360 (2011) Script

[ Footsteps ]

[ Woman sighing ]

[ Muffled talking, rustling ]

[ Metal doors closing ]

[ Metal sliding ]

[ Man coughs ]

[ Woman breathing heavily ] [ man whispers ]

[ Liquid pouring ]

[ Woman sighs]

[ Footsteps ]

[ Man clears throat ]

[ Footsteps approach ]

[ Sighing ]

MAN: Good. Ahem.

[ Rustling ]

[ Man, in German ]

Come on, sweetie, smile.

Don't be shy, eh?

These internet pictures are important.

20 beautiful girls on one web page.

Why do they pick you?

You need a drink?

Drink? No.

Ah, help you relax.

I don't need drink for relax.

[ laughs, speaks German ]

Get undressed.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

So turn around. Turn around.


[ Camera clicks, shutters ]

[ Anna, in Slovakian ]

Don't move, don't move. Yes, great.

Yeah, yeah.

MAN: Stop, stop.

That's good.

Head up, head up.

So, uh, how much--


[ Woman, speaking Slovakian ]

"How much money will I get?"

How much money will I get?

It depends. it depends.

I had one girl--Come on.


I had one girl--Blanka-- was rich after one day.


[ Camera shutters ]

You have something to change?

[ Camera shutters ]

She was smart, you know?

Her first client was a sheik, an Arab, ja?

She saw a big aktentasche, full of dollars.

Sends me an S.M.S., uh, "Come quick." and I come quick to the hotel room.

"Hello, room service." Pow.

And afterwards we split it, 50/50, you understand?


That's good. Smile, smile, smile, smile, smile.

[ Beeps ]

Okay, sit here.


So do you choose a name already?


[ Beeps ]


[ laughs ]

We are done, Blanka.

[ Shoes thumping ]

So when will the pictures be on internet?

When you want, schatzi?



No, schatzi, no.

There are so many other girls waiting.

Unless... you do something for me.

[ laughs ]

Joke, eh?

[ In Slovakian ]

She's cute. She can work for me, too.

My sister? Never.

Why? She's too good for this?

Yes. She has heart.

I have a heart. No, you don't.

[ Music playing ]

j& This blinding kiss j& j& Breathes helium j& j& Into my heart j& j& And erases j& j& The embraces j& j& Of all other lovers j&

j& With this kiss j&

j& Your ruby lips j& j& Speak for themselves j& j& They tell nothing but lies j&

j& I dissolve into the wax j& j& Of a flickering candle j&

j& In this kiss... j&

[ Ringtone playing ]


[ Speaking Slovakian ]

Good news.

Tomorrow, 7 PM, Hotel Steigenberger. [ softly ] Rocco.

Top manager, in town for auto show.


Are you going to say thank you?

Thank you. You see?

You're good to me, I'm good to you.

Tomorrow, 7:00, Hotel Steigenberger.

Yeah? And don't be late, eh?

Okay. And look elegant, nice, yeah?

Understand? He's a top manager.

Okay? Top manager.

[woman, in Slovakian ]

[ Siren wailing ]


[ Mirka, in Slovakian ]

ANNA: "What is your job?" MIRKA: What is your job?

[ Mirka, in Slovakian ]

"You are a nice man."

You are a nice man.

"Today" --

"Today I went to a fitness center with my girlfriend."

Today I went to a fitness center with--

[ chuckling ]

[ Cell phone ringing ]


ROCCO: Okay, schatzi, he's waiting at the bar.

His name is Michael Daly.

They are booking us for two hours.

Listen--very important: You don't take the money in public place. You take the money at the room.

As soon as you have the money, you give me a call to say everything's okay. Okay?

So good luck, schatzi, hmm?

I think he's even more nervous than you.

[ All chattering ]

[ All chattering ]

[ Bartender, in German ]

[ In German ]

[ Sighs ]

Hey, Michael.

There you are. I've been looking for you.

Listen, we've come to tell you that we have reconsidered and we agree to your price at 400 per unit.


Yeah, plus delivery within 90 days.

So what do you say? That's very interesting.

I'm sorry. You catch me at a bad moment.

All I can tell you is that you won't find anyone in Europe who can match that offer. As it happens, I got an offer yesterday from the Estonian suppliers who beat that: both your delivery dates and price.

Estonia? Okay. [ laughing ]

Well, you know, go ahead, do your business in the Baltics.

See how you like it. We've done it, once.

Never again. Worse than the Russians.

My responsibility is cutting the costs.

And their figures are very good.

Speaking of good figures, I see they started letting in hookers here again.

How do you know she's a hooker?

Come on, it's obvious. Look at her--the hair, the dress.

[ Cell phone ringing ] Excuse me.

