4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (2007) Script



Can you give me a hand?

Was it like this when Marius gave it to you?

They're different fish.

This picture's so strange.

You'll ask Daniela to feed them when we're away?

They'll be fine without food for 2 days.

Did you get the toothpaste?

Yes. I took your cotton wool, too.

You'll get some more, OK?

Do you have any soap?

Check the drawer.

None left.

I was just about to go.

Get Amo or Lux, definitely not Palmolive, it gives me dandruff.

Can you get my hairdryer from Petronela?

It's like you're going camping.

Got any money?

Check my jeans, in the back pocket.

I love how you keep it in a wallet.

Not like you, money falling everywhere...

Shut the door.

Is Petronela here?

She was in the showers.

Any hot water? Yes.


Otilia? Yes.


The lady officer was looking for you.

Why? You weren't there Thursday...

I asked you to talk to her.

Yeah, but she said you had your period two weeks ago.

Next time, bring a doctor's note.

Fine, I'll get one.

Does she smoke?


It's open.

Morning. Starting early?

I've got exams on Thursday.

"Thorn Birds". Are you coming to the screening?

Is "East of Eden" yours?

Where's Gabita? Waxing.

A pack of Assos and a pack of Kent.

Sorry, no Kent.

Shit, where can I get some? I need them.

You won't find them.

I've got Marlboro. I don't want Marlboro.

Give me a pack of Assos and a bar of Lux.

Salem Menthol? No, thanks.


No, I'll have some Tic Tacs. Orange.

Tic Tac's are on me.


Try and come to the film tonight.

Ramona and Virgil will be there.

I don't know. Thanks.


They're so cute. Are they yours?

I found them in the boiler room.

Do you want one?

I can't, Gabita's allergic.

What do you feed them? I gave them mince.

I'll get you milk powder. Thanks.

Hey. Girls...


Can you tell Gabi her dad called?

He said he'll be here in the car at about 10.

OK, I'll tell her. Thanks.

Your dad rang, he's coming.


Did you tell your parents?

About what?

He'll be here around 10.

I don't know what to do about the exam on Monday.

You can sit in at the next session.

Should I take my notes?

No point.

No point, huh?

You had milk powder...

Yes, in the Nescafe jar...

How much is it? 80.

Here's the milk powder.

Smells wonderful.

It's a girl?

The Rexona? 50.

You don't have any Kent?

No, try the Arabs.

How much?


Progesterol... Hungarian?

German. Made in Hungary.

She's a real expert.

My cousin takes them. I'm fat enough already.

90 Lei for all four.

Seeing how often I need them...

Can you sell them for that?

In the mixed dorm, no problem.

Got to go, the water's boiling.

I'm dyeing it red. You're kidding.

No, just a treatment. It's falling out.

Can you ask Petronela to return the dryer?

I'll drop it by later, she's got exams.

Good luck, girls. Thanks.

When are you seeing Adi?

At 11.

I feel feverish.

Take an aspirin.

My tooth. I need algocalmine.

See if there's any left in the travel bag.

This is all I need today.

I should have had the filling done.

You'll survive until Saturday.

Can I ask you something? Sure.

Can you deal with the money part?

I can't even bribe ticket inspectors.

Don't worry, I'll handle it.

Here, count it.

2,700? Yes.

My stomach's weird.

Eat something...

I can't...

Relax, it'll be fine.

Enough of that. Bye.

Don't turn back. Forgot the address.

Don't be superstitious, you're not a peasant.

I want to take my notes anyway.

So take them.

Tickets, please.

Your tickets, please.

Have you got a spare?

Can I see your ticket?

Ticket inspection.

Has Adi already gone in?

Last minute revision? Just checking.

Has anybody gone in?

They started late, they'd lost the key...

Stop, your classmates will see.

So? It's embarrassing.

Diana asked if we could swap.

So she can go to lzvor and we go to Costinesti.

At the same time?

No. She'd go from the 7th to the 14th, we'd go the 15th to the 22nd.

My last exam's on the 6th.

I'd have to go home for a week, then come back.

It'd complicate things.

Give me a smoke.

You got the money? Hold on.

Why the envelope?

So it didn't get mixed up with the flower money.

You said 300, right?

I'll pay you back from my grant.

Hungry? Something from the cafe?

Mom made me sandwiches.

She got up early to make you sandwiches?

No, to make her cake. The gas is screwed after 8.

Can you do me a favor?

Can you get the flowers? I'll be finishing late.

I don't think...

I won't be able to make it.


I can't make it later.

Wait, you're not coming to my mother's birthday?

