13 Reasons Why S1E3 Script

Tape 2, Side A (2017)

You've heard of the butterfly effect, right?

That if a butterfly flaps its wings at just the right time in just the right place...

it can cause a hurricane thousands of miles away.

Hold on.

Is Justin here?

Haven't seen him for days. I thought he was with you.

He told me he was going home last night.

Yeah, well, he didn't.

Who is it, Am? Justin's girlfriend.

Girlfriend, huh?

Tell that little shit that his mother is worried sick, all right?

Yeah. She looks it.

Tell him call her today or don't bother coming home.

It's chaos theory.

But, see, chaos theory isn't exactly about chaos.

It's about how a tiny change in a big system can affect everything.

Fuck! What the fuck?

Dude, it's time to wakey.

I'm rolling in ten, if you feel like school.

Oh, shit!

What's with the fucking water? Just having some fun.

"I'm just having some fun."

Justy, you know you're welcome here all the damn time, buddy, but I thought you were going home last night.

Yeah, that guy Seth is back.

Meth Seth? Yeth.

And that's all, right? Just Meth Seth?

Yeah, just that asshole.

I can't deal with him, you know that.

'Cause your girlfriend's texting me now.

Brother, you know that Seth or whatever, I got your back, always.

Yeah, I know.

Whatever you did, if you even fucking did anything, we can take care of it.

I mean anything.

You know my one rule.

Keep you clean.

Keep me clean. All right.

And Jessica, take care of her, all right?

She's your girl.

You want some breakfast?

Marisa the maid's here making some Mexican shit.

You know she's Guatemalan, right?


Hungry? Yeah.

Chaos theory. Sounds dramatic, but it's not.

Ask a mathematician.

Or better yet, ask someone who's been in a hurricane.

Wanna help?

Do I want help?

Do you want to help? Put up posters.

No, no thanks, Marcus.

Come on, school spirit.

All right? Making a contribution.

Giving back.

Giving back to who, exactly?

Why are they playing in the courtyard?

Uh, yeah. They asked student council. Thought it was a great idea.

Got a concert tonight.

We got some glum chums.

Alex Standall. You caused the hurricane.

It's your turn.

F.M.L. forever.

F.M.L. forever.

F.M.L. forever.

Little did I know you would F. my L. forever.

Little did I know you would be my hurricane.

Hey, Alex. Hey.

You okay? Yeah, I just... I overslept.

Mr. McLean wants us to start with "Take Five."

He thinks that'll raise spirits. Love me some Brubeck.

Though of course it was written by Paul Desmond, but whatever.

If they want a spirit-raiser, how about "Gloomy Sunday"?

Are you serious? That song's totally depressing.

Or it's beautiful, if you have taste.

Or if you're suicidal.

Way to go, Troy.

Aw, shit.

Was he friends with Hannah Baker? I didn't know.

Maybe you think I'm being silly.

I'm some stupid girl who gets all worked up over a little thing.

But little things matter.

For instance, you never told me when you started dating Jessica.

But I remember just how it ended.

With your list.

Is "Gloomy Sunday" really a song?

Yeah. Google "Hungarian Suicide Song."

I'll take your word for it.


Can we, um... talk about this?

What is there to talk about?

Is Hannah telling the truth? What do you think?

Did you do what she said you did?

Did you?

Alex. "Take the 'A' Train," with your solo.

All right, well, I guess if I'm gonna be happy, may as well do it with the Duke.

Alex, we hadn't talked since you two got together.

And then it seemed like maybe you might not be together anymore.

Hey, Jess. Hey.

Mrs. Antilly?


Everything okay?

What, like in the world?

Or with you.


You could drop by our office later, if you want to make a full report.

Our office?


Oh. Yeah, right.

I forgot about that.

The office thing.

Yeah. It's been a while.

Yeah, there's just so much going on.



Hey, how about a Monet's reunion today?

