400 Days (2015) Script

-Cooper, Theo.

Time to go.

-Hey bro, You got any more of those smokes?

-Quitting anyway.

-Muchas gracias.

-Public intoxication... disorderly conduct... sustained crisis.

Have a nice day.

-The board wanted to boot you off.

And I agreed with them.

You can count your lucky stars it's too late to find someone else.

All the potential in the world, huh?

-Many years ago, the great British explorer, George Mallory, who was to die on Mount Everest, was asked why did he want to climb it.

He said, "Because it is there."

Well, space is there, and we're going to climb it.

We choose to go to the moon.

We choose to go to the moon.

We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do other things not because they are easy, but because they are hard.

Because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills.

-We've grown used to the idea of space and perhaps we forget that we've only just begun. it's hard to dazzle us. but for twenty-five years the United States space program has been doing just that.

And slipped the surly bounds of earth to touch the face of God.

-We'll start by sending astronauts to an asteroid for the first time in history.

By the mid 2030s, I believe we can send humans to orbit Mars and return them safely to Earth.

And a landing on Mars will follow.

What I hope is that everybody will take a look at what we are planning.

We will work with a growing array of private companies competing to make getting to space easier and more affordable.

That's how we'll ensure that our leadership in space is even stronger in this new century than it was in the last.

-At its core, it's a social experiment designed to test the psychological effects of deep space travel.

With Kepler's first actual manned mission just a few years away, we need to know how these four astronaut hopefuls will react to unforeseen challenges on board the ship. You can think of it as a... an elaborate dress-rehearsal.

-Where is this ship you keep mentioning?

-You're sitting on it.

-We felt that by placing them underground, it would be more realistic and... well, more inconspicuous.

-What are you most concerned about?

-We know that the human mind can be pretty powerful when left to its own devices.

And in an environment like this reality can become subjective in a hurry.

-Dr.McTier is nothing if not honest.

And...and brave. -We're all a little crazy to sign up for a mission this long, but it's also the quickest way to get our ticket punched on an actual mission.

-And Mr. Dvorak here, in addition to his regular duties, has been tasked with creating a weekly web video to keep all of you apprised on the outside.

-Can you tell us about some of the experiments you have planned?

-I have a relatively exciting desk analysis planned for the duration of the trip.

The...the amount of my PC will blow your mind.

-What about you, captain? You've been awfully quiet.

-Well, I'm...my girlfriend just broke up with me and I'm extremely hung over from a four day bender, so I...I don't really know how much I can contribute to this conversation.

-We also uh...have planned to throw a few curve balls at our astronauts and see how they react to those.

Let's just say that anything can happen.

-Remember our deal.


You take care of my baby.

Alright? -Yes, sir.

-A big part of me wishes I was going with you.

If any of you quits early, I'll 86 your career in a nanosecond.

I'm not kidding.


Godspeed. See you at launch.

-You know this mission's fake, right?

-I don't care. It's so cool.

-Alright, what's the 411 on the power situation?

-Solar ray looks OK, we've got 22% efficiency with 4000 watt megs.

-And the O2? -Good, 21%.

-Alrighty, let's get this party started.

-Current weather conditions look good, -Everyone is secure and accounted for? -Yes sir.

-Life systems? -Good to go.

-Medical? -Go

-Engineering? -Go!

-Roger that.

-You can pre start. -Well, I got BPS.

-You are on internal power. Over. -Yes, sir.

-T minus 10...9...



4... 3...



And liftoff!

All engines look good.

Getting roaming...

-Altitude is right on mark.

-All systems look good.

-Velocity 32,000 feet per second down range 1800 miles.

-Initiate separation

-Warning! Separation failure Payload still attached

-It says the detach button, it must not have unhinged itself.

Maybe it's stuck. -Failure to drop it will result in complete disintegration



Um...Bug, what's our speed?

-Mark 1.9

-What if we adjust our pinch 2 degrees to expose the shroud to the mainstream?

-Are you sure? I...I don't know if that's gonna be enough to shake it off.

...or velocity down to the point where we all die a miserable death.

-Mission control, permission to adjust star one pitch 2 degrees.

-Permission granted.

-Adjusting pitch

-Separation achieved.

-Crisis averted.

Exiting Earth's atmosphere in 3...2...1..


You passed your first test.

Go ahead, get yourselves situated in your bunks, you'll find that I have left each of you with a little parting gift.

I'll talk to you tomorrow at 10:00 hours.