Why are You upset?

Why wouldn't I be?

She's making you a meringue and you're not coming?

She's making me a meringue?

I told her you like them.

It's not that I don't want to, I can't.

Why can't you?

What do you have to do? Tell me.

I will tell you, just not right now.

You can't tell me now?

You don't trust me? ls that it.

Of course I trust you.

I don't get it. Do we have secrets now?

We don't have secrets.

I said I'll explain later. It's no big deal.

If you say it's no big deal... What can I do?

If the situation was reversed it would be a big deal.

I don't want to fight.

Who started it?

You're telling me you're not coming.

Fine, I'll come.

I don't know how, but I'll be there.

Now you're doing me favors.

Stop it...

The professor said to keep it down a bit.

What sort should I get? Don't bother.

Come on. Carnations?



Sure, why?

How many? 48.

Not an even number.

So how many? I don't know, 49.

And not gladioli. But if she likes them...

48, or she'll think I got her age wrong.

Come on, who's counting?

You don't know my mother.

So get 47. Whatever.

Just tell me. I'll get whatever you say.

It's not a proper dinner party?

Nothing formal, just my dad's friends.

We'll drink some champagne and escape to my room.

I'll do what I can.

"I'll do what I can". Please be there at 5.

I'll be there.

Maybe even on time.

You really piss me off. I'm never late.

Unless something unexpected happens.

Otherwise I'm never late.

Have you got your student ID? They won't let us in without it.

I'll get going.

What's the time? 20 past. You want it?

No, you keep it.

See you later.

What, no kiss?

No, you pissed me off.

Don't upset me again. You neither.

Bye. Bye.

Where can I get a pack of Kent?

I could have brought one.

It's for Gabita.

The guys at the Unirea might have some.

The black market guys.



I booked a room under the name Dragut.

You made a reservation? When?

Today. This evening, in fact.

No, when did you make it?

Last Tuesday.

There's nothing in the book.

A friend booked it, I'm sure it was Tuesday.

You know who she spoke to?

No, but they took her name and address.

What was the name again?


No Dragut here.

Listen, go get Nelu over here.

Maybe my colleague will recognize you.

But I didn't make the reservation.

My friend called and spoke to a man.

She telephoned? Yes.

So she didn't come herself?

I think she rang.

Anyone could say that, couldn't they?

Was the booking confirmed? Yesterday?


Don't take that tone with me.

Reservations must be confirmed 24 hours in advance.

The man didn't tell her.

I doubt that.


No, it hurts.

Listen, someone here says you took a booking yesterday.

Not yesterday. Tuesday.

Or Tuesday.

The name again? Dragut.


That's her name.

Yes, thanks.

Can you call me if the wages come through?


If she'd booked it'd be written here.

So what now?

"What now"?

Sorry, anyone in the shop?

Yes, hold on...

We really need that room.

Can't we work something out...

Work what out, miss?

There's a big group from Bucharest, the hotel's full.


We'd take a triple room.

Don't you understand Romanian?

It seems you don't.

Any Kent? 80 lei.

There's a delegation arriving tomorrow...

Do what you can.

OK, I've got to go. Call you later.

OK, bye for now.


Perhaps you can help me. I really need a room for tonight...

For tonight?

Yes, please.

We're completely full.

A triple would be OK...

Please send Marcu over.

How many nights?

Two for sure. Maybe more.

Today's not possible.

There is one room...

It's free for tomorrow.

We really need it tonight.

How many people? Two.

It's a double bed. That's no problem.


Get two coffees from the bar, and take them over there.

Nechezol or Nescafe?

Tell her they're for me.

Just go, she knows.

So, can you help me?

It's hard to say. They haven't confirmed, but...

Please, I'd really appreciate it.

It's a double bed, as I said... That's fine.

Got your ID?

Temporary residence... You're a student?

If you're in a dorm, why do you need a hotel?

It's too crowded, we've got exams, it's hard to study.

Two of you? Yes.

We've also got a room with four beds, but I might have to put someone else in with you.

No, that's fine. It would be cheaper.

The other one's fine.

As you wish.

Mihartzescu? Mihartescu. With a T.

You need a new card. If the police get you...

I left it in my jeans when I washed them.

The other person?


That's her name, Dragut.

Another young lady... Yes.

That's how our teachers react at first too.

Dragut Gabriela.

186 lei.

How much? 186.

Sorry, how much per night?

As it says there: Double room, 62 lei.

Can we pay for just one night now?

I've just changed a booking for you.

If you want it, fine. If not...

Check out is at 12.

