3 Ninjas Kick Back (1994) Script

We spent last summer like every summer... training at our grandfather's cabin.

This time he gave us the ultimate test.

- We just got too good for him. "We" got good?

- Your level is still in ninja day-care. No, yours is!

Grandpa said we still had lots to learn.

Come on!

Why'd you get in my way, Colt? I had him.

You didn't even get near him, Tum Tum.

I did too. Didn't I, Rocky?

Looks like Grandpa wins again.

Keep your eyes on the target.

Wipe all thoughts from your mind.

And keep your energy focused on the target.

Watch the bull's-eye grow in front of your eyes.

When it gets as big as a melon--

I want you to look within yourself.

Remember, all ninjas... are heart, mind and body!

And spirit.

Ah. Now, I've taught you all I know.

And it's time for you to go and study... with a teacher far greater than myself.

Japan! Japan!

We get to go to Japan? Quiet, quiet.

I must go next week... to my hometown in Koga.

And I have arranged for you to come with me... to study with the Grand Master!

All right! Grand Master! I never knew that was there.

That's just the point.

Fifty years ago...

I was just about your age.

I fought for the honor of receiving this dagger.

There was a legend about the dagger and a samurai sword.

They could open the door to a cave of gold laden with riches!

- Like a key? Exactly!

The old master told me... the whole legend... when the dagger was passed along.

Many believed the story.

Koga, the boy who I defeated... was one of them.

When he lost, he tried to steal the dagger from me.

What happened to that kid?

Who knows? Just little boys playing long time ago.

And now, I must take this dagger... and present it to the winner of the ninja tournament.

What about the Cave of Gold?

Can we visit it when we go to Japan?

Weren't you listening, twerp? You need the sword to get in.

Bigger twerp. Biggest.

"Biggerest." Boys, boys.

It's just a legend.

There is no Cave of Gold. And the sword?

Who knows where it is?

I've waited 50 years for my revenge...

Mori Shintaro.

Before you go to Japan... you will be tested on the field of battle.

Now remember what I have taught you.

Control. Restraint.


Unity. Four strands of rope.

Separately, you will snap.

But together, you'll be strong.

Now get out there and kick butt!

Yeah! All right!

All right, get it up, son. Michael, where are you?

Two, please. One with the bun and one without.

It's on me.

Thanks. When does the ice cream guy get here?

In half an hour.

Hi, Lisa DiMarino.

Bye, Lisa.

Don't they look adorable in their uniforms, Dad?

Welcome to the final game of the league championship.

Our series is tied... so this game will determine who goes home with the championship trophy.

The Dragons?

Or the Mustangs?

Play ball!

Batter up!

Safe! Michael, play baseball!

Catch the ball, not the weenie!



Break it up. Come on, break it up. Back off.

Don't dig so deep. You're only gonna be here for one more pitch.

Hey, batter, batter. Batter couldn't hit with a telephone pole.

Come on, Darren. Little Pony couldn't hit a full moon.



Rocky! Concentration!

Heart, mind... body--


Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!

No, no! Safe! Here's the ball.

Stepping up to the plate for the Mustangs, number 11, Gerald Thomas.

This kid doesn't come alive very often at the plate.

But when he does, he really lets go. Batter up!



It's a long drive. It's back, back!

It's out of here. It's on the parkway.

- At bat for the Dragons, number 14. - Two outs!

Jeffrey Douglas.

Colt! Batter's got time!

Remember the bull's-eye!

Ball two!

Time! Get your shoe here, son.

Two down. Let's go.

Colt! Strength is restraint!


Shall we play ball, boys?



Don't do it, Jeffrey!


Thank you.

Get out of here!

This is the most disgraceful display I have ever seen in baseball history!

You're supposed to be learning how to be citizens and sportsmen, not hooligans!

I am suspending this game for one week to give you a chance to cool down!

The game starts over next Sunday.

That is if, by then, any of you decide to grow up!

I'm not going to Japan. We're gonna play baseball.

What? I want to go.

I want to play. Stop it!

"I want, I want." What's the matter with you guys?

I was ashamed of your behavior out there and you should be too.

How can I pay attention with Grandpa pestering me from the stands like that?

That's what's embarrassing. That's enough.

And, Samuel, what were you looking at when you're supposed to be pitching?

