5150 (2016) Script

911. What's your emergency?

Um, I'm 13, and I'm home alone, but there's this girl who's been banging on the walls for hours in my apartment.

And my mom's not home, and I'm really scared, and I don't know what to do.

911. What's your emergency?

Hi, there's a girl in my building screaming that she's gonna kill everyone here and that we're all out to get her.

You need to send the police. This chick is crazy.

911. What's your emergency?

This is, like, the third time that I've called this month.

The bitch is crazy.

Sir, please calm down. The police are coming.

Y'all need to send someone fast before she blows this place up. I'm serious.

Yes, we have been notified by other tenants in the building.

The police are on their way.

I live below her. This is my third time calling.

When are you guys sending someone out?

I don't understand why you guys keep coming here and nothing happens.

Sir, I can't do anything from my end.

You have to stay calm and wait for the cops to arrive please.

She plays loud music and then screams out the window and just keeps doing this over and over.

It's been going on since 5:00 A.M. this morning.

Ma'am, I understand that.

Please stay inside your apartment.

The police are on their way.

Hello, this is Autumn.

Your sister is at it again!

-You said it would stop, and it hasn't. -What?

It's gotten worse. I can't take it anymore!

Okay-- okay. -I want her gone!

Please-- please, no, don't call the police.

I'll be right there.

Look, I told you I'm coming, okay?

Is she still at the apartment?

Okay, just keep her there until I can get her, okay?

Hold on a second.

Look what she did to me.

She slammed the door in my hand.

I'm sorry. I'm gonna deal with it, okay?

Cami? Cami, it's Autumn. Open the door.

Just stay here.

I'm not going in there.


Cami, where are you?

Sis, so glad you could make it.

Cami, what are you doing?

Are you off your medication?

You mean the mind-controlling pills?

I'm not thinking their thoughts anymore.

Those pills are implanted with memories.

You're just trying to make me the same as them!

Let's just relax, okay? Let's just sit down, okay?

Look, what happened to all your furniture?

Cami, listen to me, okay?

Let's just talk, okay? Just talk to me, okay?

I found it, sis.

Found what?

The chip.

What are you talking about?

The g.P.S. Chip. It's in my finger.

They didn't think I'd find it.

Okay, okay, let's just sit down-- and they've been visiting me and leaving clues at my door, and they're just trying to trick me.

Get her crazy ass out of here right now!

And he's one of them!

He is not a manager!

He is a plant working for the CIA, and they know that I know about them.

They know that I know about the mission to Mars, aliens, NSA.

I gotta-- I gotta--

I gotta expose them. I gotta expose them.

It might just save you all.

Look. Look, look, look, look, look.

Look, see?

See? See the symbols? The symbols?

They don't think i know what it means, but I do! I do! I understand what it means.

Cami, this is a flyer for a Chinese restaurant.

No! You are no-- you are not my sister.

They sent you. They sent you.

They sent you to trick me!

Cami-- cami-- I am not forsaken!

I'm the chosen one.

I'm not forsaken. I am the chosen one.

I'm not forsaken. I am the chosen one!

Cami, are you off your medication?

I am not forsaken, i am the chosen one. They cannot come against me.

Cami, stop for a second. Take your pills.

Okay? Take the pills. Just take the pill-- ow!


Uh, 27, I've got both the victim and the suspect here.

Are you the sister? Autumn bergman?


My name is Anne Matthews.

I'm with the department of mental health, L.A. county.

I have a few questions regarding your sister.

Do you know how long she's been off her meds?

No, I don't.

How long has she been exhibiting this behavior?

Um, ever since our-- well, my father and her mother died.

Uh-huh. They were in a car accident.

It's gotten worse since then.

Three years at least.

May I just say that in the past two months cops have been called out six times on a 5150.

Now, cami is smart enough to know the system and that there's only a 72-hour hold.

So what can be done?

Well, the cycle will continue until she goes to jail or gets real treatment, which is what she needed in the first place-- a treatment facility.

Now, her mom died.

Is there any other next of kin?

I'm the only family she has.

Well, you have a big decision to make.

Cami harmed multiple people tonight.

Herself as well as officers included.

There will be charges brought against her.

But, you know, see, that's why I'm here.

After she's booked, i will work with her lawyer on a plea deal for her to enter into a long-term treatment program instead of jail time.

No, cami would never agree to that.

That's not her decision. It's yours.

You being the only next of kin, we can do an emergency petition downtown tomorrow morning for a conservatorship, and that means you would be making the decisions for cami as long as the judge sees fit.

I don't know.

Look, I don't know if cami would do well in a facility.

She's not doing well out here.

Autumn, it's the only choice.

Cami's gonna end up killing herself or somebody else.

She needs this.

You're doing the right thing.

I hope so.

I know. I understand.

Autumn! Please. Sis, please. Don't let them take me.

It's okay. It's okay. It's gonna be okay.

You have to go.

You have to go.

Your books changed my life.

When I broke my leg and I couldn't leave the house, I read them all the way through without stopping.

-You helped me heal. -That is so nice of you to say.

Which one was your favorite?

Your first one. "Fields of silver."

I cried so hard i think I was dehydrated.

Well, thank you for coming.


Well, hello. And who can i make this out to?

