13 Eerie (2013) Script

Grab that ladder, bro.

Okay. Grab everything that you've got.

Where the hell are we?

Where are we headed?

Due north. It's a hike.

Then another ten minute ride in.

What, man? Are you serious? 'Cause you already had us travelling an hour in this wilderness.

What's the matter, Tex? Tired already?

Fuck you, man.

Well, come on. I said north!

Come on, man. It's freezing here. Just keep moving.

Ready to win this?

Sleeping bag.


I can't wait to get to Florida.

We can share lodgings.

Phew! What's that smell?


Don't you think you're overdoing it?

They're just kids.

Death's an exact science.

All aboard!

Nice ride.

Hoes before bros. You're an ass.

I'm going to the back, drink cocktails...

Okay, you got me on this one.

Over the next few hours, copper oxide from the coins will react with the body fluids.

Leaving a coin imprint on the body tissue, used for determining the length of time the body's laid there.

Smart. These kids won't know what's hit them.

Anything I should know about?

They've been washed down with acid long ago.

Used for our company's offender rehabilitation programs a while back.

You can't leave dead bodies lying around a national park.

13 Eerie's the ideal spot. No one's been here in years.

It's gonna feel more like a boot camp than a science retreat.

Well, unfortunately most crime scenes are inhospitable.

My students are up to the challenge.

You hear that?


That's just it. Nothing.

Where's the wildlife?

Larry, how'd you get involved in this?


So, not your first time on the prison bus?

Anything about this place we need to know?

What you got here is Guantanamo Bay's ugly twin sister.

Joking aside, some bad shit has happened here in the past.

Great. What you got is your new D-MORT.

Your what?

Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team.

Go, Daniel.

What kind of bad shit?

I don't know. Take a look. Your guess is as good as mine.

Oh, man. Welcome to hell.

Driver's Larry Jessop.

I had him set up the communication system you wanted.

He'll assist you. You rely on him for anything you need.

Larry Jessop.


I'll be your chauffeur and your chef and your all-around dog's body.

I need you to charge up the communication batteries.


Welcome to Eerie Strait.

There are only two places available in the forensic trainee's scheme.

You will need to work in pairs.

Each group will be assigned a plot within the complex.

Study it thoroughly.

Some of you will be working alongside entomology.

Others will be combining your expertise in toxicology and geology.

This is quite deliberate.

Forensic science D-MORT internship does not discriminate science applications when a full passenger flight or passenger train crashes.

Compound secured perimeter means nothing gets in or out.

Plot 13 Eerie Strait is now uninhabited, surrounded by low-lying swampland.

If you check page two, there are three basic cabins.

One is for food and equipment, the other for accommodation, while this one is for surveillance and instructions.

Eerie's out of range for cell phone use, so you will be given walkie-talkies.

Each site is in a remote area of the camp so there will be no contact between groups.


No? Good.

Get your things. We'll meet back here.

Looks like we're on different teams.

Just as well. You'd only cheat at pathology.

What about Josh? Uh, he's with Stetson.

One thing's for sure. This place is a rathole.

This is gonna be like a day trip with Charlie Manson.

No, no, no, no, no. The meat goes over there.

That is not the kitchen. Drop it and come back for your kit.

What's in 'em?

How would I know? I drive the bus.

Just drop your stuff and come back for it.

In there, but don't touch anything.

Oh fuck!

Agh! Shit.

Be done by breakfast.

Better be.

Gotta get those bodies back to the morgue.

Beds are for sleeping only.

Any more than one person per bed and it will break.

Is that a joke? That's a joke.

That was a joke, right? Ha, ha, ha.

You're fucking kidding me.

What were you expecting, Megan-- a mint on your pillow?

Yeah, that's right.

I think I will take this one.

Are you getting friendly with the locals?

There's lunch.

Prof wants us back at the command centre.

That used to be a cat.

Daniel's already got some pussy in his bed.


Time is 11:20 hours. Get into your designated groups.

You'll be working in isolated areas.

