100 Days (1991) Script

'Very few people in this world have the gift to see..

..the events of the future in the exact way..

..they are about to occur.'

'Scientists have named this premonition..

..or ESP or Extra Sensory Perceptions.'

'Such powers lie in these eyes as well..

..who can see the events of the future in every detail..

..from time, place and even the place involved.'

'These are the eyes of the heroine of our story, Devi.'



Hey, hello! What happened? Devi, what happened?

Devi what happened to you?

I saw a man in a rain-coat. And a girl, drying her hair.

I didn't see her face. But I felt as if I knew her.

Then a revolver. Then something happened.

The hair-drier fell down. I saw all these with my own eyes.

I saw with my own eyes. But where did you see it?

There is no one here.

Where did I see? In my imagination.

But, why would I imagine these things.

And I saw everything clearly. With my very own eyes.

You see a lot of films.

You must have seen a scene from a horror film.

No Sudha, I never saw such a thing earlier.

Then it must have been a dream. Seen with open eyes.

No, it wasn't a dream.

Something is definitely going to happen.

Something is definitely going to happen.

Did you understand, Sunil? Tonight?

Yes, tonight! I will be waiting for you. Okay, bye!


She got scared!

Sunil, you?

"There was an innocent girl, who was scared of every movement..

..and used to cry for all small things."

Really? Yes!

"One day a small kid who was very young at age."

"Came close and told her."


"Gabbar Singh said this and went."

"The person who fears dies."


"Gabbar Singh said this and went."

"The person who fears dies."

"Gabbar Singh said this and went."

"The person who fears dies."

"Innocent girl in fun and play..

..became angry and went away."

"Innocent girl in fun and play..

..became angry and went away."

"Gabbar Singh said this and went."

"The person who fears dies."

"Gabbar Singh said this and went."

"The person who fears dies."


"This is the style of the big-hearted people."

"This is the style of the big-hearted people."

"They learn to live life king size."

"They learn to live life king size."

"Why should we be scared over those things..

..on which we don't have any control."

"Gabbar Singh said this and went."

"The person who fears dies."

"Gabbar Singh said this and went."

"The person who fears dies."

Where did she go? Look for her!

Who switched off the lights?

Oh God!


What happened?


"In a false skin he comes, if a fox becomes a tiger."

"He manages to rule for a few seconds."

Really? Yes!

"When he runs away after being stoned by people."

"What do people come and tell him?"


"Gabbar Singh said this and went."

"The person who fears dies."


"Gabbar Singh said this and went."

"The person who fears dies."

"Gabbar Singh said this and went."

"The person who fears dies."

"They say when a fox's death is near..

..then he runs away to the city."

"They say when a fox's death is near..

..then he runs away to the city."

"Gabbar Singh said this and went."

"The person who fears dies."



So Mr. Sunil, how did you like our idea? Wasn't it tit for tat?

This stupid idea was hers. Hey!

I have some other idea.

Put on a ring on your finger and then marriage.

Get lost! Have you seen your face in the mirror?

I see it everyday. Isn't it beautiful?

Devi, our Sunil is actually a very nice guy. Thank me!

Thank you!

You know, for so long he has been running..

..behind you with a ring.

Then you wear it.

Devi, listen! I am going to London, day after tomorrow.

You know I have to go, for 3 to 4 years for the dance contract.

But you were supposed to go after 2 to 3 months.

Yes, but I received an urgent call, I have to go immediately.

Aren't you sad? Why sad?

I am happy that I won't have to see his face for 3 to 4 years.


Really? Let me return then I will teach both of you a lesson.

Okay, I am getting late, I have to go urgently.

Okay. I will see you later.

Bye! Bye!

Take care! Bye!

Don't have more cake over there.


Devi, he really loves you. And you don't even..

He is my childhood friend. I know everything about him.

It is his habit to keep joking. Come on, let's go.

Let's go.



Devi, what happened? Did you see some nightmare?

Sister! My sister, Rama was killed.

She was shot. I saw it with my own eyes.

Devi, again you are getting your dreams.

What you saw in the day that is what you saw in the night.


I had said that girl was known to me.

It was my sister, Rama. She must be in some trouble.

I will call her and come. Listen.

(Phone rings)


Hello sister, this is Devi! Are you okay?

What happened to you?

Why are you asking these absurd questions?

I was scared sister. I dreamt that someone..

..killed you!

Then my life-span has increased.

I hope that you are saying the right thing. I was scared..!

How is uncle?

He is good! He has gone to Calcutta!

Which means you are alone? Sister, take care of yourself.

Don't worry about me. Are your studies going on well?

Yes, sister! Today Sunil had come.

What? Why did he go over there?

I don't like him one bit. Tell him not to go there anymore.

Sister, why are you getting angry?

He is just my friend. Don't argue.

Do what I say. Bye! Good night!

Good night! Take care!

Coward! Now are you convinced?

I am convinced.

But I don't know why I am still scared.


(Brakes squeal)

(Phone rings)

(Phone rings)

(Phone rings)

Hello! Hello!

Why aren't you answering? Hello!



(Gate creaks)

(Wind chimes tinkling)

'5 years after this incident..'

(Horn blares)

(Gate creaks)

Greetings, sir.

Good morning, sir!

Why didn't you come to the airport?

You had said that you would come tomorrow.

You had said that you would come tomorrow after calling.

How come you came in today?

Crazy-crazy, when I said yesterday, tomorrow..

..then the tomorrow is today.

This does not happen sir. I once saw in a shoe store.

Buy today, take loan tomorrow.

So the next day, I went to get the loan.

The shopkeeper showed me the same board.

I said that I saw this board yesterday.

He said tomorrow is tomorrow, and never a today.

I am confused, sir.

How did your tomorrow become today?

Can you tell me, sir? For God's sake shut up, Balam!

I am amazed that I have kept you here for so long.

Why have you kept, sir?

Because of your honesty, otherwise..

..I would have thrown you out a long time back.

Thank you, sir. Should I tell you tomorrow's program?

Speak, speak! (Snaps finger)

When I say, he says why do you speak..

..and when I am quiet he says I should speak.

What are you speaking? I am not speaking, but reading.

Listen, Sunday 3 o'clock with the lawyer..

