15 Minutes (2001) Script

Next, please.


Don't fool around Okay

Did you hear what I said?

I want to document our trip to America.

Next, please. Next.

How you doing? Can I see your documents?

What is the purpose of your visitto the United States?

Two weeks holiday.

Do you have a return-tripticket?

Excuse me. No photography in the F.I.S. area.

Is he travelling with you? Are you two together?


Sir, come on up. Join us.

Is there a problem?

No. If you're together I wantto talkto you together.

-Can I see your documents? -Sure.

Passport, please. Are you related?

Yes. He's myfriend.

You're a Czech national and you're a Russian national.

How do you know one another?

We know each otherfrom Prague.

-How long are you staying? -Two weeks.

I'd like him to answer for himself.

But he doesn't speak English.

No, sir. I speakvery good English.

I'm herefor movies.

For movies? I don't understand.

When I was a boy, I've seen at my school... movie called "It's Wonderful Life..." directed by Frank Capra... and ever since I justwant to come to United States...

Iand of thefree, home of the brave... a country where anyone can be anything.


"Abandoned baby in Times Square."

Come on, it's toofucking soft.

Itwon'twork, and itwon't getthe numbers.

Are you suggesting that we manufacture bad news?

It's whatthey tune us infor.

We're a tabloid show. They tune infor rough stuff.

The network's up my pretty little ass to change.

Every lobbyist, mom, and politician... is screaming about violence in prime time.

We've gotto broaden theformat.

Broaden theformat.

The story they will run is the one with the juice.

They want ratings as much as I do.

If it bleeds, it leads. What have you got?

Ride-along with Eddie Flemming.

-Fuck, again?! -Cover of "People."

He is not new.

Eddie's a dearfriend, butwe've done him to death.

No,this is good.

The psychiatrist goes to trial tomorrow.

The ratings'll hitthe roof. What's Eddie doing?

He's staking out a Jamaican serial killer.

That's good.

I don'twant blood and guts! Broaden theformat!

I know they broughtyou in to be the journalism cop--

-Excuse me! -You're killing my show!

Don'tforget, Eddie's always good TV.

Notwhen he's drunk.

He's got a new cureforthat.

-When? -Tomorrow at lunch.

Ready, set.

Let's go.

Thrill of the hunt.

Look, Times square. Just like the movies!

Don't speak Russian!

Why do I always have to Speak to you in Czech?

Because I don't like your ugly language, okay?


"Fuji colour...

"adjustable shutter speed...

"nightvision, infrared...

"black and white.

"Make your own movies."

Damn! Watch where you're going!

Where'd that big guy go with the video?

He stole my camera! Stopthat guy in the cab!

-Go! Go! -Stopthat guy in the cab!

Bryan,we're pulling up now. This is important.

I needfreshfootagefor the piece on Eddie tonight... so come infast on my signal with the camera rolling.

You got it?

So what's Unique?

Notwhat,who. From Jamaica.

His girlfriend tooktoo long putting her make-up on.

They were latefor a party.

-Stabbed herwith a bottle. -Jesus Christ.

That's unique. Shit.

He still wentto the party.

Topfloor, back room.

Eddie, autograph, mon.

Phone number.

Why your picture not on this?

-Bounce. -All right.

Yo, Unique. 5-0's on the way, bro.

-Cops? -Let's go.

Love you too, man.

Who does he think Leon was?

Itwon't matter.

He'll hearthe cops are coming and just get out.

-Come on. Be quiet -Right.

-Stand by. -Standing by.

Eddie, are you gonna be home tonight?

We're running the Stephen Geller piece.

Again? You ran thatfucking thing a thousand times.

So what? He's going to courttomorrow.

The psychiatrist's trial is starting.

Ratings'll be through the roof.

Hey, get out.

Do me afavour. Cut my interview out.

Whatfor? Jesus Christ.

Are you getting shit from downtown? Fuckthem.

You're the only one making big cases in this town.

I bring the big cases, that brings the big news.

That stuff hurts as much as it helps.

Get real jealous downtown.

Stay behind me.

Hope thisfuck don't run. My knees are killing me.

Be quiet. Get back.

Are you worried about my safety? I'm touched.

Go! Get away!

Just keepthem out of my way.

-You ready? -Robert,we're ready.

You ready? Let's go.

Go on! Just get out!

Come on,youfucking guys! Come in rolling!

What's your rush? You going to a party?

Whatyou chase mefor?

You always leave your house like that?

This not my bloody house!

-You live here? -Me don't live here!

That sounds like burglary to me, pal.

Eddie, any chance we could getthat again?

I didn'twantto do it in thefirst place.

Are youfucking kidding me? Turn thatfucking thing off!

Are you out of your mind? Where the hell were you?

You two are a waste of my goddamn life! Fuck!

No, Emil, getthe position.

-What? -First scene of my new movie.

Collecting our share from the bankjob.


Just a moment!

Who's there?

It's Emil.

How are you?

Glad to see you.

Olga said he didn't know where you were.

If you are trying to hide, You shouldn't write to her with your return adress!

Beautiful necklace.

Effects. Video Effects.

Itwasn't myfault you two got caught.

I know.

Please, it's hisfault. It's really hisfault.

Trying to get the bank clerk's phone number.

How could I wait?

Hey, you didn't tell us she was your wife!

That's why I didn't tell you! Because of what you did!

Let'sforget all this shit!

Hang on. Calm down.

You know what?

Give me my money.

Emil,we spent it.


Look atthe way we live.

I'm a plumber.

Nice watch.

You think I'd be working if I had money?

What's going on? Just give me my money.

I'll helpyou.

You'll help me?

I getyou a job.

A job?

The money is good.

A job as a plumber?

It's easy. It's good.

You think I came to America to work?

No way.

We started over. You can,too.

Emil, please. I'm yourfriend.

I'm yourfriend--


It's myfault. Emil, please--

Emil, put down the knife!

You spent all my money while I was in prison?

You're telling me to get a job?

As a plumber, fixingfucking toilets?!

Please, put down the knife!

-You're myfriend! -Yes, I am!

You're my bestfriend!

Please, put down the knife. Emil, please.

Shut up!

Shut up!

She saw.

-What are you lookingfor? -Herwallet,you idiot.

Daphne Handlova. Six-month visa.

Still here aftertwo years.

She'll call the police. She will!

She is illegal!

Turn thatfucking sickthing off!

Do as I say!

What are you lookingfor?

