3 Monkeys (2020) Script

In this world, No one knows who, when, where and why we meet people, except God.

That meeting can be a boon to someone and a curse to some others.

Because, the path that we think we chose is the play of the destiny.




It's me who won... It's me who won...

-La... lala... laalaa... -Hey Chinna!

How many times should I tell you not to get drenched in the rain?

-You do this all the time. -Mother...

-Leave it. -You'll catch a cold now.

-Nothing would happen to me. -You'll get fever.

-Ow! Lakshmi... -Oh!

There is nothing to worry. It is a minor wound.

But ensure that the head doesn't get in contact with water.

I'm prescribing some medicines. Get them immediately.

-You can go, son. -Okay, sir.

-Next. Tell me. -Sit here.

[thunders rumbling]

[thunders rumbling]

Hmm... Leukemia. Advanced stage.

-Please take care of her. -Sure, sir.

Look, the patient doesn't have much time to survive.

Cancer is in the third stage.

Even the treatment would cost high.

How much would it cost, sir?

It would cost five lakh rupees approximately.

Moreover, we don't have such advanced technology.

We got to shift the patient to a bigger hospital.

So, you better decide quickly and tell us.

[sobbing] Mother...

Nothing would happen to your mother, son.

Take care of your mother.

Everyone consoled, but no one helped.

He understood on that day... that it's only the money that has value in this world, than words.

Chinna, listen to me carefully.

What is it, Lakshmi?

I won't be there from now.

You have to battle your life alone.

-Your Lakshmi won't be with you. -Lakshmi, what are you talking?

Nothing would happen to you.

You will always stay by my side.

Yes. I will be with you.

I'll be beside you.

I will forever live in the help that you do.

Will you promise me something?

What is it, Lakshmi?

When you get an opportunity to help, just do it without any second thought.

Because, the aid that is done when sought is called charity.

But the aid that is done without anyone seeking you for it, is called help.

Today, your mother would pass away.

It is not because there is no treatment for her disease.

But due to non-availability of the medicine called 'help'.

"The words of the mother is a book of morals"

"The world has forgotten the word help"

"By listening to and being with mother"

"help others and go ahead in life"

"This is how life is. We have our own journey"

-"No one would come with you till the end" -Lakshmi... Lakshmi...

"It is you who would be with yourself till the end"

"The words of mother..."

Brother... Brother... My mother passed away.

Go away.

Brother... Brother... My mother has passed away.

I don't have money.

Madam... Madam... My mother has passed away.

I don't have money to arrange for her cremation.

I don't have money. Go away.

[sobs] Mother...

"The world never accompanies you"

What happened, brother?

My mother passed away. I don't have money for her cremation.

Who are you?

I'm Chinna, son of my mother Lakshmi.

My mother told me that the aid that is done when sought is called charity.

But the aid that is done without anyone seeking you for it, is called help.

My mother has passed away. due to non-availability of the medicine called help.

When should I repay you if I get the money?

You need not repay me. Just help those people who are in need of it like you.

My mother Lakshmi would live in that help.

Johnny Johhny, Yes, papa. Eating sugar... PRESENT DAY IN HYDERABAD OUTSKIRTS No papa.

Telling lies? No papa.

Open your mouth! Ha... Ha... Ouch!

Johnny Johnny. Yes, papa.

Eating drugs? No, papa.

Where are the drugs? Tell, papa.

I don't know anything, sir. I'm just the supplier, sir.

I really don't know who the dealer is, sir.

-Please believe me, sir. -Hey!

My gun and ears should hear only answers.

-I swear on my mother... -[gun cocks] No mercy.

I'm telling the truth, sir.

-Please sir. Don't kill me, sir. -Five, four, three

-Sir, I'm just a peddler. -Two... [gunshot]

[gunfire sound in the mobile] Damn!

-Hey, seems like he would come. -Ah?

How dare he address me informally despite being the landlord!

I'll take you to task. I'm coming inside.

Yes, seems like he would come inside!

Let that idiot come! I'll stab him with the knife.

Ouch! Hey, what did I do?

-No, dude. -Why?

Ah! Phew!

There might be chances of survival when stabbed with a knife.

But if we shoot him with a gun... Bam! Bam! He would be dead for sure.

Bam! Hey! Hey!

Not even one person have pity on me?

Why do all those things?

Seems like he is the only good person!

He is just one person.

If we throw the grenade from the bag, he will explode into pieces.

Explode into pieces? Oh no! Oh no!

Let me take you to task!

I will catch you red handed on the camera.

Hey, go from that side.

Go from that side. There is just one bomb left. We shouldn't miss.

-He should explode. Look, he's coming... -What are you planning to kill me?

Overlap of voices: Come on, shoot him! He is here! Smash him! Shoot him!

-I plead you, please spare me. -Overlap of voices: Come on, shoot him!

It doesn't matter if you don't pay rent.

Yeah... Yeah... Sir...

-What are you doing? -Uncle, the thing is that...

-Pub-G -You've scared the hell out of me!

We are playing Pub-G game, uncle.

Is it that famous killing game?

-Err... Yes, uncle. -We've even won chicken dinner just now.

Then, go and have chicken dinner. Okay?

I've made previous tenants to vacate the house and got you here for doing mischievous things like you.

-In unison: That's not the case. -It's just a week that you've come here.


Alright. I'm going out of town. Look after the house properly till I return.

If you get friends, blah-blah... [snaps] I will take each one of you to task.

Eh... We won't get girls and booze...

-We won't. -What?

I'm sorry.

Hey, take care of the house. Behave yourselves till I return.

What do you think my name is... Devudu... Sahadevudu.

In unison: Winner winner chicken dinner... Yeah!

"Spiderman, Superman, Ironman"

"and so are we..."

"The three monkeys came"

"to meet you"

"They are the dupes of Mr Bean"

"They are hilarious than Chaplin"

"They are raspier than Pikachu"

"They are lazier and crazier monkeys than you"

"Three monkeys"

"Three monkeys"




"You wake up early in the morning and make a mess"

"You keep running as if you are racing against the time"

"Unable to understand life, you get confused"

"You work like a robot and forgot smiling"

"Life lies in laughter"

"Let's make everyone laugh and go ahead"

"What's the delay?"

"Come to this movie today"

"Three monkeys"

"Three monkeys"




Congratulations, sir. You've got a year old car for seven lakh rupees only.

-Thank you. -Congratulations!


[dialer tone rings] Bharat

-Hey, Phani. -Tell me.

I'll send you a location on your phone. Come there.

What's the matter?

-Surprise! -Okay.

-Bye. -Bye.

[train honks]

Tsk! Where is he?

He asked us to come here immediately but he didn't come yet.

He might have encountered some bug in his work.

He won't come unless he resolves it.

Well... a software job is really a tough one, right?

No proper food, no proper sleep. There would be nothing.

It has soft in its spelling but life is very tough in it.

You are right dude. They earn more but have a miserable life.

They keep repeatedly telling childhood things. Hell with them!

They would 'you are on bench', 'your worksheet is less'.

Who is he?

Whose car is this?

-Hey! -Hey!


-Hey... -He is our guy!

-What's this? -Oh my!

What's with this getup? What's with this car?

I bought a new dress to match the car.

It is our new used-car.

-New used-car? -Huh!

It was a new car to its owner six months ago. But now it is an old car for us.

Hey, don't say it as new used-car.

It is shining vibrantly like moonlight in the dark.

-He tied ribbon very well. -It's like shooting-car.

-Wow! Beautiful! -Superb!

-Yes, dude! -Wonderful!

That's why I bought this car with all my savings.

Well, your dream of buying a car is fulfilled.

Look Santosh, buying a car is not my dream.

I should make my mother sit in the front seat of the car and drive her the through entire city like a queen.

When I see happiness in her eyes at that time, Then, I'll be fully satisfied about buying the car.

Hey, take a selfie and send it to your mother immediately.

It is a good idea, dude.


-Come here. -Okay.

-Go ahead, dude. -Come in the frame, guys!

Hey, your mother would feel happy if you send her your photo.

Hey, my mother would just feel happy if I just click my pic with it.

But she will feel content if it is three of us.

Come, guys.

-Come on, take a groofie. (group-selfie) -Yeah. Yo!

Cheese. [camera clicks]

-Where is the party, dude? -Party?

Where and what do you want?

-Hmm... Shall we go to a pub? -Sure.

Hey, who will allow singles like us, inside?

Hey, who would stop us when we're having this new used-car?

Watch now, my amassing marketing!

-It is 'amazing', not amassing. Come on. -Let's go.

It is a new used-car. Sit properly.

Wow! Hey... What a gorgeous chick she is!

She is amazing in all the angles.

We have a car. Do you think she would come with us?

-Why are you so late? -Sorry, baby.

-How much time should I wait? -I'm late due to heavy traffic.

Sorry. Let's go.

She is already taken... by him.

Alright. It's getting late, let's go inside.

[hums] Ahem...

Where are you going?

To there.

What about the girl?

-We have a car. -Get into that car and leave.

Bad joke.


-Brother, adjust for this time. -Hmm...

Please... But still, a girl is needed.

-Phew! -Is it tough?

Bro, are you aware of surveys?

-Only 93 women are there for 100 men. -Hmm...

We are the other three guys out the remaining seven.

Our batch!

Please adjust and let us in.

Come, I've talked to him.

-Okay. -Hey, stop.

-Whoa! Whoa! -Okay Do something.

-What is it? -Three of you, just get one girl.

I will let you go inside.

-I know a girl. -Who is it that I don't know?

Who is she?

Come with me, I'll show you.

-We'll be back in 5 minutes with a girl. -Wait, papa.