Jessie. "To Jessie, don't stop writing, and don't give up on your dream."

Are you a writer? Yes.

I write murder mystery stories, but my teacher says I'm too young to be writing about that kind of stuff, so I want you to write that on the inside there so I can read it to myself when they all tell me I'm too young.

"Don't ever give up on your dreams, Jessie, no matter who or what tries to stop you."

I won't. Thank you.

This just came for you.

We need to wrap this up. Okay.

One second please.

Hey, babe.

Oh. You were out like a light.

Yeah. Tired.

Baby's been kicking me all morning.

You know, i still can't believe that you binge-watch these cop shows.

Well, you know that I like to see how they solve the murders.


Oh, my god.

What is it?

The 3-d imaging place, they just emailed me the sonogram.

Look. That's our baby's face.

That's our baby.

My whole life, I've waited for this moment.

A child. I mean...

I can't believe I'm gonna be a father.

Thank you.

Thank you, des. Thank you.

I just-- i can't believe I doubted the fertility treatments were working.


All the money in the world isn't worth this moment.

Two kilos were missing.

If you don't tell us what we need to know, we're gonna have child services take your baby.

You ain't taking my baby.

I already told yo' ass I don't know nothing about no drugs.

Now you bring your ass back up in my house here again and you ain't never gonna leave.

Not alive, at least.

Carmen, that was great.

Yeah, that, was, uh, that was hot.

Um, I wanna take a different approach.

I wanna try something a little different.

Like, um, play it a little less tough.

You know what I'm saying?

Like she got a lot more to lose.

You understand what I'm saying?

I-- I think so. Just give me one minute.


Come on. We know you was there the night Ricardo got shot.

Two kilos went missing.

If you don't tell us what we need to know, we're gonna have child services take your baby.

You ain't taking my baby.

Now, I already done told yo' ass, I don't know nothing about no drugs.

No, you bring your ass back up here in my house and you ain't never gonna leave.

'Least not alive.

That was hot. Yeah.

We loved you, by the way, in "blazing hearts."

Oh, thank you. Yeah, that was one of my leading roles-- my first leading role, and I was so excited to work with everybody, especially Michael Goldstein.

He is an amazing director.

Yeah, he is.

Yeah. Great.

Well, have a wonderful day.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

I did it two different ways, but I knew the first time was right.

They were just testing to see if I can take direction.

Yeah, well...

All right, let me know as soon as they give feedback.

All right.


And your ice cream.

Mm, thank you, babe.

Oh, this was on the door for you.

Oh. Okay.

Okay, so you're good? You have everything you need?

If I need anything, I'll call you.

All right. I love you.

I love you, too.

-Have a good day at work, hon. -All right.

Guys, I just don't think it's a very good idea.

We put her away.

If she wants to meet us all to apologize, I think we can at least give her a bit of our time.

That girl is holding nothing for me.

You think it's part of some sort of 12-step program or something?

I don't know. Probably.

"I have a lot to say to you and apologize for.

I need your help in moving forward with my life.

I have something very important to tell you.


I don't trust it.

Who knows what she's been up to for the last two years?

Very true. We really don't know how stable she is.

I would maybe meet with her if I wasn't feeling like this.

I get these waves of tiredness where I can't even walk.

That's 'cause you're hosting a parasite in your body.

I'm just kidding.

Aw, I didn't mean it. I didn't.

No, seriously, though, physically, I'm really-- I don't know, I'm just not up to it.

What could she possibly have to say that's so important?

"Oh, I'm sorry for trying to ruin your life or make your life a living hell, or--" seriously? You two are being so selfish.

Do you know how much guts it took for cami to even write us these letters?

Yes, she made our lives hell, but a lot can change. A person can change.

People don't change. Circumstances do.

What if you were in her boat, trying to apologize to your former best friends?

Okay, she is not your former best friend.

She is your sister. Let's not forget that.

You have more willingness to forgive her than Carmen and I.

Autumn, don't you remember all the shit she pulled before we finally could get her committed?

Yes, of course I remember.

But think about how I feel.

Don't you think I hurt?

She's the only family that I have left.

My dad would have wanted me to give her a second chance. Can't you understand that?

Okay, what if this had happened to one of us?

Carmen, what if you were mentally ill?

I damn near sometimes think I am. Shit.

I'm serious.

You have your crazy moments when we think you're out of your mind.

Especially when it comes to your career.

And, des, I mean, this could have easily been you.

Look at you in college, how many times you blacked out, woke up not knowing where you were and who you were lying next to.

And that withdrawal you had when you gave up drinking.

Yes, but alcohol and mixing schizophrenia and crystal meth, Autumn, it's two different things.

You're missing the point.

You had your chance to turn your life around.

Who are we to stand in her way to do the same?

Okay, fine. You win.


I can't deal with all these emotions today.

Autumn, we're doing this for you, okay?

We'll meet with cami, let her say what she has to say, but that does not mean that she's coming back into our lives, okay?

And we'll all do it together, and that'll be that.

Thank you, guys.

Cheers. Cheers.

I need more of this wine.

You ordered more carbs than I've had all year.

I'm feeding two, remember? My parasite.

Wait, so whose place are we having this meeting at?

Well, where's cami staying?

You know cami. She will surface.

Autumn, I say we do it at your house.

