300 mil do nieba (1989) Script

300 miles to heaven.


Come here...

Come Closer Come on

Get lost kid!

I can't guarantee that you will survive till tomorrow.

Don't tell me... Time?

07:32 AM

Where is he flying? North...

How come he knows where north is?

He has a good sense of smell.

You will learn a lot from this.

Go home.

Father needs help Yes kiddo.

This harmony will fall down on your head.


Where is your dad?

Over there...

So here it is this company...

What is it all about?

About bricks and other stuff.

Nice, cleverly.

Looks as if nothing but...

Let's go to the point.

Is it far? It is...

You don't mind if I take a seat?

You see Mr. Kwiatkowski...

Why did you come, sir? I have a reason to believe that this is an illegal business.

Of course we can agree, or not.

We will see... Do you understand?

In these days it's possible to make it easier, correct?

If you really want. It's a mistake, there is no company here.

Sir, I have evidence...

But we are making those bricks for ourselves.

Right, and for your neighbors... I know.

Like I said we can agree with that evidence, or not...

You didn't pay any taxes.

No permission, and work hygiene is not right Do you want some money?

Come on... Do they need to be here?

Let's speak in private...

But dad, that's not right! That is for an extension.

Tell him that we don't have a place to live. No money for bricks either.

Tell him that you got fired from school. Stop butting in Jedrek.

Send him to reach people who can bribe him. Stop it Barbara.

So if it's like this...

Then we seal up the factory...


which made Stalinism could bring tragedy.

Our present politics is breaking this down.

Guaranteed safety and peace.

Different than previous epochs.

Excuse me. What is it ?

There's something incorrect.

You said before that, other epochs could guarantee safety and peace.

You didn't pay attention...

Yes I did so...

Watch out or I'll kick you out.

OK, but I will come back with my dad. He'll remind you, your love of Stalin.

And you will take back all you said about my father.

Your father...

Never danced the way they played.


And when they played out of tune He always pointed out who it was...

Get out!

Everything is failing!

Elka stop!

Leave me alone.

Tomorrow at 10 AM at the station.

We're running away. Where to?

To the WEST...

Yeah, right...

To Kudowa, leaves at 10:02 AM Thank you.

What you're looking at?

Won't you greet your daddy?


Wait! I've already grown hemoroids by waiting!

Sit down.

Back for long?

Next stop 205, which paragraph haven't you studied yet?

Shut up.

Don't tell me you feel bad! That would be hilarious.

Make sure you go back or else you die from the longing.

Sit down.

Shut your face and listen carefully.

Zdzisiu, first school, then pleasure.


How about dad?

If enough time comes along...

Now you can wave him goodbye.

I couldn't. Let's try tomorrow.

Or next year...

Do you want to escape just like that?

You're out. Motherfucker, you don't trust me?

No, I don't...

Why didn't you go then?

Do you have a brain? Do you want him to be pulled into a machine?

Dad! We were just making bricks.

Stop medling with my business.

And what is that business of yours all about?

Stop answering back, Jedrek!

Somebody has to take care of it in the family.


Dad! We broke the seal...

How is it, really? You're working your guts out and we still can't make ends meet...

It's not all that straight-forward as you think. Straighten it then.

These are your own words.

Good morning.

Get on!

And who had the best time in "orientation flights"... in 67?

And a diploma!

It's here.. in this drawer...

Keep looking...

He won't find it anyway.

Damn it. I'm sure! It was....

The diploma was here.

Better tell us how you landed on top of the flower nursery.

It was not my fault. Steering system got jammed.

The diploma was here.

Just wait a second....

It's in the old dresser.

In the basement.

Stop! Don't leave or you'll vanish for a few months again!

Zdzisiu, what's wrong with your memory?

They have revoked your license seven years ago.

Flying planes are not for losers.

Better come back.

Jedrek, that's not true.

You're just nothing!

You are bad as a prisoner.

I'll tell why you're getting locked up.

You're going there as if back home.

And do you know why? Because they think for you aswell.

Because you don't even know how.

Zdzisiu, are you pissing me off again...?

When it suits you, for three months, then you steal shoes.

And if for, half a year, then you smash someone's face.

Because you're simply afraid to live here. Yes, Zdzisiu.

