3 Women (1977) Script

Legs need exercise. Yeah. Yeah.

Huh? Come on over here. Let's sit with Mr. Hollingworth.

This is our indoor therapy pool. You'll probably be doing most of your work in here.

None of our patients can really stand the sun. Millie.

Yes, Miss Bunweill?

This is Pinky Rose. She'll be starting with us today. - Hi.

Hi. I want you to get her a suit and a locker... and show her the routine the way you did with Alcira.

Okay, but I got Mr. Shaw for after lunch.

Peggy can take over for you. Millie's one of our best girls.

She'll show you how simple it really is. Okay.

Okay, after lunch.

What'll I do till then? You can have lunch in the caf... and meet Millie in the locker room afterwards.

I wanna see you before you leave tonight.

Ten more and you're finished.


Just keep 'em movin'.

You could do some of these, too, Mr. Hollingworth, you know? I've done 'em.

No, it doesn't. It's $100 a day.

No, it's $50 a day. Since when?

I'm savin' for one of those new microwave ovens I've been readin' about.

You can cook a hot dog in three minutes.

I like mine burned crisp, and you can set it to burn food just like ya like it.

I've already got 43 and a half books saved up.

Hi. Hi.

I think I'll have the... chicken-fried steak with gravy.

You know the Breck girl? Well, they're havin' a contest to find a new one... and I'm gonna send my best picture in.

Hi. I'm Pinky. Remember me? At lunch?

That wasn't me.

I thought you had the day off. I did.

Old Big-Buns called me in to work for her.

Mmm, sorry. I gotta break in a new girl.

Hi. Hi.

I don't know why she picks me. There's nothin' to teach.

That's probably why.

Do you guys know how to play Scrabble? No.

It's a real good game. You can learn a lot of new words.

My roommate's got this boyfriend who's really good at it.

What's that supposed to mean?

He knows some words I've never even heard of before.

Well, they say they want a receptionist. "Orator."

It's in the dictionary, all right. Two of 'em or one?

Two. - I think it's some kind of, oh, professional talker or something.

That's where I could've worked. You're too short.

But the most unusual one was "zebus."

You know what zebus are? Mm-mmm. - No.

The humps on a camel's back. Ohh.

I didn't like the guy that I was with too much, though.

All he wanted to do was make up dirty words.

We weren't gonna play that way.

You know what we had for dinner? What'd you have?

Tuna casserole. I cooked it.

Was it any good? Yeah.

I got this whole book of recipes that I'm keepin'.

And I list 'em by how long they take to make.

You know, if you only have 20 minutes, you just look under 20 minutes... and it tells ya all the kind of things that you can make in that amount of time.

That makes sense.

It's real good.

It's really not a book, but a kind of file with times marked on it.

You don't say.

Pretty good. Uh-huh. Couldn't improve it...

Oh, um... Polly, this is Pinky.

Pinky, that's Polly.

Hi, Millie. Hi.

It is Pinky, isn't it? Yeah.

Okay, let's go get you a suit that fits. Okay.

You ever worked in these kind of places before?

No. This is my first job in California.

They're not very big with the salaries here. Oof.

You're a little like me, aren't ya? Yeah.

This looks like it's about as best as we can do.

Why don't you put this on? I'll wait for you outside. Okay.

After you've checked the list in the morning, you'll know who you're supposed to have.

There'll be a time written right by each name.

You'll meet 'em here and they'll give you their cards.

Okay, suppose you got Mr. Shaw and it says, on his card, uh, "Mineral pool and rest."

Well, you get him to enter the water right away.

Ten minutes is the max, though, like it says on that wall.

Then you get him out, wrap him up and put him on a chaise lounge... and he's gotta stay there for at least 20 minutes before he can go back in.

Now, you're gonna play the patient... and I'm gonna take ya in.

First we gotta take off our robes and our shoes.

Okay. Robe. Take off our shoes.

Okay, now, what's wrong with ya?

Nothin'? Well, there's gotta be somethin' wrong with ya.

My bathing suit's too big? No.

I mean, why else would you be here if it weren't somethin' like your legs or your arms or...

There's gotta be somethin' wrong with ya.

Oh, my back! Oh, my back.

And my leg. My leg. My leg hurts. Okay, your back and your legs.

This is for people with bad backs and legs. Thank you.

Now, you're gonna have to take it real slow and easy now. - Okay.

We don't want you to get hurt. Okay.

Just be careful 'cause it's real slippery. Okay.

Just take it easy.

Okay. Doesn't that feel good?


Oh, it's hot. Come on back up.

It's 106.

You know, my grandmother had a bad back and leg, too.

She did? Yeah.

Okay, now, do you wanna stoop and get all the way in?

I don't know. Am I supposed to?

Not you. That's what you're supposed to ask them. -Oh.

You have to kind of humor 'em. Oh.

Sort of talk 'em into what they're supposed to do. Yeah.

Okay, now, follow me.

I don't believe it.

If Bunweill had seen that you'd be in hot trouble. You said all the way.

Well, now let's go do some exercises over here.

It's okay.

Now we're gonna exercise these hurt legs.

What's the matter? Haven't ya ever seen twins before?

These are our individual hot tubs.

The water Comes directly from the springs to here.

And over here ya got your rest area.

They probably won't let ya work the tubs until you've been here a week or two.

There's really nothin' to it... but ya just gotta know when somebody's gettin' a bad reaction.

Sometimes they can't get out by themselves, and if you leave 'em in too long they could die.

They could die? Yeah. Uh-oh.

About that floater we had yesterday...

Oh, Graham, I don't know how that happened.

Took her blood pressure and she was fine.

Next she's floating face down in the pool.

Is our, uh, malpractice premium for this quarter paid? Yeah.

Lammoreaux? Yes, Dr. Maas?

How is Miss Rose doing? Just fine, Dr. Maas.

Well, good. You two should, uh, get along very well.

Don't you have something in common? What?

I don't know. Aren't you both from Texas or something?

