99 Homes (2014) Script




Oh, Jesus, no.

This isn't a good time.


Mr Carver? Yeah, I'll be with you in a second.

Huh? Well, I'll tell you what you do.

Remove the meter, turn the water off, and let them sweat for a couple of days.

Then you ride in on your white fucking horse, tell them you have a cash buyer and Richard Carver can approve a short sale.

You want me to spell it for you? R-I-C...

OK, well, I can't hold your hand while you give them a hand job, Bill.

Just get me the property.

Yes, John, Officer Dudura, you have my court order signed by the judge.

What can I do for you?

You're the bank's realtor on this eviction.

I need an official statement. What happened and why?

Well, Dudura, it's a real shame cos we arrived here with two pizzas for Mr Kadwell, the property owner, but he didn't want anchovies, so he went into the house, pulled out a gun and he blew his brains out.

And that set off Mrs Kadwell who was expecting Chinese for dinner.

You're talking about a man who just killed himself.

I am the last man who knocked on Patrick Kadwell's door, in his life.

That is his wife of 15 years, Samantha, his daughters, Dylan, six, Paige, 11.

What official statement can encapsulate the tragic absurdity of this fucked-up situation?

I can't bring him back to life. Stop wasting my time.



No, I'm fine, honey.

Turn the TV off, keep the girls away from the internet.


I got a call. Yeah.


No, no, no. You ride that up to 200.

220 tops. No more than 10% down.

7.5% makes me sing. Get the Miguels ready.

It's two grand a month in interest alone.

We got to flip this thing. Get back to me.


Call office. (DIALLING TONE)

Have we got anything else, boss?

Next eviction's Tuesday. Natalia will call you.

Roger that.

NATALIA: 'Rick Carver Realty.' Talk to me. My world's upside down.

'I'm emailing your revised itinerary. And Jerry called again...'

Jerry's full of shit. Keep talking.

'The Sutton Place high-rise came up. The UD's in order.

'What do you want me to tell Elliot?'



Yo, Nash, you can stop working now. We're done. We're done.

What? Hey!

Listen up!


The buyer didn't qualify. We're shut down.

What about payment? We don't get paid.

For two weeks we've been working for free.

All this from roof to cement is for nothing.

Stop working! (HAMMERING)

Put the hammer down, man.

Unplug everything, wrap it up. Let's go home.

No dinero.

That looks like the United States upside down, but flipped this way.

It actually does. DENNIS: Connor?


We were just looking at the countries. Connor!

We're naming the countries. It's our time. We're up.

Gotta go. See you.


Who was that?

Who was that? That's my friend Alex from school.

You dropped this. Good catch.

Your Honour, he missed three payments and is underwater over 80 grand.

The bank can have a buyer in place within 30 days.

Did you in fact miss three payments? Yes, sir, but I was told to.

Two departments at the same bank were telling me opposing things and then, just recently, I got a final notice for eviction.

LAWYER: We'd like to get this property off the market.

I see no reason to hold up the sale. They told me not to pay.

And that's why I'm behind. They told me not to pay.

While I sympathise with your situation I have 40,000 cases like this backed up behind yours.

Final judgment granted. I'm ordering you to vacate the premises.

That's my family home, Your Honour. I was born and raised in that home.

He was born and raised there too. He's my son, Connor.

Please don't do this. We've lived there our whole lives.

My mum runs her business out of that home.

That's our second source of income right now.

Is this your son? That's my son.

He should be in school and not here.

He's gonna lose his school, with all due respect.

Sun United Bank versus R. Rogers.

Give me a bit more time, please. Please remove Mr Nash.

Your Honour, I just need a bit more time.

I need a bit more time. Excuse me for a second.

BAILIFF: I need you to follow me now.

JUDGE: You have 30 days to file an appeal.

Bailiff, please remove Mr Nash. I need you to follow me now, sir.

Right now.

Where are we going to stay if we lose our home?

We're not gonna lose the home, bud. How do you know?

The cops are coming back.

I just wanna know how you're gonna pay for it.


Connor, I'm gonna figure it out, OK?

That judge gave us 30 days. Ain't no one taking the home from us.

I'm gonna win this. I'm gonna figure it out, simple as that.

We're good.

DENNIS: One hour.

Hey, Bo.

I got that new blade for your skill saw. I'll bring it over tonight.

OK. You be careful, Connor.

Got a new scooter? Yeah.

DENNIS: Hey, Mum. LYNN: So, tell me everything.

Did they give you a lawyer? Mum, it's the same story.

Same story with the bank guys. It's the same story everywhere we go.

We have to find a lawyer.

I'm just trying to understand what this 30-day thing means.

Does that mean the eviction's not gonna happen tomorrow?

The judge told you. It's 30 days. 30 days to file for an appeal.

It's a judge, it's not a bartender. We're in good shape.

My name is Dennis Nash and I'm looking for representation.

I understand that you guys sometimes do not need a retainer.

When you went through what you went through, you found someone pro bono. I'm wondering if he's gonna help...

Lost is to found as outside is to indoors, inside...

And what's another example? Here you go.

Have some salad. Black and white.

Black and white.

What's another one? Give me one more.

4540189. Please give us a call back.

I don't know what to say to him sometimes.

I was so young when I had you.

I feel like you've had to raise me.

You know just what to say.


Borrow against Blair Street to cover Via Alizar.

NATALIA: 'Good.'

I'll flip that this quarter. 'And London at Code Enforcement?'

I got a short sale for that cocksucker. I'll email you the details.

'OK.' All right.

SHERIFF: Afternoon, boss. Love the new ride.

Range Rover HSE. Is this the Nash eviction?

Yeah. Anyone home?

I'm not sure, but his vehicle is home, so I'm assuming he is.

All right, let's get to it.

Morning, y'all. How's it going?

SHERIFF: He's at the window.


Sheriff's department. Come to the door.

What? Sheriffs are here.


Why are they here?


You need to come to the door. He saw you.

They saw you through the window. Just answer it. We just got to explain it.

Oh, come on. Don't fucking do this.


Good afternoon. Afternoon.

I'm Deputy Anderson with the Sheriff's department.

We're here to serve you a court-ordered eviction.

OK, well... So, ma'am, do you have any weapons on your body or anywhere in the house?

No, no, no, no. Not us. Mr Carver?

Good morning. My name's Rick Carver.

I'm a licensed real estate broker. DENNIS: Mr Carver.

Hi. Lynn.

And, er, I'm very sorry to tell you that this home has been foreclosed on and officially transferred to the bank.