..and Monday 10 o'clock with the doctor.

Sorry, I have made a mistake. There is a slip of tongue.

I mean tongue of slip.

Sunday 3 o'clock with the doctor and..

..Monday 10 o'clock with the lawyer.

And 25th evening Mr. Dutta's daughter's wedding.

Mr. Dutta's daughter? Prepare a present worth.. (Snaps finger)

..50,000 for Mr. Dutta's daughter.

50,000? For Mr. Dutta?

I know him very well. He is not even worth 50 rupees.

Balam, you have to sow the seeds before you reap them.

Don't go after these seeds, you will slip.

After repeated slipping I have reached here. Do as I say.

Please. Yes, sir!

Mr. Dutta, 50? 50,000!

My sir's mind also sometimes gets lost.

50,000 worth gift to a person like Mr. Dutta.

Sir, no matter how big a gift you give this man..

..he will not pass your contract.

No one listens to me. Our sir does not know anything.

50,000 for Dutta? He had insulted me once.

He had said that my face is like a torn shoe. Is it?

Wow, what a beautiful face.

Dutta called this face a torn shoe.

This face is worth 50,000. 50,000?

Mr. Dutta, I will give you gift of 1,00,000!

Made from old shoe! This will be craftily now!

Here is the first 50,000 and here is the second 50,000.

They add up to 1 lakh. Both their soles are torn.

Now we will have fun at the wedding.


Happy wedding! Thank you!

Happy wedding! Thank you!

Congratulations! Congratulations!

Thank you!

Congratulations! Thank you very much!

You are..? Congratulations!

Many happy returns of the day! Congratulations!

He seems to be a nice man. Old friend of yours?

No, I thought you knew them. I don't know them.

I can't see, Mr. Dutta! He must be busy.

It is his daughter's wedding after all!

Sir, come sit here. Please, let us sit.


It's really good.

Hello. My name is Balam.

Hyderabadi Balam. Go to hell.


Hello. Who is it?

Hi. Devi!

How are you? You forgot me.

No, nothing like that!

He is my husband, and this is my friend, Devi!

Hey, where are you looking? The guest is here.

Look over there. Can you see them? Look at them?

They are uninvited guests, who..

..have come in here forcefully.

Is that the case? Let me take care of them.

The necklace on your neck looks so nice.

If you get a slap, then it will like it better.

Excuse me; may I know who you are?

I hope I could know the name of the person who made this world.

My name is Balam!

His name is Kumar, Ram Kumar.

How did you come here?

We have not come, we have been invited.

We had been sent a big card. Who sent?

Mr. Dutta! Yes, Mr. Dutta! He can't be seen here.

Mr. Dutta? Who is Mr. Dutta?

Mr. Dutta! Whose daughter's wedding this is.

The wedding is Sudha's.

And Sudha is not Mr. Dutta's, but Mr. Mathur's daughter.

Have you brought us to the right place?

Yes, 100%. I have written it in my diary.

I forgot to bring my diary.

What is today's date? 24th!

Now, say that there has been a mistake in the dates.

Yes, we had to come on the 25th and we came on the 24th.

There was a mistake in today and tomorrow.

We gave the 50,000 worth gift.

Sorry madam, we made a mistake.

Such incidences are happening everyday.

They come as guests and take away the presents.

That is not all!

They switch off the main switch and..

..take away the expensive jewelry of the women.

That is why he was praising my necklace. Are you listening?

Do you think..? I think I know people like you very well.

Something from the inside and something from the outside.

Madam, he is a billionaire.

He has an import and export Business.

He is a builder. He has his own bungalow as well.

Really? And he enters other people's weddings like this.

Maybe they even have a gang.

Madam, you are crossing the limits.

Do we look like thieves to you?

We have given a gift worth 50,000.

Balam, open it and show it to them.

It's better if we don't show it. Balam, why are you scared?

Show it to them? That is not the thing sir.

We shouldn't take the things that we have already taken.

It is a matter of prestige. I will go and open it.

You don't open, sir. You will be beaten up.

Sir, don't open.

May be he must be rich person.

Don't open, sir! We will be beaten up, sir!

Don't open, sir! Sir, we will be bashed up!

Listen to me. Don't open, sir!

Relax! Relax!

Make the back door exit, Balam.

There is going to be a flogging.


This slap is also going to be worth, 50,000.

This slap, that I did not get will prove..

..very expensive to you, madam.

Catch them! Catch them! Wait! Let sir come.

Let sir come.

Move aside.

Don't hit me, sir! Somebody help! Don't hit me!

He fired me as well. If he had to fire me..

..then why did he beat me up?

Go ahead! There is no one here.

This is my face.

It was so beautiful. It was so handsome. Nothing is left.

How did it happen?

"Balam is beaten up! Balam has been beaten up!"

Mr. Dutta was right. My face is now like a torn shoe.

What will you do now, Balam?

"If you grant me alms, He will bless you."

"Balam had been beaten up! He has been badly thrashed."

You are still here? You didn't go yet?

Master, hit me more. But do not fire me.

I won't go anywhere. Please do not fire me.

One condition. You just give me the orders.

I will get a parrot out of a genie's leg..

..and a genie out of a parrot's leg.

Whatever you say, I will do.

You don't have to take out a parrot nor..

..do you have to find a genie.

You have to find the angel because of whom..

..you are in this condition.

Inquire that besides getting into fights..

..what else does she do.

Whatever you say, my master. Then you won't fire me?

Go Balam!

Not here. There.

I have to cut the wings of that angel.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.. (Anklets tinkling)

..9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14..

1, 2, 3, 4, 5..

1, 2, 3, 4.. (Loud music playing)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5..

Master, just a minute! What happened?

"Hiding from me.."

Uncle! Uncle!

Uncle! Just see who has opened..

..this cigarette shop in front of our house?

Are you listening or not? Yes, I am listening to it.

And enjoying it as well.


Stop moving around, and get this music stopped.

I have to practice. Okay! Okay!

Seems like a very rich guy who has bought..

..a bungalow worth 30 lakhs for 40 lakhs.

So? So you be happy with yourself as he is.

At the most, shut the doors and windows.

Oh, so you won't do anything?