-New sunglasses. -Keep waiting.

Brother, keep the shutter open.

[car unlocks]

Hey... Hey... [tyres screech]

That's the girl.

The flower seller?

Hey, look at her from my angle.

Will she come with us?


Give me two minutes. I'll convince and bring her.

Go... Go... Go...

Where to?

Ah! Haha... Look there.

It is wonderful, isn't it?

Hey Raji She?

What are you doing here?

They said they'd pay me 3000 rupees if I'd accompany them to the pub, cousin.

Go home. I'll take you to task. Bugger off from here.

I think it is a family problem. I'm going.

I told you to stop, didn't I?

I've paid no?




They have hit him on his eye!

Damn! Are you any friends?

Will you laugh when a friend gets hit?

Aren't you ashamed?

Is it? Who gave this stupid idea?

-Ah? -This guy!

You've blabbered 'look at her from my angle'!

That he was hit hard on his eye.

Hey, why do you sound it as if I did it for myself?

I did that so that everyone could go to the pub, right?

Anyhow, I think we don't have any way to enter a pub.

Hey! Don't be sad!

Anyhow, wherever we are, we make it a pub.

Yeah! Booze exists both there and here!

Do you want music?

Yes. What about the girl then?


Do you want a girl?

Girl? Yes.

How can you get a girl at this time?

Do you want a girl?

In unison: Yes, we do.

Dirty picture!

Five minutes.

Just wait. Don't make haste!

-Don't open the beers. I will get the girl -Why is he saying that he'd get a girl?

-Even I'm not getting him. -Wait.

"Why do you want to go to a pub, dude? We have our terrace!"

"Why do you want a girl, dude? It is a waste of money"

"Why do you want to go to a pub, dude? We have our terrace!"

"Why do you want a girl, dude? It is a waste of money"

"Shall we booze and rock the party?"

"Shall we dance and celebrate the wedding procession?"

"Shall we rock the party by boozing?"

"Shall we dance and celebrate the wedding procession?"

"Come on, bro. Drink up, me hearties, yo ho"

"Why do you want to go to a pub, dude? We have our terrace!"

"Why do you want a girl, dude? It is a waste of money"

"You are right"

"Why do you want to go to a pub, dude? We have our terrace!"

"Why do you want a girl, dude?"

"Why do you want a girl, dude?"

"Hey... Hey... Why do you want to go to a pub, dude?"

"Hey... Hey... Why do you want a girl, dude?"

"Pub... Girl..."

" Girl... Pub..."

"Pub... Girl... Girl... Pub... Pub... Girl... Girl... Pub... They're just waste"

Look Komali, a flower isn't fragrant once it blooms.

You didn't get it, right?

-I'll explain it in our language. -Okay.

The project won't get completed once you finish writing the code.

There would be testing, bugs, production and many more.

Hmm... To put it in simple words, Software is as easy as sitting at the C(sea), sipping Java(drink), saying OOPS.

The software was a new thing during its advent. But it became old, right?

Even, you are the same.


If you have any doubts in Java, C, C++ and C-, Okay... Come to my home.

-Eh? -I mean...

The software company is like our home, right?

-So, come to home. -[lady clears throat]


As the alphabets aren't in the order on a keyboard, I'm clarifying her doubts.

-Oh! Go! -She is new, right?

There aren't in order. We ought to put them.

-Be careful with him. -Yes, ma'am.

I'm still here.

Well the seat isn't comfortable.

-Huh! -I'm adjusting it.

-Come to my cabin. -Huh?


May I come in, madam?

Oh God! Why is she pointing finger? Don't know what she would say.

What are you doing?

-I didn't see anything, madam. -What?

The client deliverables have been late.

You said you'd finish it by yesterday. What happened?

I've resolved three bugs last night.

Another bug showed up in the morning, madam.

I'll finish it by tonight by all means, madam.

I'm fed up.

I don't know what you are doing.

You are saying this everytime.

If this repeats again, your position might go down or even lose your job.


[unclear talk]

What? What the hell? What are you doing?

-What are you doing? -Sorry, madam.

Get out of my cabin.

-Sorry, madam. -I said get out.

How did I lose my control?


Come to my cabin.


I said come to my cabin.

How dare you touch me!

Do you have any idea about what you did?

I don't have any idea about it, madam. I don't know how I lost my control.

People in the office get scared even to look at me.

And you...

You know what, I can fire you right now.

Madam, it was due to pressure, tension, bugs, codes, and messy lock, madam.

What is messy lock?

Err... It is a kind of lock, madam... that blocks our mind.

Frankly speaking, I like you a lot, madam.

You look very gorgeous from the front side.

And when I saw your back...

You mean... Is it love?

Admiration, madam.

A guy touched me for the first time.

-Who is he, madam? -It is you.

-You know what, I like that. -Madam...

Shall we go on a date on Sunday?

-Madam... -Stop, this is office.

Just behave yourself.


-Dot! -Bye, madam... Bye...

Bye, madam...

-Hmm... -Sir...

[clears throat] In the opening scene, there would be heavy rain.

Very heavy rain, sir.

Mother is be waiting in the kitchen.

She is thinking very deeply for her son.

Someone called, "Lakshmi..."

There is a knocking on the door and the mother runs to attend the door.

She would open the door, sir.

When she opens it, it is her son.

Six years old son... He called her 'Lakshmi'.

The mother looks at her son and asks him, "Did you get drenched even today?"

"You'd catch a cold. How many times should I tell you?"

And she takes him inside holding his hand.

Then, she wipes his hair with a white towel.

The son tries avoiding her saying, "No, mother... Wait..."

The mother says, "Hey, stay quiet. You'd catch a cold"

"and you'd have trouble going to school."

She wipes but he would push her.

The towel falls on her hand and the white towel turned red.

We cut it there...

[music mutes voice]

That is the story, and that's the climax sir.

Fantastic! Marvellous! Fanatabulous!

-Actually, I'm waiting for this story! -Thank you, sir.


Get the cheque.

-[coughs] Sir, can I have water? -Sure.


Though my last film flopped, I would be reinstated in the industry with this story I would be reinstated.

-This is your first cheque. -Sir...

-Congratulations! Six lakhs. -Thank you very much, sir.

-Well, there is a small problem. -What is it, sir?

My last movie incurred huge losses.


So, I want to go with an experienced director this time.

So, sell your script to me.

Sir. I came here trusting my story, but not to sell it.

Sorry, sir.


-Phani. -Sir.

The industry is very small.

You'll have to anyway end up here after roaming around.

Think over.

Even on that day, I won't sell my belief.

Thank you, sir.

-What is my golden girl doing? -Waiting for you to come.

What would she do if I come?

She has learned a game called 'fire in the blanket.'

-She wants to play that game with you. -'Fire in the blanket?'

-Yuck! What kind of game is that? -It is not a bad game.

There is another game called 'raid in the dark'.

If you come, we shall play all the games in one day.

Regardless of who wins the game, both would be rewarded.

Hello, my boss would win it, not you or me.

You know that my boss is a devil, right?

Forget game, I can't even step outside my office.

I don't know all that. You are coming, that's all.

Oh man! Try to understand.

How can I come? I told you that my boss would come, right?

-Err... Oh... Cigarette. -Come to my cabin.

-What happened? -Ah!

Our boss has arrived. I'll call you later. Bye.

May I come in, sir.

Sir, can I take my seat?

-No. -Oh!

I went to meet the client.

-Didn't my colleagues inform you, sir? -Which client?

A big company named Okasta, sir.

The MD of that company was in a meeting with me. Were you with his manager?

-[phone rings] Ah! One minute, sir. -Hmph!

-Hello -Hello sir. I'm Tulasi.

I'm calling from Bank of Balanagar to discuss about personal loan.

Ma'am, I'm in a very important meeting. Call me in the evening.

-Okay, sir. Thank you. I'll call you later -Okay.

Sorry, sir. [phone rings]

Hi darling, what are you doing?

Nothing, deleting the scrap.

-Is it? -Am I scrap?

-Will you come early at least today? -Not possible today.

Uh-oh! Alright, I feel like eating chicken curry today.

-Sir.. May I go? -Can you send...

...two kgs of chicken meat with someone?

I'll send a guy. Be careful with him.

He is the one who gets chicken when asked for chicken meat.

He will be there in an hour. Is it okay for you?

-Okay, baby. Miss you, bye. -Okay, bye.

Well, take this money and take two kilograms of chicken meat to my home.

Sir... Me? Chicken? There is a lot of work in the office.

I have to win the best employee award. I have to work.

Is it? You won't do the work assigned for you, but you'd project a lot!

First, go to my home and deliver the chicken meat.

Otherwise, I'll mark two days of leave for you as you didn't attend the office on the day before and for yesterday's late-login.

I will leave, sir.

[door bell rings]

"Come... Come to me..."

-Chicken. -"My beauty is yours"

"Come... Come to me..."

"My beauty is yours"

"Lay your hands... The girl is yours"

"Touch me... This body is yours"

"Oh... Touch me... Touch me... Touch me..."

"Oh... Kiss me... Kiss me... Kiss me..."

"Touch me... Touch me... Touch me... Oh... Kiss me... Kiss me... Kiss me..."

"Come... Come to me..."

"My beauty is yours"

Are you ready?

What happened, dude?

Don't you have common sense? Uhuh.

Do you understand what you are doing?

Oh! Is it?

Know how to behave with women.

Uhuh! Useless fellow.

Ah! Oh! You are serious?

Fine, I'm sorry.

Hey, it is a rare opportunity.

Please tell him not to be stubborn and get me out of this danger by telling him something.

How much time?

Ah! Look she is shouting.