Couldn't you find a suit that fits you better, Rose? Oh, yeah.

No, ma'am. Well, try.

Vivian, have you ever been to Texas?

Is your name Lammoreaux? Uh-huh.

You French? Nah, I'm American.

Are you from Texas? Yeah, near Longview. You?

I'm from Houston, but I've been in California for about three years now.

You can have this locker right over here next to mine.

Thank you.

Here's your card, Rose. Do not punch in until you are dressed.

Same thing in the evening when you punch out.

You punch first, change after and be punctual.

Good night. Good night.

The Wurtzes went to Hawaii on a real ocean liner.

Like the kind you see on The Late Show.

They brought me a whole pamphlet full of color pictures.

They had a lei for me, too, but... it wilted by the time they got here.

It's all so colorful and exotic.

Everything from the sky at sunset to the Hilton Hotel. It's too hot there.

Someday I'm gonna go there.

A boyfriend of mine used to live there. He even dated a hula dancer.

You wouldn't believe some stories I've heard about hula dancers.

They're real exotic, too.

You can take hula dancin' lessons now down at Macy's Salon of Dance.

I might do it. I like it.

It's only $12.

I think it's sexy.

All you get is a bunch of lettuce and a taco shell.

Lettuce is right. You won't gain weight. That's not nutrition.

A little bit of beans... But that gives you gas.

There you are, Rose. Who's breaking you in, Alcira or Doris?

Millie Lammoreaux. Did she show you the tubs?

I saw them. Did she show you the routine in the tubs?

I think I know what to do. You do, do you?

Alcira will show you. In case I don't see her, you tell her.

Is that clear? Yes, ma'am. Is Millie here?

Millie most definitely is not here, and I need every girl I've got tomorrow.

Is he asleep? Probably.

Can he hear us?

His hearing aid's out. Oh.

How long have you known Millie?


You know, Millie Lammoreaux? Mmm.

I don't know. A few months, I suppose. Why?

I don't know. Just wondered.

She sure is nice, isn't she?

I don't see her too much.

Just seems like she always does everything right.

Doris, the Chinese one? She and I are best friends.

Wonder where she is today.

We don't like the twins.

You'll learn about them soon enough.

Hope she's not sick.

I sure do miss her.

Miss Lombardi? You asleep?

Guess you are.

And she came into my room with a whole bushel basket full of tomatoes.

I hardly ever dream about her, but when I do, she's always bringin' me somethin'.

But tomatoes? I don't even like tomatoes.

Whenever I cook spaghetti I just cook it with butter and garlic and salt.

Can't understand it.

You all ready for your bath?

Yeah. Okay.

Just be real careful.

I haven't seen her since I was 11.

But tomatoes?

I mean, why would my mother bring me tomatoes?

Okay, you just stay right here and I'll be right back.

I have to go to the little girls' room.

Okay, Miss Lombardi, you wait right here. I'll be right back.

Gotta go to the little girls' room.

Hi, Millie. Remember me, Pinky? Sure I do.

Where you been the last couple of days? I thought maybe you were sick.

No, my roommate moved in with her boyfriend. I had to help 'em.

All the way to Riverside. Oh.

Wanna go to lunch with me? It's okay with me.

They had really good tamales yesterday.

They were canned but tasted just like Texas to me... Uh-oh.

Rose. Yes, ma'am.

You left Miss Lombardi alone. Only for a minute.

I wanna see you in my office before you go to lunch.

Do you understand? Yes, ma'am.

It won't happen again, Miss Bunweill.

Have you seen Millie? No. - Wanna have lunch?

No, I'm supposed to eat with Millie. She eats at the hospital.

I don't think this is good enough for her. Right, Alcira?

No interns here. That's for sure.

The hospital? Across the street, but it costs twice as much.

Say, there's a pool where I live and I don't have a roommate any more.

So why don't y'all come over for dinner one night?

We could play a great game of Scrabble.

I've got this new recipe I've been wantin' to try out. It's called penthouse chicken.

You make it with a can of tomato soup.

Takes a whole hour to cook, but believe me, it's worth it.

Say, would you check my glands for me? What?

My neck glands.

They've really been swollen all week. They look like they're fine.

Are you sure? I've really been feeling sluggish a lot lately.

What's a French dip sandwich? A French roll with beef and juice on the side.

Would you like one? I'll just take melon... or pie.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about dessert.

We're having banana pops. You ever had those before?

They're frozen bananas dipped in hot chocolate, and then before they get too dry... you roll 'em around real quick in Rice Krispies.

Read about it in McCall's.

They give you a whole bunch of recipes you can make with Rice Krispies.

Hi, Morley. Hi.

Good enough.

What are you reading?

The want ads. What for? You're not gonna change jobs, are ya?

For my wife.

What does she want? A new sofa.

I just got a new sofa, too.

Actually it's an old sofa, but I repainted it and re-covered it and everything so it looks new.

You lookin' for anything else? No.

A gun for your wife? Mm-hmm.

Last week.

Instructed her. Took her out on the shooting range.

She feels safe now.

Guess I better be goin'.

See ya later.

Sure was nice talkin' to you guys.

I'll probably see ya tomorrow.

Judith Goldstein, 6181. Bye.

Judith Goldstein, 6181.

Quiet lady, very quiet. That's good for you.

I think you're a fool.

This peach pie is really stale. Bye.

Wonder if they'd give me a fresh piece if I took it back.

You're really a fool.

She feels protected by the gun, right?

She felt totally intimidated. Boy...

Do you like yellow and purple? Mm-hmm.

They're my favorite colors. Like irises.

I love irises. I love flowers.

And candlelight. They're so romantic.

It's a surefire way to win a man in one night. Oh.

Good atmosphere and food.

You remember that old sayin'? "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

Well, it's true a lot of times.

Boy, it sure was lucky for me you needed a roommate.

Ooh! What is this place?


Nah, it's a bar. This is my hangout.