If you go out, leave the key at reception.

Thank you.

T14. Hello.

I don't know if she's here.

I'll go up and see. Can you hold?

Gabita? I got the room.

But not at the Unirea, at the Tineretului.

She said there was no booking.

I told them, but...

Well, that's how it is. He'll understand.

Listen, the room here's 186 lei.

A double, that's all I could get.

Why didn't you do it? You're really a pain.

Listen, borrow another 200 from someone in the dorm.

You're a big girl, you'll manage.

See what you can do.

I'll leave the key at reception, OK?

How will I recognize the guy?

How will he recognize me?

Gabita, are you crazy?

If you knew I was going, why describe yourself?

You're really something.

I'll see what I can do.

Make sure you bring your ID.

See you later. Bye.

Excuse me, where's number 24?

Who do you want? I'm meeting someone.

He gave me this address. Decebal 24.

Have you seen anyone waiting in the street?


Does a Mr. Bebe work here?

Bebe who?

I don't know. Just Mr. Bebe.

Ask the lads from the garage.

I don't know any Mr. Bebe.

Excuse me? Mr. Bebe?

Miss Gabi?

Gabi couldn't come, she's feeling sick. I'm Otilia.

On the phone we agreed she'd come.

That's why I was worried. I wasn't sure we'd find each other.

I asked at the ambulance station.

Asked what?

If anyone was waiting in the street.

I'm 5 minutes late, I was afraid you'd gone.

Will we take your car?

Where is she?

Waiting at the hotel.

Harder, it's not shut properly.

Do you work here?

Does it matter?

I was just asking.

Can I smoke?

Young lady, here's the deal.

I have nothing to hide.

I came in my own car, you can take the number.

It's maybe too late to start again, but I will say this: trust is vital.

I always meet the person first, to see if we understand each other.

You can trust us completely.

She just felt sick, and couldn't come.

We tried to get you through Ramona but she'd gone.

We don't have your number.

Never mind. I was just explaining...

It's too late now anyway.

What hotel are you at? At the Tineretului.

When I talked with Gabi I asked one thing: take a room at the Unirea or the Moldova.

She told me, but they were full.

It was hard enough at the Tineretului.

Has your sister ever done this before?

My sister? No.

How old is she? 22. 23 in March.

I wish her a long life. Thank you.

You live together? Yes.

But you're not from here?


Where are you from?



I've never been.

You haven't missed much.

Are you renting? No, staying in a dorm.

How is it?

As you'd expect. Noisy, it's hard to work.

Studying what?


With tech, you're not sent to the country.

That's true.

I've got to drop something off first.

Wait here.

What are you doing outside?

How many times have I told you?

Why did you have to go out?

Mrs. lancu told me there's sugar at the shop.

Sugar? What do you need sugar for?

Not for me, dear.

Give me a break. I don't need sugar.

I need you to stay inside, you're driving me crazy.

The third time this month.

The wind blew the door shut... Like fuck.

Here. Maybe you can lose this one too.

Don't worry, dear, I won't lose it.

Sure. So what are you doing in the street?

Trying to catch a cold?

Mrs. lancu's queuing at the store...

Why couldn't you stay inside?

She thought you'd rip her off? No, the poor woman...

I'll speak to Mrs. lancu.

What is it now? Inside.

But she's keeping my place.

I don't want to hear. Inside, now.

OK, I'm going.

Now. I want to see you go in.

You're not eating?

Get inside and stop this nonsense.

Viorel, someone telephoned for you.

Someone telephoned?

How many times have I said, don't answer when I'm out.

Where are you going?

Room 206. I've already paid.

No one said to leave the key when you go out?

There's someone in the room.

What number?


Dragut Gabriela?

She's upstairs. The other one's mine.

And the gentleman? He's a friend.

Visits must be announced. You can't just march in...

After 10. That's what your colleague said.

You misunderstood.

If someone stays after 10, he must pay for a bed, but all visits must be announced.

Your identity card?

Do I get it back?

You get it back when you come down.



Is that you? Yes.

I'm with Mr. Bebe.

Hold on.

Hello. Gabriela. Hello.

Please, come in.

I forgot the plastic sheet.

You got the money? When?

Nescafe? No, thanks.

Cake? No.

They're homemade.

Please, sit down.

We were worried you wouldn't find each other.

It's good you met up.

We've got off to a bad start, young lady.

I told you two things on the phone.

One, get a room at the Unirea or the Moldova.

Two, meet me in person.

You think I asked for the sake of it?

I understood what you said, but we couldn't find anywhere else.

So your sister said.

