3000 Miles to Graceland (2001) Script

Nice car.



You little maggot!

You get back here! What are you doing?

This your kid?

Take a look at his hand. You'll find the valve caps to my '59 Caddy.

Is that true, Jesse?

How many times have I told you to stop stealing parts off people's cars!

Go on inside. Go!

I'm really sorry about this.

You know how kids can be.

That's all right. No harm done.

Where are you from? I've never seen you before.

Just sort of passing through.

I remember saying that very same thing. That was about four years ago.

You from L.A.?

No, ma'am. Jersey City, mostly.

What's with this "ma'am" stuff?

Am I looking that old already?

No, ma'am.

There you go again. I'm just playing around.

I'm Cybil Waingrow.

Very nice name.

That's Cybil with a "C," not Sybil with an "S."


It's a pleasure to meet you, Cybil, with or without a "C."

It's nice to meet you. You drink coffee?

That's a start.

You got any money?

Wow! Jersey's, like, 3,000 miles from here.

Mom, can I have a Coke or something?

Can't you see I'm talking?

Mom, why can't...

Sweetie, I didn't bring my purse with me.

Hey, hang on a second.


Go get yourself whatever you want.

Wow, $5. Thanks, mister.

Hey, Dorth. Yeah, Jesse?

You like kids?

I'm not much the fathering type, to tell you the truth.

Austin, my ex, named him after Jesse James, the bank robber.

Hell of a role model. That's what I said.

I have $5.

Where is Daddy now?

I don't know.

It's hard to keep track when you write them and they don't write you back.

Who cares, anyhow?

Not me.

Wow! You must think I'm some cheap date.

No, sir. I don't know how you city folks work.

But here, it takes a lot more than a cup of coffee and a plate of chow...

...to get a sophisticated woman like me into the sack.

That's for damn sure.

You do make that cigarette look good.

You make that dress look good. You're so sweet.

Do I owe you anything? You know, like...

I didn't mean to offend, I just...

I haven't been with a woman in a really long time, okay?

Right. I'm serious.

Like five-and-a-half-year serious, you know what I mean?

Oh, my God!

You just got out!

I'm sorry.

Well, I guess we're even.

Wait a minute.

Michael, you don't offer a woman money if it's been nice.

You give her flowers or chocolate or something.

You know what I mean?

Hey, Murph!

This must be our singer.

Yeah, because we know you can't sing.

Yeah, but I play a mean guitar.


Hey, man. You're looking...

Yeah! You look good.

You feel good? Yeah.

Enjoying your freedom? Ain't free yet.

Come on, it's a whole lot better than that cage we shared.

Big sky, lots of space.

Not enough water.

"Not enough water." It'll always be something with you, Mike.

Well, you know me.

Who's the kid?

I don't know.

Looks like he knows you.

Just because that kid is packing heat, doesn't make him my partner.

That's right.

I'm your partner.

Ready to play?

Always ready to play, Murph.

What's up, Michael?

These your new girlfriends?

What's happening, man?


Get in the back.

Move over, Gus. I got window.

Great, so I get bitch. That's nice.

What's up?

Hey, kid. Yeah.

You ever shoot anybody with them things?

Didn't think so.

Hey, Murphy.

What's the smartest thing ever come out of a bitch's mouth?

What? Einstein's cock!

That's a good one.

What are you so quiet about?

I told you, I hate the desert.

Yeah, I know, for the second time now.

Check it out!

Deathmatch 3000.

In the red corner, Frank Sinatra.

And in the blue corner, Elvis Presley.

I'm not talking about no cartoon shit. The real deal!

Real cats scrapping it out!

Who's going down?

The Chairman of the Board and the King are looking mighty mean tonight.

I'll tell you, the King lands one right in the Chairman's nuts!

Hot tamale! There it is, baby.

But the King slips!

He goes down and Ol' Blue Eyes goes in for the Italian Necktie!

The King is down!

The King is down! No!

Fuck, man! Let me know when you're going to do that.

Who said "the King is down"?

Let it go. Did I say something to you?

Then shut the fuck up.

Who said "the King is down"?

We were just having a little fun. I know.

So, who said it?

I said it, Murphy.

Don't say it any fucking more.

It was just a joke. Well, it wasn't fucking funny.


Fuck Sinatra. Nobody fucks with the King and nobody ever says he's down.

Hey, Murphy, we all love the King.

That's right. Elvis would beat Sinatra's ass!

That's fucking right.

What's the best thing about dating homeless girls?

You can drop them off anywhere.

Let me out!

Damn, my ass is all sweaty.


Good to see you, Jack.

Really good to see you.

Michael. Jack, how are you doing?

How does it feel to be out?

You know how it feels. Yes, I do.

You got them? Inside.

Hey, Franklin.

Stop. You're killing me, man. You're killing me.

Pretty loose group you got there.

Don't shoot me! Dance, motherfucker!

They dialed in? They're good on stage.

It's going to be some show!

The snakeskin is mine.

I got that one. That's mine.

Hey, Michael.

It's good to see you.

You want to come in? No, I can't.

Really, I just wanted to ask you...