You have a few drink selections left on your great menu journey.

You were so committed once.

Yeah, commitment's hard for Alex.

At least I have the ability to try something new in life.

Is that why you did it, Alex?

Mrs. Baker.

Hi. I wasn't expecting you.

Olivia. Please.

Yeah. Well, come on in.

Thank you for making the time.

I-I, uh...

I know how busy you are.

No, not at all.

What can I do for you?

Well, I was, um, I'm wondering if you could tell me something about Hannah's school life.

I mean, was she unhappy here?


I don't think I can answer that.

I know you can't possibly know every student, but my husband and I, we're still trying to understand.

At home, Hannah was... Well, I mean... sometimes she would run around the house singing show tunes in funny voices and showering us with hugs, and other times... she was quiet and moody and it'd be hard to get a word out of her.

Sure. But nothing she did told us she was... capable of...

I'm afraid I'm going to have to stop you right there, Mrs. Baker.

I'm terribly sorry for your loss, and I wish I could offer you what you need, but I just can't.

Now that lawyers are involved.

What are you saying?

What I'm saying is that, in light of your lawsuit, I shouldn't even be talking to you.

I see.

So then why are you?

You and your husband are members of our school community, and we want nothing more than to support you during this time.

I can only imagine your grief.

You can't imagine the first thing about my life right now.

Bryce is a total vampire.

That thing on your neck is huge.

Oh, I know, right?

Maybe you say it's nothing, Alex.

It's just words.

Seriously, Tyler?

If you're going to do a memorial, I'm going to take pictures.

Mrs. Baker. Hi.

I'm Courtney Crimsen.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

I hope you like it.

People keep adding to it.

Um, every day there's another card or more flowers.

All these people were Hannah's friends?

Mm-hmm. She had so many friends and... we all miss her so much.

Anyone who knew Hannah would know that she hated roses.

She thought they were a cliché.


Hey, Hannah.

Hey. Morning, Helmet.

Urgent question.

Have you noticed anything weird about Alex lately?

Um... Well, his hair's weird, but that's not new.

His hair is awesome.

I didn't say it wasn't awesome, it's just, like, distinctive.

And he's an amazing dresser.

I mean, you could take a few lessons.

I totally could.

And I'm glad we got around to my failings because I was wondering when we would get to that.

Are you working tonight?

Yeah, we're both on at six.

I mean, I think. On the schedule.

So, speaking of tonight, I don't know if you know this, but there's a penumbral lunar eclipse at 11:49.

A what?

The Earth's shadow is the penumbra.

Tonight, the moon is gonna pass through it.

Last show is at nine, and if we clean fast, and we probably can, because no kids are coming to that English movie because it's boring, we could get out in time, and I could maybe point it out to you.

If you want.

You want to show me the moon?

There would be a shadow. Not like a full eclipse.

You wouldn't exactly see the...

But, yeah.

You should, like, patent yourself.

And, yes, I will look at the moon with you.

I might even howl.

Cool. Cool.

So, yeah, I'll see you tonight.

Anyways, is Justin still missing?

He's not missing. I know exactly where he is.

So he's at Bryce's.

Maybe you should go.

I shouldn't have to go. He should be here.

Then go get him. Drag him back to school by his perfect hair.


You know what?

Tell him that you entered him into that costume contest.

Two hundred bucks.

Yeah, maybe he could dress up as my actual boyfriend.

I spoke to Justin, but now I need to speak to Alex Standall.

He dated Jessica Davis, who I spoke to yesterday.

Justin Foley the day before.

There was this rumor that Justin and Hannah had sex in a park.

Justin said it was all a big joke, and Hannah blew it out of proportion.

Did you follow it up?

Justin's been absent for the past two days.

Did you call home?

No answer.

I spoke with Coach Patrick.

Apparently, it's just his mom and a series of step-dads and boyfriends.

Coach thinks there may have been abuse at some point in the past.

At home? Yes.


