30 Days of Night: Dark Days (2010) Script

I never wanted a war.

I just wanted people to know what happened here.

Ninety-eight men, women, children...

...my husband.

And yet no one believed.

They rebuilt the town.

Life went on.

But I was already dead inside.

I never wanted a war.

Good evening. I'm Stella Oleson. I'm a survivor of Barrow.

I've been traveling for the past 1 0 months...

...trying to find ways to make people understand.

So l wanna thank you...

...all of you, for being here tonight, for having an open mind.

The story I'm about to tell you is an absolute truth.

It wasn't a faulty pipeline...

...that destroyed our peaceful town.

Ninety-eight people didn't die in an oil fire.


The truth is...

...last year when the sun set for 30 days...

...our town, Barrow, Alaska...

...came under siege by a clan of vampires.

That's okay.

People always laugh.

But tonight...

...tonight will be different.

See, they go to great lengths to make you think that they don't exist...

...which is why every time I do one of these things...

...a couple of them show up.

Well, l have a surprise for you.

I've rigged the ceiling with three SunMax ultraviolet lights...

...each of which are the same intensity and wavelength...

...as the sun at high noon.

If there are any of you out there...

...l suggest you stand and show yourselves.


I'm a vampire.

Hit the lights.

-Clever little show. -Well, people need to know the truth.

That's a good one.

My husband, my closest friends, I watched them die.

I understand.

And post-traumatic stress--

It can really mess a person up.

All those people tonight, they can't deny what they saw.

But what they saw was a hoax, right?

An elaborate stunt perpetrated by a very sick woman.

If it was a hoax, then why send in the FBl?

You're a thorn in my side, Stella Oleson.

If it were up to me...

...l'd choke you with my bare hands and bury you in the fucking desert.

Others, however, feel that would draw too much attention.

Who are you?

The body's already in the incinerator.

No one will ever believe you.

And in basketball...

...the Lakers took a crushing loss to the Pistons this evening, 1 1 0 to 94.

Rain showers will be intermittent throughout the evening.

-We'll have relief come morning time.... -Sorry, Eben.

More wet weather for Saturday evening.

Let's get more information about that disturbance down on Figueroa.

Come on, give me the key.

No. No.

-Who the fuck are you? -l'm Paul.

That's Todd.

And that's Amber.

Great. Now why the fuck are you in my room?

Dane sent us.

I lost my daughter three years ago, up in Washington.

My mom and dad, right off our farm outside of Tulsa.

My fiancée, New Orleans, middle of the fucking city.

And no one believed us.

Might as well have been talking about UFOs, Bigfoot, some shit.

Which is why, for the last two years, we've been out there hunting them.

Hunting them?


And we could use a fourth.

No, you don't hunt them. They hunt you.

See? What did l tell you?

-Where you going? -This is a fucking waste of time.

Amber. Hey.

Look, Stella, we know what it's like...

...waking up in the night...

...with your heart pounding.

We're offering you a chance to end that...

...put those nightmares to rest.

You don't know me.

No. No, we don't know you.

But we know you're a survivor.

What was it, 30 days?

And you held on?

You know their strengths, their weaknesses.

No one's gonna believe you.

You're gonna have to face that.

They found us. Found her.

-How many? -Just one, so far.

All right.

-Get the door. -Yep.

Son of a....


Yeah, take a seat.

Time to check out, huh?

The FBI agent...

...he wasn't one of them, but--

Yeah, man, they call them bug eaters. Wannabes.

Fuckers are everywhere.

They do Lilith's bidding, and in return, she promises them immortality.

Lilith, who's Lilith?

She's the one we're after.

Queen bee.

You really haven't done your homework, have you?

I'm sorry. Do you have a problem with me or are you just always--?

I do. l'm afraid you're gonna get us all killed.

Easy, A. This is what Dane wanted.

She's like a fucking magnet.

Lilith orchestrates everything.