We should have waited until you could.

Because now, my lD's at reception.

I'm sorry...

You're sorry, but my lD's at reception.

I thought we shouldn't wait. I'd put it off long enough already.

What month are you?

The third.

On the phone, you said the second.

Yes, it was the second then, now it's the third.

What blood group are you?

Group O.

High blood pressure?

I don't... No.

Any allergies?

No. Well, cat fur, but...

...not badly. I get a rash.

Will you give her an anesthetic?

It's just I don't know how these things work.

A friend who had a...

termination... told me she had one.

And you, you've had an abortion?

Let's get things straight.

This isn't a curettage, OK?

We never discussed it, and you don't need it.

If we agree, I will insert a probe which will cause an abortion, understand?

Yes, it will hurt, there will be bleeding, but it will not require an anesthetic.

The pain won't be that serious.

Anyway, the conditions are wrong, you can't give an anesthetic just anywhere.

What's most important is that you remain absolutely still when the probe is inside you.

It mustn't come out.

I won't put it in twice. I can do it only once. Got it?

What did you expect?

When you called me, I thought you'd decided...

I have but...

But what?

Young lady, this isn't a game.

We could go to prison for this.

Both of us. Only I'd face a longer sentence.

We're not fooling around, OK?

Once we start, there's no turning back.

If all goes well, after I put the probe in, you'll bleed and the fetus will come out.

What you do after is very important.

Someone must help you: the bleeding could be heavy.

If you bleed all over the room, we're in trouble.

That's what the plastic sheet was for.

I left it in the dorm...

You left it in the dorm...

Then get a plastic bag or something.

Once again, very important...

Let no one in.

No staff. No one. Keep the door locked.

How long will it take?

From when you put the probe in.

We got the room for three days.

It depends. It can last two hours, it can last two or three days...

Depends how the body reacts.

And if I need the toilet?

Your sister can help you.

You must not move, under any circumstances.

If the probe comes out, what do we do?

I won't do it twice.

That's why it's important you have a friend to help you.

Once you feel the contractions and the bleeding starts, it's OK.

But before then, you absolutely must not move.

And be careful of infection.

When I put the probe in, I sterilize it with alcohol and so on.

But after that, there's a chance of infection.

It's always a risk with blood.

So I'll leave you some ampicyline.

You've had it before? Yes.

Is there a danger of...

I mean, is there a chance it won't come out?

Anything can happen, but there's no reason it won't.

I'm sorry to ask, but we have to consider the worst outcome.

If she faints, or gets a fever, or starts losing a lot of blood, what do I do?

Call an ambulance? Call you?

If you call an ambulance, we're already half-way to prison, all of us.

Bear that in mind.

If you have to, don't say you weren't pregnant, they can tell straight away.

Just say... I don't know... it started coming out. You didn't understand...

They won't believe you, but they'll be covered.

But it would be better to avoid all that.

How is your period, normally?

A lot of blood?

I suppose so.

Lie down so I can examine you.

Open the zip.

Sit down.

How many months did you say?


I suggest you pay attention.

When was your last period?

December. It should have come on the 20th.

It should have, but it didn't.


So the last one was in November.

I think so, yes.

So let's work it out.

November, December, January, February.

That makes how many?

But I haven't had one since December.

Are we counting from when your periods stopped, or before?

Maybe a bit over three months.

No "maybe" about it. Well over three months.

So again, I'll ask you to concentrate:

What month are you?

The procedure is different for the third or the fourth.

Maybe the fourth.

The fourth?

Or the fifth?

Young lady, these details are important.

It can't be the fifth.

Maybe the fourth, my periods are very erratic.

You're playing games with the months.

Fourth, fifth...

It's a new offense after the fourth month.

You're not done for abortion.

They get you for murder. Five to ten years.

Did you know that?

No, why would you?

My periods aren't very regular.

Sometimes they're two months apart. So I didn't worry.

Young lady, please.

Then don't believe me.

I don't believe you.

If they're so irregular go to a doctor.

See, this is how people are, they keep postponing it, then come to you for help.

Why should someone else pay for your actions?

Was it me fooling around?

I don't know, miss.

It's very dangerous.

Who do you think you'll find to do it in the fourth, fifth, whatever month it is?


"Please" is fine.

But everything in this world has its price.

We'll pay.


How much money do you have?

The thing is, we had to take the room for three days, or we wouldn't have got it.


We had 3,000 lei to begin with, but because the room cost more, we've only got 2,850 left.

Is it a problem?

Young lady, did I mention money?

Did I mention money on the phone?

