633 Squadron (1964) Script

Widersta_dskämpfer im Wald.


Hardly touched us.

Bring my gloves, will you, Evans? Right you are, man.

Greiner, make a note of that flak tower.

Well done, Digger. Yes, it's not bad, is it?

Got a light, old boy?

That, er, Jerry ammunition truck made a pretty tempting target.

So did you when you broke formation.

How did I know I was going to run into a flak tower?

You know what I'll do, Gillibrand? No, sir.

I'm gonna recommend you for a medal.

Thanks very much, skipper. I appreciate that.

When it comes, I'm gonna pin it right on your tail.

Roy, what are you gonna do on your leave?

I'm gonna sleep for three days. Who with?

Me, I'm headin' right for Hyde Park.

I thought ducks were out of season. Not the kind of birds I'm after.

How about you, Scott? I'm going where there's no aircraft.

Group Captain Barratt wants to see you. He says it's urgent.

Scott, take care of the debriefing.

What's up?

Thank you.

Hello, Roy. Don.

What's happening? We've got visitors.

Sir. Come in, Barratt.

This is Wing Commander Grant and Squadron Leader Adams.

Air Vice Marshall Davis. Lieutenant Bergman.

Glad to meet you, Grant. How do you do, sir?

Sit down, gentlemen.

Congratulations, Grant. I hear today's operation was a great success.

Well, we all got back, sir. Good.

Anyway, there'll be no more operations for your squadron for the next 17 days.

You mean we're on leave, sir? No, I don't.

All leave is cancelled until further orders.

633 Squadron are assigned an urgent, most secret operation.

Your men are going into training for it, and that's all they need know.

Do you mind if I ask a question? Yes?

Why our squadron? What do you mean?

Some men have been on 12 strikes in the last two weeks. They're pretty tired.

They were looking forward to a leave. They'll have to wait.

All leave is cancelled.

Since you took over, your squadron has attained high efficiency.

You can look upon this assignment as a reward.

I'll try to, sir.

Now, for the operation.

As you know, the Germans have been building mysterious concrete blocks all up and down France and Belgium.

At last, Intelligence have come up with the answer to what they are.

They're rocket-launching pads.

Yes, the Huns have got a new operational rocket.

D-day is imminent. These rockets could smash the invasion.

And they're ready by the thousand.

Why don't they use them? Fuel.

Without very special fuel, these rockets would be so much scrap.

Now we come to why Lieutenant Bergman is here.

He's one of the leaders of the Norwegian Linge, the Resistance.

They have discovered the location of the only factory the Nazis have at present which can make fuel for these rockets.

It's at a fiord iust north of Bergen.

Here's Bergen. Here's the fjord. It's called the Svar_jord, the Black Water Fjord.

Now, as to the exact location of the factory, I'll let Lieutenant Bergman tell you.

First, I must explain that the factory itself is not the target.

It's not the target? No, the factory is bombproof.

It is also sheltered by a huge cliff.

Then what do we bomb? You bomb the mountain.

You blow away the whole overhanging cliff so that it buries the factory.

I should explain why you cannot bomb from above.

The Underground asked geologists to study this mountain.

There is a fissure under the overhang.

If you explode from below the entire cliff will come down, or so we hope.

The only way you can get into position is to fly up the fjord at about 200 feet.

The Huns have flak posts at the mouth of the fjord.

At 200 feet, you'll be blown to hell, which brings me back to Bergman.

At an exact hour on M-day, the day of our mission, Bergman and his men will neutralise the enemy flak posts.

If all goes well, Grant, you should have a clear run up the fjord.

\x22If all goes well.\x22 The factory will be shipping fuel in 18 days.

Your special bombs will be ready in 17.

Today is M minus 17.

Your orders are to obliterate the target, at whatever cost.

Any questions?

Lieutenant Bergman will work closely with you. He knows the target well.

What are we gonna practise on? We found a valley in Scotland.

It's not nearly as tough as the fjord but it's the best we can do.

Barratt. Sir?

This gives you exact schedules and routes to the training site.

Training to commence immediately.

I think that's all, gentlemen.

Oh, Adams. Will you see that Lieutenant Bergman finds suitable quarters?

I certainly will, sir.

Nice to have you with us, Lieutenant. Thank you very much.