Ah, no!

Bohemian barbecue.

Man,whatyou gotfor me?

I don't have time forthis tonight.

Where thefuckyou going?

Do yourself afavour and getthe hell outta here.

Gonna make me bustyour ass?

I'm nottelling you again. This ain't a smart move.

Give me yourfucking money--

You happy now? Now you're under arrest.

-You the cops? -Fire Department.

Firemen don't carry no damn guns.

Guess again. I'm an arson investigator.

We do everything cops do.

Yo, man, come on!

All right, we're getting up on three.


Why don'tyou let a brother off, man?

No harm, nofoul. My bad, dawg.

What's up, man? Come on!

-Putyour hand upthere. -Whatyou gonna do?

-Where you going? -To afire.

-Hell, no! -I'll send a cop back!

Oh, hell, motherfucker!

You can't leave me handcuffed to no goddamn tree!

Somefreak'll come up in here and stab me, man!

Make sure EMS is standing by.

We'll have to take the bodies out pretty soon.

Let's getthefourth winches to thefront of the building.

Chief,youfirst due?

Yeah. I gottwo roasts up on the topfloor.

You don't have to investigate because Homicide's here.

Homicide? Who said they could go upthere?

I didn't make this a crime scene yet.

-It's Eddie Flemming. -Fuck him.

Jordy,where you been? We got a celebrity.

I heard. Who the hell let him upthere?

Don't know. Think Eddie'll give me his autograph?

Maybe he'll give you a kiss,too.

-Hey, Cap. -Bobby.

Stairs are soggy.

-Hey, Eddie. -What?

Looks to me, from the 69 position... thatthey were doing each other.

They must've been smoking something... and were so wacked out of their heads... thatthey got careless, lit upthe mattress... and setthemselves onfire.

I don't know. We gotthe experts here.

Show them whatyoufound?

Hope you don't mind, guys.

We thought maybe you needed some help.

Not at all. Detective? Bobby Korfin.

-How you doing, Bobby? -My Uncle Tony worked with you.

Detective,you mind putting that cigar out?

-Trying to pick up a scent. -Sorry.

I'm glad you guys got it allfigured out... butyou mind if we go through our routine?

Give us something to do.

We don't mind.

-No, certainly. -Appreciate it.

-Be our guest. -Thanks.

Talk about smoking after sex.

We got afast-burningfire.

We got some good low patterns down here.

-Mouth's clean. -Clean?

So let me getthis straight... you think a couple of crackheads burned themselves up?

That's what it looks like to me.

While they're burning up... they're still going down on one another?

Gotta hand itto them.

I guess some people have their priorities straight.

I guess they do.



-What's that? -Evidence.

Of a homicide.

-You know whatthat is? -No,what?

Camello, punch a hole in the corner.

I wantto look atthefloor.

They have no soot in their mouths... which means they weren't breathing before thefire... and this little piece of cloth... means they were doused in aflammable liquid... and then positioned like this on the bed.

To the untrained eye, it looks like an accident.

No offence.

What's he lookingfor?

He's lookingfor a timer.

Here you go. Big double homicide.


Justtake some deep breaths.

Did you see the look on Eddie'sface... when you handed him thattimer?

Damn, I wish I had a picture of him.

He knew all along,though.


Why do you think he was so quiet?

He was testing us.

You think so?

Detective, does it look like a murder?

We haven't determined the exact cause of death yet.

There's a lot of answers we still haven't got.

-How many victims? -Two bodies.

-Have you identified them? -Not positively.

Is it drug-related?

We don't know the cause of thefire orthe deaths.

We getthem all, we'll letyou know.

What's this in your hand? Evidence?

This is something wefound on the scene.

Whether it's evidence or not has yetto be determined.

-Thankyou, Detective. -You're welcome.

See you.

Do you see her?


There was a woman in the crowd. She looked scared.

Looked like she wanted to talkto us.


Get a blanket.

Now here you come. It's aboutfucking time.

Whatthe hell happened to you?

She stripped me, man. A bag lady.

Stripped all my clothes off.

Grabbing me in my nuts. Itwas disgusting.

Consideryourself lucky. I won't lockyou up.

You'refree to go. Getthe hell outta here.

A dog pissed on me, man!

You violated my civil rights.

We gotyoufor robbery one. Take a walk.

So, before you sleptwith her... with your own son's wife... did you take even a second to think aboutthe consequences?

I takefull responsibility for sleeping with her.

I had very low self-esteem.

I had to compete with somebody. It happened to be my son.

You're blaming this on low self-esteem?

I had a lot of behavioural disorders.

A behavioural disorder and low self-esteem... makes you have sex with your son's wife?

It's not all hisfault.

No,that's true. What aboutyourwife?

He's ignored mefor months. I had no one around.

I didn'tthinkthat he loved me anymore.

How could somebody who loved somebody do that?

That's the lowestthing you could ever possibly do.


"Low self-esteem."

Turn off the camera.

I'm not filming anything.

Turn off the fucking camera!

I'm watching Milos die.

Turn it off!

Let go.

Don't break it! Don't break it!

How do you erase it?

I'll do it! I'll do it!

Get rid of it!

Don't speakto me in Russian.

You got it?

Erase it! Erase it now!

Just erase it!

Daphne Handlova.

What's this?

"Worldly Escorts."

"Worldly." What is it?

What is it?

I'm serious. Get on your knees.

Look me in the eyes and tell me you're sorry.

Let me see if I believe you.

I'm very sorry forwhat I've done.

I promise I'll never do it again.

How come we don't believe you?

Are you looking for companionship?

Yes. I'm homesick.

I can setyou up with a realfine date.

Do you have Eastern European girl, Czech girl?

-Of course. -Askfor Russian girl.

Whateveryou want. As a matter offact...

I have a lovely Czech girl right here.

Send her. I take her.

What's your address?

-Can youforgive him? -Give me a hug.

Wait a minute. Hold on.

That's a good startthere.

Now thatyou know Eddie, maybe he'll putyou... in the next movie about him.

You think so?

You can play his wife.

What's up, Chief?

Whatthe hell is that?

What is that in your hand? Evidence?

This is something wefound on the scene.

Whether it's evidence or not, we're not sure.

You gave Eddie Flemming the evidence?

Who did cause and origin?

Chief,who do you think did? We did.

Then why didn'tyou talkto the reporter?

Because we got more importantthings to do...

Iikefinding outwho did it.


