12 Lotus (2008) Script

Father, I bought the beer.

You took ages!

Standing on the lotus, she feels at peace, with two attendants by her side.

As devil and demons confront each other, they're subdued by her compassion.

Goddess of Mercy, hear my pleas.

Chapter One of Pitiful Lotus Who grew up not knowing the meaning of joy The poor girl you see is me

Who has to put up with life's cruelty Life is full of suffering, and everything is impermanent.

Life and death are but a dream.

As one lets go, the true nature of life unfolds.

Pitiful Lotus Oh, Pitiful Lotus!

Sister, you are beautiful!

What was your role?

I played the Goddess of Mercy.

Goddess of Mercy?

Who is she?

She is an all-compassionate goddess who helps people in need.

Regardless of who they are?


No, that's not true!

Why didn't she help my mother then?

You're too inquisitive.

Here, take this.

What's this?

What shall we do today?

Let's play hide and seek!

So, who'll be the seeker? You!

Again? I've done it so many times.

Father, please eat.

I don't earn as much as I did in my younger days.

You should go out to work.

At least you can be of some help.

Can I make a living from singing?

I want to sing "12 Lotus."

"12 Lotus" is only sung by adults.

Do you know the meaning of the lyrics?

I'll understand when I grow up.

I want to sing for the Goddess of Mercy.

Goddess of Mercy?

Yes, she'll save Mother.

- Do... Do...

- Re... Re...

- Mi... Mi...

- Do... Do...

You wanted to sing for the Goddess of Mercy.

Are you sure you can sing properly?

Even our neighbor's mad dog sounds better!

Then tell the dog to sing!

Without pain, there's no love.

Without love, there's no pain.

You'll only understand it when you're grown up.

Pitiful Lotus Oh, Pitiful Lotus Life is great! Enjoy while you can!

Hi, everyone, I'm Lotus Liu Here's wishing good fortune to all!

Chapter Two of Pitiful Lotus With no love And care Pitiful Lotus is left to fend for herself

Chapter Three of Pitiful Lotus Toiling her life away Come rain or shine Working even when sick Life is great!

Life is great!

Rejoice and sing!

As one returns home Life is great!

Life is great!

Getting in style with a new car and house Life is great!

You took ages!

Where are the red packets?

Hello, Sister Lan.

Are you looking after yourself?

Life is great!

Life is great!

How many choices are there in a lifetime?

How long can one live?

One should not blame others For their own setbacks Watch and learn There are many ways To overcome life's hurdles And success awaits you in the future


Aren't you ashamed of yourself? I've reminded you so many times.

Getai singers cannot be trusted and befriended!

You tell them "one," they'll change it to "three."

You tell them something trivial, they'll blow it up.

These are people with malicious tongues!

Only a gullible fool like you will fall into their trap.

Can't you see their true motives?

They're obviously sowing discord between us.

Don't forget, you wanted to be a singer.

I didn't force you into this.

Don't you want to sing Getai anymore?

So you think you're independent now?

You want to sever ties with me? Fine!

You know I can return all your money to you, right now!

You better watch your step.

Crazy bitch!

Chapter Four of our Pitiful Lotus Whether good or bad She must put up with it Where there's kindness There's also cruelty This is the harsh reality

Come, turn around. Let Mommy see.

Astroboy, tonight you'll perform Getai.

I don't want to. Why not?

I don't like it.

Why? Singing Getai is fun!

This costume is so ugly.

How can it be ugly? It's not!

I don't want to!

Listen up! You'd better behave.

Don't embarrass me!

You'll sing when I say so or I'll sell you off to a faraway place!

Just you try me!

And you'll never come back! You hear me?

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! A warm welcome to Fortune Getai!

We're all dressed up for the biggest concert ever!

Yes! We are honored to have celebrities from all over the world performing here.

Enjoy the show!

First up, we have Astroboy!

Hurry up and sing!

Hurry up and sing!

It's getting late, hurry up and sing!

My deepest apologies! My deepest apologies!

Please excuse him.

How are you going to sing if you're crying?

What happened? Tell Mommy!

Tell Mommy! What happened?

What happened? Tell Mommy!

Tell Mommy! What happened?

