7-beon-bang-ui seon-mul (2013) Script

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It was hard to get, being such a sensitive case.

RYU Seung-ryong FIRST TRIAL RECORDS PARK Shin-hae GAL So-won, JEONG Jin-young Going to meet him, tomorrow?

OH Dal-soo, PARK Won-sang Yes Say 'hi' for me. Tell him to come by.

But he probably won't want to come back.

Thank you, Daddy.




Stars and Moon.

The baby god is here.

What do you see?

Your eyes are set wide apart. You have siblings luck.

I'm an only child.

That's why you're greedy.

You're born with their luck, so you're lonely.

I'm not lonely.

The man you're dating will be your ruin.

Break up! Dump him at once, sister!

I don't have a boyfriend.

I told you I can't work mornings! Bad brother!

Why? why? why?

Spit it out!

It's dirty! Drink this!

Dad! Money!

Why you!

I told you not to barge in when we're working!

You're Bong-sun!

What the hell?

Do you know her? Yes! Of course!

Shin Bong-sun.


Who are you!

Scripture says...

'After desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin'.

'Sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death'.


Righteous Heavenly Father...

Why did you come?




It feels weird to be sitting than standing before the judge.


I didn't do anything. Why am I nervous?

Forget your dark pasts, brothers.

Amen. Hallelujah.

You scared me!


I mean, Warden.

You all haven't changed.

Sit down, please. Have a seat, please.

The Judicial Research and Training Institute's... mock trial will now begin.

The prosecution may proceed.

Defendant Lee Yong-gu abducted young Choi Ji-young... sexually abused her, and killed her with a brick.

Everything has been proven by proper officials.

I believe this case is not fit for a retrial whatsoever.

Thank you.

The defense may proceed.

The prosecution's claim of proven evidence... that is the biggest error to this case.

Your Honor, the defense speaks in contempt...


Yes, Your Honor.

The prosecution is not the one who was assigned to this case.

Contrary to other cases... the evidence and records must all be re-investigated.

But the prosecution seeks a ruling by taking fabricated records and false testimonies only.

Then, were you the one in charge of defense back then?

Were you?

No, I was not.

No further questions.


I was there.

That is a clear fact.

You were there?


I was there.

Your Honor.

Everything I'm about to say is nothing but the truth.

Fighting evil by moonlight Winning love by daylight Never running from a real fight FEBRUARY, 1997 She is the one name Sailor Moon In the name of justice, I will punish you!

There's only one left.


We can buy it, tomorrow!

It's payday?



We're rich!

Yes! We're rich!

Daddy! The bag! That's Yesung's...

It's Yesung's!

This is Yesung's! What?

Sailor Moon bag! What's with him?

Who are you?

We came for this every day.

Sometimes we came twice!

Yes. Sometimes twice. Twice.

So pretty! It's Yesung's! Don't touch her!

This is Yesung's!

Who are you! This is Yesung's!

Don't hit my daddy!

Are you crazy? This is Yesung's!

How dare you!

Sir! Please, sir. I'll report you to the police!

She is the one named Sailor Moon

Daddy? Why don't other stores sell it around here?

Daddy will buy it. Sailor Moon bag.

For your first day of school.

It's okay.

It's okay.

Don't strain yourself.

Don't strain yourself.

Don't copy me.

Don't copy me.

Okay! Stop tickling! Stop!

Daddy? Huh?

Don't drink tap water.

No tap water. Boiled water.

Don't eat snacks for lunch. Have proper food.


Have proper food, too. Okay?


Yesung's cold.

Yesung go inside.




See you, Daddy!

It's cold! So cold!

This way.

Please wait.

One, Two, three...


Did you buy the bag? Hi!

The bag.

Sailor Moon!

Another store sells this.

Sailor Moon! I must buy it!

I'll buy Mister! Come on!

Wait for me.

It's over there!


Sailor Moon!

Stop playing.

Sailor Moon bag! Pretty.

It's cold...

Oh my!

Help! Help!

Don't go!


Captain! It's packed here!

Come quick, sir!

The Commissioner General is coming, too!

Hurry over!

I must go home. Goodbye.

Sit down. Get with the picture!

Yesung is waiting alone. Okay.

No comment.

Yesung is scared. I know. Sit down!

Stupid son of a bitch!

Don't hit the guy!

Why hit him!

Sit down! Goodbye. I must go home.

Get him! Hold still!

Film it!

Stay still!

This murder is...

Retaliation against the Police Commissioner.

It is an attack...

Here, sir! on the authority of the national police!

The culprit is about to arrive for a re-enactment here.

A big crowd...

The culprit has just arrived!

It's packed here. Let's go.

He's getting out of the van!

Let me interview him.


You bastard!

Lee will re-enact the crime.

The murder is being re-enacted!

Do it in one go! Sit down!

You strangled her! Pushed her down?

Slapped her cheeks!

Kissed her!

