22 July (2018) Script

Nice to see you.

Come on!

-Hey, Monica! -Viljar!

Thank you.


-Viljar Hanssen? -Alex?


-Hey. -Hey!

-We saved a spot for you. -Perfect.

-Good to see you, man. -Good to see you.

The crew is gathered.

Long time.

-Hey, how are you doing? -All right.

You actually brought a sleeping bag this time?

Yeah, my parents packed.

Hey, this is painful to look at.

So, on Saturday you'll be going to the AUF summer camp at Utøya.

Here's the schedule, and attached is also a draft of your speech.

I started with your connection to the island, how it inspired your activism, and then you kind of push on to the issues.

Good. I think it needs to be a bit more personal, more about my memories from the island.

And then I want to address the challenge of youth unemployment.

-I think that's very important. -Yeah, that's good.

Make sure we build in proper time to really meet with the kids.


Two hours, maybe?

And the committee papers are in the briefcase.

You should read those before Monday.

Got it. Well, I think we're all set. Thank you.

-Get some rest. -You too.

You too, sir.

-Thank you. -Night.

And tomorrow morning you have the national security briefing at 10:00, for an hour.

-I'll do it in the residency. -OK.

And bring the Justice Minister in earlier.

-Yes, of course. -Have a good night.

-Good luck with the speech, sir. -Thank you.

Good night, sir.

See you back here after lunch.


Good morning. Welcome.

-Nice to see you! Hi! -Hey, you.

Just come on in.

There's seats for everyone.

-This OK? -Yeah, fine.

OK. Welcome, everyone.

So, welcome to the first seminar for today.

We are going to do an exercise, which I'll call "If I Were Prime Minister."

One of the good things about Utøya is that you can meet friends and you can play music, and maybe stay up a bit late.


But it's also an opportunity to think about your future.

You grow up so fast, then one day it will be you that will be the leader of your community.

Viljar, can you start?

Yeah, sure.


How are you?

So, let's see.


So, in Svalbard, where I come from, everyone is welcome, regardless of nationality.

We've got Norwegians, Russians, Chinese, Croatians, all living and working together.

And we worked really hard to integrate everyone.

But in Svalbard, it's, like, 2,000 people.

How do you translate that to the rest of Europe?

It's the principle, and that's what's important.

And if I was Prime Minister, that's what I'd stand for.

...groundwater reserves are drying up. Sustained drought is becoming the norm...

We got a white van parked out back. Is it one of ours?

OK. I'll just check the license plate and try to find the driver.

Central, will you check a serial number for me, please?

Get him out of here! Come on! Move!

Prime Minister secure.

We need help.

We have breaking news coming out of Oslo right now.

A large explosion has gone off in the center of the city, I think, the government district, near the Prime Minister's office.

We have no further...

It isn't safe. Everybody out!

Call the cabinet.

I want the police director, head of defense, and the PST.

Inform the King:

The Prime Minister is safe. The government is functioning.

There is a lot of debris and smoke, but...

I can clearly see a car that was flipped onto its roof, and I'm assuming it's a result of the blast itself.

As you probably heard, there's been an explosion in the government district in Oslo.

Yeah. We don't have much information yet.

Many of you have parents who work there, OK?

So you should probably call them, if you haven't done that already.

In the meantime, we'll suspend activities until we get some more information.

But for now, you go and call your parents, OK?

Any more questions?

The Prime Minister? Do you know if he's OK?

-Hey, Mom? -Hi, Viljar.

Are you OK?

Yeah, I'm fine. Your dad's with me. We're at the hotel, we're fine.

They say it was an explosion.

Dad says there's been some kind of explosion.

-Was it a bomb? -Yeah, we don't know.

Are you both OK?

Yeah, we're fine. Torje's a bit scared, but...

I'll take care of him. Yeah, I promise.

We'll call you when we know what's happened, OK?


She's fine. She said they were nowhere near.

Come. Let's go. I need to change.

Velna, are you OK? What's happened?

Have you talked to Eric and the others?

OK, cancel all the campaign meetings.

Call me when you... when you hear anything, OK?

So, here's what we know so far.

At around 3:30, a massive explosion was reported in the center of the government district.

Witnesses have described extensive destruction hitting a number of buildings.

There are many confirmed injured and unfortunately also...

You can see shattered windows up to 300 yards in each...

Like many countries in Europe, the Security Services have already been operating on high alert.

Counterterrorism police in Oslo have made a number of arrests in recent months.

-Hi. -Hi.

I'm Martin Nilsen, from Oslo PD.

-You heard about the bomb in the city? -Yes.

I've been sent to secure the island.

-Where's the ferry? -Oh, the ferry got canceled.

-Get it over here. I need it now. -OK.

-Monica? -Go ahead.

There's a policeman over here that will need the ferry immediately.

-Yeah, I will be there. OK. -Thank you.

-It will be here soon. -OK, good.

-Be there in a minute. -It's on its way.

-Hi. -Hi.

I'm Monica. I'm in charge here.

Hi. Martin Nilsen, Oslo Police Department.

Nice to meet you.

-You heard about the explosion in Oslo? -Yeah.

-It's terrible. Is it bad? -Yeah.

The whole Prime Minister's office, everything.

-I need you to take me to the island. -Yeah.

Get everyone together, and I'll give a debrief about the bomb.

-Everyone? -Yeah, everyone. It's important.

What's in the cases?


Well, you have to cover them up. They will scare the children.


Just go ahead.

-What's going on? -Don't worry. Police have arrived.

So, it's fine.


-Yeah? -Do you have my sweater?

Any news on the bomb?

-Here you go. -It hit the Prime Minister's office.

