18 regali (2020) Script


Good idea, I like it.

I'll meet you at the office later, so you'll tell me if there are other possibilities or if you can think of anything else, huh? All right?

Perfect, see you later, then. Bye-bye.



Can you come upstairs?

I'm coming.

What's up?

I figured it all out.

So, listen to me for a second, huh?

Yes, I have to go in five minutes, though.

Corner for us, Ruzzetti kicks it. All right?

We all stand here on the edge of the penalty box, all lined up like a train.

-And can it be done? -Of course it can be done.

The ball is kicked: Rullo attacks the first post, Chiodelli attacks the second post, the two in the middle block their center-backs and who remains in the center of the penalty box all alone?

- Tasselli. - Tasselli. who is terrible with his feet, but is the best we have with headers.

So am I or am I not a genius?

-They certainly don't expect it. -Of course they don't, -we score and I raise the National Cup! -Are you crazy?

-The National Cup! -Put me down!

And if we win, I'll buy you a gift. What would you like?

You know what I want, I asked you a month ago. I want you to clean this room.

-Why don't you do it today? -Because I have training today.

No, it's tonight.

Look, I thought about it, why don't we make the baby's room over there?

But from there you can see the road, here there's the garden.

Oh well, when it feels like it, it will come here and look out.

Come on, sorry, but this is my studio, I have my things here.

It's not like this child can come and suddenly it takes all the spaces.

Why do you always have to put things off?

Life goes on, things change, there is nothing wrong.

So, for once, make me decide, just to see the effect it has on you.

-You are right. -Hm? Thank you.

-Next time you'll decide. -All right.

But now at least clean up the walls, so I can whitewash on the weekend.

-Should I say "okay"? -Mm-hm.

-Then it's okay. -Mh. Thank you.

-Come on, stop it. I have to go. -You said five minutes.

They passed.

Have a nice day at work.

You never give up, huh?

You told me that Signor Giovanni was a good person. But was not fair to me.

Gazim, what is the reason for the layoff?

I don't know, he says I'm slow, but I always do everything, more than others!

Ok. I'll tell you what.

Now we look for a job, even part-time, so you'll make ends meet, and then, when I have something more stable, I'll let you know. All right?

InJob agency, good morning.

Yes, it's us.

Help yourself.

We are open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 4 p.m...

Can you take another deep breath?

Hold it.


-One moment. -Is there a problem?

-Elisa, excuse me if I kept you waiting. -How's he baby?

It was only a small placental abruption, but the fluid is abundant, the placenta is well positioned and the bleeding has already stopped.

-You can calm down, the baby girl is fine. -It's a girl?

-Yes, hadn't they told you yet? -No.

-It's a girl. -Oh, God.

I hoped for it.

A girl.

Unfortunately, though, there is a problem.

It's about you.

We repeated the ultrasound examination... twice and I've already asked for a biopsy.

A... biopsy?

There is a... a suspect of cancer.

Have you chosen, ma'am?

-Ma'am? -This one.

But I will see my daughter, right?

I will see my daughter. Right?

Do you need anything else?


WELCOME ANNA 21-08-2001 How pretty.

Look at the onesie.

Why don't we take it for our girl, too?




Hi, Anna.

Do you want this one? Come.

One, two, three!

-You have to sing. -Happy birthday to you...

Good, good, good!

Happy birthday to you... Good girl!

Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna...

Come on, what are you waiting for?

-Do you want grandpa's help? -Stop it.


Come on, go ahead.

I don't want to.

Do you want us to open it later, just you and me?

I already know what it is.

I already know it too, but these children here think that mom gave you a wardrobe.

Instead, in my opinion, if we open it, everyone will envy you. Hm?

-All right. -Okay.

Come on, Anna, play something!

Come on, Annina.

Can I play something?

Of course you can play, Lorenzo, come on.

Come on, why don't you make a nice four-handed song?

-Ouch! -Anna!

Anna, come back here immediately!

I never asked for a piano and I don't want it!

Thank you very much, Alberto, and sorry again. I'm sorry.

Never mind. Don't worry, keep calm.

On the contrary, are you sure you don't want us to talk to her?

Again? He told you he'll take care of it, don't insist, okay?

Please, don't reprimand her. Sooner or later it had to happen.

Actually, poor thing, she has been far too good all this time.

She has been good, yes.

You've been good too.

Elisa would be proud of you.

Come on, let's go, the girl is alone in the house.




Anna? Get down.

Anna, get down immediately from there, it's dangerous, come on.

Give me your hand, come down.

Anna, why are you doing this?

I don't want Mom's presents anymore.


Mom... left for a distant trip.

I don't believe it.

But she's not distant in space.

She's distant in time.


Is she dead?

Come to Daddy, come on.

-What are you doing? -An inward dive.