What next?

Stripped her?

Like this for blood circulation.

I see.

Take your pants off, too!

Not the pants! Do it!

That's embarrassing.

Finish quick and go see your daughter.

Yesung. Right. Yesung!

Finish up to go see Yesung!

That's good.

You bastard!

Who are you!











Yesung! Daddy!

Daddy! Yesung!


Stay at home! See you soon!

Daddy, don't go! I'll be home soon!

Daddy! Yesung!


You'll catch a cold!

Daddy, no. Yesung!

Yesung! Daddy!



You'll catch a cold!


Yesung! Go home! Sit down!

You'll catch a cold! Stay down!

Come in.

Go home on your day off, sir.

What's all this?

What good is home?

What is it?

New inmates have arrived.

4 new today, Chief.

One of the inmates is an S4.

An S4? Yes, sir.


A child kidnapper and rape killer.


Everyone who comes here... all have hard lives.

But still, you've committed crimes and...

I must call home. No way!

Yesung is waiting alone. No!


5482! 031-745-8700!

You can't! Yesung is waiting alone!

Thank you.

Chief! Please!

Hey! Get out! Crazy fool!

I just came to wash up.

For what! You freak!

You fondled me last night! It was you!

Not last night, bro!

It ain't me last night! I felt it!

Pathetic fools.

Go on in.



Don't try to pull anything.

Greet each other nicely. BONG-SHIK (PICKPOCKETING)

What do you mean, sir?

Ever saw us harm anyone?

Try to get along. Yes, sir.

I'm off.





Bong-shik. Make him sing.


Say, 'hello'.



Lee Yong-gu.

Born on January 18th, 1961.

In Icheon.

By C-section.

Mom hurt cuz my head was big!

I caught fish in streams.

When I was five, Mom died.

Bus number 375. Accident.

At the funeral... Enough!

Dad wasn't there.

Only my uncles... What's with him?

And aunties...

Hey! Yes?

What did you do?

I parked.

At Happy, Happy Mart.

Parking...parking cars.

Must be illegal cars.

Your spot is over there.

Take your shoes off and go.

Over there! Go!


Let's see his records.

Ever see me read?

Read Chun-ho. Let's see.

Criminal Code 287. Abduction of a minor.

Rotten bastard!

You fool! Keep reading!

Criminal Code 305. Fornication with a minor!

Son of a bitch!

Cover him!

Get him!

Sick bastard! Raping a kid!

Abducting a minor!

I rule here! Rotten bastard!

Criminal Code 298.

Sexual molestation!

Criminal Code 301 Rape and murder!

Nasty bastard!



That kills the mood in our cell!

The hell!

Pay attention!

Yesung came to stay with us. Say hi.

Hi, Yesung.

You say hi, too.



Feeling better? Yes, sir.


Shall we?

Pass! Pass!

Let's play basketball.

What the!

The ball went over. Oh no!

Would anyone out there be kind and throw it over?

Thank you!

Vaseline? Vaseline!

You pervert!

It's used! Pay double! Yes, sir!

Glue? Whose is this?

Me, sir. Come here.

No glue for you!


Damn bastards messing with my turf.

Now, we're getting paid!

Wire the money right!

One-eyed. Yes, boss.

Reserve solitary. Yes, boss.

Watch out!


You out of your mind?

Stop sucking like a kid.

Son of a bitch.

If you need something, ask me.

1004? What are you doing?


Break up! Move it!

Don't sit. Lie down here.

I should pay you back for saving my life.

Anything you need?

Go on. Tell me.

You smoke?

Smoking is bad.


You don't know our boss.

If you don't keep your word, you're just a thug!

But a real gangster sticks to his word, like our boss.

You get my meaning?

You're in luck, pal. What do you need?



Huh? Who?

Were there kids in the choir before?

They picked 3 kids. Aren't they cute?

Chief! Chief!

The warden is looking for you. Hurry, sir!

Why are they so loud!

Yesung. Hold on.

Came the wrong way.

Are you okay? Yes, sir.



I'm fine!

Just go, sir!

Are you Yesus?


Where were you!

What happened!

I'm so sorry!

Know how much I looked for you!

I'm sorry. Where were you!

I'm sorry. You disappeared.

I'm sorry.

Yesung is skinny. Why so light?


Thank you! Okay. Quiet.

This is wrong, boss! Thank you.

Think! What if we get caught?

This can increase our sentences!

Please be quiet!

No way! I'm out of this!

Guard! Over here!

Mister! I'm good at hiding!

Sir! She can hide good!

Sir! Over here!

Shit! Bong-shik!

He's coming! Oh shit!



What is it?


Look, what?

In our cell!


Say it.

Our cell, what!


One more bread, please?

Just one.

Think you're Jean Valjean?

Crying over bread?

Eat it, fool! I'm busy!

Stuff down mine, too!


Weren't you scared?

Got yourself a smart daughter.