Yeah. And the Department of Justice.

Was it Al-Qaeda?

It doesn't say.



This is Trond Berntsen, our head of security.

-Hi. -Martin Nilsen, Oslo PD.

They only sent one officer? Why didn't anybody call?

Everyone is needed in Oslo, it's chaos.

So, they sent me to secure the island.

-What precinct are you from? -PST, Police Security Service.

So you must know Jørn. He works down at PST, doesn't he?

Jørn? Yeah, sure. He's one of my superiors.

-Is everyone gathered for the debrief? -Yes. We're calling them in now.

We need to get on with this.

Actually, can I see your ID?

Yeah, sure.

We're ready to gather in the cabin.

What was that?

Maybe you should go and check it out.

-Use your radio. -I will.

It's probably nothing.

Run! Get away!

Run! Run!

Over here! Come on!

Run, run, Torje! Run!

This way!

Run, Torje!

-Torje, move! -Viljar!

Simon! Simon, come!

It's OK. Police.

Stay away from the windows.

Get down on the floor, and I'll come inside. OK?

Get down!

This way!

You will die today.

Marxists, liberals, members of the elite.

-Move! -Quick! Down here!

Down, hide here.

-Down. Stay down. -Get down.

Viljar! Viljar, come on, over here!

-Over here. -The cliffs!

Hang on. Simon, Simon! This way.

-Come on, go! -Run!

Come on! We can make it.

Come. Get down there.

-Come on! -Get down. Come.

Get down.


-Was it a bomb? -We don't know. Please move back.

Can you please tell me which buildings have been hit?

We don't know. We just need you to move back, please.

-Come on, we're clearing the area. -Is anyone being evacuated?

-Mom. -Viljar?

-They're shooting at us. -Viljar?

Keep moving.


I lost Viljar. He said someone was shooting at them.

-At them? Where? -And he hung up.

But he said-- What what did he say exactly?

He said, "Mom, someone's shooting at us."

It went really quickly. It was just like that.

-"Shooting at us"? -Yes.

It's going to voice mail.

Multiple reports of gunfire on Utøya Island.

Copy that. This is O-5. We are responding. What's the RV? Over.

-Repeat, please. -What's the RV?

RV for Utøya Island, over.

Stand by.

Come on, come on!

Sir, we may have another attack.

Report of gunfire on Utøya.

-What? -No, I haven't.

-The summer camp? -Just getting details now.

-What more do we know? -We have hundreds of kids there.

Any details.

Where are you?

Come out, you Marxists.

He's coming for us. He's-- He's coming.

Torje, look at me. It's going to be OK.

I promise you.

It'll be all right.

-Get that started now! -Get the engine started!

Pull that engine!

Come on!

Delta Two, you take the north side. We take the west side.

-Got it? Move! -Got it.

Go, go, go.

-I need an update on Delta. -No, no.

You just get them in there. I mean--

This is taking too long, right?

Because there is no helicopter.

No, there is no helicopter at all.

We just need them to be on standby...

Are they on the island yet? Where the hell are they?

-...a summer camp on the island... -Viljar, when you get this, call us.

...getting confirmed reports that there is another attack...

-Nothing? -...ongoing.

This now looks like a coordinated gun and bomb attack

-on Oslo City Center and Utøya Island. -Oh, no.

I'm afraid we have no further details yet, but it looks very much like this is by no means...


It's all right.

He's coming. Get down. Down.

Help me! Please!

Help! Somebody help!

Play dead. Play dead.

I can hear him.

Where is he?

We have to jump! Jump!

Viljar! Viljar!



-Go. -No, no!

-Viljar. -Go.


You have to come with me!


-Go! -No!





Move, move!


Move, move.

-Go, go. -Get down.

Get down! Get down!

Get down. Down, down. Stay hidden!

It's a roadblock.

-Please, you can't go down there. -No! You don't understand.

-We can hear the shoot-- -The police are--

I need to get down there. Our children are on the island!

I understand, but it's too dangerous.

Move farther back, please.

Arms out to the side! Come forward!

Come forward! Stop!

Down on your knees!

On your stomach! Go, go!

Arms up! Cuff him!

Look away. Look away from him.

Down over there!

On three. One, two, and three.

We have a young male with multiple gunshot wounds.

No known history. Unconscious on arrival.

Blood pressure's dropping. Sixty-thirty.

We have to transfuse him.

O-minus. Six units.

There is an injury to his left shoulder. It's a penetrating injury.

We've got cardiac arrest. We're losing him.

Starting chest compressions.

-We're losing him. -Put the patch on.

-Patch is on. -150.

-Charge, 150. -150, repeat. Charging.

OK, clear!

-Still V-fib. -Come on!

-Thorax stable. -We're getting a pulse.

-I got a pulse. -OK, good.

Got pulse on the radial. Let's continue.

There's a gunshot wound here to his lower extremity on the right side.

Could be arterial bleeding.

And there's another here to his right arm.

-We're losing him again. -V-fib! Starting compressions again.

-Go for 200. -200, charging.

OK, clear.

Got sinus resp and a pulse.

Got pulse on the radial.

There is an entry wound here to his right orbital.

Exit wound here on the posterior.

Blood pressure is stable.

Eighty over forty.

-Do we have the bleeding under control? -Yes.

-Hydrolin is in. -OK, we have to go for surgery.

All right, you can stand up.

Open your mouth.

I'm the duty detective, formally here in the First Police District.

-Who are you? -My name is Anders Behring Breivik.

This is a military operation, a coup d'état.

The bomb has removed the government, and here I have liquidated a political camp.

Did anyone help you?