Lisa DiMarino, Lisa DiMarino And you, Jeffrey, fighting. How many times have I told you about your temper?

You have to learn to control it. I wonder where he gets it from?

See what this ninja stuff does? All they wanna do is fight.

Does this mean no "Japam"?

It may mean no to a lot of things, Michael... till all you guys decide to grow up.

This sucks.

Rocky, why were you daydreaming about Lisa DiMarino?

Four strands.

I didn't do that! That was Rocky!

I think the rope is unraveling.

One, two, three--


I'm so lonely without you Hello? Who?


Somebody pull the plug!

Wait a second. Hold it.

What's your band called?

Mondo Diarrhea. Alien Vomit.

Get behind the bar and do what you were hired for.

And the rest of you clowns, get out my club!

Glam! Come here. There's a phone call for you.

Thank you.

Hey, Uncle. How's the weather in Japan?

My idiot nephew, forget the weather. Did you get the pictures?


Cool knife!

I will pay you well... to perform this task for me.

We'll take it!

The tickets are for Tokyo, Japan. How many tickets, boys?

Huddle up.

Colt, it's Japan.

How often do you get a chance like this? Are you gonna throw it away?

What about the baseball championships? You wanna throw that away?

I wanna go. Your vote doesn't count.

It does too.

You could pitch the winning game. What would Lisa DiMarino think of that?

I can't wait all day.

We voted, and... we're gonna play baseball.

Just one ticket.

No, I'll pick it up. Thanks.

I voted to go, Grandpa.

Thank you, Tum Tum, for wanting to continue in your ninja training.

Ninja? I really wanted to go there to learn how to be a sumo wrestler.

You know how much those guys get to eat every day?

Don't burn the dinner, and clean up the mess afterwards.

By the time you get back, dinner'll be on the table.

I think that's him. Who?

The old fart. The guy who we're trying to steal this from.

No wonder your uncle's offering 20 grand.

He's gone, and that means that the cabin is empty.

Rock 'n' roll!

Someone's coming. Robbers.

Or maybe somebody's lost.

A ninja must always be prepared for battle, or to give directions.

We should steal VCRs--


I don't think so.

Let's "murderlize" 'em!

Let's see what we have here for our guests. Eggs.

Pork pie. Let me have a taste of it.

I'll keep a lookout. You two go and do the deed.

I'm gonna flatten you! Focus!

Why you hitting me? He's doing it.

I gotta do all the work around here.

Piece of cake!

Okay, on three.

Wait. Is that the one after two?

Yeah. One.



Get off of me!

Look, a desk! Yeah?

If you were gonna hide a letter opener... wouldn't you hide it in a desk?

I found it!

See? Let's go.

Were you hatched from a moron egg? Does that look like this?

Get a scent. You snoop down here. I'm gonna go upstairs.

Where's my fish Where's my fish It's dead I gotta get a new fish Who's there?

It should be here somewhere. How hard could it be to find a little dagger?


Slam, man, you find it? Lemon meringue.

Banana cream, bozo!

Nice try.


Come on, cheesehead!

Was that a yes? I don't think the house is empty.

There's nobody here.

You're right. There's somebody here!

I'm tired of playing with you, you little run--

Get off of me! Come here, you little--

That's it, you runts! You're mine!

Please, Mr. Man, don't hurt us.

Come on!

Get over here!

Who are you guys, Teenage Mutant Wanna-bes?


We're the three ninjas!

Let's get out while we're still standing.

I'm with that.

Out of my way, Slam. I'm outta here!

I'm working with idiots.

Yeah, come on. Get me? Come on. Get him!

Go. Watch the tree. Tree, tree. Stop!


Go, go!

Go! Go! What are you doin'?

Now, if I was a dagger, where would I hi--

Will you hurry?

Try it again, knucklehead! I'm trying.

I did it!

Come again!

I thought it was supposed to be empty.

My, my-- Help! It was supposed to be an easy job.

Stop! I understand it was empty. Glam!

Glam! We forgot Glam!

He's here. Drive!

Wasn't that great?

I can't believe the oil trick worked twice, and they fell for it.


I thought you were gonna have dinner ready. What is this mess?

Three guys. They tried to rob the cabin.

What did they want to rob? TVs and stuff. We heard them talking.

But we got rid of them.

Yeah. They finally gave up and ran away.

