12 Rounds 3: Lockdown (2015) Script

Nice place you got here.



I'm going to level with you.

Hell of a day I've had.

Thirsty work.

Yeah, drinks, of course.

Oh, no, no. Just water.

On duty.

Looking around this place, it seems like you've been holding out on me.

My bad.

Why are you here, Burke?

Now, see that... straight to the point.

Cut through all the crap.

This man is smart enough to know that this is not a social visit.

This is business.

We've an arrangement, Burke.

That's proved beneficial to us both.

Yes. We did have an arrangement.

I'm afraid I'm not following.

You know, for a smart guy, George, you're pretty stupid.

Do you know what this means?

It means I make my own rules.

Now I want you to think about that when I ask you my next question.

Where are the files?


What are you talking about?

Ask yourself...

How useful are those files going to be if you're dead?

And answer the question.

I don't know anything about any files.

Still foggy?

Wait, wait, wait! Wait.

The laptop. In the safe.

Where? In the study.


I wasn't going to do anything with it.

And the back-ups?

There are none.

Search the place.

Your gun. Where is it?

The top drawer. Next to the stove.

You just shot at a police officer.

No, no.

Well, it's going to be another hot one out there, folks, with a high of 92.

Get you sunscreen on. Thanks, Diane.

In local news, a drug bust last night carried out by Detective Tyler Burke claimed the life of George Freemont, a man with alleged links to organized crime.

This was the conclusion to an ongoing investigation headed up by Detective Burke that was part of a major crackdown on the distribution of illegal narcotics in the area.

In a press conference, Police Chief Keppler praised his department for their swift...

Hey, Shaw. Hold up.

Just the person I wanted to see.

What'd I miss? A pile of paperwork.

This big. Of course.

Now I'm regretting Dr. Gardener ending my sessions.

Well, it's good having you back.

Yeah? Pity no one else feels the same.

Nobody is blaming you for what happened.

Look, I don't want you to feel like you're rushing back.

You're a good cop, but you took a bullet.

You need more time, you take it.

There's rushing back, and there's standing still.

I've done that for too long.

If you need anything, my office, third floor.

It's practically where I live these days.

Yeah. Yeah.


I think this belongs to you. Thanks.

Officer Jenny Taylor, just out of the academy.


Yeah, you used to be Burke's partner, right?

Yeah, a long time ago.

Back before he got a cop killed, that is.

How was your vacation anyway?

The psychiatrist's couch gets a little uncomfortable.

Yeah, I bet. Well, maybe try not to get anyone killed this time.

All right, all right, all right. Calm down. Calm down.

I just did what any of you would've done.

Well, almost any of you.

I'm just glad scum like George Freemont is off the streets.

Makes the city safer for all of us.

Unload your firearms.

Statistically, most shootings take place under 12 feet.

I'm sure you'll manage to hit the target at that distance.

I'll bear that in mind.

Jesus, John!

No wonder you can't hit anything.

What's wrong with the Sig? Forty caliber.

Takes 12 rounds, right? That's right.

A cop's choice in gun says a lot about the cop.

Give it a try.

I'm good.

You have no idea what you can do.

A .45 Kimber.

For the shooter who wants every round to count.

As far from department issue as you can get.

I heard it came in real handy in the Freemont shooting last night.

You never did like the way I do things.

There's a right way and a wrong way.

Let's face it, you were... never necessarily afraid to break a few rules.

Whatever it takes.

Sorry to hear about the rookie.

Nice guy, from what I'd heard.


Yeah, he was.

At least it was quick.

Head shot, right?

Good to hear they cleared you.


Kick ass on your first day back.

What is that? About 20 bucks from Best Buy.

It's a flash drive disguised as a credit card.

Bag it and tag it. Might be something on it.

We need to get it to the precinct and logged into evidence.

Anyone for coffee?


Hey. Hey. What you got there?

Oh, just came up from county morgue from Burke's bust.

Easy to miss, I guess. Looks like a real credit card, right?

