100 Rifles (1969) Script



He dies for a rifle.

Murió bien, eh?

Pero para qué?

Para esto?

Para nada! Para nada!


Let's go, men.


Chica! Vamonos!

Good morning, amigo. Maybe you can help me.

No hablo inglés. Esto es Mexico.

I'm sorry. I don't speak Espanol.

Can I help you?

What was he saying? That you're in Mexico now.

That anyone coming to Mexico ought to be speaking Spanish.

You, uh, in command here?

No, but I speak English.

Seen this man?

Hey, Joe.

Mornin', darlin'. Where you going, Joe?

Well, I'm, uh- I'm on my way.

You say all day, all night.

All night, all day?

Did I say that?

You say. Ah.

Well, uh, things is different now.

The soldiers.

Yeah. I gotta go.

Why don't you try this hotel. He may be in there.

You mean they let Indians in there?

Anyone who can pay, sir.

One moment, please.

What is your name?

I am Lieutenant Franz Von Klemme from the lmperial German Army.

I'm what you'd call an adviser.

I'm Lyedecker. Policeman.

You got some money?

Money? What the hell for?

Get out of the window!

For me, yes? Some dollars for me?

I saw you got dollars.

I thought you said you loved me. Sure.

You give me money?

Yeah, well, later, maybe, huh?

I yell pretty loud.

Then the sergeant come up.

You want to talk to them?

What do you want to do with them?


Well, what do you mean?

They were pulling out the railroad track.

Your track.

Oh, my company's. Not mine.

Why do they do that? Damn it!


Why have they been fighting us for 400 years?

Because they're Yaqui Indians, that's why.

They call them los tigres de la rocas- the tigers of the rocks.

They say your track is on their land.

What shall we do about it?

Oh, whatever's customary.

Whatever you think is right.

Of course.

Muy bien.



I'm no part of this.

Do what you like- a trial.

I'm no part of this.


I know the value of things.

Bullets are valuable.

These are not.


Listen. Don't be like that.

You can give me money... or I'll make you some trouble.

Come here.

- Sargento Paletes.! Senor.

Run! Run!

Run, Indians.! Run, Indians.! Run.!



: Vamos.!: Rapido.!


Mi general. He is our prisoner.

Too bad I had to interrupt your entertainment up there.

Yes, you distracted my soldiers... disbanded the Indians-

Very clever.

But now I got you.


Well, you wouldn't have me if that hotel had a back door.

Very clever. Very clever.

Now, General, you don't wanna do that. He's a very valuable man.

If you got to kill him, why don't you let me have him?

Perhaps I will kill you too.

That won't get you very much either.

He's your friend? He's no friend of mine.

Well, then, what is he to you?

Bank robber.

He stole $6,000 from the Citizen's Bank in Phoenix, Arizona.

Mr. Lyedecker... how much did you say he stole?

Six thousand dollars.

Uh-huh. When? Twelve days ago.

Twelve days, huh?

I see.

Fifty dollars.

Where is the rest?

You look Mexican, but you don't talk Mexican.

What the hell are you? Well, I sure as hell ain't no damn Mexican.

My mama was a Yaqui Indian... and my daddy was from Alabama.

I see.

Well, I hope you know how to die.

I admire a man who dies well.

Now, tell me- where is the money? Hmm?

The money. All those dollars you speak of.

Where are they?

Women and whiskey. That's what I'd do if I was him.


Six thousand dollars in 12 days?


You could be the biggest stallion in the world...

$6,000 worth of whores in 12 days?



No, it was not spent on women or on whiskey.

Now, for the last time, where is the money?

Just like he said, jefe.

Half of it I spent on whiskey and women... and the other half I wasted.

Excuse me, sir, but if he spent the entire night in the hotel... don't you-


Yes, let's go and take a look.

Where is the money?

Hey, friend, I hear your mama sells it on the street.

I don't think he understands English.

All that's fine. But where's the money?

You really the honest-to-God law?

