7ujuh (2018) Script

"Names, facts, incidents and stories that have been used or mentioned... in this film are just fictitious and have no connection... with any incidents or anyone."

"Any resemblance is not intentional."

I lost again.

That's it, I give up.

Before I forget,

here are the fliers.

Vote for Sam.

I can visualize you winning the election... because you're the best.

The other candidates will not be able to defeat you.

Trust me.

I'm doing all this... because I want the best for this campus.

I must continue fighting for the previous presidents... and the most important thing is, my friends are supporting me.

It's good that you think that way.

We need a high-calibre leader.

A leader who can organize legendary party.

Hello, Mr. President.


Have you packed?

I can help you if you haven't.

I packed my stuff yesterday.

-Really? -Yes.

-Do you have a lot of bags? -Quite a few.

Hey, ladies!

Are you ready?

-Legendary party! -Yes!

Total - 27 people.

Solved case - 1.

There are still a lot of them that haven't been found.


Welcome back, sir.

Do you know the area?

A lot of kids used to camp there.

But, not anymore.

Swerve to the left.

Swerve to the left! There's a tree.

Be careful.

No, it's okay. The smoke.

Hey! Watch where you're going!

You think you've lived long enough?

Want to have some of this?


Hey! That's quite far!

Do you know which records to play later?

Of course.

What would you like? Led Zeppelin?

The Ramones? Rolling Stones?

I have them all, Sam!

It's okay, Emma. Let me do it for you.



Whose green bag is this?

My bag.

-Yasmin. -Let me carry that for you.

That's my bag.

It's okay. I can carry it for you.

It's my bag.


-Whose bag is this? -Thank you, Sam.

How about this one?

Thank you.

Thank you!

-Hey. -Tina!

What's wrong with you?

There's a lady up there. Why don't you take a look?

What lady are you talking about?

-She's up there. -There's nobody there.

Yasmin, you're imagining things. Let's go.

I'm taking the room upstairs. I'm heading up.

Would you like to share a room with me?

It's okay. I'm sleeping upstairs too.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all?

Oh my God! Tina!

What's wrong?

You're Suri, right?

How did you know?

Sam has told me before.

Suri and her father are the caretakers of this house.

I'm sorry.

I've just finished cleaning the room.

I wanted to ask whether... you need anything?


I will ask if I need anything.

In that case, I will excuse myself.


I'm sorry.

I didn't notice you just now.

Where's your father?

He's at home.

In that case, I will visit your house later... because I bought the things he asked for the other day.

Now every time you walk, I will know where you are.


I don't think I will follow you. I'm tired.

Then you can take care of the ladies.

Just in case there's anything creepy.

Creepy creature, where are you?

Sam, that's enough.

Come on.

How much further until we get there?

It's nearby. Why?

Hey, guys!

This is the aborigines' burial ground.

How long do you think it's been here?

I think it's been here for ages.

Do you think the corpse will come out from the grave.... to eat the packed food?

Packed food.

Well, it's free food.


Did you just get here?

I waited for a while at the house just now!

I'm sorry, Tok.

We left the place late.

Here are the things that you asked for.


Tok, these are my friends.

Mus and Ray.


I would like to ask you and Suri to help clean the house tomorrow.

I'm planning to have a party...

I mean, a get-together.

Of course.

I will go over tomorrow.

You can have the get-together, but make sure you behave yourself.

Please don't worry, Tok. I know what to do.

I trust you, but I'm not sure about the others.

You don't have to worry, Tok.

Nothing will happen.

You'd better be careful with what you say.

I'm afraid that somebody might blame you later.

-Sam. -Yes?

Is this where you get work done?

I used to hide down here when I was small.

These chains, did you father use them to tie you up when you were small?

Where is Yasmin?

She's asleep.


Why can't you love me?

You are drunk.

Don't be ridiculous, Emma.

What am I lacking?

Emma, you are beautiful.


But I don't fancy you.

It's okay.

Emma, join me in here?

No way.

Why not? Come on.


Can you tidy up the room later?


Thank you.

Protection for the soul to be broken... by the force given.

Don't ever approach.

Don't ever come near.

This is not your ground.

Check out Sam.


