13 Reasons Why S2E7 Script

The Third Polaroid (2018)

[theme music playing]

[Hannah] It's a giant fucking universe.

[Clay] It is a giant universe.

[Hannah] Like, how are we supposed to do anything significant?

Anything that means anything? We're not even dots.

But, somehow, every day feels like life or death, right?

Even though, at some level, it also feels like nothing matters at all.

Or means anything.

And, like, in a real way, we're all just accidents of birth, you know?

Like, it's just dumb luck that we're not having this conversation somewhere much worse than this basement.

Like, some shantytown in South Asia, or the frozen north of Iceland, or a burning desert in Africa.

But that's it.

We are exactly who we are, in this moment, in this place, and I think that matters.

Because without you, without me, everything is different.

I don't know if anything would be different without me.

I would be different.

Okay, if I do something, it affects you.

Makes you do something that affects, I don't know, Alex Standall, who affects Jessica Davis.

[Clay] Who affects Justin Foley, then Zach Dempsey, then Mrs. Bradley, and then Tony Padilla... [Hannah] And on and on.

[Clay] It's huge if you think about it.

[Hannah] It's an infinite universe.

[Clay] Infinity.

It's funny we have a word for that concept, but there's no way we can understand it.

Maybe... love? Love?

Maybe love is how you understand infinity.

When your love has no limit. When it goes on forever.

Maybe that feels like infinity.

Yeah. Maybe.

[alarm clock ringing]

[Clay] Hey, Skye.

It's, uh... It's me again.

Clay. Calling you.

Nothing much new to report. I go to court today.

To testify. For Hannah.

Still dealing with Justin.

This is weird.

You should have some pancakes. They're fucking amazing.

[Matt] I'll get you a plate.

Clay, your dad's going to take you to court today.

[exhales] Great.

I wish I could be there as well. Really no problem.

I've got this. And you've got alt-Clay here, so...

But, I mean, things are actually great.

I'm glad to be going to court, and I really think it's going to be a good way to get closure.

Yeah, I'm really looking forward to being done with all this.

I love you.

Call me. Bye.

[Mrs. Standall] Alex, honey? Wake up. Wake up.

Alexander. What? What happened?

Sorry, you were sleeping so soundly. [sighs]

Sorry, I was dreaming about running.

Happy birthday.

Oh, wow. [laughs]

Right. Thanks.

So I heard from Peter, and he is driving down this afternoon to be here in time for the party.


Do we have to have a party?

But it's all booked, and your father got his shift off.

Haven't you told your friends?

Well, yeah, I mean... Plus, they got your e-vite with the bunnies on it.

You not feeling up to it? No, I am. I totally am.

Good. We'll have fun.

All right. Get yourself up, do your stretches.

[gasps] And I have a new hemp milk to try. It's delicious.

[door closes]


You should come for a morning run next time.

[chuckles] I don't run unless I'm being chased.

And even then, I don't run.

You ran pretty fast last night.

Yeah, uh... I'm sorry.

I got a text from Mrs. Baker, and I had to go...

No excuses needed.

Look, I don't wanna tie you down.

And I don't want you to think you owe me anything.

But I like you. A lot, I think.

I'm done early tonight. Hmm.

No self-defense class.

That's quite a group you got there. Yeah. Yeah, right?

The, uh, the guy with no eye, what's his deal?

I don't know, really.

He got beat pretty bad a while back. I think it was mugging or something.

He takes a few classes.

I think he's working through the PTSD from the assault.

Seems pretty haunted by it.


Does he remember much? Haven't spoken to him about it.

There's lots of stories in that class. I bet.

Aren't we going the wrong way for your first period?

Uh, I thought we'd take the long way today.

Why is Zach waiting for us? [chuckles]

And why is he smiling like that? What? [laughs]

Wait, is it your birthday? [Jessica] Whoo!

What? What?

[Zach, Jessica laugh]

You guys got a banner made? It was a group project.