We used everything you taught us. We were great.

A true ninja never brags about his skill.

Next time, call the police.

There were these security guards, and--

Watch dogs!

- And, and I got close and saw it-- - Do you have the dagger?

No, I don't have it. I mean, it's not exactly in my hands.

I want the dagger in my hands tomorrow! Understand? Tomorrow!

Get the dagger and be at my office here in Tokyo... or you will receive no pay.

Love you.

We're dropping Dad at the airport on our way home.

I think he's really disappointed the boys aren't going.

Everything they need to know they can learn on the baseball field like I did.

Don't forget your dad was a kid once too.

I thought he was born full-grown with a briefcase.

That's enough.

When I was a kid, I played like a member of the team.

The way you're gonna play next week? Yes.

Michael, come on.

Who ate my Good 'N' Plenty?

This should protect my bag.

Yeah. Mousetrap.

I almost forgot the most important thing.

They're taking the dagger with them! So get 'em.

No, no! Wait, wait!

Which one of these bags is yours? The one without the sticker.

Which one?

Here it is.

Good-bye, boys. I wish you were coming with me.

Me, too, Grandpa.

There he goes!

Bye, Dad. Bye, Grandpa.

Vacation time!

Oh, my! This is terrible!

I'm so sorry. This is stupid American. Stay right here.

Tell you what. Take some money. Just an accident.

I am very sorry. Sorry, sir.

Get in!

Greetings, Uncle!

I was expecting you earlier. Don't touch me!

Get out of the way. Uncle, we did your bidding and we got the goods here.

Quiet, fool! Quiet, fool!

Give it to me! Give it to him!

Nice vase.

Behold! The dagger of doom!

I can explain this. You have failed me! Ishikawa!

Show them how we deal with fools.

Hey, that's our lead singer.

We can do instrumentals. We don't need lyrics.

Can we talk about this?

Nephew, I am much dissatisfied.

But I am prepared to give you... another chance.

Thank you. You say Mori Shintaro is in Japan.

Keep an eye on him. Listen to every word he says!

And bring back that dagger to me!

My fortune says, "Love will appear on a journey."

You blew that one for us. You voted to stay, too.

I know, but I wish I hadn't.

Besides, all love fortunes are for Rocky.

That means you got mine. What's it say?

Put 'em on. Grandpa says you make your eyes worse when you squint.

Put 'em on, Rocky. We won't make fun of you.

The four-eyed beast!

Mine says I have an insect for a brother and I should squash him.

Colt, help me!

Cut it out. Get up.

He's right.

You do look like a four-eyed beast.

Only I can call my brother that.

What do you call him? My Little Pony?

Kick their butts, Colt! Yeah, I'd love to see you try.

Come on. Let's go inside.

Now! You're not my boss.

I said now!

Yeah, go inside, strikeout kid.

See you Sunday, Dragons.

Why do you do that, Rocky? You're acting like Grandpa.

You would've murderlized 'em.

You made me look like a wimp in front of those guys. Why do you do that?

Chill. It's Grandpa. Grandpa?

Hello, boys. I'm all right. I'm in the hospital.

What's wrong, Grandpa?

I was in a tiny car accident.

A few bruises.

I'm at the mercy of a nurse that doesn't speak English.

She's a witch posing as a nurse.

Do you mind?

I'm talking to my grandson.

I had all my luggage stolen. They took everything, even the dagger.

They stole the dagger.

You vampire.

I saw this weird Japanese guy with long, white hair running away.

Don't tell your mom and dad. We won't tell Mom and Dad.

I'm in Tokyo General. It's a fine hospital.

Except for this wicked nurse with a face like a dragon's butt.

Some people here do understand English, Mr. Shintaro.

Hope you feel better soon. Bye.

Who hit him? Some Japanese guy with white hair.

Like the jerk-o metalhead at the cabin?

Oh, no! Those guys are in Japan.

This isn't my bag. This is Grandpa's bag. Look!

Those guys were after the dagger. We gotta go there.

We gotta help Grandpa. Colt, what about the baseball game?

That's just a game. This is Grandpa.

Where are my Ding Dongs?

Forget your Ding Dongs. We gotta work fast.

First, I'll take care of the tickets.

So that's three children's fares to Tokyo.

We're almost grown up. And the name on the card?

Mori Shintaro. He's my grandfather.

