I bet you'd like diving.

I dove this reef outside a place called Saint Lucia, where I actually saw sunken treasure.

And there were like pirate ships down there, neon fish, sharks.


I've seen mermaids, I've swum with some.

I wanna see that.


What about you Wallace, you in?

No thanks, I don't like sharks.

You probably wouldn't like surfing either then, right?

That's all right, that's more waves for me and Lukey.

I'll think about it.

Can you teach me too?

Right now?


I could teach you in like three minutes if your Mom lets us use the table.

Okay. Yeah?

Quick impromptu surf lesson.

Let's do it!

Luke, this is the most important thing.

If you see a shark, bite it.

Here, hop up here, lie down facing face down.

Like that.

Wait for your perfect wave.

They come in series of three.

One just came by.

Two just came by.

Here comes number three.

When I say go, you hop up, you gotta curl your toes under and you're gonna pop up.


That's it, that's it.

Sideways, sideways.

Arms out, arms out for balance!

Down, butt out, butt out.

That's perfect.


Is this the architect or the banker?

No, this is the teacher slash novelist.

Pay attention.

Oh God, I hear they have a great dessert here.

So, before we order anything, can I be so bold to ask, are you two planning on getting married?

Maybe, yeah.

When the time is right.


Really? If she'll have me.

Wow, sudden.

You know what, I think that's really beautiful.

I know another couple that got pregnant accidentally.

I mean suddenly.

It's okay.

Unexpectedly, and it worked out really well.

I mean, everyone thought it was gonna be a complete disaster, but they're still together five years later and they got to fall in love with each other and their baby at the same time.

That's exactly what we're gonna do.


Get married?

No, just fall in love.

Oh, you make it sound so technical.

Well, look, it's obvious I'm head over heels for you.

Now I've just gotta make you fall for me as well.

Have a great day sweetheart. Bye.

You too honey, bye.


Mom, get some sleep okay?


Excuse me, does Benjamin Conway live here?


Well he left some stuff at my place, I...

How do you know him?

We're friends.

Are you Abigail?

I'm sorry, I...

He left me for you.

Things were going really well actually, and then one day he shows up on my stoop and tells me he got some girl pregnant and he can't see me anymore.

He described you so differently though.

He said you were a total train wreck and two kids and said he wasn't into you at all.

He said that?

Said he had to give it a go for the kids sake.

You know?

I told him you can't sacrifice your life for someone you're not in love with.

No, not for someone you're not in love with.

Yeah, who knows.

Benjamin, right?

He'd say anything to get out of trouble.

You know what he's like.

Well I don't really, I don't know that about him, so I just can't.

Would you make sure he gets his stuff?



His plant.

Bottom lock got locked.

Your friend dropped by.

Oh yeah, who?

You left some clothes at her house.

Nothing happened.

I don't know that I believe you.

I saw the emails.

Look, it's true.

I have been completely faithful to you since we made the decision.

I don't know what's true or what you've made up.

Do you even know how to surf?

Yeah, I know how to surf Abigail.

Oh. I know how to surf.

Well that's good, good.

Look, I can't constantly be on trial here!

Yeah, I'm gonna fail.

Fine, I called her okay, but I just wanted to get my jeans back.

I just don't know if I can trust you Benjamin.

What, so that's it?


Well we just, you just wanna say goodbye?


Say goodbye.

I don't want to.


What are you doing here?

Tim I'm sorry.

I didn't get to hug the kids tonight so, I just wanna come in.

The kids are asleep Abigail, okay?

I know, I know.

I'll just, I'll crawl into bed with them.

I just wanna see them, please?

Please, it's so important for them.

Important for them or is it important for you?


Wait, I'm not...

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Hey, I wanna apologize to you and I want you to know that I really want this.

So badly.

I just have bad habits of when I feel like I'm in something permanent or binding to you know, I act out, I go crazy and I come up with this rat in a cage.

You know, I just wanna destroy it like I'm the Hulk.