Well, maybe for a second or two.

You haven't seen my wallet, by any chance?

Your wallet?

I had it yesterday when I paid the check at the coffee shop.

I was just backtracking my steps.

Well, I haven't seen it.

Jesse, get back here!

Did you take this man's wallet?

Don't shut that door on me!

Don't lock it.

He does this all the time. Sorry.

Would you hand me that little stepladder over there, please?

Thank you.

He's like a ferret. Takes anything he can get his hands on and hides it all...



Sorry about this.

There was...


$460, yeah.

Is this it?

Just about.

Sorry for all the trouble.

He really isn't a bad kid.

I'm sure he's an angel.

Wait a minute.

I can get your money back. It's okay. It's just...


How about...

...I'll pay it back to you with another cup of coffee?

Time to go to work, baby.

Let's do it.

Here we are at the Riviera Hotel and Casino...

...and it's International Elvis Week.

I don't know what the big deal is.

That porker has been dead for 20 years now.

He was a god.

And second, he ain't dead.

We've gone from Rat Pack to Fat Pack.


Long time no see.

Back off.

Watch yourself, son.

That's no way to treat your friends.

I never met you in my life. Be smart and take a fucking walk.

Hey, man, now come on, don't be cruel.

Would you?

Thank you.

Honey, doesn't he look marvelous?

We think you look just marvelous!

Thank you, ma'am.

Thank you very much.


What's the problem?

Emergency stop on nine.

Probably some couple screwing again.

Do we have visual?

No. Sir, the camera in car eight is down.

Switch to override. Bring it down for a security check. Have security waiting.

All right, everybody stay cool.

Back up.

White is light, red is dead.

I'm only going to say this once. Who is listening?

I am.

In the corner, now.

Get on your knees, put your heads on the ground. What's your problem?

What's your problem?

He's deaf!

Well, you're not. Put his head on the fucking ground.

$50s and $100s, no cellophane.

Holy shit!

Main booth, scramble security.

Call Vegas P.D. We need backup.

Shut up. Shut up!

Let's go. Come on, Gus.

Come on, Gus!

Let's go, Gus.

That's enough!

They're coming out. Do not engage on floor, direct them to B-41.

Intercept there. B-4-1.

They're at Registration.

Vegas P.D. en route.

Right at VIP.

Let me know if they follow, Hanson.

Station 3, where are you?

They're coming.

Nothing'll happen here.

Left at dollar slots.

Relax, Gus.

They're moving us.

Anyone gets between us and Michael, it's on.

They're in B-41.

Freeze! Hold it right there.

Everyone we got, now, scramble!


Give me the fucking camera!

Missed me, bitch!

Come on!

Let's go! Franklin, let's go!

Come on!

Knock them down, Michael!

Let's go!

Freeze! Vegas P.D.!

Get the gun!

Take us up, Mike!

Franklin is hit!

Franklin, come on! You'll make it!

Fifteen, one to go!


Where the hell is he?

Christ, Murph, what's the deal?


He'll be here.

"Just slip out the back, Jack

"Make a new plan, Stan

"You don't need to be coy, Roy

"Just listen to me

"Hop on the bus, Gus You don't need to discuss much

"Just drop off the key, Lee And set yourself free"


Let's go!

Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building!

Hang in there!

You're going to make it! You're going to be okay, Franklin!

I'm dying!

Put pressure on it! I'm dying, man!

I won't make it!

Hang on!

Help me!

Is he gonna make it?

Fuck him.

How you doing?

Where is the pisser?

Nice place you got here. A real shit hole.

Gus, give me a hand.

Oh, yeah.

That's a lot of money.

$3.2 million.

$3.2 million?

That's a beautiful thing.

Less Jack's 10 percent.



That's a lot of money just to fly a helicopter.

Would you rather we used a hot air balloon?


Or maybe hang gliders? Would you rather we used hang gliders?

I don't know what a hang glider is.

I doubt you know how to fly a fucking helicopter, either.

If you ask me, $320,000 is well worth it.

Besides, Jack has taken care of a lot of shit...

...you don't know anything about.

All right. Back to business.

Where is Franklin's pile?

What are you talking about?

Franklin. Anybody remember him?

I was there. Franklin is dead.

Right. So, where is Franklin's pile?

Well, Murph, we don't make him a pile. We split up four ways.

Wrong. Franklin's pile does not get split up.

Sure, I'm good with that.

Bullshit! Who gets the remaining 15 percent, then?

Let me guess. It was my deal, Hanson.

No, I want that 15 percent split up four ways.

You want? Yeah, I want.

Well, I could give a flying fuck what you want.

A deal is a deal.

Let me put it this way.

That fucking deal died with Franklin. Now, it's time to make a new deal.

That's a commitment, Hanson. I'll give you that.

Fuck it. We shot everybody in the casino, let's start shooting each other.

Come on, you guys, let's just settle down, all right? We don't need this.

Gus is right. Let's just keep this simple.

I'll take my 15 percent, plus 25 percent of Franklin's end, and I'll take it now.

I'm not letting that happen. Why the hell not?