Mm-mm. The last time cami was at my house, she stole a faberge egg and pawned it to buy drugs.

Well, she stole tom's diamond cufflinks and god knows what else.

And my grandmother's Ruby necklace and blu-ray player.

Okay, so our houses are out.

Well, what about a restaurant or a Starbucks?

No, 'cause if it's a public place and she makes a scene, that would not be good for my career.

Okay. What about a park?

There's not enough people there.

Motel room?

Seems a little impersonal.

What about we just rent an apartment for the day?

That's a really good idea.

That way she can think it's one of your houses and feel welcomed.

Carmen, we can say it's your new place.

Okay, fine.

Once you hear from her, I'll book it online.

Then we have our little pow-wow, go our merry way, and have a clean slate.

See? It all worked out.

Everything is gonna be fine.

Anyway, thanks for helping me set this place up.

These gifts, I mean, i just wanna get it all done before he gets back from...

Oh, honey, i charge 50 an hour.

Cash only. Thank you.

Okay. I get it now.

Come here quick. What?

Quick. Quick.

It's the first time he's kicking.


Wow. Ooh, wow.

He kicked me. Does it hurt?

No. No, it doesn't.

Who would have thought that two nine-year-old little girls from Van nuys would be sitting in a Beverly hills mansion, sipping iced tea out of crystal glasses and discussing diamond necklaces?

I know.

Well, we did it together.


You know, I wonder what our lives would have been like if we never would have met at girl scouts or never would have met Autumn.

Very different. I mean, no weekend trips to Malibu with her family.

No New York high school celebration for graduation with her dad when he did his book signing there.

And you definitely would have got kicked out freshman year from ucla if her dad didn't know the department head.

And you wouldn't have gotten into the actor's studio if he didn't make that phone call.

Oh, yes, I would have, thank you very much.

Well, either way, we owe Autumn and her dad for a lot of the good things that have happened in our lives.

Yeah, we do.

I'm afraid for her. Because of the dinner?


She's not as strong as us, Carmen, and she doesn't-- she wasn't born with that fire inside of her.

And if cami really hasn't changed, I'm just afraid that she's gonna go into this deep depression again, just like the last time.

That's what we're here for.

And I can really care less what that thief cami has to say to me.

You cross me once...

Then you better not come across me again.

Yeah, I know. I know.

I just think of her dad, and...

If he would have seen what-- we're doing it for him.

Yeah, you're right.

Pizza's ready.

Oh. Come on, mama.

Ugh. Big belly.


Hey, cami texted me.

She wants to meet Friday at 7:00.

Does that work for you?

It's good for me and des.

That's fine. Have you found a place?

I did.

Perfect. Thanks, Carmen.

I know this isn't easy.

Anything for you guys.

See you Friday. Bye.

Jacob? Hi.

Uh, Carmen.


I'm so sorry. I'm running behind.

I wanted to do a quick maintenance check of everything in the house, and everything is fine.

I just wanted to just finish up this smoke detector.

Why don't you, uh, take a look around the house and I'll come out there and give you the lay of the land?

So I just wanna give you my cell number since my home number is on the agreement.

So if you need me for anything, you can get me at any time.

And I don't want to make you feel awkward, but, um, I recognized you on your rental profile picture.

You're that actress, the one who was in, um-- in "blazing hearts." Yes! Yes.

That's the one. You were so good.

Thank you.

I'm a huge fan.

Oh, that's sweet.

I'm gonna watch everything you're in.

All right, it was nice meeting you.

Have fun with your friends.


That's about right. Mm.

Who is it?

It's your favorite person in the world.


Nice place.

Good job finding it.


Whew. How are you feeling?

I'm good, you know.

Having a watermelon strapped to your stomach

24/7 can get old real quick. Uh-uh.

Especially when you got a bad back like I do.

I know. That's why I'm never having kids.

I'll adopt, but ain't nothing ever popping out of me.

Oh, you say that now, but you might change your mind.

You cooked, Carmen.

Yeah, I made cami's favorite, Italian.

Who knows the last time she had a home-cooked meal.

That was nice of you.

And I see you brought some wine, too.

I need this to loosen up. This is hard for me.

Remember to breathe.

Nice place. Ooh, you scared me.

Hey. You look great.

Oh, thank you.

New shoes? Yeah, I got 'em on sale.

Nice. Right?


Jeez, what a great place, Carmen.

I'm glad you approve.

Drink of choice? Oh, thank you.


Well, thanks again, guys, for doing this.

I really appreciate it.

It's okay.

Yeah, I just want her to come and say her peace and be on her way.

Well, I found some great options online.

Maybe we can all passively suggest some of them to her.

Group homes. Support groups.

Good idea.

Well, that's if she's not already living somewhere.

True. But at least it'll show her that I care.

Well, she should be here soon.

I mean, 'cause this food's getting cold.

Aw, she loves pasta.

Yeah, I know, and I even tried those vegan meatballs.

I mean, they're not as bad as I thought.

I mean, they look like barf, but they taste like the real thing.

See, and so much better for you and the environment.

Mm. Sorry, guys. I need to start eating.

If I don't eat every few hours, i get light-headed.

You were like that before you got pregnant.

What's the difference now? Shut up, Carmen.

