13 Reasons Why S2E11 Script

Bryce and Chloe (2018)

[theme music playing]

[Bryce] People talk a lot about what it means to be a member of a team.

["Head On" plays]

♪ As soon as I get my head around you ♪ [player] Shred, shred!

♪ I come around Catching sparks off you ♪

♪ I get an electric charge from you ♪

[grunts] [whistle blows]

[Bryce] Thanks, man.

[crowd cheering]

[Bryce] The brotherhood, the sense of belonging to something greater than yourself.

[player 1] Set, go!

[player 2] Hold the ball! Hold the ball!

[player 3] Hey, it's going right, it's going right!

Throwing right, throwing right.

♪ Makes you wanna feel Makes you wanna try ♪

♪ Makes you wanna blow The stars from the sky ♪

♪ I can't stand up I can't cool down ♪

♪ I can't get my head Off the ground ♪

[Bryce] It's about fighting together, but it's also about family.

About knowing who will be there for you, always.

♪ As soon as I get my head Around you ♪

♪ I come around Catching sparks off you ♪

♪ And all I ever got from you Was all I ever... ♪

[Bryce] And when it's right, when it's 11 guys working as one, there's nothing like it.

[player] Set, go! [all grunting]

♪ The world could die in pain ♪

♪ And I wouldn't feel no shame ♪

♪ And there's nothing Holding me to blame ♪

♪ Makes you wanna feel Makes you wanna try ♪

♪ Makes you wanna blow The stars from the sky ♪

♪ And I'm taking myself To a dirty part of town ♪

♪ Where all my troubles Can't be found ♪

[crowd roaring] [Bryce] No greater feeling in the world.

[all cheering]


Fuck me, you're heavy. Hey!

Yeah, man, no wonder Westfield couldn't tackle your ass.

Fuck you guys. My fat ass saved yours, butterfingers.

[Zach] Hey! Ouch!

Lucky I was doubled up all night or else you wouldn't have gotten shit.

And I thank you. Dude, that catch? Insane!

You're so getting your dick sucked tonight!

Monty, you wanna do the honors?

You know what? I would. That's how amazing that catch was.

Party at your place, Walker?

No. His parents are in town.

We're hitting the docks. See you guys.

See ya.


Great game, Bryce! Thanks, Mr. Dempsey.

Looking for someone?

No, I, um... I was just... No.

I'm Hannah. We met at Kat's party.

Yes. Yeah, no, I remembered. I... I was just...

It's cool. Yeah.

Probably all those concussions out there.

Yeah, something like that.

Didn't know you were a football fan.

My mom made me come. Oh, okay, okay.

Yeah. She said it'd be good for me to meet people, make some friends.

And now she's off somewhere making friends for herself, and here I am.

Well, at least she's here.

Mine are apparently still in Zurich or wherever the hell it is this week.

Can your parents take mine with them sometime?

Absolutely. I'll talk to them about that.

Good game, man.

I, uh... I should go find my mother. Sure. Sure.

[Bryce] Hey, friend.

Let's hang out sometime.

[Bryce] Maybe that's why Hannah pursued me, because she had never felt that... that sense of belonging.

[Nora] Aren't the glasses a bit much?

Yeah, I haven't worn these in, like, forever.

Warren thinks they make him look more empathetic, relatable.

And can't he just be those things?

Look, Warren is the best there is at reading a jury.

Our family's on trial today.

You shouldn't even be in that room, for Christ's sake.

We could've fought off a bullshit subpoena for a rinky-dink lawsuit.

I got this. I spent, like, four hours with Warren and his guys.

We're good. [Nora] Are we good?

The reporters out front didn't seem to think so.


The kid doesn't need any more static.

[Jessica] If she doesn't know this happened to her, she's gonna be destroyed.

And once she does, I'm not gonna be the one who tells her that the whole world needs to know, too.

They're gonna have to take down Bryce without her.