And Jessica Davis?

As I understand it, she was Hannah's first friend here.

Uh, now she's Justin's girlfriend.

So, I imagine she protected him.

Could be, or she doesn't know anything.

She didn't say much.

This lawsuit could cost the district tens of thousands, hundreds, and that's if we win.

We're already getting calls from the media.

Yeah. I understand.

And she never came to you, for help?

We had a meeting last year about colleges.

All the time and resources we've dedicated to her now.

If we'd known she needed help before...

All right, young people.

Let the learning commence.

We've got a film today, continuing on our World War II unit.

It's full of facts, even though technically it's fiction.

No talking, no texting.

No sleeping.

Ironic, as he will sleep through the whole thing.

Right? Remember when he showed Gladiator for Roman history?

Oh, yeah.

Seriously, John Wayne?


You're gonna disturb his nap.

Cover me if he wakes up.


Maybe, Alex... you were just being a dick.

Alex... Go back to class, Clay.

What are you doing?

I'm cleaning up.

What, they think these are gonna save someone's life?

"Suicide's not an option"?

Yeah, you know what? Clearly it is an option, you know?

Why don't they put up a poster that says "Don't be a dick"?

Why don't we put up that poster?

Yeah, that would be cool with me. I try not to be a dick.

Yeah, we all try.

So, did you do it? What Hannah says you did to her and Jessica.

What do you think? What are you doing?

I'm recruiting Clay for the Illuminati. You want to join?

Alex, you should not joke about the Illuminati, first of all.

Trust me.

What are you guys talking about?

Homework. We've got a project.

Yeah, right. The old project trope.

The only class you two have together is gym.

It's creepy that you even know that. Just go away.

What I think... is that you wouldn't do something like that.

I thought you loved Jessica.

I did. I mean...

Maybe I even still do, but...

Then why would you... We can't be talking about this.


Where are you supposed to be?

That's a heavy question.

That's, like, existential.

Alex. Why don't you come with me. I been wanting to talk to you.


Clay, you can come along too.

Uh, Coach Patrick sent me to the library.

He has the wrong DVD for today, so the whole class is waiting.

All right.

Let's catch up later.

Find anything worth publishing?

Oh, hardly.

Just the usual angst, despair, lovelorn crap.


But I am planning a special issue in memory of Hannah Baker.

Maybe you have something to add?

Uh, no, not really.

He's still in there.

Is he okay? The credits ended five minutes ago.

Here he comes.

Good night, I guess.

No Jessica tonight?

Uh, no.

So, you all good, man?


See you guys.

You do ticket count, I'll do concessions.

Ten minutes to go!

Yep. I got you. Okay.

Okay, so now you're gonna put your left leg over.

Yep, that's right. There you go. Okay.


What am I supposed to be seeing?

Just a shadow over the moon.

Look, it's growing slowly.

A shadow...

... growing slowly...

Yeah, just little bit by little bit.

Look closely.

Wait, I see it.

I see it.

It's kind of scary.

Is it?


Morning, Astronomy Boy.

Better than Helmet, I guess.

I feel they work together.

Alex, maybe you think I'm being silly, like I get my titties in a twist over the tiniest things... but you didn't walk that hall.

You didn't feel those eyes on you.

Come on.

You've never heard those whispers.

Ooh. "Angie Romero, best lips!"

You know it, baby!

Oh, my gosh, Hannah Baker?

Good morning, everybody.

I trust you all did the reading last night, so today we are going to jump into... social learning theory.

So, the theory is that people learn by observing the behavior of those around them.

Can anybody give me an example of this?

Anyone. Clay.


Yeah, an example would be like slang. Mm-hmm.

If somebody starts saying some word, eventually everybody's saying it.

Very good. So, one person's opinion or bias can influence the rest of the group.

This theory can also be applied to criminal behavior.

If a young person's friends or family participate in deviant acts, that young person is far more likely to do the same.