Are you sure? I've never made it from here.

Roberto told me. Trust me, we can do it.

Come on.


What the fuck is she doing?

-Arms. -Angelica!

Hey, Anna!

-One... -Get off there!

-Girls! Angelica! -Two...

-Three! -Stop!

Oh, my God!

-How is she? -Thank God she's fine.

But she could've broken her back, and your daughter too.

Do you want to her out of the team?

She did it on purpose.

I have no choice.

You were a coach too, you know...

Today is her birthday.

It's not an easy day for her.

You can't smoke in the car.

-Since when? -Since today.

What the fuck did you put up? Garlands?

I'm not six years old.

Listen... why don't you call your diving friend and invite her to the party?

-So maybe you can apologize, too. -She is not my friend.

And who are you friends with?

-No, because I would love to know. -Look who's talking.

Look, you stay put and listen to me.

Do you think you're the only one hurting?

Have you ever thought about me? About your grandparents?

You could have a life again. You've had the time.

-I tried. -But nobody lived up to my mother.

-Don't you dare talk about Mom-- -You too cannot take it anymore.

Every year with this presents bullshit. Why?

-Because your Mom wanted it this way. -But she is not here!

-She was never there for me! -So what do you want to do?

Do you want to be pissed all your life?

It's better than believing in ghosts.

Listen, now you go into the house, greet everyone, open your mother's last present, give a fucking smile and then we'll have cake, okay?

Like a nice happy family.

Yes, like a nice happy family.

What's wrong with your father?

Are you coming?

-Come on, now throw that cigarette away-- -You too bugger off!

-Where do you have to go? -It depends.

Where are you going?

There is a place nearby. It has some excellent beers. Do you want to go?

-Deal. -Get in.

Love, look, the meeting with the client keeps going on, so I'm not coming, I'll come back late. Don't wait up for me.

I love you. Bye-bye. Bye.

-Hey. -You all right?

Yes, I found a dime, it's good luck.

Look, the color is not that great, but I guarantee you the taste is exceptional.

How old are you?

-And you? -Guess.


Thirty-nine. I'll be 40 next week.

How did you guess?

You have the face of a 40 year old.

All right, okay.

My birthday is today, actually.

We have to celebrate, then. Let's celebrate.

There is nothing to celebrate, trust me.


Because today my mother died.



When I was born.

She didn't have time to see me.

But, on my birthday, her fucking present is always there.

You're joking, right?

I can't believe it.

I mean, you-- Your Mom was Elisa, Alessio's wife.

And who the fuck are you?

I'm Walter and you're Anna, right?

Alessio was my soccer coach.

I came to your house a lot of times, I came to your first birthdays.

How fun, huh?

Does your father know you're here?

From today I am of age, ok? If you want to fuck me, -you don't have to ask permission to him. -Fuck you? Are you kidding...?

What are you saying? Fuck? No way!

-Stop it, I'll take you home, come on. -Hey, don't you touch me.

Should I call your father?

-Mind your own business. -I'm calling your father.

-What are you doing? Hey! -I'm calling your father.

Hi Alessio, I'm Walter. No...


What the fuck is going on?


Anna, stop! Anna! Anna, no! No!

Fuck, my motorbike!

Oh. Fucking stop! Stop!


What the fuck are you doing?


Where the fuck are you going?

Are you okay?

Can you hear me? Are you okay?

But where did you come from? I didn't see you coming.

I tried to brake, but...

Can you get up?

Are you okay?

Yes, I'm fine.

Why did you cross like that? I could have killed you!

I waved.

You waved? But don't you see that we are in the dark on a provincial road?

That's the last thing I needed.

I'll take you to the hospital, let's go.

No, no, I'm fine.

-I can't leave you here like this, come! -Not the hospital.

-Where are you taking me? -Let's go to my house, for now.

It's close. Then we'll see.

-You live here? -Yes.



-What's wrong with you? -My head is spinning.

Come on, let's go. Come in.

I'll get you some water.


Dry your hair a little.

Wait, give it to me.

Ouch... does it hurt?

Give me a minute.

MAY 2001

-Are you pregnant? -Yes.

-And what's your name? -Elisa. Sit down.

Let me see.

Ah! But what is it?

It's nail polish remover, sorry.

-Is it burning? -What do you think?

Come on.

Like this, okay? This way.


Who is it?


Since no one will come see us in Florence... at least we cheer ourselves.

-It's nice. -Hi, Elisa.

-Hi, Eli. -Hello.

Okay guys, we're done for tonight. You two, go to bed early.

-Good night. -Bye.

Hello, sweetheart.

What's up?


-I ran over a girl. -What?

Yes, but she's fine... at least I think.

-You think? -She just has a couple of scratches.

Did you take her to the hospital?

No, she's in our living room.

In our living room?

Are you okay?

