100 Streets (2016) Script

Life's pretty simple, you know.

It's long periods of waiting broken up by brief moments of change.

That's it. That's all it is.

You see, here's my theory.

The moments of change?

They're what give your life its shape, its form.

But it only takes one of them to define you and that'll be the only thing you're remembered for, and you know it.

In the instant it happens, you sense it, and the world is changed forever.

You are forever changed.

All right, kids. See you later, all right?

I love you. I love you too, Daddy.

Kiss. See you later.

Love you, all right. Bye, Daddy.

All right? See you later.


All right, mate, look, I'm loading! Look, I'm loading.

Morning! Big fan, Mr. Harris!

I don't believe in no fate.

No karma, no coincidences, no conspiracy theories or any of that other bullshit.

Shit just happens.

And life?

That's just the shit that happens while you're wishing you were someone or somewhere else.

Who were you chatting to?

No one, I was just on the phone.

What are you doing out there?

You ain't smoking again, are you?

No, come on, Mom. You know I'm off that now.

It just gets a bit stuffy in my room.

Getting a bit of fresh air.

Ain't you forgetting something?

Head's up me ass today.

Here, I've even given them a clean and all.

Thanks, darling, I don't know what I'd do without you.

Don't know why you wear your boots anyway.

You only shout and moan on the sides.

What? I'm teaching them the beautiful game.

Anyway, I need my boots today so I can run up and down handing out your sponsorship forms to them dads who are going to give you loads of money for your charity.

Look, never mind them.

Just check if Ravi's heard any news.

Yeah, I will. I will.

Leave it with me.

Bye, darling.

Morning, gents! How are we all?

You all right? How you doing, Hal?

Pretty good, mate. You? Good. Good to see ya.

How are ya?

Right, I've got a very, very important announcement from the missus.

She's doing a fun run for disabled kids.

The fun part is going to be watching her and her lumpy pals run around Battersea for an hour.


Could you do what you can for her?

Okay. Yeah? Thanks very much, guys.

Cheers. Cheers.

All right, Ravi? Any news, mate?

Don't worry. All the references are sorted. Right.

Exciting times, huh?

That's fantastic. Thank you, mate.

Thank you so much. Not a problem, mate.

Yeah, she's going to be well chuffed.

It means a lot to us. Thank you, Rav.

Right, lads! Over here, please!

Are you okay?

Yeah. Why?

You just seem a little bit distracted.

I'm okay.

I just wish I didn't have to sneak around, be so secretive.

He's the one that was screwing the nanny.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't...

It's all right. I just...

I don't really need you to remind me.

Sorry, excuse me. I'm just gonna...

I'm just gonna...


I found this the other day.

Oh, my God.

Do you remember that night?

That's the first night I met you.

Yes, it was. It was.

And you haven't changed a bit.

Yeah, right.

Shame it's 10 years and two kids later.

Well, have you thought about getting back into it?


No. Why not?

I wouldn't know how to go about it.

There's got to be someone that you can call, point you in the right direction.

And I can take some new headshots for you, get a couple of, like, really moody, 10x8s, really actory ones.

Hey. Kids get off okay? Yes, all good.

Evie took ages to get off, though.

I'll go and check on her. Listen, Emily...

You're supposed to call first.

I did, but you were obviously busy, so...

What do you want?

Well, a signed shirt from the loft and kiss our children, is that all right?

Off you go then. Your audience awaits.

Don't you fancy it? No.

Goodbye, Max.

Good evening again, ladies and gents.

A bit of quiet please, because it's time to meet the man of the moment.

Please welcome to the stage our host, former England rugby captain, a true hero, and our very own gladiator, Maximus Moore.

Thank you, Dan.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.

As my grandmother once said, "It's always good to have a warm hand on your opening."

In all seriousness, thank you so much for supporting our foundation.

You know, our aim is to raise even more money and encourage those less fortunate than ourselves to play rugby and perhaps learn the disciplines of working on a team.

So, sit back and we'll run the VT of some of our fantastic work that we've been doing. Cheers.

Say cheese. Cheese!

Nice one. Thanks, girls.

Thank you. Oh, yeah.

See you. Later.

Bye, Max. See you. Yeah.

Are you sure?

Mate, I ain't getting any at home, am I?

You think she's still seeing that photographer bloke?


So, what are you gonna do?

Well, I'll see how she likes it when her credit card gets stopped, yeah?