Don'tyou guys understand?

It is all about image.

The betterwe look, the more money I getto pay you.

Good evening. I'm Robert Hawkins... and this is "Top Story."

Tonightwe have an exclusive interview with Stephen Geller... who horrified the nation two years ago... when he murdered three clerks in a Manhattan shoe store.

But now, Mr Geller's claim... spoken softly and articulately... is that he is the victim.

Hard to believe. Watch.

These people died... because of the criminal actions of my psychiatrist.

He didn't insist that I stay on my medication.

So youfeel absolutely no responsibility... for killing these people?

Itwas myfinger that pulled the trigger... but morally, I'm not responsible.

My psychiatrist knew what I was capable of.

How can I know? I'm not a doctor.

That seems very savvy for a man who's beenfound... mentally incompetent to stand trial.

I'm a victim here,too.

My life has been permanently disrupted.

Permanently disrupted?

Hasn'tthis "incident," as you call it... jump-started your career as an artist?

Isn'tthere a movie in the works?

We're in negotiations. That's correct.

Doesn'tthe "Son of Sam" Iaw prohibit convicted criminals... from profiting from their crimes?

It doesn't apply to me because I'm not a criminal.

I wasn't convicted.

I wasfound to be temporarily insane.

I love America.

No one is responsible forwhatthey do.

-Get in the bathroom. -We'llfuck herfirst.

-Get in. -Fuck herfirst, right?

Stay there! Shut up!

I'm Honey from Worldly Escorts.

You called us?

And how are you tonight?

Where's the Czech girl?

Baby, I'm whatever you want me to be.

I'm a little schoolgirl, I'm Mommy, I'm a Czech girl.

Now, I like to get business out of the way... before we get down to pleasure... so can you putthe money on the dresser?

But I need the Czech girl.

Daphne. You know her?

It's an outcall service runfrom a loft.

I don't know the other girls.

Aren'tyou getting undressed?

Where's the escort service?

That's confidential.

Can you putthe money on the dresser, please?

Yes. Sure.


I'd like to talkwith the person who runs the service.

Can you give me her address?

Do we have a problem here?

Good. There's no reasonfor us to have a problem.

I'm gonna make you feel real good.

Sorry, no smoking.

When I'm through with you... you won't even remember the Czech girl.

Listen to me.

I don'twant sex.

Just give me the address, please.

Look, I don't give a shit if you want sex or not... butyou're payingfor my time.

Just listen to me.

Give me the address, and then you can go.

What are you doing?

Listen to me. You gotto help me!

Just calm down and listen to me.

Give me thefucking address, and then you go!

Please,you gotto help me.

I need your help!

All right! OK!

It's in my purse. No!

Shit! God!

Help me!

No! Help me!

No! God! Someone! Please help!

No! Help!

What really stood out aboutthis girl were her eyes.

She had the most amazing huge blue eyes you've ever seen.

Just absolutely beautiful.

How long they been living in your building?


I'll give you a call as soon as we know something more.

-What do you got? -Milos and Tamina Karlova.

They were quiet and keptto themselves.

Landlord don't know who your girl is.

OK if I smoke?

It's your crime scene now.

Do whateveryou want.

Did you watch the news?

I must have missed it.

Just so you know...

I gave you guys all the credit.

Well,just so you know...

I don't really care aboutthat stuff.

Why should you?

I don't even watch TV.

Good. Good. That's commendable.

You get a reportfrom the M.E.?

Sure did.

I wantto askyou something.

You got a problem with me?

If you showed up andfound me stepping on your crime scene... and remember, itwas my crime scene yesterday... it might piss you off,too.

What aboutthe report?

You were right. Both dead before thefire.

The man was stabbed so hard... the killer broke off the tip of the knife in his spine.

That usually indicates something pretty personal.

Super said he's seen her before... but she didn't live here.

Prettiest suspect I've had in a while.

I don't know if she has anything to do with this.

I saw her outside afterthefire... and thought maybe itwas a lead.

Thought maybe she saw something.

Why would they have taken the trouble...

to position the bodies like that?

Maybe they're trying to send somebody a message.

Burial rites are very serious in Eastern Europe.

Could be to humiliate them.

How do you know all this?

Myfolks werefrom Poland.


You sure itwas a knife?


There was another murder on...

8th Avenue in a hotel.

A stabbing.

Clerk said a Russian rented the room.

Mind if I go along with you?

This isn't afire. There's nothingforyou to do.

I'll watch you. Maybe I'll learn something.

This isn't homicide school, kid.

But if you wantto help, take that.

What's this?

The matching set forthe murderweapon.

This is our second day in America.

First day was very exciting... full of thrills and chills.

Over here is the co-star of my new movie.

My partner Emil.

Who's this?

That is New York'sfinest.

That's his case.

Is that all you want?

Do you know how much killer getsfor movie rights?

It says in there he wants a million.

A million?

You're kidding.

The killer gets million dollars fortelevision interview?

It pays to be a killer in this country.

-Justtaking a bath. -Any ID?

-P.D. only. -He's OK.

We still got to run some prints.

This kid herefrom Midtown caughtthe case.

How you doing? Tommy Cullen.

It's a pleasure tofinally meetyou.

This is whatwe got. Figure she's a prostitute.

Judgingfrom the defence wounds on her arms and hands... she was reallyfighting for her life.

The room was registered to a Frank Capra.

-Who said this guy's Russian? -The clerk.

Checkthe switchboard. See what calls went out.

I'm on it. Excuse me, gentlemen.

We're waiting on the M.E. tofind out if she was raped.

We got a shitload of prints here... but in this joint, they could be anybody's.

Anybody take a piss lately? Checkthe toilet seat.

Only one guy checked in?

You wantto go to homicide school?

Let me show you something.

The killerwas standing overthere, slashing her.

Atthe point of death, the heart stops beating... so you don't bleed anymore. See these two marks?

Somebody was over here while the killerwas stabbing her.

What kind of knife you think we're talking about here?

If you look atthe marks on the wall over here... they're wide, but notvery deep.

This was notyour everyday kitchen or pocketknife.

What if the tipwas broken off?

Could be. Then we'd probably find it somewhere.

I thinkwe alreadyfound it.

There was only one phone call made last night.

I dialled it, and itwas an escort service.

-You identify yourself? -I'm new, not stupid.

Call communications. Get an address on that number.

-Good work. -Thanks.

So you gonna head over to the escort service?

I'll letyou know what happens.