Suri, what are you doing?




Once a week, my father or I will perform this ceremony... so that bad things will not be able to come into the house.

Is it necessary?

The surrounding here is different from the one in town.

There are a lot of things here that we can't see with our naked eyes... and they have to be taken seriously.

Suri, can you help me? Don't go home first.

Please help me make the drinks for the guests.

Sam, did you ask Flinstone to clear the house or make a mess of it?

She's performing a ceremony to protect the house. Let her be.

It's their belief.

Sam, can you help please?

Ilyas, please help Emma.

Hi, having fun?

She's protecting the house, Mus.

That means we'll not be able to get out of this house.

Like this.

Come on!

Let's party!

Why are you alone here?

You should join the rest.

I'm okay.

If you would like more drinks, I have more in my room.

No thanks.

Come on, Yasmin. Let's go.

I said no, Tina.

Why are you touching her?



We are not here to fight. We are here to enjoy ourselves.


Are you okay?

I have spare clothes... in my room.

Why don't you change?

It's nice, right?

This dress is perfect for you.

I'll help you to put it on, okay?

Suri, don't be afraid.

Don't be afraid.

This is all for Sam.

It's okay.

It's okay.

Where is Suri?

Gone to the moon and the stars.

I think she went home.

Spirits unite with the soil that I'm stepping on.

My body is violated, my soul is broken.

Come to me, the power of revenge.

Don't let them escape.

Let them know how it feels to have suffered such a fate!

Destroy them as they have destroyed me!

Suri, what's wrong?

I curse them.

I curse these seven souls, you will not be safe! you will not be able to leave this place alive!

I swear on my soul!

You will know the meaning of suffering!

You will know the feeling of pain!

You will know how it feels to be tortured!

Death will come to all of you!


I will claim all your seven souls in your sleep!

I will haunt your dreams!

You will suffer the same fate as me!



Turn her over.

Turn her over!

Sam, what are we going to do?

Let's bring her back to the house.


She's a human being, not an animal!

Just admit it, who did this?

It will be easier.

I said relax.

What do you mean "relax", Mus?

Nobody wants to admit they did this.

What do you mean by relax?

Then we should report this to the police.

I agree.


We should lodge a report with the police, Sam!

We can't ignore this!

This is a corpse.

Not a dead animal!

But the problem is, if we report to the police, will they believe that we are not involved?


What can we do?

So, you want to leave the corpse to rot there, Mus?

Let's bury the corpse now.

Don't worry, Tok.

Nothing will happen.

Be careful of what you say...

or you'll be blamed later.



Are you satisfied?

Are you satisfied?

Emma, move!


Ray, please help.


I know!


I don't believe this!

Something is wrong.

-Maybe Suri is coming...

-Can you not talk about her anymore?

I don't want to hear that name again.

Enough. We have no choice.

We will have to stay here first... and find another way to leave this place.

I curse these seven souls, you will not be safe, you will not be able to leave this place alive!

Death will come to all of you!

You will suffer the same fate as me!


We all had the same dream?

It's all just our imagination.

Tok Batin is outside.

Why are you here so late at night, Tok?

I'm looking for Suri.

Have you seen her?

She's gone home.

That's right, Tok.

She's gone home.

If you see Suri, please let me know.

She has never been late.

I'm sorry, Tok.

We haven't seen her.

It can't be used. The phone is dead.

What is wrong, Rashid? Is everything okay?

Tok, please get up. This is a police station.

This is Inspector Azmi.

Sir, Tok is here to lodge a report on his daughter's disappearance.

How old is your daughter?

She is sixteen.

I only have one child.

A girl.

Her name is Suri.

She hasn't come home for two days.

Don't worry, Tok.

Please tell me what happened.

God willing, I will try to help.

I'm Inspector Azmi.

Can I see the owner of this place?

Hold on.



Are you the owner?

Yes, sir.

Have a seat.

Your name?


Why are you here, sir?

I'm here because Suri is missing.

Did she come here the other day?

She was here.

But, she's gone home.

Are there only six of you here?

Seven of us.

The other one is asleep upstairs.

Do you think Suri has followed your friends back?

I don't think my friends are like that, sir.

