2 Guns (2013) Script

Hi. Hi.

How many?


Listen, I wanted to get a safe deposit box. Can you do that for me?

Okay. Your box will be available any time from an hour after opening to 30 minutes before close. This is your key.

Thank you.

Oh, um, also, if you open a checking account, we'll give you 5% off the box along with free overdraft protection.

Oh, here I was hopin' for a free toaster.

Why would a bank give out free toasters?

Hello, Ma.

I'm ordering you the French toast.

No, thank you.

Our very patient waitress, Maggie, well, at least it says Maggie on her name tag, has asked me to order four times.

If I don't order at this point, it's just rude.

I can come back. No, it's okay.

You know what? I'm making an executive decision.

Pancakes. Okay.

No pancakes. I don't like pancakes. No pancakes.

What are you, a communist?

My friend'll have the pancakes and a fried egg.

I'm thinkin' hash, but only if it's like chunky style, okay?

Listen, if you order me eggs and pancakes, I'm gonna kick your behind.

But you gotta eat breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day.

Uh, ma'am, ignore everything he said, okay?

Don't bring me any eggs and pancakes.

Just bring me some coffee and bring him a couple eggs.

I don't want eggs. I want hash.

You know what, put a couple eggs on it.

Give him some rye toast, too.

No rye toast for me. I don't like rye toast.

And a pancake. No pancakes.

Maybe a little silver-dollar one. You got the little baby ones?

No pancakes, no silver dollars, no rye toast. I like pumpernickel.

I do have pumpernickel. Pumpernickel toast.

Hey, Maggie, wait. One more thing. Yeah.

That's for you. You take that with you till we see each other again in case you miss me too much, okay?

Why you gotta do that? What?

Wink at the waitresses like that?

Waitresses like me. Nobody likes you.

So? So.

What do ya got?

So, it is a sleepy bank.

Doable? That's correct.

I told you.

That is a lot of doughnuts.

I'll be right back with your hash.

Maggie, your hot homemade doughnuts, they any good?

Best in three counties. BOBBY: I'll tell you what you do.

You bring us three of those bad boys.

Put 'em in a to-go box for us, all right?

All right. Thank you.

All right, time to make the move.

All right, there's gonna be some sirens in this bitch.

I'm gonna go shake the weasel.

Shake the weasel. Gonna go shake the weasel.

Hey. Good morning, sir. How are you? Morning.

Hey, Maggie.

I'm very sorry about my friend.

He was kicked in the head as a child.

He's really not that bad. No, he is.

What's goin' on?

Okay, I'm just gonna have you all exit the building.

It might be a false alarm, but just do it safely.

Thank you. Thank you.

Is everybody out? I'm gonna need you to step outside.

All right, Maggie, I'm just gonna grab my friend.

Okay. We gotta pay our bill.

We should go.

Is that all you're gonna leave for a tip?

It's 15%. You leave 15%.

No, you gotta leave at least 30.

No, you don't. 15% is standard.

My Maggie's about to be out of a job, man. Don't be cheap.

Okay, there's five. That's seven.

There you go. Come on.

All right.

What? No, you didn't.

Yes, I did. Oh, my God.

How'd you say it?

Never rob a bank across from the diner with the best doughnuts in three counties?

That's correct.

Bobby. Papi's down in the stables.

Why don't you get somethin' to eat?

I'm not hungry.

Sure you are. I wanna come with you.

Hey, listen. We're here to do business. Diplomatically.

Well, I can be diplomatic.

You can be hungry, too, right?


Wait here. Okay.

Somebody sittin' here?

Little Toro.

Oh, well, you move your feet, you lose your seat, right?

Lose your head, too. That's correct.

So, where is Little Toro?

Alli, where you put him.

- Aqui? Alli.

Let's play some dominoes.

Papi's ready. Yeah.

Papi Greco!

"I-know-a-guy" Bobby.

That's correct.

Quick, an ostrich, a tank of ether, a '63 Impala convertible.

Make it a '64.

My side of the border.

I know a guy.

What did I tell you? He never says no, never says maybe, never says, "I'll see what I can do."

Nice bull.

I hope he's a good breeder.

That's a shame about Little Toro.

Julio caught him skimming.


That don't sound like Little Toro.

Is that for me? That's correct.

Everybody skims a little cream. It's human nature.

Just 'cause it's human don't mean you let it go.


Nice lines. Good color.

That's right.

He knows a guy.

What you got for me?



Supposed to be givin' me 100,000 to deal.

Why didn't you give me $100,000 worth of cocaine?

Where's the cocaine?

My buyer wants cocaine.

So let him buy cocaine.

That's what he's tryin' to do. He's trying to buy cocaine.

I told him I knew a guy, therefore I come to you.

You the guy I know. That's why I told him.

So take back the passports.

After Little Toro, we're not takin' on any new customers.

Well, no disrespect, but I ain't no new customer.

You been dealin' with me for a long time.

You keep the passports.

Keep the money, too.

When you're ready to give me the product, give me the product.

Till then...

You owe me.

It's not very sporting, man.

At least give the chickens a chance to shoot back.

Hey, man, I'm just sayin'. If I'm gonna kill a defenseless animal, I'm gonna honor its sacrifice by grilling it into some tasty barbecue.

What I'm not gonna do is torture it just to prove I can't hit anything further away than my own pecker.

Your cuate's a real junkyard dog. Mmm.

Hey, cowboy. You, the pretty one.

You ever hear the expression, "You got a face only a mother can love"?

That don't apply to you. You are uglier than the devil's asshole itself.


What are you doin'?

They're torturing chickens, man.

What are you eatin'?

A chicken.

Come here. It's not the same thing, okay?

See that bag over there by the table?

Buffet table next to the potato salad.

Yeah, the bowling bag. What about it?

Little Tom's head is in that bag.

Bullshit. Yeah.

You know what? That's fucked up, man.

Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's go. Okay? Come on, let's go.

Say it in English, you goat fuck.

Suck my chicken.

That's funny comin' from you, fat boy.

You ain't seen your pecker since you were a baby.

Just 'cause you put your finger in your belly button and brown shit comes out don't mean it's your asshole.

What did you say? Don't worry about it, man.

Now dig 'em up and make some damn barbecue.

Bye, chica.

Did you just wink at him?

I did wink at him, 'cause he's my bitch now.


That's good shootin'. Gracias.

You know, Little Toro never did nothin' to nobody, man.