Personal radio contact is strictly prohibited.

Conversing outside your allotted team will disqualify not only yourself, but your partner as well.

I will lead the chemical analysis tomorrow with Captain Veneziano.

It will be cold. You'll work through the night.

Criminals don't pick the perfect beach in Hawaii to make life comfortable for forensic scientists, so get used to it.

Pick up your gear on the way out. Good luck.

See the prison back there, coming in? sure didn't want people leaving in a hurry.

What the hell have I got myself into?

Oh, shit!

Dude, it's just a field exam.

Yeah, buddy. I just get a little bit claustrophobic.

Well, man up.

Why don't you shut up?

You couldn't have picked a worse place to die.

11:55 hours.

Taking trace evidence of soil, mineral, and what looks to be dried blood.



Maggots. That's our first line of investigation.

If you're gonna puke, do it in the bushes.

Otherwise, you'll contaminate the area.

I'm fine, man. I'm okay.

Fifteen millimetres.

Means the corpse has been dead one week.

Look. Pupal casings.

They've started the metamorphosis into adult flies.

Group C, you're gonna need to collect the larva and prepare a full field analysis.

How long do we have?

All night, but don't drag your heels.

Sundown in approximately three hours.

Oh, and by the way I've downgraded you both to 60% due to Mr. Novagratz throwing up.

Have a cold one on me, Colonel Fucking Mustard.

Group A, after your sample collection, I want you to do a standard biochemical analysis.

Temper, temper.



You heard about this place, right? Why?

Well, you heard the rumours.

Eerie Pen, death row inmates, one way ticket.

Government started doing crazy tests and poison ends up in the water supply.

Women start having babies before their time or worse.

I mean, nothing lives here. No one lives here.

What are you trying to tell me?

Two of my chickens are missing.

Maybe they flew away.

This is a scientific examination, Mr. Jessop.

My students are working into the night.

We have a responsibility to them so I would appreciate it if you could deliver the food to the groups.

Just follow the coloured flags.

Shoot, Larry. Welcome to summer camp.


Oh, shit! What are you doing?


How you doin'?


The fluids on that coin and the imprint left on the body will tell us how long it's been here.

You running it?


Here I am playing nursemaid to a bunch of college butt jerk-offs.

Shoulda stayed in jail.

Holy shit!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, no, no, no,stop! Contamination area!

I thought back there was your site.

Where's the markers for your body?

You're standing on one.

You can clearly see the site we're working in.

You got two bodies?

Maybe you shouldn't be so close.

Some people can have unexpected issues with this type of medical science.

Listen, baby doll, I know what I saw.

There's another body.

A woman, kinda, 200 yards up by the ruined building.

You don't believe me, go take a look for yourself.

Group A, you are not allowed to speak to any third party.

Mr. Jessop, I already told you this is a scientific field exam.

We're midway through a forensic medical procedure.

Professor Tomkins asked you to leave.

I'll go take a look if you want.

Be my guest.

Well, is that one of yours?


Professor Tomkins, over?

Team A, go ahead.

Did you put out three cadavers for medical research?

Yes, why?

Well, we've located another one. She's female, Caucasian, approximately 30 to 40 years of age.

Impossible. Go back and support your colleague.

Do you copy?



She-she moved.


No, she--

Ms. Cranston, report back to your team leader.

Mr. Jessop, report back to base. Over.

Yes, sir.

This place is one stop from hell.

First stage decomposition.

Temperature must have been over 52 degrees Fahrenheit for the blowflies to fly out of the cadaver.

They also like salsa, playing poker, and they make a mean margarita.

I saw something, over there. Look.

We've already been downgraded because you puked, so let's try and get this part right, shall we?

So, the temperature must have been over 52 degrees Fahrenheit for the blowflies to fly out of the cadaver.

Oh, thank God, they didn't cheap out on the walkies.

Larry was right. There's a female corpse in our patch.

Maybe we should go take a look.

Uh, well, we've only just started analysis on this one, so why don't we get cause of death first and then I'll go take a look with you.