Ah! Almost convinced. It's coming. Sorry... Sorry, I'm coming.

Hey... Hey... You do something. Start it.

Ah! You won't let it?


"Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!"

"Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!"

"Isn't there any matter? Are you incapable?"

"Can't you let your grief inside you out?"

"Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!"

"Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!"

"The way to escape can't be found"

"In front, there is a well and in the back, there is a ditch"

"Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!"

"Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!"

"Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!"

[phone rings]

-Hello -Sir, I'm Tulasi speaking.

-Who is it? -Sir, I'm Tulasi from Bank of Balanagar.

Ms Tulasi, you've called at the right time.

-One minute please. -Okay, sir.

-Oh my God! What? -What happened, sir?

How did it happen that way?

Nothing would happen to the kid. I'm there for him.


Yeah, that is what I'm telling. Even my blood group is the same.

-Blood? -I would donate even if it is one litre.

-One litre blood? -Sorry. You don't worry.

-Aunt, don't cry. I'm on the way. -Why would I cry, sir?

Hey... Hey... Give way.

-[imitates horn sound] -Are you driving, sir?

-Are you hearing the horn? -Horn?

I'm driving, Aunt. I'll call you later. Bye.

-Sir... Sir... -What happened, darling?

You are asking what happened?

See, the doctors are struggling so hard to save my granny's heart.

Already, there was a lot of blood loss. And I have to go.

Fine. Go!

Oh! Is it so much?

Yeah... This is correct.

-[knocking on door] May I come in, sir? -Oh no!

Who the hell came?

-Come, be seated. -Ah!

-I said 'be seated'. -Oh!

-Seems like he got worried. -You asked me to take the seat!

-What's your problem? -What?

Do you think we'd lose our language and accent?

-Oh! -Tell me your problem.

Sir, my problem is that...

What is this?

-It was almost over, sir... -Yes.

-But it got finished in the meantime. -What is finished?

-How should I explain it? -Explain it in whatever ways you want.

-You know Alibaba and 40 thieves, right? -Yes, I do.

-The forty thieves entered the cave -Okay...

But Alibaba couldn't.

Why couldn't Alibaba enter the cave and why are you saying that to me?

Just explain me your problem detailedly in an understandable way.

-Sir... -Yes...

Sings: Gunna Mamidi Komma Meeda song. Do you know this song?

I saw that song during my father's time. That's a kid's movie, right?

I know that song. So what?

But one line from that song is my problem.

What is that line?

"The cuckoo already cooed out of hasty"

-"and danced" -Whoa! It didn't go till the dance, sir.

It just cooed already.

-Oh! You were already finished! -May I come in, sir.

This fellow is fast.

Yeah... Come in.

-Coffee. -Give him too.

-Sir, please. -Hey...

We're friends, right? I'm her Alibaba.

First, take the coffee.

-Sorry. -Bloody ogling!

-Sorry, sir. -Give him coffee.

-Place the biscuits there. -Thank you.


What are you staring here and there? Just leave.

Oh man! He seems like a magnet.

Have coffee. Look here...

Sir, my problem...

Take a biscuit first.

-Sir, my problem... -Just take the biscuit I say.

We'll the know the problem.


Dip it and eat.

Stir it well.

What happened?

Did it fall? That's your problem.


-It fell, sir. -It falls before you eat it completely.

-I didn't understand, sir. -You won't understand... You won't.

You won't understand until I tell you in your language.

-This is you. -Me?

-This is your world. -Mine?

You'll enter into this world and totally roam with your difficulties, problems, tensions, pressures etc.

You'll keep on roaming and... Ah! And at last...

Your position will become like this.


What is this problem called, sir?

This is called PME disorder.

-PME disorder? -Yes.

What does it mean?

Premature ejaculation syndrome.

-Err... That's it. -Ah?

-That's it. -That's it.

-That's it. -Sir...

Why am I the only one who is affected?

People like you think that you are the only ones who would be hardworking and contributing to the world.

You'd skip sleep citing you don't need it.

You'd work hard day and night without sleeping, Educated people like you, software guys and marketing guys, do nothing but work all day.

You people get this kind of disorders and sit on my head.

-Isn't there any medicine for this? -What medicine?

I'm Dr Bali. No medicines, no treatments.

Only ball. That's it.

What shall I do?

Don't act. You know about it.


Whoa... Whoa... Don't squeeze so hard.

If you find it, will you go on a squeezing spree?

This is the problem with guys like you.

If you find it, will you go on a squeezing spree?

Squeeze it smoothly.


Oh yeah!

-Sir, if I do this, will my problem... -Yes, it will be healed.

You have to keep on squeezing like that.

It is nice, sir.

Today morning, I'm in a super romantic mood.

So, I'm writing a super romantic scene.

Exactly, at that time...


Damn you! With a maid?

You! I and him are much better.

You seem to be a cheapskate.

Hey, if something had gone wrong today, or if I couldn't have controlled myself, both of us would have settled down washing dishes.

I would have lost my honour.

As the producer made a phone call at the right time, I have laid my hands on the phone instead of her.

So you didn't get to touch her?

Nothing at all.

Anyway, what do you know about my pain?

You'll have girls in marketing and you'll have them in the software company.

Who do I have?

The only girl I have...

She is the only girl who shares my solitude.


He is right, dude.

A guy with raging hormones finds a maid like a heroine.

This is fine but...

I feel that we can't do anything even after marriage if we are like this.

Yes, it is true.

HR told me that she'd meet me in three days.

I doubt that even I might end up like you.

A guitar string might break after being worn by usage, but imagine having no guitar!

Oh no! If this persists, I'm scared that I might end up with that maid someday.

Hey, I've got an idea.

Three of us have almost have the same kind of fear.

-So... -So...


A girl... Sorry... Sorry...

Let's get a woman.

So, it is like a short film before a movie.

Yes. Just like net practice before the actual match.

Like having first night before the wedding.

I didn't get the actual situational dialogue in my mind.

Damn you!

Let's get a woman.

If it is a girl, she would make us hurry and spoil the entire plan.

But if it is a woman, she would cooperate with us in every aspect, with her experience and make our event successful.


A woman is the right choice!

Dude, there might be some problem.

Stop it, dude!

Brothel case is better than a rape case from that maid.

I know a manager named Raju.

He would definitely have the phone number of these kinds of women.

-We'll call them. -The idea seems to be good, but there wasn't even a single girl to accompany us to a pub.

When that's the case...

[scoffs] Bro, if fear had a brother-in-law, he might be like this guy.

Why do you think negatively all the time?

Hey, forget him and call Raju. It's already late.


[ringing tone]

Ah! Yes!

Hello Raju sir, greetings sir.

Greetings, director-to-be!

How are you doing?

Sir, I'm fine. How are you doing?

I'm fine. What's up? Why did you call at this time?

The thing is that...

Why are you muttering?

A director should directly convey anything directly.

Tell me, no problem.

-Ask him... Ask him... -Sir, actually...

I'm in a party with friends.


A woman...

-Eh... A woman? -Yes, sir...

Actually, my friends are asking.

Ah! Come on! Am I the only one who you found at this time of the night?

You have called and asking for a woman?

Well... This is my first time, sir...

Is it? Do you want a woman?

-Why would I supply women, anyway? -Sir...

-There wouldn't be anyone. -Sir, please don't say that.

You just try it and my work would be done, sir.

Well, I'll give a phone number of a woman.

You guys talk to her but don't take my name.

-Okay? -Okay. Sure, sir.

Okay, sir.

Hear me, such matters are to be dealt very carefully.

-Sir, I'll handle it. I'll handle it. Bye. -Careful.

-Bye, sir. -See you.


-He said he would send the number. -Yes!

[dialpad sounds]

Switch on the speaker... Switch on the speaker...

Ah! Come on, do it.

[dialer tone rings]

-[dialer tone rings] Hello. -Talk to her...

-Hello... -Hey, talk to her...

-Hello... -Hey, talk to her...

-Remove the hand. -Hey...

What happened? Why don't you talk?

What happened to you, then? Why didn't you talk?

Why should I take the tension and you have the pleasure?

Alright. I will deal this time.

Come on.

[dialpad sounds]

This one...

Watch me, how I would talk to her.

[dialer tone rings] It's ringing.

-Hello -Hello

[clears throat]

Sorry... Hello...

Who is it?

Come on, tell her... Come on, tell her...

Hello, madam.

Yes, tell me. Who is it?

-Santosh. -You fool! Why do you tell your name?

She heard it.

Madam, my name is Santosh.

I'm working as a marketing executive in the Inner Feelings company.

Err... Our company manufactures inners.

I've called you to explain about that.

-What? -I meant, you might buy.

-What nonsense are you talking? -We'll give you 'buy one get one free'.

Are you out of your mind? Huh!

Oh no!

Oh no!

You fool! We've asked you to call her to show our talent, but you were showing your marketing talent.

Hey, as if I have a experience in this.

I've talked out of tension.

-You do that and you'd understand. -Hey...

I've dealt with a lot of US clients and people like this.

This is nothing. Now, watch my amassing talent.

-It is amazing not amassing. -I know!

I said that as I thought both of you wouldn't know it.

Come here.

Half a ball?

Hey, switch on the speaker.

[dialer tone rings]

Hello, who are you? What do you want?

Madam, I'm Anand. I and my friends are partying today.

So, I called you to invite you as our guest.

Eh... Programme?

Which programme and why am I the guest?

This is 'Rock the party' programme.

Hey, are you out of your mind? What are you talking?

To be frank, I've called you to book you for tonight, madam.

We are three members and we'll pay you 30,000 rupees.

If you agree, please let me know, madam.

Hey, who the hell are you?

Who gave you my number?

What's with three members booking me and 30,000 rupees?