He's just going to lie. [Jessica] Maybe.

But you go up there thinking you'll know what to say, and then it ends up going another way completely, you know?

Yeah, which is how I know we can't count on them to get Bryce.

Look, if we don't stop this, there will be more Chlöes... and Bryces...

and Ninas.

Oh, my God.

[Clay] This is proof, Jessica.

Proof of who Bryce is, who they all are.

Proof that you're not alone.

And that makes it easier?

What, like we're some part of a fucking club?

Jesus, you guys...

Wait, we... That might be evidence.

Well, it doesn't belong to you.

Aren't you pissed off?

I've made a lot of enemies in this town.

It's Bryce.

You think so? Yes.

No, he wouldn't get his hands dirty with this.

But who else would it be?

Bryce has money.

And boys like him, men like him, they have protectors and enablers and people with lots to lose if they're found out.

Can I come to court with you today?


Why are you in this picture?

I'm sure I can't tell you anything worse than what you're imagining.

[Clay] I don't know.

So far, things have been worse than I ever would've imagined.

What do you want me to say, Clay?

Would you believe nothing happened?

[Clay stammers]

How did you end up in the Clubhouse? I mean, whose jacket is it?

You know I dated Justin.

He said he didn't know about the Clubhouse.

And you believe him?

I don't know. I...

So, what do you wanna hear?

That I dated half the baseball team?

That they got me high and fucked me blind?


I wanna know the truth.

I told you my truth, but you don't believe me.

You say you love me, but you're always willing to believe the worst of me.

[Jessica] Clay Jensen has the rest. They're safe.

I know how much you talk about your story being yours, so...

I thought you should get to decide what to do with this.

Yeah, but the thing is is that this isn't my story.

This is the lie.

That I was into it and having fun, you know?

And I guess I was, you know, until...

But there's no picture of that, is there?

No proof.

You know, maybe if there was, maybe... maybe I'd be dealing with my shit a little better, right?

Nina, I am so sorry that I said that stuff to you yesterday, honestly.

You were right, though.


I cheated on Garrett with Michael.

And when you called me out... I didn't mean to call you out.

No, but you should have.

[Nina breathes shakily]

I wanted to be strong for you... to be what you needed, but I'm not.

And I don't think that I ever will be.

Maybe we're just gonna never stop being victims.

You said that Hannah pursued you after that football game at the beginning of your junior year.

Did it ever turn physical?

Yes. We had kind of an on-again, off-again thing.

[Sonya] So... you had sex more than once?

[Bryce] We did.

[Sonya] So, Hannah initiated this "on-again, off-again thing"?

Yes, she did.

She took me to Hickman's Bridge... which, honestly, I remember thinking was kind of creepy.

[Hannah] I like the idea that somebody built this thing that holds people up, helps them get where they need to go.

And yet, one wrong turn... and you're plummeting down, down, down, splat.

Game over.

Did you take me out here to murder me? [laughs]

No, I just... [laughs]

You know, we take it for granted... life and, like, how precarious it is.

I don't know, coming here, it helps me step out of mine sometimes.


And to remember how precious life is.


[Sonya] How do you mean "it was creepy"?

Well, just the whole bridge thing. Being obsessed with a place like that.

I just wish I had realized it might have been a sign.

[Sonya] And how many times did you go to Hickman's Bridge?

Gosh, I don't know. Um, quite a few.

I guess it kind of became our place.

[Sonya] And what did you do there?

[Bryce] Sometimes we just made out, um, looked at the stars.

Sometimes we made love.

Are you sure you want to? I'm sure.

[Sonya] Did things ever evolve into a committed relationship?

Not really.

Did you want it to?

Um, I had a great time with Hannah, but she wasn't really girlfriend material.

Hannah had a reputation.

And she didn't deserve it at all, but you know how kids are.

I was too ashamed to admit that I was having sex with her.

And how did Hannah feel about that?

I think she wanted more.

She would always hang around after football games, after baseball practice...