I made the design, Clay ordered it online, and Zach put it up.

Wow, that's...

[chuckles] ...that's really, really nice, you guys.

[Bryce] Aw.

Happy birthday, buddy.

Oh, sweet banner.

Is your mom bringing cupcakes?

I hope she brings enough for the whole class.

Maybe you'll get a new cane this year too, huh?

[chuckling] Yeah.

And some new friends.

[Alex] Fuck you!

You fucking rapist!

Dude, shit like that doesn't do anybody any good.

Yeah? Well, it felt good to me.

Maybe if you'd stop defending him all the time.

When have I ever defended him? Every day.

Every day you hang around him and play baseball with him, you choose his side.

Jess, tell him.

Why would you do that?

Shit. I'm so sorry.

I mean... Jess.


Come on, didn't you see the red light?

It means you're not... Hey.

Uh, hi.

Sorry. No, uh, you're... No big deal.

I know what the red light means. [chuckles]

So, um, last night was really fun.

We should, maybe, do it again sometime.

We should clean vomit off your brother's boots?

We should hang out. Maybe not in the bathroom.

So, hang out in your yard?

Or another building. Restaurant. Movie theater, perhaps?

Do you mean, like a... I mean, like a date.

It's an early stage in the mating ritual of homo sapiens.

We agree to go somewhere together.

I obsess over what to wear and then you obsess over if you should pay or if we're splitting it.

We show up, it either goes great or it goes terrible, and then we decide if we wanna put ourselves through it again.

What sadistic person invented this ritual?

[Mackenzie chuckles]

Every person.

So, you wanna? Um...

Yes. I... I really do.

She was faithful.

She was kind to me and cared about what happened to me.

She never gossiped, or told lies about people.

And what sorts of things did you do together?

We had some classes together, we ate lunch together sometimes, and we worked together at the Crestmont.

And we talked, a lot.

What did you talk about? We talked about... about books and shows and songs and eclipses and zombies and bike helmets and... and I guess our... our hopes and dreams.

[Hannah] Helmet.

Helmet. Helmet.

If you don't help build this tower, you don't get to knock it down.

I... I just need to finish this chapter.

Do you really have homework? School's over in, like, two days.

All we do in my classes is watch Stand and Deliver.

I wanna get the summer reading done before I, um, leave for my grandparents' for the summer.

Wait, what?

My parents think it's good for a "growing boy" to spend time in the country. [scoffs]

We don't exactly live in a thriving metropolis.

Ten minutes at my grandparents', and you would disagree. [chuckles]

What am I supposed to do all summer without you?

Wait, you're... you're gonna miss me? Of course.

You're the only friend I have left.

Come on, that's not true.

Will you write me, like, old-school letters?

Yeah. I mean, can I write them on the computer and print them?

You may not. And no postcards.

I want handwritten missives filled with your deepest, darkest secrets.

Are you gonna write me back?

"Dear Helmet, today, someone smeared feces on the bathroom wall, and I got to clean it up.

But there was an expired box of Milk Duds that I got to take home for free."

Those are your deepest and darkest secrets?

Write me, and you'll find out.

Whoa! [laughs]

I never wrote her.

I just...

Summer gets away from you, and stuff happens.

And I guess I didn't really think that she'd be thinking of me.

I mean, I didn't think I was that important.

And you always think that... you think that you'll have plenty of time.


I'm sorry.

What the hell? Whatever happened to

"What happens in The Clubhouse stays in The Clubhouse"?

Not in here. Jesus.

What the fuck is your problem? Somebody's blackmailing me.

If my dad sees that, I'm dead.


Look, you need to help me shut this down.

I need to? You owe me.

I don't owe anybody anything, Marcus.

I got a lot of eyes on me right now, okay?

I can't get involved in some stripper shit.

You're already involved. You were there. I'm not in the video.

Are you fucking kidding me?

After what I did for you in court, you can't return the favor?

A favor's only a favor if someone asks for it.

