2 Graves in the Desert (2020) Script

Samuel L. Jackson was not in "Titanic."

What're you talking about?

How do you know?

Because I saw the fucking movie in the theater.


My ass.

In the theater? I'm calling bullshit.

You saw it on that old, broke-down fucking TV of yours.

There was no blacks in the movie or on the fucking boat, all right?

Oh yes there was.

What're you, a fucking expert all of a sudden?

A fucking, uh, historian?

You were there?

I didn't make the movie, I don't know.

I'm not talking about the heroes.

There was no heroes because they all fucking died.

Not everyone.

Oh yeah.

Every single one.

Not everyone died.

Because how could they make the movie or write a story or anything about it if everyone died, how would you know?

I got a question for you.


What're you drinking there?

What's it look like?

Well, I drank the last beer when you were sleeping and... you pissed in that bottle.

Into the black, my friend.



At least now he knows it.


I see you finally got out of the plastic wrap, huh?

What took you so long?

Hope you don't get car sick.

We're up for one hell of a ride.

My co-pilot, here, tried to make it as cozy as possible back there for you.

You know, it's not a plane, but it's our idea of business class, you know what I'm saying?


Probably what you're doing back there, huh?

I'd be asking myself the same question if I were trapped in the back of a flatbed truck but I'm not and you are, so kick back and enjoy the unfriendly skies.

Anything you'd like to add?

Oh yeah.

I almost forgot.

I left some condoms back there for you.

You know, if you get that far.

I mean, who knows, you might get to like each other and...

I think of everything, I'm really smart.


Fuck you, Mario, where am I?

Wow, hey, Mario, where the fuck are we?

I don't know.

Goddamn it.

You were bleeding.


I don't remember anything.

What happened?

I don't know.

Should be in Canada.

You better hope they open the trunk at the border.


I can't feel my legs.


No thanks.

I know you from somewhere.

I know your name is Kate.

Guess again.

Not into guessing.

It's Blake.

Same fucking thing.

One syllable.

How do you know me?

This ringer has reception, wherever the hell we are.

It's ringing at least.

Could you give me some space?

I need to stretch my legs, please.

Hey, it's not exactly a king-size bed at the Venetian.

How do you know me?

Listen to me, listen carefully.

I, I'm...

No, you listen!

Mom is furious!

She wants to see you before surgery.

I'm trapped in a fucking trunk.

I don't give a shit where you are.

Just get here!

I was at the airport 90 minutes ahead of your flight.

I'm fucking trapped!

Come on, Eric, even your deadbeat dad showed up from Paris.

Fucking brother.

Never listens.

Information, evening.



Connect me to...


Please connect me to the emergency number.

Okay, I hear you now, sir.

I'm Tyler, how can I help you?

First of all, I have to tell you that this conversation is recorded.

Yeah, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, please, I'm locked up in the trunk of a car with a woman.

Please connect me to the number.

Vancouver police department.

What can I do for you?

No, no, no.

I'm not, I'm in the U.S.

I think we just left Las Vegas, I'm on a highway.

How can we help you?

I'm in the trunk of a car.

Please get me out of here.

License plate, please.

I don't have the license plate.

How about the model?

I don't have anything.

How about your phone?

It's a burner, you can't trace it.

Sir, Nevada is out of our jurisdiction.

I don't give a flying fuck!

Just find me!


Give me your phone.

I don't have one.

Why not?

I thought all hookers carried one.


It's not exactly rocket science.

Did I fuck you?

You would know if I fucked you.

Another asshole with a three inch prick.

I am not a hooker, so don't ever fucking call me that, ever.

I am a highly skilled, highly fucking paid professional.

I'm an escort.

Sorry but the dividing line is thin.

You sleep with men for money?

Yes, that's right.



I have a degree.

In what?



Good to see you're putting it to good use.

Any diplomats on your fuck list that could help?

Just who the fuck are you?

What do you think?

Is that the Venetian or a an embassy in Budapest?

That's the problem with Vegas.


Max, they're going to kill me, man.

This reception sucks, man.

Can you make it better?

No, man, I'm in a fucking trunk.

Come on, work with me here, dude, okay?

You gotta find Blondie.

They know.


Yeah, they want the formula.

I told you not to trust these guys.

Blondie, Blondie, Blondie.

Blondie's the one that's gonna get us out of here.


You know what?

Check the alley, behind the Nugget.

Yeah, what other Nuggets you know?

Jesus Christ, man, come on!


I'm down to 90 percent.

Okay, go, go, go, go.

I thought your mom was dying.

Well, I won't be around for the funeral if you don't get your ass there!