I'll slap you with my footwear if you call me again, fools!


Why do you shout like that? If you don't like, just simply say no.

Hey, this is not the way I should deal you.

-I'll complain to the police and... -Police?

-they would take you to task precisely. -Disconnect... Disconnect...

-Thank God! -Thank God!

Oh man! Would it become a police case?

Precisely, these types of matters wouldn't become a police case.



She knows my name.

She knows my company's name too.

You've called from my phone.

If cops come to know about this, they'll play football with me in jail.

[in unison]: It's your phone number. We don't have a problem.

If the cops take me to jail and play football, I'll reveal your names.

[sobbing] Oh man!

This is how our lives are destined to be.

What is the use, no matter how much we try like this?

All we would be left with is...

You are right, man.

[message notification tone]

I'm okay if it is fifty thousand rupees.

-My share is twenty thousand. -My share is fifteen thousand.

The remaining amount is my share.

Let's pledge.

-I, Phani, -I, Anand, I, Santosh, We will make justification to the fifty thousand, We will prove that we're men.

We will put a full stop to all our doubts.

I will pick up the woman.

I will get beers and Biryani.

Then, what shall I get?

One should take precautions to avoid dangers.

Got you. I'll get them.


-This is my oath. -This is my oath.

-This is my oath. -Third oath.

This is my oath.


[tyres screech]

Get down.

[lighter clicks]


Which film does this song belong?

I don't know, brother.

Hey, We came to the department not to be honest.

But to run business.

You asked me to get you out of the case and I did it.

You said you'd pay one lakh rupees and I agreed.

You've asked for two days of time and I gave you seven days.

-Please leave me, brother. -[scoffs]

I beg you brother. Please!

Pleas try to understand, brother.

You should have told this on that day.

You thought switching off that phone would solve your problems.

I switched off the phone as I was scared of you.

-I beg you bro. -Did you think you can't get caught?

-No, brother. -How did you get caught now?

Brother, my kid is lying ill at home.

-My situation is very bad, brother. -Hey!

Please, brother.

You are not realising my good nature.

No, brother.

-Please, brother... -I'm a good cop.

-Please, brother... -You are a bad guy.

Brother, give me two days and I'll pay by any means. Please.

-Believe me, brother. -Two days, are you sure?

I swear, brother. I'll pay you in two days.




-Two days! -Brother, I swear on God, Two days, brother. [gunshot]

I hate God. Goddammit!

Disgusting people!

-Why didn't she come yet? -Don't know.

[door bell rings]

He is here.


Please sit down, madam.

It's me, Santosh.

Inner Feelings company is mine.

You fool!

Did she ask you? Go away.

Madam, have it.


I'm Anand, madam. I'm the one who arranged this programme.

Hmm... Is it just words or is there any action?

Well, where is the bedroom?

Madam, you didn't tell your name.

Sunny Leone.

"I will go"

"I will go"

"No, I will go"

What is your problem?

-Let's roll dice. -Hmm... Okay.

-Shall we decide with the dice? -Okay.

Hey, what's your number?


-Hey! -Six. Sorry.

-What about you? -My rating is always top class.

So, one is my number.

-Let's see. -And you?

As I've got the vigor of a bee, I'll choose three.

Okay. Roll the dice, we'll see.

Hey! Yes! Yes!


Yeah... See now, this would be great.

Sings: I'll the rock the night...

I should have chosen six.


Ah! Isn't there an AC in the room?

We have only fan as we're just bachelors.

Do you have water?

Ah! One minute, madam.

Hey, are you done already?

Bloody idiot! I'm here for a water bottle.

Here, take this, madam.

What is that tablet for, madam?

For energy.

You are three members. Don't I need energy?

Oh, you are right!

-Will you give me one? -I have only one tablet.

Oh! No, ma'am. I have full energy.

What's the delay then? Come here.

Madam, you shouldn't rush me, madam.

Actually, I have some doubts.

I want to clarify them.

What is your problem, dude?

-Two minutes, madam. -What for?

Thank you. Thank you, madam.

I'll come soon.

So many nights would come but this moon wouldn't come.

I'll come. You'll give lots of kisses but there is no heat in them.

Of course, it would be.

And everything is in your hands.

Tell me.

Hmm... Hmm...


Yes! I'm ready!


Why is the watch running very slow?

It's not slow. That idiot is taking time.

-Uff... -Oh man!

-[sighs] -He perspired all the water he drank.

I'm next.

-It's me. -Wait...

What's up?

Roll the dice.

I'll be the next.

I'll leave.

You wait.

I wish for my number.

-Mine! -Hey, sit down!

Can't hold his horses.

Ill-fate. Bad omen.

Worst! Crap!


-Yeah! Yes! Yes! -Ah!

-Hey... -I'll go. Please let me go.

Hey, get lost.

"Who are you, dear? Who are you, dear?"

The Vaastu isn't good here. Let me go there and roll.


Oh no!


Well, I'm the only remaining person. Why do I need to roll the dice?


Sings: I'm number one!

Sings: I'm number one!

I'm number one forever.

Ah! It's okay.

Even though if there are no one, I'm number one.

May I come in?

Sorry for the late.

He didn't say it. You should have said at least.

He didn't tell me. That's why I didn't tell you.

[sobing in unison]

-How did you kill her like that? -How?

How did you kill her like that?

Hey, what actually happened was...

Yeah! I'm ready.

Leone... Oh, Sunny Leone!

Ah! Madam...




That is what happened.

Hey, you should have said it before we went in!

-Aha! -Why did you trap us?

So, I shall become victim serving jail and both of you would visit jail and hand me Biryani packets as witnesses?

Not possible.

Three of us should either serve jail or have Biryani together.

That's why I didn't tell you.

You fool!

Alright! What shall we do now?

-I've got an idea. -What is it?

Let's dump the body somewhere.

Good idea!

-You guys do it quickly and come back. -Do it quickly and come back.

-Hey... -Hey...


I've already told you a while ago... whatever it is, three of us shall do it together

-Yea... -Yeah!

Three of us should either serve jail or have Biryani together.


-Aren't you coming? -Yes, we are.

Let's go.

Look at the sculpture that can't be sculpted though there are sculptors.

I really didn't do anything.

She was already dead.

Why are you staring like that? Come, let's carry the dead body.

Hey, you hold her hands.

You hold her legs. As I've paid 20,000 rupes, I'll hold her waist.

-Okay. -Did you pay her the entire amount?

I swear on my mother, I've paid it at the beginning itself.

Don't know but she looks good though she is dead.



-The silence seems to be too much violent. -Hmm...

-Play some song. -Hmm...

[raunchy Telugu song playing in radio]

Why are you playing this song when we're having a dead body?

Change the song.

[sad Telugu song playing in radio]

You fool! Does anyone play this kind of songs in this situation?

-I didn't play. It is the radio. -Change the station.

I won't! I'll switch it off.

Well, where shall we dispose the dead body?

-I'm talking to you. Tell me. -Come on, speak.

Hey, why do you ask me?

Do I look like dead body disposer?

You gave the idea, so tell the place of disposal.

Hmm... Go further, we might find someplace.

Forget about going further...

We'll be doomed if any policeman sees us with the dead body.

Damn mouth!

-What happened, dude? -What happened, dude?

The cops are there!

[siren wails] Hey... Take left... Take left.

-Take right...Take left... Take left... -Quick... Quick... [tyres screech]

[sighs] [tyres screech]

Hey, this place seems good.

Pullover... Pullover... Pullover...

[tyres screech] Pullover...

Hey, this is the right place.

Yes, you are right.

Hey, let's take out the dead body.

-What? -What are you staring at?

I've paid 20,000 rupees. I'll hold her waist.

I'll return your money, man! Stop pestering.

-Let's go. -Let's go.

Get down slowly.


Get her out.

Slowly... Yeah... Slowly.

-Legs... -Be careful with legs...

I'm holding hands despite paying 20,000 rupees.


-There is no one here, right? -You're happily dead.

I'm not at all linked to this. These two guys are responsible.

20,000 rupees lost! Don't know when I will earn such amount.


Hey, be careful. Her hand might ache.

50,000 rupees wasted.

-She's still in the same pose since death. -I'll pay you. Move.

-Come... Quickly. -I'm leaving. Chill here.

Thank you.

-We lost 50,000 rupees. -She would be cool as it's winter.

-Hey -Yes We would be caught if we go now.

Let's wait somewhere and then start.

Yes, dude.


Hey, stop here.

[tyres screech]

This would be safe.


Let's sleep here for a while.

[thunderbolt rumbles]

Hey, we've slept for a long time.

Hey, the police might have left, let's check the dead body.

[car engine starts]


Hey, stop the car.

There is a policeman over there.

Hey, you are taking so much time. [siren wails]

Place it inside... inside... Go inside.

Done man! Our lives are doomed!

You're taking so much time to put the dead body.

It is the dead body of that woman. They've found it.

Hey, what shall we do now?

Hey... They have picked the dead body.

We might get caught if we keep talking here.

Reverse the car... Reverse the car...


[siren wails] [vehicle engine starts]

[weeps] Over, dude...

Our lives that are going smoothly got ruined.

-Till yesterday... -Give me...

I've had a hope that I would direct a film.

But with this, I doubt if I would at least watch a film in the theatre.

Don't worry.

I've heard that jails have recently started playing films for the inmates.

You fool! Why is he already imagining our lives in jail?

Bloody idiot! Damn you!

Then, what?

I used to live happily with a software job and eat at Subway.

But now, I have to eat food in a central jail.


Oh man!

I'm still unable to understand why she came here and died, dude...

Did she come here to die...

Or did she die after she came?