And I didn't ask you to drag my name into this shit.

That's on you.

[school bell rings]

Clay, you've testified today that Hannah was a victim of a culture of bullying at Liberty High.

But isn't it true that you are also a part of that culture?

No, I don't think I am.

Isn't it true that you took pictures of Tyler Down through his window that you then circulated around the school via social media?

Yes, but... [Dennis] Objection, Your Honor.

Beyond the scope of the direct.

Your Honor, he's already testified to the nature of bullying at Liberty.

[judge] I'll allow it.

[Sonya] Clay, isn't it true that you were suspended from school for possession of marijuana?

It wasn't mine. I was set up. I see.

And at any point subsequent to that suspension, did you attempt to buy more marijuana?

Yes, but I was... And isn't it true that your vandalism caused thousands of dollars of damage to Zach Dempsey's car?

I was angry at him. I... I paid for the damage.

What did you do when you were angry at Courtney Crimsen?

I just took her to Hannah's grave.

And isn't it true that you accused her of being responsible for Hannah's death?

She is responsible. All of those kids are responsible.

Are you responsible, Clay? Are you responsible for Hannah's death?

Yes, I am. I let her down.

But there are kids who did a lot worse, kids who you let skate, who did things you won't even talk about. And adults at Liberty don't...

[Sonya] Request to strike that as non-responsive.

[judge] So ordered. The jury will ignore that answer.

Clay, you've testified that you were Hannah's friend but never her boyfriend.

Is that correct? Yes.

And you said that you kissed once.

Is that correct? Yes.

Did you ever spend a night together?

You mean, have... have sex? No.

No. I mean, spend a night together, evening, night, into the next morning.

Clay, did you and Hannah ever spend a night together?


And did you do drugs together?


[music playing] [students cheering]

Go, Tigers!

Hey! Go, Tigers! Yeah!

Hey! Go, Tigers!

[air horn blares]

Hey! Go, Tigers!

Hey! Go, Tigers!


[Chlöe] Let's give it up for our varsity baseball team!

[student] Go, Tigers!

[student] Oh, look at him. [audience] Aww.

Hey, how about a hand for our new cheer captain, Chlöe Rice?


So sweet.

And now, for our emcee of today's assembly, Marcus Cole!

[cheering] [music playing]

That's right.

That's right. I, uh... dressed for the occasion.

Who's impressed?


He turned it into a fucking publicity stunt.

He's got this whole fucking school brainwashed.

We have to do something else, man. Okay? Something bigger.

What did you have in mind?

I'm sorry, Dad.

For what, kiddo? For telling the truth?

For not telling you...


And what did you say?

I didn't... I didn't know what to say. I...

You know there's nothing you could do, nothing that would stop your mother and me from loving you.

You heard Hannah say this, and you did nothing?

I didn't think she meant it like that.

Why is it kids don't tell their parents anything, ever?

Is it shame?

Or fear?

It can't be fear of punishment. No one's punished for anything anymore.

Are you afraid we won't understand?

More like afraid you'd understand too well.

So you're protecting your secrets?

We were all still recovering...

From drugs. And that explains why you did nothing?

Or we're protecting you.

Look, I have to get to school.

Let's welcome this year's varsity track team!

[students cheering] [music playing]

[Clay] Hey, Skye. Me again. Court was not great.

They found out about this thing Hannah said one time, and they blew it way out of proportion.

But now I can't stop thinking about the morning she said it and the night we spent before.

[Jeff] Hey, Jensen.

Don't you have a class to get to?

Don't you guys? No, man. We just won State.

They don't make us go to school anymore.

Yeah, you wish.

I'm wondering why after such an excellent pep rally, it seems like your pep has not been rallied.


I'm not a pep sort, I guess. Okay.

I didn't see you sit next to Hannah.

I never sit next to Hannah.

You always try to.


Not lately.

Remember that poem that everyone was talking about?

Everyone was talking about a poem? How is that possible?

Who talks about poems?