-I'm fine. -Okay.


Pleased to meet you, I am Alessio.


How are you? Everything all right?

Does your arm hurt?

-Have we met before? -I don't think so.

-No, because you seem-- -I have to go to the toilet, sorry.

-But the guest bathroom is downstairs! -I prefer the other one.

How does she know?


-Should I check on her? -What do I know!

Hey, keep calm!

-It's nothing. -I've been up since 7 a.m.

We still have to eat and there is a stranger upstairs--


It is not yet ready yet, but if you are hungry, in the meantime, there are these.

-No thanks. -They are delicious, you know?

The house specialty.

Trust me.


If you tell us where you live, we'll take you home.

-I don't live here. -Oh.

And what are you doing here?

I... came to visit my mother.

-We will take you to her, then. -No!

Because... she's in the hospital.

-They hospitalized her today and... -Ah. I'm sorry.

-But you have a place to sleep, right? -Not at the moment.

Where is your father?

He travels a lot...

The last time I heard from him, he was in Africa.

-South Africa. -No less.

But it was a long time ago, maybe now he's not there...

Yes. The water's boiling.

-Let's let her sleep here. -What? No.

Can't you take her to the Bellavia?

To the Bellavia? Elisa, honestly, she still seems a little confused to me.

It feels bad to send her away.

Do as you like.

I put her on the sofa.


So I'll take her directly to the hospital in the morning.

No, you have to leave at eight, I'll take her while going to the agency.

I thought that, since you can't come... maybe with this on you can bring me luck from here as well.

Hey. What's up?

Did I say something wrong?

It's nothing.


You make me worry.

It's beautiful. I'll wear it for sure.

Listen, Eli, for these days that I'm away, why don't we call someone who comes to help you?

Help me with what?

For everything. To drive the car, to buy groceries.

-I don't want to leave you alone. -I don't need a caregiver.

I didn't say that!

You spend a few days with a friend of yours.

With Patrizia, with Marianna, with whoever you want.

Alessio, please.

-Why, did I say something strange? -I already answered you.

"I already answered you."

-Let's try to call your cousin. -Again?

If I need her, I'll call her, okay? That's enough.

Good morning.

-Oh, good morning. -Good morning.

-I made coffee. -Thank you.

Oh well, I'm staying here, I'm not going.

What are you talking about?

Yes, Elisa, it is useless for me to go and then spend all my time thinking about you here alone.

You're pregnant.

-I'll call Mauro and get replaced. -Mauro?

But it's the final! When you do this I can't stand you!

-Look, it's only for two days. -Do you think they're short?

I'll tell you what, she'll help me out. Do you want to stay here a couple of days?

-Her? -Yes. You said "who I want".

-Do you have a driver's license? -Of course she has it.

-What are you doing? -Uhm...

The gear!

-The gear... -Like this, come on!

Come on, get off, I'll drive.

-Mine is different. -Yeah.

Where are we going?

I'll take you to your mother, to the hospital.

But don't I have to take you to work?

Look, thank you, but I don't need anyone, really.

Do you have any money?

Then, bye.

And sorry again for yesterday!


They set you up, huh?

I'm Carla.

Don't you remember? Carla Capitani, you found me that interpreter job.

Carla, of course.

Now I no longer work there, now I teach English at an evening school.

Do you remember I was looking for a chair?

-No, I honestly don't remember. -Well, it has arrived.

What are you doing here? You too with the Great Bastard?

Who, sorry?

The Great Bastard. The king of the gatecrashers.

Mine is here for almost a year.

I'm sorry.

Well, what can you do, he grew fond of them.

I don't blame him, with two boobs like these!

So you say that he'll get tired of mine soon?

How long have you known?

Since yesterday, but I'm still really confused.

And I haven't told anyone yet.

Well, let's get this done right away.

-Good morning everyone. -Good morning.

I see new faces.

Yes, but for the moment my friend prefers not to speak.

Sure, as you wish.

And you, Carla, where were you?

You missed me?

I had an unexpected event at work.

With a student of mine.

What kind of event?

I slept with him!


Look, was he an adult, at least?

Judging from the experience in the use of the tongue, I would say he is.

They all happen to her, all of them.

Okay, okay. But was he the one you told us about last time?

No, this was another one, I'd never thought about him.

However, it still is psychological support, you know, in fact I thought of you all the time.

Oh yes, of course.


-Sorry. -Please. Are you looking for someone?

My mom is here in the hospital for a tumor.

-They told me I could come here... -Of course.

Welcome. What's your name?

-Anna. -Anna.

And who is your mom?

She was hospitalized yesterday.

She is in intensive care.

  And your father? Are you here alone?

How do you do it? Where do you sleep?

I don't know.

If you have to eat, my husband owns a pizzeria less than a mile from here.

We own a bar.

