2 Jennifer (2016) Script

How's it going there guys?

So just recently I saw a film called

2 Jennifer and it is directed by James Cullen Bressack and I actually have the DVD copy right here signed by him, James is like a really awesome guy and what he did here was he created a pretty awesome movie if you ask me.

I do highly recommend that you check out

2 Jennifer and there is an ice cream truck driving by my house right now.

I found this movie actually laugh out loud hilarious, but at times it was also quite frightening because it really hit home for me.

It's not you know balls to the wall gore or anything like that, it's just the idea is it's real.

It's this horror movie all shot in iPhone, and I can barely make calls on my iPhone.

So color me impressed.

Dude that movie is crazy scary.

I heard it's based on a real chick and everything man.

Yeah I saw that movie I thought it was fucking bullshit.

Who shoots a movie on an iPhone?

Can you not afford a real camera?

Cheeseheads from Wisconsin love three things, horror movies, cheese, beer.

2 Jennifer was one of 'em.

I wonder if James Cullen Bressack will ever do a sequel.

I'm not personally gonna do a sequel but I definitely would be open to somebody else doing one, like one of my friends or something, you know I know a lot of really talented filmmakers and I think it's a story that can be told.

Hey Jennifer.

You don't.. you don't know me yet, and actually I don't even know you.

I uh...

I don't even know what you look like, but at the same time I feel like I've known you forever.

Known you my whole life.

I know that sounds crazy.

Let me start over.

My name is Spencer and I'm making a movie.

And, I want you Jennifer to be the star.

It's a sequel to a movie that I really enjoyed a movie that inspired me in a way to start this journey to come and find you.

It's written by a good friend of mine named James in Los Angeles, and he wants me to direct the sequel.

It's called 2 Jennifer.

And, it's gonna be something really special for you and me.

Jennifer, I can't wait to finally meet you.

I'll see you soon.

All right Mack, let's do this thing.


Hey Mack what's going on man?

This is Spencer.

Hey Spencer what's going on man?

Nothing man, nothing I was just callin' to see if you were still down to help me with this

2 Jennifer project.

You know it dude you still coming down in August?

No, you know dude some stuff kinda changed on my end of things, and you know James wants to move up the production, so it looks like I'm actually gonna be coming out tomorrow.

My flight lands at 10 AM in LAX, so I was calling to see if you were down to start this thing right away I guess.

Um, did you just say tomorrow?

I have to work, why is James moving up the production?

Look, I don't know, I just got off the phone with him and he wants to push everything up and if I'm not there tomorrow he's gonna pass this off to somebody else and dude you know this is a really big opportunity for both of us so, I gotta be there man I mean are you in or out?

Listen dude, we need to talk about this, all right how the hell are you gonna put this together this fast?

I mean do you have a finished script?

Do you know who's gonna be in it?

Where are you at with this?

All right well look, I'm almost done with the script and James is handling pretty much everything on the production end, I just really need to get out there and find this Jennifer who's gonna be in the movie, and that's really all I have to do is just find her and we'll be all set man.

And James is handling everything else it's not a big deal dude, it's basically all put together already.

Dude, I have work man.

I just couldn't not show up for a week man, come on.

Mack, I really need you there man, like I need you to do this with me, I can't do this without you dude, are you gonna be there or not?

Let me, let me make some calls okay?

Mack, you're not gonna regret this dude, I really appreciate it man we're gonna fuckin' knock this thing outta the park dude.

We're gonna find this Jennifer and shit is gonna fall into place dude.

You're not gonna regret this man, this movie is gonna be the fuckin' shit so just get ready all right?

All right man, yeah absolutely, I mean I just don't know how you're gonna put this together.

I mean, I don't even have a camera yet.

Hey dude dude, don't even worry about it man, dude, Mack, I'm really looking forward to seeing you man it's been way too long and I'm really looking forward to working with you on this man, I really appreciate it.

Fucker get outta the god damn road you piece of shit.

Fuckin' piece of shit.

♪ There's something inside me

♪ And I can't even find

♪ It sounded like something

♪ It sounds like mine

♪ It's my heart

♪ It sure is hard to find

♪ You don't understand

♪ And you won't ever know

♪ There's a hole in my heart that can

♪ Never be filled

♪ And you know

♪ It's far too deep inside

♪ There's something inside me

♪ And I can't even try

♪ It's staying like something

♪ It sounds like mine

♪ It's mine

♪ Shy it's hard to find

♪ And you don't understand

♪ And you won't ever know

♪ There's a hole in my heart

♪ That can never be filled

♪ Even if you tried

♪ It's far too deep inside

Last boarding call for Air Travel Lines

150, 34, final boarding call.

Excuse me did you hear what that announcer said I totally wasn't paying attention.

Something about checking your bags, sorry I'm really not sure.

Yeah, no problem.

You're going to Los Angeles?

Mm hmm, yeah.

Nice, yeah me too.


You know I'm actually going out there to make a movie.

Oh, neat.

You're an actress?


Are you filming me?


Your name isn't Jennifer by chance is it?

No, I'm sorry listen I'm really busy, do you mind?

Yeah, no problem.


I like your lipstick.


It's a really good shade.

I'm married okay, can you back off?

Just trying to give you a compliment.

Seriously. No problem.

Have a safe flight. Uh huh.

Thank you.

Here you go.

Thank you sir, have a good one.

What are the odds right?

That's pretty funny.

That's pretty funny..

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, on the flight deck your two extremely good looking highly qualified pilots flying out to Los Angeles today would like to add our welcome aboard.

The latest weather for Los Angeles they're calling for winds out of our favorite direction.

What up Spence?

Hey what's going on man how you doin'?

How was your flight?

It was great it was great.

Did you check any bags or anything?

No no no I'm straight.

Let's get outta here man, this terminal's fucked.

Yeah for sure for sure.

What's up man?

Uh, what are you doing man?

Are you filming me right now?

Yeah I figure we'd just kinda get some behind the scenes stuff for the movie you know what I'm saying?

Oh my god, filming on an iPhone though.

I'm negotiating a Red Epic package actually right now that we can film on it'll be great.


No one's gonna watch an iPhone movie.

Just not gonna happen at all.

Awesome man.

And just make sure that you run anything you're gonna put online by me first okay?

