16 Blocks (2006) Script

This is Detective Jack Mosley. Shield number 227.

I guess this will be my last will and testament.

This is for Diane.

When this day is over, they're gonna come and talk to you about this...

...and they're gonna... They're gonna tell you what happened, Diane.

But what they tell you is not really what happened here.

So I hope that you get this.

I was trying to do a good thing.

Police! Get down! Everybody, down!

Down! Get down!

Go, go, go! Come on!

Clear. Police. Get down.

Seal it off.

Agent 10-10, we're all secure.

All right, we're out of here.

It's clear.

You smell that?

Couple hours. We gotta move now. Would you turn that thing off?

All right, who's downstairs we don't need?

It's all yours. Good luck.

I hate to do this, Jack, but I need you to sit on this until uniforms get here.

All right. Just hang until you're relieved.

All right.

Don't touch anything.

Any word on the suspects?

What do you want me to tell you? What did you tell them?

I saw someone out there.

Yeah, yeah. Come on.

Anything for me? Breath mints.

Sergeant Cannova called. Wants you to write up this wire request.

Said to make sure you get the right dates on them.

The particulars are on your desk, and he needs it by tonight.

All right.

All right, well, we can have an officer come by about 8 a.m. tomorrow.

You gave her two?

Well, you know, we do what we can.

Hey, Jack, I forgot to tell you, the lieutenant's looking for you.

He wants you to find him right away.

Yeah, yeah.

Well, listen. All right, well, I'll call you.

Hey, Mosley.

Mosley. Yeah.

Grace tell you to find me?

Yeah, just a minute ago. All right, need a favor.

Get this guy from lockup and run him to Center Street.

The DA needs him ASAP. He's gotta be in front of a grand jury before 10.

I signed out.

You signed the sheet?

Well, not technically, no. But I mean, I'm signed out.

Then consider yourself on overtime.

Captain Gruber called. We need this thing done.

Don't you got some mutt that takes care of this?

I got Keenan, but he's still on the Verrazano. He's behind some overturned truck.

I'm tired. I mean, look, normally, you know me, I don't say no.

I know you been working all night, Jack...

...but who's the detective and who's the lieutenant here?

I mean, Jack, I got nobody else.

It's a nothing thing.

One hundred and eighteen minutes to get a little hemorrhoid 16 blocks.

I'll let you come in to work late tomorrow.

Yeah, yeah.

Edward Bunker.

Yeah, that's me, officer. Eddie Bunker, right here.

Down here, the last cell.

Come back in an hour. What do you mean, come back?

He's supposed to wear a suit when he leaves.

And? It's not here yet.

Just get him out here, all right?

They said he'd wear a suit.

No, yeah, I'm supposed to get a suit. It's a three-piece suit. It's gray.

It's got... Wait. Yeah.

It's a three-button, it's gray, it's got cuffs on the pants.

They brought the catalogue down. I picked it out of the catalogue.

I'm not supposed to leave without it. Wait.

I'm not supposed to leave without that suit.

You tell it to him. No, that's why you brought my shoelaces.

Come on, come on. I'm not supposed to.

Yo, yo, you take the old lady, right? Yeah, you sure?

The old lady goes into the car, otherwise she dies.

You think so? Yeah, man.

That's what... I don't know. You gotta figure out the answer for yourself.

Everybody just calm down. Officer, I'm going to court.

I'm supposed to have a suit. Hey.

Shut up. Here's your property.

It's not a good sign. Hands behind your back.

Hold on, I'm trying... Hands behind your back.

I don't even have my... All my prop... Wait one minute.

It's not right. They promised me the suit.

I picked it out of the catalogue... Wait, my book.

I can't leave without my book. My book is very important to me.

Why are we rushing like this? It's not a good sign.

Hey. What's the damn answer?

Hey! Shut up.

I hate police. Half a tank.

You could have had a little more patience.

This suit don't mean nothing to you. You probably got a bunch of suits.

But it's a whole different thing to me.

These cars don't ever change, huh?

Traditional cruisers.

And the same retarded hump in the middle.

Smell the same way, like Lysol and vomit.

I hope nobody vomited back here. They probably did.

Hey, man, let me ask you something.

I'm trying to figure this out.

You driving along in your hurricane, right?

There's three people at the bus stop.

Yeah, one is an old lady. She's sick, she about to die.

The second one is your best friend.

He saved your life, right?

And the third is the girl of your dreams.

Right, but check it out...

...you only got space in the car for one person.

Right? Who you take?

It's a riddle that's supposed to tell what type of person you are...

...like where you at in your life.

It's a hypothetical question, man, damn.

It's just a hypothetical...

Well, good. Fine, good. I guess that's my answer.

Why don't you get on the loudspeaker?

Put the Hawaii Five - 0 light on or something.

Use your police power. Put on a little siren.

Make room, make a hole.

Isn't that the saying, "Make a hole, make a hole"?

Go on, make a hole.

Signs. Everywhere, signs, signs, signs. All over, man.

I used to not even see nothing like that, man.

And then I start seeing them. And I start looking for them.

And everything just start falling in place.

I'm gonna be all right, where I'm supposed to be.

I ain't got my suit, but once they get my testimony...

...they drop my charges, I'm free.

It's making sense to me.

I believe in that.

Being in the right place.

Being where you supposed to be. You believe in that?

I believe life's too long and guys like you make it even longer.

Life's too long?


That's some cold shit, man. I ain't never heard nobody say no shit like that.

Usually you hear about people trying to make their life longer, you know?

Trying to stay alive a little longer. You sound a little...

...depressed or something, you all right?

You stopping?

This ain't the courthouse, man. What you doing?