My parents have an extra room, if you want I can ask them, what do you say?

Girls, don't exaggerate, or she'll get confused.

Do you really have no one here?

No, but I don't need anything.

It would be enough for me to find a job, so I can get by.

She owns a temp agency.

Why didn't you say anything to Alessio?

What did you say your name is?

-Anna. -Surname?


-Can you give me an ID? -Um...

I guess I forgot it at home.

You don't have a driver's license.

-No. -Oh well, how old are you?

Seventeen. No, sorry. Eighteen.

You cannot smoke in here.

Yes, sir.

So, there's an event at the golf club tonight.

And do we want to miss it?

The president's son is getting married.

Catering is complete, but I think they could use another person.

What size do you wear?

I don't know.

Get up.

I would say you're a size two.

-Don't you have another pair of shoes? -Why, are these not okay?

It's not their style, no.

And what is their style?

-Like yours? -Yes, better.

So let's exchange them.

Come on, I'll bring them back.

What is it, are you afraid that I will steal them?

-Thank you. -It's my job.

Yes, but I don't think it's easy for you.

And for you.

I asked for a hotel without TVs in the rooms, so they wouldn't go to bed late, and instead there are huge screens.

Oh, well, they are not children.

Go figure. Did you put your shirt on?

Sure. I'm wearing it.

Nice, thanks.

I feel you close to me.

What about the rest?

We were going to sleep.

Oh, okay. Then I leave you to it.

-Goodnight. -Goodnight.

-Goodnight. I love you. -Me too.


Thank you.

You could also bring them back to me tomorrow morning.

-Are you already done? -Yes, there was nothing left to do.

May I?

My shoes.

I'll get them right away.

-How did it go? -Fine.

-The usual pain in the ass. -Problems?

No. It's just that I hate weddings.

Everyone's beautiful and smiling... This is taking the piss, come on.

-Did you eat? -No.

I am starving. Can I make myself a toast?

I forgot to shop for groceries.

If you want, I have fish sticks in the freezer.

-I hate fish. -So...

But isn't there a place nearby to go eat something?

There is one, but you need the car.

-Can you take me? -No.

-Please! -No.

No, put it down.

Put it down. Hey!

-What's written on it? -Give it to me!

-Give it to me! -Only if you take me.


Who's honking?

What is she doing?

Don't you eat your fries?

Do you want them?

If there is something you like very much, do you eat it immediately or leave it at the end?

At the end.

We don't really have a fucking thing in common.

Thank God.

Pass me the fries.

But you come down from there, come on. Come down, you make me anxious.

This sandwich is shitty, it tastes like a wet dog.

I told you everything was closed, what did you expect?

Why didn't you go live somewhere else?

Like where?

You must've thought about it at least once.

No? Okay.

I did, once.

I would have liked to go to London.

And why didn't you go?

Ha-ha! You don't know English.

-Look, people go there to learn it. -It's not like that.

I could not live in London.

It's too big, I'm better here.

What's so beautiful about this place?

-It's empty as shit. -What do you know?

I can tell.

Instead, there are a lot of nice things to do here.

-Like? -Like...

-Like coming here. -Here?

To do what?

-What do you think? -No!

-But with whom, with Alessio? -Eh...

-And then I got pregnant. -So you made her here?

No, not her.

It was three years ago, then I lost it.

What about her?


In the garage.

-In the garage? -Yes, in the garage.


-What happened? -I forgot my jacket.

-Oh well, I'll give you mine. -The house keys were inside!

Oh God...

Come on, we'll figure something out. Don't worry, come on.

-An ID, please. -Yes.

There you go.

Yes. I also need your daughter's.

Oh, sure.

She doesn't have it.

She doesn't have it because we got locked outside the house.

All right.

There you go. Room 24, second floor.

-Thank you. -Breakfast from 7 to 10 a.m., the lift is on the right.

Your daughter took the stairs.


Where did you learn to dive like this?

I took a course.

Come on, the water's wonderful.

We can't, it's late.

Who cares! Come!

No, get out!

-I'll start screaming. -No!

-Come! -Shh!

-Come on! -Okay, I'm coming.

-Do you need help? -I can do it.

-It's cold! -It's not cold!

It is very cold!

-Do you admit that it's wonderful? -It's gorgeous.

But can't you swim?

I float.

Look, I can do this too.

-Wow! -Huh? She's helping me.


I admit it's not bad.

What's wrong? Hey!

-She moved. -What?

She moved!

-Have you felt it? -Yes!

Oh God!

-Oh God... -Wow.

It's crazy.

Feel how she moves.

I have to pee.

-Are you crazy? -I'm joking!

You don't know how hard it was to get a bottle of water.



-There you go. Done. -Thank you.

-These are to be thrown away, right? -These ones, too.

What about this?

I got it at a concert.