That's just it, you didn't... so we asked Ramona what it cost, we asked around.

And that's what everyone said, 3,000 lei, maximum.

Ramona told you 3,000?

She said that's what she thought.

So let Ramona do it, as she's so well informed.

Young lady, what did I tell you on the telephone?

That I understood the situation, and I could help you.


Did I mention money?

You said we'd work something out.


That's why I asked you to come in person.

So we could work something out.

I don't judge you for what has happened.

In life, we all make mistakes.

I asked you nothing, not your name, nor the father's name. It's not my business.

I've hidden nothing, I came in my car, I left my ID at reception.

If the police come, they'll get me first.

I'm risking my freedom.

I have a family, a child of my own.

So if I'm nice to you, if I help you, you should be nice to me too, right?

That's how I see it.

Wait... I'm not sure I understand.

I can wait.

You're the one in a hurry.

Which part didn't you understand?

I don't like to repeat myself.

What did you think?

I'd risk 10 years for 3,000 lei?

Is that what you thought?

What do you take me for? A beggar?

Did you see me begging?

Here's what we'll do.

I'll go to the bathroom. When I come out, you give your answer.

If it's yes, tell me who goes first.

If it's no, I get up and go.

It was you who came to me for help.

I feel sick. I can't believe this is happening.

Why did you say you were two months gone?

Ramona said to. He might have said no.

And now he says yes.

How could you have waited so long?

What can I do? You've already paid for the room.

The room?

Shit, Gabita, sometimes you drive me crazy.

I told you, be careful, but you always know best.

What do I do now?

Calm down. You don't have to do anything.

It's one thing to help me, it's another thing to...

Give me the money.

Tell us how much. ls 4,000 enough?

5,000? How much?

You have that kind of money?

Then why even discuss it?

We'll borrow it. Borrow it?

You complain the hotel is 100 lei more, but you can get 2 or 3,000 just like that?

How do you plan to get it?

We'll borrow. And pay it back how?

That's my business.

Don't get snotty.

I was just explaining...

How soon can you get it?

Next Saturday, at the latest.

All of it, by next Saturday? Yes.

OK, miss.

If that's how you want it.

Call me when you've got it, and we'll talk.

Wait, don't go. Please, can we do it today?

The hotel's paid for...

Can "we" do it? You're doing it?

I'm sorry. I meant you.

So what do we do?

You take the 2,800 Lei we've got today, and I promise you another 2,000 by Tuesday.

Is that OK?

You can trust us...

Why should I trust you? Are we friends?

Do I know who you are?

You could catch a train tomorrow and disappear.

I'd have nothing.

How could we do that?

I could give you my ID. And what would I do with it?

Chase you around the country?

We study here, where would we go?

I'll call home and get the money by Monday.

Are you messing me around?

I didn't mess you around.

I'm not, I just... What?

I hate to repeat myself, don't make me.

If we had money, I'd have given it to you. But we don't.

I swear, next Saturday.

Fucking bitch.

What do you take me for, a fucking prick?

I could eat you for breakfast.

Smarter people have tried to fuck me, think you'll do it?

Two foxes versus a moron?

Fuck this bullshit.

Wait. Please help me.

This is my problem, not hers.

Please help me fix it... the way you said.

The way I said?

Yes, the guilty should pay. I screwed up.

She shouldn't have to pay.

This isn't the condition I set.

I know. But she's not my sister.

I'm sorry I lied to you, but that's the truth.

She's my room mate.

Did I ask whose sister she is?

All I can do... is what I'm responsible for.

My friend is under no obligation.

I was suggesting...

You don't suggest.

If anything, you ask.

I said I'd help and explained my terms.

If you don't understand, no one's forcing you.

What did she say?

I couldn't hear you.

She's got her period.

If you want to haggle...

Please. I beg you.

Fine. Give her the probe and...

And what?

Think I was born yesterday?


Do you have a cigarette?


Lie down.

Is there an injection? No.

What's that? Water.

If nothing's happened tomorrow, do it again.

Give me the probe.

Don't tense up.

Say when you feel a sting.

Did you feel it? Yes.

When you feel it coming out, go and sit on the toilet, OK?

Give me the plaster.

Hold it.

Very important:

Don't cut the cord before the placenta's out.

If it stays in, it's serious.

Sit tight 'tll it comes out.

Don't move.

Can I cover myself? Yes.

I forgot something very important.

Don't throw the fetus in the toilet, it'll block it.

Whole or in pieces.

And don't bury it where dogs can dig it up.