Eddie,you the man, bro!

Eddie,this is ridiculous.

If I ride along with you, we could talk overthe case.

Tell you what. I'll bounce this coin.

If you win,you come with me.

If you don'twin, you don't come with me.

Fair enough?

All right, but I call it.

You call it.

-Tails. -Heads. You lose.

That's bullshit. I didn't getto see.

Go ahead. I'll call it.

Heads. See? You losttwice.

See you around.

Come on.

All right.

That supposed to befunny?

Yeah, come on.

I was justjoking.

Thanksfor letting me come along.

No problem. Souvenir.

Two heads.

Betterthan one.

Police. We justwantto askyou some questions.

Do you have a warrant?

We're not looking to bustyou, ma'am.

It's Detective Eddie Flemming from Homicide.

Just open the door. We wantto talk.

My God,what an honour.

Rose Hearn. Please come in.

I just saw you on television.

You look better in real life.

Just give me one second.

So,what can I help you with, Detective?

We don't have any ID yet... butwefound one of your girls atthe King Edward Hotel.


Did you send anybody overthere?

Yeah. Honey.

She's one of my girls. She's dead?

I'm afraid so.

Oh, my God.

Are you all right?

-Do you want some water? -Please.

Get some water, please.

Do you know what she was doing there?

She was on a date with a guy.

He called askingfor a Czechoslovakian girl.

I sent him Honey.

Once they getthere, it doesn't really matter.

Do you have Czech girls workingforyou?

No, but he insisted on one.

Does this girl lookfamiliarto you?


Whatwere you saying?

I think I know this girl. Her name is Daphne.

She's a Czech girl.

I tried to recruit her and gave her my card.

I never heard backfrom her. She's very popular suddenly.

Do you have a last name?

No. I just had two guys come in asking about her.

Who were they?

One guy said he was her cousin was trying tofind her.

They had a video camera, and I wanted them out... so I told them where she worked.

Where's that?

It's a salon on 63rd and Madison.

-What's the name? -Ludwig's. She washes hair.

Leon, Ludwig's Hair Salon. Suspects might be there.

We think the suspects are there.

-Right away! -Hurry!

Want a sip?

-I'm on duty. -So am l.

Huntingfor Daphne.

I'll go inside. You coverthe exit.

Of course.

I always wanted to be a cop... when I was a kid.

I dreamt about pulling out my gun... kicking the door in, yelling "Freeze"!

What did you dream about?

Running into a burning building, kicking down the door... rushing through the smoke, and saving a kid.

Then I guess we're doing it the rightway.

If itwas a burning building, I'd letyou gofirst.

Watch out.


The thrill of the hunt.

Excuse me.


I'm lookingfor Daphne.

I don't know where she went. Maybe infront.


I've got a temper.

When I lose it, I lose control.

Get out of here!

I didn't intend to kill Milos.

When I wentto prison, they beat me.

I still didn'ttell he was my partner.

I loved Milos like a brother.

Daphne,will you be coming backto work?

-In a minute, Ludwig. -Come!


I don'twantto kill you.

But if you talk...

I will.

I thoughtyou'd want it.

This was Tamina's necklace.

Keep it.

Let's get out of here.

Good-bye, my love.

Your name's Daphne, right?

Remember last night atthefire, you saw me?

Last night,you wanted to tell me something.

I got it. I smell smoke across the street.

We justwantto talkto you.

We're here to protectyou. No problem.

You speak English?

You speak English, don'tyou?

Let's go this way.

Did two guys come and visityou today?

What's that? Who gave you this?

Across the street, two guys with a video camera.

Don't look! It's OK.

Let's just box them in.

You stay here with her.

Come on, let's go!

Shit! Go!


Split up!

Fuck! Go!

Son of a bitch!

Getthefuck out of the road!

Move! Damn!

On the bus!

-Look out! -Be careful!

Excuse me! Move! I'm a cop!

Look, look!

Watch out! Watch out!

Perfect! Cut! Print! Go!

Bobby,you OK?

I'm all right. They wenttowards the park!

-You hit? -No.

Got my piece.

Did you get him?

Think so.

I'm here, Leon.

I'm having a bad day, man.

You'll be OK.

We've surrounded the park. They've disappeared.

Detective, can you tell us what happened?

-I can'ttalk right now. -Give me a break.

Excuse me,what's the Fire Marshal doing here?

I can't give out any statements right now. I'm sorry.

I understand your partner, Leon Jackson, is injured.

He was hurt, not seriously.

Do you have a suspect in custody?

Now's not a good time, OK?

Detective Jackson was not hurt seriously.

That's all I can tell you.

All right. Eddie, are you all right?

Not a good time.

All right.

If you'd just be willing to cooperate...

Let me tell you something.

I wantto know who they are and how you're involved now!

I don't know who they are. I've never seen them before.

I was there showering, and Tamina is afriend of mine.

My showerwas broken, so she let me use theirs.

Go on.

That's it. I saw the killings.

Why are you protecting them?

I'm protecting myself.

From what? Are you here illegally?

Don'tworry aboutthat. We'll talkto lmmigration.

-Don'ttalkto lmmigration. -Why not?

We'llfind out one way or another.

Betterthat it comesfrom you. You understand?

You wantto sit down?

Why don'tyou sit down?

You want a glass of water?

My little sister and I shared aflat.

I came home one night, and a man was raping her.

His gun was on the chair, and I grabbed it... and when he came at me, I shot him.

Justifiable homicide.

Yes, but he was a cop.

So you shot him, and you killed a cop?

I was living in a small town in Slovakia.

We don'twantto hear your life story.

I got an officer shot outthere.

Justtell us where we canfind these guys.

You're a cop. I know you won't help me.

You're right. Not unless you help us.

Eddie, can I talkto you alonefor a second?

For a second.

Even if she is telling the truth, she'sfucked.

Would you mind letting me talkto herfirst?

Any leads I get, they're all yours... but let me getfirst crack at her.

You wantto talkto her alone?

She's scared.

You're intimidating her. Big hotshot celebrity.

I'm a nobody. Maybe she'll open upwith me.

Maybe she looks at me different.

What is this? You're her saviour?

Gonna save her from the burning building?

I'm being serious here.

I'll give you a head start... butyou get her to the station house... and don't let her out of your sight.

She's the only warm body we got left.

I'm a professional, all right?

Women like that have a way... of turning professionals into amateurs.

What are you doing?