[ In German ]

Daddy can't speak right now.

ELLIE: Can I get a dog, please?

A dog? You want a dog?

You know Louise in my class? She got one for her birthday.

Mm, I'd rather talk about it tomorrow when I get home.

I'm not very keen, Ellie. Why not?

Because I will be the one taking it for a walk every night.

Please, please?! We--

Don't get upset. We'll talk about it tomorrow.

Yes, I'm coming back. I'll see you in the play.

All right, night, night.

Love you. I love you too.

[ Men chuckling ]

[ Man, in German ]

"Blanka." Sorry about that.

That's her. Her name is Blanka.

What interests me is whether she's here looking for business or waiting for a customer that she has already arranged to meet, in which case I suggest we sit here and wait for the dirty bugger to show up and then take pictures of him to blackmail him with.

[ laughs ]

Sadly there's no reviews yet or else I could tell you how good she was--

Reviews? Yeah, reviews.

Guys who have seen girls, they write reviews and then post them on the site.

I can't believe you want to share that with me in a business meeting.

Why? it's not a crime.

It's hardly something to be proud of either.

I'm sorry. I didn't know that I was dealing with the Moral Majority here.

Just someone with a little self-respect.

Good luck with the rest of the fair.

j& I made a small j& j& Small song j& j& Mmm j& j& I made a small j& j& Small song j& j& Mmm... j& [ sighs ] j& I sang it all night long j& j& All through the wind and rain j& j& Until j& j& The morning came j& j& Mmm j& j& The song... j& Hello, love, it's me.

I'm sitting in a restaurant... alone, wishing you were here. j& A small song j& j& Mmm j& j& I sang it all night long j& j& And when the morning came j& j& I had to start j& j& All over again j& j& My song is so j& j& So small j& j& Mmm j& j& If I was right, I would be wrong j& j& Don't be afraid j& j& It's just a sma-a-a... j& j& A-a-a-a... j& j& A-a-all song j& j& Mmm mmm mmm j&

Hello, sweetheart. Me again.

Um, look, I'm just calling to say good night.

Uh, if you get this in the next 10 minutes, call me back in my room because my phone will be charging.

Um, if not, sweet dreams.

We'll speak tomorrow.

I love you more than ever. I wanted you to know that.

[ Train whistle blows ]

[ Room phone ringing ]

Hi, baby. Were you in the bath?

MAN: As a matter of fact I was, yes.

Sorry? Oh, Michael.

Reflecting on what a beautiful evening I just had.

How was yours?

Fine, thank you. It's a bit late for this, isn't it?

Of course, I'm sorry. I won't keep you long.

It's just a-- just a quick word.

Literally, it's one single word.


Got your attention now, haven't I?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Oh, I think you do, Michael.

Because after you left, I went over to chat to our little Slovakian friend.

And after it turned out that her 7:00 appointment was a no-show, I did the only decent thing that a gentleman could do in these circumstances and I booked her.

Now after the main event, which was excellent, by the way--

Olympic, five-star review on its way--

I asked her what she had been doing at the bar of the hotel.

Is this where she would always drum up business, or had she been stood up?

And she told me that she had gone there to meet someone from the automobile show.

"Really?" I said. "Who?"

'Cause I know a lot of the guys, right?

Now thinking that she would say something like, "Mr. Presley" or "Mr. Pacino,"

'cause they'd never be stupid enough to give their actual name, do you know what she said?

"Daly." [ sighs ]

"Michael Daly."

So, Mr. Michael Daly, esteemed company director with a little self-respect and wedding ring on finger, how about we have breakfast tomorrow morning, you and me, and we renegotiate whatever it is you agreed with those Estonian gypsies?

Let's say 7:30 in the restaurant?

[ Phone beeping ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Passing siren ]

[ Both in French ]

[ Taxi driver, in French ]

[ Woman singing in French ]

[ Siren wailing ]

[ In French ]

[ Algerian man, in French ]

[ Female psychiatrist, in French ]

[ Men praying in Arabic ]

[ Praying in Arabic ]

[ Switching between French and Arabic ]

[ Music from mosque continues ]

[ Camera clicks ]

[ Shutters ]

Hi, Siobhan. Hello again.

[ Shower running ]

[ Shower stops ]

[ Sighs ]

MAN: Coming.

Hi. You're half an hour late.

I know.

Hi. I missed you.

Rui? Hmm?

I want to talk to you. Yeah?

Can we talk? Can I kiss you?

Can we talk first, please? I need to talk to you.

Why? What's wrong?

We--Will you stop? We can't-- We have to stop this.

You're kidding, right?

No. Can you put some clothes on, please?

Put your clothes on. Okay.