Daddy will be out soon.

Sure she's your daughter? Yes!

Lee Yong-gu's daughter, Yesung.

Pretty Light OB-GYN.

Born on December 23rd at 2:28 p.m.

2.1 kilograms.

What a little cutie! Daddy?

Why're you here? You're not a bad man.

Daddy is not a bad man.

This is a school. Not a bad place.

Drink this.

Not school. It's prison.

All bad people.

Daddy didn't do bad.

If she's not gone in 2 hours, we're all dead!

Why're you leaving already? The pastor fell over.

High blood pressure.

Shit! Out of my way!

You said, two hours! It's only been 30 minutes!

Yes! 30 minutes!

I know, things like this happen all the time.

Go on! Hurry! Yes. Goodbye.

Not you! Yesung!

No! No!

Listen to me in my cell!


Shut up!

If you don't go out now, you gotta keep hiding.

Then, you can't see your dad again!

Quiet down!


Can't I stay here? No one knows.

Yes. No one knows.

But you have to go to school.

You can't skip school. Come back on a holiday.

He said, this was school!

Not school. It's prison. All bad people.

So, she should go to school!

Want her to become like me?

Or him!

Or him?

Or you? Stupid!

Yesung must go to school.

Come play again.

No way!

This isn't a playground!

Uncle 1004 will bring you back.

See you later.


Promise her!

Right. I promise.

What the hell!

Why invite a pastor about to croak!

We can get hanged!

Eat up. Okay.

What the hell!

How can you eat? Is it good?

It's good.

Right? Yeah.

Yesung must eat beans. Lots of vitamins.

I don't want beans.

You have to! Open wide!

Then, why'd you come here?

The kid is eating more than our share!

Boss! What now!

It's easy to take things in, but hard to let 'em go.

Cut the crap, Gramps!

Eat lots. Boss?

Let's fess up, boss.

Let's fess up!

If we do, who'd forgive us?

Yesung needs to poo? Yup.


Eating and pooping, too!

What the hell!

Let's eat.

Close the door! Push!

Today's Topic CLEANING

Let's send her out in two days.

Why then? What's in two days?

A religious event. It's the day He came.

Chun-ho, you're good.

A clever conman.

It wasn't a con!

It's a treasure ship! Gather around!

Sneak her out in two days. Okay?

Okay! Okay? For what?

Why do you always huddle and mumble stuff?

Don't huddle around! Got that?

Yes, sir!


Monica. I had a rough day.

Sleep well. See you in my dream.

Man-beom. Let's sleep.

Sorry. It's cause I wanted the Sailor Moon bag.

I'll buy Sailor Moon bag.

Tell the judge clear and straight.

Clear and straight.

That you're not a bad person.

Daddy's not a bad person.

SO pretty!

Yesung is pretty.

No, there! The stars and moon!



Boss! Yesung!


The bath cell! Not there!


No! Not there!

Jesus Christ!

What brings you here?

What was that sound?

What sound? Sleep talking?

I heard a girl's voice!

A girl's voice? Come on.

You're scaring us.

I heard a girl's voice! I swear!

I wish I had a girl.

Said stars and moon!


Him what?

Answer me now!

What's this?

Stars and Moon!

Of all the crazy things...

Just go back to sleep!

Chun-ho? This is serious!

What's that? Monica!

Who! What! This is my favorite picture!

Why! Yesung! Why!

She looked cold, so I dressed her.

Cold? I don't believe this! That's a violation of his rights!

Yesung? Who is that girl? She's Sailor Moon!

Sailor Moon?

Sailor Moon? Who's Sailor Moon?

What the...

In the name of justice! I will punish you!

So scary!

The judges say that!

Then, Judge Moon? Judge Moon.

Don't you know this song?

She will never turn her back on her friends She is always there to defend She is the one on whom we can depend Quiet! Sit down!

She is the one named Sailor Moon What's with him!

With secret powers all so new to her...

Sit down!


She is the one named Sailor Moon With secret powers All so new to her Hello, sir!

She is the one named Sailor Moon Stay down!

Fighting evil by moonlight Winning love by daylight Never running from a real fight Perfect! Hallelujah! Amen!

I warned you to be careful with my lace briefs!

She will never turn her back on a friend


We should take courage and make a living.


Study hard. Take care!

Amen! Amen!

Go on.

Let's pray to God.


The hell?

Why the monks!

Can't tell from Buddha and Jesus!

How embarrassing!

Don't hit!

You're scaring her.

Get out now!

I can't! Come out now!

I'm your right hand man! Like hell!


Can you choose a picture?

What do I know about pictures?

Still, sir.

Let me see. Yes, sir.


How's the pastor?

He's feeling better. That's good.

Brainless conman!

Think it over, boss.

They search ten times a day! What if they suddenly come in?

Then what?

You should've shaved her head and sent her out!

No! Yesung's hair is pretty. Pretty hair.

