10x10 (2018) Script

Hey guys, how's the work going?

There you go.


Thank you guys. OK.

Stay well.

Cathy, how you doing, you good?

Hey. Good, how are you?

I'm good thanks, want the usual?


Take a seat, I'll bring it over.

OK. Oh! I got these for Mia.

What, for my Mia?


Wow, thank you.

How's she doing?

Yeah I mean we've got to run a few more tests but, no but thanks.

Well if you need any help with the kids.

I won't forget this Cathy.

Here we go. Dennis special.

Thank you.

No worries.

Anything else?

No that's great. Thank you.

Oh hey Mark, how's it going?


And focus on your breath.

Come down to your mat when you're ready.

And relax, put your head to the side.

Now is the time to set your intention, for your time here.

Whatever it is you'd like to work on.

And focus in on that.

Big breaths, nice and deep.

And in your own time, come to a standing position at the front of the mats.



Now let's bring our arms up, bring them to our heart centre.

Let's take beauty firmly into our hearts today and find peace within our practice.

Alondra, hi.

Is everything alright for tonight?

From Warrior 1 let's open out into Warrior 2, keeping a soft gaze over your fingers.

Opening up your chest and hips to the side.


I'll let you know.

OK bye.

It's not just the physical stuff he's so good with, it's the mind.

My husband he's always away on business and the other day I felt these handles here and I was like 'Oh God' and Casey is just so gorgeous.

Do you know if he does house calls at all, if you know what I mean?

Yeah I don't have his details I'm sorry but he's...

Casey Yoga online so you can find him there.

Great, thank you.



Hi I just realised I forgot to introduce myself...

It'd be so nice to stay in touch.


I'm on Instagram at Jennifer Raz... and your Instagram?

Oh I'm Cathy.

Cathy at flowers.

Great, well I'll follow you.

OK great. Take care.

Bye. Bye.



Make another sound and I'll kill you right here.


I want you to listen very carefully.

These are four foot thick concrete walls padded with sound absorbing products.

I know this because I put them there myself.

I'm telling you this because there is no point screaming, not if you understand me.

I'm going to take the tape off your face and I want you to tell me your name.

Nod if you understand.



Help me.

Help me please somebody help me.



Help me!


Help me!

Ground breaking evidence suggests the victims did not die from unnatural causes or intoxication... that means that the victims challenge the coroners' stories and are campaigning for the case to be re-opened.

Oh I see you found the vent.

I can leave if you like.

You can keep on screaming and we can see how long it takes someone to hear you, or we can just get down to business.


please don't touch me.

I have money.

I have savings, I have $50,000.

That's a lot of money for someone in your line of business.

You can take it.

I don't want your money.

Animals can smell death, did you know that?

A news story recently documented a bull waiting for the slaughter house.

Its entrances, 10 foot steel walls, the end of its life just hanging in the air, all around it.

And you know what it did?

Like some kind of fucking animal superhero it scaled the wall and ran away right across the city.

Of course, they caught it, they killed it, tried to eat it.

But its meat had turned to poison,

it was poisoned by fear.

They'll find my car.

It will lead them here to you, I promise if you let me go right now I won't say a word I promise.

I want you to tell me your name.


My name is Cathy Newland.

Oh my... Ohh.

Today the long running case reached its conclusion.

Toxicology reports on the exhumed bodies failed to prove an alternative cause of death.

Family members devastated by the news vowed to keep fighting this decision.

And in other news...



Help me!


Help me!


Please don't kill me.


Please don't kill me.

Oh shit...

Oh fuck.



Somebody help me!

Help me!



Help me!


Where did you think you were going to go?

Stay back.

Stay the fuck back.

How do you know what I do?

You said "That's a lot for your line of work".

How do you know what I do?

You can't make much selling flowers.

You know that food tastes better hot.

Could be a nice way to get to know each other.

Could tell me some of the things I want to know.

Like your name for a start.

My name is Cathy Newland.

Why don't we just start this again?

I just want to get to know you a little bit more.

Have there been others?

Who the fuck are you?

I'm the one with a gun, and last time I checked gun beats knife so just sit down.


I guess you're trying to figure me out, right?

I think you're smart.

You've worked out if I wanted to kill you I'd have done it by now.

Now I've only asked you one thing since you got here today.

What is that?

My name.

You tell me your name and then we can really start talking.

My name is Cathy Newland.



What are you doing here?

Remember, I call earlier to see if you need me today.

You say you call back you didn't call so I came.

Why all this mess?

I'm sorry Alondra, I just forgot to call you back.

I don't need you today.

No, no, no, leave it.

Is everything OK Señor Lewis?

Everything is fine, thank you.