Yeah, okay, I'm decent now.

Rui! Let's--Let's talk.

What? it's not the first time you see it, is it?

Please help me out here a little bit.

You are so beautiful. I missed you.


What's wrong? Do I make too many demands on you?

No, that's not what I'm talking about.

Do I make you--

I make you happy, right? I make you feel good.

Mm-hmm, yes. We have a good time together?

Yes. So why change it?

'Cause you're 25 years old.

That's the beauty of it. We're different.

I have so many responsibilities.

I love your responsibilities.

We don't have a future.

We have a beautiful present.

We can have a future if you'll let me try.

Rui. Let me be part of your life.


j& Must you dance j& j& Every dance j& j& With the same j& j& Fortunate man? j&

j& You have danced with him j& j& Since the music began j&

j& Won't you-- j&

And what about work?

How should we do that?

I mean, like total strangers?

We--We have to stop that, too.


You know you promised to-- to keep me in work, right?

Said you would make me-- a staff photographer and all that?

[ Sighs ]

That was very irresponsible.

A little.

RUI: That's okay, I guess.

[ Rui sighs ]

If you need help with money, I can always do that.

What was that, now?

Rose, you just never understand, you never accept how I feel about you, you know?

What this means to me. I actually love you.

I'm sorry about that.

WOMAN: And finally, the "Day in the Life of the City" spread.

We've locked down the text. And with regard to the photos, Rose, I know you've suggested your Brazilian photographer again.

And I just want to confirm we're all very happy with that idea.

Well, I actually wanted to make a suggestion.

I feel that we've been using him a lot recently.

So there are two photographers here whose work I think might suit this story better.

[ Briefcase unzipping ]

Well, thank you, everyone.

[ Keys dropping ]

[ Rui whistling ] Laura?

[ Coughs ]

[ Water running ]



[ In Portuguese ]

Hi, uh, Harriet?

This is Rui.

Is Laura there with you? Did she call you or something?

Because she's gone. I don't know what happened.

She packed up everything and she is gone.

I mean, she's really gone.

Yeah, okay, if she calls you or anything, just, uh, call me. Yeah.

Yeah, okay. Thank you.

[ Man singing in Portuguese ]

MICHAEL: Here's 80. Keep the change.

I'm in the kitchen!

[ Sighs ]

Hi. Hi, darling.

You all right? Fine.

You look lovely. Thank you.

Um, have I got time for a shower? No, absolutely not. We're very late.

All right, fresh shirt.

There's one in the utility room.

Esther left it there.

When did you get home?

Oh, about half an hour ago.

[ Thunder rumbles ]

[ Thunder clapping ]

MICHAEL: I forgot, in the first year, what was she?

ROSE: A cloud.

MICHAEL: And then, memorably, a comet.

What is she this year?

A tree?

You've been away too much. No, she's Shprintze.


What is that? Does it at least have a pulse?

It's a Ukrainian Jewess. They're doing "Fiddler on the Roof."

And she--she's also got a line.


"I think he has a pleasing air."

Is that it?

Uh, well, they-- she was going to say, "Mama, Yente's coming," but they thought that might be a bit much for her, so...

You're right. I have been away too long.

CHAVA: How can Grandma's recipe be world famous?

She never left the village once in her life.

GIRL: Don't be clever, Chava.

Why not? I'll never be pretty... Excuse me.

Or a good singer. Allow me to excel in something. Sorry.

I've seen Mosha outside. He's so handsome.

Isn't he a little bit cross-eyed?

This is it. This is her cue.

No, I think he's gorgeous.

GIRL: Don't be silly. He's hideous.

Shprintze, we need you to cast the deciding vote.

What is he like?

Oh, God, she's dried.

"I think he has a pleasing air."

Since you have nothing to say, Shprintze, Tzeitel, what do you think?

TZEITEL: I think he has a pleasing air. Excuse me.

GIRL: Motel's coming and he's with Yente.

[ All chattering ]

...seeing all the audience.

Feel a bit better? Yes.

Okay. I don't remember you wearing this in the play.

No. You've stolen it from someone?


It's a bit tight.

[ Mumbling ]

Suits you.

Mom, look what I have. I have a beard.

I look like a man.

ROSE: Yes, she was all right. She did--

She went out like a light.


She was totally exhausted.

ROSE: You must be too.



It's been a crazy few days.

ROSE: How did it go in Vienna?


Did you get your deal done?

You did have a deal to do there, didn't you?

I did and I did. That's good. That's great.

That means a trip to Estonia in the near future.

Berlin, actually.

Do you know, I've never been to Berlin.

How was it here? It was fine.

I got your messages last night.

You sounded emotional.

Did I?