It's possible, sir.

Maybe she grew tired of staying in the jungle, so she followed them back.

You think Suri ran away because of her father?

It's possible right, sir?

Okay. If I need more information, I will drop by again.

You'd better be careful. Don't do anything foolish.


How did you manage to get to this house?

Isn't there a tree blocking the road?

Okay, I will make a move first.



Call Emma.

Let's discuss this.

Emma, Sam would like to see you.

Emma, can you come down?


-Sam! -What's wrong, Tina?


This is crazy!

I can't stand all this anymore!

To hell with all this!

-Don't follow me! -Ilyas!


-To hell with all of you! -Ilyas!


Are you okay?

-Let me go! -Ilyas!

I think Emma knew what happened to Suri.

You saw the way she died, right?


Listen to what I have to say.

I never thought it would end like this.


-Suri... -That's enough.

This is ridiculous.

I don't want you guys to talk about Suri anymore.


Don't you remember she has cursed us?

This is all her doing.

So, you think she has come back...

-as a ghost? -Yes.

Of course she's a ghost.

You are stupid... to try to deny it.

Are you satisfied now?

That's enough.



Are you okay, Ilyas?


If I tell you...

something, could you keep it as a secret?


Never mind.

Forget it.

I want to take a nap.

I have a headache.


Don't fall asleep.

Promise me.

You know that we can't sleep, right?

I won't sleep then.

I just want to lie down for a while.

You're my good friend, Min.

That fire never dies, right?


You're supposed to enjoy yourself.

Let them be. Don't interfere.

I can't just ignore it, Emma.

Go ahead and tell Sam then.

After that, he will cancel the party.

All of us would have to go home.

Do you want that?

Then, you will not be able to experience this.



Suri, no!

I'm innocent!


Suri, enough!


No! Suri, you know I'm innocent!


Have you seen Ilyas?

He's not here.

He couldn't have left this house.


tell me... who is responsible for this? Tell me the truth!

What do you want us to say, Sam?

Then, what is all this about?

Who's to blame?


You accuse others, but you are the one who might be responsible for all this.

What do you mean by that, Tina?

That's enough, Sam.

You think I don't know about your relationship with Suri?

I saw both of you when we first got here!

Do you think we're stupid?

I've known her since I was small, Tina.

Do you think I would do anything to hurt her?


That's enough.


Their records are clean.

There's nothing suspicious.

I don't think my friends are like that, sir.

Are you crazy, Sam?

If we tell Tok Batin, we'll be screwed.

We should just tell him the truth.

We tell him that we don't know anything, right?

Is that right?

Nobody saw him anyway.

What's the problem now?

Ray is gone.

What's the matter?

Darn it.

Ray is gone.

I think Ray and Ilyas... were not involved.

That's how they got away.

This is all because of Suri's curse. I understand.

But it doesn't make any sense to me.

I haven't done anything.

Why am I involved?

What do you want, Suri?

What do you want?

I've investigated... the college kids.

Yes, they did see Suri at the bungalow... because she stood out from the crowd.

She was only wearing a sarong.

But I'm not sure whether Suri changed her clothes after that.

Did she ever have a fight with you?

Maybe she ran away with someone she knew?

She has never gone against my wishes.

But my instinct tells me that... she has been harmed by somebody.

Don't worry, Tok. I'll try to help.

Be patient.

I can be patient.

But if anything happens, I know that not a single person will be spared!

Peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you!

Peace be upon you.

Sorry to disturb.

I didn't get the chance to talk to one of your friends the other day.

Is she here?

She left with Ray and Ilyas.

That's right, sir.

They've left this place.

There's only four of us left.

Do you remember who Suri spoke to at the party?

Did you see anything?

What time did she leave the house?

-Five. -Four o'clock in the evening.

Yes, four.

Four o'clock, sir.

I'm not so sure.

Why aren't you sure?

Were you drunk?

I advise all of you not to leave this bungalow... until I am done with my investigation.

The police have already been here twice, Mus.

Aren't you scared?

What if...

Emma's death was caused by Suri?

Maybe Ilyas and Ray are missing because of Suri too, Mus.

Dead people... don't come back.