Pretty, my ass!

Yesung! Stay still.


Why aren't you sleeping?

It's just...

Did you have dinner, sir?

Of course.

We just ate too, sir.

Stay still, Yong-gu.

It was good. Really?

I liked it, too.

She was there for 2 days and no one knew?

I knew, sir!

I heard a girl's voice saying, 'Stars and Moon'.

Search through all the cells!

Yes, sir! Yesung! Where's Yesung?

I put the child in the staff cell.

Crazy! Send her out now!

But it's raining, sir.

Want to get fired!

Yes, sir.

It's raining a lot! Yesung will catch a cold!

A cold? Yes.

How can you say that!

Yesung doesn't have an umbrella!

You kill a girl and worry about your daughter!

5482 didn't kill a girl.


If we stay low, maybe they'll let us off.

Shut up! Yes, sir.

If we talk, some guards could get fired.

We can't lose.

Right! We're in the same boat as the guards.

It's a joint operation.

So smart.

Joint operation? I like the sound of that.

Yesung's father probably got solitary, right?

Put 'em down.

Put your arms up, now!

After how nice I treated you!

Come on, sir. Don't suck up to me now!

Yesung is scared.


You scared me!

You can't come out here.

Go back in.


There's a fire!

Baldy is freaking out! Be careful, sir!

You let in someone's kid!

Why not my dad! You're stopping him from coming!

Aren't you!

8038! We didn't let her in!

Don't do this!

My name is not 8038!

Call me by name!

Okay! Okay!

Okay, Sang-myun. Please don't do this.

Put that down.

Don't order me around!

I'm not listening to you bastards!


It's me, pal!

Don't you want to go home? Put that down!

Why should I!

Send everyone out to the courtyard!

Yes, sir!

Come out, now!



Put that down!

You stopped my dad from visiting!

I'll call your father if you put that down!

I want to see my dad!

Put that down. I'll call him.

Okay, fine! I'll put it down.

Thanks, Chief.

Thought I'd say that?

Fuck you! I'm an orphan! Bastards!

Kill! Kill them all!

Come out, fool!

You wanna die! Stay back!

Or you're dead!

Stay back! Bastard!

Don't come near me!

There's someone there!

Someone's there!

Someone's there! Move! Shithead!

Someone needs help!

Come to your senses?

Oh man.

What happened?

You were damn lucky. That's what.

If it wasn't for the weirdo, you could've had a funeral.


He must've took in a lot of gas carrying you out.

But he cried like crazy... and begged me to save you.

Is he really a kidnapper?

He wasn't the one abducted?

How I wonder what you are Up above the world so high Like a...


Take care. Bye, Ms. Lee.


I was so worried about you.

No one was living at your address.

Did you move?

Were you sick?

I wish you can tell me what happened.

Can you ask my daddy?


Parent consultation?

Oh, right.

You have ID, right?





Daddy! Yesung!

Did you catch a cold?

I'm all better now.

Yesung is skinny.

You, too.

Daddy is okay. Yesung...

This is my teacher.

Hello. Hello.

Please sit.

Nice to meet you. I'm Yesung's teacher.

So pretty.

Yesung is pretty, too.

Teacher is pretty, too.

Nothing's wrong.

It's just a parent consultation.

Yesung is smart!

She pays bills herself!

First day of every month.

From my monthly salary, $63880... she puts $170 into savings.

Pays health insurance on the 10th.

Health insurance is... $5.50!

Right! $5.50!

I see.

Yesung is the smartest and prettiest student in our class.

Yesung is the prettiest! Yesung sings very well, too.

Maybe she could join the school choir?


Bottom shelf of fridge?

Pickled beans.

Top shelf of fridge?

Pickled radish from our neighbor.

On top of the fridge?

Instant noodles. Boil water for 3 minutes.

Put an egg in.



I can't hear! It's broken!

Time is up. No! Please!



Daddy? Daddy!

What's happening?

Yesung! Eat lots!

You're skinny! Eat beans! You're skinny, too!

Eat beans! Vitamin! You too, Daddy!


I'll be home soon!

Wait for me at home! When are you coming?

I'll be home soon!

10 nights!

Just come tomorrow!

See you soon!

Just come today!

See you soon, Yesung!

We get sunlight once a day. Don't sit here like this.

Get up and exercise.

You'll get sick.

Lee Yong-gu's daughter is in the hospital.

She won't eat anything.

I knew this would happen.

We can no longer take care of her.

A countryside orphanage would have funds to take her.


I don't want to go far away.

Can't you just arrest me, too?


Chief, I think this is a mistake.

This is wrong.

He'll take responsibility.

So what! We'll all get fired!

I'm going to farm. What?

Come farm with me.


Chief! Chief!

I'm not going to farm!

Philopon PHILO-PON Poncho!

PON-CHO Go easy. Chocker.

CHO-KER What's that?