Yo, why you stopping?

You gonna rush me out to court, and now you stopping? What are you...?

Hey. Hey, man.

Hey, man. Listen, man, I got an important appointment after my court date, man.

That shit ain't funny, man. Come on, man. It's not a game, man.


Some bullshit, man.

Hey. Hey!

No, man. It ain't Miller Time, man.

The weather will be clear early morning, but the rest of the day...

Sam. Hey, Angela.

So we are looking at a hot, humid day.

Looks like temperature might reach 100 degrees...

...so don't forget to pack your sunscreen.

Add a pack of these, will you?

I know this dude smelled funny. I got the wrong dude, man.

17,50. What?

Hey, don't open it. Come over here.

What time is it, man?

It's 8:11.

That's a good sign. That's a good sign.

I'm on my way. I'm gonna get there.

Want change? No, you keep the change.

Keep the change. All right, you have a good day.

I don't want the peanuts. Bye.

No, man. Can't do nothing for you, understand?

Hey, you better give me that change. I'm gonna need that.

You see my situation right here?

No, no, no! No, no, no!


How am I supposed to get out?

Come on. Help me. Help me.

My book. Why did you stop? Go, left, go. Left.

Move. Move. Move.

Wait. Freeze!

In here. Come on.



Just get out of here, now! Go on. Go!

Come on, let's go. That way, let's go. Go, go.

Ready? Here.

Let's go. Go.

Dominic, get people out of here, right now. Jesus, Jackie. What's going on?

Everybody. You too. All right, okay.

Let's go. Come on, come on, come on.

Hey, yo.

Come on, keep going. Come on. Come on, move it.

Yeah, this is Detective Jack Mosley, shield number 227.

I am 10-13, at... Hold on a minute.

Dominic, what's the address here? 133 Mulberry.

133 Mulberry.

Mulberry Street.

All right.

Is they coming?

I don't know why you stopped, man.

I don't know why you would do that, man.

They said you were nobody.

I ain't nobody. Shut up.

You a wino. You need to stop drinking, that's what you need stop doin'.

Shut up.


Frank. Hey.

You all right?

Yeah. Yeah?

We were on Mott when the call went out. Heard it was you.

Got here as soon as we could.

Oh, hi.

Hey. You all right?

Yeah, I'm all right. You having fun?

No. No? Oh, well.

Gotta have fun.

What's up, Jack? Hey, man. Hi.

You did a really great, great job, man.

You got yourself a bad guy.

Been a while, huh? Yeah.

We got the second shooter half a block from here, so it's done.

Sure you're okay? Yeah.

I'm just getting my wind. I was running.

Why don't you let us take it from here.

Oh, yeah.

We'll get the kid where he belongs, and you don't have to worry about a thing.

We'll get you home. Yes, please.

Please, please, officer. That's a very good idea...

...because, honestly, I don't think this dude is doing too good.

I told him not to stop.

I asked him not to stop. He just had to stop.

That's when everything happened. Dude came to the window.

I have a very important appointment aft...


Hey, Shue.

Come on. Here.

Why don't you take this. Come on.

We'll get you out of here. Got a car waiting. All right?

Get some sleep.


The kid was gonna testify against Jerry.

He saw Jerry doing some business.

Now, we both know that Jerry has never been a standup guy like you and me.

He'll roll over, they indict him. We can't have that.

No. It's gonna hurt a lot of us.

Come on.

See, this whole thing caught us... It caught us completely unaware.

It was supposed to be Teach's nephew driving him.

But he got stuck out there in traffic, who knows where...

...so then your lieutenant, he pegged you.

You know, just the wrong time and the wrong place for you today.

All right. Now, you know that I would never put you in a position like this, right?

You know that, huh?

And I never figured you'd cap one of those guys.

That's what I get for hiring drug addicts. Grab the gun.

Grab the gun. There you go.

Come on. Frank?

Here we go. All right, here we go. Jack.

Squeeze the trigger.

All right. Let go of the gun. Let go of the gun.

I figure it like this.

You... You pop the guys trying to spring the kid.

The kid, well, he gets your gun.

And he takes you hostage.

So we came in and saved the day.

He died, you lived.

Now, this could be a good thing for you, Jack.

Get you back where you belong.

Are you still with? Stand up.

You still with what's-her-name? Come on, stand up.

What are you waiting for? What's her name?


It's Caroline.

This changes everything, Jack.

Over here.

Come on, Frank.

Kid, get up. Come on.

Shit. Man, shit.

All right, Jack, it's 8:25.

You stay there. Listen to me, the jury's tenure ends at 10.

All right? The kid gets there one minute past, all this...

...it doesn't matter.

And all you gotta do is look the other way.

All right? We still got options here.


We just want the kid.

Jack, Jack, Jack, just let me help you.

All right?

Back up.

Jack, once you go out that door...

...I can't help you.

Please just back up, Frank. Just back up.

He shot a cop.

What the hell did you see? What did you see?

That cop back there.

I seen him around my way...

...holding a gun in this little Puerto Rican kid's mouth.

Come on. Let's go.

He said he'd kill his mother if he testified.

What you doing that for? We need that.

The shell in that gun was over 20 years old. Lucky it went off at all.

They didn't tell you Shue was a cop? No, they didn't tell me he was a cop.

They showed me a picture, that was it. They didn't say nothin'.

Well, congratulations, because you're about to testify against one of New York's worst.

What? Fellas, look, the clock's ticking.

He's gotta be at the courthouse by 10. We know where he's going.

Mulvey, you're coming with me.

Know where you're going? Take the north side.

You got it, let's go. Come on.