I need you to vacate the premises. I understand what you're saying.

And I've... I've... I've...

We've been getting our eviction notices.

I was in court yesterday and the judge informed me that I got 30 days to file for an appeal and that's what I intend to do.

If you have an emergency stay signed by the judge, you're welcome to remain.

I got a question. You guys didn't get any rescheduling of the eviction date?

What I've received is a court order signed by a judge.

It says you are to vacate these premises today.

We were scared of this. This home is owned by the bank.

This is the information that we have. And we're sorry to waste your time.

My office offered you a $3500 cash-or-keys settlement from the bank which would have given you time to vacate the premises and you refused.

Yes, sir. We didn't refuse.

We tried to save our home. We were trying to save it.

This is a very painful time, I know.

It's a difficult thing to carry through on, for me as well.

But the time has come. You have to leave your property.

You are trespassing right now. You are breaking the law.

Sir, this is our home so we just need a few minutes.

We're going in circles here so I'll let the sheriffs take care of it.

Randy? All right, sir.

We've got a judge, sir, and a lawyer who told us we can stay.

Is this your mum? Yeah, this is my mum.

I'm gonna need you and your mum to step off the property now.

You know what? If you all can come back tomorrow same time and if we don't have the papers, we don't have the proof, then we will leave. We have a lawyer.

We got it all figured out. Just give us a day.

We can dance together, but we can't talk together.

OK. All right, sir, we need a day. Do not close the door.

We need a day. Listen, this is what I'm gonna do.

Do not close the door. We need a day.

This is my home. I can do what I want. I will give you two minutes to pack whatever belongings you need Cash, chequebook, medicines. No, this is not happening.

Yeah, this is happening. No, this is not happening.

I'm getting my cell phone so I can get the lawyer on the phone.

Ma'am? Ma'am? Excuse me, sir.

I'm just walking by, sir. I don't know what this is.

We can't let someone out of our sight once we start an eviction.

Please don't come into my house. Listen to me.

There are two ways that we can do this.

Right? An easy way which is you do what you're told when asked.

The other way is that I take you and your mum to jail.

Do you want your mum to go to jail?

What I'd like you to do is take advantage of the two minutes, gather what you need, cash, cheque books, medicines, things that you need...

Excuse me, sir, would you mind stepping outside of the property?

Listen to me, sir. Let me put it to you this way.

Excuse me. This isn't your home, son.

DENNIS: Mr Carver? LYNN: Excuse me.

Mr Carver? According to Florida statute 801.08 I have the authority... Sir, we have the right to an attorney.

LYNN: Right? Then why are you coming into our house?

Somebody forgot to call you, we don't get a lawyer?

It's better not to get emotional, ma'am.

You're kicking us out of our house. Please, OK? Please!

SHERIFF: Ma'am, please don't ask questions.

Please! Enough of this. Let's go.

Get what you need to get, then you need to go.

Let's go. No more of this. LYNN: Sir, I don't need your help.

OK? I can take a minute.

Do you need to follow a woman into her bedroom?

I got a full house here.

I'm gonna have to be late to the next one. I know.

It's just department policy. Money, chequebook.

Things like wallets, pictures. I'm trying to get pictures!

Does he have to stand there? Yes, sir.

He has to fucking stand there while she packs up her underwear?

Is that right?

LYNN: Dennis, please! SHERIFF: It's policy.

Excuse me, sir. Excuse me.

I got to keep you in my sight, ma'am. Sorry about that.

Anyway, ma'am, just take the most important things.

What else, Mum?

Can I ask if it says two minutes on your clipboard?

RICK: The two minutes is a courtesy. Let her take the plant.

You don't need it. The two minutes is what?

A courtesy. LYNN: Oh, my God!

You're trespassing right now.

I know it's painful to hear it, but it's the truth.

LYNN: This is our home.

Oh, my God. Anything else, ma'am?

Oh, my toaster.

My toaster oven to make toast for my grandson.

Uh-huh. Ma'am.

LYNN: Dennis! Did you get your chequebook out of the desk?

You said the two minutes was up. DENNIS: We're getting the bills.

All right, let's go. LYNN: Dennis?

LYNN: His basketball, his basketball.

Will you just let her go in and get the ball?

Right, Jeff, get to it. Rhonda, get the locks.

LYNN: Hey, what about the rest?

RICK: They're gonna bring everything out.

There's no need to worry.

You mind helping me move all this to the other side of the sidewalk?

We're moving it, OK? Just give us a second.

Now, my advice would be to get a moving truck cos your neighbours are gonna have access to everything you own by the end of the day.

DENNIS: I got it. LYNN: Can you believe this?

They cancelled it and then they didn't even tell these guys.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I can't believe this is happening.


What are you doing? Moving stuff.

Don't go in there. You got no business going in there.

Shut the lid. All right, keep your pants on.

I'll take him next door. OK.


LYNN: Hey, buddy. What are they doing?

Nothing. This is our house.

This is our house. It's OK.

RICK: Son, where are you heading? Get off me!

Hey, hey, hey! Get away from him.

Get away from him. This is our house.

It's a very difficult situation. Please take your son off the property.

What do you think I'm doing? Those are my toys.

LYNN: It's OK. It's OK. It's OK, sweetie.

Let go of me. NEIGHBOUR: Come here. Come here.

Just tell them. I just wanna go to my room. Please.

You can't go to your room right now.

You said we weren't gonna lose our house. You lied to me.

LYNN: Sweetie, he didn't lie. He didn't know.

Do you think you're gonna come to school tomorrow?

I don't know. Connor.

Got to go.

Well, what about our NBA 2K series?

See you later.

Not a problem.

Thank you for everything. Absolutely. Take care.

See you soon.

Mr Nash?

You have 24 hours before my crew returns to dispose of whatever remains.

Not my choice. Code enforcement.

Good luck.

You OK?




LYNN: Hey, do y'all know where 229 is?

WOMAN: 229's up there. LYNN: Up here?

Is there a stair near there?

Around the pool. Around the pool.

OK. Thank you. You got a lot of stuff.

Yeah. We can watch your stuff while you take some of it up there. OK. Thanks.

You want a hand? DENNIS: That'd be great.

Are you planning on staying a while? No, just a couple of nights.

Two years ago that's what we said.

But, er, welcome anyway.


Come this way.

Come this way.

Come on.

Where am I gonna sleep? LYNN: Where do you wanna sleep?

How about in this one cos it's closer to the TV?

That's a good call. How about this, buddy?

Take that off, put this one on.

CONNOR: Wait, this has to come off.