Somethin' wrong with that?

No! No. You caught me, didn't ya?

That's right.

Now I gotta see about gettin' you out of here.

See, you bein' the Yankee law don't cut no ice with the Mexican army.

They ain't gonna let you get out of here.

Well, why don't you buy us out?

The money ain't worth gettin' killed for, now, is it?

I ain't got no money.

Bank says different. Oh, I took it, all right.

But I spent it two days later.

What did you spend it on? Rifles.


One hundred rifles for the Yaqui Indians.

Them poor devils hangin' on them telephone poles out there... them's Yaqui Indians- my people.

Well, if you tellin' the truth... that general's gonna kill you real slow.

Well, let me tell you about that general.

They told him to get rid of the Yaquis any way he could... and he took the easy way.

He's just killin' everybody.

Well, you've spent enough time in the States. You as American as me.

And you know you just can't go around stickin' up banks.


But I ain't goin' back.

Yes, you are.

On foot, on horseback, or hangin' across a saddle, you're goin' back.

How is it over there?

It's crowded over here.

How about out there?

Well, I think, with a little bit of luck, we might be able to get out of this.

Oh, yeah? Yeah.

I'm gonna jump right out that window behind you.

Go ahead.

: Sargento Paletes.!

: Vamos.!: Rapido.!


Mi caballo.

Sargento! Vamos!

Well, I think we lost 'em.

All of'em.

Well, do you bring the rifles?

You damn betcha. Romero send you?

Where are the rifles, Joe?

How come he sent a woman?

They're expecting a man. Oh.

Now, uh, where are the rifles, Joe?

On the Chilina trail, not too far from here.

Well, I hope so.

They're there.

And where is the profit for you, Joe?

There ain't none, Sarita.

Look, you told me to get the rifles, and I got 'em.

- What are you bein'so tough on me for? Because I know you.

Boy, you sure have soured up in the last few years, ain't ya?

Yes. I have changed.

I watched them hang my father... and I helped him to die.

You hear that?

I helped my father to die.

You say the Chilina trail?


We'll see.


Oh, shoot.

Now, why'd you do that?

I wasn't gonna do nothin' I couldn't have done before.

You're pretty good, Joe. I can't take any chances with you.

Let's go. Where we goin'?

Back to Phoenix.

How come them to give you a badge in the first place?

Well, I guess I took a job that nobody else wanted.

Even at that, it took me a whole year to get it.

How much they gon' give you for takin' me back? Two hundred dollars.

And the job permanent-like.

Shoot, that ain't even hardly worth botherin' about.

Well, Joe, that depends on what you got in the first place.


I ain't never been worth a damn in my whole damn life.

Ain't never been worth nothin' to talk about.

I never even had a job permanent-like.

But now I finally done somethin' for somebody- me.

I finally amounted to somethin'.

Yeah. You robbed a bank.

Let's go.

I should have known. You lied to me.

There's no sign of tracks. No people. No guns.

What are you talkin' about? They're there. Come on. I'll show you.

You ain't goin' nowhere.

Where do you find him? I didn't find him! He found me!

Will he help us?

Senor, will you help? Hell, no.

Why not? You ain't got nothin' better to do. It ain't my party.

Come on.

So, we meet again, huh?

You murderer!

You assassin!

Too bad I don't have enough time for you right now.


Now you...

Mr. Sheriff.

Mr. Half-breed.

By the time I'm through with you... you'll be ready to tell me everything I want to know.

I'm not afraid.

Damn it! Stay on your feet!

Go to hell!

Damn you, you big son of a-

Muy bien.

Ay. Look what the rurales found.


Two Indians with these mules.

Now, how would two Indians... find 100 rifles, huh?

They were skinned alive.


But they wouldn't say.

Tsk tsk.

Nice day, Verdugo.

Indeed it is, Mr. Grimes.


My name's Grimes.

Steven Grimes.

Oh, that's- that's nice.

Mighty nice.