Ridiculous! Embarrassing yourself like that!

What happened?

I told you to sing, didn't I? What's wrong with you?

Are you trying to embarrass me?

Look! Everyone is laughing at you!

What did I tell you? This is the last straw!

What did I tell you? Speak up!

I told you before. How could you do this to me?

What a disgrace! Infuriating!

I'm supposed to be the mother of a celebrity.

Hey, it's all right! He's still a little boy.

I'll talk to him. Don't be angry.

Please give him another chance!

No! He simply can't sing!

Please stop crying.

Without pain, there's no love.

Without love, there's no pain.

What song were you going to sing?

"Nobody Knows My Heart."

Come on, let's sing it together.

Nobody knows my heart Two brothers falling for me At the same time

If you want to fight, fight till the end If you want to win, win all you can It's all in your hands and not predestined Stand up if you fall Fight for yourself if you want to succeed Even bad bamboo can bear beautiful shoots Leave it to heaven to decide Fight And fight till the end

Three hundred!



Another card?

Reveal your card if you don't need more cards.


I'm the dealer! Too bad! 20!

It's on me.

May I discuss something with you?


I've got a proposal.

I want to team up with your daughter Lotus.

She'll definitely earn twice her current pay, if not more.

You're joking, right?

Here's a $10,000 deposit.

Take it.

If we earn more in the future, you'll be paid more.

Even if this venture fails, you still get to keep the cash.

What do you think?

With money, I am open to discussion.

But on one condition.

She must sing with Astroboy as well.

So, he's your spy?

Okay. No problem!

Just sign here.

Sister Lotus, is the make-up too much?

I'll apply some more.

Shouldn't you be practicing your singing?

You'll get in trouble if your mother finds out.

I hate my mother.

You should obey your mother.

I wish I had a mother.

Sister Lotus, why are you always eating cream crackers?

I eat them when I'm nervous.

Is it because of the gorgeous guy you saw that day?

You're such a flirt!

So, this feather has turned you into a phoenix, has it?

Don't touch my feather! It's mine. Don't!

Stop fooling around!


From today, the Prince of Getai, Ah Long, will form a band with the both of you.

This means we are all on the same team now.

Why don't you two talk about it?

What is this? A butterfly?

Keep flapping and you might really fly! Get out of here.

How do you do?

Chapter Five of Pitiful Lotus Don't be afraid Young and lost, with no one to turn to Don't be afraid Working hard to earn a living Don't be afraid All the pain she has to bear Are you all right? What's on your mind?

I've been noticing you for some time. You sing really well.

Besides singing, what else do you like?

What's your favorite food?

Why are you so quiet?

I want to get to know you better.

My name is Ah Hua I'm sweet 16 this year Here they go again!

That guy winked at me And sent my heart fluttering My name is Ah Long I want to be with you For the rest of my life Look at Ah Hua, so sweet and pretty!

Where can you find a girl like that?

My name is Ah Hua I'm sweet 16 this year Grandma tells me to get married soon!

So I randomly picked a man From the streets My name is Ah Long What do you desire for your betrothal?

My grandpa has wealth and status Marry me and you'll live a life of luxury What a life!

You're here to lose again? Not afraid?

With Ah Long around, I've nothing to fear!

I'm rolling in money now!


Hello, everyone!

Please give a round of applause to Astroboy!

Nobody knows my heart Two brothers falling for me At the same time

One has a successful career And the other is good-looking and popular

They are both nice to me Worthy of my love!

What should I do?

Oh, how my heart flutters

I do love the both of them But I can't decide No matter how hard I try I'm caught in a dilemma And nobody knows my heart

Astroboy, I've got a secret. What secret?

I'm not telling you. Why not? Tell me.

What if you tell somebody else?

I won't tell anyone!

Promise? Promise.

Okay. I'll tell you.

I pity Lotus.

Her father is gambling away all her hard-earned money, and she's left with nothing.

Don't you feel sorry for her?

Yes. Can you help her?

I've thought about it, but I just got to know her.

So I'm not sure if she trusts me.

What if she doesn't like me?

She likes you!

How can you tell?

She told me she thinks you are handsome.