[stammers] I... Anyway...

I made fun of it.

And I didn't know it was hers, and...

Man, if you and Hannah's relationship were a novel, a major theme would be "mistakes."

Thank you.

We'll figure this out.

The last time I took your advice, she ran out on me at the dance.

No, no, no, no, that wasn't my fault, all right?

If I recall correctly, it was your nerves and uptight nature that just ruined everything.

Look, you both are just too hung up on shit.

We'll work on this.

I don't have an uptight nature.

[both chuckle]

You know what? We're gonna have a gathering this weekend.

Me, you, Hannah, my girl, Leah, and some friends. I'll text you.

I don't really do parties. Oh, you'll do this one.

See you Saturday, Jensen.

We're taking State this year. And it's for him.

He was what a teammate should be. Loyal.

Yeah, he always had your back. Never had to wonder about that.

And he looked out for people.

Always took care of his guys, no questions asked.

Yeah. Right.

[Clay] I just keep thinking... did I miss something huge, like I did with you?

What are you doing here?

I stayed to watch them hang Jeff's jersey.

Yeah, me, too.

How'd it go, in court?

Not well.

I'm sorry. They asked me about the party at Jeff's.

Before summer, last year.

Oh, shit. How'd they know about that?

God, no, Clay. I would never.

I swear.

Someone must've brought it up at their deposition. Maybe Leah.

It doesn't matter now.

Was there anything in your text messages?

No. Why?

Well, 'cause the other night, your mom, she was asking me about a text.

She said it was for a case she was working on.

Look, anyways, I'm sure it's not as bad as you think it is.

It's worse.

[register clicks]

[Clay] And, like, what other signs have I missed?

[man] Call if you have questions. [Deputy Standall] Got it.

Good seeing you. Thanks, man.

Let's go, bud.

You good?

Oh, hey, there he is.

Tyler, good to see you. Good to see you too, sir.

Hey. Hey.

Baker Drugs. This is a little out of your way, yeah?

Yeah. Uh, they carry some stuff that the WalPlex doesn't, so...

Uh, so we're gonna see you at the party tonight?

Oh, I... I didn't know, so...

I thought that you invited all your friends.

Yeah, well, Jessica was supposed to...

It's at the Epicenter tonight. Come if you can.

Alex would love to have you there.

I don't know. I don't wanna... [Alex] You should come.

Really. You should. Yeah?

[both] Yeah.

Okay. Yeah, I'll be there. [Deputy Standall] Good.

Good to see you. Yeah, you, too.

Right on. Later.


Don't they do any fucking maintenance at this place?

[Andy] Olivia. Seriously.

With what we pay for this plot?

I'll speak to them on the way out. They promised weekly maintenance.

They can't even cut the fucking grass. Liv.



This day, Andy...

I don't... I'm not even sure how well that kid knew Hannah.

He knew her well.

I think he was in love with her.

He's a good kid.

Yeah, who encouraged her to do some bad things.

One. One thing, and it wasn't... it wasn't that bad.

Nothing that you and... you and I didn't do in high school.

But what she said to him the next morning...

I've said to myself over the years.

Was it my fault, Andy? Did I...?

Was she sick? Did I give something to her?

God, no. The women in my family...

Stop, Liv. Just stop. Our Hannah was very happy.

She was kind, intelligent, beautiful, and she was very, very happy.

That's our Hannah.

[Olivia sobs]

We were happy, weren't we?

We were happy.



Should we go have some dinner?

These are kinda cute.

They're all right. I need more yoga pants.

I mean, how many pairs of yoga pants does one person need?

I mean, do you even do yoga? I do, I...

All right. Shut up. [laughs]

How long have you been together?

Uh, it'll be five months next Thursday.

Damn. Has it been that long already?

Wow, okay. Don't act so excited now.

Uh... [laughs]

See, that's her way of saying, "I can't get enough of you, baby."

Wow. You guys are adorable. And by that, I mean disgusting.