I'm afraid we'll need his authorization. Can I talk to him?

Sure. Do you have Grandpa's message ready from the answering machine?


Hello, Mr. Shintaro? Hi. How are you today?

- I'm all right. That's nice.

I took a reservation from a young man-- - My grandson.

Yes, that's what he told me. Three seats this afternoon to--

- Tokyo. Yes!

I have your authorization for three first-class tickets to Tokyo... totaling $11,364?

I'm sorry. Is this amount okay with you?

Yes, everything-- You vampire.

Sir, I don't set the prices. I just work here.

I'll run this through.

Your grandsons can pick the tickets up at the airport.

Ugly witch.

Yeah? Well, you know what you are? Good-bye.

We gotta get it in gear. We got a lot to do. I'll write a note to Mom and Dad.

Colt, you find all the money in the house.

Tum Tum, you call a shuttle. We'll be packed by the time it gets here.

How we gonna do all that before Mom and Dad get home?

You've heard of ingenuity? Well, this is "ninjanuity."

But I don't want to leave Mom and Dad.

Tum Tum, it's for Grandpa.


How fast can you get us to LAX? Buckle up.


Tum Tum?


It's okay. We'll just stick together.

Hold it!

Rocky, catch.

You're out!

She thanks you. Want to repay you.

Could you take us to Tokyo General Hospital?

She wants to know, are you sick?

No, we're fine. But our grandpa's there.

Mori Shintaro. Do you know him? No, but it will be our pleasure.

Can't you do that more gently?

Really, Mr. Shintaro! My grandchilden behave better than you.

My grandchildren can drive you out of town with their ninja sticks.

He's right! We could!

That's right, Tum Tum-- Boys!

What are you doing here?

Oh, I'm so glad to see you!

Nurse Hino, these are my three ninjas.

Rocky, Colt, and Tum Tum.

Ouch! Would you get that-- Get out of here!

Well, boys-- Colt, what about the baseball game?

You're more important, Grandpa. We think you're in a lot of danger.

What kind of danger?

The guy who stole your luggage, Japanese guy with white hair?

Same guy who tried to rob the cabin. How do you know?

Did he look like a heavy metal chump?

He was tryin' to be a grunge-rock stud.

That guy with the ugly white hair.

He looked like a troll. And his friend with a big nose.

Will you shut up please?

I think those guys were after the dagger.

Well, they have it now.

Rocky! How?

You took Tum Tum's bag by mistake.

They got my Ding Dongs.

Hear that? Those kids got it!

So you came all this way 'cause you thought I needed your help.

What'd you tell your parents?

Well, uh--

Oh, no.

We left 'em a note.

We have to call them on the phone and tell them what's going on.

Meanwhile, we better make some plans about the dagger.

Hello, Jessica! How's everything? How's the weather?

She's pissed.

Hi, Mom.

Jessica, it's not their fault.

I missed them and I sent for them. Here, you talk to Tum Tum.

Hi, Mom. No.

Boys... the tournament is going on right now in Koga.

Take this dagger and present it to the winner of the competition.

What about you? I'll meet you in Koga.

What? Oh, Ma.

Yes, now do this for me.

Set the beeper on your watch and call us every day at 2:00 p.m., Tokyo time.

Okay, Mom. Got it, 2:00 p.m.

Mom wants to say good-bye! Bye.

Nurse Hino, I thought I told you to go away.

Do you know how I deal with troublesome patients?

Nurse Hino, can I make a deal with you?

I'll let you use me as a pincushion... if you see to it that my boys get on the train to Koga.

I'll be glad to help. It's the end of my shift anyway.

Thank God.

Nurse Shibuya will be taking my place.

I hope we make it to the tournament in time.

- I hope we see some great ninjas. I hope there's food.

Is this what Grandpa wanted us to learn?

The next level of screaming?

This guy's good.

I could take him.

Colt, if number 16 wins this one, he'll be in the finals.

I'll be right back.

That guy's not bad.

He's kind of wild though, like Colt.

Come on! He's gonna get his brains splattered.

Stay here. Maybe this is the lesson Grandpa had in mind.

A girl? A girl?

I'm such a spaz.

If she's the winner, does that mean we give her this?

Let's ask Mr. Big over there.

You're going too fast.

Perhaps I can help. I speak some English.