So I think she likes you.

Really? But it'd still be difficult to help her. Unless...

I have an idea! What is it?

It's a secret!

One more round.

Another card? No.

Trump card!

Show your cards.


Too bad, I'm the dealer. 20!

Another round?

Am I really so unlucky today?

There's about $30,000 here. I'm all in!

Sorry, I'm the dealer, 21!

You've lost, but...

I want to marry you Tell me how much I mean to you I may be pretty But when it comes to marriage I'm extremely shy Well, I'm a good catch I've got a car, a house and land I'm the perfect guy for you!

I'll marry you Ain't life wonderful!

How lovely!

Marry me! Tell me how much I mean to you Pretty, she may be When it comes to marriage, she's so shy Ah Long is such a good catch He has a car, a house, and land...

I'll marry him Don't tell anyone. How lovely!

Ah Long...

Hold your applause, everyone! I have a surprise!

What surprise? You're going to wear a skirt?

You want to see me in a skirt?

Sure, come backstage, pay me a hundred bucks and I'll show you!

It's a special day for my god-sister Lotus!

What are you talking about?

Music please! E-flat!

Will you marry me?

There are many things in this world that will always be unjust.

This is especially true for a certain type of man.

There are heartless men in this world, and you should never fall for them.

He may hold your hand tight, but there's something else on his mind.

He may hug you tight, but his love is not for you.

Ah Hua, you must never fall for this sort of man.

They are the...

They are the most deplorable men in this world.

They are the most deplorable men in this world.

Ah Hua.

Ah Hua, your father belongs to this group.

You must never fall for someone like me.

You must promise me.

Ah Hua, you must promise your father!

You're still young.

No need to rush into marriage.

Remember, no need to rush into marriage.

You don't have to hold a funeral... or make offerings to me when I'm gone.

Just promise me that... you'll never love such a man.

Ah Hua,

you are my good little girl.

You'll always...

You'll always be my good little girl.


Only Astroboy can come in.

I want to talk to him!

My father has passed away.

No one will ever hit me or...

Or scold me again.

He will never hit me or...

Or scold me again.

You still have me.

I'll take care of you.

You are a capable man.

You'll do anything for money.

You are indeed our big brother.

Only money matters.

Money makes the world go round.

Why was I sold off?

Because my parents needed money!

Listen up, you'd better not touch her.

If you do, I want my money back.

I don't want second-hand goods!

Actually, I was really tempted to take her.

But how can I disappoint you?

Yeah, I want her, too. You want her, too?

So you want her, too?

How long have you been in this field?

How dare you!

Dream on!

Move it!

So what's next?

Settle it yourself? Or shall I do the honors?

It's up to you.

Life is 30% luck And 70% sheer hard work No matter how hard it is We have to carry on Whether good or bad There's no one to blame I'll make a name for myself someday

What happened to your forehead?

I'm fine.

Just an accident.

How did it happen?

I can't perform with you tonight.

Can you do a solo?

Don't worry. Really, I'm fine.

Money is the most evil thing in the world Open your eyes Temptation lurks everywhere Some people owe debts And can never succeed Others are filthy rich But they never spend wisely

We try to steer clear of trouble But we still end up penniless When you meet a girl, you smile sweetly If it's the creditor you see Run for your life!

I'm fine, let's go home.


Ah Long!




You thought you could hide here?

Who are you? We don't know you!

You might not know me, but I know your father very well!

He owes me $100,000!

Why should I believe you? Do you have any evidence?


Look at this IOU. It has your father's signature.

And look at the guarantor.

Isn't it your friend's signature?

If you still don't believe me, ask him yourself.

Ask him how he got the bruise on his head.

Don't promise money you don't have.

If you don't pay up today, you're dead meat!

Why did you do this?

I promised to take care of you.

Big brother, I don't have that much money now.

My dad just passed away.

I really don't have the money to pay you.

I swear by the Goddess of Mercy, I really don't have it.

No point talking so much.

There's only one rule, pay what you owe. That's it.

No money? No money to pay me?

I'm begging you. Please!

I'm begging you. Please!

I'll do anything! Please, have mercy on me. Please help me.

All right. You have two choices.