We should rip off Papi's stash at the Tres Cruces Savings and Loan.

You know, Papi's guy delivers a briefcase full of money to Tres Cruces every two weeks.

That's gotta add up to, what, like three million at least.

If Papi knew we were even talkin' about rippin' off Tres Cruces, it would be our heads in that bag next to the potato salad.

No way. Our two heads would never fit in a bag that small.

Come on, man, let's hit the bank.

Little Toro was your friend. He was my friend.

So? What do you mean "so"?

What if it was me? What if it was my head Papi ran through the saw mill?

You wouldn't come after him? Nope.

You wouldn't kill him? Nope.

Shit, man, he did that to you, I'd kill him. You know why I'd kill him?

Because you're my people and there's a code.

There is no code, first of all.

You do whatever you gotta do, whatever it takes.

And second?

Right, we're not people 'cause you don't have people.

That's correct.

Purpose for your visit to Mexico?

Quail hunting.

My aunt in Tuba City had a heart attack so we cut our trip short.

Tuba City?

It's near Odessa.

Nice place?

Hellhole, but she's my favorite aunt.

Don't move. Let me see your hands. Oh, shit.

Tell us about your trip. Lawyer.

What's the big deal? Lawyer.

You were down in Sonora, weren't you?

You don't think Agent Jessup and the DEA know about you and Papi Greco?

Lawyer. Lawyer.

They know you were at his ranch.

I know I need a lawyer.

Tell Agent Rees about Papi Greco.

Who? Papi Greco.

Well, who's that? Some Mexican Santa Claus or something?

Come on, Mr. Stigman.

I think it's in your best interest to cooperate.

You need to stop playin' the stupid card, all right?

Well, ma'am, it's my intent to cooperate with whatever you need.

I mean, as an American, I know you're just doin' your job, and sometimes innocent folks like me get caught up in the system.

It's like the airlines. They don't lose your luggage on purpose, right?

But everybody takes it so damn personal.

Come on, Mr. Stigman. So you wanna play games?

Well, what'd you have in mind?

Do you wanna help yourself? Yes.

Do I have to do it in front of him?

All right, we're done here. Thank you, Mr. Stigman.

You gonna leave? Oh, yes.


Oh, my God.

How do you concentrate workin' with her, man?

Five border agents are rippin' apart your car as we speak.

They ain't gonna find anything.

Where'd you hide the cocaine?

Can they hear us? No.

Can they see us? No.


There was no cocaine.

You had a deal in place. Right.

Five hundred passports in return for cocaine.


Hey, Bobby.

How you doin', Deb?

Good. Man, your boy Stig's a piece of work.

He winked at you, didn't he?

How'd you know?

Bobby didn't get the cocaine.

What? What happened?

Papi offered me cash. I told him no.

I told him to keep the passports, so, eventually, he's gotta come up with the cocaine.

What about this guy you said you could flip? Little Toro?

I got him. It's real close.

I don't know who you are anymore.

It's like...

It's like you're out on this limb.

And you've been out there way too long.

And you're sayin' that to say what?

I don't like goin' to the funerals of my own men.

Well, then don't come, boss. Don't come.


I spent the last three years of my life crawlin' through a Mexican sewer tryin' to work my way up the line to get next to Papi Greco.

You can't take me off this now.

Jessup, he's close.

You can't take me off this now. I know.

Not now.

Two weeks.

You don't flip Little Toro by then, I'm pullin' ya out.

We're done.

Think Jessup knows about us?

What "us"? You don't do "us," remember?

Oh, I remember.

Besides, I'm dating.

Oh, right, right. You're dating...


...your imaginary boyfriend, Harvey.

Uh, he's not my boyfriend, and his name's not Harvey.

I like Harvey. it has a nice ring to it. Harvey.

You don't get to be jealous anymore, Bobby.


You pushed me away.

So you could be with Harvey.

Fuck you.

Little Tom's dead.

You told Jessup you were close to flipping him.

I was.

But when I got down to the ranch, Papi's boys was throwin' his head around in a bag.

Well, that's game, then.

With Little Toro off the board, Jessup's pulling you out.

Not if you don't tell him.

I'm your control, Bobby. That's correct.

I have to tell him.

That's why I need you to let me rob Tres Cruces Savings and Loan.

You want to rob a bank?

No, Stig wants to rob the bank. It's his idea.

So there's no entrapment.

What I want is access to that money that Papi's got in the safe deposit box.

You know no judge is gonna give you a blanket warrant for the boxes.

We don't need a warrant. Not if the money's evidence in a crime.

We just trace it back to ownership, we got Papi on tax evasion, possible RICO.

Yeah? Yeah.

And what about Stig?

What about him?

He's a side dish.

You bust him in front of the bank, he does a smooth 20 years in the penitentiary, you get a medal.

The bank gets us Papi.

And that's all that matters, right?

It takes whatever it takes, baby.

Did you ever really love me?


I really meant to love you.


You don't have to knock. It's always open.

Yeah, good. Let's hit the bank.

Let's hit the bank.

The Tres Cruces? That's correct.

Oh, shit.

Here I am still spinnin' about how we got yanked outta line at the border.

So you in or you out?

I'm in, yeah. It's just...

Have you ever had anything like that happen to you before?

I mean, they were 100% convinced we were holding.

And we would've if Papi hadn't welched on that coke.

So you're sayin' that to say what?

I'm sayin' it's only 'cause you're hearin' it.

No, you sayin' somethin'.

And if you sayin' it, I'm hearin' it 'cause you're sayin' it.

What are you sayin'? Let it be said.

I think you're fuckin' playin' me.

You wanna be played?

I've been at your hip for 10 months, but after this, I think maybe you're playin' me.

I got you. No, you didn't.

Oh, I did. The corner of your eye was twitchin'.

The corner? That wasn't a twitch.

That was a wink. That's my move.

Yup, that's Papi's chubby little kid right there.

Feed that motherfucker quesadillas...

Oh, my God.

She's chubby, too.

In all the right places.

How does an old, fat, ugly fuck get a girl like that?


All right, here we go.

Same thing every two weeks.

Papi flies over the border with a briefcase full of cash.

He spends a week with the mistress.

Ferret Nose Julio drives it out to the Tres Cruces Savings and Loan.

Think they got three million in the bank, huh?



Money, money, money, money.

Oh, yeah.

Why don't you hit the diner and check out the doughnuts?

I'm kinda more in a corned beef hash mood, to tell you the truth.