Am I going to school tomorrow? (LYNN SIGHS)

We got to figure all that out, don't we?

CONNOR: Yeah, cos, er...

I have to see Derek. And I promised him, so...

Er, my name is Dennis Nash.

I'm calling about the roofing job.

Yeah, I work for Crown Construction.

About five years.

Um, you got anything else on the books right now?

All right, well, my number...

Yeah, I got a ton of experience.

I do electric, construction, plumbing, anything.

All right. Lower-level stuff? Anything? Anything going?

Do you know of anybody that's hiring right now?

All right. Thank you for your help. Thank you for your time.

(WHISPERING) Dennis, this motel is half full of people like us.

They're not people like us.

They're all evicted and they get stuck here.

I could maybe take the bus and start looking for apartments.

We can't afford it. It's just first and last month's.

Plus two or three months' security. Four maybe, cos of our credit.

Our credit's shot.

Dennis, we've... We've got to get out of here.

We've got to go to Tampa.

We gotta go to Uncle Jimmy's. We're not going to Tampa.

Uncle Jimmy said we could come.

I talked to Mary Margaret just three days ago.

We're not going to Tampa.

You really wanna go to Tampa?

You wanna take Connor out of school, take him away from his friends?

We leave, we give up. We leave, we let the house go.

I'm gonna figure it out.

No choice.

LYNN: Baby, you want some toast? No.

You don't want any toast?

I didn't leave any tools in my truck, right?

Huh? We got everything, right?

LYNN: What's wrong?

Man, I mean, that's beautiful, but...

I was catching 2lb bass... Excuse me.

...when I was six years old. Hold up.


You stole some tools from me during my eviction.

I'm the senior sales manager. What's the problem?

He stole 500 bucks' worth of my tools. You're just making up bullshit.

I didn't steal your fucking tools.

We have a form you can fill out. Just give me my tools.

If you have an issue we got a form you can fill out.

Just go back to your house and look for your tools again.

Oh, wait. You don't have a fucking house, right?

What the fuck?

Goddamn it! Give me my fucking tools back.

Fucker! Kick your arse.

BILL: Chill the fuck out!

Hey, buddy, chill the fuck out!

Hey! Fucking call me a fucking thief!

Give me my fucking tools back. Knock that shit off right now.

Chill the fuck out! Get the fuck off of me.

Bill, you wanna throw a couple of licks or are you just officiating this event today?

Sir, I was just... I was trying to intervene, sir.

What the fuck are you still doing here anyway?

I thought, sir... I thought you said... You thought? Lord Almighty.

You have evolved. Has Darwin come to Orlando, Florida?

Well, Bill? We'll be there on time, Mr Carver.

Get to it. Yes, all right.

All right, come on, vamanos. Freddy, let's go.

Guys, we're going to Vista Lakes. Here we go.

And you, sir, are you finished? Cos I got the cops on speed dial.

They could chase you out of town.

I didn't come here to fight.

I came to get my tools that your guy stole.

Do I look like Ace Hardware? I don't deal in tools.

I deal in homes. Your guy stole the tools.

I understand what you do, sir. You do?

You evicted me yesterday. You kicked me out.

I didn't kick you out, the bank did. I just represent it.

Richard Carver.

What? You gotta be kidding me.



Yeah. Fuck Hazmat. I'll call them myself.

914 Shader Drive, now. JEFF: What about Via Alizar?

Move it! Yes, sir.

Let's go.

Mr Carver, I'm sorry to interrupt your day.

Are you Miguel? What?

Do you work? You got tools? You do construction?

Yeah, I do work. 914 Shader Drive.

I'll pay you $50 cash.

What? Are you kidding me? $50 shouldn't be a joke to you, son.

Are you gonna look into my... Motherfucker!

Fucking shit!

Fucking cocksucker!

I need your team out here in 30 minutes or it's gonna be a total gut job to the goddamn studs.

Yeah, these animals backed up the sewage and skipped town.

I'm glad you think that's funny.

I got the neighbours threatening to call the department of health.

If your team isn't here in 30 minutes my next call's gonna be to Fannie about your slow-arse response time.

What do you mean, shit's not a hazardous material?

Why don't you come and eat some? Maybe that will change your mind.

Yeah, fuck you too.

Rick, no.

Mr Carver, we don't... You know what's gonna happen, right?

By tonight the mould's gonna be up to the ceiling.

By tomorrow someone's paying money to demolish it.

And it ain't gonna be me. 300 bucks.


That's a bear and you know it. 250.

All right.

Is this yours?



Oh, fuck.


JEFF: Harden the fuck up, son.

There better be container trucks, shop vacs and a blower here in one hour or I will make it my business that you never work in Orange County again.

You will also finish Via Alizar today. You are on my list, shit-fuck.


What else do you do? Framing, electric, roofing, plumbing?

All that, more.

Go on, finish it.


All right, a six-pack for the first guy in here with a shovel.


How much you pay for it?

$200? RICK: 150.

Plus the six-pack.

DENNIS: Cerveza por trabajo, si? Cerveza? Good.

DENNIS: All right, let's go.

Anybody else? How about you?

It's just shit. I know you need the money.

There you go, there you go.

Come on, red shirt. What about you, pretty?

All right, let's do it. Let's get this shit done.

Dennis? Are you kidding me? Is that real money?

How much is this? 50. That's real money. Count it out.

100. Another 50 is 150. Keep going.

$200? 250.

Hold on a second. Who called you? What's that?

Some guys. It was through, er...

Not that guy Dan?

Is this a new job? It's a new guy. You don't know him.

Javier called me and we figured it out.

This is serious money and your son has just totally pocketed it.


Where have you put it? LYNN: That's the biggest money ever!

It's right here, Dad. That's my money!

(LAUGHING) Don't you believe it!

You're gonna make new friends right now.

You're gonna jump on here.

I don't want to.

I know.

But I need you to be brave.

But it's a different school. I don't want to go to that school.

I know you don't, but you got to keep your grades up, remember?

You got to take care of yourself, OK? Yeah, I know. Bye.

Hey, hey!

I love you.

Be safe, OK? Take care of yourself, all right?

'I see you.' Hey, Rick.

'Come round back to the screen door where the pool is.'

GIRL: Who's that guy?

All right, thanks. Bye.

Nash. If it's not one thing it's another.

Come on.

Oh, girls, it's hot in here.

Calling all princesses. It's time for the royal ice cream.

GIRLS: Yeah!

DENNIS: It's a pretty place. RICK: Ah, it's OK.

I got it 18 months ago. I'm gonna flip it after New Year's.