At first I thought, what a stupid list.

Jessica is so much prettier than me.

I didn't think of the chaos it would cause.

If one person in a social group begins to volunteer for a charity, they can influence their friends to do the same.

Hannah, I need your seat in a chair.

But it was just a joke.

Right, Alex? Okay, let's focus up.

Continuing on, social media is now playing a big part...

You think I'm taking it all way too seriously.

... connected 24/7. Right?

But here's the thing:

You've never been a girl.

It's good.

We just need to work on structure, and you use the word "unique," like, seven times.

If one thing is unique, the other six things should probably be, um...

... something else. What's wrong with unique?

If something's unique, it means it's different, right?

I'm saying this type of literature is different than other kinds of literature.

I mean, it is.

Isn't it, Jensen?


Ah. You saw the list.

She does have...

Unique lips. Yeah.

You should get her number.

Don't want her number. I'm just... Thinking about kissing her.

I am not.

Congrats, Angie. Looking good.

Thank you, Jeffrey.

Shh! Library.

Looking good, Clay.

Hey, Skye. Sorry.

Oh, man.

Don't tell me you've got a thing for Twilight.

I don't. I mean...

No, we just used to be friends.

Huh. Cool.

She's a pretty girl. I mean...

I don't know why she dresses like that.

But at least she's unique.

Mind if I join?

No geometry homework?

No, I did it last night.

My mom's prepping this trial, so she makes us do our homework together.

It's highly annoying, but I do admit it's cool to have homework done before the period before.

High school is bullshit.

Yeah. Don't disagree.

But... any specifics?

I wish there was a button to fast-forward you through all the shitty parts in life straight to the good parts.

And where are the good parts?

College. In New York City.

Why New York?

The minute I get there, I can be someone else.

Whoever I want to be.

But who you are now is okay.


High praise. Thank you.

I mean, is awesome.


I mean, you made the hot list.

Seriously, Clay?

What? They said you had the best...

That's out of a lot of good candidates.

Not that I've surveyed, I'm just saying.

What if girls made a list and you got... worst biceps.

Girls would probably never do that list.


And my biceps are at least better than Alex's.

That kid hasn't lifted so much as a carton of milk in years, I think.

Once again, you and the point are complete strangers.


Hey, uh, where were you going on Friday night when we passed?

I was running some errands.

In Hannah's old neighborhood?

You guys got the best stores on your side of town.

Rich white folk.

We're not rich.

You're related to Angie Romero, right? Yeah.

She's like my third cousin, maybe fourth.

Why doesn't she go here anymore?

She transferred to Catholic school.


I don't know. Her dad is really strict and super Catholic.

Didn't have to do with her lips, did it?

Her lips?

Oh, 'cause she was on the list?

Was that list a thing for her, like it was for Hannah?

I don't think so.

But Hannah...

Hannah got hurt. It happens.

You never really know what's gonna hit how.

You don't know someone else's life.

You would know, right?

Heads up! Ow!

Son of a bitch!

Jensen! Language!

What were you saying to Tony?

Nothing, really. Why?

Mr. Porter's asking questions. Don't tell him anything.

And stop talking to Tony about it.

Tony's my friend.

No, not right now he's not.

Yo, Standall. Eating lunch with us later?

I'm driving.

Uh... Yeah, cool.

Meet me at Monet's after school, okay?

Alex! Alex Standall!

Alex, what the hell! What were you thinking? Seriously!

Come on. Hannah, you know you can't be in here.

Why not? You've all been staring at my ass all day.

Hey. Hey! Get out. It's the boys' locker room.

We're not done.

Yeah, boy!

Hannah Baker.

You hittin' that now?

Aren't you with Jessica?

Uh, no, not anymore.

'Cause Jessica's a good girl, right?

But Hannah Baker puts out.

Yeah, man, just be careful.

Hannah's a crazy bitch!

As Justin knows.

