1969 (1988) Script

("WHEN I WAS YOUNG" BY THE ANIMALS) The rooms were so much colder then My father was a soldier then And times were very hard When I was young When I was young

I smoked my first cigarette at ten And for girls, I had a bad yen And I had quite a ball When I was young

When I was young it was more important pain more painful and laughter much louder Yeah When I was young When I was young

I met my first love at 13 She was brown and I was pretty green And I learned quite a lot When I was young When I was young

When I was young it was more important pain more painful, laughter much louder Yeah When I was young When I was young My faith was so much stronger then I believed in fellow men And I was so much older then When I was young When I was young When I was young When I was young

MAN: In 1969, Richard Nixon was inaugurated president.

Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King had been assassinated the year before and the Beatles were still together.

Ralph and I were 19.

Two years out of high school and we owned the world.

At least, the 83-mile stretch from Barton State College home.

You know what freedom is?

OK, I'll tell you what freedom is.

Standing on the road with your thumb out.

Got no cares, no problems in your life.

You can go anywhere you want in the whole world.

I wanna go home. That's one place you can go.

Douche bag! Go to hell. I hope your tongue falls out.

Thank you. Thanks a lot, you scum!

You slug!

Thanks a lot, you fucking mould.

I told my mother I'd be there by dinner. It's gonna be a late dinner.

All we need is a ride Ralf, then we'll be home, I promise.

God... Goddammit! Goddammit!

Something funny?

Hey! Give us a ride, you motherhumper. Give us a ride!



Hey, Scott. Scottie.

Eat it. Eat this. There you go.

RALPH: We should've stayed collage man. At least we could've got laid.

No, you could've got laid. I've already decided if nothing... happens by the time I'm 20, I'll cut it off.

How you gonna pee there, Scott? Sitting down.


You think that's funny?

You've slept with 13 girls, Ralph.


You slept with that girl with the thingies in her hair?

When? Last night?

Oh, shit.

You wanna get laid, man?

I'm gonna help you out. I'll show you how easy it is.

Alright, the next car that comes down that road... is gonna be the woman of your dreams.

Come on. Look human, look human, OK?

What do you want her to look like, man?

I mean, name your requirements.

Alive and from this planet. OK.

Look. Here she comes. Here she comes.

What's she like? Blonde? Brunette?

She got big boppers, little boppers? Come on!

She's blonde. Blonde. Strawberry blonde, actually.

Uh, she's 28 years old. She wants a younger man.

She wants it. She wants it real bad.

Not bad enough to stop for us, though.

Shit. Did you see her face? What are you telling man.

She's beautiful. She wants you. Why do you think she stopped?

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Ralph. I'm ready. I've been practising.


Is something awfully funny?

No. No. I just thought you were someone else.

Well, I'm not. I'm just me.

Sorry. Would you still like a lift or am I too much of a disappointment?

No, no, that'd be great. Thanks.


(MAN SINGS ALONG TUNELESSLY) Let the sun shine in The sun shine in Let the sun shine Got enough room? Yeah, thanks.

You're big, aren't you?

How big are you? About six even.

Really? Is that hard or soft?

Hey, mister. Marshall. Call me Marshall.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend.

Let the sun shine Let the sun shine Can I see it?

What? I'll show you mine.

You can let us out here.

Ok. This is as far as we wanted to go anyway.

You don't have to be rude.

It's my car, I can do whatever I want.

Hey! Jesus.

No one touches my friend, you fucking homo.


Sorry! I didn't know you were married!

SCOTT: Well, at least we got a little farther down the road.




What are you doing? Are you crazy?

We're gonna need it.


Alleluia Sons of men and angels say Alleluia Raise your joys and triumphs high Alleluia Sing, you heavens, and earth, reply Alleluia




"And on the third day, he rose again from the dead."

"And his countenance was like..."



"Go, ye, therefore, and teach all nations."

"I am with you always, even to the end of the world."

MAN: Hey, Ralph! What's happening?

Well, if it isn't Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.

Hi, Ralph. How are you?

It's good to see you, wild buck. Look at you, you look horrible.

How you doing, Dad?

What brings you girls down here?

Little brother.

Hi, Cottie. Alden, are you a mailman?