I need you to do that.

Yeah yeah of course of course, I was gonna make you the star of this movie man what do you think?

Oh are ya?

Yeah yeah.

Well if I'm the star you're my Jennifer okay?

All right, cool cool.

Oh also good news, I got off work for the rest of the week so.

Oh nice dude.

Yeah I have to go in for a few hours later on today, but after that I'm free and clear until we finish this thing okay?

All right, that sounds good to me.

Awesome dude, I'm parked right over here.

All right, let's do it.

Yeah dude I haven't even talked to my roommates about this yet, I don't even know if they're cool with you staying with us.

Well, I mean if it's an issue I'll throw 'em some cash or something.

It's all right.

Okay, cool, so they're cool then.

Yeah I mean they're interesting, they're interesting cats.

Okay, yeah.

One of them's got like fruit tendencies and he's I don't know, like a vampire or something I don't know what's going on. What?

Yeah, you'll see, it's weird.

He's weird huh?

Yeah the other one's a, it's actually it's interesting he's a philanthropist or something he's bringing renewable energy to impoverished nations or..

Shut up.

Who fucking does that?

I think he's bringing them in cyclones, like he's sending cyclones with food packages or energy fields or something.


Dude it all goes over my head, I think that's what it is.

I may not be correct.

That's crazy.

But yeah dude, so we'll just run it by them hopefully they're cool with it.


And I also had a thought for who we can cast as Jennifer actually.

What are you thinking?

I have a friend who's classically trained, just an amazing actress, I think she'd kill it man.

What's her name?

Name's Emily Bates.

Well, Mack we can't cast Emily Bates as Jennifer.

Why can't we?

Because we're looking for Jennifers Mack, we have to cast a Jennifer to play Jennifer or it's not gonna make any sense.

We don't have to do that, it's a movie, we can cast whoever we want and they go play Jennifer.

No, Mack you're not getting me, we have to find a Jennifer, cast a Jennifer to play Jennifer, I mean it's how the..

Why, do you think Jennifer Aniston only plays Jennifers?

Do you think Gilda Radner only plays Gildas?

No, they don't.

Mack, the movie's not called

2 Emily Bates, it's called 2 Jennifer.

We have to cast a Jennifer to play Jennifer, that's the way James wants it, it's gonna help us sell the movie.

Dude sounds like a diva if that's what he wants.

Don't say that, he's not a diva, he's a really really great guy, and we have to kinda roll with it because that's what he wants and that's just how it's gotta be.

That's just how it's gotta be.

Well that's how it's gotta be that's how it's gotta be I don't know what I can else what else I can say.

It's gonna be your job to find a Jennifer.

This is Los Angeles, there's 1,000 Jennifers out there.

Okay I hope you're right.


All right dude this is us up here man.

Cool man.

Awesome dude, we have a super comfy couch I hope that's cool with you to crash on.

Yeah yeah that sounds good.

Awesome man.

Hey what are your roommates names so I'm not going in here blind?

Oh we got Dennis and we got Charlie.

Are you fuckin' kidding me dude?


Mack, Dennis, Charlie.

It's fucking god damn Philadelphia.

Yeah right, seriously all we need is Sweet Dee and we got the set.

Jesus fucking Christ dude I'll be your Sweet Dee.

You'll be our Rickety Cricket.


Oh hey.

What's up man?

Hey, how's it going?

How are ya man?

Charlie this is Spencer, Spencer this is my roommate Charlie.

Welcome Spencer, nice to meet you.

What's going on man?

Dude I'm just working on my cleanse.

I'm trying to really open up the anus, and breathe through.

Yeah wow.

It's gonna, oh yeah you don't even know about chakras guys, this is gonna let the whole thing enter and it's just gonna enter.

Dude you're like 18 centimeters away from suckin' your own dick.

Dude not yet.

Dude so I'm gonna head in to work man, is it cool if he just sticks around here while I'm gone, is that okay?

Yeah yeah, I'm gonna be hanging out too when I'm in the shower.

I gotta head to the laboratory, we're solving this particle solution, we're actually getting pretty close man.


Dude that's fuckin' rad man.

So close, you know it's my life's work man.

Dude it is.

It's my life's work.

I'm so excited, I could scream.

I'm stoked for you man, that's awesome.

Hey dude yeah this is a horror movie you can scream right now if you want to.


Yeah go ahead man give us a good scream.


That was awesome man. Nice.

Dude, all right man, I'm close.

All right man to solving the solution.

Yo man, hey well it was very nice meeting you.

Hey it's good to meet you.

I'm gonna jump in the shower.

Fuck yeah dude.

All right man, I'll see you later.

All right dude.

All right, nice to meet you Charlie.

You too.

So he's the fuckin' weird one huh?

All right man, so I need you to create a casting out count for the movie all right?

Let's get serious now.

Yeah yeah.

I need you to do that and you need to find your Jennifer I'm serious, we gotta get this thing rolling.

We don't have time, all right, to like fuck around.

All right yeah dude we'll find her, I'll set it up, and I mean she's out there man we'll get her.

All right, I hope you do find Jennifer but if not, we're doing this my way okay?

Emily Bates is amazing dude, we fucking get her in this and she'll kill it, I promise you, okay?

Yeah, you know but we'll find the Jennifer dude just trust me, we'll get it.

All right.

No sweat, no sweat, got ya, got ya.

Now dude, I believe in you, don't fuck it up.

No, no.

All right? Yeah for sure man.

All right, I'm outta here, I'm going to work, I'll be back in a bit, give me good news when I return.

All right, you got it man, I appreciate it.

And don't fuck it up. Yeah.

So I just wanna say that my homeboy Mack is full of shit.

I have been looking for Jennifers for no more than two hours, and I've already got six lined up to audition tomorrow.

No no no no, I want you to say what you just said.

I want you to say what you just said to me.

I'm not saying.

No no no say what you just said to me, come on, say it for the camera.

No, nope nope.

Oh my god, oh my god, all right, so for the record, for everyone keeping score at home, I have 10 Jennifers lined up to audition tomorrow, 10, which I believe is 10 more than Mack said I was gonna get, is that right buddy?

You know I actually only counted nine, so you might..

Oh fuck you dude, come on, fuck you.