["High" plays]

Isn't it, like, freedom, being on your own, though?

I mean, I think your life sounds amazing.

Yeah, yeah, it mostly is.

That looks good on you. [chuckles]

Let me get a picture. Oh, no way. No photos.

Come on! You're so beautiful. [laughs]

I would probably hide the pipe, though.

You don't want people to think you're a complete stoner.

[Bryce laughs]

All right.

So beautiful.

Unh-unh. Oh, God, no!

I don't want to see it. What?

I don't want to look at myself. Seriously?

Because I could look at you forever.

♪ High ♪

♪ Over the north star Sleepless, so far ♪

♪ Together, we are high ♪

♪ Trapped in the holiday affair ♪

♪ A new silence filled the air ♪

♪ I rest my head on your shoulder ♪

♪ There's nowhere else I'd rather be ♪

♪ Right there, a little bit slower ♪

[Hannah] I wanted to be with him forever.

I was in love with him.

[Sonya] Bryce, you said that Hannah wanted a more serious relationship, yes?

[Bryce] Yes.

[Sonya] Did she tell you so? [Bryce] She did.

When? The night of my party.

And that was the party on September 30th?


And what made you think that Hannah wanted something more serious?

Because she told me so.

After we had sex, she said that she wanted to be exclusive.

And I said, you know, "I like you, but as a friend."

[Sonya] So how do you explain Hannah's report that you did something to her at that party?

She lied to Mr. Porter.

Why would she do that?

Because she was hurt and angry. I... I get that.

I tried to let her down gently.

Hannah really was a fantastic girl, but, look, she let her emotions carry her away, right?

In high school... it's emotional.

What if Marcus calls your dad, too, huh?

We have to get him back, you know?

I'm trying to look out for you, okay?

What about my sister?

I told you, I'm sorry about everything...

[boy] Hey, Tyler.

You wanna go to a movie sometime?


[boys laugh] [girls gasp]

Thank you very much. Mr. Wentworth.

[girl] Here you go.

[Rick] Thank you. Paxton. Thank you very much.

I was surprised to see you in class.

Oh, yeah, I uh... figured my education was more important than sitting around a courtroom, you know.


Plus, can't play ball without that average, right?

[scoffs] Uh, listen, Coach, I... Look, you had a disagreement, okay?

It happens. Sometimes brothers fight.

But that doesn't mean they're not still your family.

Those guys aren't my family.

Well, what about me?

Wasn't I there for you when you came to me last summer?

Yeah. Didn't we figure that out together?

How to be strong for your family, your mom?

Little May?

Zach, you think you can be there for your team and for me... now?

You don't get to do that, okay?

Just because you were there, you think you can...?

You know, if you were any kind of father, to this team or to anyone, you would've stopped their bullshit years ago.

That means I quit.

Bryce, you've gotten physical with other classmates against their wishes, haven't you?

Uh, not that I remember, no.

Not Tyler Down?

Isn't it true that you threw Tyler Down against a locker?

Oh, maybe, but that's just guys messing around.

He... He knew I was joking.

So you think Tyler thought you were messing around?

[Sonya] Objection. Withdrawn.

Let's talk about this party that you mentioned.

It was on September 30th of last year, right?

Correct. It was a Saturday?

Yes. It was a nice night?

Lots of stars, full moon?


And your parents were out of town? Yes.

You were celebrating a big football win from the night before, right?

We were celebrating a loss, actually.

Uh... [boys laugh]

[Bryce laughs] We don't win all that often.

[Dennis] You were celebrating a loss, and people had a drink or two?


Maybe three or four? Sure.

And Hannah Baker was there? Yes.

And she was somebody that you knew well, but who you weren't dating, right? Right.

And Hannah got in the hot tub with you? Yes.

And everybody else got out of the hot tub?


And you started to make out with her? Yeah.

And you wanted to have sex with her, right?


And you got really into it? Sure.