Here. I got a special delivery for you right there.

Look at you two.

Can hardly tell us apart, huh? (SHE LAUGHS)

How you doing, Bethany Willow?

Why can't you just call me Beth?

So, you jerks took a short cut, huh?

I was about to call the National Guard.

You should've. We could've used the ride.

Uh-huh? Well, look at you. I wouldn't have picked you up with a dump truck.

The '60s hadn't really hit yet in our little town in Maryland, even though they were almost over.

I mean that in the sense that not much had changed.

Not in my lifetime anyway.

GIRL ON BIKE: Hi, puppy.

WOMAN: Do I live by myself here?

Anyone going to join me for dinner?

Not you.

Here you are, Happy. Go on.

Kids, it's Easter Sunday, for Christ's sake.

You gonna rake the yard before you go back?

No. Well, I gotta study.

You're gonna rake the yard, aren't you?

On Easter Sunday? Wrong.

Come on, cut it out. Beth.

Don't do that.


Peace. Peace.

Mercy. Ow. Ow. Ow.

Stop it. Goddammit! Stop it.

Close your eyes while I pray for you.

Dear Lord...



MAN: Go get 'em, Alden.


How's it going? Huh?

All right.

I like your hair.

Yeah, I like yours too. Yeah?

Superintendents, huh? Yeah.

It's hard to imagine Dad ever being young like us.

Yeah, well. He might have been young like you.

He was never young like me.

At my age he was already married and had me.

Well, he was in a hurry to get old. That's not my trip.

I keep trying to picture myself... getting out... and getting married.

Having a real job, but...

I just can't see it.

So, how's your love life, huh? You getting any?

Yeah. Yeah?

Yeah, I've been doing that a long time now.

No shit? I didn't get laid till I was almost 20.

Really? That's a drag.


Well, I guess I was on a slow trip, huh?

Hey, come here.

Get down here.

What do you think of my car, huh?

It's OK. Yeah? Yeah? Tell me the truth.

It's a piece of shit, Alden. Yeah?


It's yours.

I don't want it.

Well, I'm... I'm giving it to you, Scott.

I don't want your car, Alden.

Look, you can trade it in on something else, then.

It's OK. I like hitchhiking. Then park the car and hitchhike.

Look. I'm trying to be nice to you.

What, you trying to make up for being a prick to me all my life?

Scott. You're my only brother.

Alden, you might have everybody impressed.

You come in here like some big hero, in your little uniform and your little boy's haircut.

I don't buy it for a minute. You haven't said a word to me in three years.

You're only being nice to me cos you're chickenshit about Vietnam.

Shut up.



What are you doing? Nothing.

Just getting to know each other.

I was wondering if I could have that.

Yeah. Sure.

You must be really proud of your brother.

Yeah. Wanna come with me? Shoot a few Cong?

No. It's not my war. I don't care about it.

Is that so? Yeah.

It's bullshit.

Apologise to your brother.

I'm sorry. But it's bullshit.

It doesn't matter, Dad. Everyone's entitled to his own opinion.

Not that kind of opinion.

We should get going, huh?

I was thinking we could throw the football around.

The three of us.

You know?

Call Ralph.

Have a little fun.

I don't think we've got time, Dad.


You go ahead. I'm not coming. What are you talking about? Come on.

I have to run before it gets dark. It might rain.

You exercise too much, Jessie. You're gonna give us all a complex.

Just try to catch up.

You folks go, you'll miss the bus.

Aren't you gonna say goodbye to me?

MAN: Happy Easter.

You be careful over there, hotshot. I will.

Don't you pick up anything you can't put down.


Ralph. I'll see you.


Send a postcard from the Mekong Delta. Yeah, I will.

Here, come here.


Listen, I don't know about the war, because they don't give you a lot of time to think about it.

But you're right. I'm a little scared.



Let's go. It's time.

Bye, Alden.

Well, I'll see you, Dad.

You give 'em hell, butch. Yeah.

You look like you could use a hug.

(QUIETLY) Don't die.

Don't die.


Don't die!

Don't die!



We got three weeks to report to the local board.

We need volunteers to march in Washington on July 12...