Well- you know, fellow Americans.

And, uh, what's a nice fellow like you doing in a place like this?

I'm with Southern Pacific. We run the railroads here.

Then, uh, you're really all right with that general, ain't you?

Look, Lyedecker, what's the point of all this?

If you don't tell him what he wants to know, he'll have you killed.

Well, maybe put a good word in for us.

Why don't you get the hell outta here? Tell him something.


Six thousand dollars is not worth dying for.

And he's just gonna let us go. Is that right?

Why don't you go away and stop botherin' us?


If he has you shot, it'll create terrible problems.

It'll be a terrible thing for all of us. Sure as hell will.

For us or for the railroad? For both.

The way relations are between the United States and Mexico-Well, you know.

Look... we don't wanna talk to you.

You understand? We don't wanna talk to you.

Hey, wait a minute, Joe. Wait a minute.

He's got the rifles, and he's got us too.

What do we got to lose?

Tell you what you do. You go tell that general I wanna see him.

What about my men? How are they progressing?

Well, sir, they fight well, they train well.

They don't seem to take too naturally to the drill.

Well, the parades will come later.

As long as they can fight.

Sit down. Sit down.

What disturbs you?

The rifles, sir.

Someone is arming the Yaquis.

If they get hold of any more guns, you're going to have the tiger by its tail.

The Yaquis do not have the rifles. I do.

Yes, sir, at the moment you do.

Von Klemme, you worry me.

That was my intent, sir.

No. I mean, you worry me.

Oh? Yes.

You-You seem afraid.

Of what?

I don't know.

Perhaps if you would return to Mexico City-

I would prefer nothing more than that, sir, if my orders could be changed.

You know that I don't need you.

But, you see, sir... we Germans are here to advise, so we advise.

Oh, yes.

Now, tell me, what perfect piece of advice have you this time?

Finish off the Yaquis as quickly as possible before more guns come through.

I know that, don't I?

Of course you do. Then send them south and sell them to the wood merchants.

No. It isn't worth it. The prices are too low.

I have to feed them, send some of my men with them.

By the time we sell one, the price will be lower than the price of a cow.

Then kill them all.

That is your advice?

That is my advice, sir.

Very good.

So, all the time, eh?

All the time the $6,000 was right there in my front yard, huh?


I'll take him back now, General. That's the deal. Right? Now wait.


Tell me something.

Where are the other rifles?

I don't know what you're talking about.

When do they arrive?

Answer the question, Indian.

You got 'em all. That is not the answer!

There ain't no more guns! How do you know that?

You know, Lyedecker, as I told you before, I think you're part of it.

I ain't a part of anything!

This man stole $6,000. For that amount of money, there can't be no more guns.

You refuse to answer, eh?

Look, there ain't no more damn guns.

Very well.

Too bad, gentlemen.

Sargento Paletes.!

What did all that mean?

Look like they're gonna shoot us.

Verdugo, I suggested that if they told you about the money... you'd let them go.

Grimes, you run the railroad.

I'll run the state of Sonora.

And don't you ever forget it.

- Por favor, General- No, senor!


You know somethin'?


I think our string has done run out.

The hell it has. We're gonna get out of this.

Yeah? Yeah.

How? Well, there's nothin' to it.

A big, giant hand is gonna reach in here, pick us up... take us away and put us down someplace... right in the middle of a whole bunch of women and whiskey.

That ain't funny.

Well, I ain't laughin' neither.

That ain't funny at all!

Stay out of other people's business.

That's what I always said and that's what I always done.

But look at me now. Smart Lyedecker.

Hung up on a fence with a bunch of scruffy Indians.

Well, that's too bad about you.

Your number's comin' up over there, and it's just too damn bad.

You know why? No, I don't know why. Why?

'Cause you'd have been a hell of a lawman. You damn right!

'Cause you don't care about nothin' or nobody... just like all them big boys with their badges.

What do you know about badges?