Well maybe you should just give them the fucking formula!

Are you nuts?

It's the only thing keeping me alive.

And you, by the way.

Hey, one last thing, okay?

Blondie, he has dark, black jet hair.


80 percent.

I'm gonna kill the phone.

It will be back on in one hour for two minutes, you got that?


Max, did you got, did you?


Fucking put a hooker inside the fucking truck!

Don't look at me.

How did you fuck Mario over?

Don't pretend you don't know.

You must have hustled so many clients, so many assholes and beggars that you don't even know shit who the fuck they are, don't you?

Huh? Huh? Christ.

How do you know Mario?

Great news, the world is small.

Work with Mario.


He treats me with respect, he loves me like a son.

What did you do to deserve such a royal treatment?

Just get me out.

Get me out of here.

Don't touch me!

Leave me alone!

Give me some space!

Take this.

What is it?

Just take it.

I'm sorry, I don't have water as a chaser.

You can use your gag reflex like with your clients.

You know, the only thing that's gonna settle you down is getting away from Mario and those bottom feeders, so you pick up your phone and you make us get out of here!

Jesus, fucking lights.

Yeah, you're not helping.

Yeah, well, we'd be worse in the dark, believe me.

What is this?

Does it matter?

I'm pregnant.



Yeah, that's kind of how it happens.

Good timing.

That's my arm.

You're hairy and you're soft-skinned.

Yeah, well, I...

It just makes me feel reassured.

It makes me feel safe.


I'll still take it.

What's in it?

It's all organic.

It kicks fast.

Why would they kill for it?

Because it's the best boner drug on the market.

Are you out of your fucking mind?

You gave me a boner drug?


You will only get the side effects.

It makes you mellow, like meth.

Not a worry in the world.

You know that feeling.


I've never done meth.

Good for you.


You going to work?

I'm getting out of here.

The Hungarian on the iPad, he's actually French-Canadian.

Big into dildos.

Could you spare me the specifics, please?

You know, it's funny, I can remember everything about him but the sex.

It's like that with him every time.

He's a narcissistic, obsessive-compulsive.

He never looks you in the eye.


I could be doing my nails or eating donuts and he wouldn't realize.

The richer they are, the more fucked up in bed.

He's not a finisher.

You need a three way with them.

Takes him about six hours to get off.

My drug would've helped.

I felt like a dishrag at the end.

But, I guess for 40K.




What does he get for the 40K?

Patina around your twat?

Diamonds around your nipples to suck?

I didn't report it.

Mario was out of town.

I pimped for myself.

Obviously he found out.

Fuck you, Mario!

Scumbag piece of shit.

He pays me shit while he drinks Dom Pérignon.

What about me, huh?

How the fuck do I know?

So grow the fuck up already.

It's your plan anyway.


I never know your fucking pans.

It changes every fucking minute.


Vince, come on.

This is crazy, Vince.

Come on, talk to your brother, Vince, talk to Mario.

Two, three.

You got a new roommate.

For a ménage à trois.

Come on.

Go, go, push, push, push, push.



Thank you, God, thank you, God.

Hey, buddy.


I just got here.

I park and we're good.

Okay but call me when you're there.

Okay, battery, man.



Are we good?

What exactly does good mean?

Does good mean my girlfriend thinks I'm fucking a bartender on the side or I have a serious gambling problem?

Four-fucking-o'clock A.M. is not exactly like I'm going out for donuts and coffee, you know?

Can't keep doing this shit to me, Eric.

Come on, dude.

You go to Blondie, you excuse yourself, you tell him you need to speak with him.

You take him to the men's room, the ladies room, out back, I don't fucking care.

Wherever you can talk to him alone, okay?

Call you back.


Okay, talk to me, dude.

Someone wants to chat with you.

I'm not into chatting, man.

Nor am I.


I've never been so happy to talk to you.

Listen, you've gotta put the screw on Mario.

He listens to you.

You need to talk to the guy.

You can tell him that I, I will be...

By midnight? You'll be dead and we'll all be better off.

You fuck Mario, you fuck me.

I made you filthy fucking rich.

How come this shit is so cheap all of a sudden, huh?

You tell me.

This isn't China.

Supply and demand, dude.

Supply and demand.


Seems like someone is helping that along.

This is my fucking drug.

This is my fucking formula and I can do whatever the fuck I want with it.

How many people besides Mario and me do you supply?

You're the only douche bag I know.

Fucking ingrate.

You're wasting your battery.

It's not that you need it anyway.

Once it's dead, you should be too.

Fucking asshole.


What you looking at?

Finish him off.

Do your parents know?

Does your family knows?

Being in this trunk?