I'll let you guys do your thing.

All right. Thanks. All right.

So is he, like, in college, or...?

[Nina] Uh, junior college.

But he's transferring to Berkeley for fall semester. Pre-law.

Shit. He's kind of amazing. I know, right?

But, I mean, hey, I deserve amazing.

So do you, by the way.

Whenever you're ready to get back out there.

[Bryce] Shh. Shh. Don't worry about it.

Just having fun. What are you doing? Please!

Don't worry about it.

Just having fun. What are you doing? Please!


[Jessica] Please. No.



[alarm beeping]

Jessica! Hey. Hey. What's...

You need to pay for that.

Uh, no, here, it was an accident. I'm sorry. She's not buying it.

Jess. Hey.

[Jessica] I'm sorry. [panting] [alarm stops]

It's okay. It's okay.

Are you okay?

Yeah, must have been a trigger or something.

Security tag triggered the alarm. It's no big deal.

Are you sure you're okay?

Um, babe, can you get us some gelato, actually? Please?

Good idea. Thank you so much.

My treat. Thanks.

He knows how we know each other, right?

Uh, well, yeah. School.

I don't let what happened to me define me.

So why should I tell him when it's not who I am?

Yeah, yeah, that makes sense.

[Olivia] Haven't been here in a while. It didn't feel right at first.

How's the store?

Uh, yeah, I was able to find some new distributors for a lot of the items so we could compete, price-wise.

Cosmetics, for one, so...

That's great. Yeah.

And the new pharmacist?

He's good.

He's young, so he knows the medicine part, but not the people part.

What about you? How's WalPlex?

Getting used to it. Yeah.

I realized that I liked being my own boss, or letting you be the boss.

I don't know the right way to say this. Just say it, Andy.

We need to finalize things, Liv.

We can't stay in limbo forever.

This is about the divorce?

I don't wanna wait till after the trial.

We need to move on.

You wanna marry her. No. I want...

I wanna close a door that I can never go back through.


I see.

[Clay] Hey, Skye. It's me. Again.

Listen, I don't know if you get news there.

Uh, you might hear about... about stuff I did that came out in court.

It's kind of bad.


Hungry? Uh, sure. Why not?

Are you out of your mind? No.

Dude, listen.

You know my body's a temple, right? I don't think about your body.

What I mean is you know how healthy I am.

You're an athlete. Yeah, and a damn good one.

But on the rare occasion, when I want a deep, lovely night with my lady, we'll do a little love drug.

I've read that that shit can fry your brain, like, first time you try it.

And riding your bike without a helmet can kill you.

But which one's gonna help you let loose and help you get past your shit with Hannah and into each other?

Hmm? This is peer pressure.

No, no. I don't wanna pressure you.

You put too much pressure on yourself.

I mean... that's the whole point.

You agonize over every decision.

I do not.

Are you sure?

I mean, we don't know where these drugs come from, or even what drugs they are.

The way you say "drugs" makes you sound like a Republican senator.

I'm just saying, we don't... we don't have to do this.

You know, we can go hang out somewhere else, or...

Sure. I mean, if you want to. But... aren't you curious?

[Alex] I'm telling you, Clay.

It's a very good idea for you.


Guys, what if we just ate a bunch of sugar and caffeine?

That's a certain kind of high, right? Seriously, do not worry.

All right. Here you go.

Three first-timers, three veterans.

We got you guys.


This is so peer pressure. Like, at its worst.

[video machine beeping]

Uh, so tell me the truth. How's he doing, guys?

He's good. Yeah?

His balance is getting better and so is his strength.

I mean, he's still working on his memory, but...

But he's doing great.

[Deputy Standall] You only need one hand to whoop your old man at Skee-Ball.

[Peter] Hey. Yep.

You should've challenged me at Dance Dance Revolution.

It's my birthday. You're supposed to laugh at my jokes.

[Mrs. Standall] All right. Wings.


Fries. And curly fries. All right.