Wing Commander.

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am they chose you for this operation.

I'm glad you are. I wish I felt the same.

You give the impression of being able to do difficult things.

I do what they tell me to do. But this is terribly important.

That's what they always say.

You sound so cynical. Do I?

You've not seen the Nazis at close range. Close enough.

In the air, yes. But I've seen them in my country, torturing and killing innocent people.

You wanna bury them under a mountain. Yes. If it will help win the war.

If we're working together, we might as well understand each other.

We'll do the best job we can, but as far as I'm concerned, it's a job - not the Holy Grail, OK?

I will try to remember that. You do that.

Climb in. I'll drive you to your quarters. Thank you.

X marks the spot.

Our climb is slow.

We'll have to increase our approach speed to 290.

How are we gonna bomb the target even if we get the right approach speed?

That's what we're here to find out.

Made eight passes already and each one's a bust.

Skipper, iust let's sit this one out, eh?

Don't you trust me, Hoppy?

Like my dear old mum, but this one's a bit dicey.

I thought you wanted to see Scotland.

Yeah, but not upside down.

You had a good day, Grant.

Not good enough. I'll try it again tomorrow.

That's yesterday, today, tomorrow. That's three days out of your 17.

Perhaps you better take the squadron. All right.

I wish there was some way to see that target.

I could describe it to you. Every detail.

Hey, wasn't Bissel an artist? rBergma_) The centre peak is higher. This one?

Yes. And the cliff hangs over more. Fine.

What's this all about, skipper? You'll find out soon enough.

I see. Sort of hush-hush.

Well, you're sure that's the way it is? I mean, as you remember it?

Yes, that's as good as a photograph. Thanks, Bissel.

Bissel. How you makin' out with Mary whatshername?

Mary Blake?

Well, it's sort of hush-hush but... we're going to get married.

He's out of his head.

Don't you approve of war marriages? No, not for me.

You don't want any attachments? That's right.

How wide is that fiord at that point?

Not over 200 yards.

What's on the other side of the fiord?

A lake. A large lake.

What's that? A sailboat.

My sister Hilde and I used to go sailing there.

She's in England now.

How did she get out of Norway?

We smuggled her out in a fishing boat, just after our parents were killed.

And your parents, Roy. Where are they? My parents?

My mother's dead. I haven't seen my father since I was a kid.

Well, I have been more fortunate.

At least my memories before the war were happy ones.

What did you do before the war?

I was studying to become a doctor until the Nazis came.

Instead of learning how to cure, we learnt how to kill.

I will send word.

With all these reinforcements, will they call off the attack?

No, not if Erik can help it.

There are many more Germans.

We'll spread ourselves thinner and start 24-hour patrols.


Stand easy, gentlemen.

I summoned you because I've had a message from Intelligence.

The Germans have moved in another regiment and a string of ack-ack vehicles a mile long, right into our target area.

We cannot knock out another German regiment. We have not enough men.

You'll have to get some more. They will need training.

What about a parachute attack?

There is no place for them to land or to group.

Commandos, then. There must be some way they can get into the fjord.

There is no way. We have discarded that idea a dozen times.

You'll have to send in more men, whether they're trained or not.

Could we have more time? There is no more time. M-day stands.

Well. In that case, we will do the best we can.

Well, Grant? I didn't say anything, sir.

No, but I could hear you thinking.

Under the new circumstances, are you willing to go in?

Are you asking me to volunteer? No, damn it. I'm not.

I'm giving you an order. In that case, I volunteer.

How did we do? Perfect.

I wish it had been the Germans down there.

Try and match that.

Speed 295, dead on.

Altitude 200 feet and keep it low.

Peel o_ in this order:


Gillibra_d. Si_gh.

I don't know why you left that coal mine.

That's what I could do with now - a nice, deep, cosy coal mine.

If I make a mess of this, you'll be deeper than any coal mine.

Scott, peel!

Gillibra_d, peel!

Sta_d by, Si_gh... peel!


You fool!

You bloody Australian fool! I'm getting married. Try and remember that.

How can I forget? I thought I'd get the widow for myself.

I love your raw colonial humour. Bloody Aborigines!

Too close, Gillibrand. Pull up sooner. OK, skipper!