Because that would change the plan, and when plans change...

...things get fucked up!

You'll have to learn to be more flexible. The plan stays!

We have an arrangement in Twin Falls...

...where we'll get 70 cents on the dollar. We'll keep that arrangement.

All of us.

After that, I'm over the border into Canada and you can all get on Michael's boat...

...for all I care.

No. Nobody gets on my boat but me.



If anyone goes before then, there's a chance you'll spend the money.

You spend the money, you'll get popped.

And the chances are you'll talk.

Either way, I'm not taking that chance.

Murph, I've been doing this a long time and I've never dropped dime on anybody.

Want to keep blowing smoke in my face, or you want me to blow your head off?

You go do whatever it is you got to do in Twin Falls or wherever.

That's your criminal right.

Me, I'm staying right here.

You both have hot sheets. Instead of traveling with you...

...I should be putting as much distance from you as humanly possible.

Traveling with you fucks is the weakest part of the plan.

But since we don't trust each other, we'll travel north together as a group.

So, try to think of us as the Osmonds, only we don't fucking get along.

Gentlemen, as far as I'm concerned, this job is done.

I'm cashing out. Just give me my fucking money.

Is that an order?

No, come on, that wasn't an order.

I mean, technically it wasn't.

What about you, Gus? What?

You think this is your fucking money?

No, no. This is my money. That's your money.


I just want to get on the move, Murph.

Makes you the only fucking pig in the room, Hanson.

You make me laugh, you know?

I can't imagine what goes through that sick mind of yours.

Sometimes I actually think you believe you're the King himself.

What is it with those side burns? I glued mine on for the job.

For you, it's an actual lifestyle choice.

Shut up. I'm serious!

Shut up.

It's fucking sad, man.

Nevertheless, I do know the golden rule.

And what's that, sweetheart?

Fuck the gold.

He who has the nickel plating...

...makes the rules.

You shot him!

That's right, Gus. Now, I'm going to kill him.


Wrap him up.

Wrap him up.

Wrap him up!


Anybody? No.

We need some towels! He's bleeding all over the place.

Hey, Murph.

How are we going to split up the money now?

Hey, this boy is heavy.

I think he had one too many peanut butter and fried banana sandwiches.


Need a ride, fella?



A raid as wild and as daring as anything seen on the American landscape.

The Riviera Hotel and Casino exploded today in a shower of gunfire...

...during the International Elvis Convention.

Where's Jesse?

Come here, you little shit!

What the hell...

Where is it? Where is that damn money?

I don't know what you're talking about. I'm calling the cops right now.

911 operator. Please state your name and location of the emergency.

Yes, hello.


This is the 911 operator.

Hello, ma'am?


I thought you might change your mind.

Where did you get that?

You're the one. The casino in Vegas. It's all over the news.

That's you.

Get over there and sit down. Go.

That's $100,000 in there.

Just for you to keep your mouth shut.

You don't have to pay me off, I won't tell anybody.

No, you're not.

All I need is a couple of days.

After that, you can do whatever the hell you want.

Everything is understood?

I got it.


Hey, Elvis.

Is there any chance that I might be able to see you again?

Sorry, Cybil.

Are you 100 percent sure of that?

Yeah, 100,000 percent.

I need your car. What?

Yeah, the old Valiant out there. Where are the keys?

I'm not giving that to you.

Yeah, you are. Because I just gave you $100,000 for it.

I don't care how much you just gave me.

Anyway, it's not my car. It's my grandmother's.

You either give me the keys right now... Or what?

You're going to kill us?

You know, there is a simple solution here.

Yeah, there is.

You can take us with you.


Why not? Where are you going?

I haven't got time for this.

You got three seconds to get me those keys...

...or I'll splatter cherry pie on that wall behind you and...

...I'm dead serious about that. One, two...

Stop pointing that gun at my mom.

Who's there?

It's the police. Can you open the door, please?

Mom, money!

Sit down.

Sit down!

Mom, get the door.

Can I help you?

Evening. We received an emergency 911 call from this room.

Are you sure? Yeah.

The call was disconnected. We were in the neighborhood.

Everything okay?

Yeah, it's fine. We were just fixing to leave.

Can we come in, ma'am?

Of course you can.

...Elvis impersonators made it up the elevator and to the roof where they were...

...taken by helicopter, we don't know where.

Are you the man of the house?

We just got engaged.

Congratulations. Thank you. We're really excited about it.

We're about to go on a trip to the Grand Canyon.

Jesse, why don't you go get your stuff? Okay.

Well, I'll be right back.

So, which of you is the one who dialed 911?

I'm sorry.

I was trying to dial 411 for information and I dialed 9 by mistake.

Well, I guess we're all set here.

We'll be on our way. So are we.

Come on.

Ma'am, can I give you a hand with your bag?

If you wouldn't mind. It's really heavy. We got a lot of schoolbooks.

It would be my pleasure.

We'll be right there.

Come on.


You guys are federal marshals?

If we're not, we'd better give these fuckers back.

Good morning.

Not for them it isn't.

'Morning. Vegas Homicide.