Bloody life!

Our lives have enedd up in jail right in the opening shot!



-He is to be blamed for everything. -I'm not related to that death, God!

These two guys are to be blamed.

Come, let's sleep and talk. Come...

[cicadas crittering]

[groans] [indistinct dogs barking]



[door opens]

[water dripping]

[flush sound]

Oh no!

Hey... Hey, Phani...

Hey, Phani...

Don't you feel like peeing?


-Hey -Yes

-Don't you feel like peeing? -Why would I feel that at this time?

Go and pee.

I would go when I feel like peeing, right?

-Go and pee a little. -What do you mean by peeing little?

Hey, go and pee, dude.

I don't feel like peeing. Don't ask me repeatedly as I might get that feeling.

Pee a little, go dude.

Hell man!

Hey Phani, go and pee a little in the toilet.

-Hey... -Go, man!

Idiot, why are you compelling me to pee?

I would do it when I feel like peeing!

Why do you ask me to pee at this time of the night?

Go and pee a little, dude.


Pee a little, my foot! You fool!

Pee and you'll know.

-Look every direction and pee. -What might have happened?

[door opens] [water drops dripping]


Oh, this is wash basin. Where is the commode?

We had excess booze. I should wash my face.

-Hey Phani, -Yes.

-Did you pee? -Go and check yourself.

-Was everything okay? -Hmm...

Was your journey good?


-Hey Phani... -Hmm...

You didn't have any problem, right?




Didn't you see anything?

-Go to sleep... -Don't pester me.


Bloody! She appears only to me.

What might be his situation?

Hey Anand...


[snores] Damn! Why should she appear only to me?

[indistinct carrom coins clatter]

Come my prince, let's play.

It's okay, come...

Thank God...

Won't you come when I call you?

Do you need to roll the dice for this too?

Oh God!

-I'm asking you. Just come! -No, I won't.

Where is the water bottle?


Oh, booze! [coughs]


What is the direction of the feet?

They are in opposite direction!

What happened, dude?

I too saw her.

I saw her... a while ago.

She made me pee and appeared later.

Oh no!

We two are trapped, only he's is in the safe zone.

Ask him to go.



Oh, Pooja... No, Pooja...

What is it, Pooja?


What, dude? You too?

I was the first person.

Don't know what might have happened.

Oh no!

My granny told me...

[pants] People who died with unfulfilled wishes return as spirits.

Hey... What shall we do now?

If we get tempted by mistake and go to the ghost as she called us, we'll be smothered in the dark.

Oh no! Oh my God!

What shall we do now?

Hey, won't your granny say useful things other than scary ones?

She does.

What is it? in such times, if three men get up and scream the ghost would flee.

-One minute. I'll be right back. -Where are you going?

-You've asked for three men, right? -Yes.

They are in the apartment below our floor. I'll get them.

-Go... Go... -Damn you!

Sorry, dude.

You've forgotten that we're men, did you?


Hey, what shall we do now? I have an idea.

Yes, tell me.

We'll count one, two and three.

We shall get up and scream loudly.

-Then, the ghost would flee. -Yes, you are right.

-Start. -Shall we count in Telugu or English?

-In English. It won't understand. -One...


Say three I already did.

[whimpers] The voice isn't coming out.

I'll do something. I'll say it.

-Go ahead, dude. -[mumbles]

Hey, the voice isn't coming out.



It's a dream!

It scared the hell out of me. Oh man!


Good morning, dude.

Why aren't these guys talking?

Oh man! Hangover!

Hey, did you sleep well last night?

My foot! My foot dude!

She appeared in my dream as a ghost.

I was scared as hell all night.

Then, Phani might have romanced with the ghost too.

He didn't even leave the maid!


Well, why are unusually reading a newspaper?

To check whether our last night's murder has been reported or not.

You fool! What murder?

I've meant, to check whether our last night's deed has been reported or not.

Be updated guys. How would midnight news appear in next morning's newspaper?

You are right. Let's watch it on YouTube then.

Hey, give some courage to a scared person. Don't scare him more.


It didn't show up.

Hey, can't you hold your horses?

Are you eager to get caught?

[sighs] Oh...

We did a mistake.

We did a terrible mistake by getting that woman.

No, dude. We shouldn't have boozed in the first place.

Look who is talking about booze.

That's right! What you said is right, dude.

Like they show in the prelude of the films... about smoking and drinking being harmful to health, Instead, they should state they are harmful to life.

-So... -So...

-Let's pledge. -Let's pledge.

Let's pledge.

I, Phani...

-I, Santosh... -I, Anand...

-will never touch booze again -as it has harmed our lives will never touch it until this problem is resolved.

-Huh? -[mumbles]

-Hmm... -Okay.

-Will never get girls -and women too, -Oh! -We'll not get them until we resolve this.

-We'll respect women. -We'll respect maids too.

We'll give everything along with respect.


-This is my oath! -This is my oath!

-Why don't you say it? -Yeah... oath!

Say it right. Wholeheartedly.

This is my oath!

[knocking on door]

Hey, can it be a policeman?

Hey You're always scared like an idiot.

-Go and check. -Ah...

Go now...

-[knocking on door] Hey... -Hey...

You go...

Go... [knocking on door]


Oh! [knocking on door]

Who is it?

We'll repect maids too.

It's the maid.

Ms Apranji.

You don't come from today.

-From now on, send your mother. -Why?

Ms Apranji, we don't want you to work here. Send your mother.

-Why? -My foot! My foot!

-Leave, please. -Damn!

I got it.



Damn! It turned cold.

It's okay, dude.

-It's okay, dude. -It's okay, dude. Don't pester.

[phone rings]

Hey, this phone call might be definitely from a policeman.

Hey, the wild fire ain't in Australia, it's right here.

Hey, stay silent for a while.

-Hello -Hello

-Hello... -Hello, who is it?

Hello, I can't hear your voice properly.

Hey, she is definitely a woman constable.

Madam... Madam... I don't have anything to do with that.

These two guys are responsible for everything.

-[mumbles] -What, sir? I'm Tulasi, sir.

I'm calling from Bank of Balanagar. It's about personal loan, sir.

Hey... you got scared, didn't you?

Fool! Damn you!

Look, Ms Tulasi.

-That's an audio call -Tell me, sir.

That's an audio, dude.

Don't call me for some days. I'm having some important work.

Sorry, sir. Sorry for the disturbance. Have a great day.

Okay... Day and night.

Hey, we might get caught because of him.

No, it's because of you.

-Hey, are you mad? -Stop it, guys! Stop it!

Hey, we'll find a solution for the problem if possible.

As we don't have that chance, we shall stay silent until we get a problem.

[knocking on door]

We got the problem.

-Who is it? -Hmm...

Got it, I will check.

Who is it? [man groans]

-Sir... -Out of the way...

Sir, what do you want?

Sir... Sir...

-Why are you throwing them down? -Talk to us.

Sir, who are you?

Sir, what do you want?

-Tell me, sir. -Sir... Sir...

Please sir...

Sir... Sir... [man humming]

What... What do you want, sir?

Hey... Sir...

-Sir, why aren't you responding? -Hey!

How dare you lay your hands on a policeman!

Sir... Sir... Sorry, sir... Sir... Please, sir...

As you aren't wearing a uniform, I didn't think you were a police. Sir...

Yes, sir...

Sir... Sir... Please remove the gun. Please, sir.

When you don't know who came inside, know them and behave accordingly, instead of acting smart.

How many members?

How many members stay in this house?

Just the three of us, sir.

Was it just you three who did it or was there anyone else?

What are you talking, sir?

Don't test my patience.

You'd live if you testify on your own.

If you make me extract the truth from you, you'd be dead without even getting punished.

Will you tell the truth and live, or stay mum and die?

Sir... I will say it.

We brought a hooker. She was with us at night.

I don't know anything, sir. She died unexpectedly.

-We don't know how she died, sir. -Hmm...

[phone rings]

Tell me, Ramana.

-Sir, there was small mistake. -Ha...

Those drug peddlers aren't staying in that house now.

Some others are residing there.

Hmm... I'll handle it.

-Okay, sir. -Okay.

Now, tell me what had happened.

Er... The girl came...

We've booked her.

But she died after she came here.

-We don't know anything. -She died by herself.

-True, sir. -Sir... Sir... I swear, sir...

-I swear on my mother, sir. -I swear

-Believe us, sir. -I was the first person to go to her.

Then, he went and later, it was him.

She died without anyone doing anything to her, sir.

Yes, sir, that's the truth.

We don't know anything, sir.

-Believe us, sir. -Please spare us.

We have disposed the body somewhere.

That's it, sir.

[mobile camera blips]

Tsk... Tsk... Tsk...

How did you get trapped in that way?

I can't find an option to save you in any way.

Even if you escape from Brothel case, you can't escape from murder case.

Three of you would get sentenced for seven years for sure!

-Seven years! -Seven years?

You might get seven years of prison or even the death penalty.

There is no chance you escape the law.

Sir, can't we do anything with the law?

Well... We can't do anything if we don't want to

-or do anything if we want to. -What can we do, sir?

To do anything with the law, the one who runs the law can only do it.

Who is he, sir?

[laughs] Are you a software employee?

-Yes, sir. -I like you.

-That's me. -Thank you, sir.

As I feel pity seeing you...

As I'm believing that you didn't commit this crime, I'll close the case if three of you pay me thirty lakh rupees.

-Thirty lakhs? -Thirty lakhs?

-Hey... -We don't have such amount, sir.

[scoffs] How come you are so shocked?

Atleast that amount is needed to close a murder case.

-Sir, we didn't commit the murder. -Sir, we didn't commit the murder.