You're a nobody. That's not true.

It is true. And you smoke too much.

I'm not like that....

Would you fly a plane?


Where to?

To Austria.

To Austria...


Come back... Do you hear me?

Come back!


Zdzisiu! What's up this time?

What's wrong with him? Everything's fine.


Zdzisiu!!! Austria



Austria!!! Daddy...

What do you have there?

An application.

Application for what ?

For passport. OK and where do you want to go?

It's all there.

And what do you want to do in the WEST?

It's my business.

You think you can write whatever you want? Then go where you please, to live as you please?

And this is personal? I think so.

I'm not a criminal and... don't owe anything to anybody.

So I can go where I want and how I want. Right?

Don't be upset. It wasn't personal...

Goodbye. Goodbye.

Penalty tax for two millions...

Pity it's not five million.

I will start working in a factory and earn that money.

And I start sewing.

I'll help you.

I will!

Leave us.

What are you doing here?

4 hours 17 min. and 49 seconds Not bad.

We just caught a mouse. It's in a trap.

Why America?

Why? To Louisiana...

If you don't want to - you can stay in New York. Bad luck - we split.

Hang on... what about your Louisiana?

Because over there... one can play blues on an accordeon.


Do you know how much we can earn by basking?

So you wanna run from Poland just to be a negro in America?

So? Why not? Be quiet.

Jedrus... lets do it.

Don't you want to help your father?


Have a look.

Have a look!!

We escape on a truck.

Show me.

Have a look...


I know where trucks park on the way to Swinoujscie.

That's where we board on a truck. Why not in the port?

To get busted by the customs?

Take mine. Those are dry.

We take along Ela. What for?

Because... it's Ela...

This one?

This is it.


Maybe this one?

He's turning.

Model F12... three axis type. After the second axis, there's a special shelf.

In three hours... we'll be by the sea.

Damn it. How can we fit in here?

Haven't you calculated everything? But for two.

Dump the accordeon.

No fuckin' way.

Get in, it was your idea.

Check that box... and you get in.

Fuck off, monster!!


I'm not going without you. Fuck off.


Jedrek! It's just great here!


I stole a bike.

Your name and the other one. After surgery.

How did you stole this bike?

I said, after the surgery.

I said, after surgery.

I've told you!! After the surgery!!

What are you waiting for? Let's run.

Check that room!

Where did they ran? Who?

Those kids.

That way.

It's all nonsense.

Let's go back.

Take this.


I will come back for you.

Dear parents. We are sorry.

We didn't ran away because of you, we had other reasons.

For two days...

Don't call the cops or we'll be in mortal danger.

We'll be back next week.

Mom, take care of yourself. Jedrek.

Mom, it's not Jedrek's fault.

We decided everything together.


Stop staring through that window, Barbara.

I'm going to the police. Wait, they will come back.

Please, don't go.

That's the first time they ran away.

You're defending them? I just trust them.

The child's ID is unknown... Take him to child care in Swinoujscie or Novogard.

I have to report.

Check the truck at 40th km.

It's parked in the forest for a few hours.

Over... OK, over and out.

Good evening. Police.

May I see your papers.

The ladies' one also...

Passport, driving license...

What are you doing here?

Miss, please translate it to him.

Please leave the cabin.

Lady, I said get out.

Hop in.

I repeat, my sons have never ran away.

Did your son ever mention that they wanted to go to the WEST?

Where? West? Ofcourse not.

Have your sons had any problems... Please sir, find them.

To start with - we can start looking after 1 month. That's the rule.

By then the boys will certainly return.

Secondly - they've left a letter, did they?

So it's not a "missing" case!

They left the letter, but they also left the money!

That contradicts the letter.

There is a lot of unclear matter here, Mr.Kwiatkowski.

Start searching for them! I've got your report, thank you.

Did you know... it doesn't snow in Louisiana.

Stop that bullshit.

I left her behind.

Next month there's a blues competition over there.

Jedrek! Shut your mouth!

What are you doing?

I can't take it anymore.

My accordeon...

Does it hurt?

That's against dogs.

How do you know we are heading West?

Maybe he's going to East Germany?

Dogs don't like that.

Tadeusz Kwiatkowski - history teacher. Fired in 1982.