Captain. Where are we, Frank?

Well, we're putting descriptions out over precinct channels.

No names, or that one's a cop. It'll help to have some eyes.

How long can you sit on this? He shot a cop.

You're the precinct captain, Dan. How long?

I don't know. Hour, maybe a little more.

Who's on this with you? My guys.

Ortiz and Maldonado from the 66. Touhey and Kaller from the 111.

A couple others you don't wanna know about.

The guy was your partner for 20 years.

What the hell happened in there?

Is he drunk? I don't know.

I don't know. We woke him up.

Hopefully he'll do what he always does, and we can go back to work.

If he doesn't?

We gotta quash this thing before he gets his legs back.

These are his streets.

This could get ugly for all of us if that kid talks.

He can't talk. He won't talk.

Look, I appreciate what you did for me back there...

...but I'm starting to think you're not the dude for this.

I mean, you're out of breath, you're hung-over.

Your leg is gonna give out on you any second, man.

I got someplace I need to be at 12, you understand?

I need to be finished at court by 10...

...or I'm not gonna get where I'm supposed to get.

You understand what I'm saying? All right, I understand.

You're not listening to what I'm saying. Wait, come here. Come here.

Come on.


A bad leg.

No gun.

Bobby? Yeah?

- You thinking what I'm thinking? I'm already there.

Oh, God.

Come on, let's go.

Listen, just stay put right here. I'll be right back.

Come on, man, don't take long. We gotta go.

Hurry up.

Hey, man, where your bathroom? What?

Your bathroom. Where your bathroom at?

Down at the end of the hall.


That's what you look like when you smile, huh?

You was probably drinking then too.

There's the lady.

Redhead. She cute. That ain't bad.

Hey, man. Come on, don't be stopping to get high or nothing like that.

Man, we gotta go.

Make sure you lift the seat up before you go.

It's up already.

Maybe you left it like that, huh?

I'm coming.

Hey, Jack.

Jack Mosley.

Why did you do that?

Do what?

Shoot that cop.


...they don't shoot other cops.

Especially over nobody like me.

It's a long way to go for a stranger, you know.

Thank you.

I never had nobody...

Hell, man, you know.

I don't rock with the police, you know what I'm saying?

Finger off the trigger. They never been my friend.

Then here you come. On the ground.

It's kind of bugging me out, you know.

You on some vigilante business.

Let's go.

Jack... Put your arms around the pole.

I don't know what to think anymore.

Here. Cuff yourself. What are you doing, Jack?

Yeah, it's a little strange.

You know? By any definition, this here.

All right, kid. Good.


Okay, okay, okay.



You should have done what you always do, Jack.

Where's your phone? It's on the left-hand side.

They know I'm here. If I don't answer it...

Jack? Let's go, kid. Come on.

Bob. - Bob's a little tied up right now, Frank.

All right, I'm impressed, Jack.

Did you shoot him too?

Send someone to check on Bobby.

Jack, you're not up to this.

All right? It's gonna end bad for you.

You lost the kid, didn't you?

He bailed on you. Well, you know what?

That is the best thing that could have happened.

So why don't you go home.

Forget about what happened.

We'll take it from here. Are you looking for him?

And you can't find him.

We're gonna find him, all right?

We're gonna find him.

All right, Jack, now you can hang up.

Where are you, kid?

All right. Now, let's see which way he went.

Did he go up? Did he go down?

In or out, Jackie. Which way did he go?

Let's see if he went down.

Excuse me, sir, do you mind swiping? Get a job, man.

Ma'am, would you mind swiping me in?

Ma'am? Ma'am, would you mind swiping me in, please, ma'am?

I have a very important appointment I have to...

Excuse me, ma'am, would you mind...? Somebody mind swiping me in?

I'm trying to get to an important appointment.

Somebody help me. Somebody help me.

Somebody help me.


Come here.

Come on. Go. Thank you. Thank you very much.


Oh, no. What are you doing?

Why are you running? What do you want?

It's too much, man. I'm doing the rest on my own.

I'm doing what I said. I'm getting out of here.

If I can find you, they can find you! I'm doing what I said.

Eddie, listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to me!

I'm your only friend down here. No, you're not my friend.

I can do this... Friend? You don't even know me!

And get me where? You gonna get me shot.

Ever since I've been with you, people been trying to shoot me. People you know!

Look, man, I got someplace I need to be. I got something I need to do.

Unless you gonna shoot me or arrest me, I'm going, Jack.

I can't let you leave. Thank you, Jack Mosley. I'm going.

You can't leave. Yes, I can. Thank you, Jack Mosley.

Stop. Don't do that. Stop.

Ladies and gentlemen...! You're not going. Come here.


Okay, okay. Okay, we gotta go.

Move! Move! Get out of the way!

Move! Move!

Here, come on. What are you doing?

Taxi! Hey!


It's Kaller. He just missed them at the Canal Street station.

Where, where, where?

Shit. Where the hell is he?

Goddamn it.

We're gonna find you.

Yeah, this is Detective Nugent. I need a triangulation...

...on Detective Torres' cell phone. Area code 917-935...

That cop back at the apartment, he said you should do what you always do.

What did he...? What did he mean by that?

You're not doing what you always do, huh?

Jack Mosley, I get it. I see the signs.

I'm where I'm supposed to be. I was wrong. You're the right guy.

I could have got another guy, did something different, but I got you.

I appreciate it. You're the right guy.

Okay? Okay.

- This is Comtech, over. Yeah, go, this is Nugent.

GPS indicates they're on Bowery.

Repeat, Bowery, moving south towards Pell.

Speed indicates they're on foot.

Are you hearing this, boys? He's in Chinatown.