Nothing can harm me at all My worries seem so very small With my waterfall

SCOTT: This is our dream.

A beautiful, beautiful girl.

The kind of girl you'd die for.

Or even marry.

Are you listening to me?

Hey. Are you paying attention? Yes.

Who were we talking about? Do you know who Aldonza is?

You don't even know who she is, do you?


Don Quixote, he's going off to fight the windmills with his faithful friend, Sancho.

He meets a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful girl. That's Aldonza.

They fall in love.

You haven't even read this, have you? Well... I read part of it.

It's got a lot of... pages. Where'd you get that?

I had it from before. I made it last. Oh.

Could I... could I have a puff?

Puff? Puff? You mean a hit.

A hit. A hit.

What are you doing?

Hey. That's mine. MAN: Thanks, man.

I know you. Why'd you do that?

I'm saving your life. Remember why we're here?

Fun, which I'm not having right now.

No. To not get drafted. That's why we came to college.

Do you want to go to Vietnam and get your face shot off?

Not particularly. Why? Are you trying to make me paranoid?

No! Ralph, what are you gonna do when you flunk out and get drafted?

I'm not gonna get drafted. Oh, no?

Oh, good. Good.

I heard a story about this guy who went in for his physical, right?

Put a candy bar up his ass. And the doctor says "What is that?"

And he says:

"Oh, that's shit, Doc." Did he get out?

Yeah. They don't want any shit eaters in the army.

OK, Ralph. I don't have to help you. But let me tell you something.

If you flunk out and die in Vietnam, that's the end of our friendship. Fuck you.

I got a girl for you out here.

Yeah, is he driving a white Edsel? No, it is a beautiful girl.

She's walking along all by herself. Real poetic.

She's coming this way. She's really cute.

She looks like Katharine Ross. Or a cross between Katharine Ross and my sister.

That's not bad. Come down here. Show her your weenie.

SCOTT: Hey, beautiful girl. Hey, baby. Up here!

Oh, shit. It is my sister. Christ.

RALPH: Oh, fuck.

Hey, Beth.

SCOTT: I don't know what you want to come to State for. You're too smart.

BETH: It looks so exciting.

It does?

What's wrong? You don't want me here? I didn't say that. Did I say that?

Here come my little brats! My God, look at you two.

Oh, big dog. How are you, buddy? How you doing? Did this one tell you?

No. What? Salutatorian. Know what that means?

No. I don't know what that means. That means she studies, you.

What are these clothes? Is this what I pay for?

No. I got dressed up because I knew you were coming.

You little doggy. You little rat boy.

You give your mother a big hug before I spank you.

Mom, what are you doing here? I just came along for the ride.

Here, I brought you something.

Cookies. Mom, I'm 19 years old. This isn't summer camp.

I just thought I'd bring you something. Sorry.

No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Thank you.

Guess I don't have to worry about you. No, I don't think so.

Come on, you playboys. You gonna take us old broads to lunch, or what?

Want some cookies?

I'll take you to the vomitorium. You can see what you've been paying for.


What's all this?

Your basic antiwar touch football demonstration.

I just want to ask three questions, then you can go back to sleep.

One. Why are we in Vietnam?

Two. How many of you sweet-faced mother's sons are dying to find out?

Three. What are we going to do? Take the building.

CROWD: Yeah!


Shit! Watch it!

SCOTT: Beth, get outta there!

That's my daughter! Stop it!

Shit, man. Let her go!

MAN: Police brutality!

Police brutality!

RALPH: Mom! Mom!

She's my friend.

BETH: Leave me alone! JESSIE: Scottie, no! Stop it! Stop it!

It's all right.

Sweetheart. Oh, my God. Are you all right? Stupid, stupid cops!

Stupid cops! MAN: Stupid cops!

Man, that was fun.

We fought in the revolution, man.


You know what freedom is? School's out, you put your brains away for the summer.

You're grooving along in your own car. Even if it is a piece of shit.

Wind's in your hair. You see a hitchhiker. You stop.

You pick the motherhumper up.

Hop in. We're not homosexuals or anything.

I have been waiting for almost an hour. That's nothing, man.

Took me and my buddy two days once to go 83 miles. Isn't that right?