Do you think they'll ever get it? Give 'em a week.

Hey, look!

This way!

Thanks. What?

You saved my neck. Well, why shouldn't I?

You're damn lucky they didn't get you.

Look out.

Listen. There I was, with this Messerschmitt coming in at 12 o'clock.

I was out of ammunition. What did you do then?

I opened the escape hatch, reached up, grabbed him by the tail and pulled him down.


Now, there's a really beautiful sight. Haven't you seen legs before, you ape?

Not like yours. What's the matter with you Aussies?

Don't they let you see girls till you're over 40?

They don't have girls down under. Down under what?

Here comes Rosie!

I'll ask you to step aside, sir. I'll step aside if you'll step outside.

We'll live in Australia and raise kangaroos.

Don't listen to him. Marry me. Belt him.

You wouldn't hit a lad with one hand. It all depends what he's doing with it.

Come on, Rosie. I will see you through. A gentleman at last.

Here we are. Keep you hale and hearty till you're 90.

That's our aim, Rosie. Hale and hearty till we're 90.

What are those special bombs for?

Not what. Who. I got it straight from the adjutant's Waaf.

They're for the Paperhanger. Berchtesgaden? Wow!

One of these bullets clipped me right on the hand.

This medic said \x22Shall I take you to the infirmary?\x22 I said \x22No, but you can drop this off at the garage.\x22


That's for me. Just my type. Why do you think you'll get first crack?

Rank, old boy. Excuse me.

I wonder if I might entice you into joining me for a drink?


Three years.

Sometimes I was so afraid that I might never see you again.

You know me better than that. Of course.

Now, let me have a look at you.

What a fine uniform. The Navy, isn't it?

Yes. Unfortunately a navy without ships.

I don't care. As long as you're safe here and not in Norway.

I think, uh... I think we've broken up the party. Let's go into the parlour.

I have so many questions I don't know where to start.

Some chaps have all the luck. Don't be silly. That's Lt Bergman's sister.

I've got a sister. Would you like to see a photograph?

What use is a photograph? Anyway, she probably looks like you.

Hey! Same again, Mr Kearns! This round's on my sister, eh?

Hey, Rosie, how about some music?!

Who's next, then?

Oh! Welcome aboard, skipper!

Sit right here!

What are you drinking? Whisky?

That's what we're drinking.

Girls, how'd you manage to break out of the barracks?

Roy brought a ladder. A little second-storey work.

You've arrived just in time to make your party complete.

Here's to girls. All of 'em.

I haven't met all of 'em. You haven't met Bergman's sister.

She's in the other room. Here's to one I haven't met.

Go on. That is about all there is.

That is how I got to England. Now you work for the English?

Yes. With an RAF squadron as liaison officer, but that's all I'm permitted to tell you. But enough about me. What about you?

I have been working in the country with children who have been sent out of the bombed areas.

Oh, Roy. Come in. I would like you to meet my sister, Hilde.

Wing Commander Grant. How do you do?

I was just drinking a toast to you. Thank you.

My brother has just been telling me about you.

You're the girl in the sailboat. Sailboat?

I was telling Roy about the times we went sailing on our lake. You remember.

Oh, yes. I remember. But I felt much younger then.

The last three years seemed more like 300.

You're a mighty pretty old lady. Thank you again.

You don't have to pay me compliments. Just take care of my brother.

We take care of each other. Kind of mutual-aid society.

Roy, your drink's getting warm. Oh, yeah.

Excuse me. I was just looking for you. I bet you were!

Is, uh... that his fiancée?

He would be amused to hear that. No, I don't think he takes her too seriously.

Well, I feel he doesn't take anything seriously.

But they're all like that. Different from us.

The more they feel something, the less they show it.

Today in that raid, some of their friends were killed and tonight they're drinking.

And you feel that he's dependable for... whatever it is you're doing?

Oh, yes. Completely.


Good hit, Gillibrand.

Roger. Out, skip.


Blue Leader to Jones. You're up. Clobber it.

OK, skipper!

What went wrong?

Their luck ran out.

Blue Leader to squadron.

Form on Scott. Return to station.

tome in.

Sorry to disturb you, Roy. I wanted to speak to you. tome on in.

What's up?

I've come to say goodbye. Goodbye?