Man, how is little Alex getting more than all us?

Uh, speak for yourself, big guy. I get all I need.

Come on. Let's go watch the girls warm up.

You coming, Standall?

Or are you too hot for us now?

Guys, guys, guys, guys, guys!

Watch the downbeats. Yeah? Yeah?

I know you can count. Schools in this town are not that bad.


Back to 15.

One, two...

Stop, stop, stop.

That little bump there.

Alex, tempo.

Fifteen, here we go.

One, two...

♪ No rushing, Alex ♪ I don't know what's gotten into you lately, but I need you to focus.

It's gotta be on point for the concert.

Fifteen, here we go.

You got this. Just breathe.

Leave me alone.

One, two...

Oh, there he is.

Yes, Alex! Love it!


Trust me, it will be fun.

So this contest is tomorrow?

Yeah, but you actually have to be there to win.

I will.

I promise. You promised before.

There's just a lot of shit going on at home, okay?

Seth is back, so it's just... easier for me to stay at Bryce's, that's all.

Am I supposed to be scared?

Should I be, Justin?



There's nothing to be scared of.

Justin! Uh, hey, Coach.

Missed you at the pep rally.

And at practice.

Yeah, I'm really sorry about that.

I've just had this stomach virus.

Yeah, we just got his medicine.

Mm-hmm. Everything all right at home?

Yes, sir, I've just been sick.

I'll be there tomorrow.

I won't let you down.

I'm not worried about you letting me down, son.

Colleges look at things like school attendance, game attendance, your grades.

Yes, sir.


Now you take that medicine.

And, son... get yourself some eye drops while you're at it.


Hey. You work here now?

You drink coffee now?

Yeah. I mean, I just sort of started.

Look at our little Clay, all grown up.

So, do you want one now?

Oh, right. Uh... A small drip, please. Black.

Qué macho.

Is that a lizard on your neck?

It's an alligator.

How many do you have now? Tattoos.

Why? Do you want to give your opinion?

Everyone else feels entitled to.

No, I just... I just wondered.

I like the alligator.

Remember that story I used to tell about my parents every time we drove over a bridge?

I remember.

No, wait, I forgot.

When I was little, I used to cry every time we drove over a bridge.

I don't know why.

My mom used to try to distract me...

And she would tell you to look for a purple alligator in the water, and you'd be so busy looking you'd forget you were scared.

Yeah, that's the story.

It's on the house.


Do you think it might have been Clay who tore the posters down?

I don't think so.

Clay and I are pretty close. It's just not something he would do.


Can you think of anyone else who might have wanted to act out like that, about suicide or Hannah Baker's suicide?

I can't think of anyone in particular.

No, I... I know it's hit a lot of kids hard.

You two were friends with Hannah?

Well, "friends" is...

I had a couple of classes with her.

No, but she wasn't involved in much, student council or anything, so...


Did she ever talk about how she was feeling?

Most of the time she seemed pretty chill to me.

I guess there were times she was emotional.

But who isn't?

Yeah, that's true.

I'm just trying to look out for the kids who got hit extra hard by this.

I spoke with Alex Standall today.

How many espressos are in there?

A lot.

I just started drinking coffee.

I'm not sure it's such a good idea.

I get anxiety.

Yeah, me too.

So, did you do it?

I mean, did you put Hannah and Jessica on that list?

You didn't know that?

But you saw it.

Yeah, but I didn't, like, trace the handwriting.

I didn't think it was that big a deal.

Do you think she's right?

Does everything that happened to her go back to you and that list?

Well, I think it all started the night of Jessica's party.

What did she say about Jessica's party?

Does she mention me there?

Where are you in the tapes?

I'm almost through yours.

Holy shit, Clay. I mean...

I listened to 'em all in one night the first time.

You listened more than once?

I listened to 'em twice.

Thought maybe I'd dreamed the whole thing.

Wait, so you haven't heard your own tape?