What do you got, Vegas?

No IDs.

Looks like this one was digging, trying to bury the one in the sheet.

Someone drilled them from the front. Double taps to the heart.

Three spent .45 casings, probably more in the sand.

And this is interesting.

.45 slug, slightly deformed.


Tell me something, Cybil.

How did that money get up there in that ceiling?

What do you mean? Jesse put it up there.

It's a little heavy for him to get up there all by himself.

You're so paranoid.

Yeah, I'm paranoid, because I think you tried to steal my money.

You don't deserve the money, anyway. You're just an amateur.

If you're such a pro, you know stealing it wouldn't have done you any good.

The money is marked, Miss I-Got-It-All-Figured-Out.

You're lying. Am I?

The news said the money was untraceable.

The news? And the news doesn't lie.

I'm sure they said that.

That way, when the idiots who stole it try to spend it, they get caught.

You want to know why, Cybil with a "C"?

Because they were dumb shits and they listened to the news.

I never thought about it that way. I guess not.

All right, here we go. I'm pulling off here. I can't drive anymore. I got to sleep.

Can I help you?

Can you pump gas?

Good, because nobody does anymore. Fill it up.

You all be cool now.

Man, what happened to your nose?

What happened to your hair?

We just came from another interrogation.

Which reminds me. Quig, why do they call it a head-butt?

It's not like I knocked that prick out by slamming my forehead into his ass.

Yeah, that's true.

I would have come forward sooner...

...but I was busy getting my beak mended.

I heard about the robbery after the surgery.

I put two and two together and here I am, in the flesh.

I'll tell you what I told them other guys. Which is what?

I knew one of them.

You're certain of that?

He's a real crazy motherfucker, too.

He was...

...sinister, you know?

Some creepy, freaky, level 9 type shit.


Kind that's liable to shove a little snake up the coochies of women.

Yeah, you better watch out for that one.

Wherever he go, trouble bound to follow.

Oh, my God! Is he dead?

Jumper cables might help.

Did it hurt?

That's a funny question.

Well, did it?

I think maybe the first one did.

I could call the cops, you know.

You could try.

Allow me.

Need some spot welding done?

This guy you seem to know so well:

He's a real Elvis impersonator? No.

What does that mean? Remember when the King died in '77?

Jesus, was it '77?

He had a clause in his will which stated that Lisa Marie...

...along with any illegitimate child he may have fathered...

...be entitled to his entire estate. Naturally, I came forward.

Naturally. That's when I first met him.

Did "him" have a name?

Yeah! Murphy.

Thomas Murphy.

Where are you headed?

Can I come?

Can I?

Go get your bubble gum.

Smoke? No.

But I do everything else.

It's a nasty habit.

Our music, rock 'n' roll music is basically gospel or rhythm blues.

I did not try to steal your money!

Besides, that was then and this is now.

Yeah, and I should trust you now, shouldn't I?

Why would I try to steal the golden egg when I got the whole goose right here?

No. This goose is flying solo just as soon as we clean this money.

Till then I'm supposed to automatically trust you?

Why wouldn't you? You're a thief and a bank robber.

I'm not a bank robber, okay?

Look, you're going to get set up with a little something, all right?

A little something?

I hope your idea of a little something's my idea of a lot of something.

100,000 little somethings, to be exact.

Christ. Can you just shut up, please?

Not being able to touch hands with body or body with hands...

Is that better?

How about a down payment on that little something?

Did I say little? That's not what I meant!



Mack. How is the road treating you?


Where's your mob heading?


Ever been to Reno?

Get your bubble gum.

Tell me, Michael. Where are we going to clean the cash?

Don't you worry about the cleaner.

What's the password?


For the cleaner guy.

You don't know him, you've never seen him before.

So? So, you got to have a password.

How is he going to know whether you're a cop or not?

All right, so I got a password.

I don't need to know it because I got it written down.

If I understand this, once we clean the cash and get new IDs...

...we're really home free.

You are not understanding something. There is no "we."

Then I'm home free. "Me."

"You" are whatever you are.


You want one of those beverages?

I am good, thank you. No, get back to work.

What do you got?

I got this big, fat file on Thomas J. Murphy.

Jesse, don't forget what I told you.

I know what to do.

More coffee, sir?


Scoot over and let Mommy out.

Where are you going?

"More coffee, sir?"

I'm going to the little girls' room. Okay?

Don't fall in.

You like my mom?

She likes you, I can tell.

Yeah, we're a couple of coconuts.

My mom is jealous of that waitress.

Because she's got bigger boobs than my mom.

Do you like bigger boobs?


Everything copasetic?

Big word. Finish your fries.

I don't have to if I don't want. You're not my father, you know.

Ever hear about starving kids in Africa?

Why? Will you send them our fries?

So, why did you rob a casino?

Because everybody else robs banks.

Nowadays, you got to be original.

If you're original, catch them off guard, it's a piece of cake.

Cake. That's criminal talk, isn't it?

Like cherry pie on the wall.

That was a good one.

I'm glad you liked it. I'd say casinos are pretty original.

How many have you done so far? One.