Flash drive?

Yeah. Anyway, I got to get it into evidence. See ya.

I'm just signing this in. Yeah.

There you go.

Did you contact Detective Burke on this?

No. He's out.

Yeah. Well, you might want to give him a heads up.

Okay. Okay.


Let's face it, you were never necessarily afraid to break a few rules.

Whatever it takes.


Detective Burke, I thought you should know that a piece of evidence concerning the George Freemont case has arrived in the precinct.

What evidence?

I need to sign out some evidence that was brought down here.

Well, you know the drill.

I do.

Harris, round up the boys and meet me at the precinct.

Here you go.


What's up?

Evidence concerning George Freemont. Where are the others?

On their way. I thought we dealt with them. Not well enough.

What's going on?

Go to the evidence lock-up. Get whatever was brought in.

All right.

George. This is my operation now.

Your operation? Precisely.

I supply the narcotics, you move them.

I take the profits and you get whatever cut I deem you're worth.

Taylor, you know where Captain Matthews is?

She was in her office 20 minutes ago.

Going our way?

Coffee run. Machine's out in the bullpen.

'Cause all you desk jockeys do is drink it all day.

Thought you boys left for the day.

Something came up.

After you.

We need the evidence dropped off from the Freemont case.

It's popular tonight.

Say again?

Yeah, well... Detective Shaw just picked it up 10 minutes ago.

I got it.

You know, these things are dangerous. Especially where my wife is concerned.


Have a good one.

What is it?

A flash drive that looks like a credit card. Shaw already signed it out.

Damn it! What?

Shaw's got the evidence. That credit card? It's a damn flash drive.

Find him.

I'm in the security hub.

Got him. Third floor.

Son of a... Shit!

He gets out of here with that card, it's over for us.

Yeah? Meeks.

Take Saul and Gideon and man the exits. Make sure Shaw doesn't leave with everyone else.

Why would everyone be leaving?

Let's go.

Fire alarm. Please evacuate the building.

Fire alarm. Please evacuate the building.

Fire alarm. Please evacuate the building.

He's on the second floor.

Twelve rounds.

It's Darrow. We're in.

Darrow. I need you to put the building into lockdown once everyone leaves.

Everything's run from the security hub. I'd need to get in there.

Then why are you still talking to me? Get on it.

This is Matthews. Matthews, it's Shaw.

Is everything all right? No, I'm in trouble.

Where are you? I'm at the precinct.

Shaw, what's going on?


What the... Gee. Great.

Metro Central Station. This is fire dispatch.

We've got a report of a third floor alarm. Can you confirm that, please?

We copy here at car 15. Yes, there was a third floor alarm pulled...

What the hell are you still doing here? Making sure everybody's out.

Fire alarm! Get out!

All right, Burke. I'm starting to lock it down.

All right. Cut the phone lines. And jam any cell phone signals in the building.

No problem.

System lockdown initiated.

Communications terminated.

All right. We're dark.

Hi, it's Officer Smith down here at Metro South.

I just wanted to let you know that everything down here is A-okay.

Yeah, you can call off the fire truck. We're showing a fire on level three.

Yeah, that thing's been acting up all day. New building. You know how it is.

Roger that, Metro South. Have a safe night.

You've got to be kidding me.


Drop it. Shit.

Let him go.

Lower the gun. Yeah, I'd rather not.

I'm a lot of things. But I'm not a cop killer.

You're a lot of things, all right.

I know all about it, Burke.

All these years I knew something was up with you.

And they call me crazy?

You always had to do things the hard way.

I'm gonna give you this one chance for old times' sake, to just lay down the drive and walk away.

Burke, will you just shoot this asshole? Shut up, Meeks.

What do you say, Shaw?

Press the button.

Don't be stupid. I'm taking you down, Burke.

I don't think so. See, I've got an army of loyal cops.

And last I checked, your aim wasn't too hot.

Whereas mine...

I don't miss.