Tomkins didn't say there'd be two.

Well, that's the thing with the professor.

He is always challenging us, setting up situations.

That's why he's the best and that's why we are here.

Should we check in with him?

Ah, walkies down. No.

And he said we're on our own.

So, what's he always telling us?

Forensic science is a slow, patient, and dedicated analysis.

Right. It's all in the details. That's how you catch bad guys.

So, why don't we please just concentrate on our lady of the lake here because I need this internship.

Not all of us have private funds to get us through college.

What if we're supposed to find them?

Remember what Ivanek told us happened last year.

If you're so worried, why don't you take this, get us something to look at and come back in five minutes. I need you.

Place gives me the creeps.

Just hold on a second, right there.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Stop! Wait!

This is a contaminated area.

Well, whatever man.

Can I help you?

Watch your back.

What the hell does that mean?

I don't know.

Smells like dog food.

My battery's dead.

Mine's on the way out as well.

Team C, how far have you gotten with your measurements?

Sir, Rob's got 95% of the larva...

...losing battery power... walkie talkie...

Should we head back to camp and replace them?

Report back to base. Copy that, headed back.

I found some tissue under the fingernail.

Let's head back and take care of this battery situation.

Oof! Oh!


Did you see that?

I swear it was someone in an orange prison suit.

A lifer jump suit.

You been smoking some of Larry's pot?

Group A, Group A, return to base camp. Over.

Group A, Group B, can you hear me?

Larry, where the hell are you?



Hello? Anyone there?

Agh! No!

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!

Oh God!!!


Oh, Christ, Pat.

I'm in the middle of electrophoresis on the corpse.

Oh, I'm sorry, dude.

Should I leave you two alone to get it on?

Did you get anything out of the walkies?

No, not a thing.

Also, we're out of body fluid cleaner.

Did you hear that?

Yeah. Those guys are probably just messing around.

I need to cross reference the results from the fluids on that coin, but I think this body's been here about 12 hours.

Daniel, Meg, is that you?


You all right?

Just let me out. Just let me out.

Okay, ow fuck!

Just wait. Let me out. Ow.

Whoa, whoa, whoa hey, hey, hey. What's up? Don't panic.

Just breathe into it. You'll be okay.

Where are you going?

What are you looking at, man? There's nothing there.

I'm going to see the prof.

No, no, man. You don't quit on me.

I'm not quitting on you, Patrick.

Everybody gets the shakes, man. It's common. It'll blow over.

That scream wasn't someone just playing around.

And I just saw something move in the woods over there.

You can't just leave me here.



Oh my God! Oh my God!


Kate! Oh my God, oh my God!

Here, you'll be okay.

Stand, stand, stand.

Stay up, stay up, stay up.

Oh God.

Sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down.

Oh sorry, oh sorry! Oh! Okay, okay.

Don't go into shock! Don't go into shock!

Don't go into shock! Don't go into shock! Don't go into shock!

Okay, no, stay awake! Oh God, sorry, okay, okay.

Listen, listen, listen, this is going to sting a little.


Daniel? Anybody?

Kate's been hurt.

No! Oh shit! No, no, no, no, no, no.

Group C, Group A, can you hear me?

Group C, Group A, come in. Over.

Where the hell have you been?

The communication system's completely screwed.

The monitors are going down.

We gotta get those kids outta here and I mean right now.

Really. And what do you base that conclusion on?

Something was following me.

Moved like a man. Sounded like an animal.

I hit my head. I was out cold.

I was so still that it lost me.

See I spoke with Veneziano when I got this detail.

He knows all about it.

I thought he was pulling my leg, you know, trying to put a scare on me.

All those things you hear about military experiments and changing a man's DNA, make a creature fueled only by rage.

Well, that all happened and I think that maybe they left something behind or maybe something escaped.

So, now what? They're chasing you?

That dead thing by Group A, that was one of 'em.

You know what?

I'm getting really sick of your conspiracy pothead bullshit.

Professor, you are a smart man, but we stay here, you gonna learn something.