Lot of guys hang out here, too. Mostly cops. Oh, a tepee! Oh!

Oh, great. Come on.

A miniature golf course! Oh!

I love miniature golf!

I do, too, but it's been closed for years. Come on.

Look, Millie. They caught up with me.

God. They caught up with me.

Come on, will ya? I told ya there's cops in here. Oh. Oh. Cops.

Let's go get a beer and see who's here.

You'll like it. It's air-conditioned.

Looks deserted. Some of the guys are probably out back ridin' dirt bikes, though.


What's that?

Oh. That's just Willie. She paints those weird things all over the place.

She paint this, too? Yeah. It's a sand paintin' with bullet holes.

Want a cigarette? Yeah.

You hadn't seen Dirty Gertie yet.

Pull her bow and she'll say hello. I'm gonna go put on some music.

She spit on me!



Hi, Willie. This is my new roommate, Pinky. This is Willie.

We'll have a couple of beers.

She and Edgar run this place.

They live in that house out back.

She's gonna have a baby.

Don't pay any attention to her. She never says much.

Wait'll you meet Edgar. He's really funny.

He used to be on the Wyatt Earp TV show. He knows Hugh O'Brian.

It's late in the evenin'

'Bout drunk myself to death And I'm tired I like your paintings. Of hearin'

About your general lack Of happiness Mr. Bartender Now, what'd ya say that for? That's embarrassing.

Set 'em up again Another shot for me A double shot for him Gonna drown all my troubles in a case of gin I'm gonna drink This one down Then we'll have another round Gonna drink Ain't never gonna stop Gonna drink until I drop You drink a lot of beer?


Why'd you leave me Beer's 40 cents.

I usually leave a dime tip. Why did you have to go Oh, I love...

Edgar, this is my new roommate, Pinky. Pinky, this is Edgar Hart.

Hold it!

Never trust a dishonest man, my dear.

He was Hugh O'Brian's stand-in on Wyatt Earp.

Stunt double. I did all of Hugh's stunts for him.

What'd you say your name was? Pinky? Yeah. That's my nickname.

My real name's Mildred, but I hate it.

Well, you, uh... You kind of look like a Pinky to me.

Freeze! Rattlesnake.

You'll be safe now, ladies.

I thought that was a real rock.

No. Edgar's always playin' jokes on me like that.

How come you didn't tell me your name was Mildred? 'Cause I hate it.

Well, what do you think my name is? Millie.

Ohh. Oh, yeah.

Ain't never gonna stop I'm gonna drink until I drop Jesus Christ. Beautiful. I'm gonna drink until I drop I'm gonna drink Until I drop


Sure does remind me of Texas. Doesn't it you?

I don't like Texas any more. But I like it here. Me, too.

Your folks still live in Texas? I don't have any folks.

Couple of aunts and uncles is all.

My mother was sick. Couldn't keep me.

"Purple Sage Apartments."

This is my parkin' space. It's the best one.

Get your stuff out.

You sure don't have very many things.

I left most of my stuff with the family I've been livin' with.

It was old stuff anyway. Oh.

This is our mailbox.

You should get yourself a little tag and put it on here so you can get your mail.

Uck. Ugly underwear.

Oh, good. Neiman Marcus.

Another contest.

Baby stuff. I don't need that.


Oh, yeah. Willie did that a long time ago. She and Edgar own this place.

Hi. Hi.

Oh, hi, Tom. How's your cold?

Oh, Millie.


Ya like it?

I love it. It's so beautiful.

Look at that big kitchen.

I don't believe it. This little stove. Oh.

It's perfect.

I decorated most of it myself.

Who was that guy out there? I told ya about Edgar.

No, no. That cute guy.

Oh, you mean Tom. Yeah.

Is... Is he your boyfriend? He is, isn't he? He'd like to be.

He's always askin' me out and everything... but I'm not gonna go out with him until he gets over that cold.

Wanna go see the bedroom? Yeah.

This is our bedroom.

Oh, it's so beautiful. And this is my closet. And that's your closet.

Oh, it's so big.

And this is our desk. Mmm.

And that's my bed, and that's your bed.

This is my bed. Oh, Millie.

I love it.

I couldn't have imagined it being more perfect.


You know what? What?

You're the most perfect person I ever met.


I don't know if I'm ever gonna have a kid.

Just depends on the guy, I think.

It's gonna have to be someone I really wanna have 'em by, though.

Like when I was born, it was just an accident.

Mother and Dad were married and everything, but... they weren't ready to have a kid.

I don't blame 'em. It wasn't their fault.

Things were different then.

It's a lot easier to make a mistake.

And then where are you? Nowhere, that's where.

I plan everything I do.

I figure out what it is I want, and then I set out to do it.

Like this apartment. I've been decoratin' it ever since I moved in.

And even if I fell in love with a guy and wanted to get married...

I wouldn't move into his place.

He'd have to move in with me.

And even then I'd wanna know everything there is to know about him.

Includin' money and health.

Bathroom's empty now. You can have it.


What's that you're wearin'? My coat.

Don't you have a bathrobe? Not yet.

Can you sew? Mm-hmm.

Okay, you can have this if you can fix it. Thanks, Millie.


I'm makin' us some tuna melts for dinner.

They're real easy and they only take about 15 minutes to make.

I'll tell ya how so you can make 'em yourself in case I'm out on a date or somethin'.

First you open all the cans and jars so you'll have 'em ready when you go to mix 'em.

Then you drain a can of tuna, and you dump it into a big mixin' bowl.

Now ya add a tablespoon full of mayonnaise... and some salt and pepper, and ya taste it to make sure it's okay.

It's okay.


Next ya dice up, not chop up, some onions and some celery... and ya mix 'em in real even so that... you don't get a big bite of onion or somethin' when you're eatin' it.

If you don't have any onions or any celery... you can just use some dehydrated onions or some celery salt.

That's what I'm doin'. We didn't have any onions.

How'd ya like it? Mmm. It's great.

It's a lot better with real onions on it. I can't tell the difference.