Hey, at least I didn't eat a whole red velvet cake to myself on my birthday.

Okay, first of all, that was a one-time thing, and that was the best red velvet cake I have ever had.

Yeah, and you were the only one who would know since you ate the whole thing before we could get a piece.

Well, it's not my fault you guys are always late.

Well, we're here on time today.

Yeah, you knew better than to be late today.

What if she doesn't show up?

I wouldn't do that to you, sis.


Wow, you look...


Thanks, sis.


Carmen, I could smell your cooking from down the hall.

And, des, you're pregnant.

Yeah, we finally got lucky.

Luck has nothing to do with it.

So, cami, are you hungry?


Autumn, why don't you take her out to the back and wait for dinner?

Is this your new place? Yeah, I just moved in.


Uh, so, how have you been feeling, des?

Mm. I'm feeling good.

I'm a little tired, but...

Can't do much of anything.

Well, fortunately it's not like you have to work, so you get to be lazy and still live a great life.

Lucky you.

Well, I guess I'll say it.

What the hell happened to you, cami?

I waited for you when you were released from the facility, and you never showed up.

Now, two years later, here you are.

No calls, no letters.

Where have you been staying?

With a friend.

What have you been doing?

Looking for a job, an apartment-- just doing what normal people do.

Well, if you need help finding a place or any references-- thanks, des, i really appreciate that, but I don't wanna be a burden on you guys.

We just wanna make sure you have the support if you need it.

That's really kind, but I just wanna say my peace and then be on the way.

So how was the program? Did it help?

I got a fresh perspective on everything.

Believe me.

Well, that's great.

Then why did you leave?

Well, that's why I'm here, in a way.

You obviously all got my letters, and I have some things I'd like to say to you three.

I, in my own way, appreciate and understand what you were doing by having me committed.

You cared about me enough to try to get my schizophrenia treated and to get off the heroin.

You know, it took me almost a year to stop being angry with you guys and really appreciate what you did.

You saved my life.

And I was no prize. I know that.

I did things to all three of you that were shameful.

And if I could take them back, i would, but I can't.

All I could do is just sit here over this amazing plate of spaghetti and just beg for your forgiveness and hope that we could just let the past die so that I could really move forward and get a fresh start with my life.

So I sincerely apologize for all the pain that I've caused.

Well, I forgive you.

I forgive you, too.

I forgive you, cami.

Group hug?

Whew. Well.


Oh, uh, Carmen, I've been following your career since I've had the extra time.

Congrats on "blazing hearts."

It was a really great movie.

Oh, thank you. I'm so glad you liked it.

Yeah, it's really been opening some doors for me.

I'm auditioning for things I never would have been considered for before.

I mean, I auditioned for the Denzel Washington movie the other day, so...

Wow. That's amazing.

How did you get the audition for "blazing hearts," by the way?

Oh, it was through a friend.

I was recommended for the role because it was so character specific, and they really wanted somebody that could, you know, go there for the role, so...

I bet you did.

And, uh, des, how far along are you?

About six months?

Yeah, six months of eating as much as my mouth can chew.

Well, I'm glad you're finally able to have a baby.

Um, so, cami, what are your ideas for finding a job?

Mm, not me, yet, sis.

Tell me about your book. What's it about?

Um, well, it's, um, a family drama about two siblings...

Whose mother dies and leaves them searching for the meaning of life?

Yeah, I read it.

You know, there's some parallels between that story and our family.

But, I mean, who would know besides me?

Good read, though. Very emotional.

I'm glad you liked it.

Shit. Are you okay?

Yeah, I just need a minute. Is it a contraction?

No. Baby's just kicking my ribs really hard.

Ooh. Okay.

Uh, where's the bathroom?

First door on your left. Thanks.


Oh, she seems to be... normal.

She took my wine.

Okay, just...

Can't believe this.

Let's see what she has to say.


She seems semi-normal.

God, what a beautiful night.

God, I have missed Los Angeles so much.

Like, whoo! Los Angeles!

We're all just lost angels.

Lost angels in Los Angeles.

You know something?

This wine has got me feeling so alive.

I love you ladies.

We love you too, cami.

You know, that's good, because I have some things I'd really like to say to you three.

What is it?

After I left briarwood, i went to Florida.

Why were you down there?

Well, this guy Tony-- Carmen, you met him.

The one you found-- yeah, getting high on my couch in his dirty underwear.

Yeah, I'm sorry about that.

Yeah, well, anyway, he went down there to unload this big score of oxy for this guy and we were gonna get 20%.

But there was a mistake, a stupid mistake on Tony's part, and the oxy was stolen.

And I know this sounds odd, me telling you the story about the street so casually when you're all living the good life, but, well, when I didn't have any money I started dancing at this club near the beach.

You mean stripping?

Cami? Yeah, stripping.

I had to do what I had to do.

You know what I'm saying, girl?

One night, the guy whose oxy we were supposed to be selling came looking for me and Tony.

You know, so Tony and i tried to reason with him.

He said he would get him his money.

So two weeks later, the guy came back.

Well, when Tony told him we still didn't have any money, he shot Tony.

He just shot him right between the eyes.

I know, I ran and I hid, and I got out of there.

I just got out of there on the next greyhound back to L.A.