Mission control out.

-It's so clinical.

-I guess we're home.

-Thank you, Walter!

-Are you doing Ok?

-Yeah, fine.

-When Nikki and I split up, I used to pour cough syrup on my cereal.

-Bug, I'm fine.



Come on in. Have a seat.

So, I'm just going to be asking you a few questions to establish a mental health base line.

-Very technical.

-Just doing my job. Then you can be out of here.

"In the past two weeks, how many hours of sleep have you been getting a night?"

-Not enough.

-"On a scale of one to ten, where would you place your ability to fulfill mission duties?"


-"What is your current mood?"

-Tired... and a little hung over.

-Tired and hung over aren't moods, I need something like happy, sad, depressed...angry.


Angry... and confused.

-"Are there any particular reasons why you might be feeling this way?"

-Please, don't play games with me.

-Theo, I'm sorry. these are only the questions on the list.

-The woman I wanted to marry decided she wasn't ready, and called it quits.

-It's more complicated than that.

-Enlighten me.

-Yeah, Theo, not everything is as easy as you want it to be.

-What does that mean? What, what?

-It means we're done here, Thank you.


And here we have our cook who's preparing the ship's very first meal.

-Bug, what's on our menu?

-I am not the cook, we take turns and this is re-hydrated mushrooms.


Let's hope we make it through the night.

Alright, is this all we have? Because I'm starving.

-Kitchen is closed after this, sir.

-What's with the bear?

-My good-luck charm.

-How old are you?

-Old enough to know when someone's being an ass.

-What the hell is that?

-Immunization vaccines.

-Wait a second. No, No. No.

Nobody said anything about getting shots.

-Uh, yeah they did. During training.

When you're in closed quarters, makes you more susceptible to viruses, any long term illness could jeopardize the mission.

And who knows what you brought on with you.

-I remember everything...always and I don't remember that.

-Come on, now.

Afraid of a little shot?

-No, I am not. Not at all.

-Maybe she'll give you a lollipop when you're all done.


-All done.

-How's the water?


-Plain that for the Osmosis reclamer.

Before we sat down, So, it's recycled pee.

-I am drinking my own pee.

-Well, there is no way to tell if it's yours specifically.

-Oh, Ok, and as far as this uh, soup went, is that my own shit? Because it tasted like it.

-What's up?

-Listen, we're gonna be here for a long time, so I thought if you need something... -No, I'm good.

-Just see how you're doing.

-Uh... -Well if you need anything, don't hesitate. -I won't.

-Good night.

-Ok, Uh...

We try to get regular workouts here, Want to keep our health up for when we get ready for actual space travel.

And, so this little gym... our gym away from home.

Alright...Lets go to sprint.

And allow me to show you the kitchen where we have our cook preparing the ship's first official meal.

Bug, what's on the menu?

-I am not the cook, we take turns and this is re-hydrated mushrooms.

-Yikes. Let's hope we make it through the night.

-You know what time it is?

-It is time to play a little game I call

"Emily's perceptional monumental chronology test" that infers the temporal sequencing content and duration of cognitive operations."

Or we can... we can call it memory, that's another way.

You flip them over until you find a match.

We're going to play this once a month to check progress or lack thereof.



-Are we...are we moving?

-This...is some simulation.

-Uh, uh maybe we're passing through an asteroid belt.

-Unlikely. The only belt of significance is beyond Mars, we only have another 60 million kilometers to go.

-Let's check with mission control.

Mission control, please copy.

Walter, do you copy?

Walter, do you copy?

Do you copy?

-Warning! Recalibrating solar energy retention.


-Warning. -Look, solar array.

-Warning! Recalibrating solar energy retention.

-The batteries are fine, but we're still getting a little bit of power from the solar array.

-So what's the problem?

-I think those bastards ruined the solar panels.

-Is there anything we can do about it?

-This is obviously one of Walter's curve balls. Right?

So let's just not freak out and conserve power for a while.

No big deal.

-Walter, come in.

Walter, this is Emily, I'm alone and I need to speak with you.

I need you to answer.

Walter, please come in. it's Emily, and I need to speak with you.

Walter, please answer. I need to talk to you.


-Jesus... -How you doing?

-Um...Still trying to reach mission control.

This is just part of the simulation, right?

-Yeah. Sure.

It's probably the reason we were left with enough power to keep the systems running.

-Right? -Yeah.

-Let me get some sleep.