I've gotto light this scene better.

Make it more dramatic... just like in the movie, "Silence of the Sheeps."

Shut up.

Hurts, huh?

Big enough? Just kidding.

Wantto get married?

I love you. You wantto get married?



Come on.

Come on.

I love you. sweetheart, my love.

I adore you.

I adore you, my Nicolette.

I want you.

I adore you.

She's here.

She's here?

What does that mean?

"Good luck" in Greek.

Good luck in English.

Are you married?

Do you live alone?

I haven't showered since the killings.

We could stop atyour place, and I could take a shower... before we have to go back to custody.

Look, l...

I can'ttake you backto my place.

Then somewhere else?

How's it going, dude?

-Eddie, how are you? -Nottoo good.

I love you.

You have afunny way of showing it.

Yeah, me,too.

Why'd you snap at me?

I didn't snap atyou.

Yes,you did. I justwanted a statement.

I just can't answeryou every time.

I couldn't do it.

Didn't have to embarrass me infront of my colleagues.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you.

You know that.

It's all right.

You OK?

You got blood all over yourwatch. Leon's?

Probably. It has to be.

Is he gonna be all right?

He'll be OK.

Lastweek,you had that schoolteacher's blood... on your shoes.

I don't know how you do it.

Speaking of shoes... you know what I was thinking?

I would like to have...

some shoes nextto my shoes.


What are you doing, Eddie?

Forgetthe phone. What?

No, go ahead. Answerthe phone.

Aw, shit.

Look, can I just call you right back?

You can't call me back. We can'tfind Katie.

We wantyou to anchor right now. We don't know where she is.

Come down, get in a cab, and be here in an hour.

Wait a minute. Now? Right now?

You wantyour shot?

Get in the cab and come down here now.

They want me to anchor.

-Great. -Tonight.

-That's great. -Oh, my God.

Forgetthatfor a second.

No,when you come back.

You promise? We'll talktonight?

Of course I promise.

I'll see you when you come back... and we'll do it.

Go ahead. You'll be great.

I love you, Eddie.

I love you, sweetheart.

I'll see you tonight.

Good luck.

Don't be late.

The video of Milos and Tamina...

I told you to erase it.

I erased everything. It's all gone.

Don't lie. I won't be angry.

Why not?

-What is it? -What does it look like?

It's an address book.

I took itfrom the black cop.

What's this?

What is it?

"Eddie Flemming."

Why won'tyou be angry at mefor keeping my movie?

You'll see.

Come. Bring the camera.


My name is Frank Capra. I'm afamous Hollywood director.

There she is!

What are you doing here?

What am I doing here?

I came to see how the investigation is going.

I called, and you're not here.

I waited by the station house, you never show up.

I beepyou, you don't return my call.

Where the hell have you been?

Ladder 21 was atthe rock fortraining. All right?

So we stopped there so she could get cleaned up.

What do you mean cleaned up?

I let hertake a shower.

A shower? And did you take one,too?

Come on, Chief.

She's been through a lot. I'm trying to help her out.

Really? That's really nice of you.

You take a homicide witness... to take a shower after your partner's been shot.

Are you out of yourfucking mind?

You having that much trouble getting dates?

I told him to. Tommy, get her out of here.

There was the press all overthe place.

I didn'twant herface in the news, so I told him... to take her someplace quiet till things calmed down.

-Really? -Itwas my decision, not his.

I am the Deputy Chief Fire Marshal... and every now and then, I like to be included in decisions.

I understand. Infact, once he briefs me... you guys can take over the press conference... and you can take the lead in the case.

-How's that? -All right.

I'm ready to be briefed.

-Excuse us. -Sure.

Are you ready to brief me?



Fellas, can you give us afew minutes, please?

-You bet. -Thanks.

Shutthat door,too, when you go out.

Thanks a lot, guys.

Just so you know, I didn'ttouch her.

Maybe you should've... because nobody believes you didn't, including me.

I know itwasn't the smartestthing to do... and you think I'm afool, but nothing happened.

Itwasn't the smartestthing to do.

To say the least, you oughtto know better.

She's gotthe potential tofucking hang you.

If she even suggests thatyou made a pass at her... it'sfucking over. Deny it all you want.

Itwon't make afucking bit of difference.

You neverwent out on a limbfor somebody?

"Here's the name of an immigration lawyer."

That's how you go out on a limb.

If you heard her story, you'd believe her,too.

You'll jeopardize your career and your life... and my case... and I'll give you another piece of advice.

Maybe you don'twatch TV... but I'll letyou in on a little secret.

The wholefucking world watches television.

When you go outthere, they know yourface... and the littlefucking itty bit offame...

I have in thisfucking city makes my job a lot easier... and I get a lot more done because of it.

Why'd you stand up for me with the chief?

I don't know.

You remind me of a puppy I used to have... who pissed all overthe carpet, but I still kept him.

-Let's go. -Captain!

One at a time, please!

We're lookingfortwo male white suspects in theirthirties.

We believe them to be of an Eastern-European nationality.

That's another lesson.

You got nothing to say, don'twaste theirtime oryours.

Let somebody else do that.

What's the plan now?

You're on the team, so I'll call you when something happens.

Right now I've gotto propose to my girlfriend.

Really? Congratulations.

Don't congratulate me. She hasn't said yes yet.

I still think there's something...

I could be doing to helpfind these guys.

Go home and get some rest.

Sometimes you can try too hard.

Sometimes you have to go away in orderto come back.

Like you did with that shottoday?

That's right.

All right. I get it.

Good, because you don't look like you get it.

I get it.

-Sure you get it? -I get it.

-You get it? -No, I get it.

Trust me. I get it.

Why don'tyou keep it?

Don't say I never gave you anything.



I'm lookingfor Gayle Cassiopi.

I think it's oneflight up.



Who's she?

None of yourfucking business.

Who's Nicky?


It's OK.

You know what I need? I need your opinion.

You do? Aboutwhat?

You see... they're going to make a movie about me,too, Eddie... and write books.

Write books.

Books? What's yourfucking accomplishment?

I kill someonefamous.

And I saw you on the page of "People" magazine.

Eddie, look at me.


Good. Be tough to the end.

Actorwho plays you will wantyou to die like a hero.

Tabloids don't have to do re-enactments.

They're going to have a real movie this time.

Youfilm killing me, you'll get away with that?

You're stupiderthan I thought.

Both out of yourfucking minds.

Turn it off!