Yeah. Now we're making up for lost time.

SCOTT: Whoo!

Whoa, baby!


Did you ever take driver's ed? A car is an expression of one's psyche.

I got a fucked-up psyche. Don't worry about it.

SCOTT: Hop in.

Where you going? Well, I wasn't going anywhere.

Is there anywhere you want to go?

Guess I could go to Baylor and see my sister.

You got it.

(RADIO JINGLE) With big news as it's happening ANNOUNCER: Here's a look at the headlines for Saturday, June 14.

Resident Nixon, meeting on Midway with Vietnamese president Thieu, says our boys in southeast Asia are coming home...

All right! Yeah!

Thank you! Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Mr Nixon.

That's bullshit.

If we're coming home, how come I'm going over?

...resistance to US forces in that country.

I got a brother over there.

I just got a postcard from him.


He says it's not that bad if you... if you like the jungle and don't mind getting shot at.

Knowing him, he's probably taken over the place, telling everybody what to do.

Including the Vietcong.


You know, I read that your chances of getting killed in Vietnam are less than your chances of dying in a car crash.

Just shut up. Shut the fucking hell up.

What? Please?

I'm sorry.

She don't like the way you're driving. What?

You're scaring her. You're kidding?

Yeah. You're driving like a maniac! Shit. Why didn't you say? You drive.

HITCHHIKER 2: Oh, Lordy. GIRL: Oh, my God.


I'm going where the water tastes like wine We can Jump in the water, stay drunk all the time ALL: Whoa!

Can you just slow down to, like, a hundred or something? Ralph, slow down!

Ralph, stop the fucking car now!

SCOTT: Get out. HITCHHIKER 1: Let me out.

SCOTT: Get out. I'll drive. HITCHHIKER 1: Come on.

RALPH: What'd I do? What'd I do? HITCHHIKER 1: You all right?

Thanks for the ride. Good luck over there.

BETH: There's something wrong in America.

I don't know what it is, but I'm scared.

There's something wrong when everybody's mad at everybody else.

Something's wrong when we don't understand what our country's doing.

When we were little kids and too young to understand, John Kennedy said:

"Ask what you can do for your country."

And whom are we supposed to ask now? President Nixon?

MAN: Hear, hear.

Does he know? Does he care?



A few weeks ago down at Barton State, there was a fight about the war in Vietnam and this boy fell against me, bleeding.

And now, like Lady Macbeth, I can't seem to get the blood off.

Try using Ajax. It's not funny!

My neighbour's over there. He is my friend. I don't want him to die.

My other friends could go, or my own brother. And for what?

To win? Is that winning, when hundreds of American boys die week after week?


If I were a boy, I wouldn't want to die for something that makes people so angry.

Would you?

We already have bombs enough to destroy every organism on this planet.

Where will we be five years from now? Or 20 years from now?

We are supposed to be the future. This is our country. What can we do?

All right, Betho!

What's that?

Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

Take it. It's acid.

No. Come on.

We'll get some high school graduates and we'll ball 'em.

You only got three months till you cut off your weenie. Take it.

No! I took it. I took it.

I can't believe you sometimes. Come on. I don't want to trip alone.


Great. Some friend you are.

From every mountainside Let freedom ring

Are you growing up or something? Maybe.

You did good. Thanks. Thanks for coming.

Excuse me, miss. Hey, Coach. How are you?

I just wanted to say goodbye before you got run out of town.

Probably woke up some zombies around here.

What about this kid? Very interesting. Congratulations.

Thank you.

Oh, Beth, it was a lovely speech. You made me cry, you made me think.

And you. You look like a fortune-teller.

How you doing, Dad? How'd your finals go?

Finals. I knew I forgot something.

I saw you. Not working at the pool this summer?

No, we're going on the road. That's what hippies do.

You gotta live life while you still got it.

Did you see me?


I'm trading in Alden's car for a van. We're just gonna groove.

What's your brother gonna say about that?

He'll probably freak out and kill someone cos he won't try to understand. Same as you.

Oh, this is the happiest day of my life.

Hi, honey. How are you?

What is it I'm supposed to understand?

Me, Dad. Fucking me. You watch your mouth.