Yes. Davis had word from the Underground.

They have not been able to raise enough men. They're dropping me in tonight.

How are you gonna get more men if there aren't any?

There is a unit operating in the mountains, just north of the fjord.

I might be able to bring them down. If you can get by the German lines.

Yes. Yeah.

Hello, this is Grant. Get me Operations. Hold o_.

I'll fly you in. They've already assigned a Mitchell.

I'll fly the drop.

Hello, Jerry? Get my ship on the line. I'm making a drop tonight.


You should not take unnecessary risks. Look who's talking.

I would like to see Hilde before I go.

All right. We'll pick her up after I talk to Davis.

We'd planned on going to the party tonight, the one for Bissel and Mary.

Oh, yeah. They're getting married, aren't they?

It's funny. Two die, two get married. Kind of evens things up.

I thought you were against marriage.

I'm also against death... but it happens, anyway.

I'd feel better if I could fly him there, sir.

I've ordered a Mitchell to fly him in and make an arms drop.

Could I fly the Mitchell? You're grounded until M-day.

When did that happen? I've just made the decision.

Scott can lead the practice flights.

What kind of a decision is that? You're too important to risk.

Yes, sir.

Is it all right if I drive him to the airplane or is that too great a risk?

We'll take a chance on that.

Thank you, sir.

When the war is over, we can take Roy sailing on our lake.

Will you come, Roy? Sure, I'll come.

And we can go fishing, like before.

You like to fish? Yeah, I like to fish.

Good. That will be something to look forward to, eh, Hilde?


Adj$ da, Hilde.

Adi$ da, Erik.

Take good care of her, Roy. Good luck when you hit that ground.

And to you, in the air.

All right.

Are you angry with me?

Why should I be angry? You just don't seem to be friendly.

Hell, I'm friendly. I just got a lot on my mind.

And now you've got me, besides. Is that what you were thinking?


I promise I won't be a bother, but... one favour I have to ask you.

Let me know if there is some news about Erik.

Sure. Give me your address and I'll let you know.

I'm going to stay here until I know he's safe.

No, I don't think that's a good idea. Why not?

There are a lot of hungry characters around here.

I think you do not understand.

Erik is all that's left for me in the world and now he's gone...

Yeah, I understand.

I'm sorry.

Oh, pardon me.

Happy days, old boy. And nights.


Rosie! I'm coming.

Come on, love, or all the bubbly'll be gone.

How about these? Is that all you could get?

All I could get? There is a war on, you know.

You could have fooled me. I'm gonna get some more tin cans.

Sounds like quite a party. Wanna join 'em?

No. I'm not in a party mood.

I think I'll just go up to my room. All right.

You don't have to see me in.

I promised Erik I'd take care of you.

You don't want to throw me to those hungry characters.

That's right.

# Here comes the bride # Short, fat and wide

Skipper, want to kiss the bride? You bet.

Hey, that's enough.

Good luck, Bissel. I've brought my luck with me.

Don't worry. It's not contagious.

You sure? Yes, I'm sure.

Well, good night, and thank you. Good night.

Oh, Hilde. Yes?


I've been grounded. \x22Grounded\x22?

That means that I won't be flying for a couple of days and, um...

I was wondering if tomorrow you were free, maybe you...

If you're inviting me, the answer is yes.

Good night. Good night.

Erik! Erik!

It's good to have you back. Down!

They haven't patrolled here before. It happened three days ago.

20 hostages were shot for a bridge Goth blew up.

You had orders. No attacks.

His sister was raped. We must bury the chute.

With all the German patrols, it would be better to wait till dark.

We can't. The weapons must get through to the other units.


Slow down at the barricade.


Go! Halte!


Over the bridge, I'll cover you!

Go on! Over the bridge!

Fa_g ih_ lebe_d!

Wo haben Sie das bekommen?

Wo? Wo?


What did you do before the war, Roy? I was a barnstormer.


Yeah, aerial circuses, aerobatics. Things like that.

Now you fly in the war.

Do you hate the Germans? I never met any.

The only ones I've ever seen have been through a gun sight.

Not the best way to get acquainted.

Then why did you enter the war so early?

I had to do something. The air circus folded so I joined the Eagle Squadron.

It was di_erent with me.

