6 Bullets (2012) Script

Some fun tonight?


What would you like to drink?

This way.


You are...

Young At Heart 69.



Shut up.

He's a paying customer.

Sit down, please.

Do you have the money?


Can I see your Sasha first?

You don't trust me?

It's a lot of money for one hour.

Your first time in my country?

You don't talk much.

Makes me a little nervous.

You want to make me nervous?

Oh, no.


"No." That's good.

"No." No.


He's a good boy.

Speaks English, a little.

One hour.

I have friends, friends all over the world, even in that little bastard's shit village.

And my friend there just called to tell me that Sasha's mother has some rich cousin in America who has, how you say, very deep pockets.

And this uncle has hired a man, a very serious man, to get the kid back.

That hurts, not only my feelings, but my reputation, my business.

I just want the kid. I will pay more.

I love to bargain, but we have a problem.

You've seen our faces. We have the same problem.

You've seen mine.

It's okay.

I will not hurt you.

Your mama sent me.

Your real name is Victor, right?

I'm here to take you out. We go home.

You ready? Let's go.

Come on, come on.


We got a problem. No one leaves.

Something's wrong. No one leaves.

You like fireworks? Yeah.

Hey, over there!


The car is waiting for you downstairs. Get here now.

You owe me. What?

I stuck my neck out for you.

Gave you intelligence.

Risked my career, the lives of my family.

And this is what you do?

It's what I do. I got the child out.

That's good.

What about this child?

She was, what, 14?

And her?

She was nine, maybe 10.

Do you know what these fuckers do when they think they're being raided?

They hide the underage girls in the walls.

Then you, last night, out here blasting.

The first thing they do is shove the kids in the crawl space.

And then you turn the parking lot into a fucking inferno.

Well, guess what?

Fire spreads.

Most of them died from smoke inhalation.

I know you mean well.

But you're not a cop.

You're a soldier.

And this is not Africa or Afghanistan.

You might be used to collateral damage, but I'm not.

Are you arresting me?

And what?

Lose my career when they start digging?

Here's my advice.

Leave police work to the police.

Stick to what you know. Go back to your shop.

I mean, up until recently, Moldova wasn't even a real country, it was part of the Soviet Union.

So, is there like a Moldovan language?

Officially, yes, but from what I read, it's a Romanian dialect.

Apparently, a lot of people speak Russian too.

Well, I just hope that they speak some English.

Is that for us? Only the best for my girls.

Nice. Now all we need are paparazzi.

You want paparazzi? Hold on, princess, I'll give you paparazzi.

There. There, nice. There we go.

Oh, yeah, I like that. Okay, come on.

Yeah, you are a natural.

Oh, no. No photos, no photos.

The lady doth protest too much.


That's it, that's it, perfect. One more like that.

Okay, come on, let's go.

Andrew, I've been awake for 20 hours.

All right, princess, come on. Mommy's tired. Daddy's a Jackass.

But he's our Jackass.

You know, you might actually experience the place a little better if you stopped a moment to really look at the city with your eyes.

Last week, Laurie Perkins posted pictures from Paris.

I figure I can outdo her in uniqueness, if not in grandeur.

Admit it, old people suck at technology.

I land this fight, I promise you Paris is not that far behind.

Let's not worry about Paris.

Let's just focus on getting and winning this one.

Yes, ma'am.


That's the guy they want you to fight?

The white guy.

He's good.

He's a monster.

Sweetheart, what's the matter?

You know, I read you could earn good money as a trainer.

Oh, Becky, I'm good at what I do.

Come here, let me show you something.

See this guy?

See how he only favors one side?

Right leg, right jab, boom, boom, boom.

Now, that's a weakness his opponent is not exploiting.

He's not thinking long term.

And you do?

You betcha.

Put me in a cage with this guy, I'd take him out two rounds, easy.

I'll tickle him to death. Okay. I get it, I get it.

You're a pro.

Ready for your comeback.

You betcha.


Now can you use your superpowers to do something about the wireless in this place?

I'm trying to upload the pictures, but the signal keeps dropping.


Yeah, go try the balcony. You might get a better signal.


All right, I'm going to take a shower.

If it's not fixed when I come down, I'll have them move us to a different room.


Oh, and we need ice.

Mom said she'd get some, but she passed out.

All right, well, let her sleep.

We'll go downstairs and get some later, okay?


The signal here sucks. Oh, yeah.

It's best on the second floor, near the ice machine.