By the way, I'm a good-natured person.

You need not arrange it immediately. Take a week time.

-Thirty lakh rupees in one week? -How, sir?

If you come up with excuses saying you couldn't arrange the money, I'll shoot you like birds.

It is easier to close an encounter case than a murder case.

Seven days, thirty lakhs.


How can we arrange thirty lakh rupees in seven days?

He tells that we'd be sentenced for seven years.

I did a mistake... I did a mistake...

"Would the heat of the moment"

"become shackles within seconds?"

"Would all the happiness"

"turn into your past at this moment?"

"The hopes which touched the sky"

"have shattered today"

"The wound in your heart"

"is on the verge of hitting your life"

"Would the journey become a burden?"

"Would the eyes become teary?"


Why are here in the office at this time?

-You still remember it, right? -Yes, madam. I do.

One week, thirty lakhs.

What are you talking?

What are you talking about, madam?

Is it that you want to hear everything from me? You naughty!

Me? Naughty?

Ah! Forget this.

I'll arrange everything by 11 am sharp. Come to my home.

Please, madam.

I plead you. Leave me.

Are you okay?

I'm not okay, madam. I'm not okay.

Ah! You are completely sick!



[phone rings]

-What happened? -Sir...

I'm having a bad situation. I need half-day leave, sir.

We can't look at you when you are normal. And you bring that expression...

Alright, go.

Thank you, sir.

Men chasing woman: Hey... Hey... Stop... Hey... Stop...

Men chasing woman: Stop... She is running away...

-Woman: Save me... -Men chasing woman: Catch her.

Men chasing woman: Run faster. [knocking on door]

Men chasing woman: Stop... -Woman: Save me please! [knocking on door]

Men chasing woman: We got her.

[knocking on door]

-Huh... -Sir, save me.

-They are coming. Please save me. -Hey... Hey...

-Sir... -Who are you?

-Hey, I'm talking to you. -Please... Please...

-Close the door. They are coming. -What?

-Please, sir. -Who are they?

There are no one here.

They are those guys who booked me yesterday.

[panting] They are the ones... They will kill me, sir.

Hey, which three guys? There is no one here, right?

I got it. You are man too.

That's why you'd support them.

It is better to die on my own rather than getting killed by them.

Hey... Hey... What are you doing? [slits]



-Phew... -I'll take bath and come.

-Santosh... -Santosh...

Hey, what happened? Why are you sitting here?

Santosh, what happened, dude?

-What happened, dude? -Look at that girl... Look...

She is sitting there and looking at me.

-Where, dude? -She is dead but still looking at me.

-Who is she? -Where is she?

There she is man!

That girl is looking at me.

Hey Santosh, where is she and who is that girl?

Hey, we've left that woman there.

But this girl came inside when everyone was watching and killed herself.

Look, how she is staring at us.

Hey, we are doomed, guys! She will kill us.

-Hey... Hey... -You are having a high temperature.

-Come, let's go to the hospital. -Not to the hospital...

First, we have to take this dead body somewhere.

-Hey Santosh, forget it. -Santosh, I'll handle that dead body.

-Come, let's go to the hospital first. -That girl is staring at me.

Please listen to me and come with us. Come quickly, dude.

-Hey... -Santosh!


Get up, dude. Get up.


What happened again?

-We brought a girl. -Ah...

-She died. -Aha!

-We've disposed that girl. -Ah!


-A girl came again. -I think I've to squeeze this now.

-She died again. -Oh!

-But we didn't bring the girl this time. -Ah!

Don't know why she came and why she died.

-This is the problem, sir. -Okay.

-I'll treat him. -Hmm...

This is the most typical case out of the cases that I've dealt.

-Oh! -[sighs]

I want...

I will study him...


Give me some space.



I will show you some difference between real and fake.


That's is what!

What do you see in these two?

-Sunny Leone. -Sunny Leone.

What about this?

-Sunny Leone. -Sunny Leone.

What is she wearing in this image?

A saree...

-A saree -Are you able to see anything?

We can see nothing, sir.

-What is she wearing here? -She is wearing nothing, sir.

But everything...

You turn that side and write.

So, you think this is real.

But this isn't real. This is real.

This is illusion and this is truth.

-Did you understand? -No, sir.

That is the one. That is your problem.

It is very easy, right?

So, there are three stages of hallucination.


First stage: You can hear.

-Second stage: You can see. -What about the third stage, sir?

She would slap you.

-What stage is he in, sir? -Advanced stage.

How can he be cured, sir?

From now on, if you feel sad, happy or feel like crying or laughing or get into a problem or whatever... just chew this. That's enough.

There is one more important thing that I have to tell you.

Take care of him carefully.

-Okay, sir. -He might trip sometimes.

Unable to distinguish between reality and a lie, he would worry and get confused.

So, you can go.

-Come, let's go. -Careful.

-Don't know what's this imagination. -Don't know, dude.

Oh! Phani... Anand...

-Hey -What happened, dude?

-Aunty... Aunty... -Aunty?

-Which Aunty? -Sunny Leone... Sunny Leone...

-[in unison]Where, dude? -Over there...

Who is over there, dude?

-What about this dice? -This dice?

-Who does it belong to? -Uncle...

-This is my dice, uncle. -Yours?

Thank you!

-Hell with your imagination! -Got it?

You... Move...

Why is she visible only to me...

-and no one else? -What's your problem?

Nothing, keep moving.

[breathes heavily]

I don't understand his situation.

Hey, understand me later.

First, think about a way to dispose that dead body.

We'll take care of that dead body. Just squeeze that ball. Bloody ball!

-Sir, -Yes.

Please take that tablet. You...

The cop is already giving us tough time for the crime we didn't commit.

And he has come up with a new case!

Seems like we might get his madness.

Yes. Seems like we'd get our death if we don't pay that amount.

It is not just one or two... Thirty lakh rupees!

What shall be done to earn such amount?

Yes, dude. What shall we do now?

Hey, why are you talking crap like madmen?

First, think about the ways to pay thirty lakh rupees to the policeman.

We'll think about it, you continue squeezing it.

[door creaks] May I come in, sir?

-Sir -What?

I need some money urgently, sir.

-What for? -Life and death problem, sir.

Please do something and help me, sir.

How much amount?

-I need five to six lakh rupees, sir. -What?

Yes, sir. It is very urgent, sir.

-You have to... -That's tough.

Sir, please...

Please help me, sir.

Look, this topic shouldn't come between us so that I won't get angry.

That's it.

-You may leave now. -Sir...

I said, you may leave now.

-Santosh -Sir...

What have you done with the monthly report file?

Within two days... [phone rings]

Excuse me, sir.

-Hello -Hello sir. I'm Tulasi.

I have recently called you from Bank of Balanagar regarding personal loan.

Thank God! You have called at the right time.

-I want the loan. Tell me what I should do -Okay, sir.

One minute...

Santosh, I've asked you about the monthly report and you are leaving?

-One minute, Ms Tulasi. -Okay, sir.

What the hell!

-Sorry, ma'am. -No problem, sir.

Ms Tulasi, tell me.

What all documents do you need?

How many days would it take for the loan to get sanctioned?

It would take two days, sir.

I'll tell you the documents that we need.

Give your address and our executive would come and collect the documents.

Okay. Tell me what do you want. Hey, give me a pen.

Last six months bank statement, -Three passport size photos, -Okay

-Three months payslips, -Aha!

Well, they should have your boss's signature too and a letter from your company as a proof that you're working in it.

-Boss's signature. -Yes, sir.



Why didn't you tell this earlier, madam?

When did you let me speak all these days, sir?

Is there any problem, sir?

Err... There is no problem, madam.

-I'll handle it. -Well, sir...

The loan won't be sanctioned without the signature.

Understood, madam. I got it.

I will arrange all those documents and call you.

Okay, sir. Thank you.

Sir... You need to sign on the payslips for me to get a loan.

Scold whatever you want but please sign on the payslips.

Sign? Of course, I will do it. Not on your payslips... but on your termination letter Sir, please don't say that...

-I... -Get out of my cabin.

-Sir, please... -Get out of my cabin and my company.

Santosh, wait...

-Sir? -Remember one thing.

I don't know what problem you are into.

But never forget your job and the food you eat.

Arrange for Santosh's payslips and other documents for my signature.

If you want anything else, I will get them arranged quickly.

Sir, thank you so much.

-Sir... Sir... -Hmm...

Phani, the writer has come. Shall I allow him to meet you?


-Sir. -Hmm, tell me.

-I'm in a bad situation, sir. -Hmm?

I'm in a bad situation, sir.

-You said you would give me ten lakhs... -Why?

You said that you wouldn't sell your faith!

It's my necessity, sir.

My necessity made me to put my faith at stake.

-If you can arrange those ten lakhs... -[scoffs]

Ten lakhs? It was back then. Now, it's just four lakhs.

-Why is it so, sir? -That's all.

The price fluctuates depending on the day.

Tell me if you are okay to sell it for four lakhs.

I agree, sir.

Money can buy anything.

At last, I couldn't even withstand on my word for it.

Please, sir. Arrange at least five lakhs.

Please, sir.


"Did the version of the story change?"

"Would the turmoil in the heart stop?"

"Did the version of the story change?"

"Would the turmoil in the heart stop?"

"You wrote this story"

"God wrote your story"

"The life search for the faith"

"And you sold it"

"Did the version of the story change?"

"Would the turmoil in the heart stop?"

"Your expectation doesn't come true as reality"

"It happens unexpectedly"

"Your mistake has proved to be too costly"

"And changed your path"

"You killed the dreams..."

"...within you"

"The wound inside your heart..."

"...might cost you, your life at last"

What happened, uncle?