And you assumed that she was into it, too, correct? Yes.

So you turned her around to take her from behind, right?


You pulled down her underwear, right? Yes.

And you took your own suit off as well, correct?

Yes. [Dennis] And, Bryce, you usually use protection, don't you?

Uh, I do, usually.

But you didn't use protection with her on that night, correct?


[Dennis] And you two didn't talk about STDs or pregnancies, right?

[Bryce] We did not, no.

And she never did actually say, "I want to have sex with you," isn't that correct? Correct.

And she didn't make any specific gestures to indicate consent, isn't that correct? What, like... a thumbs-up?

Did she give you a thumbs-up? She did not.

Then you had sex with her against her will, isn't that correct?

No. No, that is not correct. She came on to me.

She came on to you, but she never said she wanted to have sex with you, isn't that correct? She clearly wanted to hook up.

But she never gave you her consent, isn't that right?

I... I knew what she wanted.

You knew what she wanted, and yet when she went to the school counselor and reported that she had been assaulted, that was a lie?

Correct. Why would she lie?

[Sonya] Objection. Calls for speculation. [Dennis] I'll rephrase.

Was there anything in your encounter that would have led Hannah to report that she had been raped?

[sighs] I... I wish I knew.

I would never do that to any girl.

When I think about my mom or my girlfriend...

[whispers] Guys, Chlöe took off.

[Bryce] I would never want anyone to hurt them.

And I never hurt Hannah.

[boy 1] But I saw it.

[boy 2] Oh. [Bryce] Ah!

[boys laughing, chattering]

He lies through his fucking teeth and everybody shakes his hand.

Are we sure he lied? Jesus, Clay, come on.

Those fucking glasses?

[Alex] We can't tell Jessica about any of this.

We have to tell Jessica.

We need Chlöe.

Hey, Kevin.


Listen. Have you been talking to Zach Dempsey?

No, not lately. Why?

He's talking about quitting the team because of this thing with Bryce.

Mm-hmm. "This thing."

You mean that Bryce is a rapist. [scoffs] Okay.

Kev, come on. Innocent until proven guilty, huh?

So you think he's innocent?

I think he is.

I think that this is a witch hunt.

A troubled girl took her own life, and we want to blame, but it's not that simple.

I would hate to see someone's future be ruined because of it.

I would've thought you of all people would appreciate that, Kev.

No one wants a record.

[Mr. Porter chuckles]

No. No, you're right.

No one wants to be on the wrong side of the law.

What do you want?

I heard you walked out of court today... while Bryce was on the stand.

Look, I know you're the one who crossed out all that bullshit about me in the stall.


Because you were on the squad.

I wanted to protect you.

I had already quit by then.

Do you remember going to a place called the Clubhouse?

[Chlöe sighs]

This is gonna be hard to look at, okay?

Do you remember this happening?

[Chlöe gasps]


You don't remember, do you?

[Chlöe exhales]

Why would he do this?

Because... because he's a bad guy.

He's sick.

He's done this to me and you and who knows who else.

And he takes pictures, or, in my case, puts them up on a whiteboard at school.

Oh, God. Jess. What?

I never...

I... I thought those pictures would scare you into not calling Bryce out in court.

Wait, you put them up?

I'm so sorry. What else have you done?

It was just the pictures.

I just...

I wanted to believe the rumors about you were true.

God, he fucking lied to me.

Do you wanna do something about it?

What if it's true?

Jesus, what if it's true?

How could you possibly believe it's true?

The stuff about Zach was true.

Zach's a good person.

Deep down, he's a lot like you.

Oh, God, don't say shit like that.

Zach's just like the rest of them.

Zach, and Montgomery, and Scott, and Bryce.

And Justin?

Justin let him rape Jessica.

Justin would give his life to do that over.

He should. He should give his life.

He's your friend.

He's not my friend.

I was your friend.

So tell me he was lying.

Tell me Bryce was lying about everything... now.