We are insane.

Who else but crazy men wouldfilm their crimes?

So I kill you, and if we are caught... we are sent to mental hospital... but once I'm in the hospital, I say I'm not crazy... just pretending.

So I would be acquitted.

We see psychiatrists.

They must certify we are sane... and because of your double jeopardy law... we can't be tried forthe same crime twice.

We come out free, rich, andfamous.

This is afucking great idea.

You thinkthe jury will buy that bullshit?

You sickfucks.

I'm smarterthan Americans.

You watch crybaby talk shows all day long.

Not only will Americans believe me,they'll cryfor me.

Would you like to say good-bye to your Nicky?

Maybe you can propose to her now.

He has nothing to say.

Give me a pillow.

Give me afucking pillow!

Come here, startthe camera.

Cut! This is my project.

I'm the director, and I say action.

Shutthefuck up!

Detective Flemming... was one of the most decorated NYPD detectives... in the history of New York.

Among the several thousand arrests he made... during his career, thefamed Stephen Geller case.

He was widely loved by the community he served.

His partner eulogized him.

Eddie was my mentor...

My partner...

Tragedy. Every greatfilm must have one.

...the word "friend."

I will miss him.

I said, no!

No means no. Want me to get ugly?

Gentlemen, I'm sorry. It's a private affair.

-Sorry, no. -Let me get a drink.

Please hold.

Just stay on. Hold on. Robert,you've got a call.

Whatthe hell are you doing here?

Hold on. I'm right here. Just stay rightthere.

Don't be ridiculous. Can'tyou see I'm busy here?

Trust me. Take this call.

Hang upthe phone, go getyourself a drink.

Take the call.

Give itto me.

I'm sorry.

Who is this?

I made a movie of Eddie Flemming's murder.

How do I know this is you?

You'll know when you meet me.

-Where? -Come to 35th and Broadway.

Don't bring the police. Come alone... oryou'll be in my nextfilm.

Listen, asshole, I've been threatened by betterthan you.

No. I'm the best that's everthreatened you.

They're gonna getyou.

We'll talk aboutthat.

About surrendering?

4.00. It gives you time to go to bank.

$1 million.

"Top Story," are you still there?

I'm here.

It doesn'tworkthatway.

If you don'twant myfilm...

I'll call another show, and they will show it.

I'll meetyou. I need two thingsfrom you--

I want exclusivity, and you will surrenderto me.

Bring cash.

Let's go.

Truck 21 spotted on the north end of the building... putthe aerial ladder upto the roof.

Engine company 54 and Engine 9... took hand lines upto the second level.

The they cut a hole in the roof directly overthefire.

-So how was thefuneral? -Not good.

Did the D.A. video-tape her deposition?

Hefinished a little while ago.

Swing by her apartment... pick up her clothes, and take her straightto INS.

She's their problem now.

Hard to believe. Watch.

What's this?

I don't know.

"Good luckwith all yourtroubles.

"I'm here if you need me. Ludwig."

Who's he?

My boss. Why, are you jealous?

Why don'twe getyour stuff?

Look... you're a witness to a double homicide.

All right? I can't get involved with you.

All right?

Why don'tyou go getyour bags, and I'll wait here.

Are you all right?


Get back!

That's not mine!

Get back!

Don't do it!

Come on!


-It's locked. -Where's the key?

-It's not mine. -All right.

Get in the bathroom.

1075. 47th and 8th!

All right. We're trapped! Two alarms on arrival!

Oh, my God.

He's nailed it down.

Baby, don't open the window. It'll suckthefire towards us.

-They were here. -Jesus Christ,that's Eddie's.

They were here!

Calm down, Daphne. Just get in the tub.

-There's gasoline. -What?

There's gasoline in here.

-What are you doing? -I'm pouring it out.

-It's not going down. -Oh, my God.

Give itto me.

Jesus Christ. It's clogged. God damn it.

Please do something. We're going to die.

Forget it. They're all clogged.

Come on, baby. Just stay low and stay calm.

90% people who die in afire diefrom eating smoke.

Let me introduce you to my partner... and the man who started thefire.

Say somethingforyourfans.

Stand back and get down! Just get back and stay low.

Stay low!

This'll buy us some time!

Get back!

This is a greatfilm.

We can seefire right now, and Daphne's in thefire.

Tell him it's OK.

Let's go!

Come on, guys. Let's go.

Getthat plug now!

Take care of the boy.

And get her some oxygen!

You all right? Whatthe hell happened upthere?

Itwas a setup. Somebody booby-trapped the apartment.

-Who? -It's gotta be the same guys.

You gotta speak louder. I can't hearyou.

Jordy, are you hurt?

-I'm all right. -What?

You have to speak up.

Whatthe hell are you talking about?

What is it?

We have a disturbance in the lobby.

-Where's Hawkins? -He's not on the premises.

Go getthattape and bring it here right now.

Any requestforthat video-tape has to go to--

Woman, I am begging you! You can't letthis happen!

You wantthattape, contactthe attorney.

I'll be happy to give you--

You thinkwe're joking?

Listen,you can't do this! Don't do this to Eddie.

Don't do itto the people of this city.

You can't show the man's murder on TV!

You wantthe tape,there it is!

Stay tunedfor a special edition of "Top Story."

Detective Eddie Flemming's brutal murder... has been video-taped, and we will broadcast it... afterthese messages.

Hard to believe. Watch.

Who says you can't be success in America?

I came here with nothing, knowing nobody, and now, look.

I am success story.

Why did you say "I"?

-It should be "we." -Don't be paranoid.

I gave you half of whatthey gave me.

Good evening. I'm Robert Hawkins... and this is "Top Story."

-Here we are. -Tonight I presentto you... material of a graphic and violent nature... never before seen on television... and I do so with a heavy heart.

Itwould only be normal to askwhy.

Why are we showing something so disturbing?

And my answer is as a journalist...

I am obligated to show it.

I airthis tape in loving memory... of myfriend Eddie Flemming.

Hard to believe.


Youfilm killing me, you're gonna get away with that?

Justturn it off.

Cut! This is my project.

I'm the director, and I say action.

Shutthe [beep] up!

Why did you leave that stuff in aboutyou being a director?

-Because I am the director. -What?

Don'tyoufucking realize if itwasn'tfor me... for my idea, nofucking way we'd be sitting here right now?

-Your idea? -My idea.

Is thatthe guy?

Don'tyou understand?