Okay, I will have to do something.

Do what you feel like. You are being disturbed, not me.

Wonderful. "Go away.."

Hey, you Mr. 40 lakhs! Hey, bandmaster!

I will play your band now.

"Please wait."

Can you hear or not? Hey!

Now I have to make him hear.

"Wherever you go.." (Glass shatters)

(Door creaks)

Who threw this flower?


Hi, Miss Devi! Hello! Is this yours?

You came here as well?

Listen mister, this is a respectable society..

..and not a fish market.

If again the sound of music reaches my house..

..then the stone will hit your head.


Well this proves one thing that you think of me as a fruit tree.

Because stones are thrown on fruit trees only.

Shut up! I don't want to argue with you.

It is okay, you have to come down here to argue with me.

Shall I come?

Rascal! Thanks!

How sweet.

Sir, let it be! As if our times are not so good.

Balam, the good times have just started.

Look at this an auspicious start to love.

Auspicious? Who is it? (Conch blowing)

(Thunder crashing)

(Thunder crashing)


(Brakes squeal) (Thunder crashing)

(Thunder crashing)

(Thunder crashing)

(Thunder crashing)

(Thunder crashing)

Who is it? I asked who it is.

Don't come any closer. Don't come any closer.

Who are you? It is me!

Me who?

Don't come ahead. I will hit you.

Hey, it's me! Sunil! What's the matter?


(Sighs) You saw?

5 years later I still haven't lost my touch.

Still scared you. You idiot!


I almost died out of fear! Let your enemies die.

But you got scared, didn't you?

Didn't it look as if I had come to murder you?

Hey, when did you come back from London?

You should have at least written a letter.

I could have come to receive you at the airport. - It's okay.

But how did you come in?

Very simple!

By opening the door, with the keys.

Like everyone does.

But where did you get the keys?

I had come yesterday, but you weren't at home.

I met uncle and took the keys from him.

I thought that I would get a chance to scare you, at least.

Where is uncle? I can't see him.

He has gone to Poona, for some important work.

He will come back tomorrow.

I heard about your sister, Rama from her.

I couldn't believe it. But it has happened.

It's been 5 years since sister went missing.

She will never come back again. She is dead.

How can you say this? Maybe she is actually lost.

And one day she might return.

No, this will never happen. My dream can never be wrong.

Oh, yeah? So you grief be built on this basis?


By the way, have you ever seen me in your dreams?

I am still carrying the ring. Again you have started.

Tell me, what are your future plans?

Plans? I shall live here, I shall die here.

Where else can I be, other than this place.


Listen, 3 days later we have to have fun.

Fun? - Yes, we have to organize an awesome program.

You have to be my partner and don't say no.

But.. - No ifs and buts. 3 days are enough for rehearsal.

Where is the show?

Ladies and gentlemen; the time to wait is over.

Our chief guest, Mr. Kumar, Mr. Ram Kumar has arrived.

Mr. Kumar needs no introduction.

In this city he has started 2 hospitals, 3 schools..

..and countless other noble deeds have been done by him.

Now I request Mr. Kumar to come on to the stage..

..say a few words and inaugurate this function.


This scoundrel, such a big man? I know him.

He really is a very nice guy.


My friends, my few words are that my prayers are with you.

I wanted to walk away saying this much..

But some lover, has given me this letter and said..

..that it is a matter of life and death for him.

This letter is addressed to Miss Devi.

There are many Devi's here, but her Devi..

..should listen to it carefully.

Miss Devi, what you think, I am not that.

What I am, that you don't understand.

I am thirsty for your love.

No one will know who this lover of yours is..

..but you will come to know.

So this ode is for you, I am a thirsty man..

..I will keep feeling thirsty, the rain of love..

..why doesn't it pour down.

Miss Devi, I think you should pour.


Good luck.

Good luck. Thank you.



"Heart beat!"

"Heart beat!"

"Heart beat!"

"Heart beat!"

"Take it!"

"Take my heart, give your heart."

"It is the right time."

"Take my heart, give your heart."

"It is the right time."

"If I go away, then I won't come back."

"How do I give my heart, this is not mine anymore."

"How do I give my heart, this is not mine anymore."

"It is someone else's, believe me."


"I know these are excuses of yours."

"You are beautiful and you have many suitors."

"What can I do? Someone's charm worked on me."

"As our eyes met, my hearts slipped out of my hand."

"I know these are excuses of yours."

"You are beautiful and you have many suitors."

"What can I do? Someone's charm worked on me."

"As our eyes met, my hearts slipped out of my hand."

"Now wherever he is, my heart is over there."

"Take my heart."


"I have seen thousands suitors for me."

"But no one is even close to my true lover."

"Tell me who that lucky man is."

"Otherwise I don't agree to your excuses."

"I have seen thousands suitors for me."

"But no one is even close to my true lover."

"Tell me who that lucky man is."

"Otherwise I don't agree to your excuses."

"Today I will make this decision over here."

"Take my heart."

"How do I give my heart, this is not mine anymore."

"How do I give my heart, this is not mine anymore."

"It is someone else's, believe me."


Sir! Thank you!

My friends, today's trophy is presented to the very..

..lovable artist, Devi.


This horn, in Indian tradition is the symbol of..

..honesty, intelligence and beauty.

It joins lives and changes the course of everyone's life.

And if you throw it then..


Anyways I would like Miss Devi to come on to the stage.


Thank you. Congratulations! Thank you!


"In my heart I have chosen you."

"You have colored me in your color."

"In my heart I have chosen you."

"You have colored me in your color."

"I have chosen you."


Won't you ask Mr. Kumar to sit?

Yes! My telephone wasn't working so I..

It is very good that your telephone is out of order.

At least for that reason you came into this house.

As if Devi and you have met during..

..the stone throwing competition.



First you make your call! Then we will sit and chat.

Thank you!

Hello! Mr. Chandra, you go to the court directly. - Yes.

And the documents. Yes, I have taken the documents.

I will meet you there. Okay!

The court has given the order.

Now you can assume that you have got your mansion back. - Congratulations.

Documents and the money have been deposited. - Okay.

You should come and see your mansion also.

Sure, why not? Let's go.

Your father had mortgaged the mansion to Chunnilal.