Am I wrong?


Well, I tried to call you straight back, but it went to voice-mail so...

Anyway, it was very nice what you said.

What did I say?

You said that you wished I was there.

[ Sniffing ]

It's true, I did.

That's nice.

[ In Slovakian ]

[ Door buzzes ]

WOMAN: Morning, Tyler. So you asked to see me.

MAN: Clear. [ door buzzes ]

I'm so pleased you agreed to do this halfway house.

Clear. TYLER: Miss Olsen, I believe--

I believe I've done everything you've asked me here.

MISS OLSEN: You have. You've worked hard.

TYLER: Yeah.

But what if I'm no different?

You know, after everything we've done, what if-- what if I haven't changed?

The way I'm feeling right now is that maybe you were right-- maybe I should go to that halfway house first... for my own protection.

Because like you said, I've been in--I've been in an all-male situation here for six--six years.

And it's going to be quite a shock being on the outside with all the-- the temptations and distractions.

Yes, it is.

And I would hate for everything that we've done together to be undone.

You said you'd spoken to some people in Louisville who have experience working with people like me?

If I remember, they were even happy to fly over here to collect you and accompany you on the plane.

On the plane?

No, they can--they can spare themselves that.

They can just meet me at the Louisville airport.

Tyler, I am so happy that you've agreed to do this.

You think it's right?

Yes, I do. 'Kay.

I never want to end up in a place like this again.

[ Keys rattling ]

[ Doors clanging, buzzer sounding ]

[ Sobbing ] [ airplane humming ]


Oh. Thank you.

I wasn't sure if you were hungry.

So the choice is chicken or fish.

I got you chicken.

Though now I'm eating it myself, I'm not sure which one I got.

I'm not hungry. You sure?

They said they wouldn't be coming around again.

Maybe some wine.

Okay, have mine as well.

You don't want it?

No, I've got some work to do.

Going direct to Denver?

Miami. Oh.

Then home to Rio de Janeiro.


Been in London long?

Too long, studying, doing stupid jobs, but mostly waiting at home while my boyfriend slept with other women.


That's bad.

Sorry to drink like this.

It's not very elegant, but I want to sleep.

That's okay, I understand.

You okay? I'm fine, I'm fine.


You a Manchester United fan?

[ Man singing in Portuguese over headphones ]


It's okay. My daughter, Julia.



Sadly, some think she's long dead.

I'm sorry. No.

She's beautiful.

Yes, she is.

You look so happy.

Yeah, I was.

It's before she ran away. Thank you.

Where did she run to?



Yeah, eventually.

That's where we think she ended up.

Can I ask why?

Why she ran away? Yeah.

Yes, you can, but I don't think you'll like me when I've told you.

Is it important if I like you?

No, not remotely.

Well, my daughter and I have the same initial, "J."

One day she opened the wrong letter and found out I was having an affair.

She was devastated.

She told me if I didn't stop, she would tell her mother.

Of course I agreed to stop, but I didn't.

I couldn't.

And so she told her mother. Her mother screamed at me and I screamed at my daughter. My daughter ran away, uh, presumably to the arms of someone who did her harm, I guess.

LAURA: Your daughter-- Why do people think she's--

MAN: Dead? Yes.

MAN: Oh, silence, mostly, especially to her mother.

So unlike Julia. That and the sheer length of time.

And you're going to Phoenix because--

Arizona state police have found the body of a woman reported to be the same age, um, white, British, died in a fire.

And I'm taking out samples of DNA, bits and pieces of Julia's hair we kept from childhood.

Madness, really.

They closed the file on Julia years ago.

Well, when you're a father, what can you do? Yeah.

You can't give up, you know?

No. No.

I'll see you. Yeah.


[ Indistinct PA announcement ]

[ Beeping ]

Excuse me.

Hi. You didn't get away either.

No. I've heard them say it could be quite a wait.

Really? Yeah, I also heard them say they may be putting us in hotels for the night.

Oh, God. They told me to report back at 7:00.

Yeah, me too. I think that's to collect the vouchers for the hotels.

Um, look, if you fancy it, I saw a reasonably good restaurant up there by the phones.

Maybe we could get together for an hour and, you know, in an hour's time have something to eat?

Because it beats eating room service in our separate hotels.

What do you think?

Yeah, okay. Good.

Laura. Huh?

Laura. I'm Laura. Oh.

John. Okay.

Laura, pretty name. All right, see you then.

Thank you. See you. Bye.

[ Laura, in Portuguese ]

MISS OLSEN: How are you doing, Tyler?

It's crazy here. There are people everywhere.

Some are crying. Some are getting angry.

It's--it's just a stress situation.

I hear what you're saying about everyone, but how are you?