I was selected for this mission.

Now my brothers are waiting for my signal to begin the third attack.

You're telling me there's another attack planned.

-Oh, yes. -Where?

I can't go into details, but I'm authorized to negotiate.

-What do you want? -A complete ban on immigration.

An end to enforced multiculturalism.

And if the Prime Minister is still alive, you should tell him if he fails to agree, the attacks will continue.

Sir, Hønefoss Police want to know what to do.

-Keep him talking and bring him to Oslo. -Understood.

-Name? -Anders Behring Breivik.

-Arrested? -Utøya.


Yeah, there's a particular lawyer that I would like to represent me.

His name is Geir Lippestad.

-Thanks so much, Anna, for staying. -Of course.

Do you need anything?

No, thanks. Just keep the kids away from the television.

-Don't worry about that, OK? -Thank you so much. Thank you.

Hi, this is Lippestad.

For me?


I never heard of him.

I understand.

What is it?

The person they arrested.

He asked for me.


He was right behind us.

-Torje? -Torje!

It's OK.

It's OK, Torje.

It's OK.

You're safe now.

Where's Viljar?

-You know where he is? -We were on the cliffs, but... but he was shooting. We had to jump.

Did Viljar jump?

Was he shot?

I'll go and check.

Oh, my God.

Can you check for Viljar Hanssen?

Viljar Hanssen.

Can you check, please?

Viljar Hanssen.

He's not here.

He's not here.

-What do you mean he's not here? -He's not on any list.

I'm calling the hospital now.

Yes. Hello, I'm...

I'm looking for my son, Viljar Hanssen. He was on Utøya.

Do you have any admissions by that name?

OK. Thank you.


He was on Utøya.

Yes, do you have any admissions by that name?

OK. Thank you.

Yes, hello. I'm looking for Viljar Han--

Bone piece.

-Hi. -Sir.

Please remove the restraints.

Yes. Then just give us the room, please.

Anders Behring Breivik. Nice to meet you.

-Geir Lippestad. -Thank you for coming.

So, how do you know who... who I am?

I've seen your work before.

Nine years ago.

The Benjamin Hermansen neo-Nazi case.

We met during the trial.

-Did we? -Yeah.

I knew I would need a lawyer one day.

Tell me, Mr. Breivik, what you've done today.

I have started a war to take back control of Norway, of the West.

And defending me will be the greatest thing you'll ever do.

Although it's my duty to take this case, I don't agree with what you've done today, Mr. Breivik.

They're innocent... children.

They were traitors.

Children of the elite.

The leaders of tomorrow.

My own children have been to Utøya.

I'm an active member of the Labour Party.

Does that make me a traitor, too?

You are my lawyer. You're an exception.

I'm so sorry.

Anders and Simon are dead.



He has a bad scar on his neck. A fire burn.

OK. Thank you.

He's in the hospital.

Let's go.

Don't be afraid. I'm not operative.

-Hello? -Police. Open the door.


I'm Mina Anderson. I'm a detective at the Homicide and Serious Crimes Unit.

Do you understand that you've been arrested in connection with the explosion in Oslo and the shootings on Utøya Island?

Yeah, of course.

Did anyone help you with it?

I'm just one cog in a network, the Knights Templar, named in honor of the Knights of the Crusade.

We want Islam out of Europe.

Can you give me any names?


Of course not.

-Clear. -Go! Get this out of here!

We have found your computer at your mother's apartment.

-Can you tell me what's on it? -My manifesto.

I sent it out so people will understand what I've done.

It's all there, 1,500 pages.

We need to know if there are more attacks planned.

Yeah, this is a war. Attacks can come at any moment.

-But you need to agree to my demands. -This is not a negotiation.

I don't believe you're in a position to dictate terms.

Is another attack coming?

Can we take a break?

I've been trying to get medical attention ever since I was arrested. I... cut it on a piece of someone's skull when it shattered, and... this might be infected if I don't get treatment.


Can we pause the interview whilst my client is seen by a medic?

He could be bluffing, sir. We just don't know.

Tell him I'm listening to him.

Tell him personally for me.

I'm listening to him.

Thank you.

I'll tell him.

The Prime Minister has seen your demands.

He can't accept your terms.

But he wanted me to give you a message.


He said that?

It was a personal message from the Prime Minister.

He said he wants you to know that he's listening to you.

Is he in there?

Watching us?

We need to know if there are any more attacks planned.

Tell him I'm prepared to call off the attacks, for the moment.

How do we know that we can trust you?

Because you're all listening to me now.

OK. More of these, please.

Have a seat right here, please. The doctor will be with you shortly.

-OK. -OK.

-Just sit and wait here? -Yes.

He'll be here soon.

-Hi. -Hi.

I'm Dr. Tomas. I'm the trauma neurosurgeon.

Hi, Christin.

I don't know how much you know, but...

-Very little. -Yeah.

Viljar has sustained severe injuries.

Gunshot wounds to both of his arms and to his lower extremity on the right side.

But what concerns us mostly is that one of the bullets exploded in his head.


So, I needed to do emergency surgery on him.

And it was a bit complex.

There are several bullet fragments close to his brain stem.

What does this mean?

That means if he survives, we will have to perform another surgery, but... but his condition is critical.

-Can we see him? -Oh, yeah. Please.

-You want to see him? -Yes.

So, please. 

Sir? The press are waiting outside.

One moment.

We've got the final number.

Eight dead in Oslo.

Sixty-nine on Utøya.


At least 200.

Thank you.

We are all shocked.

This was an attack on our government and on our children.

We are a long way from understanding why.

But what is clear is that our nation has been attacked by someone who would see it changed.