Sorry I startled you. I'm Amalia.

Becky. Nice to meet you.

You here on vacation? Sort of.

My dad's on a business trip. Let me guess.

A lawyer?

He's a fighter, actually. MMA.

You're kidding me.

See, now that's cool.

It has its good days.

Hey, princess, how'd it go with the internet?





What's wrong?

Did you let her go out by herself?

What? No.

You've reached Becky. Tell me something good.

Becky, will you please come back to the room?

And call me on my cell to let me know you got this.

How long she been gone? I don't know, I was in the shower.

Ten minutes, less. She knows not to do this.

She'll be back in a minute. Is there an ice machine on this floor?

I don't know. I'm gonna go look for her.

Call me if she comes back so that I can kill her.

Excuse me. I'm looking for a 14-year-old girl, about this high, blonde.

You seen her? No.

Is everything all right?

Yeah, it's just my daughter. She wandered off.

Is she missing?

No, no, not really.

Hi. Hi.

I'm in 846.

Has my daughter been down here?

846, Mr. Fayden? Yeah.

That's my daughter.

She was looking for ice.

I haven't seen her, sorry, but there are some ice machines...

Yeah, I already checked those out.

I'll ask my colleague. I was busy with the ambulance. Sick guest.

Was that a girl? No, an older lady.

Mr. Fayden.

Is there a problem?

Mr. Fayden is looking for his daughter.

When did you last see her?

About 30 minutes ago.

So, would you like me to call security?

Yes, yes, thank you.





Oh. Sorry.

What the hell?!

I'm looking for my daughter. Have you seen her?

No. Sorry.

In international news, the mysterious disappearance of Becky Fayden, the daughter of former MMA champion Andrew Fayden, continues to stump police.

The 14-year-old American teen went missing only a few hours after landing in Moldova on August 31st, where her father was in talks about a comeback fight with European fight promoter Roma Entertainment.

At a press conference this morning, Fayden and his wife Monica made an impassioned plea for their daughter's return.

We beg anyone with information on this case to please come forward.

My promoter has kindly offered a $10,000 reward for anyone with verifiable information on Becky's whereabouts, and our friends and family have generously doubled that offer.

Becky, if you're out there, know that we're gonna find you.

And we're gonna bring you home. Thank you.

We're closed.

We're not here to buy meat.

We're looking for...

Samson Gaul.

He's dead.

Are you sure, 'cause they just gave us this...

The man you're looking for is no longer here.

You were in the Legion.

You're Samson Gaul.

Sorry, ma'am. I can't help you.

Look, buddy, I don't know what your problem is, and I don't even care, we need your fucking help, man.

Our daughter is missing.

She's just a child. The police say they found nothing.

The cops are your best bet.

Money? You want some money? 'Cause, you know, look, that's okay.

It seems like everything else in this country is for sale, so is this enough motivation?

The man from the American Embassy suggested that we talk to you.

Do I look like the man who can help?

Come on. It's a waste of time.

Mr. Gaul, please.

We were told that you were the best at this.

Look, if you want a steak, come to me.

If you want to find your daughter, go to the cops.

Believe me, you're better without me.

The man from the embassy, that would be you?

Who else?

Since when do you babysit tourists?

It's a small embassy. We all help out.

Look, these people need you, all right?

The cops have nothing. The raids do nothing.

The real bad guys are protected.

Your friend, the inspector?

Well, let's just say he's got the finesse of a bull in a china shop.

Why don't you dig around?

I'm a paper pusher with security clearance.

I don't have your flexibility or your skill set.

Sorry, I can't. You know I can't.

The girl is 14 years old.

It's been over 24 hours.

Dad, she's running out of time.

She needs you, all right?

Plus, you need this. I can't!

Stay out of it. Do you enjoy seeing dead people?

Do you? Do you enjoy seeing dead people?

Hey, if I want bullshit psychology, I'll call your mother.

Well, if you don't help people anymore, then all you are is a goddamn butcher.

Your grandpa was a butcher.

People need meat.

This girl, have you seen her? She's my daughter.

My name is the right money.

You've seen her?

Thank you.

Hey, sweetie, you want to buy me a drink?

No, thanks. Okay.

Excuse me.


This girl, have you seen her?


Are you sure? Take a better look.

The woman outside, the gypsy lady...

No such thing as gypsy lady.

They're all whores.

And thieves. Thieving whores.

Sorry, I did not see her.

Why would the lady outside say that she saw her?