Seriously? Yeah, mate.

Listen, call your mate and get him to grab some gear.

Yeah. And I'll sort those two out.

Sorry, I don't think that picture came out really well.

It's dead in here, B. Fam, this action's shit!

Hey, yo, let's go hit VIP.


Mate, do you think we can get in?

Watch. Let me deal with this, you know?

Yeah. Come.

Say no more.

Wah gwan?

You got a stamp?

Hey, look, yeah?

I don't think so.

This ain't for your type, little man.

We've been invited, mate.

We're on a table. Trust me.

I don't think so.

And you stink of weed.

So, you need to leave the club now.

Hey, come on, brother. Where's your empathy?

I don't know you, and you ain't my brother.

So step aside... Yeah, we don't wanna fucking know you!

Mandingo fucking prick!

Fucking dickhead! Fuck you, man!


Fucking wanker!


Come here!

Get the fuck off me, man!

Get the fuck off him!

Hey! Leave him! Leave him the fuck alone!

Get the fuck off me.

Get the fuck off me.

Get off me!

Get off me!

Get the fuck off me!

Look what the cat's dragged in, eh?

What've you done to your face?

Mom, Mom, it's nothing. Just slipped. Had a couple of drinks n' that.

Who was you with? My boy Sean, innit?

Well, that boy's got brains.

I bet he didn't get himself into such a condition.

That's going to look great in job interviews.

Mom, it's fine. Trust me.

Just make sure you get Amelia to church on time.

What do you say, shorty. You ready, yeah?

You smell.

"Immediate return to court order..."

Hey! That's none of your business.

You going back to prison? What?

No. Of course not.

Look, I'll just take a pregnant white chick to court and they'll give me community service.


I ain't ever going back there, you know?

I promise you.

Now, come on.

Let's go before we both get in trouble, yeah?

"Upon such sacrifices, my Cordelia..."

"The Gods themselves throw incense."

Must be, what, four years since we did Lear together?

Eight years ago.

That's the price you pay for those thunderous thighs and the glamorous life of a WAG.

How is Mr. Neanderthal?

Being a royal pain.

Yes, that's why you're here, I suppose?

You miss me.

You've finally succumbed to my...

My mature charm.

Something like that.

It's not easy with a family, I'm sure, but we make our choices.

Yeah, but it'll be good for me to be working again.

For everyone, you know?

Keep me off the happy pills.

We're all the same, you know.

Without our passion, it's very hard for us to find our place in the world.

That aimed at him or me?

Now, I'm delighted I can help.

I always hoped you'd be back.

Consider it done.

Don't worry about it. It'll be all right.

Fingers crossed, eh?

Otherwise it'll be more than a fucking broomstick she shoves up me.

I'm really sorry, madam, but the system's saying, "Card declined."

Leo, give me my phone. Give me...

Sorry. Thanks.

For fuck's sake, Max, I couldn't even get a present for the kid's birthday party.

You said you'd set up the account.

You said you'd transferred my allowance!

Stop trying to control me!

Hold my hand, Leo.

Hi. Come in.

How are you? Not too bad. Yourself?

Very well. Good, good.

I know you've both done good work in the preparation group classes and it's been a long six months, but we're nearly there now.

I don't know why you don't just make us wait the full nine like the real thing.

Our assessment's all but done, and Dr. Ravi Buttar's reference was first-class.

He really respects you, George.

I should play his son up-front every week.

One minor issue has reared its ugly head, though, I'm afraid, guys.

A couple of arrests in your teens, George.

Football hooliganism?

You assured us of full disclosure.

That was years ago. I mean, I was only a kid.

Youthful exuberance, I think they called it.

Common assault and disturbing the peace can be seen by some as more than a misspent youth, George.

No, I mean, literally, it was 30 years ago.

West Ham ain't won a trophy since.

I think what my better half is trying to say is that having played up a bit in his teens, he will be experienced enough to make sure that our kid knows the pitfalls of hanging out with wrong 'uns.

Yeah, and I've met plenty of wrong 'uns.

To be honest, we're both so nervous today, and...

All we want is what everyone else has and to give all the love we have to a baby who deserves and needs it.

We just want to be given a chance.

That's all.



Hi, Jake.

Yeah, yeah.

Actually, I thought about what you said the other day and guess who I had lunch with today?

My actor friend, Terence Harris.