Jesus, Hannah, tell me he was lying!

He told lies. It was all lies. All of it.

Don't think about it, Clay.

Just think about me.

Think about touching me.

Think about hugging me. How it felt when we were close.

No, no! Stop it. I don't ever want to think about that again.

Okay. Fine.

Just tell me what's true.

I need to know the truth.

Here we are. Tape 12.

If you've listened this far and you haven't heard your name yet, well, I bet you know exactly what's coming now.

Or maybe you don't have any idea. No.

No! Damn it, no! Shut up! Could that be true?

Don't do this! Leave me alone. Can a person be that sick?

Let's find out. Leave me alone!

[door opens]


Clay, what... what is it?

[Clay crying] I can't.

I can't do this.

Clay, listen.

Jess talked to Chlöe.

She's gonna meet with the lawyers.

We're gonna get him.

[Dennis] Chlöe, Mrs. Rice, our window is closing here.

To be clear, testifying that Bryce raped you on campus, you'd help support the argument that Liberty's protection of rapists allowed more rapes to happen and refute Bryce's testimony that he had consensual sex with Hannah.

Do you understand? I... I think so.

[Olivia] You mentioned, uh, your little sister?

Amelia. Amelia.

If you decide to testify in that courtroom, maybe the next girl, maybe even Amelia will be safer.

Chlöe, I know this is a lot. We know it.

And I know I'm asking you to do the thing that I couldn't do, that Hannah couldn't do.

But if you could do this for all of us, whatever happens next, we have your back.

It's up to you, sweetheart. It's whatever you decide.

[Mackenzie] Hey.


Listen, I told one friend.

I was... I mean, I was just trying to figure out what I did wrong...

so I told one friend, and she's an asshole and she told someone else, and it just... it got out of control.

I'm sorry.

[Cyrus] Mack.

Cyrus, I'm talking to Tyler.

Come on.

The Coke machine at the commons is giving out doubles again.

[boys cheering]


I would love to end those motherfuckers.


Then let's do it.

Nah. We wouldn't want you to get a bloody nose or anything.

[Toby laughs]

I never thought I'd be thanking Clay Jensen for a ride.

[boys chattering]

[chatter continues]

Fuck me.

[Justin] You're a goddamn liar.

This does not end well.

[Justin] You never hooked up with Hannah. You would've told me.

Why? Because we were best friends and I told you everything?

[Justin] I should kill you. Hey, chill out.


Still gonna hide behind your boys, Bryce?

I'm not hiding.

You wanna go?

[students clamoring]

[Tony] Damn it.

I don't want to fight you. Just breathe.


You fucking coward faggot.

Oh, yes!

Let's go, motherfuckers! Yeah!

[boys shouting] ["Everything's the Same" playing]

♪ Look at my face See my pride ♪

♪ Out of touch for a while ♪ Get off! Get...

♪ In my place, I'm on trial ♪ Get the fuck off!

♪ Spent too long in denial ♪

♪ Now I don't get it ♪

♪ Now ♪

♪ Now I can't get it ♪

♪ Now ♪

♪ No, I don't get it ♪

♪ Now ♪

[echoes] ♪ No, I can't... ♪

[grunting] [students shouting]


What the fuck is your problem, psycho?

You could've stopped it.

I don't know what you're talking about.

That night at the party. Hannah and Bryce.

Look, I didn't see anything and neither did you.

Hannah's dead because of us.

Shut... shut the fuck up.

You're gonna go to jail.

[Mr. Porter] Guys, no. Hey, stop!

Hey, hey! Guys! Hey, stop!

[Rick] Boys! Hey!

[all shouting]

What the fuck are you pushing me for?

Take a fucking shot, man. Come on!

Fucking boys. Disgusting.

[alarm blaring]

[shouting continues]


Why didn't you hit me?

[scoffs] You look pretty bad already.

Which you helped with.

I didn't.


I play baseball.