Mister, that gypsy witch outside has not been sober in three years.

Also, it's an easy mistake to make. They all blondes here.

You see? Golden girls.

That's what we call the place.

Have you seen her anywhere around here?

Wow. She is... How you say...



She's my daughter.

Why you let her come to a place like this?

I tell you, American economy, very bad.

Sending kids to make extra money.

If your daughter come here, you're not very good father.

What'd you say to me?

Come on, partner, time to go.

Come on, I got you.

How'd you find me?

Finding people, it's what I do.

Plus, it wasn't hard.

Not many Americans running around clubs, pissing people off.

All right, so now you want to help?

Are you sober?

Until I find your daughter. Then, we'll see.

Why'd you change your mind?

It's the right thing to do.

One more thing, I work alone.

You're a good fighter...

But you make lots of noise.

I can see you coming miles away.

What, and they can't see you?

They never do.

We have a lead.

Your daughter was most likely taken out of the hotel in the ambulance that you saw when you first ran down looking for her.

They said it was an older lady.

They were either mistaken, or the kidnappers dyed your daughter's hair when they drugged her unconscious.

We now know that the guest listed as calling the ambulance never actually stayed at the hotel.

And you're just figuring this out now?

It's been two days!

Mrs. Fayden, I share your frustration.

Do you?

Becky could be halfway across the world by now.

And no one's asked for a ransom.

So the chances of this being a trafficking case are 80 to 90% more likely!

Mrs. Fayden, the statistics on the internet, they are not...

The recovery rate for kidnapped children after 24 hours drops to 46%!

That's less than half!

Constantin, give us a moment.

Mr. and Mrs. Fayden, let me, as you say, cut to the chase.

I have learned you have hired a private consultant.

Mr. Samson Gaul.

At this point, we can use all the help we can get.

I would not place your trust in this man. Why?

Because he might actually get some results?

Make you look bad?

He is not a detective.

He is an ex-mercenary. A hired killer.

Do you really want such a man working for you?

I'll hire the goddamn devil himself if it gets my daughter back.

I hope you do not come to regret your decision.

His last recovery effort resulted in the deaths of four girls.

Two the same age as Becky.

Two younger.

Although we may not be moving as quickly as you imagine we should, I want you to know, it is my number one priority to get your daughter back to you safely.

I just thought you should have all the facts.

Well, we'll take that under advisement.

I understand.

I will send someone to take you home. I will call you later.

Good evening. It's a little late for delivery.

I know, but the overtime is worth it.


Sign here.

Guys. Keep your eyes open.

Something's up with the monitors.


Stop! Stop!

Who's guarding the back?


What the fuck?

Boss, come on, let's get you to the vault. Who are they?

I don't know, but we can't take any chances. Come on!

It's the fucking Russians! Gotta be. Get more guys over here.


You may not feel it yet, but you will soon.

It's a reminder of the most important person in your life as of right now.

You know who I am?

That's why I'm here. I want the man in charge.

Where is she?

American girl.

Not my thing. Then who?

I don't know.

Never touch Americans. Bad for business.

Fucking cops raiding my clubs for days now.


Who wants to hurt you? Russians.

Always trying to move in.

The only reason you're alive is because you have a job to do.

I told you... Shut up.

You run the city.

You find this girl as quickly as possible.

And you bring her back to her parents by this time tomorrow.

If not, I'll come back here and I'll carve out your eyes one by one.

Am I clear?


Your passport is proof of who you are.

You're no one now.

I pay good money for you, so now you work for me.

Take it off.


Is there a problem?

Please. I can't.

The next time you don't do what you're told, I take this knife...

You know the drill.

Test them out and put them to work.


Your retard cousin is drawing too much heat. Shut him down.

The Al Khabiri thing could be worth millions.

I've made up my mind. It's not worth the risk.

Shut it down or I'll find someone else who will.


It's me. I need a GPS trace on a cell phone.

That's not easy. I'll have to go into work.

Okay, get moving and I'll text you the number.

I'll also need any information on someone or something called Al Khabiri.

Fine. Anything else, Dad?

You want me back? This is me back.

What's going on?

Come on, what's going on?

Change of plans, we're shutting down.


Bogdanov wants out. No! The money's too big.

That old fuck's just too rich and scared to follow through.

I see who's got the balls around here. Fuck off!

You shut the fuck up. Who needs Bogdanov?

We've got the merchandise. A virgin. American blonde.

We have exactly what they wanted.