Let's move in.

What's the deal with that book? It's my business plans.

I'm moving to Seattle. My sister's already living out there.

I'm gonna open up a bakery. But it's only, like, a specialty bakery.

Birthday cakes for little kids. There's a lot of money in that.

I'm gonna send you a big birthday cake on your birthday...

I hate birthday cakes. You hate birthday cakes?

First thing that doesn't go your way...

...you're gonna be slipping into Carol's Clip and Curl...

...and stealing all her hair-care products.

Because you're a thief. And that's what you are, Eddie.

You're always gonna be a thief. People can change, Jack.

Days change, seasons change. Not people. Yes, you do...

People don't change, Eddie. Yes, you do. I'll get you that cake.

You know what it's gonna say on top?

"Jack Mosley, ha-ha-ha, eat this." Make you eat your words, lick your fingers too.

Subject's moving west on Pell.

Subject now moving south on Doyers. Still moving south on Doyers.

Bobby, you take Doyer, we got Pell. And, Kaller, you close up Bowery.

- Copy that. Let's squeeze him.

- Copy that, on my way. Why don't you pull up. Pull up.

Sorry. Who is that? You can't go in here.

Oh, sorry.

Look, man, I gotta be down there. All right, you understand?

I gotta be down there that way, and there's streets and shit in between there.

You got some sort of plan? Some sort of police plan or something?

I see your limp acting up. You ought to get that checked out.

I have a buddy of mine walking around with a limp just like that.

He don't wanna go to the doctor, though, right?

Finally he go, they say it's a fracture, right?

And now it's infected. They gotta cut it off at the knee.

Wasn't so bad, though. He had no more pain.

He ended up moving to Jersey, working for the PATH...

...being a motorman. Got a pension and shit now.

I guess everything happens for a reason, you know what I mean?

You're a sunny little shit, I'll give you that much.

Get in here! Get in that door!


Pull me in! Help me in! Come on, come on, come on.

Lock the door.

Wait, wait, wait. Hold up.

Come on.

You all right? Yeah.

Jack, what are we doing? Where are we going?

Come on. Where we going, Jack?

Out of the way.

Over here.

Jack? How we even know that Center Street Courthouse is in this direction, Jack?

Jack? We gotta know...

Down! Head down!


Come on!


Push it.

You all right, Jack?

I was aiming for the kid, if that makes you feel better.

Well, you missed!

That kid is gonna get you killed.

He worth that?

Well, I got all day.

How about you, you got all day?

Jack, you still there? Yeah.

Still here.

Well, this is awkward.

When I started this day...

...I never figured on trading 9 mils with my friend.

I think we stopped being friends right around 8:25, in that bar.


No, that's not gonna erase 20 years together.

We're still friends.


...a lot I'd take back, but I can't.

Well, so you move forward. Next day, next case.

Lines were crossed. What lines?

You hear me? Lines were crossed, Frank. What lines? There are no lines!

There's getting it done and not getting it done, period!

You put the bad guys away no matter what it takes.

Now, you're gonna ruin the lives...

...of six cops.

Good cops.

Good men.

Are you ready to sacrifice their lives for that kid?

Hey, Frank.

Frank. Yeah?

This is not about me ruining anybody's life.

Okay? This is about you.

You hear me?


You look at that kid's jacket?

I did.

Armed robbery, assault, beats old women... I never had no armed robbery!

Beats old women over the heads, steals their Social Security checks.

One time, I used... Shut up. Shut up.

Oh, no, don't tell him to shut up.

No, Jack, listen to him. No, that kid, he's sharp.

Yeah, he's playing you.

He's sharper than you are.

He's telling you stories, right?

He wants to be a good citizen.

Go to church.

Buy his mother a house.

But he has spent more than half his life in prison.

Two hours ago, he was sitting in a cell for weapons possession.

He's always gonna do what he has done. I wasn't...

He is a career criminal. That's who you're protecting.

You all right? Yeah. Frank's got him on the other side.

He's got my gun too.

Now, if you can't see how wrong this is...

...I promise you I will speak from my heart...

...when I give the eulogy at your funeral.


...do you believe the kid?

Or do you believe your ex-partner?

Frank, we're right on the other side of the door.


...if you believe the kid...

...you got a choice to make.

Do you go through your ex-partner?

Or do you choose door number two...

...and go back to where you came, with your gimpy leg and your shot-up hand?

You're not gonna get very far. And what if your ex-partner is right, Jack?

What if he is right, and you're wasting your whole miserable life?

It's Frank. You all right?

Yeah. They're in the elevator. Seal the building.

Come on, Bobby. Come on, get on that.

Everybody out! Police!

Everybody out! Police! Move, move! Police!

Frank, where are you? Bobby, I'm coming up!

All right. Come on, come on. Upstairs. Seal the stairwell.

All right. Find the back stairs. Check the roof.

Come on, Mal! This way. Got you.

Maldonado, seal it up. Got you.

Hello? Hello? Hello?

No, nothing. No answer. He's not there. Come on.

I never open door.

Please. Please, help.

Come on.

Jack, Jack, Jack. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

You saw that, right? You heard him, right? Yeah. He never opens the door.

Thank you very much, sir. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you very much, sir. Thank you.

You heard him, right, Jack? Not now, Eddie.

Keep your voice down. He said he never opens the door.

You know what that mean, right?

Not right now. There's the signs everywhere.

Yeah, ADA MacDonald, please. - May I tell her who's calling?

Yeah, tell her it's the guy that's got her witness.

You're driving a car during a hurricane.


A hurricane.

And there's three people at a bus stop.

A old woman. Yeah.