Yes. Tell him we bring this dagger from our grandfather, Mori Shintaro.

Whoa! Look at those feet.

He says he know everything. He spoke with your grandfather from Tokyo.

Bet he's ticklish.

He says ceremony will wait a few days until Mori Shintaro arrives.

We must uphold the tradition.

What shall we do with this?

Grand Master says if your grandfather trusted you, then so does he.

Colt got beat by a girl Colt got beat by a girl I'm still better than you. Shut up, spaz!

You are a worthy opponent, Spaz.

No, it's Colt. This is Rocky and Tum Tum.

I am Miyo. This is my mother.

I would love to hear about America. You live near Bart Simpson?

No. Where do you stay in Koga?

I don't know. We didn't plan anything.

Then you come home with us.

We would be honored. But first, we must hurry.

One more important place to go.

Every year she is the only girl to try out.

Who lives in that castle over there, the evil umpire?

Castle Hikone. No one lives there. Very, very old.

Maybe she should stick to ninja. Shut up.

He tell me to come back when I learn to catch.

You see, because of ninja, I am good at swinging "butt."

What? You know, swing my "butt."

You mean your bat. Yes, my "butt."

Hey, I got an idea.

You teach us ninja-- And we'll teach you baseball.

That was Grand Master's house. Run!

Greetings, Uncle. Where have you been?

Doing your bidding, my dearest blood of my blood. Listen to this.

Rock 'n' roll!

Dig it, man!


Why are you wasting my time?

Relax, san. What's the big deal? Wrong tape.

Just a second.

The tournament is going on right now in Koga.

Take this dagger and present it to the winner of the competition.

That is his plan.

Return the dagger to the Grand Master.

Perfection. I will be ready for him.

Ishikawa, prepare for our journey. What about us?

What about our dough?

I asked for a dagger. You bring me a tape.

Two tapes. No payment!

You have failed me. Take care of them!

This is great. Rocky.

Tell Miyo's mother how good this is.

Thank you. And my brother is a picky eater.

Your Japanese is getting good, Rocky.

You should learn something to say to Grand Master tomorrow.

Like, "Clip your toenails"?

I have idea of what would help. I'll show you.

This is book that helps me learn your language. See?

I don't read Japanese. You can just teach me.

It's half in English. Don't you see?

Yeah. Well, why don't you read it to me?

You're better at this.

Just go ahead. Sound it out.

"Hello. Konnichi-wa.

Nice to meet you. Hajimamashite.

Nice to meet you. Haji--ú Mamashite. Nice to meet you.

Rocky loves Miyo! Rocky loves Miyo!

Grand Master say he will start your training today, too.

We're ready for him. You were a great help, Miyo.

I wish I could go with you. Good luck.

Thanks. We'll do great. See you later.

Bye, Miyo. Bye.

Bye, Miyo, my little chicken potpie.

So... you are the grandsons of Mori Shintaro.

Hey, how come you didn't speak English to us at the tournament?

In front of the other people?

They would not understand us. It would be rude.

Did you bring the dagger your grandfather gave you?

You wanted to wait till he arrived.

I changed my mind.

I want it now.

Weren't you shorter the other day?

Rocky! Colt! Tum Tum!

He's a fake!


Gonna talk us to death?

Oh, no! Mom!

Rocky, give me the phone!

Sure. Catch.

It's about time! You're five minutes late.

Hey, Mom, it's me.

What's going on there? Not much.

You know... it's just a small town in Japan.

Colt, Mom wants to talk to you. Coming down!

Hi, Mom. Dad!

I thought there wasn't going to be any more ninja stuff.

We're not doing ninja. Just seeing the sights and meeting the people.

As soon as you get home, we are going to have a talk about responsibility.

I'll set aside a month. Don't be a smart kid.

I'm not being a smart kid. Rocky wants to talk to you.

Hi, Dad. The noise?

What noise? Oh, it's the TV. Some kung fu movie.

Turn it down.

Hang on a sec.

Grandpa? He's fishing with friends. Yeah.

Gotta go. Bye.

Come on!

All right, Miyo!

Where have you guys been? That's where you've been hiding?

Quickly, but be careful.

This way. Secret passage to the outside.

You said this was a secret.

This is my ninja compound.

My army trains here.

Don't even think of escaping.

Hey! Let me go, you big hairy ape!