You know what I like best about it, though? What?

You didn't put any tomatoes in it. Tomatoes?

I hate tomatoes. Even when I have spaghetti I don't put tomato sauce on it.

I just use that other white stuff. You don't like tomatoes?

Me either.

They call 'em love apples, but I don't love 'em. I don't either.

You take the pill? Pi... The pill.

Well, sometimes. Me, too.

But you can get a bad reaction from it... so I just take it whenever I know I'm gonna do somethin'.

You know what that is? That?

Yep. A shelf.

Nope. I give up.

It's a rollaway bed. What for?

For whenever we have company. Ohh.

I slept on it a lot before my roommate, Deidre, moved out.

I fill in my diary every night, whether anything happened that day or not.

Got a lot to write about today. You.

I have a new roommate.

Of all people, it's Pinky, the new girl at work.

She's a strange person, but it's better than waitin' around... for some fat nurse to answer the notice.

On the way home I took her to Dodge City for a beer.

All the guys were ridin' dirt bikes out back, so we didn't stay long.

Edgar pulled one of his tricks on Pinky. She fell for it till the end.

She sure doesn't have much to her name, but she does have a sewing machine... and maybe will make me a new dress or somethin'.

She loves the apartment. I guess she's never lived in a decorated place before.

Anyway, we're all settled in.

Last one in bed turns out the lights.

Good night, Millie.

I hope ya don't mind ridin' the bus home tonight. I got a hot date.

I don't mind. Normally, I won't go out with a guy... unless he provides for the transportation, but tonight I'm makin' an exception.

Jeffo's car is in the shop. Besides, he's worth makin' an exception for.

He's real cute. Oh, yeah, and don't wait up for me.

I'll probably be home real late. Okay.


Have a good time. I will.

You think you're winning but you don't know the score Hi. What ya drinkin'? Uh, it's liquor. It's, uh, for somebody else.

Six and two. One, two, three, four, five, six...

I'll keep on walkin' Who's winnin'?

Till I'm over you Two.

Hi, Pat. Millie, you're back.

I hadn't been anywhere.

If Pinky doesn't have a date, maybe we'll come down and join ya later.

Leave the past behind You'd be the last thing on my mind Your turn.

How come ya left these lyin' in the middle of the living room floor?

Oh, hi, Millie. Oh, my shoes. Yeah.

What's that you're wearin'?

Oh, I... I spilled somethin' on that one you gave me and I had to borrow yours.

Well, I wish you'd ask me first next time. Okay.


What's this? Milk.

I know it's milk, but what's it doin' in the bathroom?

What happened to your date?

He wanted to go to some striptease joint and I wasn't about to.

Say, Tom and some of the guys are settin' up a swimmin' party downstairs.

Why don't we get on our suits and go join 'em?

I don't have a suit. You can borrow one of mine.

Tsk. Well, I got this sewin' I wanna finish up and...

Besides I... I got some readin' I wanna catch up on.

Uh-oh. Don't look now but it's Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Top of the stairs making her entrance.

Uh-oh. You better start sneezing, man.

Hi, Tom.

Hi, Tom. Hi, Tom.

Close to me Get some... I watch you sleep You're the guy who took her out. I don't know what you're laughing about.

"Sexual drive.

"We went to my apartment, went straight to bed.

Your arms around me It was great."

Oh, how I love Would anyone care to go for a swim?

No. Mm-mmm. Just ate. When you hold me Well, I guess you shouldn't swim for at least an hour after you've eaten.


No. This one?


This one? Mm-mmm. No.

Checking out early, Lammoreaux?

No, I came in early. Oh. All right.

What about this? No. - No.

Okay, a couple of these are signed...

Hurry up. It's Friday. I wanna get out of here. Okay.

What's Friday? That's a five.

You can read it. I can't read it.

Well, it's very easy.

Oh! The twins did that.

What's this? I punched Millie's card by mistake.

I can't... This is all blurry. Vivian? Vivian?

Rose here has punched Lammoreaux's card... and the time out is double-punched, like it's blurry.

I can't read it. It was a mistake.

I'll take care of this. Where's Millie? Thank you.

She's getting dressed. Get her and come into my office.

Don't you get dressed. I wanna take care of this right now. Yes, ma'am.

That's the dumbest thing you ever did.

She just loves makin' me late gettin' out of here on Friday.

I'm sorry, Millie. Well, hurry up and get dressed.

If you're not outta there in five minutes, I'm gonna have to leave without ya.

It won't take me that long.


I wonder what it's like to be twins.

Huh? Twins. Bet it'd be weird.

Do you think they know which one they are?

Sure they do. They'd have to, wouldn't they?

I don't know.

Maybe they switch back and forth.

You know, one day... Peggy's Polly.

Another day, Polly's Peggy.

Who knows?

Maybe they're the same one all the time.

Can we just talk about somethin' else now? Yeah.


Not that way, Pinky. This way.

Pinky? Pinky! Come on.

Hi, guys. This is Pinky, my new roommate.

This is Jimmy, Rich, Joe, Johnny and Roger. Hi. Hi.

Hi, Pinky. Pinky.

I thought you weren't comin'. I'm just a little late. Hi, Jim.

Hi, Millie. You remember Pinky?

Pinky, look out! Oh, boy. Very close.

Let's shoot. You remember this now?

What's the matter, Pinky? Don't ya like guns?

There you go. That's good. Seemed awful tight.

All right. Let me get a good aim on it. Ready to go.

Right in the... Good.

The neck. The neck? You killer.

I'd rather face a thousand crazy savages than one woman who's learned how to shoot.

No, I've been up for hours.

Well, I kind of got a tentative date for tonight. Why?

Really? Well, it's nothin' I can't get out of.

I've stood this guy up so many times before and he just keeps comin' back for more.

Two extra guys, huh? Are they cute?

Oh, yeah. She's all right. She's kind of quiet, but she's real nice.

Kind of homey. No, not homely, homey.