If you can't pay up today, either you leave with me or he dies!


Don't listen to them!

Don't listen to them!

This is between you and me.

I don't have the money. All I have is my life.

Kill me if you want!

Beat him up! No!

No! Don't hit him!

Please don't, I'm begging you!



I'll leave with you.

Wait for me at home.

I'll buy you supper.

Move it and shut up!

I don't want others to think of me as a man who would take advantage of a girl.

So, I'll give you a break today.

One round of blackjack.

If you win, your father's debts will be cleared.

But if you don't, you know what you have to do tonight!

Deal the cards!

Do you want another card?


Show your cards.


Chapter Six of Pitiful Lotus Money has caused her downfall And ruined her name There is no way out for her

It'll be good this time round It'll be good this time round How could you not know?

Oh, it's going To be disgraceful this time round!


Goddess of Mercy, I know you dote on me.

Please help me, and bless Ah Long.

Let him return home safely.

It's getting late. And I've prepared supper for him.

He is really pitiful.

He hasn't eaten anything the whole day and can't come home.

Please bless him, and let him return home safely.

I know you're inside, and I know you can see me.

So, what are we waiting for?

Start working!

Sister Lotus, it's me, Astroboy! Open up!

Sister Lotus. Open the door!

Chapter Seven of Pitiful Lotus I'm a downtrodden girl who had it bad Lost my dignity and purpose The world now is nothing But misery and pain Chapter Eight of Pitiful Lotus Fending for myself in this world With no one to protect and guide me The sadness overwhelms me

Nobody knows my heart Two brothers falling for me At the same time Oh, my poor child!

One is successful Whereas the other is handsome And reputable Oh, my poor child!

Sister Lotus, this is Astroboy.

Sister Lotus, please let me in.

There are no more bad guys outside, just me.

Sister Lotus, please let me in.

Close the door! Quick!

What if someone barges in?

Did you buy the incense and the candles?

Yes. Look, I bought you plenty.

I even bought you some branded clothes!

I prefer my clothes tailored.

Tailored clothes take longer to make.

It's faster to get readymade ones, but they're far more expensive.

How expensive?

$2.50 apiece.

You always get me old-fashioned clothes.

Goddess of Mercy, why do you keep ignoring me?

Astroboy is not very sane.

Just look at the huge feather on his head.

Maybe you should make him bald.

Me, go bald?

No way!

Goddess of Mercy, let his hair grow back then, but let that ridiculous feather fall off.

Goddess of Mercy, you're still the best.

You always agree with whatever I say, unlike Astroboy.

I agree with you, too. Just like Goddess of Mercy.

Please stop nagging. Goddess of Mercy has an appointment.

If you keep talking to her, she can't go out.

Let me tell you what else I've bought. Your favorite cream crackers.

The cracker company should really thank me.

They would have closed down if not for me.

Is it good?

Sister Lotus?

When are you going to step out of the house?

Yuck! It's disgusting!

Don't you have anything else to say?

It's been over 20 years.

Even if you're not sick of locking yourself up in here, I am.

If you don't leave the house you'll turn moldy.

Nonsense! Stop making things up!

I've only stayed in the house for two weeks.

Ah Long hasn't come home for his supper.

Goddess of Mercy!

What will become of you when I'm not with you?

Listen, keep this card with you.

Whenever you need cash, you can use it.

There's a PIN number on the back.

I'll teach you how to use it another time.

Wow! Everything is so advanced now!

Goddess of Mercy, this card grows cash!

Ah Long hasn't cleared his debts.

I dreamt of the Goddess of Mercy last night.

She complained that her hair was dirty.

She wants to go to a posh hair salon. Can you take her there?

The Goddess of Mercy wants her hair washed?

Why don't you take her there yourself?

No, I can't. There are bad people everywhere.

Planes are crashing and loan sharks are being gunned down.

I heard that there are many corpses out there.

Times are bad now.

That's all in the past. Things are better now.

Times are bad.

Times are good.



Bad. Good.

Bad. Good.

This is crazy! This is crazy!

You should know that Times are good this time round We'll fill our stomach and go shopping Times are good this time round That happy smile on your face says it all!