You're just a pissant border half-breed.

I know a lot about it.

I know all about them small-town, barbershop, hair-cuttin' sheriffs.

And I know all about them big-town, big-bellied... billy club-swingin' policemen from St. Louis.

You don't know nothin'! The hell I don't!

They look you up and down, and you're guilty!

You don't get no trial, just like we ain't gonna get one now!

'Cause them guys over there don't care about nothin' or nobody, just like you!

That's why you'd have been so good with a badge.

Washington's going to react very badly to this.

What are they going to do?

Send a note saying, "Where is our black policeman?"

And then what? They'll ask questions.

They're going to ask my company a great many questions.

And they will get answers, I'm sure.

Your company cares for its trains... not for two gringos that disappear in Mexico.

: Fuego.!

Hold it, gentlemen.


My sons, allow me to help you-

We ain't no damn sons of yours.

There's probably more than one scattered around here someplace.

Fear and despair are human failings.

Yet we are human.

Make yourselves ready to die in peace and love.

Why don't you talk to Verdugo about some of that peace and love... instead of tryin' to get somebody ready to die.

That's right. Ain't no man ever died ready for it.

I want you to go with love in your hearts.

I want you to go to hell.

Allow me to hear your confession.

Whatever you got in that book, just put me down for it.

Lyedecker. What?

I'm sorry you got mixed up in this.

You ain't half as sorry as me.


What the hell?

Goddamn it! Come on! Come on!

: Rapido.!

: Vamos.!: Vamos.!

Hyah! Hyah!

I want their heads.

Some kind of woman, ain't she?

Yeah. Kinda stout.

Now that you got them rifles... what are you gonna do with 'em?

Take 'em to General Romero. General.

Why every time four Mexicans get together, one of'em makes himself a general?

Look, you.

Romero can call himself anything he wants.

I knew him when he was young... when he brought the people together to fight.

Good or bad, he's all we have.

It's a good thing you have him, 'cause me and that one there, we goin' north.

We are, huh?


What do you say we wait till we get them rifles to General Romero?

Then I'll go easy-like.

Uh-uh. No good.

Lyedecker, you're a mule-headed son of a bitch.

You saw all them Indians hung up like a side of beef.

After all the trouble we went through to get them rifles- We?

Yeah, we!

Look, I spent 15 years in the 9th Cavalry... keepin' the law and chasin' bad Indians.

But this one ain't my business, it ain't my fight and it ain't my job!

And besides...

I don't much like Indians anyway.

We should have killed him!


I think she's right.

You know your trouble, big man?

You're dumb.

Just plain ol'black-ass dumb.!

Now who's dumb, you half-breed?


I am!

Let me up!

Come on!

Thank you.

Don't shoot him!

And let him kill you? The rifles, they are more important.

I don't wanna drag his big ass all over Mexico.

What's it gon' be? I guess I ain't got much of a choice, have I?

We split up here.

You take the guns upriver.

I'll meet you in Delgado.

I'm glad to meet you.


Woman, what are they looking at?

It's the first time they've seen a black man before.

Well, if they wait a while, they'll see this one turn into a chili bean.

I sure wish I had myself a fried steak.

Well, two or three times now, you could've killed me.

Sí. That is true.

I need you. What for?


Those rifles, they are what keeps Joe here.

He is what keeps you here.

I want you to help us.

No, I won't do that.

Are you afraid?

Yeah. Yeah, I reckon I am.

Oh, not of being shot at. That's happened plenty before.

Lyedecker, if- if you would join with us... for just a little while...

I won't worry about YaquiJoe.

Afterwards, you can have him.

You ain't, uh, partial to him?


I don't trust him. He's a bad man.

But he's smart... and he's important for us now.

Nothing else?



No deals. I'm gonna take him back, and there ain't gonna be no deals.

We got problems. Verdugo's about one mile behind us, but I don't think he saw us.

Get the rifles. Let's get out of here.



Gracias, kid.

Keep goin'!