Did I say "ape"? Forget it!

It's not fair to the other apes.

I just knew it was a bad idea, coming to Japan.

What? You voted for it.

I just wish I was home.

I want to see Mom and Dad.

I want to be in my own house.

-I want a cheeseburger with real cheese. -I knew this would come around to food.

What is a ninja? Rocky, stop being like Grandpa.

What is a ninja? A body.

A spirit. A mind.

Tum Tum?

A heart.

It's pretty quiet here without the team, huh, coach?

They don't seem to care what I think anymore.

They listen to their grandpa more than they listen to me.

They listen to their grandpa because their grandpa listens to them.

I just wish that they could behave more like--

Like you? Yeah!

They can't, honey. They're not you. They're Samuel and Jeffrey and Michael.

No, they're not. They're not?

They're Rocky... and Colt... and Tum Tum.

I wish they'd come home.


I will give you one last chance.

I have the dagger and the samurai sword, but they tell me nothing.

Only one man knows the secret... and that is Mori Shintaro.

Are you capable of kidnapping an old man?

Uncle-- A hospitalized old man?

I have a marvelous idea.

This is stupid! I feel ridiculous.

Quiet! Put your mask on.

The phone was ringing. I thought it was for me.

This is so-- Straighten up.

Good day, ladies. Hello!


That was him! That was him?

Yo, sir, excuse me. Your physical therapy--

I had my physical therapy today.

Just a way of discharging you. Oh, I see.

I never saw you lovely young ladies before.

That's 'cause we've been on holiday.


I'm getting real tired of this!

You're on the wrong floor, girls.


Bye, girls.

My leg! My butt! My ankle!

Somebody help me. What kind of leader are you?

Surgery preparation.

Yeah, surgery. No surgery! No, no surgery!

We're fine, we're fine!

Why have you brought me here?

Why have you put me in these clothes? Why?

Leave us.

Who are you?

A boy from your childhood.


Boys! Grandpa!

Are you all right? We're okay, Grandpa.

They're not hurting you, are they?

Get us outta here, please?

Try my best.

Who's in there with you? Rocky's girlfriend.

She's not my girlfriend. Well, I mean--

Remember, four strands of rope.

The cave. Where is the cave?

According to legend... the cave is beneath...

Castle Hikone!

The dagger! The dagger!

The sword and dagger are the keys.

Now let my grandchildren go!

You have someplace else to go first. Castle Hikone.

A ninja must use everything around him to his advantage.

But there's nothing here we can use.

I still have a ninja ball.

I don't even have my jelly beans anymore.

Forget it. There's no way to escape.

We don't have to.

We just have to make it look like we did.

Don't you just hate us?

They must be on their way to Castle Hikone.

My bag!

Where's that? I know where it is.

What do we do? Let's kick their butts!

Light up their eyes! Let's light these fat boys up!

Colt, get him off me!


How are we gonna get there?

On the wings of eagles.

I don't wanna fly!

Come on, it's just like a roller coaster.

I hate roller coasters!

I wanna go down!

The entrance is down an old well.

Over there!

Ah, here it is!

Colt, watch where you're going! I am watching!

Look out for that tree! What tree?

There's the door.

The sword!

The dagger!

The gate to my cave of gold.

Ishikawa, wait here.

Look, the dagger and the sword.

Maybe you should leave it there. No, we might need it.

I don't like the look of this place.

It's sealed shut.

Nice job, spaz.

What is this place?

It's creepy, that's what.

Four strands of rope?


These are ancient samurai warriors!

Your riches are nothing but skulls and bones!

You're chasing fairy tales!

I'm not gonna be buried here for your greed!

There is no Cave of Gold!

A fairy tale?

It is a Cave of Gold!

The legend was true!

Yes, it is true.

I beg of you.

The brave warrior begging for his life.

Good-bye, Mori Shintaro.

I beat you once.

That was a long time ago, Grandpa.

Get him off me!

Behind you!

Excuse me, Mr. Man.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

This way!


We're coming!

I will win because you are controlled by your greed!

Don't move.

Fifty years ago, I accidentally scarred your face.

What has happened to your soul... that I truly regret.

No more talking.

Your fate is to be buried here.

Let's go!

You mean... scramble!


Koga, it's not worth it! Come with me!

Come on!