That doesn't make me a fucking rapist.

[door opens]

[coach snoring] [door closes]

[woman] Bryce Walker. Can you come with us, please?

[door opens]

[door closes]

Mr. Jensen... Just a minute, Coach.

No talking, no devices. It's an emergency.

Chlöe's testifying... for the Bakers.

[scoffs] Only you could talk us past Coach Patrick.

That man still loves you. Yeah, I guess.

Oh, no.

[Clay] No. No, no, no! [Tony] What is it?


Wait, the... the box.

The box, it's gone. Jesus, you left them in the fucking car?

What was I supposed to do? Carry it around? Put it in my locker?

It's child pornography, for fuck's sake.

It's Bryce. It had to be Bryce. He was out ahead of us.

No. There's no way he had any time. And he was with that lawyer.

Well, maybe they both did it.

We are so fucked.

You lost them?

Jesus, keep your voice down. What the fuck, Justin?

Bryce took them. Look, we'll get them back.

How? How are we gonna get them back?

[Chlöe] It's in the woods, behind the field.

It's this secret place that you have to be invited to, unless you're on the baseball team.

And who invited you?


[Dennis] When you got to the Clubhouse, do you remember what happened next?

A little.

Just tell us what you can.

[exhales] Um...

It's... It's kind of a blur.

We... we listened to music.

And then... we, um, we started drinking... and smoking pot.

So, do you remember these photos being taken?


[Dennis] So you don't remember having sex with Bryce Walker?


Chlöe, you don't remember having sex with Bryce Walker?

[Chlöe] No, I...

I do. I remember.

You remember what?

We had sex.

But you... you don't remember Bryce asking for your consent, correct?

No, I... I do. I remember that now.

We were drinking, so I had forgotten, but...

but I wanted to.

Well, God fucking damn it.

I believed her.

I think she told us the truth before she walked into that courtroom.

They got to her.

Somehow they got to her.

I don't know.

It's just been a few hours, and Warren's an ass, but he's a good lawyer, and he plays by the rules.

That family doesn't. That boy doesn't.

And we just let him walk.

We can add them to the suit if you want to.

Or file separately. I'm sure they'd settle before enduring another round of headlines.

Oh, Dennis.

I don't want Bryce Walker's money.

I want him dead.


["Falling In Dreams" playing]

♪ If you were to tell me ♪

♪ If I'd have had to guess ♪

♪ I never would have told you ♪

♪ If it is not a gift ♪ I was left alone in the hot tub. ♪ I will not forget it ♪ But not for long.

♪ As long as I live... ♪ Because that's when you showed up, Bryce.

Please don't.

You got into the hot tub and turned off the jets.


I tried.

We tried, Hannah.

Hey. You okay?

♪ Seems to be the wisdom ♪ I'm fine.

♪ Conventional regret ♪

♪ Solitary protest ♪

♪ There's nothing to ingest ♪ It was all bullshit, wasn't it?

♪ I will not forget it ♪ All that about taking back the power. ♪ As long as I live... ♪ Big fucking deal.

We can spray paint some shit, they clean it up the next day.

♪ That I cannot forgive ♪ Nothing does anything.

You wanna know what real power feels like?



Oh, my... This...

This feels fucking incredible. Right? Told you.

♪ It's your time ♪

[Clay] Shit.

You're really good.

Just takes practice.

You know what really helps, though, is if you name your targets.

[stammering] Name them? Yeah.

Like people you don't like or whatever.

Kind of helps you focus.

You know, do it all in your head. Watch.

Bryce Walker.

Fuck, yeah!

[Clay exhales]

[sirens approaching]

Shit. Mr. Barbour must've called the cops. Clay, we gotta go.

You turned me around and pushed the full weight of your body into my back.

Give me the gun. [Hannah] I couldn't move.

Clay. I had no power.

Jesus, Clay, give me the gun.

[siren wailing]

Just run!

Oh, fuck.