A friend, like my friend here.

Him. He save your life, your friend.

It's Detective Mosley for you.

Mosley? Yeah?

Where are you? Where's my witness?

I'm about seven blocks from you.

But there's about a ton of cops between me and you.

And they all want this kid dead.

Not to mention that you got a leak in your office.

Somebody's talking to these cops. Shit.

What did you think was gonna happen when you pinched Shue?

You thought they'd just lay down and go away quietly?

We thought if we went to the grand jury, Shue would fold.

He bent but didn't break.

We were gonna throw it away until we ran into Edward Bunker last night.

Jury's tenure ends at 10. Without that kid, they'll vote no bill and it all goes away.

He's an eyewitness. He makes this work.

Where are you? I'll send my squad. Richard, pen.

What room?

So, what, are they coming? Yeah, they're coming.

Good. Because I gotta be somewhere, man. I got something to do.

I gotta be someplace by noon. I gotta go get something.

It's real important.

Oh, shit. Yeah.

Ortiz, I'm coming in the building.


Touhey and Kaller are taken care of. Good. Find Bobby. He's on the back stairs.

Eddie, come here, put this on. Here, come on, put that on.

But it's a big, hot, wool shirt. It's hot. It's summer.

You're dressed like a criminal. Oh, you want me to...?

You want me to change my...? I get it. But why can't I put that on?

What about this? What about that?

What's wrong with this? It's just a pattern. He don't even wear that.

Just put the... Here.

Never mind. What about this?

Is this all right? Mass-transit blue?

When I was locked up, they had me work in the kitchen.

So one day a little dude walk up to me and say:

"Hey, you think you could bake me a cake?"

I said, "Yeah, I'll bake you a cake."

I ain't tell him I ain't never baked a cake, you know.

But I ain't got shit else to do.

So, you know, I read the instructions...

...I bake him a cake, you know, for his daughter's birthday.

She'd come up there to visit him.

You know, it say, "Happy Birthday, Angel," right?

He go crazy. He can't get enough, you know.

He said, "Eddie, you done hooked me up. Man, you the man."

And I started doing that. It was good. I had a skill.

People look at me different. They would start...

You missed a button. Did I?

Your buttons are all crooked.

Come on. Come on, man. All right.


You're a prince.

- The word is 5E, boys, 5E. Got it.

Then I start doing my research, doing my due diligence.

I found out, you know, it's good money in birthday cakes for kids, you know.

That type of thing, like Tweety Bird or Bugs Bunny or something like that.

Or Yu-Gi-Oh! You ever heard of Yu-Gi-Oh!?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Kids love that, man.

You don't know Yu-Gi-Oh!? You gotta get out more. Yu-Gi-Oh! is hot.

Know what I'm saying?

I'm gonna make money, Jack. Open up my bakery.

You gonna eat your words about me, Jack. How do I look? Do I look all right?

All right. Freeze! Police!

Police! Police! Shut up!

Oh, my God! Shut up!

Frank, they gave us the wrong apartment.

Put it down.

Put it down.

Can't get lucky all the time.

You can be smart every day, though.

All right, give me the gun. Hold on.

What are you doing?

This place is crawling with cops, Eddie.

Hey, look at me.

Eddie, what are you doing?

How does it feel?

How does it feel?

You're a baker, right?

Eddie, listen to him.

Pull that trigger, you go to jail for life.

Frank, we're on our way down.

Frank, do you read me?

You can't stop me, you understand? Time to go.

Time to go. You can't stop me.

You gave him a loaded weapon?

Frank. Bobby, get these things off me.

Did he take your gun? They went south. Get out of here.

Ortiz! Ortiz, give me a piece. Give me a piece! Get over here.

Make a hole, make a hole. Come on, make a hole.

Speak to me. Come on, somebody, speak to me.


Excuse me! Open up!

Excuse me! Open up!

Keep moving. Go. Go, go, go.

Oh, shit.

On the bus! Let's go.

Just keep driving. What are you doing?

I'm a cop. Lock the back door. He's got a gun!

No stops. Tell them to hang on to something, Eddie!

Hang on! Don't worry, this man, he's a police officer.

Everything is gonna be fine. Hang on!

Everybody just hang on. Don't worry!

Right, right, right! Go right!

What are you doing? Stop this thing!

Get down!

Get away from the bus! Away from the bus!

Stay down! Stay down!

Heads down!

Where the hell are you? Construction site at Baxter.

He has hostages.

Let me go.


Everybody, stand up. They're not gonna shoot you.

Stand up in front of the windows.

They won't shoot you. You, stay down. Stay down.

Fill in the blanks. Fill in the spots.

Scoot over, scoot over! That's it.

All right, get Gruber down here. Okay.


All right, seal off that end.

It's a busload. Jesus, this shit just gets deeper.

Bobby? Gruber's on his way.

All right. We gotta get our stories straight, all right?

We're getting our stories straight?

Yeah, suit up.

Thought we could handle this quickly and quietly, commissioner.

A guy shoots a cop, takes a grand-jury witness hostage...

...and we're supposed to make nice?

Commissioner, look, sir, this is... Watch your back, sir.

This is my fault, all right?

I used to work with Mosley, so I asked the captain to let me handle it.

I felt that I could bring him in. I just didn't realize how far gone he was.

Stay on Tac 2, boys. Wait for command, here we go.

That's it, cover them up.

Good, okay. Great job. Thank you.

Commissioner, sir. Captain. Hi, Mike.

What do we got? Cop. Twenty plus, flipped.

Suicidal? Been to the farm twice the last four years.

Twice? Twice. Nothing like this, though.

What do you know, detective? Like the captain said, he flipped.