Okay, see ya tonight. Bye.

Pinky, wake up.

What time is it? Early. I hope you don't have any plans for tonight.

I don't. Why? Well, you remember my ex-roommate, Deidre?

Uh-huh. - Well, she, her boyfriend and two other guys are comin' over for dinner tonight.

Here? Sure. I'm famous for my dinner parties.

Tell ya what. I'll go and do the shoppin', if you'll clean up the apartment, okay?


Cigarette lighter. Beautiful.

Gum wrapper. Jesus Christ.


Hi, Tom.

Hi, Edgar. Hi.

I'm givin' another one of my special dinner parties tonight.

Oh, yeah? Yeah. Deidre, Jim and a couple of other guys are comin' over.

Uh-huh. We're havin' pigs in a blanket and chocolate puddin' tarts.

Just keep it out of the pool. It'll be all right.

See ya later. Yeah.

Pinky? Pinky, would you get the door for me?

My hands are full.

Pinky? Oh, hi.

Hi. I just got through.

Looks great. What'd ya get?

All kinds of good stuff.

Did you get me any gum? Yep.

It's probably on the bottom, though.

Got wieners for pigs in a blanket.

Oh, great. Pringles.

Now, these are to fill up those patty shells.

Oh, they don't have stuff in 'em?

Nope. They come empty. Wine! You got wine!

Yeah. Tickled Pink?

And Lemon Satin. Lemon Satin.

And we got all kinds of stuff for dips.

Oh, gosh. They're Florentine wine goblets.


Mmm. Smells good.

What are these for? They're to sprinkle on top of the chocolate puddin'.

Great. It's already cooked.

What do I do now?

You can start by takin' some of that cheese spread... and squirtin' it all in a circle on top of those Sociables.

And then put an olive on top of each one.

Okay? Oh, don't eat the whole ones!

Just eat the broken ones. Oh. Oh.

That's for the guests.

That our dessert? Yeah.

These our hors d'oeuvres?

I made these once before, and they were a real big hit.


What are you doin'? I spilled one.

Oh, Pinky. We can fill it up with ketchup.

No, we can't. It won't taste right.

I only had six of 'em. I won't eat one.

Then the table won't be even.

Now I've got to go to the grocery store and get another one.

While I'm gone I want you to clean up this mess you made... and put the clean sheets on the rollaway bed.

This really cuts down on my time to get ready.

In and out, in and out. I promise, boys. I won't take long.

Go, go, go.

Hey, Red! You live here?

Yeah. You know, uh, Millie Lammoreaux?

Millie Lammoreaux, yeah... Yeah, listen. You give her a message, okay?

I'm Deidre. We were supposed to come by maybe for a drink or somethin', but...

Cut that out, will ya?

We were, uh... These guys are real hot to trot... so we're just gonna go on out to Dodge City and shoot some tires or somethin'.

You tell her maybe we'll see her later. Let's go.

Okay. Thanks a lot, sweetheart.

Let's hit the road. Good job.

How do you like it? It's a Mr. Lamar from Dallas.

Isn't it cute? They can't come, Millie.

Who? Deidre and those guys.

What do you mean, they can't come?

Well, I just saw 'em downstairs when I took the trash down, and... they said to tell you they had to go to Dodge City and they'd see you some other time.

Well, what about dinner?

They didn't say. What do you mean they didn't say?

What did you say to 'em? Nothin'.

I didn't say anything. Well, look at you.

I told you to get yourself fixed up.

You probably scared 'em away.

Millie. Just shut up. You ruined everything.

You always do. We could invite somebody else.

Who? Well... maybe Tom would come, some of those guys from here.



We could eat it ourselves.

We could just have our own party.

Where you goin'?

I'm gonna go find 'em and have some fun for a change.

Come on, Pinky. Wake up.


You gotta sleep on the rollaway bed tonight.

I got company. Oh, okay.

Did you have fun?

She's out. We can go in now.

Pinky, baby. Now, did we throw you out of your little beddy-ni... beddy-bye tonight, sweetheart?

I think we ought to have Pinky join us... in the fun, huh?

I mean, two... But three. Come on, Edgar.


Not one word.

What do you know about anything?

Don't. What about Willie?

I know all about Willie. You don't. She's gonna have a baby.

Why don't you mind your own business for a change? This has nothing to do with you.

Ever since you moved in here you've been causing me grief. Nobody wants to hang around you.

You don't drink. You don't smoke. You don't do anything you're supposed to do.

Well, I'll tell you what. if you don't like the way I intend to live around here... why don't you just move out!

Any time suits me! Any time at all!




Laurie, call an ambulance! Call a doctor!

Is she dead? I don't know.

Watch her head. Watch her head.

Take her other arm, her other arm.

Hurry now. Get a blanket and a pillow.

Are you supposed to turn her over? I called an ambulance.

Turn her face over. No, no. She's okay.

Watch her head, too. Look at that.

Oh, my God. She's lucky. Is she breathing?

No, she's okay. She's...

She's breathing.

She's over here. Can you tell us what happened?

Uh, I guess she fell off the top here. That's all I know.

Do you know how long she was in the water? I don't know...

Why'd she do this? I don't know.

Who pulled her out? You? Yeah, we pulled her out.

Did you hear when she hit the water or anything like that?

No. Yeah. She lives upstairs.

That's her roommate. Did you see what happened?

No. Can you help me for a second?

Yes. How long have you lived with her?

I want to take this pillow out from under her head. Okay.

Not long. Not long.

Do you know if she may have fallen or jumped? No.

B.P.'s 80 over 50. How old is she?

I never asked her. You never asked her?

No. She's unconscious. Okay.

Okay, do you know if she takes any kind of medicines or medications?


Cervical collar, put it on her. Excuse me, please.

Okay, we need a couple of guys on the sides to steady her... as we put her on the gurney.

It really doesn't look good.

Are you gonna lift? You guys just steady it when he gets on the end.

Then, we'll... Okay.