Where I grew up, everything was very safe.

Uh-oh. I got one.

Bring him in before he gets away. Oh, no, he might throw the hook.

The idea is to give him a little bit of play.

It's a sardine! It's a Norwegian sardine!

How'd he get over here?

All right, little sardine. Back you go.

Now, here. Do you wanna take that over there?

Straighten the line out.

That's it. Get it straight now.

Hey, you're very good.

I used to do it for the fishermen.

And sometimes they even took me out on the boat with them.

Hey, Don. You're up late.

Roy. They've captured Erik.

The Gestapo's got him. They've had him since this morning.

You know what that means?

They'll work on him and they'll break him down and make him talk.

This whole operation's in danger unless we can stop it.

How? We know the building they've got him in.

Gestapo headquarters in Bergen. This building must be bombed.

We believe that a single Mosquito might get through tonight and stop them.

You want a killer, right? We need a man to do a job.

You want a killer.

Listen, Roy.

Do you remember Charlie, my collie, how we nursed him when he was run over by a lorry?

But it was no good.

He was in pain, so I had to shoot him.

This isn't a canine love story. We're talking about a man's life.

We are talking about many men's lives.

I'm grounded, remember?

That order could be rescinded in the circumstances.

What circumstances?

If you should happen to volunteer.

Is there a choice? Yes.

It's a hell of a choice.

Who'll be my navigator?

Bissel's volunteered.

OK. Tell them to get my plane ready. I'll be out in about half an hour.

We'll be waiting for you.

Get me the Black Swan.

How are you feeling, Lieutenant?

Not very sociable.

Listen to me, Lieutenant. I'm going to ask you some questions.

You will have to answer them sooner or later.

You will save yourself much pain by answering now.

What were you doing in England and whom did you see there?

I was not in England.

Come, Lieutenant. Those canisters and weapons we've found.

I know nothing about them.

You are insulting our intelligence.

We'll try something nearer home.

What is the location of your Underground headquarters?

I have nothing to say.

Surely you will not deny you are a member?

I have nothing to say.

I'm afraid we shall have to persuade you.

Take o_ his clothes.

Advise Intelligence, one aircraft dispatched, en route to predesignated Norwegian target.


I can be reached here at Sutton Craddock Operations.

We'll wait.

He should be iust crossing the coast now.

If Bergman talks... He won't talk.

We'll know soon enough.

Go on, Lieutenant. What else?

Well, Lieutenant?

There's the building.

Blue Leader to Co_trol.

Blue Leader to Co_trol.

The wheel's down, but one light's showing. I don't think it's locked.

All crash crews. All crash crews stand by for emergency landing.

Hang on, Bissel. This might be a little rough.

Oh, my God. Bissel.

Hold it, son.

Get him out of there!

And you're quite sure it was Gestapo headquarters you hit.

Yes, sir.

Then we can assume that Bergman is dead.

Yes, sir.

Grant, it may seem ironic to you but I'm going to recommend you for an award for what you did today.

It may have saved the whole operation.

Shall I break the news to Bergman's sister, Roy?

I shan't mention your part, of course.

No. I'll, uh... tell her.

Gentlemen, I can't take a chance on anything else going wrong.

I'm going to move up the operation.

Take off 0330 hours tomorrow morning.

But, sir, what about the bombs? They'll be here tonight.

Adams, contact the Linge. Tell them to plan their attack for tomorrow.

Yes, sir. At what time? Daybreak.

Grant, you better get that wound seen to.


How's a man going to be, without a face and blind?

Awful, isn't it, sir?

I killed him, Hilde.

He was in the building... and I knew it.

You knew... they were torturing him.

You stopped it.

Erik cannot thank you, Roy.

So... I thank you for him.

Goodbye, Hilde.


Another mission?

I will wait for you.

I'm glad.

Oh, Roy.

Please come back.

Please do come back.

We've got a date.

Now, the bombs you'll be using are what we call earthquake bombs.

And that is literally their purpose, to cause an earthquake which will bring down the overhanging section of this mountain and bury that factory which the Germans have built there, under that cliff.

All right, gentlemen. You may return to your seats.

Squadron Leader Adams will now continue with the briefing.

This is the flight plan from Sutton traddock.