Why are you throwing it away?

She would just think of it as an old T-shirt.

-I think she would like it. -You think?

Then put it over there.

Listen, I was thinking about that diving course you mentioned.

What if I give it to her?

-What do you mean? -I could gift it to her.

No, you can't.

-Why do you think that? -Because you don't know her.

You don't know if she'll like it.

But I picture she will.

And how do you picture her?

How do I picture her?

Blonde hair...

Alessio's dark eyes...

However, the important thing is that she is beautiful on the inside.

-On the inside? -Yes, a strong and determined person.

A positive person, yes, above all.

What do you mean by that?

Someone who has faith in others.

-A fool? -No, an altruist.

Someone who doesn't need to step over the others to get what she wants.

Someone who gets pushed around?

Is this really how you see life?

And what do you want, a daughter or a doll?

She won't be cocky and insolent like you, that's for sure.

But not a carbon copy of her mother, either.


Yes, good morning.

What do you mean "she left"?

No, she didn't tell me anything.

I'm sorry.

It won't happen again.

Thank you. Again, I'm so sorry.

You're a liar, too!

That was the catering owner, he said you ran away without a warning.

Tell me why you lied!

Why do you care? It was my job, not yours.

Your job? Who got you that job? Who vouched for you?

Do you even know how hard I had to work to earn my clients' trust?

Why do you care about clients? You have cancer and you think about your clients?

Those were shitty people.

And I didn't want to be there, since my mother is sick.

Soccer is a crappy sport.

You set yourself a goal, you spend the whole season trying to make it happen, you evaluate all scenarios, calculate all odds, you study your opponents, and then what happens?

There comes Tasselli, that dickhead.

The worst right-back in the world.

- And he's part of your team... - Alessio.

- Tasselli, when there's a corner... - Alessio.

-...you don't have to stay here-- - Alessio!

What is it?

The other day I went to the hospital for a leak.

Is there a problem with the baby?

It's a girl.

- Really? A girl? - She's alright.

She's fine. It's me who...



I have cancer.

Breast cancer.

Why didn't you tell me right away?

You had the final.

I have seen the MRI report and unfortunately I can only confirm my colleagues' diagnosis.

It is a metastatic triple negative in an advanced state.

Unlike the hospital, however, our clinic adopts an experimental protocol, which in some cases has registered a 30 percent greater effectiveness.

And when could we start?

Well, the sooner the better.

In your case, the course of treatment must be postponed to complete the pregnancy.

Unless you decide to have an abortion.

Are you asking us to choose between our daughter's life and mine?

No, I'm just telling you how it is.

And with this new protocol... what percentage of healing would we be facing?

Basically, in these cases it is just to slow it down.

As much as possible, but just to slow it down.

What do you mean by... "slow it down"?

There's no healing from this type of cancer.

-No, that's what you say. -Alessio, please.

Who the fuck are you, huh?

You, who are here deciding who lives and who dies with this fucking tie! Huh?

Do I have to trust a guy like that?

-Sit down. -Let's go away, come on.


Yes, yes, it's fine.

Okay, okay, so I'll call you tonight.

But he's good, isn't he?

No, because the one from this morning... Let's not even go there.

She's here, I'll tell her you say hi.

It was Mauro.

He says he can get us an appointment with the head physician of the Niguarda in Milan, they're good there.

-Can we talk about it later? -Yes, sorry. I'm sorry.


I guess you bet on the wrong horse.

-Elisa, don't say bullshit, huh? -I'm sorry.

Don't say bullshit! I bet on the best horse!

Do you understand? On the best horse in the world!

Do you remember what the doctor told us when you couldn't get pregnant?

-That was different. -Do you remember it?

That you always make it. Always! And this goes to show it.

-I won't be able to see her grow. -Shut up. Shut up.

Shut up. Shut up, please.

It would've been better if she wasn't here.

Shut up...

At work everyone knows I'm sick, but nobody tells me anything.

They pretend.

Maybe to make me feel normal... and instead they make me feel even sicker.

You know, it's better if they pretend.

It's better, so you don't have to hear, "You will make it", "Now you have to rely only on yourself"...

"Keep fighting!" This one beats them all.

Maybe you should be the one talking to colleagues, you know?

Maybe you can't because you're ashamed.

After all, we are all ashamed here.

Why me?

What have I done wrong? Hm?

A spoiled food? Passive smoking?

Those three tanning beds I had two years ago?

The point is, there is no real reason.

We are just losers, that's it.

No one is a loser here, Carla. Not even you.

Are you in a bad mood, honey?

My student has dropped out of class.

What about you, Elisa? Were you able to talk about it with your family?

Alessio cannot accept it.

And maybe I can't as well.

But if I really have only a few months left, I can't waste time, I still have a lot of things I want to do.

I have written them all down.