Stay with me, Meeks.

Stay with me.

What happened? Shaw shot Meeks.

Give me your radio. Darrow, shut down the elevators now.

Got it. Let's go.

Okay, elevator is... locked down.


Confirm lockdown. Copy that.

All right, Darrow. Turn it back on. Copy that.


All right. Let's split up.

Damn it.

Don't move.

Don't even think about it.

You know you're not going to get away with this.

So be smart.

Oh, I'm smart. You're the one with a gun to his head. Hand it over.

Oh, your flash drive? No, I can't do that.

Really? Well, I guess I'll just put a bullet in your head then.

You never did have what it takes, did you, Shaw?

To be what exactly?

Be one of us.

A corrupt cop? No.

Oh, I'm going to enjoy kicking your ass.

All that time off. It's made you soft.

He's on the first floor. Copy that.

Somebody get down there. Now.

I don't see him. Stand by.

Got to be here somewhere.

Okay. I lost him.


Shaw? You're stuck in here too? I can't get out.

I don't know what the hell's going on. You shouldn't be in here.

What happened to you? Are you bleeding?

It's not my blood. Whose is it?

Officer Meeks.

Is he okay? What happened? He's dead.

Not by me. Listen, I haven't got time to explain. All right?

Well, then put the gun down and we'll play this by the book.

I can't. Listen to me...

You're not looking very innocent right now, Shaw.

Don't do that.

Take your hands off the gun. Put 'em behind your head and turn around.


Are you kidding me? Listen to me...

Find a quiet corner, put your head down and hide until we're out of lockdown.

You understand me?

Wait, where are you going?

I think the motor pool is on a separate grid from the rest of the building.

There might be a way out.

Well, then let me come with you. No.

Trust me. Just do what I told you. Okay?

What the hell is going on here?


Not yet.

Detective Burke, if you're still in the building, pick up on channel one.

Burke, talk to me.

Go ahead. What the hell is going on?

I've been told we got a fire in there. No fire. I had to evacuate the building.

Shaw's lost it, and I've got a dead cop as a result.

I had to contain the situation. This was the only way.

Oh, my God.

Find him and keep me updated.

I'll handle things out here.

Where is this son of a...

Security breach. Parking door access.

He's in the motor pool.

Hey! Where the hell are you going? To kill Shaw.

You go where I tell you to go.

Go to the exit and man it, in case he gets past us.

Yeah? And who put you in charge?

Don't test me, Saul. Hey. Play nice, boys.

Go, go!

Where is he? Where is he? Here. There, there, there!


Oh, son of a bitch.

This guy is starting to piss me off!

Detective Burke.

What are you still doing here? I got locked in.

Sir, I saw Shaw and he wasn't making any sense. He was telling me to hide, but...

What's going on?

Walk with me.

Perfect. Nine rounds left.

Patch me into the PA system.

Take a seat, please.


I've got a friend of yours here.

Say hello.

Detective Shaw. It's Officer Taylor.

How old are you, Officer Taylor?

I'm 23, sir.

And how long have you been with us?

A month, sir. Tell me... are you married?

Yes, I am.

And what's the name of the lucky man?

Brett. Brett.

Hear that, Shaw?

Now, if I don't see you on one of these monitors in the next five seconds...

Brett is going to be a widower.

Now, I know you don't want another dead rookie cop on your conscience, now, do you?

What are you doing?





He's on the first floor. Find him. Kill him.

Copy that. On my way. Good job, Officer.

I'll see you get a medal.

I do hate being a bad guy.

Damn it!

Shaw has proven to be resourceful.

From here on out, we will not underestimate him, and we will not stop until he is dead and the evidence is destroyed.

Unless you boys and girl care to spend the rest of your life bent over behind bars.

Let's waste this asshole.

Darrow, where the hell is he?

I'm working on it.

Bingo. He's in the crime lab.

Of course.

We just lost eyes in the room.


You're looking at that door, wondering if that's your escape route.