She keeps them organized.

She keeps them secret.

She also keeps way off the grid.

But Dane's helped us track her here to Los Angeles.

Yo, if we could take her out...

...the entire network falls apart.

Forty-one, what's your 20?

Let's check it out. Come on.

Let me get my shoe on. Shit.

Jesus Christ.

What the shit is that?

Come on, look at his hands.

Well, well, enjoying the view?

Where are we?

You're gonna meet your friend, Dane.

-Trouble? -Little bit.

-Were you followed? -l don't think so.

No, no way they followed us.

We were traveling, like, 80 miles an hour.

-No. -Don't. Stella...

...he's not like the others.


It's a pleasure to finally meet you.

I imagine this must be very unsettling.

My wound...

...was superficial...

...and so somehow l've managed to hold on...

...all these years...

...to some semblance of my humanity.

That's not possible.


How do you feed?

Does that all the time.

Fucking disgusting.

Why did you start writing me letters?

Why did you start reading them?

You knew things...

...things other people couldn't possibly know.

And l wanted answers.

You wanted revenge.

And the only way to get that...

...is with force.

They're old service tunnels.

An earthquake in the '70s rendered them useless...

...but Lilith has carved them out as a nest.

-This the only entrance? -The rest are sealed off.

-How many uglies are we talking? -lt's hard to say.

I'm sure we can handle it.

Wait, you're planning on just walking in there and killing her?


We got big guns, sweetheart.

We've gone into nests like this before: Seattle, New Orleans.

Yeah, this ain't our first picnic.

This one might be different though.

Lilith is in L.A. for a reason.

Whatever it is, I'm certain she's brought backup.

Well, it could be our only shot.

Yeah. What if she disappears?

Who knows how long it'll be before we find her again.

Use the daylight as usual.

Give yourselves an out.

If it's daylight, what about you?

I don't go.


-lt's the best time to do it. -Yeah.

-lf the four of us can corner her-- -lf three of you can corner her.

I never agreed to any of this.

Told you.

Lil-- Lilith, l--

I-- l've detained the witnesses from the motel.

I was thinking maybe it was time.

She wants to know about the Alaskan, Stella.


I sent her packing back to Barrow.

She wants to know how you can be so sure.

How can l be so--?

Because I threatened her. I scared her.

She was afraid of me.

Well, what did she just--?

Mind if I sit?

May I?

Go ahead.

So, what's your plan now?

Going back to Barrow?

I can't.

Can't risk them following me back there.


Home is an unfamiliar concept.

I haven't been home in years.

Your daughter.

What was her name?



That's beautiful.

She'd have been 6 next week.

I heard the window shatter upstairs.

I rushed back to her room.

I saw him.

I saw him there in the window with her.

He looked back at me.

Those black eyes...


And then she was gone.

Nobody believed me.

Not the police.

Not my wife.

Ex-wife now.

So l kept moving...

...but always listening...

...for a story like mine.

That's how l found Todd and Amber.

That's how we found you.


You said she orchestrates.

They don't make a move without her saying so.

Not one move.


Hey, you okay?


Shit, man.

I thought we had it bad back in Bywater.

A lot of desperate people.

It's all right, though.

You know, it was home.

Live just about anywhere when you're with somebody you care about.

How about you, Stella?

What's it like up there in Barrow?


It's a Marine Defender.

There are six in the mag. You can go ahead and check.


Bullets only slow them down.

-l know. -l guess you do.

Oh, shit.

All right?

Yeah, l just--


I'm good.




Watch your step.

You guys, we never go this far from the light.

I'm serious. This isn't how we did it last time.


You smell that?



That's real fresh.

Let's be careful.

They could be close.

This isn't right.

This is a mistake.

This is not how we do things.

-We're too far from the sun. -This is not the time.

-We're too fucking-- -Shut up.

-Do it now or we don't do it. -We need to regroup.

No, this isn't how we do things.