Plus you don't even know if they're any good, Bates would've killed it.

Hey hey dude, I sent all of their information to James, he wants to see every one of 'em.

He wants to see all of them.

Okay. They're gonna be great.

And where is this happening?

Where is this going down?

I got a casting room..

Oh yeah, where at?

Bay H Casting.

Some place downtown or something.

That's actually not bad, that's like legitimately good.

Yeah, yeah come on dude, so come on say it.

Say what you just said.

All right.

Say what you just said man.

Spence, you didn't fuck it up, you did all right, you got some Jennifers.

I did all right, you know what, I got a shit ton of fuckin' Jennifers, that's what I'm saying bro.

Let's get down to business okay?

I got a sick deal on a camera package, that is good to go on Monday.

So I need to know, is James providing us with a crew?

Do we have locations locked down?

Like what our situation here?

What's the situation?

Mack Mack, you're over thinking this thing completely man.

Over thinking?

Yeah, you're over thinking it man.

We gotta take this one step at a time, step number one is we find our damn Jennifer man.

Once we find the Jennifer then everything is gonna fall into place here, so everything else will take care of itself, let's just find the perfect Jennifer.

You know?

Spence, uh, I love that you're out here man, it's great, and I think that it's great that we're doing this, okay?

But I've been out here doing this for a little bit longer than you and I may know a bit more about how to launch a production of this scale.

Okay, and I think to make this production the best that it can be, I'm gonna really need you to get me in touch with James, all right that's very important, we're right behind, and you're rushing.

Dude dude..

Okay we're rushing this, okay?

I already told you, James is gonna be at the casting session tomorrow man we just lock the Jennifer, we can talk to James at the session tomorrow and you can figure out whatever it is you need to figure out.

Whatever it is I need to figure out?

Yeah. No dude, I need to talk to James tonight, this is important.

Hey, dude, dude, you're way too stressed.

No I am not way too stressed.

Yeah, you're way too..

All right no, I'm not, listen to me man, I'm in hot water at work because of this.


I'm not in a good place right now.

And we are behind on this.

And if this doesn't work out, if this all falls apart, I'm the one who's gonna be really pissed, okay?

Do you get this?

Where the fuck are you going?

Check it out.

I got tequila.

No dude..

You need a fucking shot to cool your jets bro.

I don't do tequila.

You're way too stressed about this man, come on, let's do a shot.

Let's do a damn shot my man.


Come on, come on.

You know I got the Jennifers dude, you know I'm on top of this man.

Come on, come on.

Where are your god damn shot glasses?

In the cabinet.

This one?

No no I'll get 'em.

Jesus Christ.


You know I got this man.

I did not come all the way out here to fuck you dude.

Am I pouring these?

Yes, pour 'em man.

I hope not.

Seriously I hope not.

Dude, I got this.

We're gonna take care of this.

I'm not gonna let you down bro, I would never do that to you bro.

All right.

For real, I would never do that to you.

All right, yeah great, here you're taking this big one, I don't take tequila well.

To Jennifer, okay?

To Jennifer.

Look, imagine that everything in this room is an atom.

Everything that you see, everything you touch.

This table is an atom right?

That ceiling fan is an atom, and the TV, I'm an atom.

You're an atom, okay.

Well I'm a Charlie, but you knew that.

That's not what I mean, but then, it's like this tornado comes in right?

And it starts to mix everything around it just spins and spins and spins like really really fast, like faster than the speed of light.

That's like a fuckin' strong tornado man.

Yeah that's some Wizard of Oz shit right there.

That's some Wizard of Oz shit dude.

That's some Wizard of Oz shit?

Do do do do do!

Exactly, exactly, but imagine what we could do if we could harness the power of that, look, guys, I've been to east Asia, we've been going to India.

I mean I wanna take the team you know to other parts of the world.

Like wherever we can make a real difference, I mean with what we can do.

I'm just trying to explain, 'cause I know you're getting me, like you could make a difference.

I mean, even I mean dude you've been visiting us whatever but you could make a difference you know?

And I just..

All right, hey, I could make a difference.

You can make a difference.

You could make a difference.

You could bring a tornado to east Asia.

All right, well where are the fucking flying monkeys dude?

Yeah where are those flying monkeys at?

Where are the god damn monkeys?

Oh, hey Dennis!

Hey, Dennis!

What are you guys still doing awake?

Hey Dennis, how about you do a shot with us?


Shots right now for Dennis.

Oh hey Dennis's friend.

Oh this is my friend Cynthia.

Hey, it's actually Susan.

But that's what you can call me.

We go talk right now my room is near we have a lot to talk about.

Before he goes pour Susan a shot.

Yeah, Susan!

Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan!

Oh my god no, last time I took a shot when I did X I got so fucked up, like I made out with a brunette who had tattoos.

I fucking hate tattoos.



Well all right.


To Susan!

Oh Susan, Susan, Susan.

Wait wait wait, Susan, you know any Jennifers?

We're meeting Jennifers tomorrow and..

What do you mean Jennifers?

We need a Jennifer, you know one?

I mean, I do know a Jennifer, oh my god, she's a fucking dick.

But I do know her.

She fucking eats veal, who the fuck eats veal?

Oh fuck.



Mack you gotta get up.

Mack, you gotta get up man, dude.

Oh my god this thing has been going off for a fucking hour.

Oh an hour?

Uh huh.

I'm sorry dude.

Satan should take me now.

Oh Jesus dude, I'm gonna fuckin' die dude.

Jesus Christ.

What time is it?

Nine fucking 30.

9:30 fuck dude we gotta go!

Yeah, we gotta get up come on come on come on come on!

What the fuck dude?

Dude this fucking place is like 45 minutes away, we gotta get to the casting office man.

What did I eat last night?

You ate a whole summer sausage.

Dude, come on get up what are you doing?

Fuck dude, I might die if we go man.

Get in the car man, let's go let's go let's go.

Meet the Jennifers.

I might fuckin' die dude.

Please just get your shit together man come on.

I mean, oh fuck dude.

We fucked up man.

We fucked up.

Oh I feel like I'm gonna fucking die dude.

You'll survive dude you'll survive.

I just texted some of the Jennifers, I let 'em know we're running a little bit late.

I texted James I haven't heard back from him, hopefully he's just meeting us there.