It's one of two options I'm considering. And the other option?

Putting a bullet in your head.

Unless you just want to turn in your gun and badge right now.

Yeah, well, that's just not much of an option, now, is it?

He's in the vents! Let's move.

For the time being, we are operating under a full media blackout.

I've spoken to Detective Burke and he assures me that he's trying to end this as peacefully as possible.

Chief. Who's running this circus?

I am, sir.

Not anymore. Would you mind telling me what in the hell is going on?

Detective John Shaw.

He's had a few problems. Meaning?

Shaw was shot in the line of duty seven months ago, along with his rookie partner, Ray Jones, who lost his life.

A lot of cops around here blamed him for his death. They still do.

Shaw was suffering from post-traumatic stress and assigned a station psychiatrist.

Made excellent progress. Enough that, last week, he was signed off and given the all-clear.

Looks like his assessment was inaccurate.

Well, that's the understatement of the goddamn century, Matthews.

What's the situation inside?

We're in complete lockdown. All phone signals are blocked.

We're communicating with Detective Burke via walkie-talkie.

Well, at least that's one piece of good news. I want to talk to Burke.

Shaw's lost it, sir.

He gunned down Meeks in cold blood. We gave him the opportunity to surrender, but it doesn't look like something he's willing to do.

He's since killed another three cops and a rookie, Officer Taylor.

I've got a SWAT team in-bound.

If you don't stop this, they will. Copy.

Piece of shit.

So... what's the deal with Burke and Shaw?

How do you mean? Well, there's history there, right?

Yeah. They used to be partners. Came through the academy together.

There was a time when they were inseparable.

Doesn't seem to be a lot of love there anymore.

No. They see the world a little differently these days.

See... see, Burke wants what's due to him.

Bigger car, better house.

Not some lousy pension and a gold watch.

That's me and that's you, but that's not Shaw. He's...

A guy who wants to make the world a better place?

I was gonna say a dick. But whatever.

Here we go.

Burke, come in. Go ahead.

I've lost CCTV. What?

Shaw's gotta be in the server room. I'm on my way.

Security alert. Data override engaged.

That son of a bitch is trying to send the evidence to IA.


I don't know. He must've manually overridden the network from the server room.

Shut it down! Yeah. I'm trying.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

Do it!

Okay, we're good.

He's gone.

It's useless.

Burke, he's on the roof.

He can make a call from up there.

Come on, you piece of crap.


If we don't have eyes in the building, we gotta figure out a way to do it.

So what's this? Is this a conduit here?

John, is that you? Yeah, it's me.

Where are you? I'm on the roof.

They jammed the cell phone signals in the building. Listen, I'm innocent.

John... You gotta believe me.

I've heard that you shot and killed five cops in cold blood.

You know me. You really believe that?

No, I don't. But you need to tell me what is happening in there.

It's Burke. He's dirty, and I've got the evidence.

Wait. What are you talking about?

Burke and his men were working with George Freemont.

Selling him drugs from busts in return for a cut of the profits.

Did you get him? I'm working on it.

I'm heading your way. Get it done!

Oh, shit!

Eight rounds. Six bad guys.

Love those odds.




Drop the weapon. Nice and slow.

Nice and slow.

And the pistol.

Kick it over here.

Call off your men. Turn off that radio.

Shaw's not on the roof. Okay. Copy that.

You gonna kill me? Nope.

I'm getting out of here and you're my ticket. Turn around.

You're not getting out of here.

You couldn't save Officer Taylor, you couldn't save Ray Jones, and you sure as hell can't save yourself.

I wonder... if your men will save you.

If they'll let you die, like you let Meeks die.

You've killed more cops than me tonight.

And why?

Because you think you're doing the right thing.

You put your life on the line, and what did it get you?

A cop killed, an ugly scar and a permanent date with a shrink.

Not another word.

It didn't have to be this way, Shaw. Quiet.

We all put our lives on the line each and every day.

So what if we take a little something back?