Let's have some Ben and Jerry's, Cecilia, please.

What is this? Did you make these?

What? Oh, it fell off.

The AC's been out for two hours.

Through there to the left there's a leak. You'll see it.

Do they fly? No.


This is Richard Carver. 'Adjustable rate mortgage, cocksucker!

'I'm homeless, you motherfucker!' Stop calling me, you freak.

'I'm gonna call you every goddamn day

'to remind you what a piece of shit you are.'

They called here two days ago.

I don't wanna change our phone number again.

Come on, boo. I got you and your mum a week at the Corazon Spa in the Keys.

I want you to enjoy yourself.

What? I should divorce you.

We'd lose on taxes.

And you'd miss me.

You'd miss your little Richie, wouldn't you?

What are you doing? I'm all done.

Give the coils five minutes to dry, but then you got cold air.

It's not even been an hour. I salvaged your ceiling with mud.

I didn't want to tear up that dry wall.

I found some paint in your garage so I just patched that up too.

Well, unless you're planning on taking a swim, let's go.

RICK: What do you see out there? DENNIS: I see homes.

I just saw nine opportunities to make money in the last five blocks.

Three properties without mailboxes and one with an overgrown lawn and no car in the drive, two with white signs in the windows and three with shiny new doorknobs.

If you can get attuned to seeing those kinds of opportunities, you can get up off your hands and knees and really start working for me.

I can work. You've seen me all week.

Yeah, I know you worked for good crews with Rick Kirby, Chris Camilleri, right?

But the unfortunate thing is, they're out of business.

Cos they build homes. I own homes.

You know what I am? I'm a man who owns a hell of a lot of properties.

You can be a part of that, but it's a hell of a responsibility.

What I need to know is that I have someone who can handle any situation I want to walk away from, 24/7.

I don't care if your kid's in the school play, it's Christmas, you lined up the best damn blowjob in Orlando, when you work for me, you're mine.

What the hell?

(BEEP) Call office.


You see that? The cable and the hose?

I see it. NATALIA: 'Rick Carver Realty.'

I got some jack wagon at 3505 Ridgeway stealing water and power from 3509 Ridgeway.

Call up the county court website, find out if he's in default.

'Yes, sir.' Quickly, please. I'm at his house now.

'You got it.'

You know how to shoot, right?

I'll run a background check so you can carry a concealed weapon.

Go on.

Are you fucking with me?

Surly homeowners. You're gonna need it.

I'm not... No, I'm good.

Suit yourself.

The person on the other side of the door doesn't always feel that way, trust me.

See? They can feed their Rottweiler, but they can't pay for their house.


Frank Greene. All right, let's go.

Mr Frank Greene?

Yeah. I'm Rick Carver.

You're stealing from me. You mean the extension cord.

Yeah, that property next door belongs to Fannie Mae. I represent it for them.

So you're not just stealing from me, you're stealing from the US government.

I'm with Frank Greene now. What have you got for me?

Remove the lines.

I saw you at the foreclosure court.

Our boys go to the same school. They were playing with the globe.

Oh, yeah. I had my show-cause hearing.

What happened with you? I lost.

Got evicted, living in a motel right now.

What are you doing with him?

I got to work, you know.

He offered me a job.

I usually do construction, but... it's been dry for the last however long.

You know, this ain't what I do. This isn't me either.

I was a manager, Custom Cabinets and Lighting.

Lost my job two years ago. Two.

I'm not a thief.

I know.

I've been researching on the internet, public libraries.

I'm gonna save my house.

I hope you do.

Custom Cabinets? Yeah, I installed your stuff.

Oh, yeah. A bunch of times. Hey, Dad.

Yes? The TV turned off.


You know my boy? Connor? Connor Nash?

Yes, sir.

Yeah, thanks.

Looks like the Bank of Greater Santa Fe filed for final judgment of foreclosure.

My money says the judge has me back for your eviction in less than 90 days.

I took down the extension cords and the hose.

I shouldn't have done that. I apologise.

It's OK. No, I assure you, stealing is not OK.

Mr Nash will be talking to your neighbours personally.

If we receive any reports or if we drive by and see you stealing my water and power again, the next visit's from the Sheriff's Department.

Understand me?

Yes, sir. Good day.

Nash, come on.

Don't be soft.

They all got a sob story.

But the law's the law. That's the side you're on.

You should be smart enough to know the outcome of this situation.

So toughen up.

RICK: I'm evicting a hedge-fund manager out of here in two weeks.

Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open and maybe you'll learn something this time.

I'll take the Moder sconces, the chandelier, the Haleakala marble, Harwood cabinets, range, Sub-Zero.

What about the microwave? I don't need a microwave.

Three grand and you gotta be out in two weeks.

How about five? Four.

And Dennis here will get right to it.


The screws are right on in there. Pop 'em right out, OK?



Install everything, patch the tiles, caulk the cabinets.

Connect the gas line when you bring in the appliances.

All this in here now? I'm selling this home for Fannie Mae.

I can't do that if it doesn't have a kitchen, can I?


So, who just paid me $33,000 for new cabinets, appliances and a counter top plus labour?

Fannie Mae. Fannie Mae.

Congratulations. You just fucked the government.

Mr Nash? Yeah.

If you're interested, let me know.

If not, you can use this to take your kid to Disney World and get yourself a job Migueling Cinderella's castle.

I don't give a shit about the government.

They ain't never done nothing for me, so...

That's a lot of money you just gave me.

Feels a bit like trouble.

You done honest work your whole life building homes.

What did that get you but me knocking at your door?

Are we stealing? Is this stealing?

Well, in 2006 you borrowed $85,000 against your home and never paid it back, Nash.

You telling me that's not stealing? What? Are you serious?

That's not stealing, that's me taking a loan.

That's me working my arse off to pay back that loan.

I wanted to pay it back. I didn't steal.

That's not how the banks see it or the taxpayers paying for the bail-out.

You think I bought a Porsche? No.

I invested every cent I borrowed into construction equipment so that I could pay back that loan and put a roof over my family's head, put food in my kid's mouth.

The economy crashed. I can't predict the weather.

I can.

I'm a Doppler fucking radar.

You took something you didn't give back. The bank screwed you over.

Take your pick. Either way you lost.

But I made more money during the crash than before it.

You can too, you just gotta stop lying to yourself and ask, what did you do wrong that your family lives in a motel?

I'm gonna do it.

Whatever you want me to do, I'll do it, but...

I need you to do me a favour, help me get my family home back.

I want you to take this as my first payment.