[police radio chatter]

[lock rattling]

[Mr. Porter] Hmm.

[Olivia stammers]

This can't be the place, right?

It's the building that she described.


[stammering] No, there were other Polaroids of other girls.

There was proof.

You seem to be handling everything very well.

Ah, pretty exhausting day, I'm not gonna lie.


That was a... That was a whole thing.

You know, your father and I have always given you a lot of freedom, Bryce.

We've always trusted that you were responsible enough to make good decisions.

Seems like it's worked out pretty well so far.

I get to take care of myself, you get to keep up your tan year round.

Everybody wins, right?

[Nora scoffs]

What happened with Hannah?

You were there yesterday.

I don't think we heard the whole story.

She came on to me. We had sex.

I mean, I know you're aware I'm sexually active.

You've known since you walked in on me last year.

[Nora clears her throat]

Turned and walked out and never said anything, but you saw a whole lot of naked.

And what happened with Chlöe?

A whole lot of naked there, too.

Chlöe's got problems, okay? She comes from a broken home.

So you had sex with her when she was unconscious?

I didn't force her to get drunk and stoned at 4:00 in the afternoon.

Oh, just like you didn't force Hannah to get into the hot tub with you.

Why do you care? You didn't even know Hannah.

Did you? Or was she just another thing that you wanted?

You want to know what happened with me and Hannah, Mom?

She got in the hot tub with me, no suit, just panties and a bra over those very nice tits.

And she looked at me like... like she was hungry.

And, yeah, I wanted her.

I just...

I just had to have her.

So I took her, I turned her around, and I fucked her from behind.


Until she cried.

Is that what you want to hear?

You've brought shame on this family.

You're a stranger in this house. [chuckles]

Always have been, Mom.

Is Mrs. Baker coming back tonight?

Nah, she's gone for the day.

Why don't you head home? I'll lock up.



Oh, there was a package left for you earlier, on the counter.

Who left it? I don't know. Just showed up.

[Justin] It wouldn't have mattered if Chlöe came through.

Don't you dare blame Chlöe. No, I know, I'm just saying...

She wasn't ready.

She wasn't strong enough to tell her story, and that's not her fault. I know.

If she says it out loud, if she points at him and says, "He did this," her whole world comes crashing down.

Hasn't your whole world come crashing down?

I wish I could fix this, Jess.

I would do anything to take everything you've been through, and put it on me. You can't.

No, I can't.

But you can let me point at him and say, "He did this."

["The Killing Moon" playing]

Justin, it's me again.

I'm gonna need you to bring my car and meet me... meet me at the bottom of Vaughan's Hill.


I got something I gotta do.

When I tried to climb out of the hot tub, you grabbed my arm.

You traced your fingers down my bra strap and over my bra.

I know. I know. I'm taking care of it.

You pulled my underwear down and used your body to keep me trapped there.

I was frozen. I was terrified.

Just... I remember, okay?

I remember.

♪ Unwillingly mine ♪

♪ Fate ♪

♪ Up against your will ♪

♪ Through the thick and thin ♪

♪ He will wait until ♪

♪ You give yourself to him ♪

♪ Fate ♪

♪ Up against your will ♪

♪ Through the thick and thin ♪

♪ He will wait until ♪

♪ You give yourself to him ♪

♪ You give yourself to him ♪

♪ La ♪

♪ La la la la ♪

♪ La-la la la la ♪

♪ La-la la-la ♪

♪ La-la-la la la la ♪

♪ Fate ♪

♪ Up against your will ♪

♪ Through the thick and thin ♪

♪ He will wait until ♪

[radio chatter] [automatic gunfire]

[helicopter noise]


How are you so fucking good at this?

It's natural-born talent, Montgomery.

And practice. We've been playing for, like, five hours.

[girl groans]

What the fuck?


[Alex] Jesus! [Montgomery laughs]

[girl grunting, struggling]

I thought everyone went home. [Montgomery] Yeah, me, too.