This is a greatAmerican movie, and who made it?

I made it all. I was the director.

-Who are you? -Everything.

I am everything.

This is whatAmerica wants-- violence and sex.

Before we hand in the nextvideo...

I'm gonna puttitles on it... and my credit is going to read, "Directed by Oleg Razgul."

Yeah, butthere is only one problem.

One credit, but I don't share credit.

-You got it? -Share credit?

You thinkyou're a director?

You're just a little, small, Russian piece of shit.

Let's go!

This is Robert Hawkins for "Top Story."

We'll be back afterthis.

All right, I'm here. Oh,Jesus.

This is the man I told you about.

This is Bruce Cutler.

Bryan, come getthisfrom here.

I am Emil. I'm insane.

Are you my lawyer?


I gotyour money.

Where is it?

Shit,where is it?

Where is it?!

He's gotthe camera! He's gotthe movie!

Let's sit down and talk a minute.

I need it! Where is it?

Don't move!

Getyour hands up and dropthe gun!

Dropthe goddamn gun!

What did you hit himfor? He surrendered!

-Go tight on them. -He's unarmed and hurt!

I'm going with you.

Come on!

I'm coming down there with you.

I'm his lawyer--

Turn the camera off!

Keep going! Keepfilming!

I'm invoking his rights!

What's going on?

I'm going with you.


I'm going down there with you.

What's going on?!

They're taking you downtown.

-Whoa! I'll take him. -He's mine!

I'm taking him. Don't argue with me.

-He's my collar! -He killed my partner!

After he's booked, he's yours, but I'm walking him in!

All right, kid, have your 15 minutes.

Tommy, ride with him. Get in thefucking car.

Don't speakto him!

Putyour head in!

Get him in the car,Tommy!

Putyour head in,youfool!

I ain't playing with you! Shit!

You oughtto be ashamed of yourself!

Bullshit, Leon!

Ashamed of what? I got him off the streets.

Bravo, Mr Hawkins!

You better back off.

You are sick!

I'mfed upwith your bullshit!

Let go!

Get outta here!

Where are you going? You'll lose everybody!

What are you doing, man?

This is notthe way to the station!

Talkto me! You're losing them!

Answer me, man!

-Answer me! -Where am l?

-Whatthe hell-- -What's going on?

Hold on. Wait!

Come on!

Where's my lawyer? Where are they?

God damn it!

What's wrong with you, man? Shit!

Fuckyou! What's going on?

Jordy, listen! Wait a minute!

You can't do this, man!

Listen! Wait,Jordy!

Come on.

Listen, man, please!

How'd you know how to rig that apartment?

Myfatherwas afireman.

He taught me aboutfire. Now it's myfriend.

-Take a walk. -You're notthinking straight.

Don'tyou get it? He knew he'd get caught.

That's why you video-taped Eddie's murder!

I wantto see this son of a bitch dead,too--

It's overtonight, you son of a bitch!

You can't kill him in cold blood!

Getthe hell outta here!

Get in the car!

Listen to me! I'm not gonna letyou do this!

Get in the car! Go!

Now go!

Fuck it, man! Shit!



You thinkthis isfunny?!

Turn around!

You wantto befamous? You want headlines?

Now's your chance.

Putyour hands up.

Getyour goddamn hands up!

Turn around.

You wantto be a real American, right?

You wantto be a tough guy?

Here's Eddie's gun. You remember him?

Come on.

You wantto befamous? Shoot me.

Want headlines? Wantto make money?

Wantto be a celebrity? Shoot me!

You can't kill me. You're not a cop.

You're just afireman with a gun.

OK...l'll make it easy.

You Americans are pussies withoutyour missiles and money.

You won't kill me.

You don't have the balls.

Don't do it, brother!

Kill me.

Get up!

You are mine now, sucker!

You are out of control, you know that?

Here's Eddie's gun.

Where you going?

I lost my shoe. I want my shoe.

Get him out of here!

Emil Slovak is a victim here. He is not a culprit.

We all appreciate the tragedy... of the death of Detective Flemming.

I represent Mr Slovak.

He was operating underthe undue influence of his partner.

This will all come out atthe trial... and Emil will be vindicated. I will see to that.

-Good job. -Thanks.

How youfeeling?

I brought letters.

Fan mailfrom women.

One wants to buy you a suit... another one sent money, and another one wants money.

-Bring me the cigarettes? -I did.

The perception outthere is very bad, Emil, right now.

And perception is reality.

You may not be crazy... but I wantto get that message out... and I wantto get it out now.

That's our only defence in this case.

You have tofocus on three things-- paranoia,fear, and delusions.

I was all of those.

Butyou never appreciated the severity of it until now.

Of course not. How could I be?

I was paranoid, fearful, and deluded.

Now...what about Oleg?

They're looking all overfor him.

Haven'tfound him. Maybe he went backto Russia.

I don't know.

He's here.

Let'sforget about him andfocus on you.

You're what's most important.

What about my movie rights? Book rights?


I have notthought aboutthat, Emil.

How much do you want? What's your cut?

I thinkwe could be partners. 50-50.

No way.

I give you 30%, no more.

Don'tforget. We're in ittogether.

I thought40% might be all right.

Oh, my God!

Thirty, or I call another lawyer.

This is the biggest case of your life.

Don'ttry to negotiate. Say yes or no.

I can live with 30%, but, Emil, it's important... you understand this is not all about money.

What else do you need?

I need to know aboutyou, what makes you tick.

I need to know aboutyour background.

I need to know about your mother,yourfather... your brother,your sister, everything.

That's what I need to know.

Myfather always degraded me.

He killed my self-esteem.

He hated mefrom the day when I was born.

Emil Slovak will appear in courttoday.

His lawyer--

Stayfocused. Start again.

Emil Slovak will appear in courttoday.

His lawyerwill argue that his client is mentally unfit...

This is such bullshit.

In a related matter, Mr Slovak's attorney Bruce Cutler... famousfor handling sensational cases... claims his client is unfitto stand trial.

Bobby,wantto give me a break already?

Hello? No, notyou, hon.

Hello? No, we have no comment.

...his partner Oleg Razgul, who threatened to kill him... if he didn'tfollow his orders.

I gotta go!

I'm going backto the Czech Republic... toface the charges against me.

I'm innocent.

If she shot a cop who raped her sister... in this country, she'd be a hero.

And I approached him and asked him... for some spare change. Politely, right?