Last week, I got a message sent to me from that guy.

He told me I had one week to come up with his money, with interest, or he's going to shoot me just like he did Tony. Cami.

If you guys really wanna see me get a fresh start on life and really move forward, I need $75,000 by Sunday or I am dead.

I-- I would give it to you.

I just don't have that kind of money.

Really? You're a big star now with all these roles coming your way.

What she means is she doesn't have that cash lying around, cami.

Des, I know tom's business is skyrocketing.

Help me.

I would have to talk to tom about that.

You know he hates me.

Autumn, dad left you in charge of the estate.

I need the $75,000.

It's in stocks and real estate.

Even if I were to give it to you, it wouldn't be by Sunday.

It's Friday night. Everything's closed, cami.

We'd really like to help you, but maybe we should call the police.

Yeah, and who is this guy?

I mean, he followed you-- are you gonna give me my money or not?

Cami, you can't just expect to see us and ask us for this amount of cash.

Especially with all the hist-- with what, Autumn? Say it.

With the drugs? With the meth?

We've all got our history, don't we?

Mine just happens to be all out there in the open and you bitches have got yours locked away tight.

Okay, you're not gonna call me a bitch in my own house.

This isn't your house, bitch!

Okay. Don't you think I know where you're living?

Told you this would happen. Oh, really?

You knew it, des?

Well, why don't we talk about what I know?

Cami, are you off your meds?

These meds?

I'm totally healthy, sis.

Okay, everybody, let's just calm down.

Let's just take a moment and breathe, okay?

This is your fault, Autumn.

My fault? How is this my fault?

If you would have just given me my share of the money from dad's estate like you were supposed to, then I wouldn't have had to resort to selling oxy down in Florida and none of this shit would have happened.

All right, that's it. Fuck this. I'm out.

Oh, really? Okay, Carmen.

Maybe tmz would love to find out how you actually got your role in "blazing hearts."

What did you say?

How you fucked Michael Goldstein for the role?

The audition tape went viral, cami.

Why are you saying this?

She knows.

It's not gonna work, cami, okay?

The director gave interviews about how her audition was game-changing.

You didn't tell them?

You know, it's funny the tapes one can find when looking for a blu-ray player to sell for a dime bag.

I burned those tapes two years ago.

Really? The one with Michael Goldstein on your maroon rug, calling him "papi."

You stupid bitch.

No, no, stop it. Ooh, it's good to be back!

Autumn plays the referee!

You have some nerve, cami!

This is not why we agreed to meet with you.

This isn't nice what you're doing.

Was it nice what you did, aborting tom's babies?

You're going to hell! Hell!

Cami, stop it. Stop it with the lies.

This isn't a lie, is it? Cami, stop it.

I'm telling you to stop it.

You never told them?

I thought you were all best friends since the third grade and shared every little thing together.

I'm gonna beat your ass. Ooh!

I'm not lying. Here.

Give me my money.

They aren't real.

Des, it has your info on it.

Why do you have those?

Because you were either too stupid or too sentimental to cover your tracks.

You know, after you had me play chauffer and drive you to the clinic for the second time, they fell out of your back pocket onto the passenger seat.

Your trash, my treasure.

I wonder if tom would still hate me after I told him his precious wife was trying not to have his babies.

That's not true. That's not true at all, okay?

I felt pressured! I did wanna have his babies.

How the hell would you know what I'm thinking?

I was young! I was 23 years old, okay?

And he was pressuring me to have his kid.

You don't know how I felt!

I don't owe you an explanation, all right, cami?

I trusted you in my house.

How dare you steal those sonograms?

It's gonna take a lot more than a sofa bed and a few hot pockets to buy my trust, honey, and it's gonna take a lot more than that to keep my mouth shut.

So what are you gonna do? Blackmail us?

Who's gonna believe a lunatic junkie like you?

Ouch. Burn. You see, I've already thought about that, and that is why evidence is so important.

Get out, cami.

Get out, and don't ever let me see you again.

But, Autumn, I've saved the best for last.

You didn't actually think I'd let you leave here-- cami, you are insane!

Don't you understand that?

After everything that my family has done for you?

Your family?

Dad wouldn't like hearing you say that.

He's not your father, cami.

He married your whore mother and took you in and adopted you out of pity.

You were never his daughter. I am his daughter.

And now after this, you will never see a penny of his trust.

I won't?

I beg to differ.

Cami, get out.

We don't wanna hear any more of this bullshit.

You see?

Before dad died, when Autumn was away studying at college to be a writer, I was the one spending all my time with him, taking care of him, cooking for him, reading his latest manuscript.

That's right, Autumn.

Dad gave me "fields of silver" to read before he died.

Shut your mouth.

He wanted my opinion on how it should end.

Now, you can imagine my surprise when six months later you took it and published it as your first novel.

And you didn't even bother to change the title.

Like it or not, the four of us are going to be tied together for the rest of our lives.

Now, you can either give me my money or pay the fucking price.

No? Oh, god.

You bitches had your chance.

First stop...


Bitch, that ain't happening.


You fucking whore!

Bitch, you are fucking dead!

I hate you! Stop!

Stop it! You stupid bitch!

Stupid bitch!

Stop it! Stop it!


She's pregnant!

No! No!

I hate you!


Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.


Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

Cami. Oh, my god.

Cami, you're not gonna be dead.

Look at me. You're not gonna be dead.

Come on. Guys, i don't know what to do.

Keep pumping. Keep pumping.

She's not breathing!

Cami, please, just--

What are we going to do? We have to call the police.

The police? And say what? That my step-sister is dead.

That we were drinking and then we got into a fight, and then we threw your step-sister over a flight of stairs?

No one's gonna believe us, okay?

She's a junkie. Are you kidding me?

What happens when they start questioning and looking for her?

They're gonna find out when they start digging about everything she knows about you, about Carmen, about me. That's motive!

No, we cannot have police right now.

Are you fucking serious? She deserved this, Autumn!

She wouldn't stop! I need to call tom.

No. He'll know what to do.

This stays between the three of us, okay?

No one will know what happened here.

Just give me a second.

Oh, cami.

Calm down.

Okay. If we don't call the police, what are our options?

What's this?

Ugh. It's crystal meth.

I can't believe all that money on treatment and she never cleaned up.

Problems were just too deep, Autumn.

Well, it looks like she took the bus to get here.

Won't someone know?

Someone who saw her on the bus maybe?

Won't someone know she was coming here?

Well, the closest bus stop is Hollywood boulevard.

There's no way to prove that she actually came here, though.

Plus, I don't think anyone would be looking for her, besides that guy she was talking about looking for money.

And I think she was completely lying about that.

Plus, if we were to be questioned, we can say that, yeah, she wanted to come here to talk to us about something, but that she never showed up.

Can't they search for blood?

Won't they be able to test this house for her fingerprints or DNA, whatever they do, and tell she was here?

We have to clean with bleach.


Are you saying what I think you're saying?

We have to destroy her body. No.

We have to. And how are we supposed to destroy her body?

We burn off her fingertips and pull out her teeth, make her unrecognizable and unable to be traced.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

There has to be another way out of this. We can't do that.

Do you wanna be writing books from a cell?

Or do you wanna be having tom raise your baby

'cause you're serving time for murder?

'Cause that's what it is. Murder.

She's not gonna make us pay for this for the rest of our lives.

Yeah, but what if someone-- forget the what ifs.

This is what it is now, and we have to act fast.

But she's my step-sister.

So what? She clearly had no love for you.

I mean, she outed you for stealing your dad's book.

Is what cami said about "fields of silver" true?

That your dad wrote it?

Yes, it's true. So you've been lying?

And you haven't? Sucking dick for a role?

It takes more than talent in this town, okay?

I needed that role. You're so much better than that, Carmen.

Oh, and what are you better than, des?

'Cause you're no angel either.

You two can judge me, okay?

But neither one of you would have understood what I was going through.

I was married to an older man.

I felt pressure to have the kid, and...

Us three have been through so much shit together, okay?

But there's still just some things that you don't even want your best friends knowing about.

Some things are just between you and god.

This is exactly what cami wanted, to destroy the one thing that cannot be replaced-- our friendship.

You two are all I have left.

I love you guys. I love you both.

We get rid of her, and then we clean this place like it's never been cleaned before.

Once we're done, we're gonna burn all the clothes that we're wearing, okay?

We have to dismember her limbs and separate them in different places.

She was in a treatment facility, so her DNA is probably on file.

We're gonna have to burn her hair.

What? I have a lot of time on my hands being pregnant watching "law and order" and "CSI" marathons.

Okay, so how are we supposed to do this in one night and with what?

Well, we need tools, so there must be a maintenance room in this building.

Good idea.

You go and look for tools, and I'll start preparing the space.

Who the hell is that?

Could it be the person who owns this place?


I'll go. Okay.

Good evening, ma'am.

We got a call about a loud disturbance?

Is everything okay here?

A disturbance? Yeah. Everything is fine.

Is anyone at home with you, ma'am?

Um, yeah. Yeah, my friends are here.

So the disturbance, that's from you and your friends?

Sounds of screaming?

Um, yes. Baby, where are you?

Is everything okay? Is everything okay, ma'am?

Oh, yeah. Everything is just fine. Is there a problem?

Uh, we got a call about some loud screaming.

Oh, well, you see, me and my girl, we were having a...

So there was no banging and pushing and screaming?

None of that went on here?

No, it did.

Um, all right, ladies.

Um, if there's-- if everything's okay here, we'll be on our way.

You ladies have a good night.

Good night. Good night.

Lesbians? Really? That's what came to mind?

Well, I got them off our asses, didn't I?

Are they gone? Yes, they're gone.

Good. We got work to do.

So what exactly are we looking for?

God, anything, like a wrench, saws.

Oh, try-- try here.

Shh! I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Oh, you've gotta be kidding me.


Be careful. Careful.


I'm coming. I'm coming.

What kind of saw do we need?

One strong enough to cut through bone.

What about the fingerprints?

Desiree forgot to tell us what we need for that.

What about that blowtorch?

I'm not using something that'll blow up in my face.

Or something. Something to burn her fingerprints off.

Oh, this is great. Put that in here.

This'll be perfect for the teeth.


We can bash her teeth out with this, too.

We're not bashing her teeth out.

What did you find? This crazy ass wants to use a blowtorch.

Jesus. Yeah.

This stuff will definitely work.