Cool, cool.

You excited?

I'm excited to go back to bed.

Yeah we'll get you there dude.

I just hope some of these Jennifers can act.

Yeah she's there, she's there.

Oh my god, no one's here yet.

Good, except for all the actresses, you know?

The first one texted me she's gonna be here any minute so.

That's great.

Get used to this.

All right man I think it's your call dude, we have six actresses out there and he hasn't so much as called us yet, what do you wanna do?

I don't know, I've texted him, I've called him, I have no idea where he is dude, let's what do you think?

Should we just start without him?

It's up to you dude, I mean he's the one who rushed the production forward, and you know he hasn't even shown up at our audition day, so yeah do you wanna pull the trigger on this thing I say let's do it, we can handle it.

Please, you don't have to do this, you can just let me go!

Now why would I go and do that?

Michael, you're not right, I can give you help, we can make this right.


Jennifer the only way to make this right is if I killed you right now.

No please!

Just leave me alone, you'll never get away with this.

I never said I wanted to get away Then what is it?

What do you want from me?

I want to slice you open Jennifer, I wanna slice you open and feel your insides in my hands.


Somebody help!

Okay, I'm good if you're good.

I think I'm good.

You don't wanna let her finish?

No I think, yeah you left a great vibe.

Thanks so much for coming in and we'll be in touch.

Thank you so much for coming in, we really appreciate it.

Okay thank you for having me.

Have a nice day.

You too.

Well what do you thin?

What do you think?

I don't know.

Mack, are you serious?

I don't know what you want.

You think I want that?

Come on man, no, bring in the next one.

Okay you betcha.

Please, you don't have to do this.

You can just let me go.

No, why would I go and do that?

Michael, you're not right, I can help you, I can get you help, I can make this better for you.

Better for me?

Jennifer the only way this could get better for me is if I killed you right now.


Please, just just leave me alone.

You won't get away with this.

I never said I wanted to get away with it Jennifer.

That was never part of the plan.

Then what is?

What do you want from me?

I wanna slice you open Jennifer.

I wanna slice you open, and feel your insides in my hands.


Help, somebody please, please help me, save me!

Please someone.

And scene.

Whoa, that was great!

Dude wow.

Thanks a lot Jennifer for coming in, we'll be in touch.

Okay, thank..

That was so impressive.

Thank you, yeah.

Oh my goodness, do you want to have her read again or something man?

Like let's give her some notes or something.

I'm good, I've seen..

You sure?

Yeah, I really appreciate it, and you know good luck and all that.

Oh yeah..

One and done. Yes, yes.

Thank you so much, absolutely.

Thank you, thank you, hope I didn't take too much time, thank you.

Yeah, great.

Thank you so much.


All right.

Yeah have a great day okay?

Yes, you too.

All right, bye, take care.

Well we got her, done, right?

Am I right, come on, that was great.


No I just, mm mm, no, let's see the next one.

What do you mean no?

She was spectacular.

I just, she just didn't look like no I didn't connect with it at all.

Well you should've had her read again man.

No, it's not the reading, it's I didn't connect with it.

No, we gotta bring in the next one, go ahead and get her.

Fine, okay sure.


You don't have to do this.

You can just let me go.

Now why would I go and do that?

Michael, Michael you're not right.

I can help you, I can try to make this better for you..

Better for me, Jennifer, the only way this could get better for me is if I killed you right now.

No no no please don't don't don't.

You're not gonna get away with this.

I never said I wanted to get away with it Jennifer, that was never, that wasn't the plan.

Then what is it?

What do you want from me..

I want to slice you open.

That's scene.

Come on man.

No that's scene.

Give her something. Jennifer you, you did great.

Thank you.

We'll be in touch, I really appreciate it.

Do you, I'm sorry I just thought that was really fast, do you want me to do it again like less emotionally or anything, or?

No, I'm good, you did a really really nice job.

And thank you for coming in.

Are you sure 'cause I mean I'm happy to, I..

No, that's.. Sorry, sorry, this isn't.

I just feel like..

Hey, don't, come on.

Every time I come here I really feel like I prepared, and it's like I just know that you're not gonna call me.

No, no.

It's fine it's fine.

It's fine it's fine.

No you're really good, here's your head shot.

Thank you for coming in I'm sorry that you're having such a rough day.

It's not about, fine god.

You guys are all fucking assholes.

Hey what, have a good one.

When are we gonna get a fucking actress in here?

You didn't give her anything man.

Dude, you gonna take this seriously?

She didn't give me shit dude.


I'm not connecting man, I don't know.

Dude this is not on them, she was actually really good.

No dude.


She could cry on cue, that's kind of amazing.


Let's get the next one.

I don't know what you're looking for man but all right yeah..

Yeah get her, get her.

Please, you don't have to do this to me, you can just let me go.

Dude what are you doing?

Jennifer, I really appreciate you coming out, but I think that we're all set, thank you.

Wait, I haven't even read the sides yet.

Jennifer, I'm sorry you just you don't look the role.

You saw my head shot yesterday why did you call me in if you didn't think that I look like the part?

Jennifer, I really appreciate you coming in, but it's just it's not happening so thank you.

Thank you.

I drove all the way here from Long Beach to come and read for you guys and you saw my head shot yesterday.

You won't even let me read the sides?

Jennifer, I hate to say it, it's not happening, but thank you for coming in.

That's fucking bullshit, okay?

I drove all the way here to read for the two of you and you're just teling me to go home?

I had to cover shifts to get here, I had to fucking drive, gas money, is this what you fucking do to people?

Listen I am so sorry for him.

Seriously.. Hey don't fucking apologize for me dude.

Well I'm sorry for me then.

You're a fucking asshole, you know that?

Do you even fucking know who I am?

I'm the fucking Valtrex Herpes Girl, fuck you and your fuckin' script, and you know what?

I read your god damn script, and it fucking sucks.

And this is what I have to say to your god damn camera, fuck you!

I am so so sorry.

Fuck both of you.

Go fuck yourselves. Oh my god, I apologize have a great day oh my god.

Dude what the fuck was that?

Are you kidding me..

Dude, what were you doing?

Did you see her?

Yeah, I saw her, what the hell was that?

She's not what I'm looking for, she didn't look the role for me.