Dr. Faulkner, 6221.

Dr. Faulkner, 6221.

What time they bring her in? About 2:30 this morning.

Vital sign changes? No changes. Her level's about six.

Was that sutured up in E.R.? Yes, it was.

Oh, boy. Never happens in the daytime, does it?

Where's the chart? Down at the desk.

Nona, give me the chart. 122?

I don't know. Joan, do you have 122?

Got a pen? Jim Van Duzer...


Jim Van Duzer, 6464.

He took my pen again. You're lucky that's all he took.

You the roommate? Yes. Is she gonna be all right?

Well, she's unconscious, but... She's in a coma, actually.

There's no skull fracture, so that's good.

All we can do now is wait and see. Well, when will you know?

What about her family? Where are they? I don't know.

Texas? You mean there's no one here?

Only me. Well, I suggest you try to locate some relative... because this girl's in pretty serious condition.

Hey, you got a little piece of tobacco right there.

Okay. You look kind of tired yourself. You okay?

Yeah. How about some coffee?

What about Pinky? She'll be fine.

Come on. I'll buy you breakfast. No.


Don't die.

I'm sorry. I don't have a listing under that name.

But I've got to get hold of 'em. Their daughter's been in an accident.

What'll I do? Do you have an address?

Just this P.O. box in Quitman, Texas.

Probably the best thing is send them a telegram. A telegram?

That'd be the fastest. I'm sorry.

But I didn't... I don't even know how to send a telegram.


His breathing is really getting worse, and his color is...

Hi, Connie. Hi, Millie.

Has there been any change? No. Doctor was just in with her.

Can I see her for a minute? I've got some things for her. Sure. Five minutes max.

Okay, thanks.

Hi, Pinky. You look real good today. A lot better.

Your mom and dad are gonna come out any day now.

Everybody really misses ya, especially the twins.

I brought ya a whole bunch of presents.

First, I got you this sewin' lesson I cut out of McCall's.

And an ad for a computerized sewing machine that practically sews for you.

A faint systole at 86. No diastole I can pick up.

And I brought you this beautiful new pink bed jacket.

Alcira, you want to sign this card to Pinky? Pinky?

Pinky Rose. Pinky Rose.

Thanks. Mm-hmm.

Peggy? You want to sign this card to Pinky?

Everybody else did.

Lammoreaux. You want to sign this card to Pinky?

You have a personal call on the office phone... Long distance.

Oh, that must be her folks. Collect, Lammoreaux.

You know that's not allowed. But this is really important, Miss Bunweill.

You know our policy on phone calls, personal or otherwise.

And this one happens to be collect, and how do you intend to pay for it?

Well, you can take it out of my paycheck.

How long ago did the bus from Texas arrive?

An hour ago. But somebody called me to pick 'em up... and I don't see 'em.

There's a pay phone over there.

It was a Mrs. Rose. She's my roommate's mother.

Are you Millie? Yes.

I'm Pinky's mother, and this is my husband, Y.R.

Y.R.? Huh?

How do you do? How do you do?

Well, Pinky's waitin' on us.

So she just fell off the railin' and landed on her head?

Yes, ma'am. That'd be Pinky, all right.

She was always the fallin' one.

One time she was jumpin' up and down on the bed... and she fell off and hit her head on the wall and had to have stitches.

I know she'll wake up when she sees you.

Sure does look like Texas.

Hi, Connie. Hi.

These are Pinky's parents. Hello.

That's Connie.

The nurses here are all real nice.

Wait a minute, please. You can't go in there.

This is an intensive care unit.

These are Pinky's parents. They came out all the way from Texas on a bus.

Oh. And who are you?

Well, I'm her roommate. I've been here every day.

I thought maybe if they talk to her, she'd wake up.

Well, all right. But only five minutes. You people.

I don't know who she thinks she is.

Pinky? Your mom and dad are here.

That's Pinky, all right.

Just look at her, Y.R.

She's purty as ever. What's wrong with her?

Shh. You'll wake her up.

She's in a coma. All we can do now is wait and see.

Y.R. named her Pinky.

Why doesn't she wake up?

She's sick.

Where's the present? What?

Oh, never mind. I got it.

It's for Pinky. Go ahead and open it.

Read it.

"In this kitchen bright and cheery...

"daily chores I'll never shirk.

So bless this kitchen, Lord, and bless me as I work."

It's for the kitchen.

What are we supposed to do now?

Everybody's well-done, right?

Yeah, well, good luck.

Rare? I know a hamburger stand...

I'm happy with it... burned.

Hi. These are the Roses, Pinky's parents.

She's still in a coma, but we think she's gonna come out of it soon.

Hi, Tom.

Oh, I'm sorry I can't have dinner with you tonight.

I want to cook for the Roses.

Can't have dinner with us. That's too bad. I was really expecting her.

Oh, you want to let me carry that for you? Thank you.

Safety's the best precaution. Thank you.

One hand on the rail.

You can have my bedroom to sleep in. I've got a rollaway in the living room.

Sure. No problem. You want super sauce on that one?

You can stay as long as you want.

A little barbecue sauce would be nice. But don't scorch it, please.

You'll like it. These are all blood rare.

Can you make it fast? We've been waiting a half hour.

You'll love 'em.

Mrs. Rose? We've got some good news for you.

Your, uh, daughter started to respond after you left yesterday... and so we've moved her out of the intensive care unit.

Uh, she even took a little orange juice for breakfast.

You can see her now, but don't talk to her too much or get her too excited, okay?


Mr. Rose. Huh? What?

Daughter's all right now. She woke up.

Oh, good.

Well, can we go see her? Sure, she's right across the hall.

Come on, Y.R.

Hi, Pinky. Hi.

Look who's here.

Who? Your parents.

What? It's your mom and dad.

They're not my parents.

Well, sure they are.

They're not my parents.

I've never seen 'em before. Pinky, it's Mama.

Here's your daddy. See?

I don't know you. Wha-What's the matter with her?