One? Yeah.

One casino?

That is really lame, if you ask me.

Well, I didn't, did I?

"Happy Birthday to you

"Happy Birthday, dear Michael"

Goddamn it!

Goddamn you, Cybil, stop this car!

Are you going to pay for this?

Where the hell is my wallet?

"Cleanliness is next to Godliness."

Thomas J. Murphy, born 1955, January 8.

Elvis' birthday. Born in Biloxi, Mississippi. No record of a father.

Spent most of his childhood in foster homes.

He was a medic in Vietnam.

Awarded the Purple Heart.

First arrest in 1975 when he was caught vandalizing the gates of Graceland.

Now, why would you do that?

I could not make this shit up if I tried.

Then he was arrested for attempted murder in 1988.

And again for a diamond heist in Arizona, where he served eight years.

Released March, year of Our Lord 2000.

In 1984...

...Thomas J. Murphy filed charges against the estate of Elvis Presley...

...for not recognizing him...

...as Elvis' biological son.

Right. Sure.

He was denounced in 1985 and he lost the case along with 75 others...

...claiming to be Elvis Presley's illegitimate children.

The court ordered DNA testing done.

Seventy-three of the seventy-five proved to be false outright.

Fucking cowboy.

Nice day.

Great day.

You're not going to tell me that Murphy was one of the inconclusive two.


...take a look at those sideburns.

Peterson's Antique Refurbishing. Naomi speaking.

Hi, I'm trying to reach Jay Peterson.

One moment, please.

Jay, there's a woman on the phone for you.

All right.

Jay Peterson. How can I help you?

"Cleanliness is next to Godliness."

Alarm, see?

Yeah, you're right.

Kid, this one here.

I got a name and it's not "kid." It's Jesse James.

Move your ass, Jesse James, and pop the hood.

Good job.

Open this door right now.

Open this door. Open this door right now!

I got you now, you little worm!


Damn it. Don't move! All right!

Unlock the door.

Unlock the door!

- Yes, I do. Tonight, 10:00 sharp.

I'll be there with bells on!

Give me five...

...hundred thousand!

Mr. Peterson!

Mr. Peterson, I'm sorry, I tried to announce him.

It's all right, honey. He's here now.

What can I do for you?

You are Jay Peterson, right?

Either that, or I'm wearing someone else's underwear.

It's a joke!

I don't joke.

Well, you don't have an appointment either.

So, what can I do for you?

"Cleanliness is next to Godliness."

I've been hearing that a lot, lately.

Are you a hunter or something? Yeah.

Me, too.

That's nice.

All right, listen. There's something you should know.

Someone just called here with the password. She's on her way over.


So, why are you here?

I'm just here to keep things honest, Jay.

You killed this one, too?

Either you or him?

Is that a joke?

That's right, you don't do that.


Listen up.

Things have changed.

You guys are all over the news. This thing is messy.


So, it's going to be 50 cents on the dollar, that's what...

...things being the way they are.

No. The deal was 70.

Goddamn it, you almost hit me!

You really should have called first.

Why is it again you didn't call? You ever kill one from this close, Jay?

What are you, nuts?



Okay, it doesn't have to be 50 cents.

You fucked the wrong guy. I know, a deal is a deal.

Why don't you show me the money, so I know you're not just jerking me off?

Hey, listen, I think we got off on the wrong foot here.

Why don't we wait for the girl? That's fair.

Then I'll show you mine, and then you show me yours.

Why don't I shoot you with this arrow? No, please.

Show me you're playing straight with me, all right? Open the safe.

I can't do that! Open the fucking safe.


Well, make it quick. We can't pay for this.

What do you say?

Sorry, sir.

No problem, little dude.

Are you afraid, Jay?

Can't make your fingers work?

You think they felt that?

You think you ever maybe just scared one to death?

What's with the girl?


You're so fucking ugly and she's so cute. What's the deal?

Does the wife know about her?

Why are you doing this to me?

I'm just killing time.

Are you going to kill me?

Not till you get the safe open.

Now, that's a joke.

Open the safe.

I never killed any of them.

What? The animals.

I bought them.

They're just for show. They're to impress my friends.

I take the girl to Mexico and my wife thinks I'm in Africa.

I'm sorry.

I'm a fucking pussy, I mean...

Wow, Jay, that's a lot.

That's a lot to hold back.

Now, open the safe.

All right.

We're in business.

Let's have a drink.

Mr. Peterson?

Come on in!

We were just talking about Mexico.

And being scared to death, right, Jay?


Are you Mr. Peterson?

In the flesh.

You need a hand with that? No, I got it.

Quite a load you got there. A load?

Laundry. I get it. A little industry humor.

Don't you want me to give you the password?

Just to verify that it's really me?

If you wouldn't mind. Not at all.

I know how these things work.

"Cleanliness is next to Godliness."


You scared me there for a second.

I wasn't quite sure that you were the right guy.

Oh, I'm the right guy, all right.

Do you mind if I look around? Not at all.

And if you see something you like...

...consider it a gift. Thank you.

All right, Jesse, you stay here.

This one is beautiful.