You're gonna get us killed.

You know what? Fuck this. I'm going back.



Behind you, Stella!




Hold onto me.


This way!

Come on, over here.

Go, go, go.

Todd, you okay?

Where did they get you?

What happened? What have they done?

All right?

Oh, crap!

-lt's okay. -Kill me.


Todd, you can hold on.

You can hold on, okay?

Hey, Dane held on for years. You can too.

I can't.

-l can't. -Yes, you can.

Yes, you can. You can.

Hey, hey.

Hey, hold on.

Will you--? Todd?

I can feel myself...

...slipping away.




You know how this works.

Jesus Christ!

I can't. l can't.

You don't have a choice.


Do something!

Todd, I'm not gonna do it.

I'm not doing it.

Look at me.

I'm your friend, Todd.

I know you.

Fight it, Todd.

Fight it.

I thought you said you've done this before.

Never one of our own.

Yeah, well, get used to that.

What are we gonna do? How are we gonna get out of here?

Fight our way out.

How are we gonna do that?

We're low on ammo. We're down a man.

Well, what do you suggest?

We wait.

Until dark, until they go out and hunt.

No, fuck that.

Fuck that. l can't stay in here.

I can't.

Can you try not to lose your shit and get another one of us killed?


-What the fuck? -Amber.

What the fuck did you just say?

You think this is my fault?

You think this was my fault!

That what you think?

Well, fuck you. Everything was fine until you showed up.

You'd be doing me a favor.


We'll wait till dark.

Are they still out there?

I don't see them.

Wait, Paul. What the fuck are you do--?

Come on. They've gone to feed.

Nice of you to join us.

I found a way out.

What the fuck are you doing? Just kill it.

Where's Lilith?

I don't think he heard you.

Did you not hear me?

Where is Lilith?

I told you.

He'll die before he gives her up.

No, please!


Let me go!


We didn't see nothing.

Open your mouth.

Fuck you.

Leave him alone!


Leave him alone!




What the fuck, you sick bitch?

You want to get out of here...

...tell me something useful.

There'll be another feast soon. Where the sun doesn't rise.

How's that for useful?

Tell me what town.

Only the queen knows.

They're planning another siege during the darkness.

Sun sets in three days.


Let him go.

You can use him.

Slow. Slow down or they'll hear us.

There. There he is.

How many you think are in there?

I don't know. Could be lots.

Hey, what do you keep in that bag of yours?

Just 1 2 pounds of C-4.

Good, then we'll wait till the sun's up.


--the weather. There's a bit of sunshine--

Temperatures rising into 70s for the afternoon...

...but we can expect to see some more of those rain showers...

...by evening time as another front moves in from the south.

Outlook for the week continues to be rather gloomy.

Temperatures cooling down....

So, what do you do when all this is done?

So if you were planning on going to the beach anytime soon you might--

I used to feel like finding Lilith was my endgame.

Like it was the last of my business.

Once we got it done, if I survived...

...l was gonna finally go home...

...put on my robe...

...sit on my porch...

...brew myself up a nice cup of coffee...

...drink it while the sun come up...

...then blow my fucking brains out.

But l don't think like that anymore.

What do you think like now?

Like l wanna put this all behind me.

Start over.

They won't come out if we're near the light.

Then we'll go where it's darker.

Yeah, well, it won't be dark for long.



Are they dead?

-lt's okay. -Help me, please. Get me out of here.

Calm down. We're gonna help you.

Hold still.

-lt's okay. l know. -Please.

You gotta be quiet now.

What's your name? Tell me your name, sweetheart.

-Jennifer. Oh, my God. -Jennifer.

We're gonna get you out. It's okay. Can you tell me where they are, huh?

They're everywhere.

-Where's the detonator? -l don't know.

It's gone.

We're fucked!

Stay behind me.

There's too many.


Oh, fuck.

Fucking thumb.

-You all right? -Yeah, I'm fine.

