365 Days (2020) Script

2 00:01:03,791 --> 00:01:07,333 There are 20 refugees in the first transport.

Only girls.

You could keep one.

You came to the wrong address.

But it's good business.

Some are barely 12 years old.

It's a big deal.

You just have to help us bring them here.

My family does not deal with such matters.

I don't have to get involved.

You are wasting my time.

Excuse me. I didn't mean to offend you.

Please think about it.

We will light a large plot for you.


Fucking nicks.

Nevertheless, he is a potential partner. You have to respect him.

Even if it's an idiot.

What were you looking at?

Oh, son, you have to be careful.

Beautiful women are a paradise for the eyes, but hell, for the soul.

And purgatory for the wallet.


Time to stop thinking about entertainment and pleasure.

You must take responsibility.

The day will come when all this will be yours.

We are really sorry, but managed to recover only 12% of your family's assets.

For the future we recommend portfolio diversification.

Do you recommend?

You also strongly recommended this investment to us.

Good evening. Good evening.

Will somebody tell me what happened here yesterday I expect a refund together with interest at 5%.

It is impossible... Refund and 10% interest.

To the end of the month.

My question is: how the fuck did it come about?!

You have to ask Mrs. Biel.

Please forgive the language but eggs are needed for this job.

This is the end of the conversation.

This is America.

Mrs. Biel?

First of all, it's not my fault ... Listen ...

I have not finished yet.

I'm not from taming aggressive customers.

You should explain to us why in the whole building there were only two bodyguards.

You gave my family a word.

What is it?

You have such fun in America: trick or treat.

I consciously received this team at the hotel.

Thanks to yesterday's incident we were shown by the media from the USA to Japan.

I thought, that regarding sexual preferences nothing will surprise me.

But what would he say about that? your loving husband?

Your children, shareholders?

Should I keep talking?

You made us laugh in front of the world.

We know how the media and the stock market will react when I make it public.

We have full occupancy for the next four weekends.

After a week, the bank shares they will lose half their value.

It is thanks to my strategy.

Age and gender had nothing to do with it.

I will buy a bank for a month in a month, only for this…

to fire you.

To my office now.

What about my money?

I'm wet.

I am waiting for my punishment.

I will kill them.

What happened?

Someone has intercepted our cocaine container.

Flight number 219 from Milan landed 30 minutes late.

Wait a minute.

Today is the birthday ... my girlfriend Laura.

I am asking you for help.


One hundred years One hundred years Thank you.

Long live us Long live, live for us Thank you.

Are you lost, baby?

Thank you.

Thank you.

Good evening.

Are you lost, baby?

It's you.

You suck it.

You did not respond well to the hypnotic.

I did not know, you have heart trouble.

Suck it yourself.

Who the fuck are you And why are you keeping me here?

Reply. "Sit down, I don't want you to faint."

Sit down. I'm not your property.

Sit down, damn it.

Want to know why you're here?

You should have a drink.

What I will tell you is so amazing ... that until when I saw you at the airport

I thought it was imagination is playing tricks on me.

Five years ago my whole life has changed.

My father died in front of my eyes.

A bullet pierced his heart and hit me.

I thought I would die too.

My heart stopped and I saw you.

This image stood before my eyes every day.

I was looking for you all over the world.

Somewhere in me there was certainty that someday I'll find you and be mine

Are you kidding me?

I am nobody's property.

You can't just kidnap me like that and think I'm yours.

I know.

That's why I'll give you a chance that you would love me.

Not from coercion, but of his own will.

I have a guy who will look for me. I have family and friends.

I have my life.

I do not need from you chances for love.

So please politely: let me out of here.

The boy doesn't deserve you.

I told you to take your things from the room.

My people left a note to Martin.

You wrote that you are going back to Poland and break up with him.

You disappear from his life.

You know what?

Fuck off.

I will do nothing without your consent.

I'll wait until you want me and you will come to me.

I will not tie you, but do not provoke me.

I can't be gentle.

I do not tolerate disobedience.

You have 365 days.

I will do everything to make you love me.

If next year, on your birthday, you won't change your mind, I'll let you out.

Put the weapon down.

Or the jokes are over.

Do you really want to kill me?

Many have tried. It's not so simple.

Excuse me.

The parcel has arrived.

You must sign.

Take her to the room.

Let's go.

Massimo, there will be trouble.

Conflict with the Gattus family can ruin our business.

Take care of your business. I do it.

In my opinion is to protect your family and you, even in front of you.

Shoot me.

Collect everyone.

There is a great Massimo.

What do you do? Will you beat me? Will you cut me?

If only you robbed me it would not matter.

But you sold the girls to the brothel.

Did you think I wouldn't find out?