Maybe they are a bit too many, but... I'm sure of some of them.

For example?

I want to give presents to my daughter for her birthdays.

Yes, I know it's a bit of a mess, especially those for when she'd be older, but I thought maybe you could help me.

Who among you already has children...

-Don't you think it's a little early? -After all, you just found out.

Girls, Elisa didn't ask us for an opinion.

It is her choice, and it's justifiable.

Instead, she asked us for help, huh?

In my will, I left everything to my cat.

-To a cat! -To a cat.

-Excuse me... -Oh, Elisa. Good morning, tell me.

I am looking for a person. She is a patient who is hospitalized here.

I shouldn't...

Oh, well.

-What's the name? -Married name is Girotto.

-Girotto... -She was hospitalized on the 21.

Oh, ok. The 21...


May I?

Come in.

I've been to the hospital.

I looked for you and they told me that your mother is not there.

That she never was, that she doesn't exist.

Why did you look for me?

First, explain to me why you're such a liar.

Where's your mother?

I never knew her.

She left when I was born.

And your father? Did you run away from home?

-I told you, he's in Africa. -Anna!

Look, my dad is a loser, okay?

We have nothing to say to each other.

Anyway, I can't go back to him.

You ran away.

Can you give me his number? I want to talk to him.


-What's the problem? -Forget it.


That is the problem.

Wait up.

I have a job for you.

I'll personally hire you, this time.

But no more lies, no swearing and no controversies.

What am I supposed to do?

Help me choose the presents for her.

-What? -I didn't ask for your opinion!

But why me?

You said she will never be like me.

Because I want someone who won't agree with me just because I'm going to die.

So, will you help me?

These ones?

-Huh? -Stop that.

-What do you say? -Nah. The drums are better.

-The drums? -Yeah, the piano sucks.

-The drums for a girl? -So what?

Enough! Enough!

Give me those. Poor Alessio! It's a torture.

As if the piano is not.

Hours alone in front of that fucking keyboard while all her friends are outside playing.

At the beginning you have to be dedicated, then over time the passion comes.

At eight years old?

By the time that passion comes, you have ruined her life.

You say I have to give it to her when she will be older?

No! I say you have to get the drums.

It is on sale, too.

You convinced me, I'll get the drums.

-I'll get the packages. -Let's unload.

-Hello. -Can I know where were you?

Your cell phone is offline.

Sorry, the battery died.

They delivered a bicycle.

We've been buying things for the baby.


-What about her? -She's helping me out.

-Can you help me? -Yes.

I've been trying to talk to you since this morning.

I managed to move up the appointment at the hospital in Milan, it's tomorrow.

-Tomorrow? -Tomorrow!

Why, aren't you happy?

No, tomorrow I took an appointment with the kindergarten director, -it's something I wanted to do with you. -Elisa, why are you doing this?

-What? -You disappear, you go shopping, can't we face this thing together?

-Do you really want to face it together? -Sure.

-Then help me. -Am I not doing it?

No, you are not, Alessio.

You talk about hospitals, doctors, but I need to think about our future!

And how are you thinking about it, by buying a fucking bicycle?

When you have a better idea, let me know!

Aren't you coming in for dinner?


You smoke?

What do you think?

Can you give me a cigarette?

How is she?

She is not well.

But she's got balls.

She's always had them.

After all, she is the strong one.

We wanted this little girl so much.

Next year we would have gotten married, too.

And then...

when it gets this close...

I find myself alone.

You won't be alone.

Your will have your daughter.

Can you picture me with a girl that small?

What will I do?

-Look, you're strong too. -I don't think so.

She told me.


-Mm-hm. -Did she say that to you?

More or less.

-But... -But?

Show it to her, every now and then.


6 DIVING COURSE Yesterday I read that there is a funeral agency that transforms the ashes of cremations into diamonds.

-Yes, you can get yourself a ring... -Yuck!

I already feel claustrophobic.


And don't forget to do your homework. Hm?

All right. -What homework?

Smile to life, bullshit like that. I have other priorities, God willing.

You don't know how many times I've said to myself, "I'll take a six months leave of absence and start studying English."

I don't want her to have this same regret.

Here, you're a responsible mom.

If you want I can help you find a school!

-I would be happy to contribute. -I would like for you to teach her.

At 12 is fine, right? Or is it late? Maybe at ten is better, what do you say?

Elisa, I don't even know if I'll get to next year.

-Who says that? -Listen to me carefully.

You are a brave woman.


But I'm not.

I'm sorry.

So I'll give you the contacts for that school then, huh?


-What are you doing? -What do you think?

It's dripping all over!

Like you can teach me.


It's not finished yet.

We have to apply the second coat.

Listen, where did you want to place this?

Because I thought... I don't know, we could put it there, too.

What's up?