You never heard the saying, "Never rob a bank across from a diner

"that has the best doughnuts in three counties"?

That's not a saying. Yes, it is.

I get what you're sayin', but it's not a saying. You never heard it?

It is a saying. It's a saying now.

Okay. Let you tell it.

Make the move.

Bad DEA agent.

Am I bad? Yes, you are.

I'm a bad girl?

Yes, you are.

Stig decided to hit the bank tomorrow, 3:00.

Stig decided?

Well, with or without me, he's goin' in.

Well, I still haven't talked to Jessup.

Stig doesn't know that. 3:00 tomorrow he's goin' in.

If we want Papi, I gotta go in with him.

You're not even gonna give me a choice, are you?

I'm givin' you no other options as a way to protect you.

Just have the troops meet me outside the bank, 3:05 when we come out.


Okay. And don't shoot me.

Even if you want to. We'll see.

License and registration, cowboy.


What's up, Teemo? What's up, brother?

How are you, brother? I miss you, man. I miss you, man.

Got you a turkey burger. Special sauce.

Commander wants to see you.

Yes, sir.

So, half a mile from home.

I got Bobby all wound up and ready to go, sir.

Ordnance you requested.

Do you know, the Admiral's proud of what you've done.

You've gone way out on a limb.

If the bank falls right tomorrow, he says you can come in from the cold, rejoin your brothers.

Great. Be good just to put the uniform back on, sir.

I didn't join the Navy to commit felonies and hang with drug dealers.

Even if you're damn good at it?

I do what I do for the Navy, sir.

It's all part of the Admiral's plan.

We get this three million from the bank, we run cross-border ops on Papi and all the other cartels.

So tomorrow, clean and precise.

Tick all the boxes, nothing left undone. You got it?

Yes, sir.

Let's go.

Hey, nice jacket.

Hey, tell your mother she's gotta move out of my house at some point, man.

All right, what do you want, clown or Frankie?


So, what'd you do with the .22?

Traded to my cousin for an espresso machine.

You're gonna need special beans for that, right?

Uh, uh, uh.

You can reach for your firearm, but do it real slow.

Any other people in the buildin'?

What the hell is this? It's a bank robbery.

Only instead of robbin' the bank and lettin' you chase after us, we decided to come after you first.

Let's go.

All right, give me your gun, there.

All right, everybody sit down. Everybody sit down on the floor.

Ladies behind the counter, keep your hands visible, not on the alarms.

Let's go, let's go!

It's all right, girls. Just give 'em the drawer cash.

Did we ask for the drawer cash?

Come on, come on, come on. Sit right here. Sit, sit.

Let's go, on the floor.

Hey, guard! Hey! Hey.

Look, I'm tryin' to be polite, all right?

Just sit tight and this'll be over soon.

Open the gate.

I don't have a key.

What'd you say?


You lie to me again, it's gonna be more than a fuckin' problem.

Get out there, now.

Get on the floor.

You good? I'm goin' in.

Shh. It's all right.

Oh, Timothy.

Hey, it's okay.

It's okay. Yeah?

Okay. Here you go.

Showtime! Fire in the hole!

Holy shit!

Hey, Frankie, somethin's not right.

They're all stuffed with money.

I thought you said there would only be one or two.

Every single one of them.

I'm at 32 boxes and counting.

Look, there's way more than 3 million.

And there's still a lot more here.

All right, well, take 'em all. We'll figure it out later.

You go ahead, I'll get the rest.

All right.


May be gunfire outside, okay? So if it hits, you get everybody behind the counters.

This is for the jail across the street.

You let the cops out. Let 'em out.

Come on.

That is a hell of a lot more than $3 million.

How much, you figure?

We couldn't be the luckiest chumps on the face of the earth, could we?

You feel lucky? No, I don't.

I mean, this can't be Papi's money.

People are gonna chase us off the end of the earth for money like this.

Well, I hate to tell you this, Stig, but I got more bad news...

You take that hand away nice and slow, Bobby.


Put the gun down, Stig.

You know I really like you, right?

I like you, too.

No, you don't. Yes, I do.

Nobody likes me, okay? And I'm okay with it.

I do. I like you more than most.

You're not just sayin' it 'cause I got a gun pointed to you?

Why don't you just put the gun down?




I'm sorry, man.

What'd you do that for?

Shit, man, I had to! No, you didn't.

It's just a little flesh wound. You'll be all right.

Drink the water, and then you'll be able...

What is that?

In your hand. Is that a badge in your hand?

Tell me you're not a no-good, two-timin' son of a bitch.


Tell me. You shot me.


Hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute, man. Hang on.

No, you wait a minute.



The United States is the greatest country in the world because we accept a man is, at his core, greedy, selfish and covetous.

I had no choice. They took my key.

I would never willingly open the vault.

Keep your hands on the desk, please.

In America, we line everybody up.

Say, "You're on your own.

"Grab all you can grab."

I'm innocent.

Nobody's innocent, friend.

There's just the guilty, the ignorant and the unlucky.

Did you take our money?

You fellas look like you're waitin' for a bus.

You guys let us know when you're done.

Oh, I'm done, and thank you for the courtesy.

Who is that guy?

You heard of the hidden hand of God?

Well, that's God's son of a bitch.

Call the DDO and get a list of everyone who knew we had money in this bank.

You two realize those sunglasses make you look like assholes.

Excuse me, when'd that diner burn?


I want interviews with the wait staff and every customer in the place.

It was just a grease fire.

Did I ask your opinion, Gomer?

You ever hear the saying, "Never rob a bank across from a diner

"with the best doughnuts in three counties"?

If that diner fire's a coincidence, it's only 'cause we ain't looking hard enough.

That is an impressive amount of greenbacks.

43,125,000 of 'em, sir.


Recount it. Pack it up. We'll stow it back in Corpus.

It was my impression we were supposed to come out of that bank with 3 million at most, sir.


Whose money was it?

Bad men unworthy of it.

Did you know Bobby Beans was DEA?

No, I didn't.

No offense, sir, but you really need to work on your surprised face.

Well, if he was DEA, he helped you rob a bank.

Which means he's dirty, and for that, I have no mercy.

Where'd you leave him? In the desert.

Is he dead? More than likely.

"More than likely."

You wanna tell me what that means?

The whole point of you working with Bobby Beans was to kill him off and create a cut-out so the op couldn't get traced back to us.

My cover's solid. There's no way it'll trace back.

My cover is solid. There's no way it'll trace back, sir.