No, no, not like that.

But he did say that he'd help me... Daddy's here!

My kids are here! Daddy! Daddy!

Can I call you back? I'll tell you later.

In about an hour? Yeah.

Mommy, look what Daddy bought us!

Wow, that's great!

Why don't you open them outside?

Because Mommy needs to talk to Daddy in private.

Well, that makes a change.

Go on, I'll be in there in a second, all right?

Okay, okay.

You might be able to manipulate your groupies and your so-called mates, and even your own kids, but not me, Max, not since you shat on your own doorstep.

What is going on, that's why I gave you your own space...

Look, I haven't finished!

How dare you humiliate me like that in front of my own kids?

Like what? What are you talking about?

Like what? Is this about the money? Of course it's about the money.

All right, okay, fine, you know, I lost my credit card, okay?

And they put a block on it.

And I realized that you might come up short, so I went to the bank and got you some cash. Here you go.

That's why I came round today, to make sure you and the kids were okay.

Em, come on, you didn't think I would just, like, leave you hanging, did you?

You did, didn't you?

Right, you lot! Where are you?

Where are you? What you doing here, hiding?

You know what my life's about right now?

It's all about the blocks, dirty great towers that have stood firm for two generations, full of initiated kids who'll be dead before they grow old.

Grim towers and hopeless kids.

"For the first 10 days they sailed on beautifully

"and found plenty to eat, as there was lots of fish.

"And they had only to take them out of the sea

"with a long spoon when the quangle wangle..."

What's a quangle wangle?

God, I miss putting those kids to bed.

And sleeping next to you, of course.

We gonna go to the Chelsea Ball next week?


Come on...

Do you actually ever stop to think about why I hate those events?

They worship you and...

Don't even notice me.

Well, it is those events that pay the bills.

This is new.

Look at you, man.

What's this about?

That must have been the cleaner, I think.

We've been having a bit of sort out. It wasn't on purpose.


I made a mistake.

You made more than one.

I know I did. I know.

And I'm truly sorry about it. Okay?

But how long do we have to keep on going like this?

It's killing me... It's not a game.

And I'm sure you are sorry, but I'm not ready.

I need more time.

It's not all about you.

As long as the credit cards work, though, right?

It's about our kids.

And I'm gonna be working soon. So, I'll have my own money.

I didn't mean that, like...

I'm sorry about that. I don't mean that.

Ems, look, I...

I stopped playing.

I lost my parents.

And I'm really turned round.

All I really had left was you and my kids, okay?

And I miss you.

Ems, I'm sorry.

I just want you back.


Here, sweetheart.

Cheers, George. Thank you. Cheers.

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for.

Ladies and gentlemen, will you please welcome Battersea's favorite singing cabbie, George!

Go on, George!

Good evening, Wembley!

No matter where I roam

I will return to my English rose For no bonds Can ever keep me from she

I've sailed the seven seas I've flown the whole blue sky

But I return with haste To where my love does lie

No matter where I go

I will come back to my English rose For no one Can ever tempt me from she...

I've searched the secret mists

I've climbed the highest peaks

I've caught the wild wind home To hear her soft voice speak

No matter where I roam I will return to my English rose For no bonds Can ever keep me from she

I've been to ancient worlds I've scoured the whole universe And caught the first train home To be at her side

No matter where I roam I will return to my English rose For no one No nothing No bonds can ever keep me From she

You all right?

I think you should go.

It was a mistake.

You've got what you came for, and my money's on the counter.

Stop it. Come on. Let's just talk.

If we could talk, we wouldn't be where we are now.

You just treat everything like it's a match you can't lose.

Please... Please, Max, will you go?

A mistake?

Darling? Cup of tea for you there.

Good luck today, all right?

I got money on you winning this.

Thanks, love, but I keep telling you, it ain't a bloody race.

No. Of course it ain't.

See you later.

And don't you be late.

I won't.

Excuse me. Hold this, yeah?

Dom, what the fuck is wrong with you?

Get off the man's car! Thanks. Thank you.

You fucking idiot. Man, how stupid are you?

Come on, man. Bruv, when are you going to grow up?

How many times have I told you?

You're supposed to be selling this, not smoking it, you little prick.

Where the fuck is your ped?

That's... That's all I could tief, innit?

You're some dickhead, you know.

Man, this is why you don't get no chicks.

What? Bruv, you know I got bare girls.