No, come on, you'll get all dirty with paint! You'll get dirty...

Thank you, my love. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Do you like it?

There's still one coat to be done.

No, hey! Hey!

Anna is here! Come on, you'll get all dirty!

How is she?

She suffered a severe concussion, we induced her a pharmacological coma.

A coma?

Don't worry, it's just a precautionary measure to reduce brain stress.

But she is reacting well.

If the tests are positive, we will wake her up soon.

Hey, where were you?

Hey, slow down!

What is it? Is everything all right?

I'm okay, now.

But... How far along are you?

I'm eight months pregnant, you know that.

Eight months?

Anna, are you sure you're okay?

What about a hair straightener? Hm? I would like it.

Mm, I don't know.

What does "mm, I don't know" mean?

It is the last present, it must be something special.

This way, honey, you will never find it.

And you? What do you say?

What could she gift her for her 18th birthday?

Anna, can you pass me that green jar?

-This one? -Yes.

Thank you.

-It's bitter. What is that? -It is my secret ingredient.

How much stuff did you bring...

-I think your parents have arrived. -I think so, too.

They are a piece of work.

I suffer from sciatica!

Are they arguing?

Mainly it's just your mother chewing out your father.

I'm going to help them with the bags.

Can you see if the oil is frying?



-Now we have to fry them. -Wait, I'll help you.

Oh! It's heavy.

Try it yourself.

It's not... it's not difficult.

You take an apple... pass it in the dough, on one side and then the other, you let it drip... and you put it in the oil.

Like this.

One, two.

In the oil. Be careful not to burn yourself.

You take an apple... pass it in the dough...

and then you put it in the oil.

Like this.

You take an apple...

Oh! You have to let it drip. Here.

And then you put it in the oil.

Like this.

Here we are!

-Can we? -Mom, we are here.

What were you arguing about, huh?

Arguing, us? Never!

-You make me feel worse. -See? Are you happy?

-Me? -I am Teresa, it's a pleasure.

-She is Anna. -I am Alberto, Teresa's husband.

Here I am.

And we will drink this tonight!

No, we will drink this, because you are leaving tonight, -you cannot sleep with the bride. -I know, I know.

The bride?

What does that mean?

You young people don't understand these things.

But in our family, there is no way that the future bride and groom sleep in the same bed the night before the wedding.

Hurray for the newlyweds!

Shall we go in?

Sorry, I'm a little nervous.

Also because, after forty years, my wife has given me the floor and I no longer know how to do it. Even if...

General Dalla Paglia knew how to speak to the troops!

Ohi ohi, he's back to the African War.

When you were born, Elisa, I was 26 years old and I felt like I had understood everything already.

But, instead, you taught us and you keep teaching us many things.

Your Mom and I...

We love you very much.

It's... It's something we never tell you, because we're not exactly effusive in the family.

We are a family of toads, but you know it well that we love you madly and we will always love you. Congratulations, my dear.

Best wishes to you too, Alessio.

Believe me, you are the luckiest person on Earth.


Sorry, a moment of attention, please. I wanted to say a couple of things.

Elisa, Alessio, I promise I will be harmless.

More or less.

I wanted to raise my second glass of wine to... to this couple, to this... enterprise for your tenacity, determination and love.

Thank you for including me in your family, you are the closest thing to monogamy that has ever happened to me in my whole life.

And I promise it will remain the only one.

So let's dance, let's drink, let's all love each other.

Hurray for the newlyweds!

-Yay! -Bravo!

What happened?

I got it all stained.

How did you do that?

It's just a little bit of blood.

I need to lie down.

-I'll come with you. -Yes.

The memories: 1. You will always have them, 2. They make you long for the past, 3. You cling to them when you feel down, -4. They prepare the future. -They prepare the future.


Your favorite dress is now worn out: 1. You buy a similar one, 2. You long for the great moments you lived in that dress, 3. You have it repaired by a seamstress.

-I have it repaired by a seamstress. -Okay.

I can't take another hour of this.

Come on, focus. We have to finish this.


Faced with an unexpected event:

1. You always know how to manage, 2. It is better to ask for help from someone more expert than you, 3. It is the fault of those who have not done things well, they should fix them.

The second one.

You ask for help? No way! No.

You, the first one. "You always know how to manage".

I wish.

And you?

-The third one, I think. -How was it?

"It is the fault of those who have not done things well, they should fix them."

-What will you do afterwards? -What?


After I'm gone.

What will you do, have you thought about it?

Come on, there's only one left.

-You realize you... -I thought about it, you could you keep working for me, hm?

You could give her the presents.

So you can explain everything to her.

Why not?

Because maybe you will give them to her.

Because I always know how to manage, right?

Meanwhile, let's hear what doctors say today.

Anyway, I've decided what to give her for her eighteenth birthday.