Fired again in 1983. Presently a seasonal worker...

Mind condition - manic depression.

Barbara Kwiatkowska - unemployed. 1974 dropped university... Sociology Attention: Message to all border check points! I repeat - to all border check points!

Possible illegal border crossing.

Kwiatkowski Andrzej, born 30 Aug 1974 and Kwiatkowski Grzegorz, born 20 Nov 1977.

Sons of Tadeusz and Barbara.

Kwiatkowski Andrzej... student, first year Higher Technical College in Ustka, near Kielce.

In contact with Jagielonski University, in reference to his interests in ornithology.

Kwiatkowski Grzegorz sixth grade of primary school, in Kielce.

No other information.

I think we've just crossed the border. Stop it!

We've made it! I'm going to play in Louisiana.

Your calculations were wrong.

Why did you throw away my accordeon?

I don't even know if they caught it...

Jedrek! What do you think? Which country should we decide to go?

I am thirsty! Well, take this...

I am going to puke.

Give me a drink!!

I want my mom.

It was your idea!

Dragging along your accordeon.

Give me something to drink!

So you don't want to play in Louisiana anymore?

I'm thirsty...

I'm thirsty!!

Lord almighty... (praying)


(continues to pray)

Give it to me!!

Jedrek.. what?

Give me a hug...

I'm going to puke...

I think it's time to go...

I'm counting to ten and we're going out.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

Count slower, please...

6, 7... Slower still...

8, 9, 10...

Damn it... I need to piss.

I can't hold it anymore! Shut up.

Should I piss here? Go ahead.

Or maybe not!

Wait, quiet...

If not here, then where? I'll shoot into my pants.

I'm going out.

Wait! I will...

There's a toilet!

Toilet is there...

We've made it!

Having fun?

Mister... What country is this?

Here, eat this.

We need to go to the police...

Eat first. I didn't escape just to eat cookies.

Your business. If you don't want, then don't!

You'll get sick... and weak.

You'll get a fever, then beautiful pneumonia...

This way you'll not be of help to our parents.

You've recovered surprisingly quickly...

You are not allowed to sleep here!

Get out of here!

From Poland.


What do you mean?

Where are we? You are in Denmark.

Is this capitalism? For sure?

You are in Denmark.

How are you Jedrek? He's Jedrek. I'm Grzes.

What does he want from you? No! Not from me...

We is good...

From now on you'll be regarded as refugees.

What's he saying?

Be quiet. Everything's fine.

You're in a refugee camp... refugee camp Refugee camp?

You get a room, food, medical treatment and money.

Besides, you get a passport to the city.

You are not allowed to leave the camp without the passport, do you understand?

Listen! Was he talking about money? Seems so...

Then ask him how much.

Shut up.

That's very important!

You are children and you will be deported to Poland, sent back to your parents.

I don't quite understand, but I think he said they'll deport us back to Poland.


In these shoes?

And this will be translated into Polish later, meanwhile you may learn Danish if you like.

Now tell me Jedrek, why did you leave Poland?

Can you tell him? Sir, where can we buy an accordeon?

What did he say?

What should we do now?

We need to write an application for asylum.

What's up? I don't like posing?

So why have you run away?

We wanted to help our father.

Such a risk for money? That's not much...

I couldn't really see any future over there, for myself.

How about you?

Because i felt like...

If you want to play a hero - play to the end! Why did you escape?

You are Polish? So?

What are you going to do if they decline your application?

We will contact United Nations.

We will get it.

We didn't do anything wrong.

When have you left Poland?

What it means to do something wrong?

Well... when they take away... Freedom, isn't it?

Why have you left Poland?

What's important for you right now?

Asylum. I'm not asking you.

I think you have a big chance to get an asylum...

You are nice kids...

This is pro-rata...

And for an interview, I'll send it by mail OK?

Better send it to our father.

So why did you run away from Poland?


Escape from Poland.

You agree that if they want us to sign anything, we won't.

Where is 101...

Do you really want them to return the boys?

And what if the boys are correct?

They are my children and we belong here!

They are our children! Stop it!

We loose them for real, if they return!

You want to recieve parcels from them, don't you?

Where's that damn 101...

Hands drop down with you...

Can't you ever learn to say "NO"?