You are bleeding Señor Lewis!

Alondra, please.

It's just one of those days you know?

You should leave now.


I come tomorrow with Summer, after the sleepover.

Let me fix you up.

... learned that John Lamptey had undergone a routine medical check with his insurance providers.

Lamptey's kidney disease was unfound and he was given a clean bill of health.

The coroner's report later revealed kidney malfunction.

No charges, lack of evidence prevents a retrial of Charleston Three.

Family members left the courthouse in tears as the verdict was read in the cases of three patients who died at the All Angels Hospital, Charleston.

Are you ready to tell me your name?

I've told you already.

Just tell me what I want to know.

My name is Cathy.


February 15th.

Born where?

Orange County, California.

Where did you go to school?

Fairbridge High and then NYU.

What did you study?


And after?

I worked in a library for a few years and then I...

I came to Atlanta and I opened my business.

And the church?


Were you raised in the church?


Brothers and sisters?


Parents' profession.

What is this?

Just answer the questions.

My parents are divorced, my father's dead.

I didn't ask you that, I asked you what they did.

My mother's a retired nurse, my father he worked for a... a football team.

And what did he do?

He was on the staff, not a player.

Organiser or something I don't know.

He travelled a lot.

Which team?


I said which team?

Detroit Lions.

So you were born in California but your dad worked for the Detroit Lions?

Like I said he travelled a lot.

I've been watching you.

I've been watching you for months.

I know for a fact that you've lied about almost every single question I've asked.

So why don't we start again hmm?

Where were you born?


Again. Where?

Orange County, California.

Try again.


The next one goes in your head.

Where were you born?

Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Where did you go to school?

Where did you go to school?

East Star High.

And you were raised in the church?

A good church girl?

I can't hear you.


And I just know it broke your heart when daddy left home.

Who are you?

Just stick to the questions.

It broke your heart?


Mom was a nurse.

Your dad was a team doctor.

Left mommy for a cheerleader.

And that put your twin sister at the end of a rope.

I heard how much you loved her.

We've all had people we loved,

but you're a survivor.

You went back to school and you made something of yourself.

Why are you doing this?

But there was no English was there?

And there was no library job was there?

So what did you study?

Answer me!


What exactly did you study?


So why don't we talk about the biggest piece of the puzzle.

The one thing I've wanted to know since we got here today.

What is your name?

Cathy, my name is Cathy.

No it's not.

My name is Cathy.

Cathy was the name of your dead sister.

Come on!


My name is Natalie Ann Stevens.

I guess you're wondering why I have you here.

But you know what?


I think you already know.

Oh no...


Oh come on.

And finally she sleeps.

The world's most beautiful little girl.



Come on!

911 how can I direct your call?

Hello? Police?

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me? Police? Hello?

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

My name is Cathy I'm being held hostage, can you trace this cell? Hello?

I was thrown in the trunk of a car, a Dodge I think.

Hello can you hear me?

Where is it?

Where's the fucking phone?

I don't know.

You want to get this over with?


You worked in a hospital Nurse Stevens, where did you work?

St. Mary's, Green Bay.

And after?

All Angels, Charleston.

And how many of those patients died inexplicably in your care?

Which one?

You mean which one of the Charleston Three was my wife?

Number three.

Alana Matthews Lewis.

Remember her?

That's why you moved away wasn't it?

Three people die unaccountably, people were curious.

The duty nurses were questioned.

This was four years ago. There was a trial.

All the nurses were acquitted. We were innocent.

So why did you leave?

I needed a fresh start.

This trial ruined my life.

And what about those three people, do they get a fresh start?

What about my wife?

You see first I... I bought into it, and then a few things started to not make sense, like my wife's missing wedding ring.

She never took it off.

And then there was John Lamptey, he died of organ failure but a month earlier he'd passed his medical insurance.

Mr Lamptey he died of an undiagnosed kidney disease.

Alana was drunk, only I know my wife didn't drink that much, and her blood was full of GHB, a rape drug.

Alana's blood was flooded with that drug.

The Court found no negligence with the hospital.

I am sorry for your loss.

Are you?

You are not here because I think you killed my wife.

You're here because I know you killed my wife and I want to know why.

And if I don't get a good enough explanation, Natalie, as to why my wife died... then you will die.

So Summer is four today.

She was so excited that she was awake at 5am, weren't you?

And this is her beautiful mom Alana, and she's tired because she stayed up to watch the game.

So tired.


Come on let's have a picture.

Say hello to the family.

Hey! Hello.

She's four, she's getting old, and she stays up all night.

Like mommy. Mommy sleeps like that...


Watch out, daddy.

Yeah! We got you.