Be careful. Here, watch your step.

Was she here?

I don't know.

Let's go.

You're okay.

I got you.

You're okay.

It's gonna be all right.

You're safe now.

Okay, ready? On three.




Easy, easy, easy.

Joint's gonna be pretty weak. Could slip out.

-Thanks. -Okay.

I can do it.

It's okay. I got it.

Where's the girl?

Jennifer? She's sleeping.

We need to find out what she knows.

Yeah, well, she can barely put two sentences together...

...so let's give her a minute.

All right.

All set.

I haven't felt anything in a long time...

...except anger.

And that's gotten me this far.

It's Dane.

He's helping them.

I've been trailing them.

I know where they're hiding.

Take care of it.

I'm running out of time.

I want this.


Show me.

Oh, God. Leave me alone.

Leave me alone!

Oh, God.

You fucking--

They brought us on a ship...

...with bodies.

So many.

Some of us they took ashore...

...to keep bleeding us.

And Lilith, was she on the ship?

I think.

I don't know. They--

Come on, Jennifer. I need you to remember. Does sh--?

Maybe don't push too hard, huh?

Can you try to remember?

Does Lilith stay on the ship?

I think so.

Do you remember where it was?

I saw army boats.

Would you recognize it, the ship?


-Take her out back. -Okay. Come on.

Come on. Out the back.

Come on. Come on.

Go, go, go.

Go, go, go!

What the fuck was that?

-ls he following us? -l don't think so.

Do you see it?

There. Over there.

When we get out of here...

...l want you to take this car and go, okay?


...we don't even have a plan for this.

We could call the Coast Guard.

And tell them what?

There's a ship full of vampires?

We're gonna get on that thing and stop it from leaving.

And you know it's suicide, right?

Let's go.

What the hell are they doing?

Is that--? Is that blood?

They can come back.

If they still have their head.

What was that?

-lt's moving. -lt's happening.

They're leaving.

Wait, wait, wait. We cannot be stuck on this ship.

We will not make it.

We don't have a choice.

Yes, we fucking do have a choice.

We could-- We could run back now and we could swim for it.

Then what?

This ship gets to the Arctic Circle, hundreds more will die.


I'm sorry.

Fuck it.


Navigation room.

-ls that up? -lt's one level up, three sectors over.

Through the mess hall.


Oh, God.

Kill me.

Amber. Hey.


Who the fuck are you?

-l.... -Where's the ship headed?

Alaska. Town called Wainwright.

Turn it around.

I can't.

-l can't. l'm sorry. -Don't say sorry.

-Just turn it the fuck around. -l'd do like she says, pal.


They have my family. They said--

Said they'd do terrible things. They don't tell me anything.



Do it.


-How many bullets you got? -Not enough.

-Use them on ourselves? -l was thinking the same thing.

Bleed them out.

You get to watch first.

No. Don't do this.

No! Fuck!

Okay. Hold still. Let me see.

Oh, God. Okay.

It's gonna be okay.

I need to stop the ship.

Do you have any idea how this shit works?


I think that did something.




Does it feel like it did in Barrow?

When you held your dear Eben?

Felt him die in your arms?


I can smell you.

I can smell your blood.

I felt nothing.

I could've let the ship go--

Parliament 454, do you read?

--and drift into endless darkness.

Parliament 454, this is Z-E Steven Rome, U.S. Coast Guard.

Can you verify your location?

Myself along with it.

Parliament 454, did you receive mass text transmission?

Please respond.

Parliament 454, please respond. U.S. Coast Guard, Z-E Steven Rome.

Do you copy?

Parliament 454, can you verify your location?

Z-E Steven Rome, U.S. Coast Guard.

What they found on that ship...

...it was never on the news.

No one ever talked about it.

I thought about searching for more people with stories like mine.

But I already knew one.

Come on.

Please, please, please.




I can't believe it's you.

I can't leave you.