Don't get emotional about real estate.

It's too late for that. That's my family home.

That's my boy's school, so please just take this.

This ain't gonna cut it. Put that under your mattress.

Don't put it in the bank. You're just giving them more money.

When you get enough I'll tell you what to do with it.

Now, do you want to double what you just made or not?


It's about fucking time, playboy.


Always late, papa. You always late, man.


That's the jackpot.

So who's this Rick Carver dude? That's my boss.

For the time being.

What's that like? Oh, it's great. He's...

Nah, he's a fucking arsehole.

One, two, three. Straight on.

What are you doing? Got to take a picture.

To prove to the bank this shit's missing so they pay us to put it back in.

We're stealing it to then bring it back?

You wanna get paid? Hell, yeah.

I got to take a picture.

Yeah? Mr Tanner, my name is Dennis Nash.

I'm here representing Rick Carver Realty.

Um, I'm here to, er...

I understand your house has been foreclosed on.

The house still belongs to us and we intend to keep it that way.

I hope that works out. God forbid it doesn't.

If you got a second I wanna tell you about cash for keys, here on the form.

What do you mean, cash for keys?

DENNIS: If you leave your house in a broom-swept condition prior to your eviction date, banks can give you 3500 bucks cash in your pocket.

We're not interested in anything. Take your papers.

We'll contact our attorney and they'll get with you.

What you doing, son?

Who'll buy a home with a pool if the pool don't work?

What do y'all think y'all doing? Doing some repairs.

I know this house has been empty for two or three months.

You know Rick Carver Realty? You see that sign on the lawn?

Yes, I did. That's who we work for.

I hope you have a good day.

Is she your type? Yeah, yeah, yeah!

It ain't a lot, but it's gonna pay for U-Haul, storage, a down payment on an apartment.

I have no idea what's going on.

Because my mum and dad from Vietnam is coming and the house can't be foreclosured.

Have you been putting notices on my window?

No, that's the Sheriff's Department. Well, that's trespassing.

I can't control what the department does, but I can give you this form.

I don't want your papers. Don't hand me no papers.

I don't want your papers or notices. I want you to get the hell out of here.

I've been owning this house for seven years already.

I met my wife right here.

We're about to have a baby here. I just made an addition in the back.

I wanna save the house. I wanna keep it.

Who are you? I work for a real estate company.

This is a KYO form. Basically, it means knowing your options.

My options? I'm putting it all on Facebook.

Kayla, put it away. We don't know who this man is.

Kayla, go inside.

I'm sorry, ma'am.

I'm gonna have to take care of my kid.

I advise you to call that number at the bo...

If you wanna just take a look. I'm not looking at anything.

You could just take it and not look at it.

Hold on a second.

I think I've made myself clear to you. I don't wanna see you again.

Both Victor and Andy. Neither one of them showed up.

Hey. Hey.

I can't even give Connor his vitamins.

I have one little kid Flintstone vitamin.

DAY: They're good.

What do you got in there? What do you have in there?

A steak. What?

That's Hamburger Helper if I ever heard of anything.

What does that look like to you?

That looks like dinner for Day and I.

Day, you come on and join us.

You put that under your T-shirt.

No, I'm not kidding.


Oh, that was in. Come on, Dad!

Watch the lamp!

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight ACs.

And five pool pumps.

A good addition. I figured why not.

Better count on seven. I dropped that one. It's beyond repair.

Sell it for scrap metal. I already priced it out. 100 bucks.

Good. Invoice Rick Carver Realty

24K for the ACs and 3200 for the pumps.

The bank will reimburse me to the same amount.

Your cut is 25%, about 6700.

6700? That's right.

Hey, Rick. What?

You still got that Ruger?

Excuse me? What did you say?

Are you saying you want the gun? Did I understand you?

I ran the background check already. You're clear to carry it.

Who pays the most out in cash for keys?

Fannie and Freddie, then BoA.

I want you to go to every one of their foreclosed properties and find any that are unoccupied.

RICK: No homeowner, no tenant. You got it?

Yo, Terry, let's go.

Motherfucker didn't pay again. We got some money for you.

Send 'em back, Luis. Send 'em back, brother.

Dennis, where are we going? Be patient. Don't ask questions.

You don't trust me? You hired me, so I got no choice.

Go, Terry.

Tell him to hurry up. Yo, T, let's go, baby.

There's nobody here. 11286. There's nobody here.

All right, bub. Jump in.

DENNIS: How we doing, Javi?

267 Lakewood. Empty as a motherfucker.

Right, turn to the back page. I need y'all to sign these leases.

The banks need to think you guys are tenants in all these properties, so that I can negotiate cash-for-keys deals with all y'all.

How much they paying? You can count on a $2500 cheque from the government and the motherfucking banks.

JAVIER: 2500?

They been fucking me for so long, man. Shit, I'll take it back, brother.

Somebody getting pregnant tonight, baby.

Who we fucking, man? The government or the banks?

Ah, Jim. See you for lunch Wednesday, OK?

You think Freeman is the way to go?

He's Fannie's number one attorney three years running.

He can connect us to bulk buyers.

I'm not talking millions of dollars, I'm talking billions.

All right, so this is Dennis Nash.

County Commissioner Arthur Link. Pleasure.

Your property at 2102 West Jefferson, I'll have Dennis make sure the gutters are redone.

What happened to Bill? Killed him.

This is my new guy. I think he's gonna last.

I'll get us a meeting with Freeman. And stick with this guy, you'll go far.

RICK: Thanks for the recommendation.

See you, Arthur.

RICK: What do you got for me?

Successfully negotiated six cash-for-keys with six tenants.

Good. So, Nash, how much did you tell your buddies per home?

3500 or less? Yeah, 3500.

Oh, you told them the full amount?

I told 'em what I told 'em.

What do you care?


Hey, baby. Look at that smile. You're gorgeous.

Don't you have class today?

Er, they're all online, plus I finished that website.


She's my sweetheart.

Studies graphic design. I had her do my business card.

This your place? No, just keeping it warm.

Why don't you scan those leases and email them to Fannie and BoA.

So, Nash, why aren't you married?

I don't really got time for it.

I don't trust a man who's not married. Nobody does.

Wanna tell me what happened to Connor's mum?

I don't think so, no.

Prom night fiasco?

Close, pretty close.

The cheque for the AC and pool pumps came in.

It's a lot higher than what I expected.


You wanna keep that?

I'll give you the three grand I already made.

And whatever my share is from these leases.

Cos I want my home back.

The BPO on your home came in at 170K.