That's a call made above your pay grade.

Yes, sir.

Assign two of the boys to stow the money back at the naval base.

The rest'll come with us to check on the body of Mr. Beans.

Stigman, wanna come with me?

Hey there, buddy. Hey.

You habla?

Yeah, yeah.

I hablo.

Good, that's good.

Don't trust in him till you see his paper.

If he's got papers, I'll see his papers. You got papers, right?

No. No, I got no papers.

Well, that's gonna be a problem.

See, Slim Jay and me, we done assigned ourselves protection this here stretch of the border.

Officially unofficially.

So we really gonna have to see your papers.

Make sure you ain't no Muslim or nothin'.

Oh, yeah. No, I do have it.

And let me have your gun.

Give it to me.


You know how to pray?

Teemo. How we doin', boys?

Any sign of Bobby Beans?

Checked all the washes to the southeast.

No sign of a body.

All right.

Well, Stig, you put us in quite a hole.

I don't see it that way, sir, but you're the man with the oak leaves.

All that pride I had in you.

That loyalty?

You just tossed it to the wind.

Yes, sir. I'm sorry, sir.

God damn it.

He's in the wash!

Go, go, go!

Come on, let's flush him out!

Where you going, Stigman?

It doesn't matter if you run.

Your jacket's wired, so you're six-months AWOL after stabbing an MP.

You talk to anyone, they're just gonna hand you right back over to me.

You all right?

Yeah. Then get your ass up!

Toss the gun.



Come on, come on!

Damn it!

Jesus! What am I supposed to do with this?

Aw, man. Aw!

Come on.

I'm a vet, not a trauma surgeon.

I can't help you with this, man. You gotta go.

Go where?

You gotta leave. I can't do anything.

Kenny, you remember a couple of months ago you offered to sell me 500 hits of ketamine?

Yeah, you said you weren't interested.


'Cause I'm a DEA agent.

And if you don't fix me up, I'm gonna go to the D.A., I'm gonna tell them that you like cruising Tori Amos concerts, selling Special K to little weepy college girls.

There's no way you're a cop.

No? No.

You sure? I'm positive.

You have the right to remain silent.

You have the right to have a lawyer present during questioning.

Do I need to keep going?

No, I'm good. You're a cop.

Okay. Okay.

Nice shirt.

Thanks. It's JCPenney's.

Yeah? Yeah.

All right, hold on one second.

Welcome to the Camino Real.

Thank you.


You were late. Jesus Christ.

What the hell happened?

Excuse us. Excuse me.

I robbed a bank. What happened to you?

I was there with six agents at 3:05.

No, you weren't. Yes, I was.

You were late.

You went early.

And it's not as if you couldn't have pulled your badge at any time and stopped it.

I did. Stig shot me. What?

He shot me in the shoulder.

We gotta take you to the hospital.

And interrupt your rendezvous with Harvey? I don't think so.

This is what we need to do, we need to find Stig, we need to find the money.

All right. Listen.

Let me go upstairs, make my excuses, and then we'll find Stig together, okay?

Okay, let's do this. Let's do this.

Why don't you recheck Stig's background?

Maybe there was something that we missed. All right?

I'm going to Stig's apartment and see what I can find out.

All right? Okay.

Tell Harvey I said hi.

Who'd you patch up?

What are you talking about?

What am I talkin' about?

Well, there's a dune buggy parked out back that was stolen by a man with a bullet hole in him.

Now, before he had a bullet hole in him, he burned down a diner and robbed a bank.

I don't know anything about that, so...



Fair enough.

Say, let me ask you somethin'.

You ever play Russian roulette?

'Course not. What am I thinkin'?

The thing is, most people, they put the gun to the temple.

And that's, well, that's just stupid.

What if...

The bullet's in the first chamber?

You blow a man's head off 'fore he's had a chance to tell you what you want to know.

No. No, no. Come on, man.

Case in point.



Pick up, Bobby.

What the fuck are you doing here, Bobby?

What're you duckin' for, man?

You know I set you up, right?

They told me all about you.

Tough cat. Knows everybody. Doesn't have people.

That guy? Well, shit, that guy's a perfect cut-out.

I mean, he takes a bullet, who's gonna care, right?

Pick up the phone.

Pick up the damn phone, Bobby.

You got anything to say?

First question, if you're DEA and you're clean, why are you here alone?

Where's your backup, Bobby?

Come on, it's this kind of attitude makes me think you're not one of the good guys.

If I wanted you, I could've had you before you walked into that building, Bobby.

That's a beautiful rifle, Stig.

Is that Army issue?

You like that? No, it's Kmart. Blue Light Special.

Now answer my question. Where's your backup?

No, no, that's a military rifle.

What's the military doing robbing banks, Stig?

Can we just have a straight-up conversation, Bobby?

I got you dead to rights.

Yeah? So shoot me.



I'll shoot myself.

Huh. Not bad.

I'm glad you're impressed.

Were you testing me to see if I would shoot first?

Where's the money, Stig?

If I thought you were clean, I might tell you, but I don't, so I can't.

You're lying. You don't have it, do you? Where's the money?

Oh, shit. What?

You're not the only one I was expecting.

Three very nasty men just showed up.

If they find you in my place, they will get ugly.

Who are they?

Yesterday I'd have said they were my family.

Today they kinda wanna kill me.

I understand the feeling. You know, fuck you.

What do you know about family? You don't even have people.

No, Bobby, that's a stupid idea.

They're already comin' up the stairs.


I told you. Now, Bobby, hang up the speaker and answer your cell phone, okay?

If you want me to help you out...


Just stay in the shadows, okay?

I'm gonna guide you out from there.



He's comin' up your rear. You better dart across the hall.

Go over to the bedroom and hide behind the lockers.


All right, Bobby, you're gonna wanna scoot across the hall. Go.

Bobby, Bob...


Teemo! Rooftop!

Target's on the move!

Sorry, Teemo.

Where's our money?

I have no idea what you're talkin' about.

You think DEA can just waltz into our bank, steal our money, and we're not gonna kick?

Your man Bobby Trench stole 43 million of our dollars.

We'd like it back.

Because it's our money.

Because it's a blatant act of disrespect.

And because it's our money.

Please tell me it's you, Bobby.

Anything new on Stig?

He's comin' up clean on every database I'm cleared for.

No military connection? No record of service?

To go deeper, I'd need to get clearance from Jessup.

Well, try your old contacts in the military.