Burgers will come up when they're ready. Thanks, Mom.

Thank you.

You got all your game cards?

Yeah. Yeah, thank you, Mrs. Standall.

[Zach] Hey. Jess.

Hey, hey, hey. Yeah?

He can go. He's good.


I won this for you just to say sorry about today.

You didn't have to do that.

Yeah, well, if I hadn't won it, I'd just be saying sorry, and I thought maybe the cuteness would help.

Look, we don't need to talk about it.

[Jessica] Hey.

[Mrs. Standall] Hi, sweetie. How are you? [Deputy Standall] Great to see you.

[Jessica] Hi. How are you?

[all laughing] I just think it's complicated.

See, the thing is to be in the group, but not about the group, you know what I mean?

No. What do you mean? All right. Take Alex.

[laughs] You're friends with Justin Foley.

[laughs] Which is, like, whatever.

And he says you're a good guy. He doesn't say that about most people.

He doesn't. It's 'cause he's a dick.


I just feel, like, tremendous positivity for everyone right now.

Mmm. Exactly.

In fact, I think it's time that a few of us actually slip off for a while.

Sound good? Totally.

Wait. Wait, no. Wait. Where are you...? [Jeff, Leah laugh]

[Jeff] Enjoy your night.

It's already a great night.

I agree. [chuckles]

It's like... It's like everything is what it is, but, like, more.

Like, touching... touching things. I know.


[arcade game noises continue]

For someone who hates parties, I go to a lot of parties.


And it never ends well.



What is he doing here?

No, Alex told me to come. Tyler, he was just being nice.

He doesn't want you here.

I wanna talk to Alex. Okay, look, I brought him something.

What? "Oh, happy birthday, Alex. Here's a photo book of you in a coma"?

He told you about that?

Get out. Now.

Wait. Where is Tyler going?

Don't worry. We got rid of him. No, I told him to come.

Alex, look, I know he visited you a lot in the hospital, but he's a fucking pervert. After what he did to Hannah...

[Clay] What he did? Seriously?

At least Tyler tried to help Hannah in court.

That's more than you can say, Zach. You helped turn her into Hannah the Slut.

At least we didn't do drugs. You guys, come on.

You come on. You didn't help either.

I tried. From what you said today in court, you hurt her more than any of us.

They took that out of context. [Alex] So you didn't let her down?

How are you any different than us?

What are you thinking about?

What are you thinking about?

Come on, tell me. What are you thinking about?

I... I don't know. [upbeat guitar song playing]

You're not saying.

I have... so many thoughts.

Give me one.




It's an infinity ceiling?

No. It totally is. Look at it.


It's funny how we have a word for that concept, but there's no way we can understand it.

Maybe love.


Maybe love is how you understand infinity.

When your love has no limits, when it goes on forever.

Maybe that feels like infinity.


Yeah, maybe.

How are you feeling?

[chuckles] I feel fucking great.

[both laugh]

At this moment, I am not afraid of anything.

I am fearless. Yeah.

I feel... peaceful.

But it's just the drug, right? Is it?

Didn't these feelings have to be somewhere inside of us for the drug to find them?

I'm not sure that's how it works.

Do you believe we have a soul?

I don't know. I hope so.

If you could see the future, would you wanna see the future?


You answered that fast. [chuckles] Well...

Like, can I change the future?

Because if I can see it and I know what's coming, and there's nothing I can do about it, then it's just anxiety.

You can always change the future.

So you don't believe in destiny?

I do. I just believe it can change.

This is the saddest birthday party ever.

[cell phone ringing, vibrating]

Shit. Uh, I gotta take this.

Hey, Mom. Yeah, no, I'm just out with the guys.

I'll be home soon. Yeah. No, I know, I know.


Okay. Yeah, I'm on my way. Bye.

"The guys"?

You're out with the guys?

I just told her I'd go home and watch May.

Home from what?

Why'd you lie about where you are?

I wasn't sure...