Tum Tum, watch out behind you. Here comes the bag.

Let's go!

Hurry up!

I'm trying!

I wanna find it.

Please hurry!

I found it!

Let's go! Hurry!

Open it up! I found my Ding Dongs.

Tum Tum!

The true ninja is free from all desire.

It took me a long time to understand that, Mori Shintaro.

From our days in Koga until this moment.

Slow learner.

You were all very brave ninjas, all of you.

Grandpa, this is Miyo, champion of the Koga Dojo.

You, a young lady?

As this was presented to me by a ninja master...

I pass this on to you.

You have achieved... ninja level at the highest... mastery of mind--

Body. Spirit.

And heart.

Keep this dagger... till the day you will present it... to a young ninja.

This is better than winning world "cereals."

I think you mean "series."

What I said: cereals.

It's too bad we missed our game.

I thought it wasn't till Sunday.

It is Sunday. Not in America. It's Saturday!

We catch a plane today-- We can make it!

What're you gonna do, Coach? You can't play with only six players.

The rest are on vacation.

What are you gonna do?

I guess we have no choice.

I forfeit.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry I have to relay this to you.

But because of the shortage of players, the Dragons have announced--

Play ball!

How are you? Whoa! This is great timing. Let's play ball!

You heard him! Play ball!

I missed you so much. And the boys.

The big question is: Will this be a baseball game or a wrestling match?

Out! Two down, everybody!

The Dragons are down by one. Two strikes and runners at second and third.

Come on, Colt! Bring me home!

Strike! You're out! Yeah!

Thanks for the air-conditioning, Horsey.

Now batting, number 10, Gerald Thomas.

A single to left. Runner digging for third base.

That's hitting below the belt. I hope the Mustangs... aren't turning this into a wrestling match.


Replacing number 25 for the Dragons is number 21.

That player doesn't seem to be on the roster.

Top of the seventh. Mustangs up 4-2. Bases are loaded.

They have a chance to blow it wide open. And the pitch.

Long drive, deep center field.

The center fielder going back to the wall.


A great catch!

By a girl!

That was a great catch. Gather round.

Listen up. It's our last three at bats.

Let's just go out there and do our best, all right?

All right! Yeah!

Boys, come here.

Look, win or lose, I just wanted to tell you that...

I'm really very proud of you guys.

You're real sportsmen out there.

I told you, you learn about life through baseball.

With a little bit of ninja thrown in, huh?

I'm-- I'm really glad to have you home, men.

Four strands of rope.

Four strands of rope.

Let's "murderlize" them!


It's the bottom of the seventh. Last chance for the Dragons.

They need three runs to win this championship.


Goes to bunt!

Swings away! Whoa!

Almost took the third baseman's head off. A base hit.

Come on, Rocky!

All right, Colt!

Hey, strikeout kid!

Come on, "ninjanuity"!

Let's go! Come on, get a hit!

Bet you can't hit this one.

Come on, Darren!


Two strikes, two outs. One more strike, the Mustangs have won the championship.

And the pitch. Whoa!

It is a long drive deep left field.

Way back! It's way back! The Dragons could win the championship!

It's headed towards the foul pole!

Twisting, turning, spinning!

Foul ball!

Oh, no! It's a foul ball!

Colt, here, use my bat.

I carved my name for luck, strength and control.


Come on, son. You can do it!

Go get them!

Long foul ball. Bet you can't hit it again, loser.

Batter up!

You throw at this batter one more time, you're gonna forfeit this game, Coach!

Play ball!

Watch the bull's-eye grow in front of your eyes.

And when it gets as big as a melon--

The Dragons win the league championship.

This game ain't over yet!

Extra inning's in the parking lot. Come on, fellas.

You're going to show them when you get back to Koga.

Yes. I tell them how I kicked "bat."

I think you mean--

Oh, never mind.

You guys won the first round, but the game ain't over yet.

Colt? I can handle it.

Tell you what. One-on-one. Your best guy.

And you can pick any one of us to fight against.

Okay. I pick you.

You ruined my home run, girl.

Come on! She's just a girl!

Hey, you play on a guys' team, you play by guys' rules.

She's just visiting. Pick me. I'll fight you.

Come here!

Well, I tried.

I said, come here!

Where'd she go? Huh?

I hope there's more food in our next adventure.

See ya next time! Bye!