He would see our democracy become tyranny.

See our humanity fall.

We must not give in to this terror.

We must fight.

But we must not become changed.

Instead, we must strengthen our values and fight this terror with the rule of law... not the barrel of the gun.

Thank you.

-Welcome. -Thank you.

I had a very happy upbringing. I grew up in West Oslo.

My parents divorced amicably when I was very young.

Sit down.

I maintain a close relationship with my mother.

My half-sister and I are not very close, but we speak occasionally.

-What about your father? -I haven't seen him since I was 16.

We spoke a couple of years ago, but there was really no time to meet.

I was too focused on my career, my Internet businesses, and he was living in France.

How would you describe your relationship with your mother?

My mother had nothing to do with this. She's not relevant.

It's all about understanding what... led you to do this.

How many children do you have, Mr. Lippestad?


And you love them?

Yes, of course.

I wanted to hit them where it would hurt the most.

So, he buys 900 kilos of fertilizer and aluminium nitrate, and there were no red flags?

Our focus has been on Islamist terror.

-We know the far right is growing fast. -We can't stop every threat.

We did the best we could, sir.

We all know that this is not good enough.

I want to upgrade our national security.

Intelligence, defense, policing.

And I'm ordering a public inquiry.

An inquiry into what happened and how we responded.

Something went badly wrong, and we need to find out what.

It's the only way we will get through this.

Christin asked me to call. She's suspending the campaign.

We're going to be staying here in Oslo with Viljar.

And Torje is here with us, so he...

I called the school, yeah.

Yeah. They're operating on him again now.


Nice to see you. I just came from the operating room.

And... I'm sorry... that I don't bring better news than this, but I tried to get the bullet fragments out, and I managed to take some of them out... but not all.

I had to leave... some of them that were close to his brain stem.

It would have been too dangerous, unfortunately.

So, it's-- If he wakes up now...

and he's not the same as he was...

To evaluate his brain injury, we have to wait and see if he wakes up.

It's up to him now, but we are trying to do everything to save Viljar's life.

Thank you.

This is...

This is so wrong. This is-- This is wrong.

It was a very dysfunctional family.

Breivik's parents split acrimoniously when he was very young.

She wrote to social services and asked for help.

They had serious doubts about the mother's capacity to parent.

And his father?

After the marriage collapsed, his father cut him off.

-And what about his half-sister? -She emigrated to California.

-He was about sixteen, I think. -Sixteen, seventeen?

-Yeah, something like that. -OK.

So, it was just him and his mother after that.

Well, he was obviously very isolated all the way into adulthood.

Not exactly the picture he painted.

No, no, it's not.

So... what are we talking about here?

Developing insanity...

as a defense?

I think so.

How else do we explain it?


So, I've been appointed by your son to lead his defense.

Now, I know that he doesn't have a relationship with his father, so I wanted to ask you some questions.

What was Anders like as a child?

He was-- He was a normal boy.

Was kind and clever.

He loved affection.

Since his father left us, I was a single parent.

Any mental health issues?


Was he ever violent?


Now, did you ever have any dealings with social services?

After his father left, I thought I needed their help, but I didn't. He was fine.

Did you have any sense recently that Anders was... having problems?


I... told the police that I saw he had guns in his bedroom.

But he told me he needed them for hunting, and... I believed him.

Will you consider testifying in Anders' defense?

What would I say?

Just that there were problems in his childhood.

It would help him.

But then... everyone will know who I am.

Anders is entitled to a defense.

Just like everyone else.

I can't do it.

Thank you for your time.


He's kind of right, though, isn't he?

The way the country's going.

It's not like it used to be.

These are difficult times.

His situation is still quite critical.

He's still asleep, but we are fighting an infection.

-I will be around. -Yeah, thank you so much.

...and each survivor I've met is going through the most grueling personal recovery.

But they do not go through this alone.

When he attacked them, he attacked us all.

Here then, we'll hear shortly about the Prime Minister's...


You fucking Nazi lover. I know where you live.

I'm going to make sure you and your family rot in hell.

The Prime Minister today announced an official inquiry into the attacks of the 22nd of July.

This will be led by one of Oslo's leading lawyers, Mrs. Alexandra Gerig.

-I've just met with the Prime Minister. -Hi.

He's asked me to conduct a searching

-and independent inquiry... -Let me help you.

...into what happened on the 22nd of July...

-You OK? -Yes.

Our work will begin immediately. Thank you.

This inquiry is of vital importance.

Whatever went wrong, we must confront it.

If we fail to do so, the terrorist will surely win.

Who was that on the phone?

It was from the office.

It's the third one tonight.


I'm Lara.

-Hi, Lara. -Hi.

I was also on the island. So, I'm just here visiting survivors.

How is Viljar?

He needs to wake up.


Are you OK?

My sister didn't make it, so...

I'm so sorry.

What was her name?


She'd be so happy you're alive.

This is Lara. She was on the island.

She wanted to know how Viljar was doing.

-Hi. -Oh, hi.

-Hi. Are you OK? -Hi.

-Yeah, I'm fine. -Do you know Viljar well?

I think everyone loves Viljar.

I just played against him in a football tournament, so--

-Oh, yeah? -Yeah.

Yeah, he fouled you.


But I'll leave you, so...

-Maybe I can come back when he wakes up? -Yes, please. Very kind of you.


Take care.

My recommendation is that... you plead insanity.

The Court will have you assessed by a forensic psychiatrist.

They'll give a diagnosis, and the Court will then decide whether to accept it.

If they do, you'll go to hospital for treatment.

-Not jail? -Not jail.