A happy birthday, by the way.

-Ah, come on.

-You taking this so seriously.

-Yeah it's a big deal.

They're investing a lot of time and money into it.

-Yeah, and you're gonna be fine.

-I guess I can't do this whole apathetic thing as well as you do.

What's that supposed to mean?



Do you think we're making a mistake?

You and I?

Well, I don't really give a shit.

-You are such a fun kid.

-You're quite a mystery, hum?

-Fine. I call. All in.

Can you beat this?

-Yeah. You might want to work on your bluffing skills.

-Now, now, it's just a friendly competition.

-Look what I found. -A little stowaway.

-Alright, put that thing in the bucket.

-And then what? -We dispose of it.

-Dispose? When? What do you mean dispose?

-I am going to eliminate the little jerk because it's unsanitary.

-No, Jonathan is... the mouse is a member of the crew.

-Who, Jonathan? He has a name?

-Of course he has a name! and he has just a right to be here as any of us.


-He is a crew member. -You know what, Bug? How about this:

There is no way in hell that you're going to keep...

-No, no, no!

-Am I the only sane one here?

Ok, we can't have a germ infested rodent running around.

-Cold! -What boy? You more than anybody...

-Calm... -Guys... Stop it, Ok?

-Don't...don't touch me.

-Hey, stop it, hey!

-Hey, knock it off!

Theo, stop it!

Alright, stop it, that is enough!


You OK, Bug?

-Just a couple seconds. I got dizzy...

A little nosebleed, and then I was fine.

-It's 'cause you're an asshole.

And probably dehydrated.

You really need to start taking better care if yourself.

-Yeah, sure.

-You know, we've been down here for a while now, and you still haven't talked about your family.

-That's because there is not much to talk about.

-You know, I'd think that you'd have to have some sort of connection. Friends family, something.

-You read my file?

Dad was a pilot, mom self-medicated sent to boarding school when I was eight and they decided to stop visiting altogether when I was eleven.

Needless to say I learned a lot about life pretty early on.

-This is probably a small consolation, but...

I mean, down here we're all kinda like a little family?

I think the family won't operating.

But...I hope that if there's anything wrong with me,

-Can you..uh.. can you send Bug in for me please?

-Emily, I'm sorry about that.


-Ah, she's already seen that, Bug.

-That is Fuck.

-In a field, going nowhere, zero communication, no sun, all alone,

-When you mentioned feeling guilty about leaving your son...

-I just wish I could get to see him.


-What was his name?


He is a great kid.

-What if you wrote him a letter?

-And hide it under my pillow?

No, thanks.

-Mission control, do you copy?

Anybody, anybody. Anybody...

Do you copy?



-Is this part of your plan, Walter?

-Hey Bug!

Bug, is this urine?


Can you recycle it for me please?

-Bug, we're worried about you, Ok?

It's not healthy for you to contain yourself like this.

-I'm fine. I just need to finish something in here first then I'll be right out.

-Bug, as a medical adviser, I'm going to need to...

-I said I'm fine!

I'll be right out!




-Hi daddy.

-Where's mom?


-Remember that time I made it to the final round in that astronaut thing?

-Can I come with you?

-Wish you could, bud.

-How long are you gonna be gone?

-I'm gonna be gone a long time.

-What we do?


-Because nobody's supposed to know we're here.

-Well, then who is it?

-Protocol says we have to ignore it.

-I can't... I'm going to go to bed.

-It'll stop, eventually.


-What the hell was that?

-What...What's wrong?

-Hey, Bug!


-Who is he?


-It's Ok. We just want to help you.

-Ok. He's sedated. But how did he get in?

-He fought his way through an access panel on the science module.

I'm telling you that bastard wanted in.

He wanted in. -Yeah, but why?

-Did he say anything? -Wait, it doesn't make any sense.

People don't...people don't live like this.

This doesn't make any sense. Something else is going on.

I mean, we're trapped down here In this...in this fucking...

...in this metal tube, we're not in communication, we don't have any light, it doesn't make any sense.

Something else is going on. -Bug!

-Bug! -Hey! I'll get some water.

-Dvorak, wake up!

Wake up!


Emily, wake up!

-Emily! -What's happening?

-I don't know. Emily, wake up! Emily!


Shit, she's not breathing. get some oxygen!

Alright, come on!



It's Ok!

You're breathing! You're here! You're here!

-I can't breathe... -I know, shush...

Nice and slow.