I'm gonna tell Jessup everything I know.

Wait, are you sure?

Someone has to know whose money was in the bank.

Yeah. Stig.

Stig didn't even know I was DEA.

Besides, somebody tried to kill him, too.

Bobby, let me help you. What do you need?

Take it easy. Bye.



That's how you take down a man. Now shut the door.

Just let it come.

Agent Robert Lynn Trench.

A.k.a. Bobby T, a.k.a. Bobby B, a.k.a. Bobby Beans.

Let's have a chat.

You stole $43125 million that did not belong to you.

Now, man-to-man, who at DEA authorized you to rob our bank?

You a banker?

You ever play Russian roulette?

Thing is,

most people put the gun to the temple.

Well, that's just stupid.

You blow a man's head off 'fore he's had a chance to tell you what you wanna know.

Mess up your suit, too.

Who told you it was all right to take our money?

"Our money. Our bank."

Who are ya?

If you don't know who I am, how did you know to steal our 43 million?

I don't know what you're talkin' about.

You don't? No.


Where's the money?

Oh, boy.

Well, uh... it ain't down there, I can guarantee you that.


A.k.a. Bobby Balls.

Clean and shaven.

You know what you are?

You are a dirty DEA agent.

That's right.

You're a dirty DEA agent who robbed a bank.

And shot your boss.

You walk into any federal office, and that's the story they're gonna have.

Unless you bring me $43.125 million, and you walk away. Clean.

Have I properly incentivized you?

More than you know.

Unless you wanna rot in jail, you best get after it.

Go on, now. Go on.

All right.

You're thinkin' he deserved better?

You're right.

Hey, Rudy.

Hola, Javier.

Morning, Papi.

Don't move.

Go inside, quick.


Whose money did we steal?

You really wanna know?

I really wanna know.

Easy, old man, get in there. Get in there.

Payback's a bitch!

Payback's a bitch!

Uh, uh, uh.

Whoa, Bobby. Drop the gun. Give me the keys.

Give me the keys. Nice and easy.

I can't do that.

Why not? Well, I got him first. I got dibs.

I got a.44. I'm taking Papi. Give me the keys.

You want 'em? Come get 'em.

Now, I see the wheels turnin'.

You're thinkin' a little blindfold, maybe use your teeth.

That's not what I'm thinkin'. You know what I'm thinkin'?

Oh, shit, man. How's that?

That was uncalled for.

Shit. I liked you better when you were "I-know-a-guy" Bobby.

That Bobby was a good guy.

Well, I liked you better when you were winkin' at waitresses and shootin' the heads off of chickens.

Give me the keys. Give me the keys.

Shit! What's going on?

You saw that move comin'? That's correct. Give me the keys.

Damn, you're good.

Now, one of us is gonna have to pick up those keys.

Guess. All right. I'll get 'em, all right?

Get 'em, get 'em. Put that musket away, man.

Hey, pull over! Pull over?

Hey, Papi, you like my drivin'?

Oh, shit!

Come on, Bobby, I ain't got all damn day!

What do you wanna do?


All right. All right, all right. All right, let me go.

You let me go first.

No, you let me go.

On three. On three.

One. Two. Three.

See? Now you're making me not be able to trust you.

On the count of three, we'll let each other go.

All right? All right. That's fair.

One. Two.


I knew it. Let me go.

No! I'm gonna let you go. I'm gonna let you go.

All right. One...



Come on, man. You gotta admit, that was kind of fun, no?

You didn't like that?

Who are you?


U.S. Navy Intel. Yeah?

Or I was.

My commander FUBARed my jacket.

And now I'm AWOL after stabbing an MP.

You're lucky. They got me framed for killing my boss.

Did your boss order your four closest friends to kill you?

No, you got me there.

Petty Officer Michael Stigman.

DEA Officer Bobby Trench, but I guess you know that already.


So, what, you just happened to pick me, or you got orders to set me up on purpose?

I had orders, man. I didn't know you were DEA.

My people did. But they're Intel.

There's not much they don't know.

Your people?

Now I'm just trying to piece together the truth, so I can take it over my commander's head to the Admiral.

That's why they wanna kill me and why I wanted to talk to Papi.



I guess we can both talk to him at the same time.

What, like we're workin' together?

No, not like we're working together.

No, like we're workin' in the same vicinity.

Together. In the same area code.

Together. The same county.

And don't get all We Are The World on me either.

When this is over, I'm still gonna shoot you. But we're partners.

Come on, man, Ebony and Ivory.

Shit, I think he puked. He's puked or he's dead.

Oh, yeah, he puked.


I'm gonna fuckin' kill you both.

This might take a while.

I got all day, partner.

Hold on.

Let me put that in there with ya. Put that on ya.

So, partner, how you wanna do this?

I like that, it's got a nice roll off your tongue there.

We're not that close. Don't kumbaya with me. Don't kumbaya.

I'm gonna get my bucket and towel and waterboard his ass.

No, we gotta give him a chance to talk. You got anything to say?

I hope you guys like the taste of balls, because I'm gonna chop yours off, stuff 'em in your mouths.


Or maybe I'll put yours in his and his in yours.

Want me to get the bucket?


So why were you puttin' so much money in Tres Cruces?

It's Tres Cruces.

We thought you just stashed a little cash there until we robbed the place, found 40 million. Why is that?

You robbed Tres Cruces?

That's correct. Why is that?

That's funny, huh?

You're dead.

Yeah, that is funny, isn't it? You're both dead.

And I didn't even have to kill you.

I thought you were sharp. "I-know-a-guy" Bobby.

But you...

You just ripped off the CIA.

The CIA?

The CIA.

He's full of crap. Why would he have money in the same bank as the CIA?

Why would you have money in the same bank as the CIA?

I don't have shit in that bank.

The only money I deliver to Tres Cruces is a payment. To the CIA?

The CIA. They take 7% of my revenue.

In return, they let me use their planes so I can get my shit across the border.

I could do it a lot cheaper, but there was really no negotiations.

You know...

They take it from all the cartels.



They're still gonna kill you.


You said stop by anytime.

You kidnapped a drug kingpin! That's correct.

Papi Greco! And you tied him up in my garage!

Sorry. What do you...

You mind if I swipe a yogurt?

Yeah, sure. Please. Help yourself to anything. Take whatever you want.

It's just a yogurt.

But it's her yogurt. Just put it back.


Are you two like ex-boyfriend and girlfriend?