People will be very angry.

-It's the law. -Will I be able to address the Court?

I will petition them, and you will have the same rights as any other defendant.



Is he choking?

He's choking.

-Can't you help him? -He's gagging.

Can you call someone?

Can you come to room five? Quickly.


Hi. What's going on?

-He's gagging. -He's reacting to the tube.

OK, that's good news.

I think we should extubate him.

Saturation is good.

Viljar, I'm going to take this tube out of your throat.

There's going to be a slight discomfort.

-Are you ready? -We are here, Viljar.

-We are here with you. -OK, on three.

One, two, three.

OK, the tube's out.

Viljar, do you hear me?

Very good, Viljar.

Can you raise your left arm?


Yes, he can.

Very good, Viljar.

Can you move the fingers of your right arm?


Where are you from?

S-- Sval-- Svalbard.

What happened?

It was a terrorist attack.

You were shot.

But it's over. You're safe now.

Is Torje OK?

-I'm here. -Torje's fine.

He's absolutely fine, Viljar.

There was so much shooting.



By just one man.

Some kind of right wing extremist.

How many did he kill?


Simon and Anders are dead, Viljar. I'm so sorry.

Simon! Simon!


-You OK? -Yes.


It is clear that this is going to be a long recovery.

Two or three years.

Of course there's brain damage and these bullet fragments that are close to you brain stem, these fragments, they could shift.

And... that could be fatal.

So... we are going to have to take it one day at a time.

Do you have any questions for me, Viljar?

Is there anything you are wondering about? Your rehabilitation or...

-No. -You sure you don't want to ask anything?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

OK, Viljar?

Can you give me a minute?


Of course.

Is it necessary to restrain my client?

For the moment, yes.

So, I imagine every psychiatrist in the world envies you right now.

Why do you say that?

Because I'm the monster, and you get to look inside my head.

You think you're a monster?


But I think you do.

You can read our minds?

Within 70% of accuracy.

Do you know or do you think you know?

I know.

And there's a difference.

-You think people can read your mind? -Sometimes.

I think they try.

Did you feel like that before the attacks or... is it a new feeling?

It's not new, but it got worse when I was planning the attacks.


Yeah, much worse.

It's OK.

Just take a deep breath now.

-I'm so sorry. -Can you give him something for the pain?

-Yes, we can-- -No! No!

No more morphine.

We're done now. OK?



What are you doing here?

I live around here.

Yeah, we're checking on survivors.

-Can I come in? -Yeah, sure.

How are you feeling?

I'm... OK.

And you?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I was in the shower block when it started, so I managed to run and hide.

But I got separated from my sister Bano.

I'm sorry about Simon and Anders, too.

It's shit.

How's the food here? Is it OK?

It's pretty shit, too.

Actually, it's really shit.

If you want, I can bring you something.

-Food or anything. -No. No, I'm fine.

I don't have much appetite.

Do you want anything else? Cigarettes or...

I don't know.

-That would have been nice. -OK.

Except I don't smoke.

Does it hurt?

No, it's just...

I just have to be careful.


Yeah, it's going to take time.

That's what everyone keeps saying.


That's what they say to me, too.

I'll... leave you in peace, but if you want, I can come back and check in on you again.


That would be nice.


-Take care. -You, too.

-Bye. -Bye.

So, it's only the diagnosis.

It will be up to the Court whether to accept it.

And what's their decision?

Paranoid schizophrenia.

In the meantime, the judge has modified the terms of your detention.

You're allowed to read newspapers.

And here, you got some mail.

Geir, I told you they'd be angry.

Fan mail.

I will be allowed to speak at the trial.

This hasn't been decided yet.

Now, that's very important. There are witnesses I need to cross-examine.

Anders, you can't call the Prime Minister.

And Norway isn't on trial.

You are.

Are you sure about that?

Come up. Come on, come on.

Very good, come up.

Come up. Yes.

Yeah, very good.

Come on. And the right leg.


Very good. Come on, come on.

Come on.

Yes, very good.

One more. Come on, come on.

Come on. Yes.

And breathe.

-I can't do this. -Very good, Viljar, come on.

No. No, it's not.

I'm not enjoying this campaign.

People are angry.

Well, shouldn't you be there?

I'm not leaving you.

So, how will that work on election night?

I'll Skype.


Seriously? What kind of mayor does that?

A mother mayor.

Maybe you could Skype with me, if you feel up to it.

Only if you win.

I'll try.

Take it.

-I'll call them later. It's OK. -Seriously, take it.

It's important.

It's a fucking election.


Hi, how are you?


That's nice.

...seventy-seven people, on the 22nd of July, is criminally insane.

They believe Mr. Breivik, who was responsible for the attack...

...suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, and has done so for several years.

If the Court upholds these findings in the trial, it could result in Breivik being sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment, avoiding any jail time.

The defendant is described by...


He can't get to you.

He's never going to get to you.

Although the Labour Party is expected to make small gains across the country, polls suggest that eventually power will shift to a coalition of parties.

Ms. Solberg has been accused of wasting what some are calling a once-in-a-lifetime boom in the national economy. Across Europe...

...groups like the Progress Party entering government for the first time, an anti-immigration movement that used to count Anders Breivik himself amongst its members.


Yeah, everyone is there. That's good.

-Yeah, and you can see me? -Yes, I can see you.


I just want to say that I'm really honored to become mayor of Svalbard.

And I just want to thank you for being so understanding.

As you know, this has been a difficult time for us, but hopefully we will be home soon.

So, yeah. And Viljar wants to say something.

-Hey, Viljar! -Hi, everybody.

I just wanted to say that I'm really proud of my mom.