That's one of my favorite pieces.


Where is it from?

Up my ass.

Excuse me?

That's an African piece.

Looks Egyptian to me.

You got a bathroom around here?

In the back, through the office.

Thank you.

I told you to wait in the car, Jesse.

Is that my mom?

I want to see!

That's not her.

We're going to find your mom, Jesse.

You're lying. You don't know where she is.

She's with Murphy and she's headed to the same place we are.

No bullshit?

No bullshit.

Do you like women with large breasts?

Or women with huge breasts?

I'm going to go with huge to block.

Tell me what you make of this.

Somebody saw a '59 red Caddy pulling out of a gas station...

...shortly before the place blows up.

- Where? Ely, Nevada.

About 300 miles north of Las Vegas.

Then last night, about 400 miles north of Ely in Twin Falls, Idaho...

...some antique dealer/money washer, alleged...

...is found dead near an open and empty safe.

I got $50 on Boise. You want a piece of that action?

Hey, man, watch the hair.

Where did you get these? I thought you'd like it.

I do like it. A lot.

I didn't know you smoked.

Yeah, once in a while.

Filters are for pussies and guys my age.

Here. That's how young guys in the joint smoke them.

Try that.

Pretty good?

Yeah, real good.

Want another one?

All right, you made your point.

I got an idea. Why don't you make me your partner?

I wouldn't let you down.

What if I helped you get to Murphy and the money?

Then would you make me your partner? No.

Why not?

Because you bring nothing to the table, okay?

Where's your car now, Mr. Smarty Pants?

Murphy is driving it, Mr. I-Blow-Chunks-When-I-Smoke.

Exactly. He's driving your stolen car.

Yeah, Murphy is driving my stolen...

I want to report my car stolen.

It's a fire-engine red '59 Cadillac.

Yeah, Coupe de Ville.

License plate 3-K-M-T-G.

Step out of the car, now.

Okay, thanks a lot.


Shut the ignition off and step out of the vehicle, please.


Come on, stud. Cheerleaders!

What are you in for? Jaywalking or a visitor's pass?

Nothing that romantic. Grand theft, truck.


Is that it?

So far.

Reporting the car stolen:

Damn risky, if you ask me.

Clever, though.

Had I known you were that smart, I might not have shot you back in Rosewood.

By the way, I did shoot you, didn't I?

Where's Cybil? Cybil?

Cybil with a "C"?

Where do you think she is, Mike?

Man, you are fucked up. Murph, you are seriously a piece of shit.

Sticks and stones, but you'd have done the same...

...if she double-crossed you instead of me.

What? What are you talking about?

What am I talking about?

You mean, you still haven't figured it out?

You two didn't play me. You didn't even know her.

No, not very well. But I knew you.

You're reaching, Murph.

Am I? You had no reason to bring her in.

Same reason you stayed with her, Mike.

Average American family out on the road for a little putt-putt.

Why didn't you go back to the motel?

I did.

Fucking coyotes.


Yeah, no shit.

Two of them.

I took one in the grill.

Woke up in a ditch sucking on the steering wheel.

Face it, Mike, you got played.

It didn't matter to her who the $100,000 came from. You, me...

I'm trying to face that myself.

It's all bullshit, Murph.

She told you about the $100,000 and anything else you could beat out of her.

You're right, Mike.

The truth is, she fell so crazy in love with you in one day...

...that the little grifter decides to shit-can the deal she cuts with me, take off...

...with you...

...the man of her dreams!

By the way, that was the deal you got, right? $100,000?


You know the difference between us?

You're always trying to do the right thing...

...in a bad situation.

Zane, Michael.


Right here.

Right here.

Somebody here to see you about bail.

I know this guy. Can I have a second?

Make it quick.


...where did you hide the money, Murph...

...in the trunk of my car?

Instant karma is a motherfucker, isn't it?

Hey, man, it's always a pleasure taking care of business with you.

You want karma, asshole?

You find the money, you'll find the girl.

Hey, Zane!

Find me.

Can I please make my fucking phone call?

Boise County Superior Court now in session.

The Honorable Judge Carmody presiding.

Mr. Zane?

Who are you?

Hi, my name is Otto Sinclair. I'm from 1-800-1-GO-FREE.

Mr. Waingrow asked me to be your legal representation.


Mr. Jesse Waingrow. That little shit!

Charming little feller, ain't he?

Am I getting out of here? That depends on you.

What do you mean?

Mr. Waingrow's agreed to purchase the release bond...

...provided you enter into a partnership with him.

He said you'd understand. You're kidding me.

No, Mr. Zane. I am not.

This is ridiculous. This says 50 percent!

Yes, it does.

Otto, Zane, you're up next.

Make up your mind. I don't want to waste this judge's time.

You shoplifted in the wrong state.

I'm going to recommend a sentence of only two years.

See you in court.

Michael Zane!

Good luck, pal.

Hang on a second.

Two years?

Let me see that again.

Jack? Jack, it's me.

Things got a little crazy.

I can't go into everything right now, so just listen.

I'm in a holding tank in Boise, Idaho.