Well, Jessie, I guess I'm just like you now.

Our babies have left the nest... RALPH: (ON MICROPHONE) Ralph Carr, class of '67.

Five-time varsity letterman, graduated...

158th in his class of...

161 or something.

Thank you.

My sister Beth got all the brains in the family, but...

I'm ugly, so it all works out.


I didn't mean to flunk out. He flunked out?

So... boom!

COACH: Hey, mister. I wanna talk to you.

MRS CARR: What are you doing? Are you crazy, Ralph?


Ralph, what are you doing? Come on.

Come on people now, smile on your brother Everybody get together, try to love one another No! Don't! Ralph! No!

BETH: Ralph!

Some may come and some may go

We will surely pass

When the one that left us here Returns for us at last Wait. Ralph.

Come on, Ralph. Can you hear me?

Ralph! Ralph! Did he flunk out?

I don't know. Did you flunk out, Ralph?

Did you flunk out? JESSIE: Everybody quiet down.

COACH: Everybody outside, please.

Oh, Ralph. Oh, sweetheart.

What's going on? Is he on something, Scottie?

LSD. CLIFF: You guys are on drugs?

Is this the first time he's taken it? I don't know.

JESSIE: Cliff, stop that.

Goddammit it, stop it. Come on, Cliff.

What... what is it?

We'd better get him to the hospital. No! No!

You're not gonna take my baby away. No!

Let him go, Mom. JESSIE: Let's go.

No. Ralph!

JESSIE: Cliff, would you bring Ev, please?

Well, is he gonna be all right? I think so.

What's going on?


Goddammit, Cliff. You owe me a hug.




Come down on your own And leave your body alone Somebody must change You are the reason I've been waiting all these years Somebody holds the key Well, I'm near the end And I Just ain't got the time And I'm wasted and I can't find my way home This is us.

The leaves in the trees.

Most people are mushrooms or toadstools or worms or something.

But we're leaves, you know, in the sky.

Above all the roots, the dirt, the dog-doo.

You get it?

You know? Us, leaves. Like the Beatles...

Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, of course.

Yeah. They are cool cats.


Probably Kurt Vonnegut.

Beckett. Camus.

Camus? Yeah. Yeah.

Definitely a cool cat.

Who is he? I forgot. He was a writer.

Yeah. Right, I remember. God, I read everything that sucker ever wrote.

Yeah? So?

Who else, man? Well...

The Kennedy brothers, even though they're dead.

Definitely leaves, especially Bobby.

And, uh...

probably Eugene McCarthy.


Carlos Castaneda. Eldridge Cleaver.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. And what about the Beaver?

And what about Wally? Or no.

He's kinda like a root, I guess, right? Probably a carrot.

Eddie Haskell would be... basically... dogshit. Am I right?

Yeah. You're feeling better, huh? Yeah. I think so.

You want to go... want to go play around in the sand dunes?

No, thanks. Aw, come on, Ralph. What do you say?

You sure you're all right? I'm groovy. Will you leave me alone?

You sure?

I OD'd one time. I flunked out of college. That doesn't make me retarded.

I don't need a baby-sitter. You go play in the sand dunes.

OK. Sorry. OK.

See you later.


I'm looking at myself reflections of my mind It's Just the kind of day to leave myself behind So gently swaying through the fairyland of love If you'll Just come with me and see the beauty of Tuesday Afternoon

Tuesday Afternoon

Does my nudity make you uncomfortable?

No. No. Me, actually, I'm a little nervous about getting sunburnt.

Ralph loves to take his clothes off in public, though.

I do?

That's right. You weren't there. Yeah, I was tripping.

Would you like to trip now?

No, thanks, no. I'm trying to cut down.

SCOTT: We're gonna change the world.

RALPH: You and me? No, all of us.

People'll look back on 1969 and say that's the year everything changed.

Got rid of all that shit.

Prejudice, fighting, poverty, disease.

They'll say it was a year of miracles.

Scott Denny got laid.


I got drafted and died in Vietnam. What's the matter with you?

Why are you such a bummer? I did drugs, so... I'm brain-damaged.

Better undamage yourself. This is our summer, man.

It's the last summer of innocence. It's the summer of the leaves.