We all have corpses in the closet. Silent.

You have shamed our family's name.



Spare me that talk and shoot me.

You will be erased. There will be no trace of you.

Like you never existed.

It will be your punishment.

Did you see that? What a carcass.


How are you?

You shouldn't have seen it.

But he deserved it.

He hurt children.

He cheated and robbed his own family. We don't forgive.

He killed himself with his actions.

It was the maid who changed you, not me.

You have people from everything.

This is one of the advantages of being a boss.

Tell any butler to bring my phone and laptop.

You regained strength.

You will get a phone and a laptop at the right time.

If you need anything Domenico will help you.

In two hours, shopping. You need to buy some things before leaving.

Going to where? What are you talking about?

I won't go anywhere except to Poland.

This was not an offer.

That's an order. Listen.

I'm not a sack of potatoes so, you can throw me where it suits you.

How do you think I will fall in love with you your fucking wrong.

"If you hit me again ..." What? You will kill me?

You have such a temperament and you are not Italian?

How many Polish girls do you know?

One is enough for me.

It will be a good year.

I have to dodge faster because I lose my vigilance with you.

Domenico brought your things.

You took a lot of shoes for five days.

Breakfast is waiting.

I will do what I can to help you.

I think your boss wants me to gain weight.

He just cares about you.

You are here to do it what am I asking for?

So please sit down and helped me eat it.


I have to do today.

Will you accompany me?

I said I wasn't going anywhere.

Etna, also known as Mongibello, "Beautiful mountain".

According to legend, Zeus imprisoned Typhon there, monster with a hundred heads, who is still trying to get out of there.

So, 365 days wasn't enough for Typhon, to fall in love with Zeus.

Get out of here. Or what?

Because you'll never see it again.

I chose it ... and I will decide when I will watch it.

Watch it on yourself.


Please help me.

I have been kidnapped. Will gentlemen help me?

Good morning sir.

Are you lost, baby?

If you want to run, put on other shoes.

Sometimes it makes no sense to resist.

You must accept the situation.

The sooner the better for you.

You can either upset this year for both of us, or take part in an adventure which fate gave you.

Not fate only you.

Sometimes you have to help happiness.

It's true what you said


That you won't touch me without my consent?

I'm not a monster what do you think I am?

I want to recover my phone and laptop.

And normal food.

You look ... I'm dying of hunger.

As you asked for - dumplings.


My grandma is doing better.

But you don't have to kill him.

I will give him a few lessons.

What do you do?


I deal with ... business.

Massimo, I'm asking seriously.

You want me to wait a year.

I should know what I'm writing for. You know what you have to do.

I have several companies.

Hotels, clubs, restaurants.

It's like a corporation and I'm the president.

The whole is part of a larger activity, but no detailed knowledge would be needed ... and dangerous.

After my father's death, I became the head of the family.

I didn't dream about it, but I had no choice.

Same as me.

I wouldn't come to Sicily alone.

You will change your mind.

You just have to help me a little bit.


I would like, to teach me how to be delicate

to you.

We're leaving today.

We will be guests at several events.

Take this into account when packing.

You want something from me are you just looking?

Why did you look at him?

Do you want to touch him?

Little, when all your life you take everything by force, it's hard to react differently especially when someone answers you the pleasure you desire.

Do not provoke me.

Or what?

Has character.

At least I won't be bored. Good luck!

It's time for us.


Speak English.

You must deserve pleasure.

The problem is, that after the election ...

everything can fall apart.

Just pay them more.

You found her. And what is she like?


As with everything, it's hard.

As always.

Are you talking about me?

I was just telling my cousin that you are a wonderful woman.


Can you stop

I'm bored.

And dirty. stop it.

Going to wash in a fountain?


He will do it.

No. Will you bet?

He won't do it.

You couldn't use the toilet?

The fountain was closer.


What period is it from? Early Michelangelo or late Caravaggio?

It was a gift.


You are not a megalomaniac.

Great Massimo.

Slayer of lions and little women.


Maybe I don't want to stop.

Take him.

I think in my dreams.

You refuse?

You have people from everything.

Let them do it too.

Are you sure?

Open the door. I want to go out.

Let me out. Open the door.

Open the damn door!

Sit on the bed.

I will do what I want with you.

I was hoping that you would do it.

It's a telescopic rod.

With every move is spreading more widely.

I'll show you what's missing you.

See Laura?

Now… you are immobilized and you can't resist me anymore.

At the same time…

I have an access to every nook and cranny of your body.


Are you asking me to start?

I will fuck you like that that they will hear your scream in Warsaw.

I am begging you.

Get dressed.

We have to be in two hours in one of my clubs.

Listen, he will kill you first and then me.

Shall we?

We will not be alone.