No, that you're an escort.

My dad killed himself when I was 15 and my mom, she just exists on pills ever since he passed, so I don't know.

My upbringing has nothing to do with what I do.

I tried the other side, I worked in Wall Street for a year.

I even have the scar on my butt to prove it.

Didn't know you could get a scar by just sitting down for the day.

Oh no, you get it from harassment from your boss and every other executive walking through trying to grab your ass.

Everything they say about the break room is true.

You never go into that room without a fucking bodyguard.

I just woke up one day and I realized I could do a shitload better than $15 an hour for that kind of abuse.

Women are being fucked everywhere.

Why don't earn a living from it?

A good living.

I feel sorry for all those housewives.

One thing about Mario, at least he screens all those suits that I fuck.

What a nice guy.

There's a word for that, it's called Stockholm Syndrome.

Tequila or Tecate?

Choose your poison.

No, no, no, water.

I need water.

Special delivery.

What the fuck is this?

I need water.

Or as they say in France...

What the fuck is this?

I need water.

Well, pretend.

I'm fucking pregnant!

I need water, not Tequila.

You should ask her who the father is, huh?

Why don't you ask her who the old man is?

I was known to do some pretty serious damage back in my day.

I had 'em limping off to the bathroom afterwards.

Did you spank her?

'Cause she liked to be spanked.

Pass her around.


You fucked Mario?

What the fuck do you know about it?

Don't tell me you ever had Blake.

My Blake?

You mean your Blake or everybody's Blake?

Don't fucking mess around with me!

Where are you boundaries? How did you have my Blake?

How did you have my Blake?

No, no, no, no, no, no. Yo, fuck me!

Fuck me! Don't fucking disrespect your big brother like that. Smack, smack, smack, smack.

I swear to God, stop fucking around with that.

You understand, Vince?

I will kill you.

I will get out of here and I will fucking kill the lot of you.

Is Mario the real father?

That's what he likes to believe.

Hey, hey, hey!

I hate to break up the party back there but this just came for you, Eric.



Listen, I hope you can make that out.

It's an iPhone four.

Lousy camera.

Lousy reception too.

What kind of reception do you expect to get in the middle of Tombstone?

Fucking genius!

Why don't you tell 'em where we fucking are, huh?

We're in Ohio.

Jesus Christ.

What the fuck was Mom on when she conceived you, huh?

Serious. Something good.

Where is Tombstone?


Hey, I got a question for you.

What would you do if you found out one of your employees went rogue, you know?

Started diluting the market for no other reason than greed.


I'm not your employee.


Well, seeing that I'm in the driver's seat, you might wanna rethink that one.

It's my drug.

I can do whatever I want with it.

Is that right?

Is that what you think?

I don't think you're in a very strong position for that point either.

I never go reverse.

Always forward.

All right then, well, from this point forward, my brother and I have decided that we're gonna give you a second chance.

You know what, at this point he should be on his knees and begging.

Guess what's four towns away.

Four towns away from where?



They'll never get across the boarder.

Knowing them, they've already worked the authorities.

Okay, so what the fuck's in Sinaloa?

Where have you been the last 20 years?

Town is in drugs.

Yeah but not your kind of drug.

Oh no.

Mine doesn't even come close to the shit they sell there.

So I guess they're gonna beat the crap out of me for the formula and then they're gonna turn me into Ceviche.

I will see them botch the job over and over and over and over again.

And why would they botch the job?

They will have to kill me.

Too stubborn, like my old man.

I don't answer to anyone.

Everybody answers to somebody.

Well, like those people why try their whole lives to disappear but they...

They always get caught.

Well, they will have to cut off my dick and stuff it into my mouth like an apple on a roasted pig.

No, the formula goes to the grave with me.

You'll be fine, though.

They'll never kill a woman.

There's always a first time.

Why don't you give them the money you skimmed?

Why don't you give them the formula?

What good is it to you if you're dead?

My point exactly.

No need to have two suckers in your trunk, just one.

Just give them the formula.

You've got beautiful hands, long fingers.

Do you play piano?

Just give it to them.

You know, we can say a lot of things about a person by just looking at their hands.

I will talk to Mario for you.

Has anyone ever made real love to you?

I mean, from the deepest untouched part of their soul?

From rapid beating of your heart

to beautiful sleeping together in each other's arms, unwilling to let go.

I believe we all deserve that at least once.

Just once.

You ever have that?

Or is it always just business?

I will talk to Mario.

Don't be stupid.

If I didn't know you better, I would think you work with them.

Go to hell.

I'm already there.

No, you're not.

There's this kid in Arkansas.

In 1979, this family...