Actually, you know what? We never put a name on it.

So, what, you broke his heart or he broke yours?

Wow, this guy will really ask anyone anything at anytime.

Why don't you go and check on Papi, huh?

What do you see in this guy?

I could go on for hours, but I don't know you, and I don't think this is the right time for us to have this conversation, okay?

So daddy issues, huh?


Garage. Papi. Go.

I get it now. Go. Go to the garage.

Can I have the yogurt? You can have the yogurt. Here.

I don't like her, man. You don't get a vote.

I'm gonna watch her.

Bobby. What are you doing?

Are you 100% sure you can trust this guy?

No. But he's all the help I got.

Jessup's dead.

The money we stole was CIA money. They came lookin' for it.

I'm sorry, Deb, I didn't mean to get you involved in all this.

You Okay?

What are you smirking at?

You know, I've been racking my brain trying to figure out who you look like.

And it finally dawned on me.

You look like a Mexican Albert Einstein.

Minus the genius factor, obviously.

You want some yogurt?

Payback's a bitch.

That's for Little Toro.



Pack it up!

Move it, move it!

Stig. The one and only.

That your people?

Do you have to say it like that?

Like what? They're your people, right?

Technically, yes, but I thought you were my people now.

All right, two taps, we'll hit the garage. On go.

Okay. On your go. Go!


What was that about?

That was messed up.

What the hell is going on?

I don't know.

I don't know.

Give me your phone, now.

I'll take the car, too. Get out. Get out!

Oh, my God.

Esta en un gray Charger.

How did Stig's people know to come to your house?

I don't know. They must have followed you.

I don't think so.

We would have seen 'em.

We should have seen 'em.

How'd they know to come to your house?


Why were they at your house, Debbie?

No. You serious?


Out of the car, gabacho.

Hurry UP-

You fucked up now, ese.

On your knees.

I know some guys, too, Bobby.

Bag 'em up. Let's take 'em home.

Do you wanna talk about it? No.

You sure? Yeah, I'm sure.

I told you I didn't like her, man.

Shut up.

What are you gettin' mad at me for?

Because you talk too much.

What'd I ever do to you?

Besides shoot me?

You know what you are? You're a misanthorpe.

It's misanthrope. I'm a misanthrope.

Did you know what I meant to say?

No. What did you mean to say?

That you don't like people. Shut up.

Time for my massage.

Yeah. I'll have housekeeping clean up your bed.

Oh, shit.

My grandfather cut cane for 30 years every day and never got a blister.

Says it smells like hell, toughens the hands.

You know what I like about this?

Not only do I get to take my time with you guys, but this time, I don't have to worry about leaving any marks.

Don't put your hands on me, man.

Shit. What did you say?

Just don't put those pissy hands on me, man.

You ain't got a home, Bobby.

DEA doesn't want you around.

Not with your sins.

Payback's a bitch.

You smell like warm Corona, man.

You remember my prize breeding bull.

With cojones the size of coconuts.

You wanna see him?

No, it's okay. We can see good from here.

Adios, Bobby.

No, no.


$43 million!

It's everything we stole from the CIA.

You let us go, we'll bring it to you.

I got the money.

What are you talking about? I got it.

You don't have it! I know I don't have it. He doesn't know that.

But you don't have the money.

I know you don't have it, 'cause I have it.

You have it? Well, where is it?

Commander Quince's safe.

Corpus Christi Naval Air Station. Don't tell me. Tell him.

Oh, shit!

Where is it?

Commander Quince's safe! Corpus Christi Naval Air Station!

The guy's pissing on us, and you're askin' if we should fuckin' tell him.

If that's the truth, I might as well just kill you now.

I had a run-in with a couple boys out of your organization.

Hello, Earl.

Mr. Bobby Beans and Mr. Michael Stigman.

Well, they're not from my organization.

They're freelancers.

And Bobby Beans is undercover DEA.

And Mr. Stigman's AWOL U.S. Navy.

They stole 43.125 million from the Tres Cruces.

We want it back.

Is there a finder's fee?

Fee is we let you continue to do business.

Fee is we don't raise our cut from 7% to 20.

The fee is we don't come down here with a squad of Apache A-6 helicopters and wipe you off the face of the earth.

You like my country weak and corrupt, don't you?

So you can buy your cheap crap at the mall.

Well, Earl, I'm not cheap.

Is this about pride, Manny?

About machismo?

Prove you got a big Mexican cock?

Well, your cock is huge. It's massive.

And I, I'm in awe of your cock.

So what? You're still a drug dealer.

And I'm still the government of the United States.

It's a free market, Manny.

Not a free world.

I'll take a look.

Hard! You'll look hard.

Under every rock in Mexico.

Let's get out of this shithole.

I've decided to let you bring me the 43 million.

The truck'll take you north to the border.

From there, you'll cross on foot with the coyotes.

If it's all the same, we'd rather drive.

With everybody lookin' for you, they'd pull you out of line in two seconds.

No, you go the way you force my people.

If we can't risk crossing, how are we supposed to bring you back the money?

I'll meet you north of the border in 24 hours.

Now, I'm trusting you to fulfill your part of the bargain.

Hey, Bobby.

You got 24 hours to bring me the money.

Or I'm gonna shoot her right in the head.

Then I'm gonna find you, and I'm gonna gut you like a pig!


When this is over, I'm still gonna shoot you.

Whatever it takes, Bobby.

Pick one. I can get in anything.

So, what about the Audi?

No, I don't do German, okay? Locks are tricky, too many alarms.

Okay. Suburban?

That one's 2010.

It's gonna get like two miles a gallon. I ain't payin' for all that gas.

For a car thief, you are mighty particular.

I'll break into the Honda.

I look like I'm gonna ride in that Honda to you?

You could.

And you could pick somethin' with a little more class.

I hate to remind you, but we're breakin' onto a high-security Navy base.

We ain't goin' to the hip-hop opera.

It ain't no Les Misérables for you tonight.

Les Misérables!

Oh, man, whatever the fuck, man.

Don't remind me.

Look, it's not my fault Quince took the money back to the base.

I thought you said you took the money back to the base.

No, I never said that.

So the money could be anywhere.

It could be in East Jabip, the Cayman Islands...

No, the money is on the base, okay?

I gave it to Commander Quince at the Camino Real, and he told the guys to take it back to the base.

Right before he took you out and tried to kill you.

That doesn't mean he's lyin' about the base.

Not everybody's as paranoid as you, Bobby. Jeez.