And hopefully they... they'll let me out of this place soon, and we'll all get home for Christmas.

-Stay strong, mate. -Get home soon, Viljar!

OK. Maybe we all should say goodbye.

We'll see you soon, Christin! Goodbye!


-See you soon. -Bye.

-Bye-bye. -Congratulations!

They're saying he's insane.

Do you think he's insane?

I don't know.


I saw him.

He knew what he was doing. Definitely.

What are you going to do when you get out of here?

I-- I can't see the future.

I just can't see it. It's like I'm... out in this no-man's-land.

Do you know what I mean?


But we survived, right?

What does that even mean?

I really don't know.

How do the families feel about Breivik's insanity plea?

I can say on behalf of my client that they strongly oppose Mr. Breivik's psychiatric diagnosis.

And as the coordinating lawyer for the families and survivors of the 22nd of July attacks, I will be petitioning the Court today to order further assessments.

We demand that Mr. Breivik faces justice and is held accountable. Thank you.

Good afternoon.

After careful consideration, the Court has decided to allow further psychiatric assessment of Mr. Breivik.

Your Honor, the families welcome this decision and they thank you.

We will, of course, be calling our own psychiatric experts.

Thank you.

Your Honor, the Court has already had Mr. Breivik psychiatrically examined.

Allowing further assessments has no precedent in law.

-Thank you. -Mr. Lippestad... the Court is trying to do what's best for Norway.

Of course, Your Honor. Thank you.

Thank you all.

Do you want me to take your jacket?

Let me put the bags here.

OK. Thanks.

Thank you so much for coming in.

This is very difficult.

Some of the parents are unhappy.

They-- There have been complaints, because you are defending such a dangerous man.


They think the school might be a target.

Oh, for God's sake.

I know it's very unlikely, but we have to think about what's best for everyone.

So... what exactly are you saying?

We wonder if you... perhaps should find another school.

I'm sorry.

It's OK.

Hey, hey.

-How are you? -Hi, girl, how are you?

Hi, Anders.

I want to change my plea.

-What? -I'm not insane.

I was playing a role.

-What role? -I was playing the monster in a nightmare, but I'm not a monster. I'm a soldier in a war, doing my duty.

A leader. And a leader doesn't give away his power.

I've allowed the families to take control.

But this is my trial. I decide how it ends.

I have to prove that these attacks meant something.

You'll go to prison for the rest of your life.

I have to finish what I've started, and standing up in that court... that's the third attack.

That's the whole point.

That's how I win.

He wants to change his defense.

He wants to plead guilty.

Has he given any reason? I mean, why?

He wants to stay in control.

And he knows the consequences.

He wants to stand up and be accountable for his actions.

The psychiatric assessment was clear.

The prosecution are legally obliged to stick with it.

How do we get around that?

OK, so we have to start again.

Infer that he knew what he was doing every step of the way.

That only someone rational could have planned and executed something this complex.

And then we have to look into the far right and find witnesses who share his beliefs, so we can show that he's not alone in his views.

And that's the only way we can do this.

-Hi. -Hi.

It's good to be back.


-How are you? -Welcome.

-Thank you so much. -Glad to see you.

Glad to see you, too.

-How's Viljar? -Oh, he's fine.

And this...

Just relax.

OK. How does it feel?

-I don't know. -Does it hurt?

-Does it look normal? -Yeah.

-Would you like to have a look? -Yeah.



What do you think?

I don't know.

Viljar, how are you?

My head hurts all the time.

My shoulder...

I have a lot of... phantom pains.

OK, phantom pains are normal when you have a serious brain injury.

The bullet fragments are sitting deeply in your brain, close to the brain stem.

If they move just the slightest bit, -it is-- -I know what the fucking dangers are.

I understand that you're frustrated.

But you have to be careful.

Mom! Dad!

He's on the snowmobile!

-What? -Viljar! He's on the snowmobile.

He's there.

What is he doing?

What the fuck is he doing?

Oh, my God.

-Viljar! -Viljar.


Go away!

I'm fine.

-I'm fine. -Viljar.

I can't-- I can't live like this.

Pretending everything is going to get better.

It's not.

It's all still here in my head.

And I can't-- I can't get rid of it.

-What the fuck am I supposed to do? -Come on.

Tell me!

I don't know.

I just wish it had been me, not you.


Let's go home, OK?

My client, Anders Breivik, writes about you in his manifesto.

He obviously admires you.

Many people admire me.

It's not because of me.

It's because of the ideas I have about what's going on in the world.

Did you ever meet him?


But I have to be careful who I work with, what I do.

And he's not from around here, you know.

He's from your side of Oslo.

But, yes, we share the same vision of the world.

He says a war is coming.

I'd say the war already started.

Are you a member of the Knights Templar?

There's so many organizations.

We are very strong all across Scandinavia, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, of course.

Very strong in the UK, new groups forming all the time.

How about America?

Storm front.

Growing fast.

Very fast. Joining up with Europe.

You know, Lippestad, there's a lot of fear and anger out there.

And that's why tomorrow is going to belong to us.

Will you testify in my client's defense?

We got an e-mail from the lawyers.

There's a briefing on the mainland, they want us to go.

So we know what to expect from the trial.

You should go.


We both need to engage in this. It's important.

Engaging nearly cost our sons their lives.

They're still here.

Are they?

I don't care about Anders fucking Breivik and his trial.

I just want us to get on with our lives. That's it. That's all.



I haven't heard from you.

I was just wondering if you're OK.

Call me if you want to talk.


-Hey. -You want to... watch a movie or something?

Maybe later. I'm just doing some music.


talk to me.