Choker, a tight fitting necklace. Stupid fool!

Choker, a tight fitting necklace. Acting all smart!


K E R-SA Sashimi.

SA-SHIMI Mineral.


Can I play Word Chain, too?

HOMETOWN RICE CAKES Is today a special day? Why the rice cakes?

It's especially for cell no.7 while the warden is away.


It says, 'rice cakes'. It's Yesung.

You say that over every box. Let's eat.



What the! It's the Chief.

The Chief?

Stupid! It's not rice cakes!

What kind of rice cake is this?


Did he go to the staff cell?

Yong-gu? Wait here, please.


Where did he go?

What are you doing?

Hello, sir.

Put that down.

Cookies are tasty.

Get out.

I didn't bring Yesung for you.




Take care, sir.



Why'd you kill her?

You read it, Uncle.

You have the best voice here.

We even get to see you read thanks to Yesung.

Never saw him read once in 7 years together.


Let's see.

There's a butterfly.

I had one drawn on my thigh. But I erased it with an iron.

There's one butterfly, right? It's a loner.

And look! It meets a mouse.

Come on, boss!

Don't say stuff like 'loner' to the kid.

It's not like you're illiterate.

Come on.

Who can't read these days?

That makes no sense. Fine. Keep playing.

Even chimpanzees can learn to read in 3 months!

Okay! Fine!

A fool who can't read ain't no human!

Know what the illiteracy rate is?

There's no one like that here! Get your facts straight!

Okay, fine.

Who doesn't know how to read? That's crazy!

Fine! Don't get excited and play!

I'm not in the mood!

Why you little! Who can't read!

On a cold winter day, a yellow butterfly came out.

Sneak one in for me.


Yesung snuck in.

So sneak in my baby, too!

This isn't daycare! One kid is enough!

With special amnesty gone... too bad, pal.

Look, boss! Look!

21 weeks. It'll be born soon! Read it!

I'm not reading! Shut up.

Can't read or make kids. Like you'd understand.

You fools are asking for it!

Why ask him to read? What's with you?

Want the baby in that bad?


Come here.

Then, get the death sentence.

I should just die.

Of course I remember! It was crazy!

Everyone was out at dawn.

The Commissioner General's daughter died!

Minister of Home Affairs ordered to wrap up the case in a week!

Captain Park? Yes, sir?

Can I see Lee Yong-gu's file?

No, sir.

Give it to me.

Sir, I'm a law-abiding cop.


Did Lee Yong-gu really write this?

SWORN STATEMENT Not sure. I wasn't in charge of that.

I need a copy of this.

Sir! That's impossible!

Then, I'll just take it.

Come on, sir!

You can't! I could get fired.

After everything, still don't get it?

It's cuz of bastards like him your son died!

It's smaller than my dad's!

Is this real? Of course it's fake!

It's real.

Can I touch it?

Don't press 'Send'.

What's 'Send'?

Rock! Scissors! Paper!


Thanks Young-hoon!


That's it! Well done!

You can do it.

Next, 'apple'.


You practiced a lot. That's it.


Now, the rest.

You can do it.

Go on.

'Ple' as in 'pled'.


Uncle! That says, 'ape'.


Apple is 'a-p-p-l-e'.

You left out a 'P' and 'L'!

You practiced for days! Can't even do that?

'P' and 'L'.

Can't remember? Even Yong-gu knows!

'P' and 'L'. He doesn't remember!


Well done!


Now, you can go to school.

If I knew how to read, I'd be a prosecutor.

Cheer up. She'll write to you soon.

It's hard for women, after giving birth.

No energy to write.


What's this?


Where'd you get this?

I borrowed it from Young-hoon.

Is it a toy?

We can't have it in here, but...

Hurry up!

Try it!


Pull out the antenna! Right!

There's no signal. What?

I can't! Try over there!

There's no signal, boss! Why not?

Yesung? Go by the window!

The window!

Is it working?

It's ringing! Yes!


- Who's this? Hell?

Another prank call?

Sun-nyuh? It's me!

It's her!

- Honey? Sun-nyuh!


I had the baby, honey.

Stop crying. You stop crying.



It's not working again!

Quiet down or we're dead!

Why isn't it working! Hold it up higher!


Get back! Wanna get killed?

Get back!


There's a signal!

It's working!

Can you hear me?

The signal's strong!

The baby's crying!

Tell it to say, 'daddy'!

Daddy? Right!

Baby? It's your daddy!

It's giggling.

Is it healthy?

Has all 10 fingers and toes?

The baby looks like you. Fit to be a general.


Is it a son? - It's a girl.

Boss! It's a girl.

A girl like me!

Oh shit.

Hello? Are you...

I'm barely surviving, you know.

I can't talk long. The battery's dying!

What about the baby's name?

The baby's name?

Put your name and hers together.

It's Bong-sun. Shin Bong-sun.

Poor kid. Looking like her father.