He hadn't sold it. It took 6 years to release it.

He repaid the capital amount along with interest.

He was going to keep the mansion worth 1 crore..

..for just 60 lakhs.

That's alright. When will the locks be opened?

In maximum 15 days.

If you get married within 2 weeks then you..

..can spend your wedding night here.


(Engine starts)

Shall we go?

(Phone rings)

Hello! Were you thinking about me?

Why did you get up?

You should have lied down and spoken.

It was looking good. Who are you?

You are asking who this poet is!

What shall I tell about myself?

Now, I understand.

This is it!

Why are you looking here and there? Talk to me.

Really Devi, when you play with your hair..

..it seems as if dark clouds are going to..

..pour down on this land.

Amazing? How can you see all of this through the phone?

If one's eyes are sharp, then a person..

..can see through a phone as well.

Like the way I am seeing you.

Devi, please cover your beautiful legs.


Don't you feel ashamed..

..to be peeking into other people's houses?

Hi, that is why I made this house in front of yours.

So what can I do?

Now stop talking, I am feeling sleepy.

Okay, then I will not hang up till morning.

Why till morning? Sit like this all your life.


I will die but I won't hang up for the rest of my life.

Hello! Good morning!

Were you sitting next to the phone all night?

If you are happy, then ask for a wish.

You are strange man. What do you want?

She says that she wants to know what I want.

I want to meet you. But why?

To find out why I want to meet you.

If you think that I will say yes then.. Then?

Then you are thinking is correct.

Thank God! I will wait in front of your house in my car.

(Car honking)

Tell Miss Devi that Mr. Kumar has come.

You are Mr. Kumar? Yes! - But she left.

She left? Yes!

And she left this notice for you.


'Yes, Mr. Kumar this is a notice.'

'It is not so easy to meet me.'

'Now listen to me Mister.'

'If you find me by 3 o'clock, then I will be..'

'But, if you cannot find me then you will never..

..find me for the rest of your life.'

'Remember, today at 3 o'clock.'

What kind of a joke is this?

(Engine starts)

(Horse neighing)


Now it will be fun.

Let's see how much enthusiasm the man has.

Let him find me. If he really loves me, then he will find me.

I don't think he will be able to reach you.

This is your madness.

Love is not easy, love is not easy.

Assume it to be a river of fire and..

..you have to swim across it.

What happened, Miss Devi? Where is your lover boy?

There is only 30 seconds left for 3 o' clock.

What do you have to say now?

Maybe that was my madness that I..

But my heart says that he will come. Definitely come!

"Listen, my love, my heartfelt gratitude to you."

"If you want, I will give you my entire youth."

"Listen, my love, my heartfelt gratitude to you."

"If you want, I will give you my entire youth."

"If you want, I will give you my entire youth."

"Listen, my love, my heartfelt gratitude to you."

"If you want I will give you my entire youth."

"If you want I will give you my entire youth."


"This love will remain in the flowers and the air."

"This world will remember our love story."

"This love will remain in the flowers and the air."

"This world will remember our love story."

"Love's tunes, love's notes and love's story will continue."

"Love's tunes, love's notes and love's story will continue."

"Listen, my love. Listen, my love."

"Listen, my love."


"During day and nights, you are on my lips."

"I am in love with you and so is my heart."

"During day and nights, you are on my lips."

"I am in love with you and so is my heart."

"Give me the symbol that no one has given anybody."

"Give me the symbol that no one has given anybody."

"Listen, my love, my heartfelt gratitude to you."

"If you want, I will give you my entire youth."

"If you want, I will give you my entire youth."

"Listen, my love. Listen, my love."

"Listen, my love. Listen, my love."

"Listen, my love. Listen, my love."

"Listen, my love."

Amazing, Devi and Kumar still haven't come back?

(Clock strikes)

Aren't you worried? What is there to be worried about?

Kumar is a nice man. He is rich also.

Correct! He is perfect match for Devi.

I am thinking of getting them married as soon as possible.

You made a wrong move.

Your knight got killed.

Does Mr. Kumar know about Rama? Why?

What relation does Rama have with Devi's marriage?


And even if he knows.. come dear, come.

Sorry uncle, we got a little late.

It is alright. Please sit! Thank you.

Sunil when did you come?

He has been waiting for you since long?

I had gone out with Kumar.

Kumar, you must be knowing Sunil.

Of course, very well. No matter how much you praise his talent its less.

Thank you, Mr. Kumar. Mr? Only Kumar.

Those who are Devi's friends are my friends as well. - Thank you.

Okay Devi, I will leave. Where are you going?

First finish the game. No uncle, some other time.

Good night! Bye! Bye-bye!

Bye. Bye, Devi.

I'd also like to.. No, Kumar.

I wanted to talk you about something important.

Kumar, if I am not wrong, then you and Devi..

..like each other a lot.

If you don't mind, I would like you two to get married..

..as soon as possible.

Devi sit, where are you going? Devi! She is feeling shy.

I will leave now. Then I will..

Call the priest and fix the date.

Whatever you think is right. I have to just sit on the dais.

I'll take your leave. (Laughs)


Are you happy?

Honestly, Kumar is nice person.

Once you marry this great house will be empty.

I wish Rama was here..

..to enjoy your wedding.

Every day I live with hope that she will return someday.

But now, feel that...

Devi, how is it looking? Very nice.

Where did you buy it from? From wherever.

But, there was only one piece in that shop.

Then why do you have to make me jealous? - Why?

If you had to bring, then you should have brought 2 pieces.

Why are you acting like a child?

I won't let you wear this. Get me another piece, like this.

I knew you would behave like this.

That is why I had already bought 2 sets.

Has it ever happened that I have ever bought something..

..for myself and nothing for you?


Congratulations. Thank you. Thanks.

Congratulations on the wedding. Eat and go.

Congratulations! My wife.

She is Susheela.

Congratulations! Thank you.

Sunil? Congratulations on the wedding.

Thank you. Is it this a time to come?

Sorry Devi, I got late in looking for your favorite flowers.

You have lot of concerns for Devi's favorites.

Of course, Mr. Kumar.

Don't forget that Devi is my friend first and your wife later.