You see this? It's our ticket.

We call the guy. We make our own deal.

Shut up.

Do you want to be a lackey for the rest of your life, or are you ready to make some real money?

Tell you one thing, cousin, you sure got yourself a live one.

Stop, stop, stop!

I told you, smart women are trouble.


Now what do I tell your mother?


Let him through.

The girl? Well, see for yourself.

One of Bogdanov's recruiters and his sometime girlfriend.

In here.

Her face is gone. You sure it's her?

We're checking the DNA samples from the parents.

It's Bogdanov. He shut it down.

I heard him giving the order.

And you did not think to call us?

Of course not. Always the cowboy.

Stick to what you know, butcher.

Did the coordinates work? Was she here?


I just don't understand.

Why would they...

I mean, if it is her...

Why would they want to... it seems that whoever took her felt under pressure.

Afraid that they're going to be found out.

Someone pushed them too hard, I guess.

I'm sorry.

The DNA match is positive. It's her.

It's not your fault, Dad. It's not your fault.

Come on, let's go.

You can go. I'll be fine. I think it's better if I stay.

You put me up to this.

You knew I was no good!

A girl is dead now!

It's your fault, too!

It's not my fault. It's not your fault either, Dad.

Get away from here!

Get the fuck outta here!

A butcher with feelings. Who knew?

Do it.

You will be doing me a favor. We're not here for favors.

Here to punish you.

Come to my home.

You kill my men.

You threaten me. Mutilate me.

The DNA match is...

You really do want to die.

You okay? Yeah.

Whatcha doing here anyway?

I was worried about you. The girl.

What is it? What's going on?

I need you to drive. To drive?

Let's go. Okay.

All right, please stay away from us. It's about your daughter.

You're drunk. Get the fuck out of here!

Hey, give him a chance, all right? Listen to him. Please.

Your daughter, she always wear her bracelet on the right.


Does Becky wear her bracelet on her right hand?

I think so.

In all the photos, her bracelet always on the right wrist.

When they found her, it was on the left wrist.

It's a setup. It's all too neat. Girls are nothing to them.

They killed another blonde girl and made her look like Becky.

I think your daughter's not dead.

What's the point? Why would they fake her death?

It's simple.

You kidnap an American girl here, you have too much heat.

How do you stop people from looking, but still profit from the girl?

You fake her death, everyone stops looking.

The DNA, it matched.

A man once told me, everything is for sale in this country.

Don't fight it.

Hey, Doctor.

I believe you know Mr. and Mrs. Fayden, right?

Please. What's going on?

You look worried.

I don't understand.

Are you sure our DNA matched the dead girl's?

Yes, of course.

Where's my daughter?

She's dead.


Who paid you off, you lying piece of shit?

Please. I'm not...

You are gonna tell me, or I will rip your balls off right fucking now!

Who paid you?

Stelu. It was Stelu!

Who's that?

I'll explain on the way. We have to get going.

Please. Shut up.

Hey, kid. It's me.

I need to know what Stelu would want with a kidnapped American girl.

Yeah, that's what I said. Stelu.

Yeah, and his connection to whatever that Al Khabiri thing is.

Be careful.


Even Stelu cannot protect you from me.

Time to go.



Hello, Doctor.


I'm sorry, you'll have to speak up.

Your teeth?

I see. That is unfortunate.

No, no, there's nothing to worry about. I appreciate your honesty.

I'll take care of it.

Your plan is falling apart.

What do you know about a butcher?

Bogdanov said he'll take care of him.

He didn't.

This butcher is now with the parents.

Together, they leaned on the good doctor, who was indiscreet enough to mention me.

Not good.

Maybe the girl is not worth it.

I could incentivize the sheik in other ways.

Let me fix it.

You may need to find them first.

If this butcher is local and he has heard my name, I'm sure by now he understands the predicament they are in, even if the parents do not.

I'll find them.

I'd appreciate that.

Because keeping my name out of this is more important to me than the girl, the Al Khabiri deal, everything.

Are we clear on this?



Stelu's official title is the Deputy Minister of Defense.

But his real job is number two man at State Security.

The secret police.

Why would they want to kidnap Becky?

That's what I need to figure out.

Can't we go over this Stelu guy's head?

The guy who invited me here said he knows the prime minister.

No phone calls, no contact with anyone.

But what would they want with us?

Either by bribery or torture, the doctor told Stelu his name has been revealed.

He will protect himself at any cost.

Whose place is this? It's a safe house.