I don't give a shit.

This family was on the front page of every newspaper across America.

She doesn't give a shit.

This boy of 12 had an argument with his mother.

So he told his father that she was having an affair with the neighbor.

Completely untrue.

That's a twisted little fucker.

So the father takes his shotgun and he puts four rounds in the mother's head.

And he goes nextdoor to the neighbor's place and puts four rounds in his abdomen.

And he goes back upstairs to the boys' room.

There's no one there.

Meanwhile, the neighbors have called the cops, they arrive at the house, he puts the gun in his mouth and blows his own head off.

The kid's been hiding underneath the bed with his brother the whole time.

They see the whole thing.

So, he was traumatized for life.

Yeah, I get it.

I get it.

The kid was Mario.

This is what we're dealing with.

Vince, he's just a passenger.

He just goes along for the ride.

It's Mario who is driving.

And we're not in hell,

not yet.


Why don't you take a pill between two of your exquisite fingers?

You slip into, under your tongue, and get a little bit of sleep.

Hey, tell me something.

What do you do when you got nobody to count on, huh?

Nobody gives a squat about you because you're a disgusting little prick.

The best you can do is get some broad on the phone who doesn't give a shit, making minimum wage, filing her nails on a 911 call.

You know what I think, I think you're up shit's creek.

I don't wanna do this anymore, I'm tired.

You tired?

I'll tell you one thing, when I get tired I get cranky, when I get cranky, I lose respect.

When I lose respect, I start acting irresponsibly.

I think maybe I oughta come back there and take your phone away, don't you think?

What're you wasting your battery on making phone calls?

I got a better idea.

Why don't you kick back, relax, put on some good porn and run out your battery getting your swerve on, huh?

Why don't you run out your battery getting your swerve on?

Sound good?

All right.

Did... we?

Why do you think I have the first aid kit?

It must've been a dream.

Yeah, more like a nightmare, I guess.


The nightmare is when I'm awake.

Well, you're awake.

Yeah, you're awake now.

I'm okay.


What the fuck?

What is that?

No! No!


Look out!





Let me go!


Here's the other douche bag.

Why do we always have to do the dirty jobs?

Come here.

Who is this?

That's Max.

Do you have any other friends that you can pull out of your basket?

You know I think it's all that canned, frozen food that fucked you up.

What're you talking about?

Mom was a great cook.

I'm not sure Dad felt the same.

Remember that time he nuked Mom for nuking the lasagna?

Yeah, you had that, I held that ice pack on her face.

Don't remember what the hell you did about it.

Take it.

It's the last one.

Take it.

They broke your nose.


Do you have any plans?

What sort of plans?

You know.

It's the weekend.

Maybe movies and popcorn.

Get a drink or two?

Something like that.


I'm the kinda girl that likes to just go with the flow.

Hey, not to change the subject but any of you found the gun back there?

There's only one bullet in it.

Don't bother shooting it up here because it won't penetrate but you could always kill yourself, kill one another or put the barrel in your mouth and cock it.

I think you'd like that, huh, Blakey?

Hey, Vince, you're good at math.

What's 40K times, what's 80 times 40K?

320 thousand.

A whole lot to suck on.

Suck on your brother, Vinny.

He'd like that.

You know, God will forgive you for your perverted thoughts.

But first you must pray.

They're fucking with us.

You know, just a mind game.

Just fucking with us.

Not even heaven is good enough for you, Vinny.

Believe me.

They're just fucking with us.

There is no gun.



Okay, okay, okay, okay.


Maybe they weren't fucking with us.

Or maybe

that wasn't Tombstone.


We don't know.

I'm not giving you the formula, guys.

I'm not.

I'm not.

So, you maybe wanna save the last bullet for the grand finale.

There's two of them.

Which one do you hate more?

Which one?

I never held a gun, so you take it.


Yeah, keep it.


Just keep it.

Hey, look at that, check that out.

Big, beautiful orange moon.

It's a Trump moon.

A big, beautiful orange Trump moon.

It's Mexico.


It's Mexico.

It's the border.

Oh no.

It's the border.





Oh, thank God.

Buenos noches.

Buenos noches.

Buenos noches.

You gotta pull me.

I can't, I'm not strong enough.

I don't have enough strength.

Buenos noches.


We're in for one hell of a ride!

You comfy?

How many fucking bodies are in here?

Dead weight.

Oh my God.

Be careful you'll kill him.

Hey, kids.

Getting kind cozy back here, huh?

You know, I figured I'd leave this open for a bit and give you a little bit of air.

Doesn't always have to be that way, you know.

Me and my brother, we're, we're not all bad.