I can only listen in bits and pieces, or I...

I freak out.

I feel a panic attack coming on.

Aren't you desperate to hear yours, though?

I'm afraid to.

Well, you should be.

But I mean, seriously, it was just a list.

Like, a stupid high school thing.

That fucking list. I wish I never touched that fucking list.

Why did you?

I don't know. Bryce started it.

All the guys were working on it at lunch.

Why are you even friends with those guys?

Justin, Zach, Bryce.

No, see, I'm not friends with Bryce.

But the other guys, Zach and I got to be friends last year, and he's always hanging around Justin.

They thought it was funny and stuff.

My dad was relieved that I had male friends.

Also, didn't totally suck at school that Justin Foley liked me back then.

Okay, back then.

Why are you friends now?

Because if I stop hanging out, they're gonna know something's up.

I shouldn't even be talking to you.

Seriously? Yes.

But you don't even deserve to be on there.

I mean, you meant it as a compliment.

No. No.

I meant it to piss Jessica off. Because she wouldn't have sex with me.

Alex. Don't.

That doesn't seem like you.

Yeah, it doesn't, does it? But it was.

And the guys already thought that we were, and I wanted to.

You know? I-I loved her.

And it did piss Jessica off, but not at me.

At Hannah.

Alex did this on his own.

He just broke up with me on his own.

Enjoy it.

'Cause you will, won't you?

'Cause that's what sluts do.

Fuck you.

So not only did everyone think Hannah gave it up for me...

I took away her best friend.

And who knows?

If she had a friend, maybe...

It's okay, man.

No, it's not. It's not okay.

You want it to be okay because then you get off the hook, but you're losing your shit.

You want to think whatever you did couldn't be why Hannah killed herself.

But the truth is that I did, I killed Hannah Baker!

And Justin killed Hannah Baker. And Jessica. And you.

We all killed Hannah Baker.

Maybe you need some chamomile tea.

'Cause people are listening?

Well, it's too bad no one paid attention before.

What is that about? I told you.

He's not your friend. He's not even on the tapes.

Tony, he's in this for Tony.

Alex. Alex!

Who's that?

He's just a friend. His name is Clay.

Was he friends with Hannah?

I'm not sure how close they were.

You want evidence, Alex?

You want storm clouds and thunder?

Let's go to E-3 on your maps, everyone.

The Blue Spot liquor store...

where butterfly met hurricane.

The Blue Spot was a block and a half away from my first house here.

Hey, Wally.

Oh, hey.

And I went there whenever I desperately needed chocolate, which was, like, most days of the week.

Why do you even sell candy bars that don't have nuts in them?

'Cause some people don't like nuts.

And some people are allergic.

Some people are tragic.

What's up, Wally? What's up?

So, I see you went for nuts again.

That's how you talk to a lady, Wally?

I got the candy.

Your parents own Baker Drugs, right? But you buy candy here?

Um, better selection.

And fewer moms counting my calorie intake.

There you go.

Did you just...? Oh, no, I didn't mean...

It's just...

It's real tight.

In the store. It's tight in the store.

I don't usually listen to sophomore gossip, but, um... for what it's worth, that list got it right.

It seems like nothing.

Until the hurricane hits.

Because when you put my name on that list, you put a target on my... well, it wasn't just my ass.

You made it open season on Hannah Baker.

Hi, are... are you Wally?

No. Wally's off.

What's up, my man?

Hey, how you doin', Bryce?

What's up, Jensen?

Uh, hey, Bryce.

You live around here?

Um, no. A friend told me about it.

Yeah, me too.

It's an easy card.

You looking for a cold one? Tough day?

No, I just...

I came to grab some sugary carbonated matter.

Stuff's not good for you, man.

What you need's something all-natural.

Malt liquor.

Made from barley.

Um, I don't have I.D.

Stand on your tippy-toes.

Look old.


Uh, I must have left it at home, or at my high school.