I'll buy it and then you'll owe me 155 at 12% amortised over a 30-year period with a two-year balloon.

That's a shitty rate, Rick.

No bank's gonna loan you that money.

If you don't pay, I'm on the hook.

I don't want that property. It has no future.

Yeah, but that's my family home. It's a home.

But if you want it, it's yours.

It'll take eight to 12 weeks for the bank to list it on the MLS.

You can do repairs, but you can't move in till then.

Can we figure out some kind of contract?

Yeah, I'll have the office draw up a contract for deed.

Is it mine again?

Yeah, it's yours.

OK, thank you.

Seriously, thank you.

Rick, thank you. All right.

No tears.


No, I'm good, I'm good.

High on life.

Well, you might wanna reconsider.

We got one more stop.

224 Lake View Court.

Is that Mr Tanner? I offered him a cash-for-keys from the bank.

Guess what? He never called. And his eviction's today.

You can pop your cherry with this one.

First one's a bitch, but you get numb to it.

All you gotta do is stand next to me today, but after this you're gonna do 'em on your own.

Listen, Rick, I don't...

Could I... Could I just... Go fuck yourself? Yeah.

What did you think it was gonna mean, working for me?

I just thought that maybe... No, you didn't. You didn't think.

You didn't have the guts to ask me either. Nobody does.

Because who in their right mind wouldn't rather put someone in a home than drag 'em out of it?

Up until three years ago I was a regular old real-estate agent.

Putting people in homes, speculating on property, that was my job.

Now, in 2006 Robert and Julia Tanner borrowed $30,000 to put an enclosed patio on their home that they had somehow managed to live without for 25 years.

Why don't you ask them about that when they're spitting in your face while you walk 'em to the kerb?

Why don't you ask the bank what they were thinking giving them an adjustable-rate mortgage?

Then you can go to the government and ask why they lifted every regulation and sat there like a retarded stepchild.

You, Tanner, the banks, Washington, every other homeowner and investor from here to China turned my life into evictions.

I'm not an aristocrat.

I wasn't born into this. My daddy was a roofer, OK?

I grew up on construction sites watching him bust his arse until he fell off of a townhouse one day.

A lifetime of insurance payments and they dropped him before he could buy a wheelchair, but only after they got him hooked on painkillers.

Do you think I'm gonna let that happen to me?

Do you think America 2010 gives a flying rat's arse about Carver?

Or Nash?

Uh-uh. America doesn't bail out the losers.

America was built by bailing out winners, by rigging a nation of the winners for the winners by the winners.

You go to church, Nash?

You go to church? Sure.

Only one in 100 is gonna get on that ark, son.

And every other poor soul's gonna drown.

I'm not gonna drown.

I wanna do it alone.

I've seen you do it. I know how it's done.

I'll do it alone.

Help yourself.


Rick told me there was a new guy. Let's go, rookie.

I didn't get all dressed up just for you.

You ready?

Mr Tanner?


Mr Nash. Mr Tanner.

Good morning.

Dennis Nash from Rick Carver Realty. Remember?

I remember you, Mr Nash.

What do you want? I hate to say it, but your eviction is scheduled for today.

And, um, your house has been foreclosed on and it's been transferred to the bank.

Now, I hate to be here doing this, but I'm gonna have to ask you to leave the property.

Now, look, my wife's on the phone with her attorney right now.

There's been a mix-up. We're gonna get this sorted out.

If there's been a mix-up, sir, I can't do anything about that.

I'm just gonna have to ask you to leave. I can't do anything about that.

Look, honey, have you got him on the phone?


It doesn't matter whatever's happening on the phone or not with your lawyer.

This is happening now. He said he'd call us back.

Well, there you go. This is gonna have to wait.

Now, look we've got an appeal filed, so there's no point in you being here. I understand how you're feeling.

It's a tough day and...

We're going to have to wait till he calls back. We can't leave today.

I'm gonna have to ask you to leave. We're not ready for this.

What I can do is give you some time to go into the house, grab all the stuff you need, whether it's medicine, stuff for your baby, jewellery, any pictures, anything valuable.

No, no, no. You aren't supposed to be here today, OK?

So you're leaving.

I can only give you a few minutes to grab some personal belongings.

I'm gonna ask you to leave. You are leaving.

We need to calm down. I am calm.

We're not going back. Do not close the door.

MR TANNER: You're all trespassing. All of you, get off of my property.

No, sir, you and your wife are trespassing.

This is the property of the bank now.

We're giving you an opportunity to collect some of your belongings.

I suggest you take advantage of it.

There's two ways to do this: the easy way where you pack up and go or I escort you to jail. It's your choice.

Yes. Let's go.

Gonna clear it. Gonna clear it.

All right, we're clear.


Be careful.

You wanna handle that? You know what to do.

Mr Tanner, I'm gonna have to ask you to move to the kerb.

What? I know, I know. I'm sorry.

Real sorry.

If I can help you with anything... No, I got it, I got it.

Let me grab this. No, no, no, no. I got it.

I'm sorry. I didn't wanna do this today. I tried to avoid this.

How do you live with yourself? You make me sick.

It's OK, baby. It's OK, baby.

Oh, honey. No, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

Where are we going? Where do you think we're going?

To see the Orlando Magic practise. Er, close, actually pretty close.

We're gonna get myself a tattoo of a snake all over my arm, wrapping around my arm.

You want a tattoo of a snake? I'll give you a tattoo of a snake.

Ow! That will be the day.

LYNN: Are we gonna pull up?

Get out.

CONNOR: What are we doing here?

Take that. What are we doing?

What are you doing, Dennis? What are we doing here?

I don't know. What are we doing?

You're making me nervous. How do you expect us to know?

Don't be nervous.

There's an app for that.

What was that?

Cops are coming back?

What are we doing? What are we doing here?

Oh, my God, look.

Oh, God.

What are we doing here? I got the home back.

What? So I have my room back?

Yeah. How are we getting the house back?

I mean...

My room looks so big. That's cos it is.

We can't move in for a couple of weeks, but it's ours.

Dad, come see my room. I'm gonna explain.

Come here.

DENNIS: I know, it's huge.

Oh, my God.

Do you want bunk beds? I'll make you bunk beds.

A basketball hoop so I can dunk it right there.

What else? What do you think? A hot tub.

A hot tub right there.

And then paint it black, blue and silver like the Orlando Magic.

It's gonna be blue and blue and then one small black strip all the way round.

I love it. You know what else I was thinking?

In the back yard we can get a pool. A pool? Yeah.