Listen man I don't know what this is man, I don't know if you got a hot head

'cause your'e working with James Cullen Bressack but you do not, that is not how you treat an actress!


Mack, I just know that she's not the one, the one is out there..

Then why the fuck did you bring her in?

All right dude she's right, you saw her picture, why'd you bring her in?

She didn't look the role, there's only so many Jennifers Mack.

Whose fucking fault is that?


You just choose the smallest fraction of actresses in LA you chose this.

The fuck are you doing?

Mack, she's out there.

Yeah, well she better be in the fucking lobby

'cause we're running out of time.

We have a Jennifer now!

Just bring the next one in.

Dude, I am serious, you keep this up I am walking.

Just bring the next one in.

No no dude, listen to me right now, I don't work with people who are rude and unprofessional, I will walk off this project, I promise.

Mack, just bring the next Jennifer in please.

You know, fuck you, no.

I'm reading with the next Jennifer and you're gonna film okay?

I don't wanna hear a word and no no no, dude, this is what's going on, I am reading, you're filming, and not a word, take the camera!

Fucking god damn it.

Please, you don't have to do this.

You can let me go.

Now, why would I go and do a thing like that?

Michael this isn't you.

I can help you.

Help me?

Jennifer the only way you can help me is for me to kill you.

Please just leave me alone!

You'll never get away with this!

I never said I wanted to get away with it Jennifer.

That's never been the plan.

Then what is it then?

What do you want from me?

I want to slice you open Jennifer, I want to slice you open and feel your insides in my hands.

Somebody help me please!


Keep going.

Dude there's nothing left on the page.

Keep going.


Jennifer, hey Jennifer.

Why did you leave me Jennifer?


Why did you abandon me?

You were the only one that could've saved me Jennifer you abandoned me right?

Come on Jennifer keep going!

Why did you leave me Jennifer?

Why did you abandon me?

I loved you.

No you didn't, you left me Jennifer, you left me..

I've always loved you!

No you didn't Jennifer.

This isn't you.

No, Jennifer..

You're not a monster, you're better than this!

I'm a monster Jennifer, I'm a monster and I'm gonna kill you Jennifer.

You're not.

Oh yes I am Jennifer, yes I am because you left me don't you get that?

Thanks Jennifer we'll be in touch.




So are we done? I mean I think, that was incredible.

Great job, oh my god great job.

Thanks Jennifer we'll be in touch.

Okay thanks.

Absolutely oh my goodness.

Thank you.

Wow thank you so much for coming in, I just I appreciate it.

Thank you.

Oh a hug.

Hey, great well..

It was nice to meet you.

Wow you have such talent, oh my god.


Yeah, seriously.

Spencer thank you, so much.



Well yeah, we will reach out to you we will be in touch and thank you.

Hey thank you so much for coming in that was..

Bye, cool all right.

Cool bye.

That was amazing.

That was amazing, what'd you think dude what'd you think?

She just doesn't look like I always thought she would you know?

Who cares?

Dude she was amazing.

Dude the chemistry between you two was incredible!

Dude, I mean if that's not her I don't know who is, what do you got?

I think she's the one man.


Yes dude that is the smartest thing you've said since you got here.

Hot damn we got her.

Hey Jennifer.

This is Spencer.

I was calling to see if you'd like to be in this movie.


That's great.

Maybe we could meet up tonight.


I'm looking forward to working with you.

I'm looking forward to working with you.

All I'm saying is that I think I should be going with you.

Look Mack I need you here holding down the fort man.

I need you figuring stuff out, besides, I wanna have some one on one with her, she's my actress..

I don't see why you can't have it here man, come on!

Well sure, we can invite her here eventually but now I wanna take her out to dinner, you know really connect with her.

Yeah, and I think as one of your producers in this movie I think I should also be there too it's responsible, plus I also would like to get to know her.

Oh so that's what it's about?

That's not what it's about, I mean that professionally, give me some credit here.

All right Mack, I need you holding down the fort here, figuring stuff out you know?

All right. Trying to produce..

Well to produce I would need to talk to James, and you haven't given me his number.

Do I have to go hunt him down on Twitter or you gonna give me that?

I'll text you his number.

Yeah, that would be nice.

I'll text you his number as soon as I get in the car..

Great okay.

Then you can call him and figure out where the hell he was yesterday.

Yeah, also and when you're driving the car please don't make a scratch, okay?

I'm not gonna scratch your car.

All right, seriously man.

I'll be back in a little bit, leave the door unlocked for me.

Fine, sure.

And make sure she knows it's my car all right?


All right.

Glad you're excited that's great.

I am so excited, this gives me an excuse to watch the first movie.

Yeah totally totally you're gonna love it, we're taking this one to like a new extreme, so hopefully..


Everything's fine you know?

Well as long as I don't have to get naked or anything.

No, of course not. That would be the worst, I don't wanna be one of those girls that get naked all the time.

No of course not.


Yeah no, we're really excited to have you so I appreciate..

Oh thank you, well now that I'm cast, I'm officially cast right?

Welcome to the team.

I wanna say I know Jody Barton, you know him?

He was in the first movie.

Are you serious?

Yeah we went to high school together.

That's crazy.


Are you kidding me?

It's such a small world I know.

That's ridiculous. For sure.

Jennifer I knew there was something about you.

I knew there was something about you, I just knew you were the right one, I swear to god.

I knew it, I knew it from the get go.

Yeah, but I don't know if you're gonna wanna have him in the sequel or anything, but I can give you his contact or I can contact him, or.

Yeah you know maybe we'll reach out to him, that sounds good.

Cool, yeah that would be awesome.

But, so, are you, is this what you're shooting on, an iPhone, or?

No no, this is like all for behind the scenes you know getting to know the actors and that stuff..

Okay. Before we actually start, so.


But now that I do have you on camera here, is there anything you wanna say for the camera?


Hi, my name is Jennifer Todd, and I will be playing your new Jennifer for 2 Jennifer.


This is Mack recording from the set of 2 Jennifer.

We're gonna kill you Jennifer.

We're gonna cut you into little pieces and eat you piece by piece.

We're gonna strip your bones from you and use them as drum sticks and play drums all night long And then we're gonna piss on your grave.

How was that dude?

Be real with it dude.