After he nailed Shue, he started spouting crap about making headlines.

There's no way that you're getting this guy out.

Please fall back behind the barricades. On the sidewalk.

Smart cop.

Okay. You're all gonna be okay. We're gonna get you out of here.

Please, just move to the back of the bus. Jack?

Just move to the back of the bus, please, right now.

It's okay. You're gonna get off the bus. I am a police officer.

Jack, it's Mike Sheehan from HNT.

We worked that barricade deal on the concourse a few years ago.

I'm gonna put this thing down, okay?

I'm sorry. Jack!

I'm sorry that I got you in this situation.

You know the drill, no weapons.

Listen, you're on the job.

Just keep your head down. You know the deal.

I'm just gonna step in here, nice and easy...

...and hand you this phone so we can talk, okay?

Make sure we got no injuries in there. Jack, just open the door, okay?

I need to... Just throw it, Mike!

Okay, you got it. Throw it!

Here you go. Jack...

Jack, can you hear me?

How many people you got in there, Jack?

Count how many people are here.

Everybody put your hands up, please.

N.Y.P.D., we got a situation here. We need you people back on the sidewalk.

- Stay behind the barricade. Twenty-six, 28. Okay, thank you.

That's everybody? Please, don't cry, don't cry.

Everything's gonna be all right, just relax. Stay calm, okay? Thank you.

What is it? Thirty-one. Thirty-one.

Okay, we have about 40 people on the bus.

Okay, that's good.

You know, it's important that we're clear with each other, Jack.

ESU and HNT are in place.

The block is sealed, Jack. It's a frozen zone.

So let's work this out so everybody can go home, all right?

That's all we wanna do. Just end it, nice and easy.


Jack? This is as far as you go, buddy.

Keep talk...

Is everybody okay? Yeah.

Hi, how are you? Good.

How are you?

My name's Eddie. Hi, how you doing? Everybody's okay?

What's your name?

Christina. Christina.

That's a pretty name. How old are you, Christina?

Seven. Seven years old.

And my strawberry recipe... I know I got one. Let me see.

Where's my strawberry recipe? Let's see.

Angel-food-cake recipe right here.

Here we go, strawberry fan.

See right here on the top?

I can put a fan on the top.

You know, like a Chinese fan?

I could do that.

When's your birthday?

September 22nd. Oh, so that's soon.

Gonna be 8 years old, huh? That's gonna be a good day for you.

When's your birthday?

Today, actually.

Yeah. Happy birthday to you.

And, yeah, every day is somebody's birthday, you know.

That's gonna be the motto for my shop:

"Every day's a birthday," you know.

I didn't know my birthday was gonna turn out like this, but...

Yeah, I'm glad to be, you know, here, alive, you know.

Right here, Jack. - Yeah, Sheehan.

Commissioner, sir.

- Sheehan? Right here.

All right. This is what I want.

I want you to get me Assistant District Attorney MacDonald...

...a court stenographer and somebody from TV.

Somebody that I would recognize.

I want them to come on the bus and record sworn testimony.

When I get what I want, I'll let everybody out. Safely.

That's a tall order. It'll take some time... Just do it. I'm not in the mood, okay?

Get these people here in 15 minutes...

...or I'm gonna shoot these passengers one at a time...

- ... and throw them out the door. Jack, be cool, okay?

Let's not do anything rash. This thing can end without bloodshed.

Okay? We can work this... - Fifteen minutes.

Jack? Jack?

He's gone.

All right, everybody on your feet.

Jack, what are you doing? Gotta get these people off this bus.

But you just made your call. You called the DA. They said they'd come.

Everybody's coming. Nobody's coming, okay?

What do you mean, nobody's coming?

They're gonna breach this bus in less than five minutes.

They're gonna kill me, kill you... Jack, what about testifying?

We're right here. We can go. We can end this.

We can testify. Nobody's testifying.

It's all over, Eddie.

We lose, kid.

Hey, Ray. Frank.


You guys going in?

The commissioner hasn't given us the green light yet.

Well, I don't need to remind you that he shot two of us.

Enough said.

We got maybe 40 civilians on that bus. Get them out.

I don't want anybody hurt, including our guys.

Nobody's gonna get hurt, commissioner. These guys know what to do.

- We have movement. Let's move in.

- Hold your fire. Repeat, hold your fire. Move in to the bus. Let's go.

Hey. What...?


When you get outside...

Happy birthday. Thank you.

They'll take you to a holding area. It'll be hectic.

But everybody's out there... Listen to me, listen to me.

Once you get outside that perimeter, you just get lost.

What if they...? Keep moving. You just keep moving.

Come here. You look great.

Hey, gray suit.

Got you a gray suit.

All right? Hands in the air, folks. Don't look back.

Hands in the air, you'll be all right. You'll be all right.

Next. Sorry.

Come on, come on, let's go!

What is he doing? How should I know?

I'll let you know when I know. Don't you...

I'll let you know when I know. Out of my face!

Kaller, give me a hand with them!

Bobby? Right there. Right here.

That's him. That's him. Hey, man!

It's not him. Let him go.

The dude, he changed. It's not me. What?

He's in a suit, a gray suit. Suit, gray suit.

We count 31. That leaves eight people on the bus.

No, I was the last one off the bus.

The only person left on that bus is the guy with the gun.

Then go, do it! Let's go, let's go.

Get your people out there. Let's go. Come on, let's go.

Mosley is still on the bus. That kid is here somewhere. We checked...

Bobby, I don't care what you checked.

Check it again, now. Go. You guys, that way.

This is Detective Jack Mosley. Shield number 227.