Go on.!

Sargento.! Mi general.

Collect all the children and take them to the rancho.

With the general's permission, the time might be better spent collecting the rifles.

Von Klemme, I'm gonna tell you something once and for all... and let it be a lesson for your future.

I never do anything without a purpose, and remember that.


Los ninos. Los ninos. El rancho.

El rancho.


The children.

They've taken all of the children... and holding them for the rifles.

They're holding 'em for us too, you can bet.

Well, we have to go back.

Look, Sarita, I think we ought to go on to Romero... give 'em the guns, and get some more men, huh?

No. We have to get those children.

We will.

We'd better make this quick and quiet.


Well, I wonder if he died ready for it.

Get them kids out of here!

Hey, big fella. How you doin', man?

Where's Joe?

Where's the whiskey?

I guess you never can tell where they might go to drink, huh?

Don't-Don't shoot, Lyedecker.!

For God's sake, don't shoot!

I didn't know it was you. Obviously!

Hey, Joe, look what I found.

Hey, Big Ben.

You ain't still thinking about taking me to Phoenix with you, are ya?

You'd better believe it, hombre.

Well, you're a stubborn, son of a-


Well, what's you gonna do with him?

Well, uh, whatever's customary and whatever you think is right.

I'll-I'll be glad to take care of him for you.

Lyedecker, this is silly. There's no need for-

Keep him alive. We might be able to use him later.

I'll do it.

Didn't turn out to be much, did it?


Pretty fancy, huh?

For me?

Too fancy for me?

She had one like it when my father worked here a long time ago.

She's dead now-

Verdugo's wife.

I always wanted one like it.

It looks like you were born for it.

It's a lie. But you're a pretty good man after all, Lyedecker.

I guess I know that.

I know what I am. I don't have to go looking for it.

Then why are you a policeman?

It's a job. Everybody has to do something.

What the job is ain't important. It's how you do it.

Are you good at what you do?

Well, it ain't much different than the cavalry. I do the best I can.

Well, that is a hard thing to do.

For all the bad things I have said to you...

I give you this.

No. No! No!

No! No! Please, not like this!

Not with you.

Viva Lyedecker!

Viva Lyedecker!

: Viva Lyedecker.!


He died yesterday.

Ah, sí. The black gringo. We have heard of you.

Buenos días, mi general.

Buenos días, mi general.

Buenos días, mi general.

Buenos días, mi general.

Good day for travelin', and we're gonna travel.

Hey. What is this stuff?

What is this "mi general"?

You mean you don't know? No, I don't know.

Well, it seems that you have been elected the new general.

I ain't no damn general. That's just-

That's the dumbest- That's just plumb crazy! Come on!

Buenos días, general.

Look, you tell them to get out of here.

Tell them I don't want 'em following me.

Tell 'em to go away.

Tell 'em I ain't no general.

Not for no bad-ass Indians. Not for nobody.

You tell 'em.

It looks to me like... you're back in the cavalry business... mi general.

I'm sure the rifles are somewhere up there.

I can promise you that, with Romero.


If he gets the guns and the ammunition... he will probably come down that mountain, and we'll have war.

I know Romero. He's a dying tiger.

He wouldn't come downhill with an army of 10,000 cannons.


Lyedecker is the one.

I want his head on a stick in the middle of the plaza for everyone to see.

Lyedecker and the others.

Sir, I personally think we ought to be going after Romero.

Now, listen to me, Von Klemme.

I know Romero. I know these mountains.

I know my country, and you don't!

So shut up. Shut up and follow my orders.

I want Lyedecker.

- Buenos noches, mi general. Buenos noches, mi general.

Buenos noches, mi general.


Oh. Your supper is almost ready.

Tortillas? No.

Look what I found. You said fried steak.

Is that, um, the way it is?

If that's the way you want it.

No. Let me get that.


Lyedecker, you are my man.

You know, you gotta be, uh, careful about a thing like that.