Of course you should lie to her and everybody

'cause that's better than admitting you're my friend?

She knows you're my friend. Bryce know where you are?

Come on, man. Fuck you, Zach.

Okay. Go home.

Yeah, I should. Um...

Thank you guys for having me. [Deputy Standall] You don't have to go.

I'm gonna go play some games.

All right, you guys, truth now. What the hell's going on?

He's not all right.

Uh... [clears throat]

I think he does pretty well, most days.

Bullshit. You said he made progress.

He hasn't made any since the day I saw him last.

A month ago. [Mrs. Standall] He's trying.

Oh, he's really trying.

Oh, shit.

[loud game gunfire]

Hey, buddy.

What are you doing? Just playing a game, Dad.

Okay, maybe this isn't the right game to be playing now.

Why not? I'm really good at it.

Let's play another round of Skee-Ball...

No, Dad, fuck that. Alex.

[game gunfire echoes]

Give me this thing. That's enough. Fuck, no.

Fuck, no!

All right, buddy, I'm sorry. Come here. Fucking let me go!

I'm broken, okay?

I'm fucking broken.

That's how it's gonna be. Why don't you just live with it?

Alex, you're not broken. How the fuck would you know?

I've seen you twice since I got out of the hospital.

I had school. I had fucking school, too!

And I had friends.

Now I don't have anything, except all of you standing around feeling sorry for me, not fucking knowing what to say.

Maybe it would've been better if it'd worked.

Put the bullet through my brain the way it was supposed to go? Stop.

Wouldn't that be better?

You could get on with your stupid fucking lives.

Fuck you, Alex. Okay? Shut up. Just shut up.

Jess. No.

Listen to me, you asshole.

How could you do what you did?

After Hannah, I needed you.

You were the only one I could trust, who understood what I was going through, and you were gonna fucking leave me behind?

That's messed up, Alex. It's messed up. I'm sorry.

Everybody here loves you.

And you just don't care?

I do care. I care. I'm sorry.

[Deputy Standall] It's okay, it's okay.

It's okay.

[laptop ringing]

[suspenseful music playing on TV]

Hey. Hey.

How was the party? Stupid party, stupid people.


Sounds right.

Why are you sitting in the dark?

I'm introducing my old man to the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Seriously? Seriously.

He's the last person in the world that doesn't know what his Patronus is.

Fucking muggles. Right?


Pay attention here. You're gonna need to know that for the sixth movie.

Hey, so, uh...

I wanna do Zach next.

Okay. Again?

Yeah. He's just a fucking asshole who needs to be checked.

Cool. Yeah. So I have this whole idea for him.

So I'm thinking... Ty, you know I'm down for whatever, but I got to make sure my dad doesn't fall asleep.

He's, like, 47. They tend to do that during movies.


Just tell me the plan. I'll be there.

Yeah, fine. Later.


[Sonya] Clay, isn't it true that you heard Hannah say that she wanted her life to be over?

And isn't it true that you did nothing?

You did nothing to help her.

If he had been honest with us about the drugs...

Did you know they were gonna ask?

No, of course not. I removed myself, Matt.

If I were to interfere with a witness...

A witness? He's your son.

If I were to interfere in any way, I would be fired.

I could be disbarred, Matt.

Our boy did drugs, we didn't know.

He hid a homeless boy for a week, we didn't know.

I mean, what the fuck, Lainie?

[Lainie] Trying to help a friend in need. Our son is in need.

Yes, Matt, I'm aware.

[Clay] I can't stop thinking about it, Skye. They destroyed me.

Ask me why she was depressed.

Why she was destroyed. Ask me who did that to her.

[Sonya] No further questions. [judge] Jury will disregard.

Witness, stand down.

[Clay] But did I deserve it?

[Alex] Who ordered the cinnamon rolls?

If I put that in my mouth, I will literally puke.

Are we, like, all in bad moods? [Sheri] I am.

I just don't even have the energy to care.