Slowly, breath...

-Have you all seen my bear?

-Not now, Bug.

-It's gone.

I think that man has it.

-Where'd he go?

The breach in the hall caused our air to mix with the outside air.

-Why would fresh air be the problem?

-Maybe it's a loss of cabin pressure.

-Our oxygen levels have been slowly dropping.

Steadily, for months.

Never holding at 15 percent.

-Wouldn't the computer warn us about that?

-Something...is very wrong out there.

-So what do we do?

-We need to watch each other.

Our bodies are going to slowly adjust but we're still gonna be under the effects of hypoxia.

Headaches, delusions...

...memory loss, hallucinations...

-How much oxygen do we have left?

-We have four or five tanks. It's not going to last long.

-Seal that breach and we should be fine.

-No, there's no fixing the breach. This is not what we signed up for.

-This is exactly what we signed up for. -No! It's not!

She almost died! Alright?

We're getting out of here.

-There's no way that we're leaving here.

We're almost to the end.

If you open up that hatch, we all lose!

Don't you get it? It's all a simulation.

For all we know, she could be faking it!


All that data could have been pre-recorded.

And as our captain, you should know that we should handle this on-board!

-I'm not going to sit here and debate with you.

Either move... -Or what?


-Bug. I have an idea.

-Where are we?

Where did all this dust come from?

-It's too cold.

We got to suit up.

If we take a sample of this stuff, can you analyze it?

-Yeah. Of course.


-It's designed to only open from the outside.

I'm not sure I can re-lock it.

-Oh, shit.

-I have no idea. Right now, an-anything is possible.

None of this is making sense.

-I know what this is. They moved us into a giant dome and made it look like an alien planet.

It seems obvious to me. -Come on, Dvorak.

-Really, smart guy?

Alright, what's your theory?

Global warming, nuclear war, Maybe they flew us to another planet.

-I...uh...I analyzed the sample, and it's pretty crazy.

Um...it's mostly ice crystals, with carbon Pyroxenes, a high concentration of titanium, and magnesium... -And?

And uh...Armalcolite.

-You know Armacolite, that doesn't...

Doesn't exist on earth.

-First discovered on the moon. Apollo 11 mission.

You sure? -Yeah.

I couldn't believe it so I ran it again.

The same results.

-That's brilliant. They sprinkled that stuff around the ship because they knew we would test it.

I'm seriously impressed. -Guys, we have no answers.

-So, what do we do?

-We've got to leave the ship, see what the hell's going on.

You guys better suit up. It's cold outside.

-Suit up... -You know they're pretend suits, right?

They weren't meant to... -Fine.

Go on there without them.

-Are you sure you're Ok? -I'm fine. Thank you.

-This is a dream, right?

Or a nightmare.

Where are the trees?

There used to be trees here, guys.

You guys remember?

Doesn't...do you... doesn't anybody else not see the trees?

-Bug...listen to me...

This is just an experiment.

The shots they gave us, psychotorpic controled drugs. used to open us up to suggestion and paranoia.

This is just a game.

-Maybe we're dead.

Are we dead?

Maybe the last bit of electrical energy in our syneptic system is expiring...

Maybe it's a collective hallucination. I've heard about African tribes...

-I don't think so, Bug.

-It happens all the time.

Accounts of people seeing the Virgin Mary, sailors seeing ghost ships that are there one minute and gone the next, -Hey Bug, you feel that?

-Yeah. -Good, that's how you know its real.

-What...what about our families?

Our friends...are they dead?

-Just calm down. Ok? there must be some kind of explanation about this.

-You OK?

-Did you hear that? -Hear what, Bug?


I heard laughter.

-It's Ok, Bug, it's just the wind.


-How long have we been watching it?

-I don't know. Maybe an hour or two?

-Looks like Walter spared no expense.

-The same guy who broke into our ship.

-Look at this.

Somebody crossed out each one of these cities.

Except for this one here.

What do you think it means?

-I don't know. Maybe they were looking for something.

-Two divers?

-Maybe. Guys, check it out.

Let's see if we can find somebody who knows what the hell's been going on.

-Everything Ok?


I'm looking for microphones.

Hidden cameras.

You know that Walter is watching us right now and he is laughing his ass off.

Aren't you, Walter?

Let's go.


So we'll take up or leave it?

♪ Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do... ♪

♪ I'll go crazy ♪

♪ All for the love of you. ♪

♪ There won't be a stylish marriage, ♪

♪ We can't afford a carriage... ♪

♪ But you’ll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two ♪

-I think I see it.