Man, I got my dick sucked last night.

What do you know? Please.

I swear down, bruv.

She sucked me off.

She asked why I didn't have no hair down there.

Told her I had alopecia. Spot me.


Idiot. Alopecia.

Yo, make sure you don't get the bag this time.

Where the fuck these freshman at?

Been waiting for this shit all day, cuz.

My young Gs.

Tonight's the night.

It's initiation time.

So, you best grab them peds and ride 'em for real.

Wait till some cunt flashes you up, yeah?

Then you fuck him up! You get me?

Something wrong, Kingsley?


Man, why are we still troubling them that ain't on nothing?

It's about trust and loyalty, innit?

And don't be thinking I don't need no proof, you know.

That's why God invented the iPhone.

Come on then!

You still don't fucking get it, do you?

We need the young 'uns out on the road making dough, not getting bagged for some dead crime.

Ain't you got somewhere you're supposed to be?

I don't care how tough you think you are or what you've done to get here or what you do when you're not here.

You're here to work.

Don't worry, love. I'm on me way. You crack on.

Excuse me?

Mate, sorry. I'm done for the day. Your light's on.

I only live over the bridge.

Go on then, mate. Jump in.

Where you going? Halsey Street, please.

Excuse me?

Would you mind giving me a hand?

What? Hand.

You've got a pair of them at the end of your arms.

You're supposed to be paying back your community, aren't you?


There you are.

While you're here, some mulch would be most useful.

What's... Mulch.

Bark mulching.

You've got a mountain of it beside your hut.

I'll make it worth your while.

Look, man, I'm... I'm done for the day.

I'm literally about to roll out.

You look tired.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.


All right, look.

I've got something that should cheer you up.


Imagine it, the two of us, we'll actually be rocking the Casbah.

Listen, Jake, I can't. Only for two nights.

I can't just bugger off on a whim.

I'm not a student anymore. It's two nights.

The kids have got stuff on. I've got work on.

And... And I've got to think about Max.


Max. Why's it always about Max?

Emily, he's fucked you over. Why can't you see that?

Don't be like that, Jake.

It's not a competition between you two.

I really don't need this at the moment.

It was a nice thought, though.

Good man.

You moved quicker than you have done all afternoon.

Here's a thank you for your kindness.

No, no, man. It's cool. I don't want your money.

A good deed brightens a dark world.

So, would you like me to do anything else for you while I'm here?

Two curses of the modern world, sarcasm and the empty gesture.

No, you're all done for today.

Save your next job for tomorrow.

We pay all the taxes and we're the bloody pariahs.

There are jobs. People don't want to work.

You know, if it wasn't for people like me, this country would be totally fucked.

Big night out, was it?

Fucking hell!

What the fuck?

Love, you all right?

Love? You all right?

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God.

Darling, you okay? Darling? Love?

You seen, mate. She just stepped out in front of me.

I... Have you got a phone? Ring an ambulance.

Anyone know first aid? I... I don't know what to do.

I don't know what to do.

Can you hear me?

What you are doing here today by giving up your time and raising sponsorship money will make a lot of children's lives so much better.

So, thank you so much for doing this.

I hope you have a great day.

And off you go, on the three.

One, two, three!

I was sitting in the back seat...

Where the hell are you? I did it.

Now, get your slippery, fat ass here and take me home.

Well, we might as well have a quick drink first.

Hey, we did it, yeah!

Kingsley. I went by the graveyard, fam.

Boss man said you'd left, though, innit.

How's it picking up them weeds, though, fam?

Must be long still. Oi, you tell Jules yet?

Nah, man, that's my business.

That don't affect big man's business.

Yeah, I know, but he's mad para, innit?

About feds and snitching, fam. Need to fix up...

Why the fuck you always setting shit?

Jules knows I'm the one that brings in the piece.

You're just the muscle. Some innie knucklehead.

And to think you used to be someone to me, man.

You know, there's more to life than the blocks and messing with the youngers.


You're embarrassing me! You're embarrassing me!

Let's go.

All right, Granddad?

No, no...

Hey, we're just having a laugh.

In we go, Max, that's where we go. In we go.

That's it.


Just give me your keys. What?

Mom, what you being like this for?

Mom! I found it.

Give me your keys. Hey, Mom, Mom, calm down.

Let me explain. Keys, now!

Wait, listen to me, Mom.




All right, thank you. Thank you, gentlemen.