It's nothing, dear. I fell off my bike.

Then, why don't you ride safely, uncle?

I was riding safely.

The other guy came in the wrong route and hit me.

Uncle, is it paining?

No, dear.

It's not paining after seeing your smile and talking with you.

Is it so? Even my mother says the same thing.

What does she say?

All her worries would vanish by seeing my smile it seems.

It's true, dear.

The doctor has asked me to give you an injection.

-Give me Rs. 200. -Oh!

One minute.

Sorry, I don't have cash.

My friends will be here in a few minutes.

-They'll pay you, sorry. -Here, take it, uncle.

Take it.

Why are you giving, dear?

That is your money. Keep it safe with you.

My friends will come and pay the amount.

I took this money from my mother to buy chocolates.

I'll again take it tomorrow if I want to have.

First, you take it, uncle.

No, dear. That money was given by your mother to you.

Which means, only you should spend them.

You keep it with you and buy chocolates.

Uncle, I'll not have dinner if you don't take it.

Take it, sir. Else that baby would insist to have the dinner.

Thank you.

-Hey Santosh! What happened? -What happened?

Someone came in the wrong route and hit me.

-Are you okay now? -Yeah, I'm okay.

Hey! First, give Rs. 500 to that baby.

-Yeah, here it is. -Give.

Here it is, take it.

-I don't want, uncle. -What happened, dear?

You just gave me, didn't you?

-Take it. -Take it, now.

Now you would forget me if I take this money.

If not, you'll remember me.


Anyway, what happened to you?

Why are you alone here?

They say that there is a boogeyman in my brain.

A boogeyman named brain tumour.

Then where are you parents, dear?

I don't have father.

My mother went to bring amount.

They say, both my mother's and my savings wouldn't be sufficient to cure my pain.

I should save money for so many days.

But I don't have so many days, uncle.

By the way, what is your name, dear?


Take care, dear.

I'll leave.

-Bye. -Bye, dear.

Don't come here again, uncle.


What happened?

That baby's words are stopping me.


What shall we do?

What's her age?

How can she die with the lack of treatment?

She gave all her saved money for me.

We should give her some money from the money we have.

Let's give her.

-Let's give her. -Okay.

Let's go to the doctor.

Let's go.

-Excuse me, sir. -Come in.

Come, please sit down.

-Sir. -Hello, sir.

-Who looks after the patient Laxmi? -Whom are you referring to?

I mean the baby...

-...with the brain tumour. -Yeah, please tell me.

Doctor, how much it costs for the operation?

It costs around 18 to 20 lakhs.

-18 to 20 lakhs...? -18 to 20 lakhs...

Because the specialists should come from the US.

Sir, there will be NGOs to help such people, aren't they?

Is there any possibility to contact them?

The problem is that...

...the cost of the medicines is higher than the lives of the people.

You are right. There are NGOs.

-Sir... -But...

There are so many pending cases with them.

-The baby doesn't have much time. -In unison: Thank you.

Sir, they say it'd take two days for the patient to gain consciousness.

That MLA is troubling me.

You do one thing. Take their family into custody and hit them.

-They'd automatically tell you. Go. -Okay, sir.

Hey! There is a policeman.



-Hey! Let's go. -Hey!

Wait there.

What are you doing here?

-Sir, he met with an accident. -Oh!


-Hey! -It's here.

For such a small accident?

Are you aware of the third degree I give?

I mean, if you don't pay up.

Hey IT! How is your mother?

-Hmm... Yes, sir. -Take care of your mother.

You have two days of time.

You have two days of time.

The baby doesn't have much time.

Chinna, listen to me carefully.

What is it, Laxmi?

When you have an opportunity to help...

...help without a second thought.

I'll always be alive in the help you do.

I think my mother is testing me again.

I lost my mother, Laxmi in my childhood as I didn't have money.

And now despite being an elder and having the money too...

I can't lose this Laxmi.

To keep my mother's my promise, this girl should be saved.

I'll give all my money to the girl.

It's not just your money. It's our money.


Though we are endangered,

the girl's life is important.

And we are saving her.

[bike arriving]

Hey! What happened?

What happened?

It's nothing.

Tell me.

Tell me, what happened?

There was a ride on my mother's groceries store in my village.

Ride on a groceries store?

-For what? -It was a drug case, it seems.

How could there be drugs in a groceries store?

Our problem followed my home.

He is the one doing all of these.

I'm scared of what my mother will go through.

Hey! Nothing will happen to your mother.

All of these has happened because of me.

It's not because of you.

-It's because of me. -Hey!

Don't repeat it, that's the reason I came out alone.

Alright, let's go.

-You leave. I'll not come. -Hey! Come.

He is alone there.

Come, nothing will happen. I'm here.

[wind howling]

Hey Anand!

Hey! What is this?

What happened?

They've selected me to send to US on site.

For the first time in my life, I'm confused, whether to feel happy or sad.

Hey! Why are you behaving like a child?

Parents share just the happy moments with their children.

They hide the sorrow in them.

I still remember.

My mother fasted for so many days so that I can get a job.

She has sold her entire jewellery.

She is working hard there so that I can be comfortable here.

It's okay if I don't get them a building, but I can't see them in a police station.

Despite them knowing that I made such a mistake, I feel that my death news would be much better for them.

-Hey! -Hey!

Hey Anand!

Have you gone crazy?

Hey! Nothing will happen to you.

Not just you... your mother, your father or no one will be hurt.

I'm there for you... Hey! I'm there for you...

You believe me, don't you? Nothing will happen to us.

Hey! Take care of him.

Hey! I'll bring a nice coffee.

You don't worry.

Hey! Take care of him.

"What is this question without an answer?"

"What might be its answer until it's found?"

"There were three joyful birds"

"They are falling down wings broken"

"Did the fate play a conspiracy?"

"Did the dreams vanish to these eyes?"

"This is not the story and the entire life is a wretch"

My name is Santosh.

I'm working in a company Inner Feelings as a marketing executive.

I made a mistake and it led to a problem.

After knowing this, CA Shatruv if we don't give thirty lakhs in a week...

...he threatened that he would arrest us under a wrong case and spoil our lives.

But they are not related to it.

It's my mistake.

Kindly spare them.

I gave it a thought.

I've decided to suicide as the mistake is mine.

Don't harm my friends.

Kindly spare them.

Miss you guys.


"You've shown me mother's love"

"You've lent me your help"

"You've been righteous"

"You stood beside me"

"Even though the problem isn't yours"

"You've come forward to join"

"But when your friend are dying"

"What options are you left with?"

I give you two days.

"Would the trouble take leave now?"

"Won't you oppose it and continue your journey?"

"Would you sacrifice your live to give life to others?"

-Santosh! Santosh! -Hey Santosh!

-Santosh! -Hey Santosh!


You idiot!

You thought of leaving us alone!

You didn't even mention our names in the video!

You thought of taking the blame on yourself?

What else do I do?

We can't pay up.

So, we can't get out of this case.

I could only think of one thing.

This was the only way I could think.

So? If you die, how could we be happy even if we get out of the case?

I didn't think about that.

I just thought no harm should come to you.

I'm nothing.

I'm an orphan.

My dad was gone before I came into this world.

And I lost the mother who got me into this world.

But you...

You've got families that love you a lot.

But me?

You're the family I got.

Crazy fellow...

Whom do we both have too.

How could we survive without you?

Not this way...

-Hey... take pledge. -Huh?

-Take pledge. -Take pledge.

-Ah! -Sorry, lift you hand.

-I, Anand... -I, Phani...

Lift your hand dude!

Say it!

I, Santosh... whatever the circumstances be...

...won't commit silly things like suicide, and if there's another birth... we will take birth as friends again, Dude, let's take birth along with our girl friends.

[both laughing]

I'm sorry.

[phone rings]


-I'm the doctor treating Lakshmi. -Sir...

It's time for her operation.

She is asking for you, can you make it here?

Sir, we'll be there in 30 minutes.

-Who is it? -Who's it dude?

It's time for the girl's operation.

She wants to see us once.

-Okay, let's go. -Let's start to the hospital.

Won't she feel bad seeing our dull faces?

-Start... -Okay.

-Sir... -We've just sedated her.

It's time to get her operated. We have to take her in.

Come. Make it fast.

-Take her. -Take her.


All the best dear... bye.


[Santosh clears throat]

Guys, I'll have some water.


Why don't you show yourself to that cop than targeting me always?

A cop? Which cop?


As if she doesn't know it!

Don't know why you came and were dead... you ruined our lives.

That cop is behind our lives after you died.

Well that aside, who is that girl?

Why are you three paying to save her?

Her name is Lakshmi.

It's my mother's name.

She reminded me of my mother's words and instigated humanity in us.

That's why we took the responsibility of getting her operated.

[lady sighs] Hmm...

I thought you guys just pay girls to sleep with them.

Do you indulge in such charity too?

[Santosh scoffs]

It's no good telling you all this.

How would a lady who's in flesh trade know anything about humanity?


I'll tell this to my friends!

She always scares only me.

These guys won't even understand.

-Huh? -What's wrong with him?

What now?

The lady hit me.

[both sigh]

She showed herself in the first step.

She was audible at the second level and hit him at the third.

She really slapped me.

-Did she hit you hard? -Yeah.

You'll be fine.

[in unison]: Damn you!

That's okay, you'll be fine.



[door opens]


Come on get up! The operation is done.

Hey, get up.

How is the kid doctor?

By god's grace, nothing to worry.

She's all fine.

She'll take sometime to regain consciousness.

You can go home, relax and come back.

-Cheer up. -Thank you, sir.

Thank you so much, sir.

Let's go.

Dude, shut the door.