Times are good this time round We'll fill our stomach and go shopping Times are good this time round That happy smile on your face says it all!

Times are good this time round Everyone says so We get to take a plane Ride in a limousine And enjoy scrumptious food!

Times are good this time round Times are good this time round Times are good this time round

You're good and so am I Excuse me, can you give Goddess of Mercy a hair wash?

Goddess of Mercy wants a hair wash.

I get it, Goddess of Mercy wants a hair wash.

Use a good shampoo, not one that will cause split ends.

This is the best shampoo in the salon.

Be gentle!

Lower your head please.

I mean Goddess of Mercy, not you.

Silly you! Go get your ears checked.

Be gentle, take it easy.

I know.

Don't raise your voice at Goddess of Mercy.

You're doing her hair, not a facial.

I know. I'm washing it now. Be quiet please.

I can't. Goddess of Mercy told me I have to talk.

Are your hands sterilized?

No, they're not.

You mean you're washing her hair with unsterilized hands?

My hands are sterilized with the shampoo I use.

Don't raise your voice! She won't like it. Can't you see her expression?

Paying by cash or card?

I'll pay by card for Goddess of Mercy's shampoo.

Hello? The PIN number is 123456.

Auntie, just key in the number, not speak into it.

Excuse me! I'm a "miss," not an "auntie."

Key in your PIN please.

This movie is so boring.

It's so badly filmed.

Who is the director?

The films are so B-grade, it's terrible.

Look, how can this happen?

The big fishes should be on top, the smaller fishes at the bottom.

See how dumb the small fish is! He just got himself eaten up!

This television is terrible. Must be some dodgy brand.

Get someone to change it tomorrow.

That fish is not silly I'm the one who's silly.

Hush, heaven loves simple folk.

If heaven loves simple folk, then whom does Goddess of Mercy love?

Goddess of Mercy loves every human being.

And I love Astroboy the most.

Chapter Nine of Pitiful Lotus.

Trapped in this cycle for so many years.

Poor girl who lost touch with her loved ones.

God knows where they are now.

Sleep well, baby.

With love, baby will grow well.

Sleep well, baby.

With love...

Goddess of Mercy, your head!




Where is the hospital?

Goddess of Mercy is injured.

Where is the hospital? Help!

Help! Help! Where is the hospital?

Goddess of Mercy is injured. Where is the hospital?

Where is the hospital?

Sister Lotus, may I ask you something?

Did you go out all by yourself just now?

Goddess of Mercy was very sick. I took her to the hospital.

There are good people out there, the bad ones are all dead.

The kind souls out there saved the Goddess of Mercy.

Times are better now.

I told you earlier, times are good.

It's all different now.

Even the Getai is different.

Really? There's one thing that has not changed.

What hasn't changed?

This feather.

It doesn't look nice.

Put it back, I'm more used to it.

Astroboy, I have something to tell you. Keep it to yourself.

What is it?

I want to make a comeback!

Sister Lotus, are you short of money?

I can give you money if you need it.

Do you remember? The card I gave you with the PIN number?

You can withdraw money from it.

No, the bad guys are all gone now. I can sing again.

My fans are expecting me. I can't let them wait for too long.

Astroboy, look!

I'm still beautiful. My figure hasn't changed.

Not changed? You've become so big and round!

Are you mad? Are you blind?

I wonder who's the crazy one here!

You are the one who's crazy!

I need to take you for a check-up.

Come and look at me!

I told you, but if you still don't believe me, check it out yourself.

One, two, three, four. Two, two, three, four.

Three, two, three, four, just like before.

This is crazy!

Astroboy, please let me sing.

Please, Astroboy.

All right! Don't worry.

There's a big show next week, and I have arranged an item for you.


Astroboy, if I sing again, there'll surely be a huge turnout!

With my talent, I'm sure I won't embarrass you.

My costume is going to be so stunning.

It'll blow your mind.

Here I come!

Let's put our hands together to welcome Karen!

Don't you know I love you?

Let's hold hands and fall in love When I first saw you I lost myself Don't you know I love you?