A few people will join us and we need to talk to them.

Some people, some things.

You'll play mafia, right?

This is not a fucking joke.

Just don't lean back.

Wait a minute here.

What are you wearing?

A few of your thousands of euros.

Do not provoke me. why?

Are you afraid that I'm doing too well?

I have such a short dress. To me come in, you wouldn't have to undress me.

You'll be Mine. I guarantee it to you.

And then I'll take you when I want and when I want.

Keep dreaming.

Here is the real fuck!

I will fuck you so that you won't be able to sit.

Come here. Let me go

Get out!

Do you know what you did?

I had to react.

It means war. A war between two influential families.

The only thing you can do send Laura back.

Ask Anna for forgiveness.

Get rid of this damn Polish woman.

What the fuck are you Excuse me.


I did not think… Yes, you didn't.

What's happening? Did you kill him Not your business. You killed?

I shot him out.

I wouldn't have to do that if you hadn't stopped as a whore.

So, it's my fault that your friend wanted to rape me?

Fuck off. Enough of this.

Where is that? Leave me.

Where are you going?

Where are you going? Fuck you. stop it! Do not touch me!

Fuck you!

Fuck you.

Laura, breathe.

I'm glad you're alive and at the same time, I want to kill you.

You saved me.

It's good that I was so close.

Why are you so disobedient?

You have to understand…

I won't do that anymore.

I cannot lose you. I do not want to.

You must rest.

You're wet

Do not play with me.

I want more.

We only slept for an hour.

Are you tired yet?


Only if you have enough energy for an evening surprise?

I'm afraid of your surprises.

You'll love it.

What is it?

We're going to the ball.


In long evening dresses?

You fucked up I have nothing to wear.

Can I ask you to dance?

Don Massimo asks?


Beautiful dance!

Thank you.

So, you found her.

The first and only Massima's true love.

What do you want?

I expected something better.


I will kill her.

I will take away what you have most precious.

Just like you me.

So ...

I am waiting.

Anna is a fairly recent story.

How fresh I left her when you landed in Sicily.

I never lied to her.

Your portraits have been hanging around the house for years.

Nobody believed I'd ever find you.

She didn't believe it at all.

What did she say? Does not matter.

I want to know.

She said she would kill you.

Laura ...

I won't let anyone hurt you.

I'll take care of her.

I want to go now.


Domenico will take you to the airport tomorrow.

You have a plane at 8.00.


What plane To Poland.

What are you talking about?

You wanted to visit your family.

Yes but… A flat is waiting for you in Warsaw.

I'll join you later.

I love you.

Forget about Anna.

It's a past.

Could it? Yes.

And you love you are the future.

Where is she now

Excuse me.



What's happening?

What happened?

Wait in Warsaw. What?

Wait in Warsaw.

Well weak.

I don't understand what you both say but you can see that she wants to go away.

Should I help you understand this?

Martin, Massimo.

Get to know each other.

But you probably already know Martin.

Where have you been?

Do you have any idea what I was going through?

You look amazing, baby.

"You look amazing, baby."

You damn selfish.

How could you?

What is it?


I arranged it.

What's happening?

What's happening?

I don't need 365 days.


Because I love you.

Say it one more time.

I love you.

Will you marry me?

Does that mean yes?



Will you bet

Calm down.

Everything will be alright.

I'm calm.

Please, don't tell them what exactly do you do.

What should I say? I do not know.

Think of something.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too.

Tomasz Biel. My pleasure.

Mom asks what you do.

I'm a gangster.

Seriously? You will be the first in our family.

What are your intentions? towards our daughter?

All bad.

We need to talk seriously.

Do you like vodka? Sure.

Good day.

Good day.

I'm sorry we didn't wait but I have to go to Palermo.

I'm not hungry yet.

I do not feel well.

What's happening? Nothing.

Domenico will take you to the doctor.

Sweetheart… You said nobody from Poland can't be at our wedding.

Even my parents.

You said yourself you don't want to to get to know my work.

Yes, but I would like to have it by my side my friend.

Olga knows everything about you. I need her.


Will be a bridesmaid.

I must go.

Hi, Mario. Come back soon.

Mario, I think you don't like me.

Not true. I am not blind.

It's nothing personal.

I don't like this situation.

You know that you caused a lot of confusion ... in our family.

I'll arrange your friend's arrival.

I have only hope, that she is calmer than you.



I am waiting here for you!

We're coming now!


Do you know…

What's happening?

They want to kill Laura.

Are you sure? Yes.

Marco, go.


Hello Darling.

How much time do you need to try on? As much as needed.

I miss you.

Me too.


Massimo ...


Can we talk after dinner? About what?

Something happened?

Where is Massimo? At the pool.

**** **.