Why are you getting angry? When did I refuse?

But you should also remember Mr. Sunil that..

..after marriage old relations lose importance.

When did I refuse that?

That's great.

Anyway, thanks for coming. Bye.

Congratulations, Mr. Kumar! Thank you!

You too. Thank you.

Please accept this as a gift. What is this?

The documents and the keys to the mansion.

Didn't I tell you that if you want you could spend..

..your wedding night in the mansion.

Just get one bedroom fixed.

It is her responsibility to get the bedroom fixed.

When she gets the bedroom fixed..

..then I will go to the mansion.



What happened? Why did you turn your face away?

If I don't turn my face away, then what do I do?

But, what happened?

Why you have dressed yourself as a foreign lady?

Why? What is wrong with this dress?

What is right in this dress? How are Indian brides?

How are they? They should blush and cover their faces.

And she doesn't come in, she is pushed in. And you?

Oh, so you need that kind of a wife? Yes!

Wait for 2 minutes, I will send her immediately.


Why are you pushing?

Get lost! I am feeling shy.

I won't go.

Don't push.

Where are you going?

That is the way.

Now it feels like we are going to spend new life.

Please hubby dearest, give me your blessings.

Always be happy.

Wait listen.

Don't be so impatient.

Look at all the presents people have sent.

And we haven't got time to open them.


Devi, look at this. It is a very interesting present.

(Conch blowing)


Kumar, there is another one.

(Conch blowing)

Two in this. Looks like there is a festival.

I feel the same.

I am sure there is a statue in this.

I am sure there is a ring in this one.

Okay, let's open it!

I hope it is not conch again.


I swear I didn't tell anyone that you..

..broke my window with a conch.

Believe me.


"Don't mock me, beauty."

"Don't mock me, beauty."

"Don't mock me, beauty."

"Don't mock me, beauty."

"For you this lover has roamed many an alley."

"Now do not trouble me like this."

"Don't tease me now, naughty boy."

"Don't tease me now, naughty boy."

"Don't tease me now, naughty boy."

"Don't tease me now, naughty boy."

"I know you very well, I won't listen to you."

"Stop trying to come after me."

"Don't mock me, beauty."

"Don't tease me now."


"I won't find a beauty like you in millions."

"I won't find a beauty like you in millions."

"Such a beautiful flower won't blossom in a hundred years."

You liar.

"I won't get trapped in your talks..

..I will not leave my stubbornness..

..you still don't know me well enough."

"Don't tease me now, naughty boy."

"Don't mock me."


"I have become yours..

..but don't think that I shall be your slave."

"I have become yours..

..but don't think that I shall be your slave."

"Don't show me your eyes like that, oh lover boy."

"I will not fall for your trouble."

Yes, your highness.

"You are the queen of my heart and..

..I am your slave, please don't torture me anymore."

"Don't tease me now, naughty boy."

"Don't tease me now, naughty boy."

"Don't tease me now, naughty boy."

"Don't tease me now, naughty boy."

"I know you very well, I won't listen to you."

"Stop trying to come after me."

"Don't tease me now, naughty boy."

"Don't mock me, beauty."


You have proven that a wife not just a wife..

..but is also the goddess of the house.

As soon as you stepped foot into this house..

..a contract of mine had been passed.

But unfortunately, I have to go out of town.

And you don't want to come with me.

What will I do by going there?

You will be busy with your business and I will get bored.

What will you do by staying back here?

Uncle has also gone for his pilgrimage.

The old mansion that we have? I will decorate that.

Especially the bed room.


Before you go, promise me one thing. What promise?

You will return within 3 days.

How I will spend these 3 days, even I don't know?

But I will come back on the completion of the work.

And if you need anything, tell Balam.

Take care of yourself.






Murder! She has been killed!

Please save her. Save her, please!

What happened? Who killed whom? I don't know.

He killed that female.

Save her. She will be killed.

What has happened to you?

Sometimes you are saying she is killed.

Sometimes you are saying she will be killed.

Did you see some nightmare?

No, doctor! It was no dream.

I saw it while I was awake.

And whatever I see, it comes true.

What is about to happen, I see it before hand.

Trust me, doctor! Believe me!

I understand. These things happen during hallucinations.

You are hallucinating. Nurse, give her the injection for sleep.

Yes, sir. No.

Doctor, believe me! Save her!

It will be costly to threaten me, Mister.

I have made three copies of the cassette and..

..kept it in three different places.

If anything happens to me then, one copy..

..will be taken to the IG..

..and the second copy..

..will reach the press.

The best thing would be to give me the sum I want..

..within one week.

If by next Sunday I don't get the remaining 3 lakhs then..


Send me the money by Sunday.

I don't want to hear anything else. Good-night!

(Brakes squeal)

Come on madam, come in! Please come in!

Let's go. (Door creaks)

Please, come.


(Door creaks)

Everything here is closed like a new bride.

You have to just open them.

But I feel scared to even touch them.

They say that in the house, where no one has stayed in..

..for over a year, in that house ghosts exist.

And this house has been empty for the last 6 years.

The phone here is also not working..

..so you can't call anyone for help.

But you don't worry, madam.

This slave of yours will get a phone in a day or two.

But, are you strong of heart? Aren't you scared?

Will you please shut up! Get out of here. Out! - Yes, madam.

I will do everything myself. Idiot. Yes, madam.

Even I don't want to stay in this haunted mansion.

God, look after madam.

Lord Ram.

(Wind chimes tinkling)

(Wind chimes tinkling)

(Wings flapping)

(Wind chimes tinkling)

(Wings flapping)


Look Mr. Kumar and Miss Devi.

It has been proven that the skeleton was that of a girl.

And according to the doctor's reports it can also be..

..said that this girl was no more than 25 years of age.

But this does not mean that the girl was your sister, Rama.

And that necklace?

I also enquired about the necklace.

That is not a special necklace.

Such necklaces are very common in the market.

Look at this! I brought two necklaces.

Such necklaces can be on anyone's neck.

The necklace was in my sister's neck.

And it was my sister who was buried in the wall.

Maybe you are saying the right thing?

It won't do with your saying.

You inquire about this case on a higher level.

The skeleton can be anyone's.

But it was found in my mansion.