How are you doing?

What? I'm--I'm okay.

Um, though I'm beginning to wish I had said yes to those guys escorting me on the flight.

If I'm honest, I do feel a little, um...


Well, I'm gonna make sure we get help to you.

The second I hang up this phone, that's what I'm going to get on to.


But I want you to remember that if you weren't able to cope with this challenge, it wouldn't have been presented to you.

You think?


Now go find somewhere quiet and safe to sit.

I'll make a few calls. But I'd like for you to call me in exactly an hour from now, okay?

One hour.

You'll be fine.

Thank you, Miss Olsen.

All right, take care.

That's my seat.

Really? Didn't see my stuff?

What stuff?

The stuff that I left-- deliberately left right here.

No, I didn't see it. I'm sorry.

Well, you see it now, don't you?

Yeah, I do.

Okay. Okay, no problem. I can--can go.

Okay, folks.

Some wine, two glasses.

And I'll get you some bread.

I'm sorry.

I--I ordered a drink for me and my friend.

He'll be here in a second.

Can I just stay here until he comes?

As soon as he comes, we'll move.

I promise.

You want a glass of wine?

I don't want a glass of wine.

He shouldn't be long.

[ Intercom chiming ]

[ Indistinct voice over intercom ]

Where are you headed?

Uh, Louisville, Kentucky.

Rio, Brazil.

They give you a hotel room yet?

Hotel room? Yeah. No, they did.

I'm just hoping these people meet me here first.

I'm Laura, by the way.


You okay?

What's with all the questions?

Just being friendly.

Switch seats with me. Sorry?

Would you mind switching seats with me?

Uh, I'm waiting for some friends.

So if I sit here, I can see them coming.

Oh, okay.

Okay, sorry.

So who's meeting you here?

Just someone I met on the plane.

He sat next to me and we got talking.

Just talking? We just talkin', too?

What else are we doing?

Well, I don't know. I mean, now I'm not doing anything.

But you--

What am I doing? You tell me.

I don't know. Just passing the time, making conversation.

You ever been to Brazil?


You would like it. Everyone likes it.

We have the best beaches in the world.

It's the first thing I'm going to do when I get home, go to the beach, lie down, close my eyes, and smoke a joint.


You're bad.


No, I'm not.

364 days of the year I'm a good Catholic girl.

Right now I'm just feeding off the situation.

What situation?

The situation we're in now.

No one knows where we are. No one can reach us.

It's perfect.

For what?

I don't know.

You tell me.

Stay there a second.


MISS OLSEN: His name's McGregor, Tyler McGregor, on flight 240 to Louisville.

He's newly released from jail and he called me in a highly stressed state.

Ma'am, we have an airport shutdown and 60 grounded flights.

We are extremely stretched.

I need to know if you consider this McGregor to be a threat to public safety.

It's hard to say.

I mean, I think we'd all feel a lot better, including him, if you could keep an eye on him.

Ma'am, is that a yes or a no?


Right, okay. Thank you, I'll get back to you.

Security to information desk, over.

This is information. Go ahead, security, over.

Yeah, I need you to put out a call for passenger McGregor, Tyler McGregor on flight 240 to Louisville, over. "McGregor... 240 to Louisville."

Yeah, tell him to report to your desk immediately.

Is that it? No more information than that?

He's a convicted sex offender.

You want to put that out over the loudspeaker, be my guest. Over.

Let's have a drink.

Okay. Come with me.

Um, I'm sorry. Oh.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

It's okay.

So? You want to come?


MAN, over loudspeaker: Would passenger McGregor traveling on the 1830 flight 240 to Louisville please report to the information desk immediately?

That's passenger McGregor to the information desk.

Thank you.

Sir, would you happen to be John looking for Laura?

Yeah. She described you well.

She left a message for you.

Thank you. You're welcome.


Welcome to my crib.

Very luxurious.

One window, with a view of... a brick wall.

Come on in.

I should really go.

Go where? Do what?

Come on, we're stuck here.


Uh, I wonder could you help me?

Could you put out a call for a passenger who's traveling to Miami?

Passenger's name?

Well, I don't know her last name, but the first name is Laura.

We arranged to meet in the restaurant across by--

Okay, sir, this is an information desk.

I know that, I know that. But this young girl, she's a kid and she could be in trouble. She's missing.

Sir, I'm busy. I'm going to have to ask you to step away--

One call, that's it. 30 seconds. You could have done it by now.

Hey, fellas, will you get this guy out of here?

What's your problem? Screw you.

Make yourself useful.

Find us something to watch.

And relax, will you?

So we have a $30 credit for food and drink.

But we're not hungry, right? No.