[men shouting in video game]

[girl grunting]

Who is it?

[Montgomery] Just Bryce fucking some chick in the hot tub.

Must be a desperate slut at this hour.

[Montgomery] Yeah. [scoffs]

You could've stopped it.

I don't know what you're talking about.

That night at the party. Hannah and Bryce.

Please, Bryce.

Hannah's dead because of us.

[Hannah grunts]

So, Hannah initiated this "on-again, off-again thing"?

[Bryce] Yes, she did. She... she took me to Hickman's Bridge.

[Bryce] One wrong turn... and you're plummeting down, down, down.

[claps softly]


Game over.

Did you bring me here to murder me?

[laughs] No. No, I just...

I just mean we take it for granted is all... life and how precarious it is.

Coming here helps me step out of mine sometimes.

I think I get it.

We should, uh... we should get back.

[Bryce] Sometimes we just made out, um, looked at the stars.

Sometimes we made love.


[Hannah] Jeez, it's freezing in here.

Does this place have any heat? Oh, shit. Uh, no.


Here, take this.


Isn't it, like, freedom, being on your own?

Yeah, I guess.

I got plenty of freedom, though.

It'd be nice to have them show up every now and then.

That sounds kind of lonely.

Eh, sometimes, yeah.

I don't really talk about this stuff with a lot of people.

It's nice.

Yeah, it is.

That looks good on you.

Let me get a picture.

Oh, no way. No photos. What?

Come on. You're so beautiful.

Well, I probably shouldn't pose with this.

Don't want everyone to think the new girl is a complete stoner.


So, your parents, have you ever tried to have, like, a real conversation with them?

Let them know how you feel about them being away all the time and everything?

Whoa. Um...

What's the matter? I thought we were having a good time.

We are. It's just, um...

I like you, but as a friend.

[Bryce] Yeah. Okay, sure.


[Hannah gasping]

[Bryce panting] Oh, yeah.

[Hannah cries out]

[Clay] Why were you in the Clubhouse with him?

When I tried to climb out of the hot tub, you pulled me back in.

Tell me, or I'll ask him myself.

You told me we were "just having fun."

I'll make him hurt. I'll make him understand what he did.

I struggled, but you were too strong for me.

You pulled my underwear down and used your body to trap me there.

Clay, what are you doing?

Where did you get that?

You gripped my wrists and pushed yourself inside of me.

Get out of my way, Justin. Come on, Clay, this is fucking crazy.

It felt like a knife cutting me open.

No one's gonna get justice for her.

Hey, come on. Hey! Move!

I begged you, "Please, Bryce," but you told me to relax.

I talked to Jessica today. She wants me to testify.

Bullshit. No, she doesn't. Yes, I swear, she does.

You said you would go "nice and easy," but you went harder and faster.

So you'll just run away or fucking overdose again?

Clay, come on.

When I cried out in pain, you grabbed my hair like the sound of my pain made it better for you.

I can't count on anyone else anymore. I have to do this myself.

You don't have to do this yourself. We can get him tomorrow.

I need to do it now. [Justin] Why?

I just tried to leave my body. I tried to forget the anger and pain.

For Hannah. [Justin] Listen, Clay, I know you loved her, but she's gone.

And going in there and hurting Bryce now is not gonna bring her back.

She's gone.

[Hannah] If you're lucky, you live a long life, and one day, your body just gives up, and it's over.

How do I make her stop? She won't stop.

Make who stop? Who, Clay? Who are you talking about?

There are two kinds of death. [Justin] Clay!

If you're not lucky, you die a little bit...

[Justin] Clay, come on. ...over and over, until you realize it's too late.

[sobs] [Justin] Just stop. Give me the gun.

What the fuck?

And in that moment, it felt...

it felt like I was already dead.

[Dylan Minnette] For help finding crisis resources, visit 13reasonswhy.info.

[man] Well done, Ed. Well done.