I can't believe we're talking about this like we're about to build a desk in shop class.

That's exactly what we're gonna be doing in a prison labor camp.

Let's go ahead and put the tarp down on the floor.

You guys'll have to do it. I can't bend.

Count of three. Ready?

One, two, three.

Oh, my god, she's heavy.

Lift. Okay. Okay.

Hurry up.

I'm trying. I'm going backwards.

Wait. Go to the left.

You're dropping her. Shit.

Come on.

Here, put these on.

First, um, the fingers.


Um, we can use the grill outside.

We could do it out there.

No, we can't carry her body on to the balcony.

We don't know who could see us out there.

We just have to cut off her hands. Exactly.

Carmen, go turn on the grill.

I guess I should be the one to do it.

All right. I'll hold her down.

You can do this.

Don't stop. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Keep going. Keep going!

You're almost there!

I don't know if I can do this.

Autumn, you can do this! Go!


Harder. Harder!

God, it won't break.

You have to go through the bone.

You're not through it yet.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

Autumn. Autumn. We're too far in.

We have to do this. There's no turning back.

There's no turning back.

All right, you're almost there.

Almost. Almost. You're through the bone.

You're through the bone.

Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

Just take it! Just take it!

Oh, my god, the smell.

Ugh. Just let it sit there for a minute and sizzle.

You think we should put some olive oil on it so it burns faster?

It's not chicken, Rachael ray.

Just sayin'.

Do you think Autumn's all right in the bathroom?

I hope so.

All right, I think it's done. Okay, wait.

It's burning. Okay. Okay. Okay.

Grab it. Okay, I'm grabbing it.

Okay, let's go.

'cause I need a moment. I don't feel so good.

I can't even look at her.


All right. Next, let's do the teeth.

I guess that year of dental school before I decided to be a writer is finally paying off.

Okay, i need a bag for the teeth.

Open her mouth.

All right.

I'm just gonna crack 'em all and pull out any that are loose.


Okay, just-- just keep her mouth held open and I'll go as fast as I can.

This is easier than I remember.

That's 'cause her teeth are brittle from all the drugs.

Hey, des, will you hold this bag for me?


Okay. Oh, god.

Oh, god. Hurry please.

Oh, shit! I'm sorry, des.

You touched me with it. I'm sorry!

Just grab it.

Like pulling weeds out of a garden.

You keep telling yourself that.

Okay. Okay.


Now the limbs.

You wanna do it?

Well, I sawed off a man's dick before in a reenactment show years ago.

Tmz, my ass.

Oh, god.

Oh, my god, oh, my god, i cut into her stomach!

Put it back in! I can't!

Where are the scissors? Push it back in! Push it back in!

Carmen! Just stop it!

Just stop! Just stop.

How the hell did you get her stomach?

I'm sorry! I don't know. I was just cutting.

Remember, keep going, okay?

Yes. Now hold her down.


Hold her. Set. Go.

Go. Go.

Oh, god!

Okay, open the bag. Open the bag. Open the bag!


Wrap her arms.

Wrap her arms.

Where's the tape?

We're gonna clean this place.

We're gonna take each bag and bring it to a separate place so no one will ever find the body.

Okay. Let's go.

All right, so where we gonna take the body?

Do you have any ideas?

Um, yeah, I know a trail in Griffith park that no one uses really.

There have been some mountain lion sightings up there, too.

Well, there's a cliff in Malibu where the current is so strong it'll wash it away quickly.

All right. I know some tracks in Burbank, train tracks where there's high speeds every 30 minutes that pass by.

So we can put the remains on the track.

They'll be demolished in no time.

Plus, um, there's rats to eat it.


Look, we have to promise never to tell anybody what happened here tonight.

Not only that, i wanna never bring this up again amongst each other either, ever.

But we do have to have a consistent story ready in case someone's looking for cami and the police call us, question us.

Okay, okay, we'll say that, um, she contacted all three of us to meet up to apologize, and we were supposed to meet up some place which was never determined because she never followed up.

Okay. Promise?

Yeah. Promise. Promise.

Well, let's go now while it's still really dark out.

All right. I'll drive.


Take this one. All right.

Okay. You got it?


Last bag. I'll do this one.

Cami, wherever you are, I hope you found your peace.

I'm sorry.


Why don't you pick up your phone?

You just need to pick up your phone.

...but you and I both know you can't be in here.

Three of my employees are dead.

What am I supposed to do?

Wait in the hospitality suite?


I'm not here to cause trouble, but I'm also not here to sit on the sidelines.

As long as there are bodies...

Please leave a message after the tone.

Look, I just-- i saw something.

I don't even know what it was.

Somebody needs to call me back please.

Just-- just please.

Just get Carmen to come over here please.

Are you okay?

What happened?

Have either of you...

Had any, like, nightmares?

I had something.

A nightmare, a vision, i don't know what it was, but it scared the shit out of me.

Okay, maybe it was just a bad dream.

No, but it wasn't a nightmare, because I was awake.

I-- I was working on my book out in the other room, and i-- I heard this music box playing.

Which-- I made this for her when she was, like, ten.

And, you know, i come around the corner, and she's standing there, and she starts dancing like when she was ten at her first recital, and she was in her pointe shoes.