-Yeah, looks like another exit up.

-I'm taking mine off now.


Earth to civilization, anyone home?

-What the hell is that for?

-No one's coming by, besides, a little noise might get us an attention.


Excuse me?

-You're ate, Right?

No. No.

We need to know what happened.

What do you mean?

I mean...

-How bad was it? Is everyone gone?

Is it like this everywhere?

-Come on in.

You're hungry, right?


Come in, come in.

Come on in, sit down.

-Um, actually we're not here to eat.

What we need is...

-First we eat.


We got guests!

Now, my name is Zell.

I'll be your host, you hang tight, and my wife will be with you in a moment.

-Ok, what the hell is going on here?

-I'm not eating whatever he brings us.

Is not odd that all street lights are on?

Probably running on a generator.

Yes, why? I mean, why waste all the power?

-It's dark, people need to see.

-I think they're meant to see from a distance.

-These people look familiar to you?

I don't think so.

Look again, 'cause Don't they seem like the reporters from press conference?

See this hot chick behind me in this booth over here?

That's Miss February.

Yeah, I know her very well.

-I don't want to be here anymore, I don't know what's going on. I wanna go home.

She is my queen. Diamonds that holds my heart.

That's the darn wife. That I a man could hope for.

-We're not married. -We're just waiting for the right...

...time. That's all.

Right time...

That's no right time anymore.

-Can you please tell us what's going on here?

We're all awfully confused.

-Aren't we all?

-Why won't anyone just give us a straight answer?

-Because they're fishing.

-Have you seen any other survivors?


See? Hav.. have you just been hiding out then..

-That's smart.

You can't trust anybody these days.

-Why's that?

-You have these fancy suits, these fancy helmets.

-I apologize. Formally I apologize.

Sometimes my curiosity just...

Get's the best of me. People like us need to stick together.

-Look...we appreciate your...hospitality, but we really need some answers. We need to know... what's going on. Everything.



You know nothing?

You must have had a really good hiding spot!

The truth is...

Nobody knows what happened.

It's just that black... thing in the sky.

Smacked me in the behind and sent a cloud of dust under me. up into space and not long after that, just Started raining down on us and

We're sucked it right up.

Fellows over there, they're conspiracing nut jobs, hear what I'm saying... nukes and aliens!

Sheet like that... The government knew about that...

They did not give one bit of warning. Not one at all.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but You might be the only ones left.

-it's delicious.

-I have a question for you, Zell.

About the press conference. -Come again?

-The press conference. The one before we left.

I just...I can't seem to place you.

-Your friend here has been beaten one too many times with the crazy stick.

-That's good.

This guy's good. I'm...I'm the crazy one.

Next thing you know you're going to tell me that earpiece isn't a hearing aid.

Walter is feeding you lines right now, right?

-You're testing my patience.

-Al! -Sorry about that!

Sorry about that.

How all of you have been so well?

-Look. We just got lucky.

A little thing... I like to call. pride and ownership.

That is all we've got.

We just like to make sure to... tip top shape so you folks can spend the night and after that, you're going to have to get going.

Eat up.

You'll need some blankets and stuff for the night.

If you are not up to it...

If you're parched...

I got a little water in a home down the street, and all can do it.

I'll live the door unlocked.

-You guys aren't buying any of this, right?


-You don't think it's odd that Bug did a dust analysis... and found magical moon dirt then we get a map that leads us directly here This whack here says the moon was struck.

That is very convenient.

-I know it sounds crazy but think about it.

It all adds up.


You guys can sit here and cry in your soup.

-tell me you're kidding.

-No, I'm not kidding.

I've been locked in a box for over a year.

I'm going to the bar.

Come on.

-I don't think we should split up. let's go.

-What the hell is this place?


-Four beers. -No beer.

Just the house special. -What's that?

-The less you see the better. -Sounds delicious.

-Is this going to be on Zell's tab?

-Ah! Wow!

Four of those. That's it.


-it's nice to be amongst the living again.


For putting up with my bullshit in the past year.

You guys are the closest thing I've had to a family in a long time.

I need another.



-What's a tall drink of handsome like you're doing in a place like this?

I'm just looking for someone who likes to mix her metaphors.

Oh, seriously, what are you doing here?

-Let's just say that...uh...

I'm tired of simulating.


Does this feel real enough?