Let's hold hands and fall in love Your lovelorn glance made my heart flutter I'm giving all of myself to you I love you, like the stars in the sky I love you The way mice love their rice I love you, the moon represents my heart I love you, I'll give you all my love I love you I love you, like the stars in the sky I love you The way mice love their rice I love you, the moon represents my heart I love you, I'll give you all my love I love you

Let's welcome Astroboy!

The clock strikes once Three people are locked up in jail Some are quiet While some are depressed Thinking about their loved ones

The clock strikes twice They've been jailed for ten years Now weary and worn When their parents visit They weep in sadness Let's get high!

The clock strikes thrice It starts to thunder and pour Nobody to take care of me Even when I fell ill Bedridden, I was miserable and weak

The clock strikes four times When you're in jail, you can only wait No one to feed your parents at home And your family decides to abandon you

Finally, the clock strikes five times Such sorrow I feel at the yearning of home...

Calm down! Relax! All will go well...

All will go well...

Thank you, everyone, thank you!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is whom we've been waiting for.

A round of applause for our Getai Diva, Lotus!

Sorry, I forgot about the power.

Shit, the switch is not on.

Let me sing you A song You do not have to pay So don't be afraid One should live a righteous life One's name lives on Even after death

In the world today Birds die for food And people for wealth Are you able to stay upright?

In this cycle of life and death Where do we go?

We came into this world With nothing And we'll leave With nothing Living in this world is like a dream When you die Your possessions Will be passed on to others We have to abide By our morals It's pointless to struggle For material wealth Never crave for wealth and longevity Live and let live Leave your worries behind

Stop talking like this. Do you still remember?

Your father spoke to me in the hospital.

I don't remember and I don't want to know.

He wanted me to give this to you.

He had a premonition...

that you would go through a dark period in your life.

He wanted me to keep this for you... till the day you walked out of your world.

When that day came, I would hand this to you.

I thought tonight would be your happiest night...


Your mother left this for you.

Sister Lotus, open the door, it's me.

What's the password?

Cream crackers.

Have you eaten?

Yes, I have. That's great.

What's this?

This door is so plain and dull.

With this, the door becomes beautiful.

Look, it's the same color as your dress.

You're so brilliant, you can be a designer.

Sister Lotus, I brought someone here.

You'll be happy to see her.

Ah Long? Is it Ah Long?

Hang on, I'll invite her in.

Come on in!

Hi, Auntie, I'm Xing Xing.

Xing Xing? Is your dad an ape?

I don't know her.

I'm Astroboy's friend. This is for you.

Sister Lotus, she's my girlfriend.

Who are you calling "auntie"?

We're both the same age.

Both of you look similar, one look, and I could tell that she's your girlfriend.

Have a seat! Have a seat.

Have some tea.

Sister Lotus, what are you doing?

He has me and that's enough! There is no need for you here.

I can easily see through you. Slut!


Your feather is different. Do you think I can't tell?

Perhaps you're a white snake.

Not done with shedding your skin, are you?

You must be the snake I saw when I was a kid.

Why did you come back?

Look at her eyes.

I'm sure she's a spider demon!

Her sting is coming out! We must sterilize it!

Sterilize it!

Now you're croaking! You must be a toad demon.

Die, just die!

Sister Lotus, please don't. You'll frighten her!

Frighten her? I'm tempted to hit someone!

Wait for me downstairs.

You don't have to wait.

You're so blind. She is obviously here to break us up.

What were you thinking?

You've wings now so you want to fly off?

Well, fly then! Get lost!

Hands off!

Get lost!

For the last 20 years, you've repeatedly said that I can't step out of the house.

When in fact, it's you who can't move on, not me!

You're useless and you lack integrity.

Who else but me helped you when you wet your pants?

Were it not for me, would you have achieved such success?

Since you don't need me anymore, you may leave now.

Your mom abandoned you, and you expect me to keep you?

You've been a burden to me throughout my life.

What are you looking at? Get lost!

Chapter Ten of Pitiful Lotus

Where she toils day and night Yearning for home There's no going back Poor Lotus!

Oh, Poor Lotus!