What about the Prius? You like the Prius?

Camino Real.

Yeah, it's a hotel.

I met Debbie at the Camino Real.

No shit?

Yeah. What was she doin' there?

She said she was there to meet her boyfriend, Harvey.

Wait. Your girlfriend has a boyfriend?

She's not my girlfriend.

Holy shit.

Yeah, just pick a car.

Right here.

You picked that one?


Fuck you want, a fuckin' Bentley?

I got it.

Hi. Hey.

Crazy question, you wouldn't have anybody knows how to fix a snowmobile?

I don't think so.

Would you check for me? I really need it fixed by tonight.

Why, a big storm coming?

You never can be too sure.

I'll be right back.

Up with that? What?

She smiled at you, you didn't wink at her?

I don't wink at every woman I see.

Snowmobile in Texas, huh? You must be in some serious shit, sailor.

You got yourself a new claw, huh?

Gimme claw. Give it a pound. It's a beaut.

You still got my rainy-day stash?


See ya later, Stig.

All right.

You know what they say, talk softly and carry an M-4 with a grenade launcher.


Which one you want?

This one.

What's your plan for gettin' on the base?

I'm workin' on it.

Remember, once we get to the command building, Quince's office is first floor, end of the hall.

If he's not in the field, that's where he lives 18 hours a day.

Right, right. But you still haven't told me what the plan is to get through the gate.

I got a plan. I mean, I'm capable of comin' up with a plan.

I'm not sayin' you're not capable, I'm just sayin' you haven't told me. What is it?

I'm workin' on it.

Better work faster.

Much faster.

OFFICER 12 Move it up. Quickly.

Fuck it.


He's going through!

That fast enough for ya?


Let's go! Let's go! On the radio now!

Return to post!

That was your plan?

Well, we're on the base, aren't we?

That's not a plan. Nobody in their right mind breaks into a naval base.

That's why it's a brilliant plan. No one expected it.

You shoulda seen your face. Damn, they were surprised.

Your stop comin' up. I'll play decoy, lead 'em away, try to get to the Admiral, okay?

All right. Things go wrong, I'll see you back at the boat yard.

Things ain't goin' wrong.

I'm gettin' a medal. I get to the Admiral, I'm gettin' a medal. Watch.

You're gonna wish me luck, aren't ya?

Come on, man, let's hear it! Good luck.

Quince's office at the end of the hall.

Remember, first floor, end of the hall!

Halt! Stop where you are!

We have a breach at Status Hall!

Go, go, go, go!

Up the stairs!

Sir, Petty Officer Michael Stigman, ID number 540333.

Wait a minute, what's the problem?

Shit, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that to you, man.


I've been in service 12 years.

I've never stepped foot in an officers' mess, much less crashed it.

Please, sir, it's an emergency.

Stand outside, please.

Leave us alone. Thank you, sir.

Hey, I'm really sorry about that, man.

I didn't mean to hit you like that. I apologize.

I'm listening, sailor. Sit.

Thank you, sir.

Try the Admiral again for me. Yes, sir.

And you believed this stolen money would all be used to fight drug cartels?

Yes, sir. I thought the orders came down the valid chain of command.

Blind loyalty is not loyalty.

I know that, sir, and that's why I'm here.

Well, you've shown a lot of tenacity and a lot of guts bringing this to me.

Thank you, sir. That means the world comin' from you.

Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do for you.

Of course, sir. I mean, you can just lock down the base.

You can arrest Commander Quince.

The United States Navy does not rob banks.

Its personnel did not rob a bank.

I'm not gonna tarnish the integrity of the Navy over one crooked sailor.

If there was money taken from the bank that was part of an illegal CIA slush fund, the Navy had no knowledge the fund existed.

Your jacket has you six months AWOL?

Yes, sir.

It's gonna stay that way.

Commander Quince's jacket will likewise be amended so he's also AWOL, making none of this the Navy's problem.

Sir, this isn't right.

Well, I'd offer more, but when the hand has gangrene, you chop it off to save the body.

You don't keep the pinkie around just because it meant well.

Have Petty Officer Stigman dropped outside the main gate.

He sets foot on a military base anywhere in the world, I want him shot.

This is bullshit.

You know, men like me fight and die on the orders of men like you!

Without us, those stars on your shoulder are a fucking costume!

Open the safe.

Does your boss know you're doin' this?

Open it.

Or did the CIA kill her like they did Jessup?

What's it to you?

I don't like loose ends.

Neither do I...



Well, my mother named me Harold.

I like Harvey. Harvey has a nice ring to it.

Don't you like Harvey?

I don't know what you're talkin' about. Yes, you do.

Been to the Camino Real Hotel lately?

Open the safe.

Staging area cleared up!

Bring it through!

Where's the money?

You tell me where Deb is.

She's gettin' her nails done. Where is the money?

I don't know.

All right, tell me what you do know.

Well, your girl found out where the CIA was stashing the money right about when I did.

And when I told her that she and I could get away with the money by setting you and Stigman up, she didn't even blink.

Don't lie to me.

Was she that unhappy,Bobby?

Where is the money? Don't lie to me.

You think I'd keep it here with you and Stigman still alive?

Come on, Bobby.

You gave it to her, didn't you?

Didn't you?

Commander. Back up.

Go, go, go, go! On your six!

Move, move, move!

All personnel evacuate the building.

All personnel evacuate the building.

Take the back, in that alley!

Go to the front! Let's go!


This way! Move!

Come on, come on! Find him!



You Okay?

Come on, let's go.

You okay, sir? Yeah, I'm fine.

Work off the standpipe!

This is really good barbecue.

You don't want to regret not tryin' it.

Why don't you stop wasting my time and just kill me?

Even if Bobby was coming with the money, you'd still kill us both.

But he's not coming.

He'll be here. No.

He won't.

You think he's just gonna let you die?

You think it was a coincidence the Navy came looking for Bobby at my house?

If I couldn't have Bobby, at least I'd have half of 43 million.

You set up Bobby Beans.

I wouldn't be coming for you either.

Where's the money?

Come on. I don't know.

Gone, outta the country.

It's certainly not on a Navy base, Papi.

Where does that leave you?

Exactly where I deserve to be.

Yeah. - Bobby.

You're late.

I got the money.

I don't believe you.

No, I got it.

Believe me, I got it. I'll bring it to you.

Where are you?

Hi, Bobby.


Can he hear us?

Just hang up the phone and run.