Whereupon he pulls out his big gun... pushed me all up in the tree... handcuffs me like this up here... and then he takes my money, right?

Took my money and left me here like this... exposed to all the elements.


Look atthisfucking guy.

Kids,you know, if you outthere... don't hate yourfiremen.

Not all Fire Marshals like this.

It's not like this, so keepthe love.

Hard to believe. You're watching "Top Story."

How could youforgetthat you handcuffed a civilian... to afucking tree in Central Park... in the middle of the night?! Tell me that!

Look, all right, I know I screwed up... but it's not like this guy is some innocent civilian.

He'll end your career and probably mine!

End my career?

What am I talking about? The press will be all over us!

Getthefuck backto your desks!

Come on, Chief. Look at myfile.

I've never had a civilian complaint against me before.

-I crack big cases. -Your record doesn't matter!

It should mean something!

That's past history! Don'tyou get it?

Look, I'm sorry. It's unfortunate... that I have to make decisions based on your press coverage... butthat's what I gotta do.

You're suspended,without pay, pending a departmenttrial.

Notto mention your criminal charges.

That's not right.

You better getyourself a damn good lawyer.

...over a million dollars forthe disputed video.

In related news, Emil Slovak is back in courttomorrow... where we're expected to learn... if he is competent to stand trial.

Meanwhile,the massive manhunt continuesfor Oleg Razgul... the alleged mastermind behind the murder... of New York City Detective Eddie Flemming.

"Action News" has learned that Mr Slovakwon't have to worry... about how he is going to payfor his defence.

He has received movie offers... and has been in conversations with numerous publishers... concerning the rights to his story.

Further developments are expected today... in the bizarre Eddie Flemming murder case.

Judge Stanley Stern will issue his ruling... on alleged killer Emil Slovak's insanity plea.

If the court rules in hisfavourtoday...

Mr Slovakwill be transferred to the psych ward... at Rikers lsland forfurthertesting... before being remanded to the custody... of a permanent institution forthe mentally ill.

Slovak's attorney Bruce Cutler has maintained... that an abusive childhood is to blame... forthe actions of his client.

The Czech national apparently has a history... of physical and emotional trauma... heaped upon him by an alcoholicfather.

What's ever left over, keep it.

Thanks, buddy.

Keepthe Statue of Liberty in the background, all right?

-How do I look? -You look beautiful.

Thanks. Fuckyou. Roll.

What are you looking at?

Forget about him. Let's go.

All right. Just roll.

All right. Let's go.

Bruce Cutler, do you have a statementfor us?

It's been a difficult and long dayfor us.

Emil has beenfound incompetentto stand trial... and in times of extreme stress... as a result of his delusional thinking... he could not appreciate the wrongfulness of his acts... and therefore he's not liablefor his acts.

This is a victory forthe mentally ill... and before Emil is taken on the boat... to the psychiatric ward at Rikers lsland... it should be noted thatwhat he did... he wasforced to do... by Oleg Razgul, a dangerous and demented individual... who is at liberty right now... in the streets of New York, and both Emil and l...

Iookforward to when he is broughtto justice.

Whatthefuck are you looking at,you piece of shit?

Officers,you have to watch him.

He's assaulted my client in the past.

That's it? This scumbag kills Eddie Flemming... and now he gets to spend the rest of his life... in some country club nuthouse?

What aboutthe victims and thefamilies and their rights?

Marshal, I understand you don't agree... butthis is the system, and this is the law.

Let's go.

I can kill you. I'm insane.

We need this area cleared. Move back.

...two-shot of Cutler and Slovak.

All right.

Give me the boat in the background.

Do you really believe thatyour client is insane?

Emil knew exactly what he was doing. Watch this.

All right.

Turn it off.

This tape I keptfor myself.

In hospital I say I'm not crazy... and because of your double jeopardy law... we can't be triedfor the same crime twice.

We come out free, rich, andfamous.

Can we dealforthis?


Whatwould you say to evidence... that proves your client is not insane?

"Top Story" has the truth right here... from Oleg Razgul himself.

You knew whatyou were doing.

It's all in here...in my movie.

Officers, do your duty and arrestthis man!

I'm notthe killer. I'm the director. Action!

-Back off! -Let her go!

Everyone, back awayfrom me!

Hold yourfire! Do notfire yourweapons!

Stay back!

Nobody's gonnafire.

-Hold that line! -Let her go!

Tell him to put his gun down.

-All right. -Getthat shotgun out of here!

-Nobody's gonnafire. -Stay back!

Everybody, get back! Do notfire, anyone!

-Lowerthose weapons! -Go tighter.

Now! Lower!

Tell him to put his gun down!

-Putyourweapon down! -Let her go!

If he doesn't lower his gun, I'llfucking kill her!

-Officer, lowerthatweapon! -Loweryour gun!

-Rememberwhat he did to Eddie! -Shut up!

Do notfire thatweapon!

I'll surrender if he lowers his gun.

Don'tyou letthis piece of shit surrender!

If you don't let me surrender, I kill her now.

-I don't care! -I kill her now.

Do notfire thatweapon!

-Shut up! -Take that shot.

God damn it! You take thatfucking shot!

Officer,forthe lasttime, loweryourweapon!

Look, he's lowered the weapon. Don't shoot her.

You take that shot.

He lowered his weapon. You don't have to shoot her.

He lowered the weapon, all right?

You're OK. Don't look back.

Don't look at him.

Fuck! Did you getthat? Fuck!

Let's getyou out of here.

Hey, boss. He's still alive.

Come on. Let's go.

How was that?

Thatwas great.


I thoughtyou mightwantthat.

Alan, here. Take this camera.


Marshal,youfeel up to making a statement?

All right. Forget it. No statement.

Cutthe camera. Listen, I can helpyou.

Take a lessonfrom Eddie.

The media can be a powerful ally.

Eddie was myfriend. I'd like to be yours,too.

Good job.

-You OK? -I'mfine. Fuck him.

Follow him walking away, and then whip backto me.

We've been talking with Fire Marshal Jordan Warsaw.

He's understandably overwhelmed... with what's just occurred here today-- the tragic end of two vicious psychopaths... who attempted to manipulate the news media... fortheir own greed and egos.

We at "Top Story" will never allow ourselves... to be used in this way.

Our goal is to bring you the news in all its complexity.

The truth was the real hero here today... and we're proud to have brought itto you... exclusively on "Top Story."

This is Robert Hawkins.