Take a look at your badge, Burke. Protect and serve.

That's the difference between you and me.

You serve the badge, when the badge should serve you.

Get the elevator working.

Be convincing.

Darrow. Copy.

Get the elevator working. Coming down.

Okay. Got you.

Remember our first day as partners?

Remember how I told you...

"Never cuff a man's hands behind his back,

"'cause you can't see what he's doing back there"?


I've got some advice for you, Shaw.

Try hitting some place that isn't covered by Kevlar.

Like your head?

Burke, talk to me.

Go ahead. You've got five minutes to get out.

You've had long enough. All you've succeeded in doing is pissing Shaw off.

We've got five minutes to kill this son of a bitch. Let's go.


Drop the gun.

You're not gonna shoot me.



Burke, come in.

Burke, answer me.

I've got this under control, sir.

Time's up. We're cutting the power. SWAT are coming in.

Darrow, SWAT's cutting the power.

No, no, no. Burke, if they do that, we're out of lockdown and Shaw can make calls.

Tell me something I don't know.

Power up the elevators. You got it.

Hello, Shaw.

Offer you a ride to the lobby? What?

Don't move. Stay where you are.

You think you can get a shot off before me?


At least one of you would go down with me.

Are you crazy? You're alive, aren't you?

All you had to do was lay it down and walk away.

Now look at you.

Hand me the flash drive.

I can't do that.

Then I'm afraid you're of no use to me.

I know you still have it on you.

You are nothing if not predictable.

I'm willing to bet it's in your back left pocket.

Now, hand it over.

Or I'll shoot you in the head and take it anyway.

You know my favorite part of training?

It's combat exercises.

You call that a punch?

That was just my good cop.

Wait till you see my bad cop.

This is what you get for fucking with me!

You're gonna die, just like Ray Jones did.

You never should have come back, Shaw.

You never had what it took for the job even before you lost it.

Hand me his gun.

Okay, SWAT's in position. Prepare to kill the power.

Any last words?


Is "asshole" one word or two?

'Cause I don't want to spell it wrong on your Christmas card.

That is a funny man!

I'm gonna savor the moment... when your head pops.

Saved two rounds for yourself?

Actually, I saved one for him, and I saved the last for you.

Power's cut, move in. Move, move, move!

Watch the right!

Clear! Flank at right.

Last round.

Floor one clear. Moving up! Shit!

Contact! Visual!

Move, move, move, move, move!

On your six!

Moving left!

Move, gentlemen! Eyes open!


They cut the power. Signal jammer's down.

Listen, I haven't got long. Burke destroyed the evidence.

I'm out of options. All right? You gotta call the SWAT off.

I can't. It's Keppler's call.

You're my only option.

All right? Or all this has been for nothing.

Okay. Can you meet me at the rear of the building in the drill hall?

I'll try. Not good enough, Shaw.

Yeah, I can make it. Be there in 10 minutes.


This floor is clear.

Got you covered.

Oh, thank God. You made it. Just about.

I've got a car waiting out back. Come on.

Lose the gun.

Matthews? I said, lose the gun.


You're working with Burke?

Come on. Who do you think cleans up messes like tonight?

The only good thing about tonight... is that you presented me with the ideal opportunity... to cut Matthews out of our operation.

Don't even think about it.

I was never the type to share my toys as a kid.

I told you I'd never let you walk out of here.

This is my show.

It's taken a long time to build what I've built.

And neither you or George Freemont or anyone else will stand in my way.

Enjoy retirement.

Hands where we can see 'em! Hands up!

Move, move, move!

Detective Burke!

This son of a bitch just shot Captain Matthews.

All right, we've got him.

It's over. Arrest this piece of shit.



Everything you need to know is right here.

I told you I'd never let you walk out of here.

This is my show.

It's taken a long time to build what I've built.

And neither you or George Freemont or anyone else will stand in my way.

Enjoy retirement.

I'm out.

Looks like I kicked ass on my first day back after all.