My son arrange it until he get clearance to move you to the embassy.

Look, my daughter is out there. I'm not gonna be hiding in this house.

I can't protect you and look for her at the same time.

Did you ever use one of these? No.

I have.

My dad was army.

This is insane. We can't do this alone.

I'm gonna reach out to the police to see who we can trust.

If anyone besides me or my son show up here, shoot him dead.

Stelu's people can trace anything here.

So no phone calls, no contact with the outside. Okay?


Hey, where'd you get those? What?

The sunglasses. They're mine.

Mine now.


Want them back? What do I get?

No, not the glasses.

Did they keep my other stuff?

You know, like my wallet, my phone.

Some advice. Don't do anything stupid.

They want you pure for some big shot.

But remember, there's many ways to use a girl and still keep her a virgin.

Keep walking. You have lost your mind.

I hear you have kidnapped the Faydens.

I'm hiding them. Their daughter's alive. The doctor faked the DNA.

Stelu's behind it.

Stelu? State Security? That's ridiculous. Why?

I don't know. I need you to find out.

If you are right, why the fuck have you involved me?

I have a family too!

You're the only honest cop I know, okay?


Those your guys? No. Stelu's.

Okay, listen. I'll be in touch with you through my son, okay?

State Security.

Close off the perimeter. He's on the move. Where is he?


You don't want to play this game with me.

No games, comrade. I was simply taking a suspect into custody.

You interfered, he escaped.

And that is what I shall put in my report.

Sorry. Having a bad day.


Shit. They're early.


Becky? Daddy?

Oh, baby, where are you?

I don't know. Some kind of old prison. Somewhere in the country. Listen.

Becky, are you okay? Are you okay?

No. Yes. No time for that. I may only have seconds.

I don't know where I am, but you can figure it out.

Get my computer.

What? Daddy, please do as I say.

I'm calling from my own cell phone, so you can use the "find my phone" program on my laptop.

Get her computer. It's on the desktop.

Even if I have to hang up, you should still be able to track the phone as long as it's still powered up. Good.

That is brilliant, princess. You're a genius.

Are you hurt? No, not really. I'm just scared.

Please find me, Daddy.

We will, sweetheart, we will. Mom.

You're gonna be fine, honey, okay? You're gonna be fine. Hurry.

You know, you're right, princess. Old people do suck at technology.

Please, please...

Hurry. It's searching.

Someone's coming.

I got it. I got it.

Thank God.

Okay, please hurry. I'll just...

Becky? Becky! Becky? Becky?

No, no, don't!

If you call, the phone will ring, and they'll find her.

Let me go! Let me go!

Get off of me! Let me go!



Thank you. Stelu's guy traced the kid's call.

We should have the parents' address in a few minutes.

Good. Send some guys over.

I'll bet you a night with Marina here they're coming straight to us.

There it is.

Chyornaya 13. it's an old Soviet prison.

It's in the middle of nowhere. It's almost at the Ukrainian border.

It's gonna take us all night to drive there. Should we call the police?

Call Gaul.

Let's call him from the road.

You know that name you had me look up?

Al Khabiri? Yeah.

Turns out it's Sheik Muhammad Al Khabiri.

He's the main financier to the northern Sudanese Army.

Since the new embargo, he's been shopping for a new weapons supplier.

Now, if you're not touchy about getting paid in blood diamonds or other conflict minerals, then the contract is worth a billion. Maybe more.

So I guess Stelu wants the deal.


There's still lots of old Soviet arsenal to be sold off.

Plus, it's a great way to create jobs right here at home.

Where does the Fayden kid come in?

Al Khabiri's a collector. Girls?


Word has it he's partial to blondes.

American blondes.

The younger, the better.

So Stelu is... He's trying to sweeten the deal.

Bring them the one thing no one else can deliver.

So they fake the girl's death, hoping we stop looking.


So, what's the plan now?

You get to my friend, the inspector and see if...

Hold on.


I'm trying to reach Gaul.

Hold on.


Fayden. Why you using the phone?

Becky called.

She's at Chyornaya Prison. What?

Becky called. She's at Chyornaya Prison.

Can you hear me? Becky called.

Is she okay?

We're on our way there right now.

No, stop! Hello?

Can you hear me?

I think we're on our own.

Yeah, Chyornaya Number 13.

It's an old Soviet prison, abandoned for quite some time now.

It's about 90 clicks north of here on the Volga Highway.

Nothing and no one around.