I'm under the name Jonathan Liebling.

I have to make bail.

I have to do it before my prints come back, you understand?


Bring a couple of guys and some hardware...

...to that place Michael set up for us. You know the one I mean?

You got it.

I'll have you out in an hour.


Fifty percent?

So, I'll see you Tuesday morning, 9:00?


Come on.


Yeah, Jack.

I'll need your license.

'59 Caddy, red.

Row nine.

Yeah, no shit.

I took one in the grill. Woke up in a ditch sucking on the steering wheel.

Get in the car, Jesse.

I got good news and bad news.

The good news is your mom is in the trunk.

What's the bad news?

She's alive.

Are you okay?

Baby, give me a hug!

I'm so sorry, baby.

Mom, I thought you were dead.

You knew I was coming back.

What's going on here, Cybil?


There's more money here than we took. A lot more.

I don't know anything about that. No, of course you don't.

I've been sucking on gas fumes for five hours. Don't look at me like that!

Come on.

Are you okay?

You're good.

You really are. I mean, that's a nice touch.

The right amount of relief from a loving mother reunited with her long lost son.

Who she left behind with a sucker she stole $3 million from.

I did not set you up! Bullshit!

What are you even talking about? Murphy told me.

Surprised? Never mind.

However that happened, Murphy lied to you and you know it!

No. You lied to me!

You stole my car, my money, and then you left your son with a stranger.

Let me tell you something.

The Valiant is my grandmother's car, not yours.

And that is the Riviera Casino's money, not yours.

And most of all, and get this straight...

...I did not leave my son with a stranger.

Come on.

I left him with you!

You can turn this whole thing around any way you want. You're good at that.

Don't tell me you didn't take the money, because you did!

I took it! I did.

I've got two people to take care of on my own...

...and you made it clear that that was never going to change. So, yeah, I took it!

All right.

We got to change cars.

We are never going to see you again, are we?

Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Whatever.

They had the guy in Boise. They let him go.

Murphy? Yeah.


Hop in! Come on!



State champions. Big exhibition game up north.

What the fuck is a wombat, anyway?

A wombat, a small, little, furry animal, something like a hedgehog.

Where are you headed?

Seattle works.

I can't tell you how embarrassed the whole department is over this incident.

But you know as well as I do, we don't make the laws, we just enforce them.


Where did you learn that, the Barney Fife Seminar on Law Enforcement?

What was the weapon?

It was twin .45s.

We're going to need those. Trooper was shot and killed with a .45.

What else was in the car?

That information is not in yet, but I'll get right on it.


What are you thinking?

I'm thinking it's at least 3,000 miles to Graceland, so...

...I want to catch this asshole before he jumps the border to Canada.

There's never any traffic around here this time of day.

There sure are enough cops, though. Look!

Do me a favor.

Would you put it in park? What for?

I got something wrong with my contact...

...and I don't want the car rolling while I work on it.


We're going to bust them. That's our custom.

Let's go.


Here we go, Wombats!

Are you traveling alone?

Not unless you count team spirit.

Go, Wombats!

I have a new one.


Pork chop, pork chop, greasy, greasy...

...we beat their fucking team easy, easy!

Go, Wombats!

Do me a favor, take it easy on the beer, okay?


...go wait by the taxi.

Thanks for taking care of him.

Other way around.

I don't suppose I could talk you into staying...

I'm headed for Mount Vernon.

Yeah, your boat.



What's this? It's all of it.

Except for $100,000. I figure I earned that.

Come on.

That's a lot of money. It sure is.

For that kind of money, I'm entitled to an answer.

Why can't you...

I felt something shoot through me the minute I laid eyes on you.

I knew then that I wanted to spend my life with you. I can't explain it.

Please, stop.

I can't see why we shouldn't be together.

What do you want me to say?

That you want us to stay!

I can't, Cybil. It's not that simple.

Yes, it is that simple.

What difference does it make? I don't even know who's talking to me here!

I can't trust you.

No matter how much I'd like to, I'll never be able to trust you.

That's it, isn't it?


It's not me you can't trust. It's you!

Glad you think so.

Looks like she didn't talk you into staying.

No, she didn't.

I really liked being your partner.

You're a pretty good partner.

No bullshit?

No bullshit.

I got to go.

I can't fucking believe this.

Did you see me?

It's him!

That's right, cowboy. It's me.

Mom, on the right!

Son of a bitch!


Mom, he's coming up on the left!

Mom, where is he?

Oh, my God!

Mom, wake up!


Jesse, come on!

You stay the fuck away from us!

Things work out better for me sometimes...

...when I don't kill people.

Touch my mom and I'll kill you!

You want to fight?

You want to fight?

Now, what I want is my money.

All of it!

And you're going to get it for me.

Michael has it. We don't know where he is.

You don't know where he is?

I got a good idea where he is.

I'll hold on to this piece of shit...

...while you go and find him for me.

Get up.

I was wondering if you were coming back for her.

It's been a busy couple of years. Where do we stand?

Let's see. That's $130,000 you owe for the loan...

...and you racked up $24,000 for five years of dock paint and maintenance.