[ TV playing ]

So let's celebrate instead, or drown our sorrows.


You've had too much already. Too much sorrows.

I agree.

No, too much to drink.

Don't be silly.


I really should go.


Why do you want to go?

Why does every man nowadays want to leave me?

Is there something wrong with me?


God, no, you're-- you're fine.

Then prove it. Please.

Kiss me.

I can't.

Why not?

Kiss me, come on.

You're drunk.

You don't like me.

Then what's the problem?

What's the problem?

What's the problem? Please don't do that.


[ Locks door ]

[ Water running ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Whispers ] Say you're fuckin' sorry.

[ Groans, whispers ] Say you're fuckin' sorry.

[ Airplane roaring ]

[ Indistinct PA announcement ]

Hey, Laura? Laura.


Hey. Sorry. Hey.

Hi. How you doing? All right?

You okay? I was worried about you. I'm fine. Sore head.

Hungover? Little bit.

Yeah. Sorry about last night.

Ah, that's no problem. I got your note. Thanks.

Nice note. Good.

And so did you have fun?

I'm not sure. Oh.

I think I must have fallen asleep.

Oh, I know all about that stuff. Yeah.

It's been a crazy few days.

I bet it has.

Anyway... So...

Good luck. Have a good journey. Yeah.

You really take care now.

It was really nice to meet you again.

It was great to talk to you. Great to meet you.

Maybe we'll meet again one day. Yeah.

Okay. Okay.

See ya. See ya. Travel safe.

Yeah, you stay out of trouble.

I'm gonna try. I'm keeping my eye on you.

Have a good flight.

MISS OLSEN: You did it, Tyler.

You made the call. You did the right thing.

I'm so proud of you.

Stay in touch.

No, thank you.

Thank you.

See you next time.

[ Sighs ]

JOHN'S VOICE: "See you next time."

They were four innocent enough words, but they went through me like a knife.

Because in that moment, I realized to them I'd become a familiar face, a joke--the British guy who was running a one-man campaign, stubbornly scratching away, refusing to do what you've all been urging me to do for years and years, move on, let go, and all that stuff.

[ Chuckling ]

Yeah, it's not easy.

I got sober a long time ago out in Los Angeles--

I don't know-- 35, 36 years ago.

And I was crazy. I was insane. I was sickened to death, drunk and insane, and... I was sentenced to AA meetings.

And I hated-- I hated the damn things.

I hated all this God stuff. It made me want to puke.

You know, "Move on. Let go, let God. Surrender and win" and all this.

I was a winner. I've been a winner all my life.

And, uh... but I was fighting all the time.

And anyway, to cut a long story short, I met-- there was this old man. He was a priest, a Jesuit priest. His name was Joe Riley, Father Joe Riley.

And I'll never forget him as long as I live.

One night I was about to leave the meeting. I had to get the hell out.

And he stood in my way, said, "Where the hell do you think you're going?"

I said, "You get out of my way."

He said, "You're not going anywhere."

But he looked up into my face, and he had these piercing blue eyes, a cigarette in his mouth. He said, "You know--"

He said, "You look like to me-- You look like you're busted, disgusted and not to be trusted."

[ chuckling ]

And he was right. [ laughs ]

I wasn't to be trusted by anyone. I'd never trust myself either.

And one day I asked him-- I said, "Okay, Father, you know all the"--I called him Father and he got a kick out of that.

I said, "You know all the answers. You're a pretty smart guy.

What's the shortest, most powerful prayer in the world?"

'Cause I was fast. I needed quick answers.

'Cause I wanted to be back on the fast track.

I said, "What is the fastest, most powerful prayer in the world?"

He said, "The fastest, most powerful prayer in the world--"

He looked at me and he said, "The fastest, most powerful prayer in the world, my friend, is 'Fuck it."' [ all laughing ]

Father Joe Riley.

He was a Jesuit priest-- "Fuck it." Can you believe it?

[ laughs ] He said, "it's the prayer of release and surrender."

And I felt the whole weight of the world going off my shoulders.

And just before Father Riley died, I asked him--I said, "How do I get it? How do I know?"

He said, "You will see when you're ready to see.

You will hear when you're ready to hear."

He said, "You're a particularly tough nut."

And the weird thing is, that happened two days ago.

I was traveling on my way here-- my journey here with a young girl from Brazil.

She was a kid, beautiful little thing. Name was Laura.

And there was a snowstorm at Denver.

Flights were delayed and so we arranged to have dinner.

And when I showed up, she wasn't there.

But she left me this note. Hold that, will you?

And she said, "Ran into someone cute.

"Never done this kind of thing before.

"But you only live once.

How many chances do we get?"

[ laughs ]

"Out of the mouths of babies and sucklings, thou hast perfected praise."