- I love you, honey. I love you too.

Done? Good.

Yesung! Thank you!

Don't cry. Stop crying!

Is Young-hoon your boyfriend?

Yes. Is he cool?

He's reassuring.

You're reassuring to me.

So reassuring! Stop it!

You're the most reassuring.

I was so fast, you couldn't see my fists!


That's it!

Yong-gu! Hello.

Your trial date is set.

Last trial for a verdict hearing. Do good on your last chance.

Do a good job.

It's no time to be running!


Crazy fool!

She just fell?

And died just like that?


That's really weird.

How was she lying on the ground?

Just fallen down. It was scary.

What if someone else killed her to steal the Sailor Moon bag?

Cut the crap, fool!

So, when you went there she was just lying?


For no reason? Yes.

Think it could kill you?

My arm! It hurts!

Right! Arms!

People usually fall arm first.


But her back of the head cracked.

How'd that happen?

The Sailor Moon bag!


The Sailor Moon bag.

She was skipping like this?

Right! It's the bag!

What was the date on that day?

February 27th,1:15 p.m. During lunch break.

Okay! February 27th...

That day was our bath day!

What the!

There's no water.

Turn the water on!

The pipes froze over so we couldn't take showers!

Right! It was -18¡Æ C! Yeah!

She slipped on ice!

That's it, boss!

There's water everywhere in the markets.

That's right!

Then, what about the wound on the kid's forehead?

There was a brick next to her?

Yes. There was a brick.

A brick?

Wait... A brick?

While she fell...

I'm dying here!

But why'd you pull her pants off?

First, loosen the pants to help blood circulation.

Blood circulation? Yes.

Then, why'd you strangle her?

I didn't.


Press the chest vertically.


Free the airway and block the nose.

Breathe in 12 times a minute.

Good job. Yes.


Wake up! Wake up! Are you okay?

Wake up! Good.

Shake the patient to gain consciousness.


Pinch or slap.

Don't hit for real, sir! He's alive.

Damn it! Right. He's alive.

Now, let's follow along.

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation.

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. That's right.

CPR. Right. Of course!

It was the Commissioner General's kid.

And it's no fun drawing blame on the market.

Pressure to solve the case all around them!

Yong-gu got talked into taking the blame!


We'll do Yong-gu's trial!

I object!

The witnesses claim only circumstantial evidence.

The witnesses testified to only what is true.


Mr. So? Yes?

What did you do in life?

Hallelujah. I'm a pastor.

I mean your past.


I'm not sure when you are referring to.

I also made clubs with friends to play soccer.

Weren't you a gangster?

What? Your Honor!

His past is irrelevant to... And you? Mr. Choi?

I've always been interested in sunken treasure ships.

Charged on 7 accounts of fraud? I object!

Bringing up the witnesses' past is irrelevant to this case.


Can we trust testimonies from men who served sentences?

Look, Brother...

I mean, Prosecutor?

Is there a law... that states testimonies from former inmates can't be trusted?

No, but... So, tell me!

Is there a law that says folks like us always lie!

No, there isn't.

No further examination. You mean questions!

We're not suspects here!


I apologize.


Do you have another witness?

As the prosecution requests, he has no criminal record.

Rather, he has worked hard for the country.

I call the prison Chief at the time to the stand.

Let's go. Sure.

I am Jang Min-hwan Chief of Security at Prison.

One of our inmates... How is he?

Eating three meals a day.

Exercising when it's time.

When it's past 9:00 p.m... he'll probably sleep.


I know it's not my place, but please re-investigate the case.

Then, he'll walk free after his term.

Am I wrong?

Lee Yong-gu...

He's innocent, sir.

A child...

Ever lost one?

Yes, I have.

To an inmate I cherished.


Did you abduct the Commissioner's daughter to get revenge?

Yes. I followed her.

Sailor Moon bag store.

Daddy! Just read what the uncles wrote.

Read it!

Ji-young said she'd show me a store that sells Sailor Moon bags.

So, I just followed her.

That's it. Good!

Did you pull her pants off to sexually abuse her?

Did you?

First, loosen pants for blood circulation.


Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation.

I don't remember.

Did you hit Choi Ji-young with a brick to kill her?

No. Ji-young fell and...

Young-gu! Oh my!

When you can't remember, what do you say?


don't remember.

That's good.

I don't remember. Good.


Happy! Happy! Happy, Happy Happy Mart.

That's good!

A brick fell on her head.

Did you see it? No, I didn't.

Come on, pal!

Just pretend you know! That's right!

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation...



Do it in the morning.


Your Honor...

I am intellectually impaired.

The scary policemen hit me.

They didn't investigate.

PETITION Read this over.

What is it? Here.

I wrote it myself!

Pass the pens!

Don't spill on it. Write clearly.

Sign it.

They said if I signed, they'll send me home to Yesung.

And buy me the Sailor Moon bag.