Do you want to know?

How beautiful.

What's up?

You don't like it?

Is that eighteen years from now it will be out of fashion.

Oh, well...

This way at her party she will be the most original of all.

Which party?

-She won't be having a party. -Why?

Never mind.

This presents thing has always seemed silly to you, didn't it?

You did it only because you felt sorry for me.

It is not so.

Why, then?

Because I'm your daughter.

It's not funny.

It isn't fun for me either.

Is that really you?


I'm sorry, are you done?

One moment.

What is it, are you afraid that you don't get into that fucking dress anymore?

Hey! What's going on?

Mom? Mom! Mom!

-Ma'am? Ma'am? -Help...

-Come on, Mom... -Help!

Call an ambulance!

You can't come.




Open up.


The door, she's knocking.

Who are you talking about?

The girl I ran over. Anna. She is our daughter.


You've been dreaming.

You dreamed it was her.

She's knocking, can't you hear the noise?

Elisa... it was a dream.

The noise is that thing over there.

How was she like?

Our daughter. How was she?

-She was beautiful. -Like you, then.

She had... dark hair and light blue eyes.

Deep and very sweet.

What size did she wear?

Why do you ask that?

I got the present.

The dress for her 18th birthday party.

The one you wanted.

I got a size 4, what do you say?

No, it's not good, take it back.



Eighteen years from now it will be out of fashion. I need something else.

Calm down.

-Where's my notebook? -Elisa. Hey. Calm down.

-Take my notebook. Take it. -Look, the doctor said you need to stay calm.

You'll give birth today.

Today? Why today?

Is there any problem?

Good morning, Anna. Your Dad came to get you.

-How are you today? -I'm better.

I brought you some clothes.

I... I got jeans, are they okay?

Yes, they are fine.

-Dad? -Yeah?

I'm sorry.

Oh, sweetheart, welcome back!

Let me hug you!

-Welcome back. -Grandpa!

What did I tell you...

Oh, sweetheart.

-Have you been arguing? -Yes.

No, I told him to remove the garlands, but he...

-No, leave them, they are cute. -See?

Come here, you little monkey!

I missed you.

I missed you too.

I'm gonna finish cooking.


Are you ready?

-You look so good. -Thank you.

-Have you already picked up someone? -Obviously.

You, instead, will have to "close shop" for a while, mh?

-Right, Alessio? -Yes...

You can count on me.

For English.

I knew you would make it.

She will hate me...

You're making me the English teacher.

No, you are impossible to hate.

That's why I chose you.

I am sorry. You have to clear the room.


Bon voyage.

Don't worry, honey, okay?


You cannot enter.

See you later, huh?

-We did good, didn't we? -Yes.


We did good.

Here she is.

Here we go.

Like so.

Elisa, let's sit down for a moment, okay?

Good. Very good.

Are you ready?

Now let's do an injection, so the baby girl is more relaxed, too.

Will you put me to sleep?

-Yes, but only from the belly down. -But I want to see her.

Of course you will see her.

The important thing now is that you don't get agitated.

We are ready.

Can I have pen and paper?

-Now? -Yes.

It's important.


-Elisa, what is it? -I have to write something.

-Can't we do it later? -No. Now it's better.

All right.

Dear Anna, my head is full of thoughts.

I would like to tell you many things.

How life is and how it should be dealt with.

I would like to transfer to you my way of doing and of thinking.

Be by your side, in good times and bad times.

But I can't, fate has decided so.

Maybe you're angry now.

You are wondering why, why you.

Well, know that I ask myself that too, over and over again.

There is not a reason. There is only life.

And believe me, it's not worth living it being angry or sad, even only because you're more beautiful when you laugh, I'm sure.

Where are you running to?

This is my last present.

This morning I dreamed that we cooked them together.

MOM'S FRIED APPLES I hope you like it.

They just need a pinch of love, but you will add that.

I know, you must be thinking, "Still with these presents, what a drag!"

But you don't know how this has done me good, how much strength it has given me to think about them.

To think about you.

About what would help you become a better person.

So thank you, my baby.

Sorry if maybe I got some presents wrong, but it was the only way I had to feel closer to you.

Now I have to leave you.

You have become a woman now, and you no longer need my presents.

But remember, even on the brightest day, you can see my star.

I love you madly.

Elisa. Your mom.

I'm ready.



-Anna? -Come in.

My present.

I mean, mine... It was actually your mom's first idea.

She had had second thoughts about it, but that at the time I didn't feel like returning it, you know.

Do you like it?

It's beautiful.

-Maybe now it will be out of fashion. -It doesn't matter.

Try it on though, because at the time, me and sizes were not really--


Thank you.

-I'll wait for you downstairs. -Mm-hm.

-A lot of people came. -I'm coming.

Do you have a decent pair of shoes?