The guy was right, whoever wrote that stuff.

And it's taken me all these years.

I tell you, if my--

if my daughter is alive, she knows where I am, where to find me.

And her silence means that she's probably made the choice not to be in touch.

But if she's dead...

then she's dead.

And she's gone forever.

And I have to move on and forget and let go.

Weird stuff.


I tell you, it's a mystery, all of it.

[ laughs ] Anyway, I'll shut up now. Thanks for listening.

ALL: Thank you, John.

MAN: Okay, before I open the meeting to our regular members, we have another guest from overseas.


Yes. Hello, my name is Valentina.

ALL: Welcome, Valentina.

I'm an alcoholic.

I'm here from Europe visiting my sister, waiting outside.

She has married an American who lives here in Phoenix.

And they're so happy, so in love.

This makes me sick. [ all laughing ]

Tomorrow I will fly home to my Russian husband.

VALENTINA: We married very young. We were like children.

But now we've grown up, become different people.

[ Chatting ]

I am sober three years.

I have a good new job, a new life, but he's still the same-- doing bad things, working with bad people.

For a long time I'm waiting for him to change.

And, um, like Brazilian girl said, "You only live once.

How many chances do we have?"

I don't want to wait anymore.

So maybe this is the time.

Plus there is someone else I am interested in.

Um, a nice man, a good man. My boss, actually.

[ All chuckling ]

And he knows nothing from my past.

He thinks I am a good innocent girl.

But if we get together, he will get a shock the first night.

[ All laughing ]

[ Female psychiatrist, in French ]

[ Algerian man, in French ]

[ Female psychiatrist, in French ]

[ Imam, in Arabic ]

[ Female psychiatrist, in French ]

[ Female psychiatrist, in French ]

ALGERIAN MAN: Valentina.


[ Female psychiatrist, in French ]

MAN: Hi. Serioja.

I'm coming to the city tomorrow and would like some company.

What have you got for me?

Uh, who have you got for me?

Best--I need the best.


[ Inhales ] Maybe, maybe.

Maybe do you have a brunette?

Maybe do you have someone new?

[ Door closes ]

[ In Russian ]

[ Ringtone playing ]

[ Ringtone stops ]

[ Valentina, in Russian ]

[ Elevator doors close ]


[ man singing in Russian ]

[ Algerian man, in French ]

[ Gasps ]





[ In French ]


[ Male patient, in French ]


[ man singing in French ]

MAN, on tape: English is made up from words borrowed from various languages.

So words in English... [ honks ]

Can give rise to pronunciation problems.

When "Y" comes at the beginning of a word, it acts as a consonant.

Yellow. Yellow.

Year. Year.

Yet. Yet.

Yesterday. Yesterday.

Yoke. Yoke, yoke.

[ Classical music playing ]

[ Sighs ]


[ Ringtone plays ]

[ Ringtone plays ]

[ Groaning ]

[ In Russian ]


[ In Russian ]

[ Whistles ]

[ In Russian ]

[Sacha in Russian ]

MAN, on tape: Remember, when two vowels go walking, only one does the talking.

Repeat after me.

No fucking aisle seat ever.

Repeat after me.

[ In Russian ]

No... No... fucking... fucking... aisle seat. aisle seat.

Don't park my fucking car in the fucking airport parking.

[ In Russian ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sacha, in Russian ]

[ Both in Slovakian ]

ANNA: Ciao.

Ciao. Ciao.

[ Ringtone playing ]

MIRKA: Yes? ROCCO: You there yet?

Two minutes. Okay, you meet him at the bar.

They are booking us for one hour.

One hour? You bring me here for one hour?

Relax. Do the job good, he will stay longer.

[ In Russian ]

[ laughing ] [ cell phone ringing ]


[ In German ]

Blanka? Yes.


I am Sergei.

You are meeting with my boss today. Uh-huh.

[ In Russian ]

Hmm? Open it.

[ In Russian ]

[ Thunder rumbles ]

[ Sighs ]

[ In German ]

[ In Russian ]

You okay?

Da. Thank you.

No, you're not.

[ In Russian ]

You're not okay.

Okay, I'm not okay, but it's okay.

[ In Russian ]

[ Car door release dings ]

[ Whistles ]

[ In Russian ]

[ In Russian ]

Close the door.

Thank you.

It's so cold.


[ Shivers ]

Where are you from?

I am from Russia.

Russia? Yeah.

I'm from Slovakia.

[ In Russian ]

Nice car.

Auto? Auto, yeah.

Thank you.

But it's not mine.

Your boss's?


[ Thunder rumbles ]

Must be important.

What does he do?


What kind of business?