And so... the written statement...

is all fabricated.

Perfect! You win!


Great job!

Yong-gu! Yes?

Your lawyer is here to see you.


Is this a prison or daycare!

Anything you'd like to eat? I can get it for you.

Free Time!

The chocolate bar?

Yes, tasty Free Time.

You have a daughter. Yesung?

Yes. Yesung is pretty.

Listen to me carefully. Yes.

The girl's father is the police commissioner.



You know! The police!

Yes, police. Very scary.

He's the leader of the scary men!

He's totally out of it!

He could harm Yesung!


How frustrating.

Mr. Lawyer?

Mr. Lawyer?

Here are our inmates' petitions.

These things don't really help.

Even a public lawyer should show dedication!

It still won't lessen his sentence.


Look at this!

Lee Yong-gu is not smart enough to write this!

Still think he's the culprit!

Think of Yesung... and stay focused.


I must go home.


You can go home. Don't worry.

Got that?


Ji-young said she knew a store that sold the Sailor Moon bag.

So, I followed her.

But Ji-young suddenly fell.

Speak clearly to the judge.

Speak clearly.

He wanted revenge on the Commissioner for getting hit.

So, you abducted his daughter Ji-young, correct?

I repeat.

Did you abduct Choi Ji-young?

You must die for Yesung to live. You get it?

You're the father.

When Ji-young resisted sexual assault... you killed her with a brick, correct?

I repeat the question.

Did you strike Choi Ji-young with a brick?


Answer the question.

Accept your punishment.

If not, I'll do the same to your daughter.

Answer the question.


When Ji-young resisted sexual assault... you killed her with a brick, correct?

I repeat the question.

Did you strike Choi Ji-young with a brick?

Did you kill her with a brick?

Defendant! Yes.

Did you kill her with a brick?

Yes, I did.

Bastard! Think your kid will be fine!

I'll kill your kid, too!


I'll kill your kid, too!

Yes. I did it. I did it.

Lee Yong-gu! What are you saying!

Come to your senses!

Your Honor, the defendant is psychologically intimidated.


You're his lawyer! Do something!

I killed her. I did.

Are you out of your mind!

You didn't kill anyone!

She died because of me.

I'm sorry. Very sorry.

Why're you sorry!

No one apologized to you!

Why are you so sorry!

If you speak out, you'll be ordered to leave.

Please help my Yesung. My daughter.

Order! I did it.

What are you doing!

You're a lawyer!

A lawyer can't be like this!

The police only took the witness accounts... and dismissed the defendant's denials.

Lee's statement was fabricated by force from the police.


Ji-young did not die of the brick wound... but an occipital injury! That too was dismissed!

Contrary to police claims that Lee strangled her... her autopsy showed no sign of strangling whatsoever!

Defense? Give your final argument.

Your Honor.

I request for leniency.

The prosecution's demand?

The defendant admitted to the charges.

I request the same sentence to the defendant as the first trial.

Your Honor!

The investigation is biased.

It was only forcibly done to establish a crime.

They dismissed the principle of presumed innocence!

They abused the defendant's mental disability... and love for his daughter to force him to give up on everything!

The innocent defendant was sacrificed at their convenience!

As the defendant admitted to the charges, the trial is adjourned.

The defendant's appeal is rejected.

The first trial's sentence stands.

Defendant Lee Yong-gu is sentenced to death.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I was wrong.

Please help Yesung.

It's my fault.

And so, I defend...

a man wrongfully sentenced to death...

to clear defendant Lee Yong-gu's false accusations.

That is why...

I am here today.

His wife said, I can take piano lessons.


The Chief has a piano at home.

Daddy, I'll play it for you later.

Piano? I like piano.

Daddy? You're not a bad man, right?

Yong-gu? Yes.

Take care.

One, two, three!

See? Isn't cooking fun?

It'd be easier to eat out.

Yesung makes this a special Thanksgiving.

Yesung made this pretty one.

You too, Mister.

It's from Yesung!

Hi, Daddy.

How are you?

Is it from Yesung? Letter from Yesung!

Let me see!


100! Yesung got perfect!

Good job!

Bong-sun should be a model when she grows up.


Baby looks funny.

He's way too honest. I'm sorry.

Fall on your knees Hear the angel voices Night divine Hello...


Uncle 1004, hello! Are you studying hard?

I'm dying to hear you read to me soon.

I hope you get along well with Daddy and the others.

Take care. From Yesung!

It's been hours!


Shouldn't we prepare something for the annual talent show?

That's a load of bullshit.

If we place first, will they let us out?

Yeah! One night out with family.


Disgusting! Yesung!

How about singing?

Yes, singing! Sailor Moon! Good idea!

- She will never turn her back... Cut that out!


There are more Christmas amnesties this year.

Due to presidential elections?

Right, the elections.

Lots to send off, too.


The date's been set for 5482.

December 23rd.

Spider. Louder.