-It's a good start.

-Ok, am I the only one here that thinks this is not a good idea?

-Yeah, I'll go get him.



Have you seen my friend?

That guy that was here with that girl.



He's gone.

-What do you mean?

-Must have left with the woman.


-We'll just wait for a bit.

Maybe he'll show up.


-I think it's time for you to leave.

-I don't think he's coming back.

-Maybe Dvorak was right.

Maybe this was all some sort of exercise And we're all just being played, and he was able to see through it from the beginning.

For all we know, he could be back at mission control right now.

Or maybe we're all in mission control right now just sleeping. This is just some sort of a dream... or maybe it's...maybe we were drugged.

-Bug! -It feels like some sort of dream and... -Bug!

You should really get some sleep, Ok?

-Here we should sleep in shifts.

One of us should stay and watch.

I'll go first. -No, I'll...I'll go.

I don't think I can sleep right now anyway.

-Bug, I don't think that's a really good idea.



-How is he?



Hi Bug.

-What you doing back here?

-Have you seen our friend Bug?

-Everything Ok?

-Where's Bug? Where’s Dvorak?

Have you seen your friends?

-What friends? -The guys that we came with.

-It's only been you two.


-You're oxygen deprived.

That's what it is.

Now you start seeing things that aren't there. or not seeing things that are there.

No, there was two other guys here that were with us.

-Hey, hey, whoa.

-What are you doing?

-Looking for cameras, microphones.

-Theo. -Whoa. Hey!

-I don't get what you're trying to pull, but I think it's time you head back to your ship.

-What'd you say?

-He said you should head back.

-No, you said ship.

How did you know we were on a ship?

Let's go. No, wait.

-Theo, -Where's Walter?

-Theo. -Ok, Tell Walter that... this isn't funny anymore.

-Theo, let's go. This isn't a game. We gotta leave.

Theo, come on, we've got to find shelter.

-We can't leave them.


Where are you?






Come help me.

Thank you.

-I'm sorry


Where did you go?

-My god, what happened? -You Ok?

-We gotta... we gotta go.

Right here. Here.

I'm gonna go look in there.

This is going to stop the bleeding, Ok?

-Where'd you get that?

Where'd you get that?

-My first-aid kit. I always have it with me.

-That was not from the ship.

All mission arms are bar-coded. Track usage. It doesn't have one.


You need to relax, Ok? You're in shock.

-Come on. Let's get the hell out of here.

-I think we're going to make it. Back to the ship.

-Almost done.

You really need to get some rest.

-Can I ask you a question?


-What did Walter whisper to you... before we got on the ship?

-Um...not that I remember.

Those things you do when keeping your secret you pull it kind of like how you're doing right now.

What did he say to you?

-He asked if we still had a deal.

-What...what... what do you mean? What deal?

-Two weeks before we left for the mission, he told me that if I didn't end it, that he was going to kick me off the mission.

End it? What do you mean? you mean...

You mean us?


-He said the research that he needed to see If we could still fulfill our duties after our breakup, -Why didn't you just tell me? Why didn't you just talk to me about this?

We could have figured it out. We could have faked it.

-I would have told you if I could, but there's no way, and you know it. Walter would have known.

He was watching us 24/7.

And I wanted us to do this mission together.

And I thought at least this way we could still do it.

-I would have told you.

I would have risked it.

-I was scared, Theo.

Believe me, I wanted to tell you.

-You wanted to tell me.

-I'm sorry.

-So am I.

Maybe Bug was right.

Maybe this was just a nightmare.

-Yeah, now I'm ready to wake up.

We should go.

I never thought I would be so happy to see it again.




-They're here.

-Who? Zell?

-It's so stupid.

They let us escape so they could follow us back here.

-What do we do?

-The only thing we can.

We find the ship, we flight back.

Hurry. We can lock the hatch.

I'm going to climb out and find a place to hide.

-Be careful.


-You don't look so good.

-What'd you do with my friends?

-Your friends?



Your friends are back in town.

We just came here to get you.

Bring you back.

Why don't you out down your knife, too?

You and I will go back together.

-Congratulations. You made it.

I know the voyage was brought with difficulties and surprises.

I just want you to know from the bottom of my heart how proud I am of you.

Thank you, honestly, again, from the bottom of my heart.

Anyway, there's a lot of people out here who are anxious to say hello to you.

To thank you just like me, so...

Let's come on out of there, and let's call this mission done.