It better be a heated pool. Let's start painting.

There's a bucket right here. I'm gonna join you.

How are you doing this?

How is this... How is this real? It's a contract.

My boss bought it for me.

Why? And I'm paying him back.

In instalments, just like a bank.

OK? What does he get?

He gets... He gets his money back.

He's giving me work so he's gonna keep me in work.

He's painting the room right now.

I got it back.

With your name.

Derek. Hey, Connor.

What's up?

Hey, buddy. Hi, Mr Nash.

What's up? What do you wanna play?


A dominant silverback gorilla. We've been spotted.



Sheriff's department. Anybody here?

All right, jump in.

Thank you, Carl.

Mr Curtis, do you have any weapons? Mr Curtis doesn't live here.

SHERIFF: Er, Mr Nash? You're not Mr Ron Curtis?

No, that's my landlord. He lives in Miami.

You're not the owner of this property? No, we rent.

We've been here for eight years. I posted notices on the door.

He said not to worry about it, he's doing some type of...

Like a modification or something. He scammed you, sir.

Mr Brady, you've been scammed by your landlord.

Now it's 3500, right? Yeah.


I can't... I can't get it.

Mr Baldwin? Yeah?

Mr Nash.

Evening, Mr Baldwin. My name is Dennis Nash.

I'm here representing Rick Carver Realty.

Um, today is the day of your eviction, I'm afraid to say.

Um... the, er...

Your house has been... passed over to the bank. No, no, no. No, no.

No, I...

I have a reverse mortgage on this house.

My wife and I took it out two years ago and we're here forever.

You violated the terms of the mortgage. My wife went down to the bank.

She signed the papers and that was supposed to be for her and for me.

Mr Baldwin, there's a process that took place.

All the paperwork was submitted, signed by a judge. It's all legal.

DENNIS: You wanna step outside? You wanna sit with me?

OK, but I don't have the money to buy the house back.

WOMAN: We did the modification. They approved it.

We sent in our first cheque. I suggest we figure out a way to get all your stuff safe in a U-Haul.

I'm gonna have to call my husband. I could maybe store it down the street at my sister's house for the day or something.


DENNIS: The house isn't yours anymore.


REMOVAL MAN: Easy now.

Anyone know what to do about a bird?


I'm giving you the better option.

I'm gonna have to send these guys who are being employed today to get your stuff and throw it on the kerb.

I don't want to take you to jail. You do what you have to.

You know what you can do with that? You folks need to pack up.

You do something else with that cos I'm not gonna touch it.

You got any family or friends who can come and pick you up?

I have a son. He's up in Michigan.

But I haven't seen him in a couple of years.

Do you have his phone number? No, no.

No, I don't. No.

Nobody you can stay with? No, I don't.

Are there any neighbours you can call to help you out for the night?

I-I-I... I don't.

I don't know my neighbours anymore.

I can give you a ride to the Red Cross. That sound all right?

I can do that. We'll find you a place, all right?

Say short sale three times and smile.

Short sale, short sale, short sale.

That's great. Perfect. Thank you.

Really nice. Last two. All right.


RICK: Pretty civilised.

Tesken Equity Management picked up 400 homes in the past two months.

All cash sales, no loans, $100 million.

Orange County needs your help in finding another bulk buyer like Tesken.

I see. Then I'd like to know where that highway is gonna be built connecting the 414 and the Apopka Expressway.

Well, that information is not public knowledge, so...

A lot of property's gonna be affected by the zoning board's decision, Arthur.

Anything else, Arthur?

OK, yes, I know the route.

Good. There's a bulk buyer here out of New York.

Vesic Investment Group.

They're shopping with a piss-ant broker out of Kissimmee, Ortiz.

Sold him 15 homes last month. Mr Freeman, I know Ortiz.

I can get Vesic Investment Group away from him and my team can handle as many homes as you have to sell.

Well, I have upwards of 1,000 homes.

Possibly more.

You get me Vesic Investment, we're in business.

1,000 homes.

Do you know how much money we're talking about?

I want you to track Ortiz, find out who he's talking to, what properties he's looking at.

We got to know what this Vesic deal is. What's my cut?

Don't worry, I'll take care of you. I know standard commission is 6%.

So what's my cut?

I'll give you 5% of my take.

10%. 6%, and a hand job.

No callouses.

You'll probably pull in somewhere between 200 and 300K.

More than you made in your whole life. Yeah, that's more than I ever made.



RICK: 'What do you got?' 3217 Lonson Cove.

It's the fifth one. They're all Bank of Greater Santa Fe.

'Keep following that cocksucker and get back to me.'


Hey, Frank.

What do you want? Are you with those guys?

No, no, not at all.

Er, I've just come to see how you're doing.

And, um, if you want, I think I can get you a job.

That's a nice shirt. You still working with your friend?

I didn't have to come over here. I just wanted to, um...

To what? To lie to me, to cheat me? No, to help you if you wanted it.

Have you figured out where your kids are gonna stay?

My kids have a home. This is their home.

Well... I did research, gave boxes of files to a lawyer pro bono.

We're gonna win, legally, in court.

It's not gonna make any difference. I've been there, Frank.

I've been there.

You gotta be realistic. I'm being realistic.

I didn't ask for your help, sir, and I don't want it. Please leave.

Please get off my property. You're trespassing.

Hey, are you awake?

Ortiz, the king of Miguels, is gonna sell 100 homes to Vesic.

They're all in these neighbourhoods, priced between 165 and 200K.

We're talking over a $20 million deal and it's not mine.

Holy shit. Yup.

Triple word score.

Take that. We're working, baby.

Dennis, tell him to take a break.

Take a break, Rick.


You inspire me, OK?

We'll play later.


OK, so you know Vesic already bought 15 homes from Ortiz last month.


So, what if I take all the ACs, all the water pumps and the appliances out of those homes?

Who do you think Vesic's gonna blame?


They'll call Immigration, put him on his lawn mower back over the border while I'm on the phone with Bank of Greater Santa Fe.


And we'll sell these 100 homes.

And 1,000 more for Freeman.

I see green skies ahead.

Put some green in my pocket, I'll empty those homes tonight.

100 bucks a pop, 1500 bucks.

Big talk. All right, do it.

Tell him to hurry up. We got that cube truck too.

HVAC pool pump. HVAC pool pump.

But come this way too. I wanna show you something.

Are you going in? No, you're going in.

Nah, that's B&E, man. That's guaranteed time right there.

It's not B&E if you got a key. We're doing appliances too.

We're doing fridges, stoves, dishwashers.