Magic Stone With one in hand, gone are your worries Buy my magic stone It can cure any disease Magic Stone Tumor, cancer, diabetes Buy my magic stone Satisfaction guaranteed If I had a million dollars I wouldn't have to cheat the aunties If I had a million bucks I wouldn't have to stay in public housing If I had a million bucks I'd drive a Ferrari and not take a taxi If I had a million bucks This world would become very sexy!

Buy my magic stone With one in hand, gone are your worries!

Buy my magic stone It can cure any disease Buy my magic stone Tumor, cancer, diabetes Buy my magic stone, a miracle awaits you!

Who says health and money are dispensable?

If I had money I wouldn't have to put up an act

-If I had a million dollars -No fear of taxes

-If I had a million dollars -The world would be sexy Like two halves of a whole Will never be apart If I were penniless I would be looked down upon

You're back?

The supper has gone bad, so I threw it away.

What are you waiting for? Go take a shower.


Let bygones be bygones.

I understand. It's good that you're back.

I know you've missed home.

This house is open 24 hours for you.

Come on in!

A Taiwanese designer did this.

He flew away.

Go take a shower, you're all sweaty.

Take a shower

What are you doing?

Are you showering or peeing?

If you need soap, use the green one on the third shelf.

Did you hear what I said? Over...

I hear the sound of water.

Remember to wash your hair.

After you wash your hair, wash your face and then your body.

Don't forget your smelly butt and legs.

Turn off the tap and come out. Over...

Have a seat.



Thank you.

Put on some clothes.

Put on some clothes!


This is a set. You used to wear it at Haw Par Villa.

You're a grown man, but you don't know how to tidy your hair.

It's still so wet.

Luckily I have this.

What are you trying to do?

This is good stuff, from overseas.

Your hair will dry in no time.

Why are you so nervous? Something wrong?



I'm just here to make some money.

You want to start working?

You don't have to, I have a card, and it gives me money.


But I can't take it out now.

Where is it? Is it here?

Careful, it's dangerous at night.

I can't take it out now. Someone will steal it.

It's a powerful card. Just flip it and say the PIN number.

A few thousand dollars.

There are lots of evil people out there.

I'll get it for you tomorrow.

You go to bed. I can't sleep.

When I sleep, I may not wake up.

This started happening ever since you left.

And when I do fall asleep, I hear snakes hissing.

I will kill the snake if I see one.

Good night.

They're coming.

They're coming?

It's dangerous!



Hide yourself, quick!



I shouldn't have kept these clothes here.


It's safe!

I'm warning you, you had better not come after me.

I have money now!

Don't hide behind a mask. I know who you are.

You're a bastard. I hate you, curse your family.

Hey, are you all right?

Don't worry, I'll take care of you because...

I gave you my youth And stayed by your side into old age I've seen everything in this world And you're most precious to me I gave you my whole life To discover the meaning of true happiness Till the day we meet again in heaven You can go first Because I can't bear to let you Weep for me

Did they come?

Ever since you left, they're here almost every night, but not for the past few days.

Where did you go?

Why didn't you call me?

They're searching high and low for me. How could I come back for you?

It's all my fault. I shouldn't have taken it.

I didn't think they would find out.

I only took two packets.

Do you remember where you left them?

It's with another girl now.

I didn't take it. Do you doubt me?

Didn't you say you love me?

It's not that I don't believe you.

You don't love me at all.

Come on.

I'm trying my best to raise money. This is all I've got.

Come on?

Come on?

I'd better be off.

Don't go.

What's wrong with you?

I need to answer this phone call.

Wait for me.


Who is that?

My mother.

Hello, is he there yet? Try to stall for time.

We'll be there in ten minutes.

You know our style.

If I can't get the money from him, I'll get it from your body!

$20,000 is not a small amount!


Just stall for time. We'll be there in ten minutes.

Hello? Don't feign ignorance with me! Hello?

Listen to me, human feelings are so complicated.

Sometimes you feel happy and sometimes sad.

Time flies in the blink of an eye.

Without love, there's no pain.

Without pain, there's no love.