I guess this will be my last will and testament.

Don't shoot!

Hold your fire!

Do not shoot! Do not shoot!

- Who is that? Hold your fire!

Hold your fire! - Is it that wit from the 32?

Get on your goddamn radio. Find out who that is.

Guns down, hold your fire!

Don't shoot!

Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Don't shoot!

Don't shoot!

Do not move! Step away from the bus! Don't shoot, hold your fire!

Do not shoot! Get away from the bus!

Hold your fire.

Jack. Jack, it's me. Jack Mosley!

It's me, Eddie, Jack.

Chuck Berry.

Chuck Berry.

Chuck Berry, he got locked up for armed robbery.

He changed. He changed.

Barry White, he stole 300 tires.

Can you picture big Barry White stealing 300 tires? He changed.

You said... You said people don't change.

People change. Eddie.

What? You're killing me.

Team three, breach the bus. Repeat, team three, breach the bus.

Entrance team moving in.

Get out of the way!

Head down! Cover your ears and your eyes!

Hold fire. Go, go!

Go, go, go! Hold your fire!

This is a nightmare.

Hold fire!

Let's go! Move, move, move! Stay down!

Move up! Move up! Come here.

Team two, status?

Go ahead! Take it! Go!

The bus is empty.

They went through the bus doors!

They're in the goddamn building! Seal it off!

- All clear. The bus is empty. They've entered the building.

Seal the building, start a search.

Remember, heads up. He just shot two cops. Be careful.

Jack, I gotta tell you something.

Hey, man. Jack, listen to me, man.

Jack, I wanna tell you something.

Hold on, hold on, wait. I gotta tell you something. It's important.

Shit. Get up, go.

Oh, shit.

Hey, sir. I'm a cop, all right? I'm on the job.

Look, I need that phone for a minute.

Look what you did to my suit, man.

I told you, you was gonna get me shot.

It's me. I need your help.

All this started because my friend Maurice came by my house.

Two days ago, Maurice came by my house.

He all excited.

He got a shoebox.

He had a gun.

He talking about, "Hold this for me for a little while."

I'm like, "I'm on parole." He like, "Me too."

Next day, somebody shot him.

Thirty-two thousand dollars in that shoebox.

That's a sign, huh? Yeah.

It's a very big sign.

Easy, easy, easy.

You know how much it gonna take me to open the bakery?

Thirty-one thousand dollars.

Jack, I got so nervous I ran out the house.

I went to Port Authority and I put the money in a locker.

I get back to my house...

...my parole officer's there...

...in my house.

He got Maurice's gun in his hand.

He looking at me like, "That's it, Eddie."

And he's talking about 15 years, man.

I got so sick.

Then the DA came to my cell...

...and he showed me the picture of that cop.

Then I met you.

Jack, they clean them lockers out every 24 hours.

I had a little schedule going, man.

Court at 10:00...

...Port Authority at 12.

Hey. Hey, look at me. Wake up.

You ain't gonna die on me, are you?

I don't know, I never died before.

It's not gonna happen today.

Hey. Thank you for coming.

What's going on? Look. Shot here. I think it went in and out.

Yeah, let's get him in.

I know you.

Come on. I was at your house.

You were at my apartment? Had to get my gun.


It was very nice, very clean.

The police grilled me for an hour at the hospital.

What'd you say to them?

That you're a self-medicating, depressed individual.

And you don't care about anything or anyone.

Oh, she's honest, straightforward. That's sexy. I like that.

What'd you do this time, Jack?

He saved my life a couple times.

Hey, he's a good dude. You gotta give him another chance.

I don't know what he did, but you gotta give him another chance.

He gotta have somebody to talk to.

I'm not gonna be around.

Eddie, this is my sister, Diane. What?

She's your sister?

Oh, man.

I just started having a little hope for you. Your family don't even like you.

I got a sister too.

But she live in Seattle.

I was supposed to go out there and start my bakery.

I was supposed to go out there today to see her.

See her on the bus.

I can stop the bleeding...

...but he's gotta get stitched up, get to a hospital.

We gotta be at the courthouse in less than 20 minutes.

You're gonna have to do it.

You're gonna be fine, Eddie. It's not as bad as it looks.

What happened to your hand?

I gotta ask you one more favor.

Just a little favor.

Hey, is today really your birthday?


No, I just said that because the little girl, she was so scared.

She was cute, man.

When's your birthday?

I don't know. What do you mean, you don't know?

No, for real, I don't know.

I'm not... I came up in foster care. Had a lot of birthdays.

But didn't you say...? You got a sister, right? That you're going to see?

Yeah, I just found out about her a couple months ago.

Never met your sister? No.

That's why I'm going out to Seattle to meet her.

I'm looking forward.

Maybe she turns out to look like Angelina Jolie.

Shit, if she do, I hope she ain't my sister.

Hey, man, what you want on your cake, man?

You never told me. I gotta send you one, man.

I don't want no cake, Eddie. Damn it, Jack, come on, man...

I can't think of anything that has happened in my life...

...that I would want written on a cake. Nothin'?

I'm not a good guy, Eddie.

I'm not a good guy.

Yeah, me neither.

Diane. Frank.

Give me the keys.

Stay in the car. Little out of your sector, aren't you?

Saving lives knows no bounds.

You should know that, Frank. You look good.

You look a little desperate. Doesn't suit you.

Open the door.

Open the door. Open the door.

Sorry, Jack, this is as close as I can get you.

Like I said, you're looking good.

Thanks, kid.

All right, come on, let's go.

No, hey, hold on. Hold on a minute.

Why is that? Hold on for what?

This is as far as you go too.