Wrap it up nicely, take a bus, get off at a high rise, go to the 10th floor, and throw it down the rubbish chute.



Take her temperature, morning and evening.

If it's lower than 100, leave her be.

If it goes above 102, give her aspirin or something like that.

I can come to see you tomorrow at 2, or later this evening.

No, that's OK.

Come on, don't be... No.

As you wish.

If you get sick or you need me, call and I'll drop by.

Don't move, OK?

Any questions?

Good, then I'm off.

Good luck now.


Tell me,

I'm curious to know.

Why did Ramona recommend this Bebe?

He did Luciana's abortion.

Not Ramona herself.


So why did she recommend him?

What if he was an asshole?

She thought she was doing you a favor?

She said he'd do it if I was more than 3 months gone.

So why did you tell the pig 2 months?

I thought it was best.

Yes? Best stop thinking...

And if you're going to lie, warn me.

Why did you tell him I was your sister?

Where did you get that?

He said I had to go in person, what else could I tell him?

But why didn't you go?

I asked you to go, right?

Gabita, are you even listening?

Why didn't you go?

Because it was really hard for me.

So you lied.

I didn't lie to you.

It doesn't matter who you lied to.

I forgot to tell you, but I didn't lie.

It doesn't matter now.

I'm just upset things ended up this way, because of your stupid ideas.

We could have gone to Mrs. Jeni or whoever Dorina mentioned, could have done it differently.

It's easy to say that now.

But remember, you agreed, you said if Bebe was cheaper, so what if he was a guy?

I said that?

I said we should go where it's cheaper, sure, not that it didn't matter if it was a man.

I never even thought it.

What, you think I did?

For fuck's sake.

If that bitch had kept the booking, none of this would have happened.

Why did you make the reservation by phone?

I thought it'd be like calling from somewhere else.

You "thought".


Any cigarettes left? No.

This painting's really weird.

Are you alright?


Does that hurt?

Stings a bit.

It hurt when he put it in.

I've got to go to Adi's.

It's his mom's birthday, I promised.

Want the lamp on?

No, leave it like that.

Can you just get me a glass of water, please?

I'll be back in an hour.

You want something to eat?

I'm not hungry.

For later?

I've got the cakes.

I'll bring you a salad.

Don't, I won't eat it.

We'll see.

Here's the number.

Call if anything happens.

Don't leave it, I'm not calling there.

I'll ring from there, but just in case...

I'm going. Be good, OK?

Don't let anyone in.

Are you going now?

What about the key?

Do I lock you in and take it?

You'll be fine. I'll be back soon.




The man who was with you left his ID behind.

So you're late and you forgot the flowers.

Know what? Keep it up and I'm gone.

Why are you pissed off.

Good evening. Good evening.

I'm Adi's mother.

Otilia. Happy birthday.

Thank you. Let me kiss you.

Thank you for coming.

Gina. Where are those pickles?

Go on, I'll be right there. Just getting the pickles.

Go in.

I need to make a call.

Good evening. Room 206, please.

Otilia, my father.

Is that how you introduce me?

Otilia. Congratulations.

Thank you. Let's go in.

You shouldn't, really.

Give her your slippers, there aren't any others.

You want to catch cold? Take this pair.

I don't need any. Take them.

Come in, don't be shy. Come in.

Good evening.

The young lady is Adi's girlfriend.


The Rusus. Adi's godparents.

Dr. and Mrs. Aldea, Racoviceanu, cardiologist. His wife...

Offer the young lady a seat, you're making her dizzy.

So you're a cardiologist, while I'm a mere doctor.

When you visit me for your prostate, we'll see who's more important.

What about me? Always the doctor's wife, despite being a chemist.

Where is the bathroom?

Excuse me.

Adi, get the lights.

Will you have some soup? I can't stay.

You've barely arrived.

Did you wash your hands?

You said drop by, not eat dinner with your folks.

Just 'til they open the champagne, then we go to my room.

Are we OK?

Stop, I'm all sweaty.

The soup.

Go ahead.

Nothing will change in the department until Dima retires.

Will you shut up about the institute?

You never stop.

What's troubling you?

Like a whisky? Juice if you have it.

Adi, some juice.

She doesn't drink.

I do, just not now.

It's proper, a girl shouldn't drink.

You eat turkey?

Not a Vermouth? Elder wine.

I'll get it myself.

Maybe she's fasting.

What if she is?

I'm not fasting.

You must eat fish as you're from Galati.

From the town, yes.

Do you know Dr. lvanov? The surgeon.

No. I left straight after school.

A former student, used to bring us fish.

Graduated with straight 10s?