But I gotta grow up.



And I wanna learn.

For you.

For us.

I wanna learn for me.

I really miss you guys.

The kids are at Tim's.

I miss you guys.




No, no, no. What, what, what, what?

Four feet on the floor.

Come on, this is number seven.

We gotta kiss and makeup, okay.

It's just kissing, 10 minutes. Okay.

No hands, sit on 'em if you have to.

Just stay seated and no lying down.



Relax, open your mouth.

You're starting to make me feel really self-conscious.

No hands.

Yeah, hang on to the zipper all the way up man.


It's really tight.

It's supposed to be tight.

You don't breathe.

Can I open my eyes yet?

No, wait a little. Not yet!

Wait a little.


Come on!


Open, open your eyes! Uh-huh.

Oh wow!

I know. Right?

It's so great!

Yeah. Get a little lower, Little lower, little lower.

Out, out, out.

Come on, let's go.

Stay low, stay low.

You got your balance.

You ready?

You're next.


Where's your wet suit?

That's okay.

Do you wanna go?

We should put a lot on, right guys?

You're not joking.

Oh that's good.

Told you.

Oh, you guys know how to do Friday night, huh?

I had no idea it could be like this.


Love and family commitment.

I just...

This is everything I've ever wanted.

And I wanna honor that.

I really wanna protect that.

Can you guys be quiet?

We're trying to watch a movie.


Hey, would you guys be okay if I stuck around?


If you stopped talking.


Is that the career section?

Yeah, yes.

There ya go.

So I was looking on straight easy like 100 times a day.

But it worked.

That's good.


Have you made a decision?


Wow, really?

I am 15 weeks now and there's no turning back.

I'm gonna keep it.

That's like the legal cutoff?

Actually, technically, I could wait, but...

Are you sure that you wanna do this?

Is there a problem?

How far along did you say that you are?

15 weeks.

So you still have time to terminate if you change your mind?

But I'm not going to, 'cause I'm gonna have the baby.



Well congrats I guess.

Thank you.

I don't understand this.

Is it something about Ben?

Come on, this whole situation is nuts.

How can you stake your life on somebody you barely know?

I just, I really don't understand this.

You're not a judgmental person.

I'm not judging you.

I'm warning you.

You don't know anything about this man.

He could be an emotional time bomb.

It's just way too soon to tell.

There is a logical process to how people get to know each other.

They meet, they date for a while, they move in together.

They get engaged, they live together, they see if they still like each other after sharing a bathroom.

These are the safeguards that are in place to make sure that women don't get hitched to psychopaths.

I don't understand the sudden negativity, okay.

I just...

I'm finally happy and you need to shit all over it.

Oh honey, I'm not trying to take that away from you.

I just wanna make sure that your eyes are open.

Okay, I just hate to say it but it sounds like jealousy to me.

Abby I am not jealous.

And you know what, yeah, I am a little judgmental.

Have you thought about what this could do to your kids if it doesn't work out?

I'm doing this for my kids, okay?

I want my children to see a man and a woman in a healthy, happy, loving relationship.

And yeah, yeah, I'm doing it for me too.

Abby, at least be honest with yourself.

You are in love with this guy.

You're not doing this for your kids.

You're making a decision that changes the rest of your children's lives based on somebody you've known for like, what, three months or something?

I think that that is selfish, it's reckless, and it's naive.

Yeah, well you don't get to tell me how to parent my children, because you don't have children!

You don't know.

It changes everything.

Everything about you.

Not just your political beliefs.

Oh, no this is about politics?

Well some of us don't use abortion as a form of birth control, so.

How dare you.

Don't come crying to me when this all goes to shit.

I won't.

Coming, coming.


Hey, how are you guys!

Hi sweetie!

Hi Dad!

Hi, how are you? Hi.

It's so good. Good to see you.

Benjamin, this is Kate, Annie, and Rachel.


And Ben, this is my Dad Lewis.