I found it... 101

We're looking for a job.


Wait for me, a moment...

Do you want to buy a watch?

Please, buy it.

Maybe you buy the watch?


Leave it!

Give it back!

Give it back!!


The only memory grandpa left, and you wanted to sell it.

That was 100 crowns! I could buy an accordeon.

Idiot. Give it back.

Get lost.

Please open.

I said... open the door. I've said that we will not sign anything!!

We simply want to talk.

Where do you think you're going?

To the WEST, mom.

Can the witness tell us what influence had Mr.Kwiatkowski on his son?

Do You know Mr. Tadeusz Kwiatkowski?

I do know him personally.

He's impetuous.

And because of that, he was fired from school.

That's a lie. They fired him for telling the truth.

Order, please.

This is the end for the road for Mr. Kwiatkowski.

I was worrying about Jedrek for a long time.

He's arrogant.

He befriended the daugther of a criminal.

Please keep to the point. I'm sorry.

He owes privately to a bricks factory.

Your honor! That's irrelevant to the case.

Witness is free.

Your honor.

Prosecution requests to suspend the parental rights to their children.

Your honor. Everything that has been said here is not true.

I have not allowed you to speak.

It's not possible for them to be able to carry the duty of bringing up their own children.

Children are in danger because of the educational mistakes.

Because parents didn't ask for help, to bring the children back...

We are obligated to facilitate the upbringing of the abandoned children and pass...

Whom to? Calm down or I'll remove you from the court.

You will not take away our children!

Please sit down.

You can judge us but not during our absence!

Good morning, boys.

This is consul.

Good morning.

First of all. Do you need anything?

No. How do you find Denmark?

It's great.

When do you want to go back to Poland?

We don't want to.

I would like to speak with them in private. Could you leave us?

No, I can't. I'm here privately.

You realize what situation you are in?

You applied for an asylum. It will be rejected.

It's in your own interest to return back to Poland.

And I will help you with this.

We will get asylum.

Yes! There is a lot of talking about the affair already...

It will stop in time...

And the law takes it's course.

If you leave voluntarily - there will be no need for deportation.

Why are you doing all this?

I'm guestioning your presence here. And what conclusion have you arrived at?

I'm not leaving the room anyway.

Bravo! Do you have a Danish passport? But your child is in Poland.

Do you have to bring this up now?

Here you're acting as a caretaker, and you've left your son behind?

Then let him go. We?

We're not in a position to alter the decision of your ex-husband.

The court suspends parental rights of your parents.

Does it mean that we don't have parents anymore?

For the time being... no.

How come?

I'm replacing them for now.

Unless your parents lodge the request to bring you back home.

Jedrek, what does it mean to "suspend parental rights"? I don't know.

What if they send us back?

Sleep for now.

You have more!

Give it.

The box!

Bring the application form...

Merry Christmas.

What's wrong? Why this gloom for?

You can't keep sitting on the fence with it all!

Otherwise you go troppo!

You didn't think about it, when you were getting on the truck? It was all my plan.

Be quiet please.

How come you run away from Poland? I got married.

Did you fall in love?

Do you miss Poland? What is your problem now?

I'm working here, got it? Jump in the car and off I go.

Who are they?

Those are kids... similar to you...

Why are you helping us?

What do you mean "why"? Because you're great!

You've shown that there is no borders.

And you don't need to beg anybody to be allowed to go.

Mrs.Kwiatkowska? One moment please.


Mom. Jedrek.

How are you?

Merry Christmas, boys.

We can manage here.

Aren't you cold over there?

Take care of yourself.

Kisses for twins. How's dad?

How's Grzes?

He's here and fine.

Can I speak with dad?

He doesn't want to talk to me?

Anything wrong, mom?

No... nothing, just keep talking...

Tell him that I love him.

Very much.

Tell him not to worry about us.

And... We've send you some money.

Mom? What's with you?

Do you have a problem?

Mom? Grzesiek?


What's happening with Elka?

She is in Borstal. In a youth prison?

Mom, very soon they grant us an asylum.

Do you want us to stay here?

I don't know... Yes... yes!


Don't you ever come back here!

Do you hear me? ...Hello!

So good you're around...

Based on a true story, while any similarity with real persons is accidental.