[Jeff] No, we're just coming down. It's normal.

What's the point, right? Yeah, exactly.

No, but, like, really, what's the point of anything?

That's just the Molly talking.

Her name's Hannah.

You've gotta handle the lows if you wanna chase the highs.

Come on, drink some water. Don't let your mind go to that dark place.

Do you ever think, "I can't do it anymore"? Like, "I wanna die"?

Yep. Every single minute.

Like everything's black?

[Jeff] Guys, get through this. Okay? Get through this moment.

And it'll all be clear.

[Clay] Skye, she said it and I heard it.

I couldn't help her then, and I couldn't help her today.

I've got to be able to do something to help.

People need to know the whole story.


That's great. [scoffs] That's just perfect.

Clay, honey.

Come on, lover. Give me a little. I had a shitty day.

Yeah, I know. I heard Alex had one of his outbursts.

Well, the kid's sick.

I feel bad for him. Now forget about that.

Babe, I thought we were watching a movie tonight.

I've seen it. But you chose it.

Yeah, so I don't have to pay close attention.

I'd rather pay attention to you.


Ow. Careful. Yeah.


Is that better?

Babe, what is up with you tonight? Just the usual. Being into you.

[Bryce grunts]

Babe, what... what about the movie?

Fuck the movie.




You're good, yeah? [panting]

Yeah. And you want to, right?


[sighs] [Bryce grunting]



[whimpers, gasps]

[knocking on door] [Lainie] Clay?

You can keep up the silent treatment as long as you have to. I understand.

But Justin will need your support tomorrow.

And on Monday, okay?

[sighs] You're reading the comments.

Don't ever read the comments.

The shit that people say, about you, about me.

They don't know the whole story.

Don't do this. I'm doing it for you.

I'm trying to make things right. You know it won't.

[sighs] What else can I do?

You can help Jessica and Justin. You can figure out those pictures.

I don't care about the fucking pictures. I care about the truth. I care about you.

Then don't do it. You know I don't want you to.

Well, maybe you don't get a say anymore.

People did terrible things to you and they're getting away with it.

You left those tapes for a reason. What reason?

To make people face what they did and admit it and understand how fucked up it was.

Do you think I wanted revenge?

I don't know what you wanted, because you left a huge fucking mess.

I'm the only one interested in cleaning it up.

It wasn't revenge.

I had to tell my own story.

I wanted people to know what happened so maybe it wouldn't happen again.

Exactly. So everyone should hear it. No, not like this.

You don't get to decide.

You left.

["Rise" playing]

♪ I could be wrong ♪

[Derek Luke] For help finding crisis resources, visit 13reasonswhy.info.

♪ I could be wrong ♪

♪ I could be wrong, I could be right ♪

♪ I could be black, I could be white ♪

♪ I could be right, I could be wrong ♪

♪ I could be white, I could be black ♪

♪ Your time has come, your second skin ♪

♪ The cost so high, the gain so low ♪

♪ Walk through the valley ♪

♪ The written word is a lie ♪

♪ May the road rise with you ♪

♪ May the road rise with you ♪

♪ May the road rise with you ♪

♪ May the road rise with you ♪

♪ I could be wrong ♪

♪ I could be right ♪

♪ I could be wrong ♪

♪ I could be right ♪

♪ I could be wrong, I could be right ♪

♪ I could be black, I could be white ♪

♪ I could be right, I could be wrong ♪

♪ I could be black, I could be white ♪

♪ They put a hot wire to my head ♪

♪ 'Cause of the things I did and said ♪

♪ They made these feelings go away ♪

♪ Model citizen in every way ♪

♪ May the road rise with you ♪

♪ May the road rise with you ♪

♪ May the road rise with you ♪

♪ May the road rise with you ♪

♪ I could be wrong ♪

♪ I could be right ♪

♪ I could be wrong ♪

♪ I could be right ♪

♪ I could be wrong ♪

[man] Well done, Ed. Well done.