And here, listen, yeah... Here, look...

I will... I will sort you out, all right?

Here's my business card.

I will make sure...

Let's get rid of that.

Look, but no. Tickets, eh?

You know I'll sort you out.

So, there you go. Thank you.

Max, you were a legend, mate. Sort yourself out.

Yeah, well...

I can't be a legend because I'm not dead yet.

Go on. Go to bed.


Hey. It's me.

Oh, fuck.

What's going on?

I gotta go, all right? I'll call you later.


Was this your pops?

Oh, no, no. No, it was an old friend.

You could call him my mentor.

There's nothing I'm doing right now that I'd even want to put on there, you know.

Well, keep in mind that all our lives amount to is that little dash on your headstone between the date of your birth and your death.

That stands for everything we ever were.

Well, that was a full-blooded 40 minutes, wasn't it?

Max, as a former international captain, you must have just loved it.

I thought that the...

Very entertaining first half, you know?

The... Both packs...



Okay, we'll come back to you in just a sec.

Kyran, what were your thoughts?

Yeah, it was very entertaining. The first minute, the try...

Probably the quickest try in international rugby we've ever seen.

So as Max has said, just got to make sure that we keep the tempers down.

I think the referee's doing a good job.

The yellow card is probably the right thing to keep it calm.

Huge audience watching. It's not just... Yeah.

What the fuck you doing, Max?

You need to take a good look in the mirror, seriously Do you know how many people were watching this?

Millions, that's how many.

Jerome. Mate, listen...

No, just go home and call me when you're compos mentis, okay?

It ain't some big conspiracy, and it ain't no cover-up.

Shit just happens, and you just gotta accept that.

They say everyone's equal in the eyes of the law, but that don't mean the law treats everyone equally.

Injustice, natural disasters, 9/11, the war on terror.

Shit just happens, man.

Yeah, I... I mean, like, it's not a poem or a rap or anything.

It's... I just got some shit to say, you know?

Well, whatever it is, it's spoken like a true professional.

Yeah, well, I've been writing.

Them headphones are hard, you know?

Better than mine, at least. Well...

What are you listening to?

Here you are.

Hey, what?

Nina Simone, yeah? All right.

This is my mom's kind of shit, you know.

"Please don't let be misunderstood."

Written for her in 1964.

I was 10.

I say what you need is a room of one's own, somewhere to write, somewhere where you can be inspired.

I think it's high time you joined me on the beach.

Hey, it's me.

I just called to check you're okay and say sorry I was a bit harsh the other night.

Oh, yeah, and Evie wanted to say hi.

Go on. Hi, Daddy, Where are you? I miss you, Daddy, And Leo's being a real pain.

He took one of my hair clips and put it in the bin.

And now I can't find it, and he won't help me look for it.

Okay, Evie, that's enough.

Call us back when you can, okay?

Hey, who's that?

Say, Granddad, you look like you trying to get to home or something?

Listen, you got the time?


Come on, you must have a cigarette for me or something so I can get a spliff.

Or a chip.

Listen, pops. My guy.

Don't worry, we're not going to, like, steal your shit.

Just being friendly.

Sorry, I didn't get that.

He's taking a piss.

Friendly. Anyways, what you listening to?

Let me check these out. No. I don't think so.

Oh, hey, man's got a new iPod n'at.

Man's up to date with his shit.

Up to date.

Say, we give this guy a Dre Beats or what?

Yeah, fuck it. Come on.

Trying to diss me, pops?

Yeah? Let him go!

Yeah, eff him up. What are you doing? Stop!

Fuck him up.

Fucking dissing me, pops?

Stop him! Stop!


Let it go, bruv. Let it go.

Why'd you stop recording? Daniel'll be proud.

Fuck that, man! Beat! We gotta go, bruv!

Fuck this old fuck.

I won! My turn.

There you are.

Bells, Bells, could you just take that in for one sec?

I'll be a minute. Hey.

What are you doing?

I'm sorry. You've not been taking my calls.

Yeah, I've been busy.

You can't just turn up here without a warning.

I know. I know. I know. You know that.

But I just put together some photos, old-school style, and I thought you might like it.

That's really sweet, Jake.

I've just got too much to think about right now.


We've always been so good together, you know?

And we missed our chance before, and I just don't want us to miss it again.

What's happened?

Emily, you're not back with him.

I love you.