I don't have to be careful.

I am your woman for as long as you want it.

Do you want me?

What does Verdugo use that train for?

What are you going to do? Answer the question.

Now, look, you can't be-

You're not going to wreck the train?

In one minute, I'm gonna pinch off your head... and mail it back to the home office.

The train carries troops and supplies from Nogales to Hermosillo.

It's well-guarded.

Does it make any stops along the way?


- No stops. There is a water tower... in the plano, the flat part.

He stops there.

Now, look, you're not going to wreck the train.

We'll talk about it in the morning.


God! Dear God!

He ain't gonna help you.

: Hey, muchachos.!

Una muchacha!

No, no, no, no.

He ain't here.

Well, must be he didn't make the trip then...

'cause I've been watchin' this car all the time.

How many did we lose? I don't know for sure.

Hey. You did a real fine job.

You seen Grimes?


Last time I saw him, we were diggin' in.

I saw him. He had a horse.

I guarantee you, he's almost to Nogales by now.

What the hell are we gonna do now?

Load the train up. We're still goin' in.

- Uh, hello. Buenos días. Buenos días.

Verdugo aquí?

Well, is he here?

Grimes, I should have you shot.

What are you trying to do, become an adventurer?

Well, that's good, because the role does not suit you.

Tell me, Mr. Grimes... how did you happen to be with them in the first place?

I was taken at the point of a gun. I was a prisoner.

For so long? All right.

He did return... finally.

You escaped, huh? Yes.


They're going to attack the town.


How? They've taken the train.

Are you sure? You saw it?

I heard the plans.

There was nothing I could do. Of course not.

Look. Let them come in.

And after they've gotten off the train... we can catch them in the streets.

Mr. Grimes, that would be an incredibly stupid thing to do.

First, you have them nicely trapped on the train... and then you allow them to get into the streets and houses?

Grimes... your train will be a small sacrifice to our cause.

Go check up there- the machine gun. Yes, sir.


: Fuego.!


We did all right, didn't we?

Yeah, I guess we did.

I mean, we won, didn't we?


We won, huh?


I think I can put the train back into running order. I thought you'd like to know that.

It'll take time, and I'll need men for the labor.


It's important that, uh... we know where we stand, huh?

What the hell for?

Well, look out there.

You're their leader now.

You should think about that.

I ain't no dadgum such thing. They think you are.

They do?

This place is yours, and you have an army.

With them, you can control the entire area for good or bad.

You're ready to say no to that?

Damn right I am.

Oh, no, you're not.

A man like you... with your intelligence?

The whole state can be yours. All of Sonora.

No. Hell, no. You have to.

The choice isn't yours. The decision's been taken out of your hands.

Do you know what'll happen if you walk away from all this? There'll be anarchy.

What- These people-

Your people, they'll drift apart without a leader.

And then another general will come from Mexico City... with another army, and these streets'll run with blood again.

You'll need to move men and supplies. You'll need the railroad.

I'm sure we can come to an understanding.


Hey, you ain't leavin' are you? Yep.

You can't do that. I mean, I ain't goin' with ya.

What are you gonna tell 'em? What are you gonna say?

Well, I'll tell 'em I just didn't bring you back, Joe.

Of course, they'll be able to see that for themselves anyway, won't they?

Yeah, but you're the leader. I mean, if you go, there could be anarchy.

There could be blood in the streets.

Look, Joe, they'll follow you now.

In fact, it could be a good deal for you.

Yeah, but, Lyedecker, what do you got to go back to?

You came down here with nothin', not even a job permanent.

After all them years, nothin'. Yeah, I thought about that.

You did? What'd you think?

I thought I oughta go back and give it one more shot.

Lyedecker, maybe I oughta go back with ya.

You don't wanna do that, Joe.

You belong here, and I belong up north.

Like I said, I wanna give it that one more shot.

And, Joe, good luck, amigo.

All right, dadgumit, let's get this dadgum army together!

All right! All right!