I got both.

You don't have to... Sure I do.

You're welcome.

Keep it.

Thank you, sir.

There he is! Jensen!

Come drink with us, buddy!

I, uh... Thanks, but I gotta get home for dinner.

Oh, that's cute. Come on.

You come all the way out to Blue Spot. You let Bryce-y buy you a beer.

No, I really gotta...

No, the least you can do is drink with us.

Come on. Drink your 40. Alex, you're up, man!

Oh, yes, I love it, I love it.

Freak versus geek! Time trial. Forty ounces.

Let's do it.

Don't you have a concert?

I did, yeah, but... actually, I quit jazz band.

It's just pointless.

Oh, look! Your boyfriend's waiting for you.

The record is 18 seconds.


Wait, to drink it all? Yes. To drink it all.

There's two ways you leave, Jensen: buzzed or beat down.

Come on, Jensen, don't be a bitch!

All right, here we go. You ready?

Five, four, three, two, one!

Go, go, go, go!

You got it! Come on, you got it! Go, go!

Come on, Jensen!

No turning back! Let's go!

Come on, keep going!

Go, go, go, go!

It's so fucking close!

Go, go! So close! Oh, my God, Jensen!


What the fuck!

Okay, all right. That was pretty good.

What the fuck was that?

This tastes like shit. Fuckin' finish it anyway.

Are you fucking shitting me?

Hey, really appreciate your help.

Looked like you were having a good time.

Why are you following me?

I wasn't. I saw you with Alex. I thought you were on his tape.

Why were you with Mrs. Baker earlier?

Look, if you can't trust me, I can't help you.


What the hell?


Get him!

Get in there, man, get in there! Come on!

Who gets drunk off of one fucking beer?

Well, you can if it's a 40.

And if you chug it. And if you're that small.

And if you're a fucking pussy.

Okay, yeah, maybe he's a pussy, but he can make a fuckload of trouble for us right now.

Especially if he starts talking to Bryce.

He's not gonna talk to Bryce.

He's not gonna talk to anybody.

And he can't hide behind Tony forever.

Sooner or later, we're gonna bring him out into the open and shut him down.

Hey. Here he is.

Sorry I'm late.

I got a little distracted on my way home.

Said you'd be here half an hour ago. Where were you?

Uh... I was with a friend.

She was in trouble, and I...

I didn't believe her, so I checked it out and it was true.

She was telling the truth.

Are you drunk?

I think so.

Wow, this is escalating fast.

You've never done anything like this before.

Drinking on a school night?

Riding your bike while drunk?

I'm sorry about that.

How much did you drink, son?

Just one beer.

It was a big beer, though, and it was disgusting.

All right, enough. You are grounded.

For two weeks, you will go straight to school and come straight home afterwards, no activities, no hanging out with friends.

Okay, before we get to the sentencing phase, let's all just sit down to dinner.

You need some food and water in you, and then we can talk about...

No, I don't, actually. I'm not that hungry.

Um, I think I'm just gonna... go to my room...

I'm sorry.

You fight like a little girl.

Come on, Foley.

Foley! Come on!

Oh, fuck.

Get him!

Come on, Justin, you fight like a girl!

Is that your arm, or are you excited to see me?

Fuck you!

You fight like a fuckin' bitch!

Little fuckin' bitch.

Fuck you. I'm not your fuckin' bitch, bitch.


Come on, Alex, play or don't. We're getting killed!

Fuck you, Montgomery.


Dude, you team-killed me! Yeah, I did.

Dude, you're a really good shot.

Yeah, I am.

I'll shoot in his spot.

Oh, fuck.

The butterfly effect.

It started with Justin, then on to you, Alex.

And the rest of you.

Maybe these tapes will start a new butterfly effect.

Who knows?

Everything affects everything.


For this next one, you need to be very, very quiet.

Because you're about to do something very wrong.

Be careful.

And don't get caught.