Hello sir.


We have so much food you guys.

Let's go.

You might wanna relax, it seems like you're the one who's pregnant.

Oh they put it there? Wait 12?

Can we get 12 here?

No. Wow.


So how long have you known Abigail?

Several months, right?

But nearly a year.



It's been a whirlwind romance.

You spent any time around kids?

In the Peace Corps actually, during college.

Nieces and nephews?

No, not yet.

Has she told you she's gonna get fat?


What, you tend to gain weight during pregnancy.

She's gonna get fat.

I mean that beautiful jawline's gonna disappear.

It's just gonna be ears, neck.

He should know.

You know, she doesn't get plump.

She gets like big. Yes.

It's normal.

Well that's more of her for me to love.

Sir, I just want you to know that I intend to do right by your daughter.

Which means?

If I can still fit her in the dress.

You didn't say he was funny.

You're funny, you're cute, right?

He's cute right?



Will you marry me?


I heard you.

I'm just not sure.

If I say yes, how can I say yes?

We barely know each other.

How could I say no, I already love you so much.

If I say yes, I'll never know if we married out of necessity or have love, and if I say no, I'll never know if I passed up the love of my life.

Abigail, you're hugging me really tight.

It's because I really need a hug.





Oh my God, I thought you were gonna say no.

I almost did.

I'm glad you said yes instead.

I'm not prepared.

I don't have a ring or anything.

Do I need to put on a gown or take this off? No?

No? You're great Just like that.

Okay good.


Yeah, see right there?

His little feet.

Do you wanna listen?


Is that you like, play music for it or?

Oh, it's your baby's heartbeat.

What does it sound like?

You should listen.

Okay, see right here?

That's the placenta.

Here you can see his little hand right there.

You've got an active one.

I get it, I get it.

I got you.

Do you wanna know what it is?

Uh-huh. No.


I guess we're doing this.

Yeah, yeah I guess so.



What's wrong?

Nothing, nothing's wrong, I'm tired.

Are you not attracted to me anymore?

I'm so attracted to you, I am.

I just need to sleep.

Well is it, is it my body?

Are you afraid about the baby?

It's not your body, it's not the baby, please don't make a thing out of this.


I'm not, it's just...

It's painful for me that you don't wanna touch me.

I'm sorry it's painful for you.

Oh, don't forget about.

What was that?

It's visiting day at Wallace's dance class.

You told her you wanted to go.

I do, I'll be there.

It's okay if you don't want to but you just have to tell me so that I can...

No, I wanna be there.

Okay, four o'clock.

Four o'clock.

Please don't be late.

I won't be.

Wallace and Luke, time to go!

Come on, let's go, let's go!


Bye, bye, bye!

My bag.


All right.



What are you doing here?

Can I come up?

I actually have somewhere to be.

I could get a drink though.

All right.

You happy?

No, not always.

You know, I'm not that happy of a person generally.

I'm working on it though.

You know, those things.

What things?

Well, you know, just relationships and fidelity.

Being nice, being decent, being a decent human being.

It's a lot of stuff.

You know all about that.

Yeah, I think I do.

Why did we break up?

Why was that?

I guess I wasn't in love with you.


I should really go.


Let's definitely get one more.


Come on legs!


Good job!

Turn, pose it, hold!

Hold it!

Good job ladies, that was a beautiful run!

That was so good sweetie, you looked amazing out there!

Thanks Mom.

Did Benjamin come?

I know that he wanted to, he must've just gotten stuck at work honey.

I'm glad he didn't come.

Me too, 'cause it's more cupcakes for us.

Here we go.

It looks pretty good.

It should be good.

All right.

I wanna wait for Benjamin.

Well, you can hang out with him after your bath.

Dig in.

I'm not eating til Benjamin comes.

Well I guess you're not eating.

Here he is.

Hey guys!

How's it going troops?

I've been trying you for three hours.

I've been stuck in the subway.

For three hours?