Are you here?

We just had a chat last night.

You can't come right in the morning!

Come in the night, I'll be free to talk.

Come back tonight.

She just doesn't understand.

Keeps coming at any time.

Who's that?

It's the lady. She just comes down as if we are free all the time.

I asked her to come back at night.

What? Won't he be fine ever?

Ah! His hallucinations!


[door knocking]

-Check the door. -Must be Aparanji.

Maybe it's the lady. Go.

-Tell her I'm busy. -He's gone bonkers.

Ask her to come back at night. We'll talk.

-Shut it. -Go.

She just keeps coming back and her mother doesn't like it.

What a pity!


What? Who's it?


Is hallucination contagious?

What happened?

Who's it, dude?

So you're here?

Haven't I told you a while ago?

Not to come as I'm busy with other works.

Why do you force yourself on me?

Come back in the night.


-Dude! -Yeah?

What? What's it now?

Why? Should I only see her?

Haven't we three booked her together?

And you! You come in my dreams.

And it's me you hit me too.

There's something called justice!

You're beautiful, does that mean you could take me for granted?

-Are these two any pure souls? -Damn you!

This isn't hallucination as you think, this is for real!

Does that mean you're...

-Yes, I'm alive. -Huh!

If you have to know what happened... you have to know what happened in my life first.

My name is Asha.

I came to Hyderabad to become an actress.

When I started trying for opportunities in films...

I found more people who take advantage of it than the ones who give opportunities.

As I was a loner... life was hard.

My mother used to tell me when I was a child...

'You have a strong heart.'

But, what my mother didn't know was... my heart isn't as strong as I am.

I suffer from a peculiar heart problem.

If someone is excited usually... they stop in happiness or surprise.

But, if I'm exited...

My heart would stop.

The heart once stops, the doctors won't be able to get it back to functioning.

Only god can.

But, you weren't even breathing then.

That day, I was almost at the gates of death.


[thunderbolt strikes]

[gasps for breath]

I then understood why god brought me back to life.

It's for my Lakshmi.

I thought men who asked me if I was available when I was single... would stop if I become a mother.

That's why I adopted Lakshmi who was an orphan.

Whatever sorrow or problems I'm going through...

The reason for the smile on my face is... my Lakshmi.

I'm ready!

Then guess how many are these?


So you can't see anything, catch me!

Where are you?


Oh! So there you are!


[thud sound]




Lakshmi... get up dear!

[sobbing] Lakshmi!

See Asha...

I don't understand how to convey this matter to you.

What happened doctor?

Your daughter shares the same fate as you, Asha.

What are you saying doctor?

What actually happened?

Even Lakshmi has a serious medical problem like you.

She won't live for long.

Not just you, but even I don't know when would you die.

But I know when Lakshmi would die.

You atleast have some time in your hand.

But Lakshmi only has a few days.

The operation is very expensive.

The cost would be around 20 lakhs.

That too, has to be performed within a week of time.

Within a week?

So much money?

Otherwise, I'll donate my kidney doctor.

You've told me someone was waiting for one since long!

It's not possible in the position you are currently in, Asha.

We have to administer an injection immediately.

That injection would work for a period of 24 hours only.

We have to administer one injection per day till the operation is performed.

Every injection would cost you from 50,000 to 60,000 bucks.


She looks damn beautiful dude!

We can shell out even a lakh of rupees for this beauty!

She's sexy.

They say god shows a way to the ones in deep sorrow.

Atleast, one day because of me... there was a hope that I could make the kid live with one injection.

You called me exactly at the same time.

[voice muted]

I thought god showed me a way that day too.

My organs couldn't be of use anyhow.

I thought... atleast my beauty could save the kid.

That's why, I accepted your offer immediately.


As you left me alone that day...

I thought I shouldn't meet you ever again.

But after knowing that you helped me and were stuck in problems because of me, I came here.

God doesn't exist in special places.

God is present in the help we extend.

In the current mechanical life where no one helps even their own people For a kid whom you are no way related to... you've extended your help without even caring about your lives.

Really, you are gods.

Oh no...

How is Lakshmi now?

She's out of danger.


I'd need another five lakhs for her further medication.

Five lakhs?

[door knocking]

One minute.

[door knocking]

Hey... the cop.

Ma'am, get inside.

What do we do now?

Can you turn off problems but switching your phones off?

Where is it?

What sir?

Where's the money man?

We don't have money sir.

-That's true sir. -Yes sir.

So you're ready to face it.

You'd know it if I bash up your families along with you in the station.

Call your families here.

What's the role of our families in this, sir?

Why are you dragging them into this?

We didn't commit any crime. We just brought the girl here.

We didn't kill her.

Why don't you believe us when we say we didn't even get physical with her?

So you've hardened atlast.

Let them come you idiots...

You'll get to know what big mistake and crime you've committed.

Sir, it's a mistake we brought the lady.

We didn't commit any crime above that.

-We just committed a mistake. -Yeah.

What good am I and the courts if you decide on crimes and justice?

Sir, the court needs a witness, doesn't it?

Are you fine if the girl gives the witness herself?

What are you talking?

[in unison]: Are you fine with it?

Wait a minute.

Ms. Sunny Leone.

Ms. Asha, please come here.

-Hey, who's this one? -Witness.

The witness you asked for.

It's me. The lady they brought here was me.

I hope there would be no case on them as I'm alive!

Wouldn't you believe it if I tell the same thing in the court?

Ah... I understand now... the reason behind your sudden bravery.


You've got your plan and I've got mine.

-If I kill her... -Sir... sir...

-Sir... -Sir... sir...

-you would get it then... -Don't harm her, sir.

-Please sir. -Please dont harm her.

I remember the three monkeys seeing you tremble in fear.

Three wise monkeys!

Now even the god can't save you.

Leave her sir. [mobile message tone]

If I kill her... you'd get it then.

What's that?

Oh! I've already forwarded it to you. See it.

[in unison]: Check it out.

[mobile message tone]

You've got your plan and I've got mine.

If I kill her...

Hey... who filmed this?


-Who the hell filmed it? Tell me you! -Sir!

-Tell me! -Stop it sir!

You hold a responsible job of a cop, but you've stopped protecting the truth... and are trying to turn a lie into truth just for money?

You're blessed with everything. Yet you want money.

You'd go to any lenghts for that money.

But these guys have got nothing.

Even when they knew you'd kill them if they don't pay you, they helped saving the life of a girl with that money.

Help? What help?

The reason my mother died in my childhood... wasn't because there was no cure for her illness.

But because we couldn't any help.

Before she died...

Charity is done to people who ask.

But help is given to people without asking.

Your mother is dying today, not because there isn't a cure for her disease.

But because we couldn't any help.

My mother told me.

Charity is done to people who ask.

But help is given to people without asking.

My mother is dead today because we couldn't find any help.

-Who are you? -I'm Chinna.

I'm the son of my mother Lakshmi.

What was your name in your childhood?

My name is Santosh, sir.

Your name in your childhood?



You who helped me don't remember it, but I who got your help do.

Because, a person who does charity is remembered.

But a person who helps is adored by heart.

The money used for my mother's final rights was your help Chinna.

You still are the same person you were that day.

But it's me that was chasing money with hatred on this society.

How is the girl now Chinna?

We still need another five lakhs, sir.

Even if it exceeds five lakhs...

I'll give it Chinna.

Thank you so much, sir.

We thought sir was a crook but he isn't!

-Bro... -Yeah.

-I have a doubt. -Doubt?

You took the dead body that day.

But this lady is alove.

Whose dead body is that and how did you come to our place?

I've been investigating the case of a drug peddlar since long.

[gun fired] As a part of that... when I performed a second encounter, I found a wallet near the body.

That had your address.

When I came to you, you revealed your story. You know what happened after that.

I have a doubt too. -What's that?

Who recorded the video?

-[in unison]: Deva. -Deva?

-Our owner Sahadeva. -Our owner Sahadeva.


Come sir, let's go.

-Okay. -Let's go to Lakshmi.


It's important who stands with us even when we don't taste success.

Whomever I share this success with... my happiness is in celebrating with with all of you.

No one knows whom we meet where, when and why in this world.

Except god.

But every acquaintance has a reason.

Asha ma'am...

If I have not met you, I'd have never come up with this story.

I'd never had made a film.

I wouldn't have had such a big hit up my sleeve and be so famous.

Thanks for everything.


Oh! What great have I done in this!

Infact I should thank you.

Because I've become an actress because of you.

My daughter Lakshmi... [sobs] is alive because of you.

Oh, come on... would anyone be gloomy at such a happy moment?

If all of this haven't happened...

Tulasi wouldn't have stepped into my filthy life.

She entered into my lonely life with a loan.

She showered me with so much love as my mom did...

she has become my wife now.

Look at him! He couldn't utter a word when he was into marketing.

And now he is weaving words!

By the way, how was your US trip?

It was awesome.

I was afraid of doing anything in life...

You people gave me the courage to do anything. That's enough.

-Good! -I forgot to tell you.

People in US like my performance and extended my VISA for two years.

-Oh! -Oh!

-Congrats! -Congrats!

[phone rings]


Hello, Phani?

Who is this?

Phani, this is Shyam Prasad Reddy speaking.

Founder of Mallemala Entertainments.

Sir! Sir... Sir... Namasthe!

I've watched your film.

-It's very good. -Thank you, sir.

-Good attempt. -Thank you so much, sir.

Write a good story soon. Let's work together.

It's ready, sir.

Is it? Which one?

It's the sequel of Three Monkeys sir.

-Great! -A sequel?

-A sequel? -A sequel?

-Wow! -Wow! Awesome!

You've done it man! Congrats!