Just part of the situation we're stuck in.

Anyway, sure appreciate you cooperation.

You want some?

This weed sucks.

I've been smoking it all night, I don't even have a buzz.

You know, we should kill that dude too.

He's messing with me pup.

Are they...

Are they burning the body?


Ashes to ashes.

Or whatever you wanna say.

Max's parents live

upper east side.

They will never know shit.

I'm getting used to being dead.

I mean, it's just a state of mind.

It's getting there.

That's hard.

Why don't they just...

Why don't they just fucking shoot us?

It's cheaper to smuggle the living.

That's a pretty smart move.

You know, that's why we're still sucking oxygen.

Oh, Max.

What're your parents gonna do?

I hear you.

We hear the words.

Your silence.

I hear your suffering.

I hear... the sounds.

Untraceable sounds

came through your thoughts.

You're creepingly debilitating thoughts.

Not exactly what motherhood should be.

The only thing your kid needs

to hold and breast.

To be feed.

Is that too much to ask for?

The kid doesn't lose it.

You know, Samuel L. Jackson was not in "Titanic."

What're you talking about?

How do you know?

Because I saw the fucking movie in the theater.


My ass.

In the theater?

I'm calling bullshit.

You saw it on that old, broke down fucking TV of yours.

There was no blacks in the movie or on the fucking boat, all right?

Oh yes there was.

What're you, a fucking expert all of a sudden?

A fucking historian?

You were there?

No, I wasn't there.

I didn't make the movie either.

I'm not talking about the heroes.

There were no heroes because they all fucking died.

Not everybody.

Every single one.

Not everyone died.

Because how could they make the movie or write a story or anything about it if everyone died, who would know?

I got a question for you.


What're you drinking there?

What's it look like?

Well I drank the last beer when you were sleeping and you pissed in that bottle.

You're a piece of work.

You're drinking you're own fucking piss, genius.

You fucking moron.




Throw that up while you're at it, huh?

I got news for you, there were plenty of blacks in "Titanic."

There was a fucking boatload of them.

You know, that's your problem, Vince.

You know, you don't know how to give anything your full attention.

Kinda like when you shot Pop, right?

See, there you go again, brother.

Zero ability to focus.

I mean, no concentration.

Stupid me, huh?

That's how you like it.

That's how you've always liked it.

Me stupid, you know it all.

I remember things a little bit different and I have one question for you, Mario.

When Pops shot himself, was it before or after he heard the sirens?


How many shots?


One, to the head.

I got a different memory.

I guess you can discount 20 to 30 percent of that because I'm stupid.

You did call me a retard.

I ain't no retard.

And I do remember a lot more than you might think.

Like, try four shots.

Like, I remember the sound of a freight train way off in the distance, all spooky-like.

Toot, toot.

Shaking the whole house.

Over that...

first gunshot, right in Pop's knee.

Second one, in his thigh.

And the third, bam!

Right in the nut sack.


And then the coup de grâce, I suppose, the gut shot.

Right in the belly.

And then when he laid there, bleeding to death and moaning, begging for mercy, the douche bag that pulled the trigger, he ran off down the tracks and buried the gun.

Is that right, brother?

Is that right?

You know what your problem is?

You've been watching way to many of the old man's crime shows.

Nah, it ain't that.

And besides that, television sets don't bleed when they land on the floor.

It comes from a human body.

I guess you're not so stupid after all, huh, little brother?

In fact, if I could do it all over again, I'd do it in a fucking split second.

Not even the Mafia kills their wives, pal.

Not even the fucking Mafia.

Especially their mothers.

Well, if I'm not mistaken, there's... in that truck bed over there is one that happens to be mine.

Come again?

And again and again and again.

What're you gonna do now?

It was good enough for your rich scumbag friends but not your poor little brother, eh?

You crossed the line this time, little brother.

You crossed the fucking line, you understand?

Go ahead, shoot!

Yeah, is that what you want?

Like Mom and Dad, is that what you want?

I'll make it easy for you.

Go ahead, pull the trigger.

Go ahead.

Goodbye, Mario.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Do it!

Shoot me!

Fucking genius.

And the wise man...

What the fuck did I do?

You son of a bitch.


Right kneecap.

Motherfucker! Left thigh.


Ball shot.

Here comes number four.

Gut shot.

Fuck you!






I'll need a moment.

Oh, I'm sorry about your mom.

He tried to get here.

Your brother, he...

He really tried to get here.

Who are you?

I'm Blake.

How do you know Eric?


I'm the mother of his child.




Pull up your shirt.


Pull up your shirt.

What for?

Go on.

What is this?

It's the formula.

I know you from somewhere.