You know what I've learned so far? You can't do your job.

None of the walkies are working.

Come with me.

What now?

Generator's going. There's a short in the system somewhere.

What the hell happened here?

What happened, see, was stuff came out of the barrel and, um, it-it-it melted them.

Just poured out by itself?

Look at this. You can see through the goddamn wires.

Well, hell, it's not my fault. I didn't put that crap there.

What worries me is what's in that evil shit.

Yeah, well, what worries me is you being a moron.

Yeah, I know. Your walkies are dead.

Larry, replace them.

I'll give you an extra time credit to cover the delay.

That's a little present from Mr. Jessop.

Is it gonna work?

All right. Let's head back.

We need to fix this.

Go check the monitors.

Today, Larry!

Oh, shit!

Open the door. We need to get inside.

Where is everybody?

One of those corpses walking around.

What did he just say?

He said one of the corpses has come to life.


What the hell is this?

You think an animal did this?

My money's on the professor.

He's playing games with us. He wants to see how we'll react.

Let's grab some samples. Look at them under the microscope.

This is no animal.

Where are you going?

Rob, come on. You're gonna get us disqualified.

I have to follow my instincts.

My gut's telling me get outta here.

Well, say hi to your buddy in the orange jumpsuit for me.

It's just a test.

Where are the others?

You tell me.

You checked all the connections?

I saw something on the monitor.

Because of you, I may have to cancel this entire examination.

I saw something in the woods.

You are both welcome to quit anytime you want.

I heard screams. There was screaming.

Listen, you're all overreacting, all right?

That's very common when dealing with real corpses for the first time.

Look, man, we just want to know what's going on.

Hey, guys, why don't we just get on the bus and go home?


Aaaahhhhh, fuck!

Is that Rob?

Is that a gun?

Give it to me, I'll go find them.

Sit down! You're safer in here.

You think that peashooter's gonna help?

That thing I saw out there was already deader than dirt.

Did you hear that one?

Hey, hey, man. What did you see out there?

I told you, college boy, I saw a dead person and he was walking around.

I'm going out there.

No, no, man. We stand a better chance together.

We stand a better chance if we just haul outta here. Call in an air strike.

The safety of all my students is at risk here, Mr. Jessop.

Now, are you volunteering to run out and find them, especially after you destroyed all our equipment?


Then I suggest that everyone stay put until we can get our eyes and ears up and running.

Hey, come on. Open the door.

What the hell's going on?

Where's Rob?

I thought he was with you, man.

We heard screams. Where's Megan?

How the hell should I know? What do you mean?

Maybe their group was attacked first.

What do you mean attacked?

What do you mean attacked? What do you mean? Who?

Stop it! Stop it!

Never mind! She can handle herself. She's a fighter!

Yeah, that's what worries me. Just stop it, all right?

Fighting each other is not gonna help Megan or anybody else.

Now, while I don't believe a Goddamn word this asshole says, I do concede there may be someone or something out there.

I going to find her.

Let's go find Rob.

Sorry, Rob!

No! No!




Jesus Christ!

Shoot it again!

Shit! I cut myself.

Well, don't open the goddamned door!

We need to kill it.

You better pray there's only one.

There's two of them.

I know! I said not to open the goddamned door!

This shit's all over me.

Did it bite ya!

Where's the gun?

Oh, crap.

Hey, asshole!



Gasoline. I know you got gasoline!

What I'm gonna do is I'm going to make a Molotov cocktail

and we're gonna burn that bitch.

Yeah. Yeah.

I'm getting the gun.

Yeah, a gun will be better. A gun will be better.

It's there.

You go inside. I'll finish her off.

Shoot her in the head.





Ahhh! Ahhhh-aahhh-ahhhh!







Let's check in here for some sort of weapon.

Ah, shit!

You all right?

Here. I'm not taking any chances.

Me either, bro.

Where's Tomkins?

Shoot me.

He's lost.

Shoot me!

No, come on. We should--

He's dead.