I was stuck at work, and then I was stuck on the subway.

Well, Wallace did an amazing job at dance class today.

Wallace, I had a bad day at work, but I am so so sorry.

Sorry for what?

Next time you're gonna be this late, I'd appreciate it if you would text me.

Oh, next time I have a crap day at work I'd appreciate it if you didn't give me shit for it.

You need to eat something.

Have some bread.

Hey Lukey, how was your day?

Pretty good.


Wallace, how 'bout you?

It was pretty uneventful.

Ben, how was your day?

Fine Abigail, how was your day?

Oh you go first.

You go first.


Tell us.

You go, how was your day?

I said my day was fine, how was your day?

Luke, please, stop that!

No. Stop!

I think we all want to hear what happened to you today.

Stop, give it.

Wallace, sit back down.

She won't give it back! No!

Mom, make her stop! Wallace.

Wallace. Stop it!

Please sit down and give the car back to Luke.

Stop it! Give it back!

You guys, can you...



Stop, stop!


Shut the fuck up!

Look, I'm really sorry guys, but you have to listen to your Mother, okay?

She told you to stop, she's your Mom.

"They would stare out their bedroom window

"long after they should've gone to sleep, "watching the drafts glide across

"their massive darkened field.

"The birds fluttered like ghosts

"in the windows of their gloomy cage.

"The sea lions were the first to wake."

You lost your temper with my kids.

That can never happen again.

Yeah, well your kids are out of control.

My kids are kids, that's how they behave when they're tired and hungry.

Look, I told you I wasn't ready for this.

I mean, I warned you to...

Maybe you should read a book or something because it's a little late to turn back now.

Okay, maybe I will and I'll be sure to bookmark the section on how to discipline your kids for you.

Don't you dare blame this on my children.

The only person acting like a child tonight, was you.

I have made enormous sacrifices for you.

I'm completely behind on all my work, the commute here...

You walked into a beautiful family!

One that took years to create!

One that you probably started yourself by now if you had any courage or restraint.

You're unstable Benjamin.

Your moods flip on a dime, you have a terrible temper, and you're a scary drunk.

Yeah, well, you're a boring sober person, okay.

It's like you were pretending before to be this like hot, fun, cheerleader so you could get the quarterback to knock you up.

Oh God.

What did I do?

Come on, look.

This is a setback.

No, this isn't a setback.

Let's call this what it is, it's a fucking disaster!

Yeah, well, I told you, I didn't sign up for this.

I told you that the stress of this sort of thing is gonna ruin our relationship.

What sort of thing?

Having a kid.

Yeah, three.


There are three children I know!

Involved. And I didn't Sign up for one!

You act like you're the only one who totaled their life!

I guess that's what happened when strangers get wasted and screw.

Pack your stuff and go.


I miss Dad.

You ready?

You're next.

There are three I know!

Children involved! And I didn't sign Up for one!

Will you marry me?

I wanna apologize to you.

Say goodbye Benjamin.

Promise you'll be there?

I'll be there at seven o'clock on the dot.

And be in front row?

Okay, I'll get there early and make sure I'm in the front row.


I adore you.

I adore you.

Love you!

Love you Mom!

So these are sort of the emotional beats of the book.

This is the visual realization of the story.

It's all supposed to take place at night when they're in their beds.

My water broke I think.

Hurry, let's go.

You guys were so amazing.

Thanks Mom.

Thanks Mommy. Fantastic.

Okay, so listen, Kate is going to drop you off at Grandpa's, and then she's gonna come back and get you when the baby's here.

All right?

Okay. Okay Mom.

All right, hugs and kisses.


I love you guys.

I love you.

Your car's outside.


I will see you soon.

See you later, wish me luck.

Good luck. Bye.

You're doing great, you're doing great!


Here, grab my hand.


That's good.


Two, one!

Super girl!

Come on.

She is so cute.

Ready for a walk?

Where do ya think you're going?

You are adorable!