Wind'll take us wherever we want.

So, where do you want to go, Ralph?

Maybe we should go home. You know? My mother worries about me.

You are so weird.

It's not just that. Maybe we should get jobs.

Jobs? We're leaves, Ralph. Leaves don't need money.

We have naked people giving us free food.

Maybe I'm not a leaf, OK?

Maybe I'm a rabbit or something.

Anyway, I thought that I might go home. You don't have to take me. I'll hitchhike.


I've looked at clouds from both sides now From up and down and still somehow They might be looking for me.


The draft board.

Ralph, they're not gonna find you here.


I'm not gonna ever let them draft you, OK? You don't have to worry about that.

RALPH: Hey, guys.

Just kidding.

All right! Home, sweet home, motherfucker. Hi, Marsha.

Hi, Ralph. SCOTT: Hey, Marsha.


There's a girl I like a lot And when I look at her I go, ain't this hot?

And when I look into the night I see her in the sky Dreaming in the night Hi. I'm back.

Dreaming in the sky Dreaming in the night RALPH: Scottie!

I know she's a beautiful sight I dream of her every night Hey, Beth.


Scottie! Hi, sweetheart. How are you? How you doing? Where's your partner?

He's out doing American Bandstand. Oh, great. Go on. Cream your dad.

I will.

Well, look who it is. My Gypsy son.

Get tired of the crusades? Nah. We missed our moms.

I bet. And as soon as we do your laundry, you'll be back on the road.


What's going on? What's wrong?

They, uh, seem to have misplaced your brother.

What? Missing in action.


If anybody comes, you take the van, you get the hell out of here, you promise me?


It's not your problem. There's no reason for you to get in trouble.

Let's go.


What are we gonna do now? Window.

In the white room with black curtains Near the station Black roof country No gold pavements Where'd you learn to do that? Mission: Impossible.

Ow! Jesus. Fuck.

Here. Would you hold this, please? You don't want to be an accomplice?

You're already in shit. I'll write you a note saying you're innocent.

Breaking and entering a federal office. Real innocent.

You got any better ideas? No.

1949. Aberon, Lawrence Michael. You remember him? Guy with teeth like this?

Remember him?

Albertson, Arnett, Austin, Caminski.

Oh, shit.

Carr. Ralph Maurice Carr.

Wow. Everything about me. This is embarrassing.

Look at that.

"Process notification." What in the hell does that mean?

It means Uncle Sam wants you.


Too bad.

Dean. Denny.

Scott Clifton Denny. I don't want it. Forget it.

Why? Your number'll come up. You can't stay in college forever. They'll get you and you're gonna wind up like Alden. I don't want it. Put it back.

What the hell are you gonna do with yours anyway?

I'm gonna feed it to the dog, then I'll feed him yours.

That's not gonna work, man. Yes, it is.


My whole life you've saved my ass, now I'm gonna save yours.

They're gonna know we took them. We'll be the only ones missing.

No. We'll be missing. We won't exist any more. Get it?


All right, then. We're gonna burn this whole place down. Give me the lighter.

You can't! Give me the lighter!

Give me the lighter!

I ain't gonna let you die.

Give me my lighter. It's mine. Get the fuck away from me.

Don't piss me off.

You just pissed me off. It's mine.

OFFICER: Not at the pool? I was looking for my dog.

You lose your dog? Yeah.

She lost her dog. Want us to help you find him?

No, it's OK. I can find him. Sure?

Yeah. Yeah.

Happy. Come here, boy. Happy! Come here, boy.

Somebody's down there. You got keys? Yeah.


Shit! Come on. We gotta get outta here.

Scott! You don't have to clean up. Let's go.


RALPH: Go! You go.

Go, asshole!

Shit. Fuck.

You see anything?

What's going on here? We had someone. They got away.


OFFICER 3: Who's in there? It's Ralph Carr.


Hi, Ralph. It's Junior Roberts.

What are you doing? Nothing.

What are you doing with my son, Junior? Let him go.

He was poking around the draft papers. What?

What ails you, Ralph? What is the matter with you? Goddammit.

I didn't want to go to Vietnam. Why? Why?

JESSIE: Cliff. I don't even know what it's about.