I think I've always loved you, probably.

Since the first time that I met you.

Jake, please. Don't. Please.

I did... I warned you. It's just too complicated.

And you know my life's more than just kisses and playlists.

I'm sorry.

Hey, I've been looking all over the place for you.

You didn't say...

Hey, what the fuck?

Some kids, you know.

They wanted my headphones.

It was my own fault.

It was late. It was getting dark.

What'd they look like? Just kids.

And... And you're not hunting them down.

Nah, man... That's not your life any longer.

You've been to hospital? No. I'm all right, honestly.

No, it's just cuts. Bruises, you know, just...

Thirty years in one square mile.

Not so much as a stolen wallet.

But in the greater scheme of things, doesn't really matter anyway.

"A thousand landmarks perish

"A hundred streets grow strange

"With all the dreams they cherish

"They go the ways of change

"And whatso towers may tumble

"Whatso bridges fall

"Whatso statues crumble

"Of folk both great and small

"The oldest thing in London

"He changes not at all."

I wasn't sure if I was going to see you until your next misdemeanor.

So I've been...

Carrying this around.

There's a phone number.

Call that person and tell them I sent you.


And breathe, remember. Yeah.

Hey, go get yourself checked out, okay?

Breathe from deep within.

All right. See you later, yeah?

What's this then, bruv? Move, man.

Was that a love letter, fam? My business.

Your business is my business, cuz.

Big man Jules wants to see you anyways. What?

Why's he telling you?

What you been saying?

Nothing, fam.

I'm just a knucklehead. Remember that.

Best go see him, though.

Okay, then, Kingsley, what monologue are you going to do for us today?

It's called "The Bush."

It's... It's from the Australian film Animal Kingdom, but I kind of made up my own version, if that's all right, I mean...

Yeah! Sounds perfect.


You know what the blocks are about?

It's about dirty towers that have stood firm for two generations, and kids who'll die before they grow old.

Grim towers and hopeless kids.

And everybody knows their place in the scheme of things.

Everything, everyone, sits in the order of the blocks.

Now, some survive 'cause they're strong, and there are those who are weak, but they survive 'cause they're being protected by the strong.

See, because of the circles I move in, I thought I was one of the strong ones.

But I'm not.

I'm one of the weak ones.

And the only reason I've survived is 'cause I'm being protected by the strong.

Run like Kingsley.

Long time, brother.

Yeah, man. We saying you good, yeah?

Sit down then.

We've been hearing you got some issues and you want out.

All of a sudden you're better than us?

Yo, no, man, come on, it's not even like that...

So, what is it like then? Yo.

Give the man a minute, Vincent.

He just got here.

But they're not strong anymore, and they can't protect me now.

But in life, you always have an out.

The thing is, the less you have, the higher the price you have to pay.

A boss needs to keep control, yeah?

And if you lose respect, that's a problem, innit?


Bad for business.

Now, I know you got yourself pinched, but I also know that your boy Daniel has been talking to the police.

And so what do you say?

Am I dealing with, like, a little coup from within here?

No, no, no. No way.

Look, I've known Daniel my entire life.

He's a lot of things, but he ain't no snitch.

It's a fact, and this ain't some muggy 9:00 to 5:00 where you can just hand in your notice.

You can try and leave this life, but this life will never leave you.

Very poetic. Thank you, Vincent.

Hey, look, I've got a soldier who's ready to step up.

Nothing will change for you, man.

I can vouch for him.

All right.

All right.

Got a very simple proposition for you.

The weed on your path to a better life has to be gone.

You understand?

You still got that gun I gave you?

Kind of.

Someone's looking after it for me, innit?

Well, someone better give you it back.

We won't meet this new man till Daniel's gone.

Am I clear?

Am I clear?

Am I clear on the price I have to pay to leave my old life behind?


I am.

Crystal clear.

So, how do you know Terence?

We live in the same area, so, you know.


Do you live with your parents?

I did live with my mom until recently.

But I kind of moved on, still.

And my dad...

Boy, I ain't seen that guy in time.

That man got a new family. I guess he moved on as well.

I'm sorry to hear that.

I didn't mean to pry.

Nah, nah, it's cool. It's no biggie.

Yeah, anyway, I better get going.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Final audition.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, all right. Cool, all right.

See you tomorrow. See you tomorrow.

There he is! There he is!

There's Daddy. Go on.