Come on, tell the audience what we're doing for real.

I am being real with it.

I'm getting into character.

Oh so now you wanna be in it huh?

Now you wanna be in it.

Fuck no, I don't wanna be in it but I will read with Jennifer all the live long day

'cause dude she's fine as hell man I'm all about it.

She's very feminine dude.


What the fuck do you mean feminine?

I mean she's feminine, she has soft ladylike features that are nice you know?

You got fucking weird since high school bro, I'm serious dude, I don't know what you mean.

Is she cute?

Is that what you're trying to say?

I don't understand what you're trying to say here.

Oh I mean she's feminine dude, it's nice to call a girl feminine, like it's a compliment.

Okay, sure.

That sounds great, hey turn right, turn right, turn right right right.

All right man this is the place do you have the apartment number?

Yeah she texted me, she said it's 32 I think, second floor.

Yep, okay.


You gonna be able to see without those?

Yeah why not?

Whatever dude Jesus Christ.

So I just finished reading the script last night.

I really like it, I think it's gonna be a scary film.

Yeah it's super twisted.

Yeah we're gonna try to make a fucked up movie for sure.

So Jennifer what I'd like to do with you today is kind of go through some of the bigger scenes that are in the story, and really get a feel for 'em.

James is handling all the rest of the casting, so really we're just going to discuss your character and try to find some fun stuff with it.

Okay. If that's cool with you.

Yeah, of course.

Cool. Absolutely.

Will I be reading with you?

No we'll actually I'd like to film it if you don't mind, I'd like to make sure you look great on camera.

Mack do you mind reading with Jennifer for this?


Is that cool?

Let me have this guy.


Mack's not an actor, he'll do his best.

I will.

Yeah you guys ready to get started?


Sure, do you guys want any water or anything?

I'd love a water.


If that's cool. Cool, Spencer?

Yeah sure, that sounds fine.


So I was talking to Jody last night actually and, he's gonna come over tonight and watch the original Jennifer movie.

Oh okay.

Yeah, that's gonna be fun.


You guys are more than welcome to join.

Well, we'll have to play it by ear.

Great, actually we were hoping to get in touch with Jody to be a part of this movie.

That was what we were kind of excited about.

Cool, yeah, I'll be sure to tell him.

Great yeah.

Yeah I mean we have to check with James first, so, let's not..

We don't have to check with James I mean he's pretty much been incommunicado this whole time so I think we can make the decision ourselves.

Oh well I can text Jody and he can get a hold of James for you guys.


That's not necessary.

No, let's definitely do that, it sounds very necessary.


It's not a problem at all, I can do it right now.

No Jennifer it's not a big deal, we can get in touch with him fine, it's nothing to worry about.



When you're ready.

Michael it's been a while..


Can I come in?

I'm sorry.

Michael it's been a while.

Yes, can I come in?

Michael it's been a while.

Yes, can I come in?

I don't think that's a good idea, my parents..

Your parents don't know shit, you know that.

I have to ask, did you kill that girl?

Did you kill Jennifer?

Of course not, how could you even ask that?

I thought you loved me?

There was a time.

A long time ago.

Oh I missed you Jennifer.

I missed you so so much.

I missed you too.

So much.

Wait can we try something?

I'm just feeling..


I have an idea.

Okay just..

He's not playing the role in real life so.

I have to ask, did you kill that girl, Jennifer?

Of course not.

How could you even ask that?

I thought you loved me?

There was a time, a long time ago.

I missed you Jennifer.

I missed you so so much.

I missed you too.

I did I missed you.

I just, that didn't work for me.

Okay cool.


Okay so Jody just gave me the inside scoop that James is having a party tonight.

And he's gonna send me the address, I think we should go and I can meet you guys there.

Yeah, absolutely.

And I still have to watch the movie with Jody later, the first To Jennifer.

Yeah that sounds perfect.

Oh my god yeah.

Mack I don't think it's a good idea to go to a party dude, I mean do you really wanna meet him at a party?

Yeah, I absolutely wanna meet him, I need to talk to him like now.

It's just not..

We have to crack..

It's just fun, party crashing.

This is not a professional setting to meet somebody in bud.

I don't care.

I wanna meet him tonight.

Yeah, we're going.

Thing is Jennifer.

When you broke my heart, I knew that I have to kill you.

Please Michael.

You don't have to do this.

On the contrary.

It's the only thing I have left anymore.

Then I'll slit my throat and die beside you, it's the only way.

Don't cry Jennifer.

Tears won't save you.

I've waited years for this moment.

Watching you endlessly, witnessing your most intimate moments.

If only you had any left.

I didn't Michael.

We grew apart.

I haven't even seen you in years.

And now you show up wanting to kill me.

You lost yourself.

The man you used to be, I didn't...

I didn't leave you.

Okay Jennifer.

I didn't I swear.

I'll never forget the day you turned your back, now pay the ultimate price!

Come on Jennifer.

Telling you're amazing, you're so good oh my god!

You too, that was really good, you're not an actor?

No no.

That wasn't bad Mack, that wasn't bad.

Not a day in my life, never acted a day in my life.

Nice, I'm impressed.

Oh thank you very much friend.

What's next?

Dude that was awesome.

I think I'm gonna take some acting classes.

Yeah dude you were a little flat to be honest with you bro.

Oh fuck no I was awesome.

Oh whatever, Jennifer's really good man.

Dude, Jennifer's really hot man.

Dude, she's not that cute bro.

Oh, oh..

She's not that.

No she flame, bro she flame.

Come on man I thought you were a professional..

Oh whoa whoa hey hey, don't give me that all right?

Jennifer's the best fucking thing that could've happened to this production, okay?

A, she flame, B, she's a killer actress, and C, she knows Jody Barton who got us invited to this party tonight where James is gonna be, okay?

That's something you yourself could not procure.


Okay what do you want?

Dude who you talking to in there?


Well I got your phone right here, so how are you talking to her?

I meant I'm rehearsing a scene in my head, I'm trying to hear it out loud so I..

Oh, okay yeah, dude that's totally nothing I'm impressed, that's great, well your mom keeps blowing up your phone, I don't know.


Everything cool?

Everything okay?

Maybe you wanna call her back?

No, it's fine.

Awesome man, awesome.