This was closed for the last 6 years. It was locked.

I think that someone took advantage of this fact..

..and buried the corpse in the wall of the mansion.

Yes, I think the same thing.

Believe me Kumar, this skeleton is..

..no one else's but my sister's, who..

..has been missing for 5 years.

Hello, Miss Devi!

Sudha? You?

Sudha is dead!

Didn't you feel ashamed in getting married in my absence?

Sudha, first congratulate your friend, then quarrel later.

Devi, congratulations on your wedding.

Thank you very much.

How did all of this happen so quickly?

You turned out to be quite a surprise.

But you should thank me for all this. Why?

Because it was at my wedding that your..

..husband reached by mistake.

Wow, what a reception we gave him.


Where is your husband? He has gone to his office.

Never mind, this is for you. What is this?

Your wedding gift. Take it.

Congratulations on the wedding.

Thank you.

There is an alarm in it as well.

(Snaps finger)

Hello, what happened?

The cigarette?

He smokes cigarette from quite long.

If you don't like it he will put it off.

Put it off. Alright.

No, can I see the case?

Sure! Why not?

(Alarm beeps)


(Alarm beeps)

Devi, what happened? Why is this noise not stopping?

This is the sound of the watch. Please shut it off.

It's shut! What happened?

Kumar, I saw those things again. The things I told you.

How many times have I told you not..

..to think about these useless things.

I have tried a lot. But they keep coming back.

If you think too much about these dreams..

..then you fall sick.

Don't worry, don't worry. I am with you.

I am with you.

Relax! Sleep! Relax.


(Alarm beeps)

Are you listening to the sound of this watch?

Is there anything special in it?

The special thing is that when I was seeing those dreams last..

..night, then along with the images..

..I could hear the alarm of this watch.


So is it possible that this sound is related to all the images?

I need your help.

How can I help you in this matter?

Nevertheless I will do whatever you ask me to do.

Sunil, have you thought why is it that..

..only I can see such things?

I had found sister's skeleton. Didn't I?

Yes you did, so.. Whatever I am seeing now will come true.

The woman who is going to be killed..

..must be having some connection..

..with my sister's murder.

Save that woman, Sunil. Save her.

Devi, even I want to save her, but let me get some clue.

Then think! You will find some way.

Tell me once more. What all do you see?

A big mirror, which is broken.

A brown cigarette, kept on an ash-tray.

A video cassette labeled, 100 days.

A horse's picture on the cover of Priya magazine.

A statue of Jesus Christ. I myself am drowning in water.

And that woman being killed.

There are 2 things definite in this.

One, the cover of Priya magazine with a horse.

And second the 100 days cassette.

Let's go to the Priya magazine office.

We will go on video library on the way and inquire about tape.


Excuse me! Yes!

Do you have a cassette called 100 days?

100days? Yes?

We don't have any cassette called 100 days.

But we have Victoria no. 203, 36 Hours, after 20 years..

..etcetera, etcetera, we have all cassettes.

Maybe it is an English cassette.

That too we don't have.

If there was any movie by this name..

..then we would have definitely had it.

But the name is very interesting, 100 days.

Hello! Hello! Please, sit!


My name is Sunil and this is Mrs. Kumar, Ram Kumar.

Oh I see! How may I help you?

We have a small request.

We want to see the copy of Priya, which has..

..the picture of a horse on its cover.

Horse's? No till now there has been no such issue.

Have you never printed a horse's picture on the cover?

No, and it is not going to be printed..

..for the next 6 months either.

Because the covers for the next 6 months is booked.

And there is no horse's picture.

You try and remember. I think I have seen the cover page.

You must have seen it in your dreams. Exactly.

I have been trying to tell her this, but she doesn't listen.

If you don't want to believe, don't.

But at least don't make fun of me.

This is a matter of someone's life and death.

Devi, listen to me.

She got angry. Okay, thank you very much.

You are welcome.

Matter of life and death. Picture of a horse.

These are signs of madness.

Not madness, this is called premonition.

Meaning, sixth sense.

I understand premonition, doctor.

She got a premonition for her sister.

She got the sense of danger beforehand.

Even if we accept this fact, how can we explain that..

..she is seeing a woman she is seeing getting killed?

She doesn't even know her.

Is it possible that any event, about to occur with anyone..

..is seen by some one before.

Is it possible? Yes it's possible.

It can happen.

Hasn't it ever happened that we are getting ready to go..

..to the office and we sense that a relative is going to come.

And they actually come.

There is a strange power which gives us the sense..

..of what is going to happen.

More or less, everyone has this power.

But some people have so much of this gift..

..that they can clearly see what events are going to take place.

I don't believe in this. You are making a mistake.

You are mistaken. You know what?

In America, once a girl got a feeling that..

..her mother was going to die in a car accident.

Mother was in a different town.

She called him up and said that under no condition..

..should the mother leave the house.

No one believed her.

Mother, left the house and died in a car accident.

You know the effect of the girl on this. She went mad.

What? Yes!

That is why I am saying that it is secondary to think..

..if we can save the woman.

But first, believe in Devi. Listen to everything she says.

Otherwise, even she will fall prey to madness.

Devi! Devi!

(Anklets tinkling)

"Come here, come here!"

"Your love dragged me here."

"Your love dragged me here."

"Come near me; let me take you in my arms."

"Your love dragged me here."

"Come here, come here."


"The shadows of the night are increasing."

"The shadows of the night are increasing."

"I don't know from which road death might come."

"..which road death might come."

"Your love dragged me here."

"Come here, come here."


"Who knows what your result will be?"

"Who knows what your result will be?"

"I am afraid and think, will it be like mine."

"Your love dragged me here."

"Come here, come here."

"Come here, come here."

"Come here, come here."

(Door knocks)



Are you okay? I am fine. Please sit.

Devi, it true that Rama was in the mansion?

It is true. Oh God!

I couldn't even think that Rama's..

..death would be so horrible.

I am worried about you.

That is why as soon as I got your telegram, I came here.

Don't worry. I have come. Everything will be fine.

Who could have killed Rama?

Whom do the police suspect?

They are looking for the murderer.

Uncle, did you know any secrets about Rama?

She never found time away from writing..