You want to say hi? There's my monsters!

Come here.

Come here, you two.

I've missed you so much, so much.

You going to go play, yeah? Yeah.

You're early for once.

Yeah, I've been running.

Like the old days.

You look different.

Do I?

No, I'm just me.

It's good that you're straightening yourself out.

I heard about the nosebleed.

Do you mind if we get a photo, Max?

No, not today, mate. I'm just with the family, okay, yeah?

Cheers. No worries.

No, I just want to concentrate on being a good dad.

Come and play, Daddy!

All right then.

Oh, man.

Here I come!

For Chris and Samantha, having a large garden is top of their list of priorities.

With three growing boys and one more on the way, space to run around is essential.

The first property I've found ticks all of those boxes.

But is it too far out of town?

So, guys, what do you think?

Oh, it's absolutely gorgeous.

Oh, it's so lovely..

Come on, George, you've been sat in that chair all day again.

And you ain't touched the lunch I left.

Right, we need to get you out of here.

You've got five minutes, you best pull yourself together.

I mean it, George. Five minutes.

You remember what happened here nearly 20 years ago?

Yeah. Course I do.

You got down on one knee and promised me the world.

And you delivered.

Maybe not the big house full of kids.

But you told me you'd be my rock forever.

And you have, George.

Really, you have.

But I've made my decision.

We can't bring a kid into all this.

We can't do it right now.

We may never be able to.

I know what I'm saying, and...

And I'm all right with it.

Sweetheart, you know... No, just let me finish.

You know I've always wanted a kid, and as much as it's hurt over the years...

With me mum going on and all my friends having 'em.

If I'm given a choice

of getting my husband back, or getting a new baby,

I'd pick you every time.

I just want my rock back.

It was an accident, love, plain and simple.

I know. I know.

Sorry to keep you waiting so long. That's all right.

I've got bad news, I'm afraid.

Terence died this morning.

What do you mean he's dead? He...

No, he can't be, I saw him just...

I'm so sorry.


Is this from when he was robbed?

He had internal bleeding, so he didn't know, and...

I kept telling him to go to hospital, but he just...

He said he was fine, man!



Yo, Kings!

I was looking for you everywhere.

You okay, yeah? Yeah, man.

Just had a bit of bad news, that's all.

What, Jules?

Nah, nah, nah, just some shit in my other world.

He wants to meet, though.


What, you sure he's gonna trust me?

Yeah, man, don't watch that.

He knows you've been my boy for a time.


You're gonna be on your own now, though.

You sure you're gonna be cool with that?

Yeah, man, I've been on my own for time.

No more looking in the rearview.

Your man's got a future on you now.

What about Daniel?

Yeah, I've still got to take care of that, man.

Man should've known who he's dealing with!

Oh, shit, what brings you round these days, cuz?

I thought you got chucked out.

Yo, Jules wants you gone, fam. He don't trust you.

He thinks you're working with the feds.

What you been smoking, cuz?

Yo, this ain't no joke, tin man.

He knows you ain't been nicked.

You need to leave the ends now.

I can't just leave like that, cuz. You okay, D?

Yo, fuck off, little man.

Where the fuck you get these from, bruv?

These are mine. What?

Let me check these out. No, I don't think so.

Get the fuck off, man!

You nearly fucking killed our boy, cuz!

That ain't our boy!

And we ain't on nuttin' no more!

What the fuck you talking about, fam?

Watch too many movies or something, cuz?

You see what these little cunts do to impress you?

I ain't their boss, fam!

Seriously, man, I can't have you fucking with my future.


Anybody home?


Just as I planned it.

Where do you keep your vases?



Come on. Pick up the phone.

Can we buy Daddy a present? Yes, we can, Evie, but we've got to be quick because we've got to get back.

Shall we call Daddy? See if he's at home? Yeah.

Then we'll know what he wants.

Shit, the battery's dead.

What did I tell you, Leo?

If you play those games, the battery's going to die.

Yeah, you've got to listen to Mummy.

Fucking slag. You fucking slag.

Hello, is that Simon?

Yeah, it's... It's George Radford.

The cab driver.

I tried to call before, yeah.

Yeah. Yeah, you know.

Listen, I... I know it might be too soon, but I was wondering if maybe we could meet up?

I won't take up much of your time, and I totally understand if it's not something you want to do.

What, today?

Yeah, are you sure?

All right, great.