No. But a 9.9 average...

When we got a 7, the whole dorm would celebrate.

Now, 10 students per class graduate with a 9.9.

A 10.5 you mean.

Adi has a friend who got straight 10s, plus the Student Association 50 percent. 10.5.

Next year, married students get a 25 percent bonus.

Maybe you can marry by then.

Do your parents also teach?

My father's a soldier, Mom's retired.

They worked together when they were younger.

Simple folk often have better sense than the educated.

It depends where you put them.

Dima also comes from the country.

He got on in the Party thanks to his "healthy" roots, but...

Not Dima again. I'm sick of him. Let's toast.

With juice?

Turn it up, let's hear the Wise One.

Are the meatballs pork?

Dear, it's a nightmare cooking for this family.

Adi would never eat pork.

He'd see one bit of fat and stop eating.

And soup. Just a bubble of grease, and he'd be done.

The same with chicken skin.

I'd make ham rolls, and he'd give them to the other children.

It really got to me. We weren't well connected.

I earned 2,280 a month.

We'd queue 3 hours for a kilo of meat.

And he was fussy.

Kids have to learn, life is hard.

No one to spoil them later.

They sent me out with the cow.

I did my homework by lamplight.

There were 9 of us, Mom put the polenta on the table, and whoever was quick, ate.

So you were quick.

No, they were all fussy eaters. When I married Grigore, if the potatoes weren't like Mom's, he wouldn't eat.

Old habits die hard.

And they're still not like Mom's.

But they're good.

OK, they're very good.

How does she do them?

Mom added milk.

So do I.

I add butter and boiled water.

Each to his own.

We never had butter.

But Mom always put potatoes in the polenta.

When we were young, it was different.

Now it's handed to them on a plate.

Look at them. Dorms, grants, Mom and Dad spoonfeeding them...

It's relative. Think where the State sends them to work...

Some godforsaken village, where they're buried.

What's wrong with that system?

Before coming to Roman, I spent 8 years in Cotnari and I think I've done alright.

Help yourself. Don't wait for me to serve you.

What can I tempt you with?

And if the girls don't marry in college, they end up with the local teacher or priest.

A priest who is usually, the village drunk.

Don't generalize, dear. There are decent priests.


The majority have VCRs, color TVs... and they're always busy.

And with what?

What keeps them so busy? Confessions.

I don't know, I no longer attend church.

We go at Easter. We could be arrested for that.

Arrested by whom, dear? By the priest.

That's a good one.

My Easter eggs were better than ever.

From my mother-in-law.

Don't laugh. Guess who I met at church this Easter?

Nicely hidden behind a pillar?


Aurel asked him: "Where's your grade book?"

No, dear. I simply said: "Give me your book."

Very good.

He started on me: "Listen, Aurel." That sort of thing.

We got the dye for the eggs from my German sister-in-law.

And marzipan at Christmas. Delicious.

Last year, all my eggs cracked.

God knows why.

Mine turned out wonderfully.

Of course, if the dye's good.

I shine them with oil. I use butter.

With this German dye, there's no need.

We had yellow, green and orange.

And blue.

I made blue from yellow and green.

When we were done, we gave them away.

To Mrs. Albu this year. Our share of good deeds.

Thanks. A cigarette?

I only like one brand... Go on.


What do you study? Tech.

Boys used to take tech and girls studied medicine.

Don't they now?

With tech, you're not sent to the country.

But working in a factory all your life...

Are you in a dorm?


How many to a room?

Four. But I moved in with a friend, just the two of us.

She can look after herself. Good for her.

A young girl like you smoking in front of her boyfriend's parents...

Emilian. What?

I was 43 when my father died, he never saw me smoke.

Very healthy. As if he didn't know.

Adi, can you get the champagne?

It's a question of respect.

Now children defy you to your face.

Valentin's the same. Who defies you?

OK, it's not the right word, but you know what I mean.

I was against my son dodging conscription.

Let him experience Army life.

All this comfort? You must learn to be a man.

My wife's the same with our boy.

Well I don't agree.

You really believe getting knocked about for 9 months will make him a man?

I wouldn't want my son to suffer. For what?

You should see the ones who were in for 16 months.

Poor things.

Border guard's the worst.

Punishment duty's worse.

We're not talking about that.

Adi wasn't exempted due to his father.

A matter of principle. So he's studying chemistry.

Not at the table.

Chemistry's great. He can be my assistant. He'd love it.

He could have retaken the exam.

He can't take it now? How can he study both?

Opening the champagne already? Yes, let's.