I'm fine.

No, you're not.

You know you can talk to me.

You're the one who got hurt.

Not me.

You were there, too.


I'm sorry Mom and Dad have been looking after me so much.

I know it has been... tough for you.

But we're home now.


So, the Court has decided that Breivik can speak in his own defense.


I understand.

How can it be right that he's allowed to speak? How?

The Court has to preserve his rights. And he does have rights.

He doesn't have any rights.

You're talking about the man who killed my son! I would hang him from a tree!


He shouldn't be allowed to turn this trial into propaganda.

I agree and I'm going to be there to make sure that doesn't happen.

We are closing the trial with victims' testimonies.

That's why it's important that those who survived speak about their experience to stand up against his defense.

I think it would be a very, very strong statement.

He gets to speak. My daughter's too scared to leave her bedroom.

What about my daughter's voice?

They would be the voices of those who cannot speak, because they were there.

And we need to hear their stories.

They've sent Viljar a letter.

They want him to testify at the trial.

He doesn't have to do it.

We can just get the doctor to excuse him.

Maybe he needs to do it.

What does that mean?

Maybe he needs to face it.

-How do we know it won't set him back? -We don't.

It's a hell of a risk.

It's his choice.



I've been worried about you.

I'm fine.

I just received a letter.

They want me to appear.

At the trial.

Yeah. Me, too.

Do you think you can face him?


Are you still there?

Yeah, I'm here.

Do you think you can do it?


I can't even walk down the fucking street.

Your Honor, on the 22nd of July, 2011, Anders Behring Breivik carried out a dual terror attack, taking the lives of 77 innocent people.

Hundreds more were injured and left forever scarred by his actions.

Mr. Breivik initially entered a plea of insanity.

Now he wishes to be held accountable for his actions, but Norwegian law is clear.

If there is any doubt as to Mr. Breivik's state of mind on the 22nd of July, we, the prosecution, have no choice but to request the Court to find him guilty, but sentence him to mandatory psychiatric treatment in a secure facility.

We will not seek to deny the crimes committed on July 22nd.

However, we will argue that Mr. Breivik was not psychotic during these attacks.

Instead, we say he knew exactly what he was doing.

These were political acts.

Mr. Breivik.

Today I speak on behalf of Europeans who have been deprived of their ethnic, indigenous, cultural, and territorial rights.

The prosecution tell you I'm insane.

They do this because they fear me.

Because I have committed the most sophisticated, the most spectacular political assassination in Europe since World War II.

And why?

Because Norway, Europe... these are not real democracies.

Is it democratic for a nation not to be consulted about whether it becomes multicultural?

To force them to become a minority in their own capital?

Many will realize this in the coming decades and pick up arms, just as I did.

The defendant has said enough, Your Honor.

You must hurry up, Mr. Breivik.

I must be allowed to finish my statement.

This is very upsetting for the families.

Your Honor, the defendant must be allowed to finish his statement. Thank you.

You may continue, Mr. Breivik.

When peaceful revolution is made impossible, then violent revolution is the only option.

I demand to be acquitted because I acted in defense of my country.

I got eight weeks.

I want to walk unassisted.

No stick, no shaking, no breathlessness.

You're still very weak.

Just tell me what I need to do.

Thank you for coming today, Prime Minister.

I want to begin to explore to what extent government was aware of the threat posed by Anders Behring Breivik prior to his attacks on the 22nd of July.

That was obviously a question that concerned me greatly.

The Security Services told me they had no warnings, that he operated completely out of sight.

Prime Minister, our investigation suggests something different.

We have discovered that Mr. Breivik's purchase of chemicals that he used in the construction of the bomb came to the attention of the Customs Services in January, 2011.

But this was not acted on.

That was not what I was told, Madam Chair.

Can we turn to the issues of physical security around government quarters?

You can turn to tab three.

It appears from the papers there were proposals discussed inside government to improve physical security around the Prime Minister's office.

Were you aware of these discussions?

The Knights Templar are a network of patriots who think the way I do and are willing to pick up arms just as I did, in order to defend their way of life.

Mr. Breivik, you told the police that this organization was set up in 2002.

-Is this true? -Yes, after September 11th.

Did you attend this first meeting?

I did.

What happened?

I was given my mission.

This mission.

Mr. Breivik, the police have tracked your movements in 2002 and found no evidence that you attended such a meeting.

Can you explain this?

It was a covert meeting.

But now it is no longer a secret, so... can you prove this meeting actually took place?

No comment.

Can you tell me the names of those who attended the meetings?

No comment.

The man responsible for Norway's suffering and the deaths of 77 people showed no sign of regret as he was brought into the courtroom.

He was ready...

...here, it's odd to see someone so calm, even relaxed, in such circumstances.

He's fascinating to watch and...

...completely relaxed, excited even. It's like this room is his stage.

It was built especially for his trial. So I guess in some way, that's true.

He can't help but smile at the camera.

He's in control here while all...

-No! No, one more. -One more.

-One more. -One more.

Then I carefully began to assemble the components of the bomb.

I did it very slowly, of course, so that the authorities wouldn't see me.

Turning to the attacks.

Did you feel empathy for the victims?

Shall I make this easier for you all?

I will forgo any appeal, any retrial, I will spare the families all of this, if the Court finds me sane.


-Are you OK? -Yes.

-I think your parents are here. -OK.

See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

I'm not ready.

That's OK.

-You don't need to do it. -No, it's not.

-I need to do it. -Then don't push yourself so hard.

Just say a few words, that's all.

-And say what? -What happened.

The truth.

That I cry in my sleep?

That I can't talk to strangers?