All right, Simon, thank you.

I'll... I'll see you there.


Yeah, if it was you, I'd want to meet the geezer that done it.

Right, what shall we get Daddy then?

Some headphones because I remember breaking them.

Did you break them? Well, let's see.

I don't know where they are.

Look, Mommy, our house is on TV.

I'm not so sure, Leo.

Okay, kids, come on. Come on, we're going to go now.

Come with me.

A siege is now developing here in southwest London.

The rugby captain, former England rugby captain Max Moore is armed with a shotgun... Max, put down the gun and pick up the phone!

That's right.

Max! Please pick up the phone!

I ain't fucking talking to none of you pussyholes until I fucking see my wife.

Fucking see my wife.

Where is she? Where's my wife?

I want my wife! Get my wife out here now!

We don't think that this... Come on, you could've shot me by now!

I'm standing right here! Look at me!

Police are certainly here...

What, are you afraid to pull the trigger?

Why haven't you shot? Are you scared?

Because I'm not!

What happened, exactly?

I was on my way home.

It was the last fare of the day.

I had this fella in the back. I almost didn't pick him up.

He was going on and on.

Then this woman just...

She just pulled out in front of me.

She didn't even look.

So, I swerved to avoid her.


And that's when I hit your wife.

Tell me one thing.

Was she smiling?


Ruth, when it happened, was she smiling?

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean.

When she crossed the road...

Did she look happy?


Yeah, she looked very happy.

Actually, just walking past me now is Emily.

Emily, you're live on Sky.

Do you think we might have a very quick word with you?

That's my house, that's my... That's my husband!

I need to talk to him!

I need to talk to him.

Please put down the gun and pick up the phone!

Move back now!

Look, hey, I'm not fucking speaking... Hi, Max, it's Emily.

Max, what's going on?

Why the fuck have you got a gun?

Where the fuck have you been all day? You fucking betrayed me.

And if I want to fucking talk to you, but you just fucking betray me, is that what's going on? I don't understand.

Who... Who are you mad at?

Who the fuck am I mad at?

You fucking fucked that little prick!

Why did you have to fucking do all of that shit?

It's gonna end today, darling.

It's gonna end you, me, and that little prick!

Bring him up here! Bring him here!

Why did you have to fucking run away with college boy, yeah?

Because I'm not a fucking romantic man?

Mr. Fucking Romantic! Mr. Fucking College Boy?

I'm not him? I fucking work hard!

I live in the fucking real world where you have to fucking work.

And I work and I fucking pay, and I fucking sacrifice!

All right, you're fucking...

Now you're pregnant with this stupid cunt.

You're pregnant! Why didn't you fucking just tell me that?

Hi, Kath. Don't know where you got to.

I've been trying to call you all day.

Anyway, I did it. I'm back in the cab.

Same old chaos out here.

Bell me when you get this, though, yeah?

Let me know you're all right.

See you later. Bye.

What the fuck?

Look, I didn't know what I wanted then, and I was getting myself back together, and then you going off doing the "poor old me" thing.

That's right, blame me! It's my fault, isn't it?

What are you fucking saying? It's all my fault?

You wouldn't have gotten pregnant by that fucking...

It's yours, Max.

Trust me. I didn't take any risks.

It can only be yours.

I told you to be gone, man.

Time moves on, and you ain't nothing but a dumb relic now.

Vincent told me if I don't get rid of you, then we're both done.

Go on, fucking do it, then!

Go on! Do it!

You have to end this now. You have to make a decision.

What do you really, really want? What's important to you?

You're not even gonna do it, are you?

He's a fucking pussy, yo!

Hey, step aside, Kings.

Oh, shit.

Think about your children. Think about Leo and Evie.

They need you. They need their dad.

Max, talk to me.

Put down the gun!

All right. All right.

Yeah. All right.

I give up. All right.

Put down the gun!

I'm putting it down, all right?

I'm putting it down. I'm putting it down. Look.

All right, there it is. Put your hands up!

I'm a fucking idiot.

Put your hands on your head.

Suspect has given himself up.


Kathy, love?

Hello, Leon. Where's Mum?



Here you go, mate. Here's your drink. Cheers, man.


Happy anniversary, babe!

Come here, silly bollocks.

If we get a kid, he's gonna play rugby.

A game for gentleman, not hooligans.

I've got something for you. Yeah?

What's this? A future, Mom says.