Megs, let's go.

No, no, no, go, go! Go, go, go, go!


Okay, it's clear. Come on.


Where are the others?

Kate and Rob are... dead.

Josh and Patrick?

Still out there, as far as we know.

Take this. Lock the door.

We'll meet back here.


Okay, okay.

How do you get off this fucking island!

We gotta cross that river and we gotta scale barbed wire.

How many of them are there?

I don't know.

That's not my blood.

I killed Kate and Rob. I had to!


We're gonna to get out of here, okay?

We're gonna get out of here.


If I get bit by one of those, you have to shoot me in the head.

You listen to me.

No, this is not gonna happen.

You're not gonna turn into one of those things. I promise.


Hey, hey.

What is it?


Oh shit! Run!

It's Larry.

I'm gonna kill Larry.



Oh shit! Oh shit, man!

Get to the bus!

Close the door!

Come on, man!

Jeez! We'll hotwire it!

Come on, man!

Come on, man! I can't hold 'em long!

I can't hold 'em long! Come on! Get the fuck out of here.

That was the bus. It's gotta be Josh.

There's the keys.

There's creatures getting in! Fuck! They're getting in, man!

Something's getting in!

Turn the ignition!

I'm gonna go check it out. You stay here.

I got your back.


Oh! Oh! I'm sorry! Oh, I'm sorry!

I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. Are you okay?

You got my back.

I'm so sorry.


There they are.

Come on, come on!

Get in.

Come on, come on, come on! Get in!

Is he okay?

All right. Go, go, go, go, go!

Get us out of here. I'm trying.

Holy shit! There's another one. Hold on.

Yeah, run him over. Come on, run him over.

Hang on!

Behind us!

Come on, man. What are you doing?

I'm tired of goddamned running.

The gearshift's stuck!

Come on, man.

Hurry up, hurry up!

Stick won't move.

Help me! Help me!


Shit! Oh shit!


Oh shit! Oh shit! Do it, man!

Go! Go!

Watch out!

Josh, get us the fuck out of here! Now!

I think he's hurt. Patrick?


Josh! Josh! Josh! Move!

No! No! No!

Thank you! Thank you!


Can we go please?


Josh, go.

Let me take a look at this.

Shit, the bullet's still in there.

I'll try and stop the bleeding. Hang on.

I can't see anything! Keep going!

I can't see anything.

Smoke's in my eyes.

Slow down! The gate!

Slow down!

Oh, oh fuck!

I can't fucking stand. My knee's fucked!

Daniel, we need help. I can't see a thing.

You're gonna be all right, you're gonna be all right.

I got him.

We gotta get out of here. I smell gas.

God, my knee's fucked up.

Aghh. God, man.

We have to get this fixed. I'm gonna pop this back in.


Put this in your mouth.

Okay? We're gonna go on the count of three.

One, two--

Get him up. We gotta get going.

This way.

Anybody home?


I'll take a look around.

I gotta get this bullet out of you.

Ah, let's not start digging around in there right now, okay?

You want to keep that in there, just to remind me of what I did to you every day?

Sounds like a good plan.


It's over there. I heard something.

I'm gonna distract it. You cover Daniel.

Hey, hey.

You can't move around, okay?

Look, I got this one, okay? Just wait here.

You're gonna be good.


Hey, asshole!


You sure took your time.

Come on.

Let's go find Daniel.

I heard the bus crash. Anybody else get out?


Daniel's lost a lot of blood.

What happened?

Hey. Hey!

Stop! Stop!


Professor Tomkins, I tried the walkie.

Christ, what the hell happened?


Now, you're gonna tell me what was in those barrels and about the inmate experiments.

This was a death camp wasn't it?

I had low-level clearance.

They just sent the lifers on death row. It didn't go well.

What happened?


What happened?!

Something went wrong. They turned into-- but that was years ago.

Jesus Christ, you broke my nose.

I lost four people in there. Kids! else knew about this place are gonna pay.


Drive! Drive!


Where are the keys?

Oh shit!