Where is Scott? I'm right here.

JUNIOR: Hey, Scottie. I was with him, Junior.

Hey, he's lying. He wasn't in there. I was too.

My folder's on top of the desk. You see any other stuff in there?

He's protecting Ralph. He was in the van the whole time.

Arrest them. What are you saying?

His brother is risking his life for our country. We don't even know...

He's dead. Scottie.

What did you say? He is not dead.

He's missing. That means he's... Liar!

You are a goddamn liar!

Don't keep pushing me!

They're good boys, Cliff. Alden and the rest of them.

My own boy, you know, he'll never be the same after being over there.

We all just better think about it some. Mrs Denny. Mrs Carr.

You're no longer welcome in my home.

RALPH: I'm sorry, Mom. Don't take it personally, OK?

Come on. RALPH: OK?

Beth, let's go. No, I want to stay.

Get in the car right now!

Come on, Happy. Get in the car.

Sorry, pal. Hey.

It was fun, man.

Remember those 14 girls I told you I balled?

I lied about ten of them.

And two of them were really bad news, but the other two... wow.

Hey, Happy.

Hi. Hi.

Thought you might be out here. Yeah. How's life in the real world?

Oh, fine. My mother's drunk. Your parents aren't speaking.

Thank God things are back to normal. Yeah.


That was pretty wild today, huh? Bonnie and Clyde ride again.




It's OK.

Come on.

What are you gonna do?

I don't know. Gonna get the hell outta this town.

I could go with you.

Thanks, kid. I'm not a kid.


I think you're really beautiful, Scott.

You're the most beautiful person I've ever known.

Yeah, well. You haven't really been outside of Culloch County.

What about me?

I think you're really nice, Beth.

I meant... do you think I'm beautiful or anything?

Yeah. Yeah.

You know so much.

You're so good, pure and...

Shut up! I'm not talking about my mind.

My mind is just getting out of its cage.

What am I? Like, rat girl? No.


You're a lot prettier than I thought.

You're very pretty, Beth.

You're beautiful, OK?


You could tell me about all the stuff about the leaves and everything if you want.

Nah. It's a...

It's just a stupid idea I had.

Actually, it's not that stupid.

It's just it's just that some people understand and some people don't.

Or you could make love to me.


It's the time of the season When love runs high And this time, give it to me easy And let me try With pleasured hands To take you in the sun to promised lands To show you everyone It's the time of the season For loving

NEIL ARMSTRONG: The LEM foot pads are only, uh, depressed in the surface about, uh, one or two inches, although the surface appears to be, uh, very, very fine-grained as you get close to it.

It's almost like a powder down there. It's very fine.

OK, I'm gonna step off the LEM now. CONTROL: Roger, we copy.

Takes a pretty good little Jump. Hon!

They're on the moon.

...one giant leap for mankind.

What's all this?

This is stuff. It was in the refrigerator and now it's not.

It's my goddamn mess. I'll clean it up.

I think I might go for a walk.


I was thinking that I could wake up in the middle of the night and I could hear my three little men snoring away.

You with your cute little whisper of a snore.

Alden with his deviated septum, sounding like a horse.

Scottie, all intense and impatient.

And I'd think:

"Who are these people?"

"This is an insane asylum."

But I couldn't sleep until I heard all three of you.

Now I never sleep. I walk down the hallway, listen at your door.

I don't hear anything.

Don't you sleep?

I just hope Alden isn't suffering.

I'd rather he be dead than suffer. Oh. We can't lose hope.

Yes, we can. It's our hope, we can lose it if we goddamn want.

Are you mad at me?


I don't seem to feel anything.

ARMSTRONG: Magnificent sight out here.

ALDRIN: Magnificent desolation.

God bless you, Neil.

Buzzy, God bless you, kid.




Happy is not happy.

Who's out there?

Cliff? That you?

What you doing up so late?

Wanna come in?

You shouldn't drink so much.

You should drink more.

Come on, relax, Cliff. It's the Age of Aquarius.

Shh. Come on.

I see them!

I see them on the moon! I see them on the moon!

...signature of the president of the United States...


Scottie. You scared me. Your father's not here.

I'm sorry about Dad.