Well, what is the matter with you, Pinky?

What are you tryin' to do to me?

Nothin'. They came all the way out from Texas to see you.

Don't ya even appreciate it?

I don't care where they came from. They're not my parents.

They're not my parents. But, Pinky...

Don't call me Pinky! Now you must go outside.

Get out of here! Get out! Just get out!

Get out of here! You're not my parents. You just relax.

They came in here... It's all right. You had a concussion.

No, it's all right. They're going outside. It's okay. It's all right.

She said they were my parents, and I never seen 'em before in my life.

I'm going to tell you exactly what the doctor told her parents.

She's obviously suffering from temporary amnesia.

It's not uncommon in cases like this.

Since the... Okay, she's asleep.

Since the presence of her parents agitates her... we suggest she doesn't see them for awhile.

She seems to recognize you and feel comfortable around you... so we think, in a few days, she should be going home with you.

And her recovery should be fairly rapid.

I think she'll be back at work in a week.

The doctors really thought that she was gonna die.

But what's worse, there could have been brain damage.

She asks about each and every one of you, especially the twins.

I'm sure if you want to come by and see her, she'd like it.

We're gonna eat in here today. You're probably going to the hospital, huh?

See you later.

Hope you don't get that polish on the bedspread.

How'd you like your burger melts?

Is there any more milk? Yeah. I'll get you some.

Everybody sure missed you at work.

Even the twins, and they usually don't care about anybody but themselves.

How you feelin'? Okay.

Wanna watch TV?

I can bring the set in here for you.

God, I hope I'm not pregnant.

Oh, it's sour.

How could you be pregnant? Dr. Norton.

How do you think?

He was in my room all the time.

Every time I woke up he was in there.

Did you... do anything with him?

How am I supposed to know? I was drugged all the time.

Could've done anything he wanted to. Probably did.

Did he say anything?

About what?

To let you know if, uh, he did anything or not.

He said I ought to have my own room.

I'd probably get well faster.

In the hospital or here? Both.

But I told him we just had this little apartment and... it only had one bedroom... so it was out of the question.

One more coat.

Maybe you should have your own bedroom.

What are you gonna do, move out on me?

No. I could sleep on the rollaway bed.

Did it all the time when Deidre was here.

You wouldn't mind? No.

Are you sure? Sure. I'm sure.


Whatever you want. I don't care.

Don't you remember her, Dr. Maas? Pinky Rose.

She's all well now, and she wants to come back to work.

Rose? I don't... Lammoreaux, Bunweill's in charge of personnel.

And if there's no place for her here, there's no place for her.

But she's already worked here.

She's really good, Dr. Maas.

Everybody liked her.


Hello? Are you okay?

Who's this? It's me, Millie.


What you doin'? Nothin'.

Can I bring you home something special for dinner?


Are you alone?

Sure. Why?

I don't know.

I just thought I heard somebody. You did.

It was me. Oh.

Okay. See you later. Bye.

Edgar. I told you it was Millie. You're not supposed to do that.

She might hear you. Millie.

No. I do not think this was a simple mistake.

No. I do not think this was a simple mistake.

The chances of her making up a Social Security number... exactly the same as yours are very slim.

She maliciously gave me your number when she filled out her W-4.

How could she have? I didn't even know her then.

Don't get smart with me. You can't fool me.

She told me she couldn't remember her number... and was gonna write home for it, and, like a fool, I believed her.

So maybe she forgot to do it and just gave you mine instead.

She didn't mean anything bad by it.

I don't know what makes it such a big deal. She's just a little kid.

I'll tell you what makes it such a big deal.

I do not want any discrepancies in these records.

I do not want government people here going through these books.

I think Rose did this on purpose.

I didn't trust her from the very minute I first laid eyes on her.

She never did anything wrong on purpose.

She's just scared of you, that's all.

Then she almost died, and nobody even cared around here.

You're the bad ones, not Pinky.

All you care about's your time clock... and your money and your dumb books.

Well, you don't have to worry about any Social Security numbers any more, because I quit.

It's a horrible job.

And we don't need it. Neither of us.

Damn it!

I don't believe it.

My car is gone.

My car has been stolen. Well, call the police.

I'm going to.

"Lammerex"? Lammoreaux.


Uh, Millie. Lammoreaux, right.

Millie Lammoreaux. You live over at the Purple Sage Apartments?

Yeah. How do you know?

Deidre Black's friend. You know Deidre Black?

Sure I do. She's my ex-roommate.

We came by your house the other day. Yeah.

We stopped by. We were gonna have a drink or something... but we were in a hurry and went over to Edgar's place.

Okay, let's see. The color of the car was, uh, mustard.

Just like your dress, huh? No, that's English mustard.

My car was more of a French mustard color.

And, uh, no license and no registration?

No, I told you. It's with the car.

Is it possible a friend could've gotten the car without you knowin' about it?

No. My roommate doesn't even drive. Besides, she's sick.

Is that your car, right there? Huh?

That's it, all right. What's it doin' here?

Really, I didn't know anything about it.

Dodge City's about the last place I'd expect it to be.

I don't know who would've brought it here, really.

It's crazy. You sure that's it?

I'm sure that's it. That's my license plate number right there.

And my decals.

Look here. They even left the key in here.

Come on. Let's go inside and see who's in there.

Boy, whoever it is is gonna be sorry.

Hey, Jim. Deidre, what are you doing here?

Hi, Millie. Where have you been? My car's been stolen.

That's where I've been. Your car's not been stolen. It's sittin' right out front.

I saw the little redhead drive it up. What little redhead?

Little redhead shootin' out on the range with Edgar.

It's been here awhile. A chick drove it. Where'd Edgar go?

He's out back shootin'. Yeah?

Do some shootin' later on? Yeah. Sure.

That's Pinky. Who's Pinky?

My roommate, damn it.

Case is solved.

That's good.

See, once you find your pattern, then you can adjust to it.

The main thing is to take a nice slow squeeze... not knowing when it's gonna go.