By following this dogleg, the chances of losing the surprise element over the sea are reduced.

If you are detected, this route will lead the enemy to believe that you're on a coastal shipping strike.

Wing Commander Grant, anything to add?

I'd just like to remind the men that we will drop the bombs within 50 yards of each other, at ten-second intervals.

The geologists calculate that 12 bombs of this size, exploding in this pattern, will break loose the overhang.

Skipper, excuse me. I'd like to ask a question.

Go ahead.

Isn't it likely that each plane could be blown apart by the explosion of the bomb in front of it?

Not if our calculations are correct.

Hope you've got a good calculator.

With those gun emplacements, won't the flak be murderous?

The Norwegian Underground will attack those emplacements at exactly 0630.

Which means that you should be entering the fjord not earlier than 0655, and not later than 0705.

Squadron Leader Adams. Time check your watches.

It's coming up to 2.47 in... five... four... three... two... one... check.

Your call sign is Everest.

The code for the successful completion of the operation is Vesuvius.

Sounds like that mountain could turn into a bloody big volcano.

Yes, and we hope the Germans will be under it.

Any further questions? Yes, sir.

I've got a question. Just a bit of curiosity, really, but what does that factory make?

You'll be told that when you get back. This much I can tell you, though.

No squadron has ever been sent out on a more critically important operation.

That's all, gentlemen.

Except... good luck.

Thank you, sir.

Well, Roy...

What's that?

At last I got Davis's permission to come along, without a command.

You're a little late. What do you mean?

You haven't been on any practice missions. We take o_ in half an hour.

I've studied every detail of this strike. I know I can follow you in.

Yeah? Why do you wanna risk your neck?

I'm damned if I know, Roy.

OK, Don.

You can take Jones's place. You'll lead Red Section.


How do you feel now?

Scared. And you? Scared.

Johansen. Johansen!

They have moved up M-day.

They want us to attack at 0630 hours.

It is time to send Matterhorn.

We are starting the attack.

Ambush! Ambush!

Landfall nine minutes, skipper.

Dead on 0703.


ETA 0703, sir.

633 Operation Control.

It's for you, sir.

Davis here. Yes.


I see. Thank you.

Intelligence reports the Germans ambushed the Linge, trailed some of the survivors to their hideout, destroyed everything - arms, communications, men, the lot.

When's their landfall? 0703.

Send this message to Wing Commander Grant.

Linge destroyed.

Enemy anti-aircraft intact.

You have permission to abort.

Hoppy? Abort.

Blue Leader to all sections.

Enemy anti-aircraft intact.

Keep your eyes open. We're going in.

You know, skipper? I'm gonna recommend you for a medal.

And when it comes I'm gonna pin it right in your...

What? On your tail.

rHoppy) There's Norway.

And you can have it.

We got bandits up ahead, boys. We got bandits up above. Keep down low.

You all right? Yeah.

Pull that extinguisher, Reynolds! Reynolds!


Blue Leader to White Section. I'm coming back in to cover your run.

Roger, Blue Leader!

Hit it!

\x22Four hits. Three aircraft lost.\x22

\x22Two crews ditched in fiord.\x22

You've got bandits at seven o'clock.

Dive, Clark!

Come on, Green Section. You're way behind.

Bomb release.

Bomb release.

Put it out.

Put the bloody thing out!

Break for the fjord. Gillibrand, break for the fjord.

How many hits? Six.

Send it.

Won't that mountain ever go? Send it!

\x22Six... direct... hits.\x22

\x22Nine... aircraft... lost.\x22

\x22One... bomb... left.\x22

I'm going in on target now... with an engine dead.


Skipper, it's going. It's going!

Vesuvius, sir.


Let's get the hell outta here.

You lead and I'll cover. Roger, skipper.



Are you OK? Y... Yes, skipper.

Can you move? Where does it hurt?

All over.

I can't raise them, sir. Keep trying, keep trying.


He's coming on the line now, sir.

Davis here, sir.

Vesuvius, sir.

Complete success.

Thank you, sir.

At least the rockets won't happen. They'll happen.

But they won't start tomorrow or this month or on D-day, and that's important.

Then what's it all add up to? All their sacrifice?

A successful operation.

But they're probably all dead. All 633 Squadron.

You can't kill a squadron.