She does know you're out here right?

Uh, yeah yeah, she knows.

Cool just checking, I mean, you know.

Yeah it's not a big deal, I know what it's about.

Okay cool, you're not like in a fight or anything right?

No I said it's fine, I'll call her back later.

Mack, I don't think you should see Jennifer.

Uh, what the hell you talking about?

I just don't think she's ready for you.

Um, oh, dude I can totally see what this is I understand man, I won't ask her out.

Not until the end of production, it wouldn't be professional you're right.

Mack you can do better.

What dude that's really, wait a minute.

You don't like her do ya?

I just think there's other girls out there.

Well dude, that means a lot to me, and I do promise that I won't ask her out until the end of production right?

All right, do we have a deal?

Get a deal bump right here?


Deal bump, oh I love it.

You look great by the way.

Yeah you too, look at this little towel number, woo baby.

I gotta get ready.

Oh yeah go get ready.

You know I could get used to this behind the scenes stuff man.

Got my own YouTube channel or something.

And this is Mack, signing off.

Dude, how many of those have you had?

I'm fine bro, I'm good.

No dude, you've had a bunch all right, and I don't need you shit house when we get to this party all right man?

Hey dude I can handle it.

Hey dude what's up?

Hey guys, you're keeping the party going.

Yeah, you know it man.

Mack, you look dapper.

Oh thanks dude, we're actually just on our way out.

Oh. Where you guys going?

We're gonna go party with my friend Mr. Bressack.

No way.

Yeah way, and Jennifer.

Yeah dude.

Oh fuck I, damn it, shit.

Oh dude, listen listen listen, oh oh you cut in deep.

That looks deep.

No it's fucking fine.

He might need stitches guys.

Yeah it's fine dude, no it's fucking fine.

Dude dude dude get it wrapped all right?

We gotta get a move on.

Will you turn the god damn camera off for one second Mack?

You gotta just be more careful playing around knives.

Does it hurt?

No, I don't like the sight of blood.

I don't like bats.

Small kittens.

Okay, we're good to go right?

You feel better?

Yeah yeah man I'm cool.

All right, well let's get outta here okay?

I'll pull the car around.

Yeah, I'll be there in a second dude.

You know guys I just wanted to say it's nice meeting you guys.

Well you'll be back tonight right?


Yeah, oh wow dude, James is not that far from Jennifer dude, that's awesome.


All right man, I think this it's one of these.

Yeah I think so.

I guess we'll park and we'll find it.


Hey guys, party?

Yeah, come on in. Cool.

Okay that's fine.

Hey what's up?

Hey what's going on man?

I'm Mack, this is Spencer.

You guys are here for?

James's party.

Oh you guys know James.

Yeah! Swear it.

Hey everybody, Mack and Spencer are here.


Woo woo!

Hi, hey I'm Mack.


Nice to meet you Jared, this is Spencer.

What's up Spencer, how's it going?

Hey it's nice to meet you man.

Hey a little bit of the tip yeah.

It's okay, it could be anything.

I'm sorry I'm sorry.

Hey no worries you have to savor it.

Oh yeah.

You wanna grab me some shots?

Yeah let's do some shots.

In the kitchen!

You guys want a beer or something?

I'd love a beer, would you like a beer?

Yeah, we'd love a beer.


Hey um, you're not cops right?

No, we're not cops.

Then why is he recording this?

It's his thing, he doesn't answer, you can't get him to stop I don't know what to do.

No just want it to be...

Is James here?

Suck my lime?

Oh I'm okay, thank you though.

I'll grab you guys beers.

Thanks man. That's Hamilton right?

This is very exciting.

Here chill man.

Hey thanks man.


Shit you okay?

Yeah I just had an accident.

Hey you guys how you know this one?

We're actually, I'm producing a sequel to To Jennifer, he's directing it.


We're in the family man absolutely.



All right.


Here we go.

Come on dude come on.

You guys know James right?

Yeah yeah, I've never met him but Spencer has.

Hey James, this is Spencer and Mack.

Yeah nice to meet you man.

Nice to meet you.

What the fuck happened to your hand dude?

So we're producing..

Is he all right?

Shouldn't we get this guy like a napkin or something?

We're shooting the sequel to To Jennifer for you man.

I'm producing it, he's directing it.

We're very excited about it.

Dude you look familiar, shit.

That would make sense.

You're doing what now?

We're making the sequel to To Jennifer, your movie.


Dude. James.

Dude are you guy fuckin' with me?

Jared did you put them up to this shit?

It's me Spencer, James, it's me Spencer.

Hold up a second.

What were you saying?

We're making 2 Jennifer, yeah.

James I found her.

We found her, yes we found the most amazing actress, you're gonna lover.

I found Jennifer.

Jennifer Todd, she's amazing.

Oh I can't wait for you to meet her.

Chuck, did he put you up to this shit?

Did this fool put you guys up to this?

What's he talking about?

It's me Spencer.

James, it's me Spencer.

Hey I know you fool.

Yeah you know him for sure, you've met him.

How the fuck did you find me bro?

Whoa, what?

He's that Buffalo Bill fool.

Buffalo Bill, what is he talking about?

He sent me all of those weird fuckin' photos and shit dude.

What the fuck, how'd you fucking find me?

Whoa whoa whoa, whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.

Get the fuck out of my house!

You guys, you guys gotta.

Whoa whoa!

We're good we're good.

Whoa dude, dude what the fuck are you doing?

Dude, dude, dude!

He just got blood on your face!

Yo we're good we're good we're good we're good.

Oh fuck!

Guys guys guys, we're cool, were cool.

Get the fuck out of here now!


We're sorry.

Get the fuck out!

Get the fuck out!

Don't ever come back.

Mack, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that those guys were mean to us.

Maybe we'll just go and see Jennifer, and we can finish this thing.

Maybe we could just go to Jennifer's.



Shut the fuck up Spencer!

You piece of shit!

I just got my fucking ass beat because of you!

I'm gonna lose my fucking job, all right?

You fucking lying piece of shit!

Piece of shit!


What the fuck is wrong with you?

You're fucking crazy man!

Fucking.. No, shut the fuck up Spencer!

Shut the fuck up!

We just gotta go to Jennifer's Mack.

No we're not going to fucking Jennifers.