So, you think the curse...

isn't real?

Now the police is involved, Mus.

Just ignore them.

We have to tell Sam the truth.

I have a scholarship, Tina.

I'm not going to throw my life away.

Only now you're thinking about your scholarship.

Your stupid scholarship!

Am I interrupting something?









-Tina. -Tina.




I am a lady with dignity!

I won't be satisfied... until I get my revenge!

You... shall not escape!



What do you want?

What have we done to you?

All of you know what happened to me!

Especially you!

Sam, help me!

Tina! Tina!

-Don't! -I am... going to claim her life now.



You'd better tell me now! What happened to Suri?

I don't know anything, Sam.

I don't know anything.

A lot of people have died, Mus!

Do you want us to die as well?

If you know something, tell us!

I'm sure something has happened.

You have to tell us!

Tell us, Mus!


What is wrong with you?

Are you crazy?

Tell us!

This is not an alcoholic drink.

Don't worry, drink it.

This is all for Sam.


Hey! Mus!


Don't you dare touch her!

Do you hear me? Don't touch her!


Hey, Tina. What's taking you so long?

You're stupid, Ray.

If you don't want to, just go out.

If you don't want to join us, you'd better get out.

What have you done to her?

If you tell anybody about this, I will expose your secret.

You're not a saint.

You are cruel, Mus.

What has she done to you to deserve it?

You deserve to die.


You are worse, Sam.

You burnt her corpse.

Were you involved too, Min?

If I had known, I would've told you, Sam.

I swear I don't know anything.

Relax, Min. Relax.

This is all your fault!

If I had known that it would be like this, I wouldn't have done it.


That's enough.

You are the same, Sam!

You should try to find a way out of this place!

Do you think I haven't been thinking about that?

I've been trying... to figure a way out of here for the past few days.

Do you just want to stay here then?

Do you want to be Suri's next victim in your dream?

That's enough. I don't want to think about all this anymore.

I don't trust you...

and I don't trust you too, Yasmin.

Figure out how to get out of this place by yourselves.

When I come again next time, I will bring you a gift.

Now every time you walk, I will know where you are.

Once a week, my father or I will perform this ceremony... so that bad things will not be able to come into the house.


I know I did something wrong, Min.

I know I did something wrong!

But I have to stop you from what you are planning to do!

Don't do something crazy, Mus.

You are the crazy one, Min!


Put the knife down.

You have to take it easy, Mus.

All of you are crazy! You are all crazy.

Take it easy, Mus.

Put the knife down.

Take it easy, Mus.

Drink, Mus.

Drink this.

Let me find a way out.

"Case Closed"


Tok, help me, please.

Where is Suri?

It wasn't me, Tok.

You know that...

I love Suri.

Please help me, Tok.

Please help me, Tok.

Help me! Suri's curse!

There is something there, Tok.

Among the trees!

What you see... is not her.

It's your imagination.

Your eyes are deceiving you.

Take this and wear it.

Get out of here.

Get out!

You will suffer the same fate as me!


Protection... for the soul...

You shall be dead.






Please forgive me.

I don't want to die.

I don't want to...

You will suffer the same fate as me!

I don't want to die!



Forgive me, Suri.

Forgive me.

I will follow you, Suri.

Don't sleep, Min.

Don't sleep.

Don't sleep.

Let's get out of here!


Come on, Yasmin!

Come on, Yasmin! Quick!

Come on, Yasmin! Quick!


What is it, Yasmin?

Climb the gate quickly!


This is all my fault.

If it wasn't for me, Suri will not be dead.

I don't fancy you.

You can't even get that aboriginal girl, let alone me.

Is that a challenge?

Do you think I'm challenging you?

What the hell?

Things have happened, Yasmin!

You can't do anything now!

Let's leave this place!

Be careful, Yasmin!

You can go through there!

Be careful.

Quick, let's go!


Forgive me, Suri.

Forgive me...

The only thing that he mentions is the name "Suri".

Forgive me, Suri.

The aborigines found him wandering around the hill...

Forgive me, Suri.

Forgive me, Suri.

Forgive me.







She was here.

But she's gone home.

Total - 27 people.

There are still a lot of them that haven't been found.