And then there was blood everywhere and i--

Autumn, are you taking those sleeping pills?

It felt so real.

I mean, des, I even-- i even smelled the strawberry bubble bath that she used to use.

I mean, how do you even explain that?

Are you taking those sleeping pills?

Yes, I'm taking the sleeping pills.

I haven't slept since it happened.

Well, you know that those can cause hallucinations.

Am I the only one that-- that's going through this?

I feel like i am going crazy right here and you guys are, like, totally normal.

I am literally falling apart inside.

I feel like I am going-- I'm turning into a crazy person.

You know, and I was the one that did it.

I was the one that killed her. It wasn't you two.

It was my fault. Your fault?

Yes, and guys-- we were all involved.

We were all there. I was the one who pushed her.

It was-- it was my hands.

Guys, I just--

I just need to talk to somebody about this.

You can talk to us. That's what we're here for.

Really? I can talk to you, des, huh?

I have tried calling you both.

I am having these visions, I am seeing my dead step-sister, and I try to call you guys, and you don't pick up.

So, really, we're in this together?

I'd like you to explain that to me.

Okay, well, unlike you, i wanna get past this.

I wanna forget about it.

I think I need to go to the police.

Police? Yes.

You wanna know why? Because we all made a promise to each other.

Didn't we? I have to, guys.

It's the only way i can clear my conscience.

Autumn, too much time has passed.

We cannot do that, okay?

Carmen, she's right, okay?

Autumn, I've been avoiding you.

Really? Yes.

Why's that?

When I think about what happened and I think about your dad looking down and seeing us do it, I just get this feeling that i--

I don't deserve to be a mother and-- don't you dare say that.

You're gonna be a great mother.

I don't know.

Look, in all the years of our friendship, we've never broken a promise to each other, and we promised that we would never talk about this again.

Are we gonna keep that promise?

Autumn, you can't go to the police.

Look, tom is in Tahoe for the weekend, okay?

Why don't you both come over and we'll cook and watch movies and talk.

That's a good idea. We'll have, like, a girl's day.

Yeah. I'd like that.

Yeah, get your mind off things.

You know? Okay?

So, Autumn, you just take a shower and get ready, and I'll come back over after my appointment and pick you up, okay?

And I'll come too after I get off.

Is that okay? Okay.

It's gonna be okay. We're gonna get through this.


All right.

I'll be back in a little while, okay?

You all right? Yeah.

What if she can't handle it? She will.

I mean, after this weekend, down the road, I mean, what if she keeps having these feelings and we have to keep doing these emergency interventions?

She'll have to handle it or we're gonna-- or what?

Or we figure something else out.

What does that mean?

I don't know.

Hey, everyone! Attention please.

First, I'd like to thank all of you for coming here tonight.

That's why I wanted you all to be here when I have to say this.

Autumn, come here.

Autumn here has some really exciting news, but before it hit the trades, we wanted you all to know first.

She has just sold her trilogy, "last kiss before winter," to a major film studio!

And guess who has the lead role in all three films?

Thank you, thank you.

I am so proud of both of you guys.

I love you so much, and do not forget to include me when you're choosing a leading man.

But won't you be busy with baby James and tom?

Oh, honey, I always got a free hand for Channing Tatum.

We certainly have come a long way.

Oh, hang on.

Hey, you're Carmen Ellis.


Will you sign for this please?

Thanks. That's for you.

You look even prettier in person.

Okay, if we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it right, okay?

Once we're done, we're gonna burn all the clothes that we're wearing.



Okay. We'll be there.

What is it? What's wrong?

What's going on?

We have to dismember her limbs and separate them in different places.

Carmen, look for garbage bags.

We'll have to create a safe zone with the bags.

I don't know who it is, but they better be here quick.

I'm sick of sitting here.

Hello, ladies.

It's you. Heh.

You know, you see a lot of crazy things renting out an apartment in Hollywood, but I would have never have expected to have seen what I saw with three innocent, beautiful, successful women like yourselves.

The smoke alarm. You asshole.


So you like to videotape your guests?

You sick piece of shit.

You three are the first, and I'm not a sick piece of shit.

Just a desperate man, no different than the three of you.

When I recognized Carmen from her rental profile picture, to take care of some financial burdens."

So I thought that maybe if I caught her walking around naked or enjoying the company of a man, well, you know.

Sex tapes, they do, oh, so well.

But what I got?

Oh, man, what I got was so much better than anything i could have ever imagined.

You're disgusting.

So why wait four months to contact us?

Well, I'm a smart man, and I know what I want.

I know you got that movie deal.

I know you're starring in it. Congratulations.

I'm a nice guy, but I'm also a businessman, and I'm willing to get rid of those tapes, each and every one of them.

And that's why we're here-- giving you three a chance to repent, forgive yourselves.

And how do we do that, you snake?

I think a million dollars will help you heal and cleanse that darkness you've gotta be carrying with you.


You can cover that.

No, I know how this works.

Oh, do you? Mm-hmm.

Once we pay you, then in three more months, we hear from you again looking for more money to keep quiet.

We were acting in self-defense.


Mutilating, chopping up a lifeless body, that's self-defense?

You three are crazier than I thought.

I made you all an offer. I keep my word.

What are you gonna do?

911. What's your emergency?