Spider. Louder!


What about this? This?



No, it says 'Hairpin'!

You read that already!

So weak in the head!

Stop it!


I can't decide that on my own.

I'll need permission from the principal.

This is the last time.


That Yesung can see her father.

Please help.

I'm begging you.



Why's the execution so soon after the trial?

This should be protested.

It goes completely against existing laws!

I should be the one to go first.

Everyone in the prison deserves to go before him.


Yong-gu... We can't let him go like this.

Hey, Chun-ho! Yes?

Oh no!

What's going on!

I'm sorry. Why'd this break?

Take them quick!


It's saving a man's life.

Only if you give me your turf.


The hell!



You're working?

Carry on, then.

You heard?

If you think this is your father, please come up.

Do it right. It's to save a life. Got it?

Yes, boss!

Here! Here!

Where are the boys?

It's taking long to blow up the big thing.

You sure he's your father?

You said, you're an orphan.

All the fathers in the world is my father!

Go Cell 7! Go!

Holy night The stars are brightly shining It is the night of the dear Savior's birth

Long lay the world In sin and error pining Till he appeared and the soul felt its worth A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn Fall on your knees Hear the angel voice Night divine Night when Christ was born Night divine Everything's all set?

Don't worry. Yesung's teacher's on our side.

Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus praise we Let all within us praise His holy name

Daddy? Hand.

Hold hands.

Hurry Up! Hold hands!


Let's go!

Let's go!

Chun-ho! Get him out!

Yong-gu! Hurry!

Get them off!

Get 'em out!

Get them in!

It's working! Hooray!

Untie it!

Daddy! We're flying!

We're flying!

Daddy, people are so tiny.

They can't leave! Chief...

We're flying like birds!

We're flying!

Goodbye uncles!

Get them!

Stop 'em!

Stop 'em!

Look over there!

People are dancing!

Get them!

What are you doing up there?

Hello, Mister!

Ah, hello!

The sunset is pretty!

Yes, it is.


Daddy! Look over there!

Over there!

Daddy? Are we going home? We're going home!

I'm so happy!

Stop them!


Yes, Daddy?

Don't forget.

What, Daddy?




Eat lots! Is it good?

Yes, it's yummy. It's yummy.

Eat beans! Vitamins!

Get ready. Yes, boss.


A cake!

Blow out the candles.

One, two, three!

All blown out!

Happy birthday!


Thank you!

Draw lots of pretty pictures!

Thank you!

Did I Spell right?

This is from me.

Thank you!

Yong-uo? Give her yours.

What is it?

It's big! It's really big!

Sailor Moon!

It's pretty.

You're so lucky!

It's pretty!



Thank you for being my daddy.

Go on. Say something.

Thank you for... being my daughter.

What did they put in the soup?

Uncle? Are you crying?

He's not crying.

Hold on. Right! Yesung?

Watch this.

What are you doing?

Hold still!

It tickles!

You call that writing? It's cuz he's moving.

Write good! Nice drawing.


I'd better go.

Take care.

Take care.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.


Yesung can go without Daddy, right?

Yup. You can go alone, right?


I'll get many perfect scores and come and see you.

When you go to a better place, don't worry about me.


Daddy! Merry Christmas!

You too, Yesung. Merry Christmas!

Take care.



Goodbye, Daddy!

Goodbye, Yesung!


Yesung! Bye!

Yesung! Bye!


Yesung! Bye!

One, two, three.

One, two, three.






Help me!

I was wrong!

Daddy! What's wrong!

Help me! What's wrong, Daddy!

Yesung! What's wrong?

I was wrong!

Please, help me!

Don't cry.

You can live here for a long time.

I'll come and visit!

I won't get mad! Don't go to a better place!



I was wrong! Daddy!

I was wrong!

I'm sorry! I was wrong, sir!

I'm sorry! Please, help me!

I was wrong, sir!


I'm sorry!

I was wrong!

I was wrong.

I'm sorry!

I was wrong!


I'm here for defendant Lee Yong-gu.


My dad whom I loved most in the world.

For my angelic father.

The defense gives the final argument.

In the name of justice...

I will...


my father.

Defendant Lee Yong-gu's disability is recognized.

He was threatened and beaten by the police.

The court accepts he was forced to confess.

According to testimonies... there is not enough evidence... that he abducted, sexually abused, then killed Choi Ji-young.

The court remands this case... and overturn Lee's death sentence... and demands a re-investigation.

The court finds Lee Yong-gu... not guilty!


- Yesung! Hello!

It's Daddy! Yesung! Daddy's here!


Goodbye, Yesung! Goodbye!

Goodbye, Daddy.

Goodbye! Yesung, goodbye!

I love you!

Yesung, I love you! Goodbye!

Eat your beans! Vitamins!

I love you, Yesung! Goodbye!

I love you!

I love you!

I love you, Daddy!


- Goodbye. Goodbye.

I love you!