It's a perfect place for traffickers.

Yeah, and ambush, too. Come on, let's go.

Now what?

We have to...

I have an idea. Back up.

Private property.

Private property.

I'm sorry, I'm really lost. Is there a phone?

Private property.

Well, I'm willing to pay.



American girl, blonde. Where is she? No.

You tell me or I will snap your fucking neck.

4. Building 4.

Did you...

They took Becky.

Take his gun.

Come on.

There's a guard down at the front gate.


Come on.

Don't move!

Guns on the ground! Now!

Okay. Okay, just don't shoot.

Turn around! Slowly.

We have them, we have them.

Finish it.

He took Becky that way. Let's go.

Damn it. Sorry, boss, we didn't expect the butcher.

Get everyone over there. Finish it.

Get the kid ready to move.


Please, please unlock me.

Becky, the American girl. Have you seen her?

They took her to another building, I think.

Where? Through tunnels. I can show you.

Please let me go.

Which way? That way.

And now they have Tanya. Are your guys sleepwalking over there?

They are coming our way through the tunnels.

Cut them off under Building 3.

And get Tanya back in one piece. She cost me a fortune.

Look out! Gas!

Get back! Get back!

Pasha, cut them off on the north side of 3.

Gavril, come around from south in case they head for the gate.

Look. There.

They're on the north side.

They're on the north side of 3.

There are cameras everywhere.

Pull the pin.

On my cue, throw hard.


Fuck. It's the butcher. He brought a fucking arsenal.


I hear you're having problems.

I'm handling it.

See that you do.

In an hour, I'll have no choice but to move in and shut you down officially.

We have an agreement. The girl, the Al Khabiri deal... ls getting less tempting as we speak.

I'm getting some very direct pressure from the American Embassy.

I've got a police commissioner nosing around in my business.

All kinds of scrutiny I spend my life trying to avoid.

I can definitely...

So you have one hour to make this thing go away.

Or I will.


The girl's ready. Are we moving her?

Kiril. Boss.

Keep blocking the exits. Pull everyone else back.

Get your brother and take high positions there and there.

I'm not losing any more men.

Pull back, pull back!

They're pulling back. Something is going on.

Hello. I'm a businessman first.

This whole mess is getting a bit expensive.

I want to trade.

Your daughter for Tanya.

Let me talk to Becky.

You don't make the rules, Mr. Fayden.

I do.

I'm pulling my men back, and in five minutes you will walk Tanya out, and I will do the same with your daughter. We will trade.

They want to trade.

No. I can't go back.


We can't trust him. It's a setup.

Bring her. Quickly.

In position.




That was your daughter's pinky finger, Mr. Fayden.

If you don't bring Tanya out in four minutes, I'll start carving her tits.


Oh, and one more thing.

Six meters from where you're hiding, there is a security camera.

Move the butcher there so I can see him, or else we don't have a deal.

What can we do? Well, we can't just...

We can't just what?

We can't just what? They're torturing my baby!



I'm sorry. Becky's only 14.

My sister.

My little sister Katya.

She was only 12.

She's the one

they cut up to make it look like your daughter died.

She did nothing wrong.

She was just the right size. Right hair.

What do we do?

They're setting an ambush.

Do you trust me?

In position.

We're both in position.

Yes? We're coming out.


One wrong move, and your parents die. Got it?




Take them out.

Take them out.

Take them out now!


Kiril! Gavril!


They're both dead.

Now at this point, you may be asking yourself how a man can be in two places at the same time.

Now that's a very good question.

I used a device called a cycler.

It loops the same image over and over again on the video feed.

I've found it useful in the past.

Everyone move in. Take out the kid and the parents. Move in!

Move in now!

Police! Get down, get down!

Police! Lay down your weapons!

This is the police! Lay down your weapons, or you will be shot!

These your guys? Yeah.

How did you know?

Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

Will do.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Your son was very persuasive.

The ambassador goes hunting with the police commissioner.

The police commissioner, whose brother was once interrogated by Stelu himself.

You did good, kid.

Thank you.

I'm just glad you finally called the police.

Thank you doesn't seem enough.

Maybe next time you'll buy a steak or two.

Maybe when I come back for the fight.


Let's get going.

Yeah, well.

Dad, your ghosts, they still visit?

Not for a while.

At least, not where I'm working.

Forgive me, Father, I have sinned.

It's been quite a while since my last confession.

I wonder, does God really forgive even our worst crimes?

God might.

I won't.