I'm sorry too.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

It's a sorry time.

I don't have to leave. I can stick around.

No, you go. You go.

That's what I'd do if I could. I'd get far away from here, where it's safe.

You go, you hear? OK.

Get. Go. OK.

I don't have to worry about you.



Hey, Ralpho.

One hundred. Ralph, Beth's here.

BETH: What are you doing? MAN: Push-ups. Does 'em all the time.

Yeah, I gotta stay in shape so I can kill in the name of democracy.

Probably won't take you now you're a criminal. You'll have to go into politics.

Yeah, my pal, Scott Shakespeare. He's got a joke for every occasion.

You got a problem, he'll write a poem about it.

Ralph, what is the matter with you?

I wanna go. Get it over with. To hell with it.

How's Mom? She's OK. She's gonna come see you.

Yeah? When do you think? Around Christmas?

I'm really starting to feel unpopular here.

You folks are gonna have to get going.


I was thinking of going back on the road if that's OK with you.

With me? Yeah.

Yeah. Great. Groovy. I'd be pissed off if you didn't go.

Beth's going with me.

Did you ball my sister? Ralph.

Is that it?

This guy balled my sister. You... fuck. All right, all right. Come on.


Get him outta here. He's no friend of mine.



You don't understand.

I'm sorry.


If you smile at me I will understand Cos that is something everybody everywhere Does in the same language

Wooden ships on the water Very free and easy Easy You know the way it's supposed to be Silver people on the shoreline Let us be Talking about very free And easy


Come on.

Are we in a hurry or something?


Where are we going?

To Canada.

Horror grips us as we watch you die All we can do is echo your anguished cry Stare as all human feelings die We are leaving You don't need us

Go Take your sister by her hand Lead her away from this foreign land Far away where we might laugh again We are leaving You don't need us

Come on. Come on, boy.


Where are we? Either heaven or Maine.

I'm too tired to know.

SCOTT: Pretty, huh? So that's Canada.

It doesn't look that bad.

I'm not going with you, Scott.


It's not over there. It's inside of us, or it doesn't exist at all.

I don't want to run away.



You're not gonna get drafted and die for something that nobody believes in.

No. Fuck you.

If you died I would die too.

My father died when I was 11. I know what it's like to lose someone you love.

I want you to stay with me and fight.

We have to make people understand that it's wrong.

You folks crossing over? You could have just gone. It's a free country.

Come on.

Come on!


I once was lost But now I am found Was blind But now I see

Alden Palmer Denny is the first boy... from Culloch County to die in Vietnam.

Let us wish him Godspeed and peace and pray that he'll be the last. Amen.

ALL: Amen.

I said something to my brother one time, that this wasn't my war.

I guess I was wrong.

It's everybody's war.

I'm sorry, Alden.

My father over there has got medals to prove that he fought in a good war.

And I'm proud of my father, even though he doesn't like me right now.

I don't believe that this is a good war.

That's all Ralph was trying to say.

It's all my brother ended up saying, too.

Seems as though there's nothing you can do about it though.

That's what you hear on the news, you know? It's just the way it is.

You can disagree.

You can say that it's not right.

That's what freedom is.

I'm going down to the courthouse now to try and get my friend out of jail.

And I guess you're just going to have to shoot me, Junior. But it's a protest.

A protest against this.

Anybody who would like to come with me... you can.


Get the hell off the road.

Hey, man.

SCOTT: In November of '69, 327 of us from Culloch County, including my father, marched in Washington along with 700,000 other Americans to protest the war in Vietnam.

This film is dedicated to all of us.

Dedicated to peace.


The windows of the world Are covered with rain Where is the sunshine we once knew?

Everybody knows When little children play They need a sunny day To grow straight and tall Let the sun shine through

The windows of the world Are covered with rain When will those black skies turn to blue?

Everybody knows When boys grow into men They start to wonder when Their country will call Let the sun shine through

The windows of the world Are covered with rain What is the whole world coming to?

Everybody knows When men cannot be friends Their quarrel often ends Where some have to die Let the sun shine through

Windows of the world Are covered with rain There must be something we can do Everybody knows Whenever rain appears It's really angel tears How long must they cry?

Let the sun shine through