You're a needle I'm a thread Our feelings bind us together, forever

You're like a little umbrella I feel alive with you around

When you're by my side I don't feel alone Let us sing together

You're my little umbrella I want to be with you forever You're a needle I'm a thread Our feelings bind us together forever

Little umbrella, little umbrella I treasure you with all my life Come rain or shine I'll be safe with you by my side Little umbrella, little umbrella Our feelings for each other Will never change We'll treasure each other Our feelings Will bind us together forever

Little umbrella Our feelings for each other Will never change We'll treasure each other Our feelings will bind us together forever Little umbrella Our feelings will bind us together forever We'll treasure each other Our feelings will bind us together forever You're a needle, I'm a thread Our feelings Will bind us together forever

If I had a million dollars I would hop on a plane And travel the world Off to Hawaii for a tan And Japan for sushi

If I had a million dollars I would buy a car, a house And enjoy great food Who is lucky enough to be my wife?

If I had a million dollars


Good morning.

I'll go look for a job later and help you shoulder the expenses.

Wait outside. Breakfast will be ready soon.

You're not him.

My gut feeling tells me you're not him.

Who are you?

I'll be whoever you want me to be.

I have a feeling that you're in trouble.

You can stay.

Why would you help me when you don't know me?

Nobody knows my heart

Two brothers falling for me At the same time

Keep this telephone number to yourself, don't tell anyone about it.

Look out for people in uniform when you're in trouble.

They wear a name tag here.

Tell them to call this number and you'll find me.

Hi, Mother, how are you?

Does it still hurt?

I'll get the money and bring you to see the doctor soon.

I'm fine, don't worry about me.

I'll take care of myself.

You have to take good care of yourself, too.

Please don't worry.

Okay, Mother. I'll talk to you again, I'm busy.

I promise I'll call again, all right?

Okay. Bye-bye.

Boss! Hello, how can I help you?

How much is this? Ten dollars.

Can you give me a discount?

Already discounted price, no more reduction.

Hey! You there, stop.

Stop! Don't run!

Didn't I ask you to stop?

You can't run away from me.

Didn't I ask you to stop?

Where are you running off to with my drugs!

You still have the cheek to run. Pick him up!

When do you intend to return the money?

Brother Tiger, please let me go.

I'll give you two choices then.

You can choose either side of your face.

No! Please don't!

I have money. I do have money.

Can you give me three more days?

I'll pay you back in three days' time.

Fine, three days and nothing more.

You only have three days to pay up!

Let's go!

Kill him, if he still doesn't pay up!

You're back?

What happened to your face?

What exactly happened?

I bought you a present.

Put it on.

Yours is too old-fashioned.

My father gave it to me.

I can't change it.

But the new one looks much better.

My father told me this was passed down from my mother.

When I first met him, my father said that this is very valuable.

It's worth more than $10,000, so I can't.

Is it really worth that much?


How about this?

I will give you this necklace in exchange for yours.

I feel as if my dad is with me when I wear it.

I can't give it up.

Please, let's just exchange it?

Give it to me. No.

No. Just let me look at it.

Just a look. Let me have a look!

Please give it to me? No, I cannot.

I really need the money.

I'll be killed if I don't pay up.

Please give it to me.

Treat it as a favor, will you? No.

No. You can have anything else but this.

Please give it to me.

No! I can't! I won't!

I'll be killed if I don't have it.

Give it to me, will you?

Don't snatch it from me. Don't pull my clothes.

Do you really want me to die?

You really want me to die!

Astroboy, don't forsake me!

Astroboy, don't forsake me!

Let go! No!

Just die!

Just die!

I'm on my knees, I beg you! Please, have a heart.

Won't you please give me a chance?

I'm on my knees, I beg you!


Just one last look.

Let me have one last look at it.

Please... I beg you.

Just one last look.

Hey! Spit it out!

Spit it out!

You hear me! Spit it out!

Spit it out!

Spit it out!

Spit it out!

Chapter Eleven of our angry Lotus Who has turned wrathful Was she born to suffer endlessly?

Did she even have a chance?

How long will bitterness haunt her?

Chapter Twelve of Pitiful Lotus Where darkness engulfs her With no respite Life and youth are fading away How will she carry on?

Oh, poor Lotus Pitiful Lotus!

I want to sing "12 Lotus."

"12 Lotus" is only sung by adults.

Do you know the meaning of the lyrics?

I'll understand when I grow up.