..thesis on temples.

Bombay museum?

Why did you feel the urge to come to the museum suddenly?

I found the documents of Bombay museum..

..in my sister's cupboard.

She was doing a research on old idols.

She used to come here to make notes.

So what will you get here?

I have little hope, but what if we get some clue..

Maybe this place is somehow..

..connected with sister's murder.

Excuse me! Yes, madam?

Why is this box empty?

In this whole museum you found only this box?

There are many other things, go and see them.

That I will see, but first tell me why is this box empty?

What kind of a question is this?

When there is no statue in the box what should I say about it?

Police enquiry is going on for it.

Police enquiry? Yes!

This statue was going to London for exhibition.

It got stolen on the way. It was made out of real gold.

Is this the statue?

Amazing, how did you get this photo?

It is for the case of this statue that security officer..

..Jagmohan and the record keeper of the museum..

..Parvati was thrown out of their jobs.

And now, a case is going on against them.

Jagmohan and Parvati. How old is Parvati?

Around 30 years old.

Can I get Jagmohan's and Parvati's address?

Sorry, I don't know and it is not part of my duty.

Maybe not in duty, but..

100? Madam, in so much I can give you their horoscope.

Give a paper, I will write down both their addresses.

Be careful! Why?

Jagmohan is a hot tempered.

He gets violent at every given chance.

Here you go! Thank you!

Maybe in my dream I saw Jagmohan and Parvati.

We should meet them immediately.

Let's go.

This is the house. Let's check it.

Come on.

(Gate creaks)

Over there.

Seems to be quite a rich man.

(Door bell rings)


Hello! Hello!

Yes? Is Jagmohan at home? I am his friend.

Okay, please come in.

Have a seat. Thank you.

I can't see Jagmohan around.

Has he gone out somewhere?

He will be here any moment. I will get tea for you.

Thank you!

What do we do now? Jagmohan is not at home.

So what? There must be some photo.

You can at least recognize him from there.

I can try. Okay then.

But I can't see a photo here.

(Snaps finger)

There it is.

No, Sunil. This is not him.

The man I saw was bald.

Who are you?

We wanted to meet Jagmohan. You are..

I am Jagmohan. What is it that you want?

They are your friends. Friends. Who friends?

Come on, get out of here. Listen to me..

I don't want to listen to anything. Get out of here.

Darling, don't let strangers come into the house.

We got a good reception here.

Let's go to Parvati's house.

You are still not done? Let's go.

(Engine starts)

(Phone rings)

Hello. - Listen Parvati, 2 people will be coming to your house.

Maybe they are CID.

You have gone to Delhi.

And you will be back 10 days later.

Understand? I did.

(Door bell rings)

Is Miss Parvati at home? Madam has gone to Delhi.

She will be back 10 days later.

And I don't know the address of Delhi.

I am not allowed to allow anyone inside.

Now at least for 10 days don't take the tension.

If we had got her the.. Now, don't take useless tension.

We are doing what we can. Let's go.

Thank you.

(Phone rings)

Hello! The proof you are looking for is with me.

And I want to give it to you. Which proof? Who are you?

I have very little time.

If you want the proof then come to..

..the Juhu Junkyard immediately.

Now? Yes, in a hurry. Come fast!

I'm waiting for you. Quick.

Okay I am coming.

(Gate creaks)

What are you doing here?

Someone called me and told me to come here.

How about you? Even I was called 2 hours later.

It was good that I reached here on time.

I hope you are okay? Yes.

Come on.

(Motorcycle approaching)

Devi, have a seat.

What has happened to you? Suddenly today..

Do you feel uneasy? No.

Do you feel like resting? Not at all.

In fact, I feel like working more. Oh my God!

I am sure you must be vomiting.

Vomiting, why? Why will I vomit?

Then you feel like eating sour things.

I don't like sour things at all.

Strange! What were we doing so many days!

You don't feel like eating sour things. You don't vomit.

You don't feel like resting. You don't feel uneasy.

What is going on? What?

Do you know today is 100 days. 100 days?

100th day of our wedding.

And my wife shows no symptoms..

..that she should be showing by now.

What will people say! I will be humiliated!

What! And I will run from here!


You cheat! You shameless fellow!

Happy 100th day of marriage!

So? - So you will come to Hotel Sea Green exactly at 7 o'clock.

We will have dinner. Then we will go to honeymoon quarters.

Then. Then?

Then. Then.


(Engine starts)

(Brakes squeal)

This.. when was this magazine released?

It is of this week only, ma'am. It came today.

It has come today only?

Take this. 100 rupees! Ma'am!

What does this mean!

What is the meaning of your behavior?

Your cover page was booked for 6 months, wasn't it?

Then how come this horse's snap was published?

This horse came first in the derby..

..that's why its snap is published!

We did not know this before hand, did we!

Tomorrow if a renowned man dies and if we publish his snap..

..you will say why we did not know this beforehand.

I don't know about renowned man..

..but somebody is surely going to die.

And I know this beforehand!

How are you feeling, sir? Better. Thank you.

I have got this magazine for you.

I thought you might get bored all alone. - Thank you.

Take your medicines on time. Okay.

Anything else?

Best wishes. Get well soon, sir. Okay.

Bye. Bye.


(Brakes squeal)

(Phone rings)

Give me the phone. Yes, sir.

Hello. Give the call to Sunil. Who are you?

This is Devi speaking. Tell Sunil it is very urgent.

That magazine is published. We have to go to Parvati's house.

Whose call? It is a wrong number.

Sir is not well. On top of that these phone calls.

Sir is not at home.

Madhav! Madhav! Yes, sir!

You! Who had called! Tell me the truth!

Sir, some Devi had called.

She was saying that some magazine is published.

And to go to Parvati's house.

To go to Parvati's house.

Enough! Stop this charade, Parvati!

I know how to escape the law! Jagmohan!

No matter how many faces you change..

..you can't escape from me!

Stop this rubbish! And give me the cassette!

Never! I will never give it to you!

You won't listen like this.

Help! Help!

Please, help me! What happened! What happened!

'All are one and the same. I will have to put some label.'


Where is the cassette!

I don't know! I will never tell you! You all will be caught!

I am asking the last time. Tell me, where is the cassette!