Come on, man. I don't... Listen to me, Eddie.

What? Listen.

Those guys you were gonna testify against...

...those cops? Yeah?

I was one of them.

You were gonna testify against me too.

I did what they did.

We did some bad things.

I did another bad thing when I used you.

I was gonna let you do what I should have done.

What I should have had the courage to do six years ago.

I'm sorry.

You know, if you didn't come to get me today...

...I'd be dead right now.

Right. So...

I was supposed to meet you.

That was the sign.

You saved my life, kid.

Take care of yourself, kid.

Thank you.

Make cakes, Eddie the baker.

Oh, yeah. You give the car keys to your best friend.

You let him take the old lady to the hospital.

You stay at the bus stop with the girl because she's the girl of your dreams, right?

So everything's gonna be okay.

Right? Yeah.

Have fun in Seattle. Say hi to your sister.



Get him to the Port Authority. Make sure he gets on that bus.

Carl, thanks. No problem.

All right.

Hell of a morning, huh?

Where's the wit?

You're looking at him.

I let the kid go, Frank.

You're not gonna get to him now. Bullshit.

Wouldn't do that.


...what do you think you're gonna tell them?

Are you gonna tell them everything?

Are you gonna tell them about you too?

You think that's gonna make you feel better?

Nothing's gonna make me feel better.

Then why?

Look, Jack, you and me...

...we did our business in a certain way.

You never complained when we cleared the tough cases.

It didn't bother you doing any of that until...

Listen to me, all right? You listen.

Okay, Jack? Really listen.

Whatever you think that you are gonna do up there...

...it is never gonna happen.

You are not gonna make it.

Is that what you're thinking, Frank?

You're gonna shoot me down here? Nobody knows?

Like the Ling family, huh?

Like they never knew.

He was a stupid old man who wouldn't keep his mouth shut.

All right, so I stuck a gun in some guy's mouth.

He had a heart attack, he died. So what? So what?

Look, if it hadn't happened the way that it did, if he hadn't died...

...you would've been patting me on the back, saying, "Good job."

Collateral damage, it is a fact of life in this business.

He took his last breaths while you were wiping the fingerprints off the room.

He was gonna take down our case. He was an innocent man.

He was gonna take down our case. He was somebody's husband.

He was gonna take down our case. He was somebody's father.

He was gonna take down our case! What were we supposed to do?

He wanted to tell the truth. Fuck the truth!


I'm not gonna need this anymore.

Bobby? He's on his way up.

Take him out.

Mosley's in the building! Get the ADA. Freeze!

Hands in the air! Don't shoot.

Don't move! Down on your knees. I'm not armed.

Down on your knees! Now! Don't shoot, I'm not armed.

Lower your weapon. Just call ADA MacDonald, please, on the radio.

Hands up. Get ADA MacDonald here right now!

Don't shoot. Don't shoot me. Get your hands up!

Just get ADA MacDonald for me.

Jack, come on! I won't argue with you. Get down.

Mosley! Mosley!

Hands up!

Where's my witness? Where's Edward Bunker?

He didn't make it.

I'm gonna take his place.

Please lower your weapons. Hold your fire and stand down.

Back off.

I have information...

...regarding your ongoing witness-tampering investigation.

Dates, cases that include extortion...

...manslaughter and possible homicide...

...involving members of the 14th Precinct.

These charges include Captain Dan Gruber...

...detectives Jerry Shue...

...Edward Maldonado...

...Bob Torres...

...Jim Mulvey...


...and Detective Frank Nugent.

What's this about, Mosley? What do you want?

I want Edward Bunker's record expunged.

Done. What else? Nothing else.

You can substantiate all this, Mosley?



Hold your fire. I fired that shot.

You're gonna shoot me down here? Nobody knows?

Like the Ling family, huh?

Like they never knew.

He was a stupid old man who wouldn't keep his mouth shut.

All right, so I stuck a gun in some guy's mouth.

- He had a heart attack, he died. So what? So what?

- So what? So how about he was innocent?

- Innocent? How about he didn't deserve to die?

Look, if it hadn't happened the way that it did, if he hadn't died...

...you would've been patting me on the back, saying, "Good job."

Collateral damage, it is a fact of life in this business.

He took his last breaths while you were wiping the fingerprints off the room.

- He was gonna take down our case. He was an innocent man.

- He was gonna take down our case. He was somebody's husband.

- He was gonna take down our case. He was somebody's father.

He was gonna take down our case! What were we supposed to do?

- He wanted to tell the truth. Fuck the truth!

Let's get you to the jury.

Thanks a lot. Thanks.


Hey, happy birthday. Happy birthday, Jack.

Welcome back, Jack.

Are you kidding me? Two years in the pen is enough.

Thanks for that memory. Thank you.

Happy birthday, Jack. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday. Blow them out. Welcome home.

I hate birthdays, you know that, right?

Sorry, sorry. Happy birthday.

This came with it.

Dear Jack Mosley, I hope you're doing well and everything worked out like it was supposed to.

I'm doing great.

Seattle is different, and I like it a lot.

I'm not sure I ever smelled fresh air before I got here. It's a trip.

Sometimes I can't believe it. It's the best feeling I've had in my life.

I'm busting my ass, but I'm happy, though.

The bakery is now open. Three cheers.

I put my name first because I'm doing all the hard work.

These ovens are hot, man.

Hope you like the cake. What did I tell you?

That's Eddie. - If you're ever in town, you got a friend.

Thank you for doing the right thing, Jack Mosley. God bless you.

Keep in touch. Peace.

That's great. Go on, take one more. Look.

You know how this guy...? I was talking, take one more.

Happy birthday, Jack.