We're cold and we're freezing and it's snowing and Summer's hat's fallen off.

It's a bit hard.


Happy thanksgiving mom and dad.

We love you.

Happy thanksgiving in-laws.

Hey wave to the camera.

Say 'bring presents we miss you'.

Lots and lots of presents. See you soon.

No please.

Please I'll tell you.

I'll tell you everything.


You were right, we were raised in the church my sister and I.

We learnt the ways of the Bible, we had God in our hearts, we were happy, we were loved, we were protected by God.

But you see, not by the man who should have, my father, he ran around for months with my sister's best friend.

Lies upon lies, my mother she found out, finally had the courage to confront him about it and the coward he just packed his bags and he left.

He abandoned us, just left us with all his shame.

The town they stopped talking to us, stopped looking us in the eye like we were invisible.

What has this got to do with my wife?

Every Sunday we would just sit there, we would just listen to the church bells calling everybody to service and we just held hands and we'd lost everything.

We had done nothing wrong.

We were good people, and we were being punished for my father's sins.

And my sister, my poor babysister,

I found her in the barn, hanging from the rafters.

I dedicated my life to her, to serving people, and these patients in the hospitals they would talk to me, they would confide in me, they would tell me their secrets.

Things that they had done.

Bad things.

Did you know John Lamptey had two wives?

And you remember Jane Spencer?

She threw herself off a second floor balcony after calling the cops saying that her husband was beating the shit out of her.

It was all lies, he hadn't laid a finger on her.

He was arrested, charged with attempted murder.

She told me everything after I caught her splitting her stitches on her face making her wounds look worse.

She was just trying to shake him down for divorce money.

That man he loved her.

My wife loved me.

Your wife.

Your wife.

She wasn't wearing her wedding ring because she was spreading her legs for another man.

You're lying.

She was on her hands and knees panting like a fucking dog.

Don't you say another word.

Come on.

She was dressed to the nines drunk in a hotel bar.

Not a single piece of ID was found on her when she collapsed.

Do you really believe that she was at a work meeting?

I saw him, the guy, he came to visit her in secret at the hospital.

Big guy, tall guy, handsome guy.

Shut up.

He told me that they were doing it all the time, that they couldn't help themselves.

See the Bible says that we should hold marriage with honour.

Your wife was a sinner, your wife was a whore.

Don't you say another word.

She was a sinner.

So you tell me, who's in the wrong?



Or your wife?

I did it.

I need to hear you say it.

I killed her.

And now you know why.


You're an idiot.


What do you want me to say?

My name's Alana...

You're an idiot.


What do you want me to say?

Enjoying the view, sir?

I used to come here with my wife.

Is your hand OK?

Didn't even see that.

I'm just doing some DIY at home.

And where's home?

Just across the bridge, about three miles away.

Do you have your license with you sir?

Is there a problem?

License, please.


Everything OK, officer?

Just investigating a call.

A car matching yours was described.

Your car is very clean, Mr. Lewis.

Is it?

Copy that.

He good.

Mind if I take a look in the trunk?


The shoes?

They're my wife's.

Sorry to have troubled you sir.

No problem.

What do I say to my daughter when she asks what happened to her mom?

You had no right to... take my wife from me before I had a chance to talk to her.

You have to turn yourself in.

I think that's going to be a problem.


Why did you have to ruin everything?

My name is Cathy!

You think I'm going to give my life up for you?

I'm Cathy now, I'm happy, and you expect me to give it all up for you?


Where's the gun!?


Daddy, there's no sleepover.

Señor Lewis...



Please Alondra...

Don't move.

No, no, please don't...

Stay the fuck back.



You stay very still, Summer.

Do exactly as the lady says, OK?

Why did you make things so complicated?

Everything was so simple, and now this.


She's done nothing wrong.

No she hasn't.

Neither did you, neither did I.

Natalie, listen to me.

My name... my name is Cathy.

She's a kid.

All this, all this here right now, this is all on you.


Please. I'm begging you.

Don't hurt my child.

Your child?

You think this is your child?

You were betrayed Robert.

Cathy, listen to me.

You don't have to turn yourself in.

I won't say anything to anyone.

I don't believe you.

You can go back to your life just as it was.

It can't, I called the cops, they'll trace the cell, they'll be here, I mean what am I supposed to say to them?

This is just going to end one way, I'm so sorry.

Except for one thing.

This house is recording everything.


They're going to hear everything you just said.

You're lying.


Summer run, run!






Summer? Baby?

Oh God.

Come on let's get out of here.

You stay there.

Come on.

Daddy, she's gone.

Come on!


Close the door.

You stay here.





I'm sorry, Summer.


I love you.

You're my child.

My child.