That I'm frightened of dying?

I'd rather not go than let him hear that.

Then what is it you want?

I want to smash him into a bloody pulp.

I want to smash his fucking face in.

For what he did to everyone.

For what he did to Simon... and Anders... and Torje.

And you.

I want to make him... see what he's done.

I just want to beat him.

Then maybe this is your chance.

Have you ever met the defendant?

-I met him online. -Online?

Yes, online, in a chat forum attached to mythic military games like World of Warcraft, Call of Duty.

It's a place to train.

-It's a place to share ideas. -Recruit?

Of course.

How did the defendant strike you?

He liked to lead missions.


Was he rational?


Was he a leader?

He certainly wanted to be.

Was Mr. Breivik your leader?

No, he was not.

You wouldn't follow Mr. Breivik?

I think others are better qualified than him.

Oh, so, better than Breivik?


Would they be capable of doing what Anders Behring Breivik did?

The Alt Right, the Far Right, you can call us whatever you want, we're deadly serious about seizing power, about changing society completely.

And a single man's violent acts won't help us to reach that goal.

He's a coward. He's a fucking coward.

I mean, to betray me like that? You never betray a brother. Never.

There are millions of people out there who support me.

And this is the best you can do?

He was the only one.

I'm a Commander in the Knights Templar Europe.

What about my mother?

She could say I was normal.

She won't do it, either.


You know there's not once when I could rely on her?

-Not even once. -Anders... there isn't one single person who will agree to defend your actions.

I don't need anyone.

We were refugees.

We were running from war.

It took a very long time for Norway to feel like home.

And some people were really suspicious of us.

They were angry that we were even here.

But my sister Bano, she really helped me.

She told me that Norway...

Norway's great.

It could mean security for us.

And freedom.

And hope.

And that's exactly what I felt around the campfire at Utøya... the night before.

But the next day, when we were attacked and...

and when my sister died...

I just lost all that.

I just... had to live in a world of pain and fear... and so much anger.

And I would just-- Sorry.

I've just been feeling so guilty.

I just keep on wondering... how did I live when she died?


And how do I face my parents?

And what do I say to my brother?

Then I just...

I just couldn't understand why anyone would want to kill us.

I don't understand what's so frightening about me.

Thank you.

Thank you, Lara.

You OK?

Yeah, I'm fine.


I'm sorry I got lost... the last few months. I just...

It's OK.

So did I.

How close is he?

I couldn't see from the TV.

He's really close.

You don't have to look at him if you don't want to.

Do you know what you're going to say?

I'm trying to think of things...

but I get confused.

I just don't want to be weak.

That's all.

Not in front of him.

You can be weak and still strong.

You know that, right?

You're going to be great.


I should get back.

-See you tomorrow? -See you tomorrow.

Wait. I just need a minute.

You OK?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Thank you.

Please, sit down, Viljar.

Can you tell us what happened to you on Utøya, Viljar?


He tried to...

Simon! Simon!

He tried to kill me.


I remember...

seeing him...

and running away.

Trying to find somewhere to hide...

and protecting my little brother.

I remember being shot...

five times.

When I was...

lying on the beach, I was... all alone.

In a kind of pain I couldn't imagine.

But now you are here.

But everything's different.

I've had to relearn how to use my body.

Learn how to walk again.

How to feed myself again.

I have little use of my left arm.

And I'm...

I'm blind in one eye.

But that's...

That's a relief.

A relief? How do you mean?

A relief in a way that at least now I don't have to look at him.

But of course it's not that simple. I...

I have a fragment of his bullet... lodged in my brain that could kill me at any time.

And I don't look like the person I used to anymore. I'm...

My body, it's...

it's broken.

And the worst is that he...

he killed...

Anders and Simon... my best friends.

Stopping them from making their... their mark on the world, and... and they would have made it a better place. And I...

I miss them every day.

I'm sorry, I...

I didn't...

I didn't want to cry.

I so much didn't want to cry in front of him. I...

I wanted to stay strong.

Because I do this for them.

So they will not be forgotten.

When you shot them and...

left me alone on the beach...

I didn't know if I was living or dying.

And I've been stuck there ever since.

But now...

I realize...

that I got a choice.

Because I still have family... and friends...

and memories.



And love.

And he doesn't.

He's... completely alone.

And he's going to rot there in prison, whereas I...

I survived.

And I choose to live.

I'm done.

Thank you, Viljar.

Let's go home.

The report provides a comprehensive account of events leading up to the 22nd of July attacks.

It concludes that Breivik could have been detected earlier and that Oslo police should have responded more quickly to his attack on Utøya Island.

The inquiry also found that failures of leadership and communication, police lack of resources, and access to helicopters potentially...



Good to see you.

Thank you for meeting me.

First of all, I want to say... I'm sorry.

We should have done better.

I should have done better.

We all think that... the responsibility lies with the terrorist.

Only him.

Not you.

And Norway still needs you... to help us get through this.

The verdict is unanimous.

And the conclusion is as follows.

The Court finds Anders Behring Breivik guilty of all charges and we judge him accountable for his actions.

Anders Behring Breivik is therefore sentenced to indefinite solitary confinement, for as long as he remains a threat to society.

So, now the trial is complete.

Please sign here.

Just some formalities.

Thank you.

Do you think you'll visit me?

I don't think so, Anders.

So, we're done.

Yes. My job is finished.


I'd do it all again if I could.

You didn't win, Anders.

You failed.

There will be others to finish what I've started.

And we will beat you.

My children and their children.

They will beat you.

You can't even see us.

Goodbye, Anders.

-Thank you. Bye. -Bye-bye.