I won't tell you! I will never tell you!

You won't tell me!






(Phone rings)

(Phone rings)

(Phone rings)

(Phone rings)

Hello. Devi, Sunil here.

Sunil.. Parvati has been murdered.

What! Yes. Believe me.

Before my eyes, Jagmohan killed Parvati.

But where? I am at Parvati's house.

At the video house in the vicinity.

Parvati's body must be lying there. And Jagmohan?

Must be lying in the Khar swimming pool.

Sunil, I have found 100 days cassette!

Cassette! Look, don't give the cassette to anybody.

I will make all the arrangements and come there.

Till the time I don't reach there, don't leave the house. Okay?




'It is important! Then wait.'

'No, dad. You..'

Devi! Hey, Devi! What happened? Kumar!

What happened, Devi?

I was waiting for you at the hotel. Why didn't you come?

Kumar, Parvati has been murdered.

Again you saw a dream?

Not a dream. She really has been murdered.

I saw it with my own eyes.

In front of my own eyes, Jagmohan killed her!

You should not have gone there!

What if something had happened to you!

Why are you looking like this?

What are you thinking? Forget all these things.

Today is the 100th day of our marriage.

Go and freshen up. We will celebrate it somewhere.

Come on. Come on.

'You! And here!'

'Yes, I. Go away from here!'

'Rama, I have not come to go. I have come to explain to you.'

'If you won't keep your mouth shut, then it won't be good.'

'Whom are you threatening!'

'You steal statues and sell it! You all are traitors!'

'I will get you all arrested!'

'I will.. kill you.'


This is your true face, Mr. Kumar.

I had never imagined.. that you are my sister's murderer!

The one who was my life, he has killed my sister!

Being my husband, you are the murderer of this vermillion.

And you are the murderer of the innocent unborn child.

I wanted to tell you that I am pregnant.

And today I got the news that my child's father is a murderer!

You can't give birth! You can only kill!

So kill me! Kill your child! Kill me! Kill me! - Devi!

I will not be the mother of your child!

If you can't kill me, then I will kill myself and my child too!

Leave me! Leave me!

No, Devi!

Let me die!

No, Devi!

If you want, you can kill me, Devi!

But don't kill yourself to punish me!

Look, Devi. Every culprit is punished.

But they are also given the chance to justify their actions.

Please, Devi. I am standing in your court.

Give me one chance of justification. Please. Please, Devi.

My childhood passed smoothly.

By the time I grew up..

..daddy had splurged all his wealth in gambling.

Even this bungalow was mortgaged.

I asked my relative for help.

But everybody refused to help me.

I had to struggle for each penny.

My father died.

Nobody came to offer their support.

Then I realized that the goodness and the evilness of a person..

..are weighed on the scales of poverty and richness.

Then I befriended Jagmohan..

..who was the security officer of a museum.

Seeing all the expensive antiques items there, I became greedy.

I started smuggling this country's statues..

..to other countries at a higher price.

I and Jagmohan used to steal the real statues of the museum..

..and replace it with fake ones.

We involved Parvati, who was the record keeper, in our work too.

The business became a success..

..and I became a billionaire.

Your sister Rama used to come there to write thesis.

She knew how to differentiate between real and fake goods.

She became suspicious.

Covertly she began her investigation.

And one day she found out our secret.

I tried to bribe her. But she did not listen. And then..

Enough! Enough, Kumar! I won't be able to hear more!

Please, Devi! Please.

No, Kumar. Now everything is over.

I could never have imagined..

You are my sister's murderer! I will never forgive you!

Believe me, I did not kill your sister!

What do you want to say! This video is a lie!

Or my eyes were betrayed!

Neither your eyes were betrayed nor is this video a lie!

Believe me! I did not kill your sister!

It is true that on that night I had gone to meet Rama.

'Go away from here!'

'Rama, I have not come to go. I have come to explain to you.'

'If you won't keep your mouth shut, then it won't be good.'

'Whom are you threatening?

You steal statues and sell it! You all are traitors!'

'I will get you all arrested! Let me see what you will do.'

'I will kill you.'


'What have you done, Jagmohan!'

'I could have threatened her to keep quiet!'

'She would not have kept quiet!'

'If she had told the police, then..

..everything would have got over.'

'We all would have been caught.'

'You have committed this murder.'

'You only will have to clear the stigma.'

After that incident, I left their company.

Then you entered in my life.

And I changed my way of living.

Believe me. I did not know that Rama is your sister.

But when I did find out, it was too late.

I did not want to lose your love at any cost.

So I did not tell you anything.

I could just see your eyes. And all those things in these eyes.

I did not know that Jagmohan to implicate me..

..would bury Rama's body in the walls of this bungalow.

You found that later.

During this time, Parvati started..

..blackmailing me taking advantage of the cassette.

Jagmohan was afraid that if I am caught then..

..even he will be caught, so he killed Parvati.

Even if I believe you, the truth remains..

..that you were involved in all this.

Yes, Devi. I should be punished for my crime.

The work that Rama sister has left incomplete..

..you fulfill that work.

Hand me over to the police.

Give me the chance to atone for my sins.

Go, Devi. Go and call the police.

If your hands are shaking right now..

..then I'll lose my self-respect.

Please, Devi.


Hello! Hello! Hello!

(Glass shatters)


Your wife has become our enemy, Kumar.

Let us bury her in the wall like her sister!

Scoundrel! If you eyed her, then I will pluck out your eyes!

(Gas hissing sound)

Devi! Devi!





Where did she go? Maybe she has gone to the police station.

(Alarm beeps)

The watch's sound. Is it Devi's?

(Alarm beeps)


Promise me.

You will give birth to our child.

Even I promise you, if I survived..

..then our lives 100th day will not be like this.

Thank God! You have arrived, inspector!

Arrest this man! He only has killed Parvati!

Constable, arrest him!

He buried Devi in the wall too.

Follow me!

Nab him!


Mr. Kumar, by calling the police at the right time..

..you have aided the police.

And you have confessed your crime on the phone.

So we will have to arrest you.

I don't understand. Crime? Confession?

Yes, Mr. Sunil. We will talk about this later.

Mr. Kumar, let's go.