Mack. We're not going, you're gonna get the fuck out of my car, and then you're gonna get the fuck out of my life!

Mack don't say that. Okay no, no!

Don't say that Mack.

Pull my fucking car over right now.


Pull my fucking car over, I swear to fucking god Spencer, give me my keys, get the fuck out of my life, I swear to fucking god man.


I swear to fucking god man, I don't know what the fuck is wrong with you.

I'll pull over.

I try to be a friend to you and I try to make something with you and you fucking lie to me every turn.

I'm gonna pull over.

I'm gonna pull over.

How can you do this to people?

Fucking psychotic man.


Pull over, pull over!


I'll leave.

Damn right you'll leave.

I'll leave, Mack.

I'll leave.

Fuckin' now.

I'll leave.

Just let me get my bag.

Get your bag and get out of my life.

Go, now.

I swear to fucking Christ.

I'll call you in a second when I'm away from that dude okay?


Yeah I know, gotta go.

We gotta get to Jennifer's Mack.

We gotta get to Jennifer's.

Hey man, just give me the keys and we're good.

We gotta get to Jennifer's Mack.

Just give me the keys and I'll forgive you man.

Please give me my keys.

We gotta get to Jennifer's.

Okay, I forgive you.

We gotta get to Jennifer's.

I forgive you, I forgive you.

Shh shh shh, you're gonna be fine, you're gonna be fine.

Shh shh, shh shh shh.

You're gonna be fine, you're gonna be fine.

You're gonna be fine, you're gonna be fine you're gonne be fine.

You're gonne be fine.

Hey, hey!

Hey you, hey hey hey hey.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.

Hey mister, hey mister mister mister, hold on mister, hold on mister, my car broke down, my battery died, hey hold up, hold up hold up hold up mister.

Come on man I've been working late, I gotta get home all right?

Excuse me, my battery died, I'm stranded out here I'm not even from around here I don't even know where I am.

Can you just jump me and then I can go I'm so sorry.

It'll just take a minute I'm really sorry dude.

All right all right all right.

Thank you.

You know what, you know what hold on.

Thank you.

I got some jumper cables, they might just run.

Thank you.

Then get the hell outta here okay?

I appreciate it.

Oh shit.

I really appreciate it.

Okay that's all right.

Is your friend okay?

I don't want any trouble.

I don't want any fuckin', oh!

Hey James.

Hey James.

What the fuck?

Hey James.

I'm making the movie James.

What the fucks wrong with you?

I'm making the movie James.

Get the fuck outta here dog.


Ah, fuck!

Oh god!

Get the fuck out.

I told you I was making the movie James.

Oh my god, Spencer.

Thank you.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm.. What happened?

What is he doing here?

Dude what the fuck you were at the party tonight?

James texted us about this, said he got all fucked up.

Dude, get the camera out, why are you filming me?

It's for the movie, I'm making a movie.

What are you..

Just relax okay?

Just sit back and relax okay, I'm gonna get some help.

This is Spencer, the director I've been working with, he went to James's party and this guy might've I don't know.

Dude are you okay?

Did you get hurt, did you get stabbed or what?

I'm making a movie.

There's fucking blood everywhere.

Why is Martin in the movie?

Just relax okay?

I'm gonna get help.

Martin doesn't even meet Jennifer in..

Dude my name is Jody.

Martin you don't even..


You don't even meet Jennifer in the movie.

Jennifer how well do you know this guy?

Why is he in the movie Jennifer?

I don't..

Listen, my name is Jody, okay?

Martin, it's Martin why are you in the movie?

Spencer just..

Get the fucking camera out of my face!

You don't even survive this movie Martin.


Dude what the fuck?

He's got a knife, he's got a knife!



Help him, hold up there.

I'm gonna get help!

I'm gonna get help.

Jennifer, here.

Stay away!


Get away from me!

Jennifer, this isn't how it's supposed to go okay?

You're a fucking psychopath!

Shh, this isn't how it's supposed to go Jennifer, you're fucking up my movie.

Go away!

You're fucking up my..

You fucking killed Jody get out of my apartment!

You need to give me that back.

Jennifer you..

Go away!

Just give me the..

Go away from me!

Go away!

I'm Jennifer.

I'm Jennifer!

I'm Jennifer.

I'm Jennifer, I'm Jennifer.

Hey Jennifer.

Hey Jennifer.

Pretty pretty Jennifer.

Aren't I prettier than you?

You're not pretty enough Jennifer.

You're not pretty enough.

You're not as pretty as me.

Hey Jennifer.

Are you ready to finish the movie?

Are you ready to finish the movie?

Fuck you!


Mack, Mack.

Shit, Mack, no no no.

Shit, Jennifer, it's okay, hey hey you're okay, you're okay.

You're okay.


Mack, Mack!


Whoa, Spencer!

What the hell are you doing man?

I'm Jennifer.

I'm Jennifer.

Spencer, Spencer stop, stop whatever you're doing you have to let us go.

Now why would I go and do that Mack?

Spencer you're not right, you're not right, I can help you we can make this better for you okay?

Only way this could get better for me is if I killed her right now Mack.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa, you're not gonna get away with this.

That was never part of the plan Mack.

What's your plan, what do you want?

That was never part of the plan I wanna slice her open Mack.

I wanna slice her open and feel her insides in my god damn hands!

That's not gonna happen!


I'm Jennifer.


I'm Jennifer.

I'm Jennifer!


I'm Jennifer.

I'm Jennifer.

I'm Jennifer.


2 Jennifer.

♪ You shook me like an earthquake

♪ Like a tidal wave

♪ Shouldn't leave that way

♪ But you never knew the frame

♪ Oh the only thing that I wanna do

♪ The only thing that I wanna do

♪ The only thing that I wanna do

♪ Is be without you

♪ Jennifer

♪ 2 Jennifer

♪ 2 Jennifer 2

♪ You have the help to slave

♪ I'm never gonna be afraid

♪ Should I be afraid

♪ Would you even end the spree

♪ Well the only thing I'm gonna do

♪ The only thing that I'm gonna do

♪ The only thing that I'm gonna do

♪ Make sure to kill you

♪ 2 Jennifer

♪ 2 Jennifer

♪ 2 Jennifer 2

2 Jennifer.