Well, at least the atmosphere is yours.

The atmosphere.

It's a nice place to be.

That's a compliment.

[ Both chuckle ]

So many buttons.

[ Motor whirs ] [ gasps ]

Yeah, this is interesting.

[ Whirring ]

[ laughs ]

So perfect.

Go for a drive?

Just once around the Ring?

Ring? Ring.

Ring--You know-- You don't know "Ring"?

Mm-mm. What is this Ring?

Ring is the most famous street in this city.

It's a circle.

Come on.

Okay, let's try.

Let's try.

[ Car starts ]

ANNA: I've never been in anything like this.

SERGEI: Really?

ANNA: Why do some people have these nice things and others don't?

SERGEI: I don't know.

But I'm afraid it doesn't make them happy.

It would make me happy.

[ In Russian ]

Maybe, maybe.

I'm Anna.

I'm Sergei.

[ Both repeat in Russian ]

"Nice to meet you." Yes.

[ Both in Russian ]

So you're a driver? Yes, I'm a driver... and bodyguard.


Dog. Dog?

Dog, yes. I must be dog because this is how my boss treats me.

It's not a joke.


No problem.

So why don't you leave?

I will.

I will soon. Mm-hmm.

Maybe start again, a new life.

New life? New life, yes.


So many books.

[ In Russian ]

Yes! All yours?


My boss doesn't read.

He doesn't need to.

Reading is for dreamer-- poor dreamers.

Do you read?

All the time.


Poor dreamer.

[ Mirka panting ]

[ In Russian ] Come on. Come on, sugar.




[ Beeps ]


I want some tea on room 823.

[ In Russian ]

Ah, oh!


That's it. We've come full circle.

Pity. I enjoyed it.

Me too.

It was nice meeting you.

You too.

[ Ringtone playing ]

You're not going to answer it?




[ Ringtone continues ]

[ Ringing ]

[ Sighs ] Hello?

[ Ringtone playing ]

Excuse me.

Thank you.

Which floor? Eight.

[ Doors ding ]

[ Coughing ]

[ Inhales ]

Flu, always goes to my lungs.

[ Ringtone playing ]

[ Elevator dings ]

[ Doors open ]

Have a good day.

[ Knocking on door ]

[ Whispering ]

[ Sacha shouting ]

[ Struggling over phone ]

[ Gunshots, man grunts ]

[ Doors ding ]

[ Panting over phone ]

[ Sacha groaning ]

[ All chattering ]

[ Car starts ]

[ Whistles ] Hi.


Hi again. Hi.

Where are you going? I don't know.


I can't. I'm waiting for my sister.

Let's go, come on.

To do what?

[ In Russian ]

I don't know.

When are you coming back? [ In Russian ]

I don't know.

You don't know that either? No. Come on.

I can't. Come on, let's go.

Come on.

[ In Russian ] Come on.


[ In Slovakian ]

"After what happened, I can't stay in your house."

[ in Russian ]

House, house, house. House is...

Yes, yes. the same in Slovak.

[ Both repeating phrases ]

[ Anna, in Slovakian ]

[ Doors ding ]

[ laughs ]

[ Distant sirens wail ]

So did you settle whatever you needed to settle back home?

I'm sorry?

There must have been something the matter or else you wouldn't have wanted to see Blanka in the first place, right?


And yes.

God, it's brutal-- marriage, just brutal.

That's why I won't have anything to do with it.

Like religion--all that cruelty in the name of kindness.

I don't share that point of view. I'm hopeful.

Or I'm stupid.

Or I'm still in love.

This is my wife.

She's been in an art gallery, and spending too much on our daughter.


And this is Peter. Rose.

Hello. How do you do? Very nice to meet you.

Darling, we have to go to the airport. We're late.

I'll be in touch with you about the contacts. Absolutely.

So spending money? Oh, I just bought some kids' clothes.


[ In German ]

[ Door buzzes ]

MAN: Wow.

WOMAN: A drink? No.

I don't need a drink to relax.

j& This blinding kiss j& j& Breathes helium j& j& Into my heart j& j& And erases j& j& The embraces j& j& The embraces j& j& Of all of the lovers j&

j& With this kiss j&

j& Your ruby lips j& j& Speak for themselves j& j& They tell nothing but lies j&

j& I dissolve into the wax j& j& Of a flickering candle j&

j& In this kiss j&

j& This isn't real j&

j& In Chinatown j& j& Everything's cheap j&

j& I am shipwrecked j& j& On the coast of your shoulders j&

j& With this kiss j&

j& And this kiss j&

j& And this kiss j&

j& And this kiss j&

j& This kiss j&

j& And this kiss j&

j& This kiss j&

j& And this kiss j&