Okay, listen to me.

Tell him I got the money.

Hang up the phone.

It's not your fault. Just“ Debbie.

Tell him I have the money. Okay?

And I know you know where the money is.

Just tell him I have it.

Debbie, listen to me.

I'm sorry.

I really meant to love you.


Where are you? Debbie, where are you?

Where are you? Debbie?




Hello? Debbie? Uh...

Wait a minute, I got the money.

What'd they say? What'd the Admiral say?

What'd the Admiral say? Admiral washed his hands of the whole thing.

Navy turned their back.

Where's the money?

There was no money, Stig.

What? There was no money.

'Course there is. I gave Quince the money.

Right, and Quince gave it to Deb, and Deb is dead.

Papi killed her.

Fuck him.

Let's go down to Mexico.

We'll lure 'em all down, then take every one of 'em out. Kill 'em all.

And then what?

Well, at least Quince and Papi'd be dead.

And then what?

Oh, you just wanna let 'em skate?

You don't get it, do ya, Stig?

I mean, God bless you, you still think there's some kinda code.

There is no code.

You followed every order the Navy gave you, they kicked you in the teeth.

There is no code, Stig.

No one fights for the Navy, okay? It's not about the Navy.

You fight for the guy that's fighting next to you.

That doesn't mean anything to you?

I'm goin' to Mexico.

And just so you know, my code saved your life.

There's three inches between your heart and your shoulder.

My bullet goes three inches left, you'd be dead.

And I wouldn't be here.

'Cause Quince only decided to kill me because I let you live.

What, you think I missed, huh?

Is that what you think? You think I missed?

When have you ever seen me miss?

You stay here. I'm goin' to Mexico.

Our deal still stand?

I give you the money, I walk away clean?

Hola. Looks like you had a banner morning.

You better have my money.

Right here. Every penny.

Where's Bobby?

We had a philosophical fallin' out.

Open your trunk.

I just want your word that you and your boys, Ferret Nose Julio, all of 'em, you'll help me kill Commander Quince.

Who's Commander Quince?

That's him.

Mr. Stigman, you promised me $43 million for killin' everyone on this ranch.

Got the money right here, sir.

Thing is, I promised Papi the $43 million, too, so I'm afraid you two are gonna have to duke it out.

Maybe he and I'll just kill you instead and split the money.

What do you say, Papi?

50% of 40 million?

Better than 100% dead, right?

He'll double-cross you. Minute your back is turned, bullet in the head.


The guy up on the roof says 60-40.

He ain't got a trustworthy bone in his body.

I came back, didn't I?

Fuckin' CIA.

Red rover, red rover.

Whoever's got my 43.125 million better come the fuck on out.

You offer him the money, too?

I didn't call him.

It's in the trunk!

Why the fuck did you tell him that?

Thank you, Commander.

Mr. Stigman, come on out and open the trunk.

Nice and slow, now.

Well, what do we got here?

Sounds like a Mexican wedding.

Is that my '64 Impala?

That's correct.

I told you.

I know a guy.

Now, who wants to see $43 million?

For a minute there, I thought you had me chasing my tail.

You want to count it?

If you're shortin' me, I know where to find you.

So we're good?

Did I not give you my word?

That's right.

Then don't treat me like an asshole.

I'll try my best.

You and Mr. Stigman are free to go.

Yes, sir.

I trust you can find your own way home?

That's right.

What're you doing, Bobby? Let's go.

I'm not gonna let him get away with the money.

Let's go. I hate these daggone teeth.

They're not just gonna let us go.

I got a plan. Hey, I got my M-16.

I got my grenade launcher, I got my M-4. Let's do this shit.

I got a plan. I'm capable of coming up with a plan.

Well, it better be a goddamn good one.

It's a good plan.

Make it rain.

That was your plan? To blow up $43 million?

Yeah, that's why it's a brilliant plan. Nobody expected it.


Come on, move it!

Dumb assholes! Move it!

You comin'?

Go ahead, I'll be right behind you.

Don't miss.

I never miss!

Told ya.

Stig! Stig!

Don't do it. Don't do it.

Playtime's over.

No more fucking around.

Now, drop your weapon.

Tell Mr. Stigman to do the same.

You tell him.

It's real simple.

We can all make a deal or we can all die.

I'm not making any deals.

Talk to your man, Bobby.

Be the smart one.

You think Tres Cruces is the only stash we got?

We got 20 more. We got money everywhere.

You're not gonna change a damn thing.



You're my people, right?

That's correct.

You good?

Never better.

We're not people, though.

This makes us family.

All right, brother.

Hey, señor Einstein, you're looking kind of fucked up sittin' there, man.

You all right?

Mow my lawn.

Well, you know what was so cool?

You rolling in on that '64 Impala.

I mean, you looked badass, man.

Yeah, that's right.

Listen, one more thing, one more thing.


Give me your gun.

Give me your gun.

You're not serious.

Yes, lam.

Thank you.

You're really gonna do this after everything we've been through?

Arm or leg?

This is not gonna make you feel better.

I'm thinking leg. Because leg, there's more flesh, there's not as much bone.

The arm will...

You know what you are? You are a petty...

Fucking son of a bitch!

Hurts, doesn't it? You know you coulda killed me?

Is that right? Three more inches to the left.

Don't even say it, man.

You wouldn't be winking at waitresses anymore.

I'd still wink, I just wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

You know me, I don't miss.

I never miss. When's the last time you saw me miss?

You gonna carry my ass all the way the fuck home.

Oh, shit, man. This burns.

That's correct.

You know, I shot you when I didn't know who you were.

Before we were family.

There's a difference.

But we're family now. I shot you because I know who you are.

That ain't right.

They definitely got the look.

Assholes and windshield sunglasses, practically CIA uniform.

Can I get you boys anything else?

Are your doughnuts any good?

Tell you the truth, they're pretty lousy.

Can't tell you how happy we are to hear that.

You take care.

I saw that.

Saw what? You winked.

That's a twitch. Yeah, right.

You know, for a guy who just blew up $43 million, all of a sudden, you are a very generous tipper.

Who said I blew up $43 million?

What are you sayin'?

I'm not sayin' anything. What are you hearing?

I'm hearin' somethin'. You're sayin' somethin'.

Well, if you're hearin' it, it's only because you're hearin' it, not 'cause I'm sayin' it.

How much did you keep?

Two million?

That's like one each.

So now you get half?

Well, I shot half the guys. So?