How are you planning to pay for this?

Well, cash is king.

Slug bug blue!

What the fuck was that? It's a kids' game.

My mom and I, we're in the car a lot.

Well, you're no kid.

You don't scare me, you know that?

No, I don't believe I do, do I?

I guess your mama taught you well.

Yeah, she did. So, what's your mama's excuse?

Slug bug yellow.

What, you don't want to play no more?


Murphy has Jesse.

He wants the money and he'll let him go.

Michael, please.

You know, my dad left me this boat a long time ago.

I never even knew him.

Pretty cool?

Please, talk to me. So, you and Murph just...

...ran into each other?

What am I going to do?

What am I going to do?

My God, what am I going to...

I want you to listen to me, okay? Now, listen.

We're going to get Jesse back. No, we're not.

I promise you, we're going to get him back.

All right.

What are we going to do?

What everybody should do in this situation.

Call the cops.

Hey, handsome.

Either quit smoking or get a new lighter.

I like that one.

You guys got a call about the Riviera job.

Said the guys who did it are having a meet tonight.


Duck River Wood Mill in Mount Vernon, north of Seattle.

Still going north. Anything else?

Yes, sir. A name.

Thomas J. Murphy.

Don't worry.

These guys are by the book.

They just want to read their name in the paper.

Nothing will happen to me.


I thought you'd like that one. I do.

Who's carrying this?

Got you written all over it.

Good, Jack.

You wanted firepower? I give you Hamilton.

I told you to bring a couple of guys, Jack. A couple of guys.

Trust me, he is a couple of guys.

Who's the kid?

In the first place, he ain't no kid.

He's four and a half feet of money.

I like him already.

Make sure you keep him breathing till the money is in my hands.

Are you hungry?

Want a sandwich?


Come on, kid. Even tough guys have got to eat.

Do you want a jelly sandwich?


Give me TAC, HRT and SWAT.

I don't care where you get them, just get them!

Fucking Seattle is fine! Just get them.

Hey, Jack.

Glad to see you could make it on time.

Where's the boy?

Some job we pulled.

I don't need you.

Now, I'd like to get this over with if you don't mind, so let's go find Murph.

He's right here, Michael.


You okay, Jesse?

He's fine.

Let's make the trade.

What's the rush? I mean...

...I thought you were looking forward to this.

Cybil is down there.

If we're not back in five minutes, she makes a phone call.

You're not calling the cops, Mike, and neither is she.

Now, why don't you throw the bag over?

No problem. Send Jesse over here, Jack will bring you the money.

Go ahead, Jack.

You go slow.

Jack, you make one move towards that kid...

He'll splatter cherry pie all over the fucking wall behind you!

He's got the lingo down, Mike.

Keep coming, Jesse.

Come on, Jack.


I'll just walk out of here with Jesse...

...and you got the money. All of it.

That's very generous, Michael, but it's not that simple.

I hope that's you, Hamilton.

Yeah, it's me, baby. I'm on the money.

Jack, go start the plane.

Give me five and we're out of here.

He's a bad guy, kid.

Maybe not as bad as me, but he's a bad guy...

...just the same.

You, Michael, along with all the other bad guys out there...

...seem to be missing the point.

You're all forgetting the rule.

The golden rule.

And that is...

He who has the big-ass gun makes the rules.

It would help, of course, if the gold was actually in the bag.

Michael, I hope you haven't ruined this.

This could have been easy.

So, I'm going to check...

...just to be sure.

What the...

Fucking newspaper!

Damn it!

What the fuck?

Run, Jesse, run!

Federal Marshals! Hands in the air, now!


All right, that's good. Now lower the weapons.

Guns down, now!

You said five minutes, Mike.

Yeah, I lied.

See? You are a bad guy.

The truth is, guys like me die caught. Guys like you...

...you can die bloody. It's up to you.

Me? I'm going back.

Yeah, you're going back, Mike.

Who told you to turn around?

You're going back in a bag.

Take this!

Run, kid!



Get a paramedic!

That was stupid, Jack.

- That was stupid. I'm through asking, Thomas Murphy.

Step out now!

Was he really...

...your old man?

Who's going to fly the plane?


I cannot let you leave here!

Do you understand?

That's the last of it, kid.

I'll cover you.

"Sweet mama, won't you set me free"

If you don't come out now, Murphy, I promise you, we're coming in!

You don't want any of me!

Hold a second. Which one is he?

It's not Murphy.

I got to get him out of here!


Mom! Oh, God!

No, this way!

Do you recognize me now?

Because I recognize you.


Nobody shoots!

He's not giving up.


Make sure everybody is all right.

I really wanted to get this one alive.

I'm glad he didn't give up.

I wouldn't have.


A little cleanup here.


Federal Marshals and a SWAT team exchanged gunfire...

...with the last three men responsible for the Riviera Casino robbery.

They were killed in the exchange, along with several law enforcement officers.

Unfortunately, the last six men associated with the robbery are dead.

The money may never be recovered.

Has anyone seen my ambulance?

These things really work.

Help me up.

I thought you died.

I did.