Grigore, can you pass the green-stemmed glasses?

Happy Birthday to you.

Please, here you are.

Happy birthday, dear god-daughter.

Can you get me the phone?

Yes, wait.

Adela's on the phone.

Want to tell me what's going on?

You've been furious since you got here.

I don't want to talk.

You won't tell me?

You really want to know?

Of course I do.

Whatever it is, just tell me.

I was helping Gabita have an abortion.

That's what the money was for?

You think an abortion's 300 lei?

So why did you need it?

I'll pay you back Monday, don't worry.

My dad had a colleague who got 3 years for helping a patient.

And if I was pregnant what would we do?

Don't start. It's hardly impossible.

Have you thought about it? What would you do?

Don't roll your eyes, answer me.

Thought about what?

What to do if I got pregnant.

You won't.

How do you know I'm not?

Are you?

You don't know when my period is.

It's due some time around now.

Why do you care? It's not your problem.

Why would you say that?

Have you got pregnant since we've been together?

On Thursday, I said be careful, not to come in me. You didn't give a shit.

How can you talk about this now?


You're ashamed to talk about it, but not to do it?

I don't see the point if you're not pregnant.

I want to know what to expect from you.

Calm down. If it happens, I'll take care of it.


Why be like this?

Have I ever let you down when you needed me?

How many times did I need help? You have no idea.

How am I to blame if you don't tell me?

You want me to guess your problems?

I could have helped with Gabi.

Sure you'd have helped.

You can't even discuss it, how could you help?

You have to be careful...

Don't worry, I won't rely on you.

At least Gabita would help me.

You're saying I wouldn't help?

I said I'm against abortion, because it's dangerous.

So what's your solution?

I don't know... I'd marry you.

So if I get pregnant...

Stop, you're way off track.

It's OK, I'm not spending my life making you potatoes.


My parents' friends annoyed you?

Yes. But that's not the problem.

You think my parents are simple folk, too.

Have you ever heard me say that?

I know what you think.

And you have said it.

Said what?

Can I come in?

I brought you creme brulee.

But save some room for the meringue.

Why are you sitting in the dark?

Can you get the phone?


I'm sorry if I did something wrong.

I love you, I want us to stay together.

Give me the phone.

I said I was sorry. You apologized...

But do you know what for?

Tell me.

Why did you apologize?

I don't want you to be upset because of me.

If I've made a mistake, I didn't mean to.

I want us to get along.

Until when?

Until I'm assigned to somewhere without you?

I asked you not to touch me.

Everything'll work out.

We'll go to camp, just the two of us. No more fights.

Get me the phone.

Can I talk to Gabita in private?

I won't be long.

Good evening. Room 206, please.

Excuse me. Has anyone gone up to room 206?

Mihartescu, I was there this morning.

No, you don't need to go up. Thank you.

I have to go.

What? ls Gabi OK?

Five minutes more. She's just serving the meringue.

I wish I could stay, but I can't. I'm sorry.

At least go and say goodbye.

Tell them for me. I really have to go.

You realize you're embarrassing me?

I'm sorry.


Please, you don't have to come.

Go back. It's stupid, waiting for the lift in silence.

Good evening. Room 206.

Your ID.

The receptionist took my details this morning.

Mihartescu... Your ID card.

I think it's upstairs.

Your friend can bring it down.

I called earlier, she was asleep.

I'll bring it down to you, I don't want to wake her.

Why don't you keep it on you?

I just went out for cigarettes, and ran into someone.

You just went out...

I'll be down in two minutes.


What's wrong?

Why aren't you answering?

I got rid of it. It's in the bathroom.

Answer it.

Tell them I'm coming.

Do you have a bag?

A bag.

Is this any good?

It's too small.

You'll bury it, won't you?


I won't just dump it.

Calm down. Lock the door.

If the receptionist comes, say I went down.

What time's the last bus?

In an hour or so. I don't know.

Are there taxis?

You won't find a taxi around here.

Thanks. You're welcome.


What happened?

The wedding party, there was a fight.

Your friend's waiting in the restaurant.

She's in the restaurant?

She came down five minutes ago.

The other side. That one's for the party.


What are you doing?

I didn't know where you were.

I was starving.

I think I've got a fever.

Did you take aspirin?

I took the ampicylin.

Did you bury it?

You know what we're going to do?

We're never going to talk about this, OK?

They're still serving so late?

He's just coming.

What's that?

The wedding party menu.

Beef, pork fillet, liver, breaded brains, marrow...

Can we have another bottle of mineral water while we think it over?

4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days

from the series tales from the golden age