And take your time.

That's fantastic.

All right, Pinky. How come you stole my car? Pinky?

I didn't steal your car.

I borrowed it. You did not.

You didn't even ask. Couldn't find you.

You didn't try very hard. I tried hard.

You did not. You could've at least told Doris or Alcira or somebody.

Who took you there to go in and get my keys? Tom.

Pinky, I had to call the police and everything.

They're sittin' in there right now waitin' on me.

They think somebody stole my car.

They're sittin' in there, huh?

Well, aren't you the lucky one?

Give me a slug of that, huh?

Very nice. All set.

I'm home.

Oh, hi. And two.

Anybody want another drink?

I do. Love one, Rich.

Thanks. You're supposed to be restin', Pinky.

What do you think I'm doin'?

You can't do... I bought us a barbecued chicken... and I'm gonna make barbecued chicken melts for dinner.

I told you about 'em before. I'm gonna have hamburgers down here with the guys.

You can't. What do you mean, I can't?

You can't. I bought all these groceries.

Besides, you're not supposed to be up for too long.


These guys just happened to have saved my life... and I'll spend just as much time with them as I like, thank you.

Patty melt chicken? Thank you.

You're welcome. Bet you hate that.

Champagne taste.

"At least I've got her to move out of the bedroom.

"I wish I could remember more about her.

"But I do know she isn't much fun to be around.

"Oh, well. C'est la vie.

"Maybe she'll move out, and I can have the apartment to myself again.

"Paying the rent seems to be the only obstacle.

I'm sure it will work itself out."

Didn't you tell me you grew up near Longview, Texas?


What town? Oh, it was more like a farm.

Was it Quitman? I don't know.

Why do you ask me all these questions?

Remember those people I brought to see you at the hospital?

The old people?


Remember who they were?

How am I supposed to know? They were in the wrong room.

Whoever they were, they were lyin'.

Did you get your Social Security card?

What is this, the third degree?

What are you gettin' at? You gave Miss Bunweill my Social Security number... when you filled out your W-4 form. Who says I did?

Both Dr. Maas and Miss Bunweill.

Well, they're both wrong.

Why would I do anything like that?

I'm just tryin' to help you, Pinky.

Will you stop callin' me that?

How many times do I have to tell you my name is Mildred?

You got it? It's Mildred!

"Edgar's okay, I guess. But he's pretty old.

"At least he's making me laugh.

"That's more than I can say for what's-her-name.

"I've been wondering about my parents a lot lately...

"who they were, what they did.

"Maybe I can trace them someday.

"Lammoreaux is a pretty unusual name.

I bet it's French..." How dare you read my diary.

Don't you ever touch it again.

Do you hear me?


What's the matter?

I'm scared. What of?

I had a bad dream.

Dreams can't hurt ya.

Can I sleep with you?


Where ya goin'?

I'm just going to shut out the light.

Oh! It's okay. It's just me. I am just... I just came by for a visit.

What are you doin' here? I was...

There wasn't anybody to talk to, and I just thought I'd...

What are you two doing in bed? You learning some new tricks from my little Pinky Pinky?

Leave her alone. I wasn't gonna hurt anything.

Get out of here right now, or I'm gonna call the police.

The police? I mean it.

The police, that's funny. Those are all my pals.

If they knew what was happening, they'd be here... just celebrating, because at this moment... right now, I'm becoming a father.

Willie's havin' her baby now? Willie's having her baby now.

Who's with her? There isn't anybody with her.

What do you mean, there's nobody with her?

There's nobody with her. She doesn't need anybody.

Come on, Pinky. She doesn't need me.

Where you gonna go, over there? She doesn't need you either, honey.

She's... Pinky. Nobody needs you.

Pinky, why don't you stay here? Come on.

Willie, I'm here to take you to the hospital.

It's too late. Get a doctor.

Get a doctor. Okay.

Pinky, go to the hospital and get a doctor and bring him right back here, you hear me?

Go on, Pinky! Do as I tell you!

Oh. God.

It's okay now, Willie.

Pinky's gone to the hospital to get you a doctor.

Willie, what should I do? Get, uh... Hurry!

Get something.

Baby's coming. Let me get my...

My... Legs... Oh! Oh, oh, oh!

I.. I don't know how do this.



Push or something!

Pinky'll be back with the doctor. Oh! Oh!

Oh! Oh! Oh! You should try to push.

Oh! Oh! Ohhh!

Willie, I don't think I can...

Something's coming out.

Breathe! I ca... Ohhh!

There's a head coming out. Oh! Oh!

What do I do?

It's a head.

I think it's not coming out. It's too big.

Willie. Willie, push!

Push, Willie. It's too big.

There's a lot of blood, Willie.

Willie, its head... it's too big.

Willie, push.

Willie, I can't deliver it.

Willie, it's... it's a boy.

Willie, he's so cold.

I don't... I don't think he's breathing.

Willie, he's so cold.

Ohh. My-My baby.

He's dead.

Y-You never went.

You never went!

Hi. Hi.

I'm gonna need to get somebody to sign for this order.

I'll get my mom.

She's coming.

Hi. I need to get you to sign this order.

Sure is horrible what happened to old Edgar.

Yes. It was a terrible accident. We're all grieved by it.

I just don't understand it... him being so good with guns and everything.

Okay. Thank you.

Bye. I'll see ya.

Come on, Millie. You're gonna help me fix dinner tonight.

The vegetables need washing. Get that hair outta your face.

Want some Coke? Thank you, baby.

I just had the most wonderful dream.

I was trying to remember it, but I couldn't.

All right, you two. Time to come inside.


Oh. Damn skirt.

I'll fix that for you.

Millie, get my sewing basket.

Yes, ma'am.

Where is it?

You know where it is.


And wash those potatoes for me.

Yes, ma'am.

All of them?

All of them.

And put them in the pot.

This pot?

I'm not gonna answer that.

Yes, ma'am.

Don't know why you