You gonna take care of me? You know I will.

Whatever I can afford. You know that.

I'm heading to handle this cash-for-keys Rick wanted me to do.

Yeah. Hold on.

1485 Lake Shore Circle.

Is that property for sale?

Does it have a swimming pool? All right. I'll call you back.

CONNOR: Three, two, one.


LYNN: Derek, over here.

Every put your hands out. Yes!


Happy birthday!

All right, Mountain Dew. What's happening?

Who wants it? DENNIS: Connor.


God, Dad!

What do you think? Awesome!

Jump on it. Jump on it. Sit down on it. Sit down on it.

Show us what you got.


DENNIS: Careful. LYNN: Car, guys.


Hey, Connor. Let's see if these guys want some of your cake.

Do we have a cheese pizza left?

Do you guys wanna ask them if they want some cheese pizza and some birthday cake?

All right, I gotta get Derek home. OK.

I'm gonna grab that cheese pizza and some cake.

I think it's nice for them to say hi to these guys.

I gotta get Derek home. MAN: Hey!

Hey, where are you going?

Hey, you!

Over here.

I'm talking to you. You're talking to me?

What are you doing here? Are you following me?

No, I live here. I don't know what you're talking about.

Yeah, I know who you are. Have a good day.

What are you doing here? What do you mean? I live here.

I just told you. I don't know you.

No, you're Rick Carver Realty. I know exactly who you are.

You don't know me. Oh, I know you.

You kicked me out of my home. What?

I don't know you, bud. Come over here and we'll talk.

Why would I walk over here? Nash. That's your name, isn't it?

You don't want everybody else to hear about it, what a fucking arsehole you are and how you kicked me and my entire family out of our home?

You got me mixed up with someone. No, I don't.

I know exactly who you are.

Oh, you know it was you.

And here everybody else is gonna know.

Just calm down. You kicked me out of my home.

You ruined my fucking life. No, you don't get to go anywhere.

Dennis! DENNIS: Don't do that.

Don't you tell me what to do. Get inside.

Get inside. Yeah, get inside.

Don't fucking talk to her like that. What are you gonna fucking do?

Please, guys. Please!

Go inside, go inside!

Take him inside! OK.

Go, go, go. MAN: You little fucking piece of shit.

You ruined my life. I'm not fucking with this guy.

Yeah, you better not fuck with me.

I don't know you, man. You know me.

I don't know you. Bullshit!

I don't fucking know you. I know you, Rick Carver Realty.

I know you and I'll see you every day, when you wake up, when you go to bed, when your fucking kids are playing.

You OK?

How did he know your name?

I don't know.

Cos he knew your face too, right? Yeah.

Yeah, I know.

Maybe I worked on his house. I work on foreclosed homes.

Maybe he saw me at his home. I don't know.

Rick Carver.


CONNOR: How did he know your name? (BANGING ON DOOR)

MAN: Fucking arsehole!

We gotta get Connor out of here. That's what I'm trying to do.

Now. That's what I'm trying to do, Mum.

Right now.

MAN: Get the fuck outta here. Fuck you!

You motherfucker. Fuck you!

OK, we need to go. We need to get out of here, OK?

MAN: Have some fucking balls.

Are you evicting people? Mum!

He said you were at his eviction. I don't know that fucking guy.

I don't know how he knows me. I work on homes.

I work on foreclosed homes, Mum.

This guy was being foreclosed on. Maybe he saw me working on his home.

Maybe. I don't know.

OK? Just tell me.

I'm telling you.

Bolt the door. Don't leave.


RICK: Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios.

Downtown Orlando's about 20 miles behind us.

And then at your nine o'clock are the vacant Greater Santa Fe homes.

Wow, I never realised how close they were to Shinola.


About the Santa Fe deal. It hasn't even been a week since we picked up 15 homes from Ortiz and all the ACs, water pumps, appliances are missing.

You're kidding me. Hidden expenses, they kill returns so Vesic's not interested anymore.

That Santa Fe deal's like one giant ATM machine.

What can I do to get Vesic back into those homes?

I just don't think that's gonna be possible.

How about this?

I'll put brand-new appliances in all 15 of those homes free of charge if you move the deal from Ortiz over to me.

I tell you what.

You put brand-new ACs, appliances, water pumps in any of the 100 homes that need 'em you got yourself a deal.

Appliances, yeah.

ACs and water pumps, no.


But the homes have to be vacated in 30 days.

Put it in writing, it's a deal.

Hey! Look at that!

Bring him in. Bring him in.

RICK: The Santa Fe deal, I'll give you 6% of my share.

Around $63,000 before taxes.

OK. I mean, I guess I can accept that. That's fine.

Yeah, I can deal with that amount. $63,000 did you say?

What are you boys up to? Aren't you so sweet?

I used to dream about one home. Now it's 100.

All right.

Dreams. To dreams.

Fuck dreams. To 100 homes.


Uh-oh. Zombies coming to get me.

Oh, fuck. Damn, pilgrim.

Did anyone ever come up to you after an eviction?

Yeah, someone tried to run me off the road last year.

I haven't gone out to dinner once with my wife and girls in the last three years without looking over my shoulder.

That's why I carry this.

Even now at 5am.

Is it worth it?

As opposed to what?

Did somebody get to you?

Don't bullshit me. Someone's calling you.

Or they tried to find you.

So, Nash, the sun's gonna come up and here we are.

What do you think?


Think about what? Well, you wanted to kill me once.

Now you're gonna make a lot of money.

I did want to kill you.

I don't know.

I don't know what I'm doing here either, but I'm thankful.

You know.

I don't know. What could I do? You know, my dad...

Well, he killed himself pretty much.

Fuck it, no. Sorry. I don't wanna waste your booze.

He... He died of a heart attack.

Booze, food. Whatever you wanna call it.

Left me with my mum.

My boy.

My boy, my boy.

As opposed to what?

I gotta get out of that motel now.

I gotta get into my home. I gotta get my family out.

It's gotta be listed on the MLS, for sale.

I need it. Two more weeks, OK?

I need it now.

Get another one. Help me with it.

You got the money. Buy whatever you want.

There's plenty of homes in the sea.

Like I said, don't get emotional about real estate, Nash.

They're boxes.

You listening?

Big boxes, small boxes.

What matters is how many you got.

You're gonna have more properties than women to fill them with.

You know that, right?

You love your mum, you love your kid. Buy 'em a house.

Buy one for your mum. Buy one for your kid.

Buy one for yourself.

What do I care? Jesus.

100 homes.

1,000 fucking homes.

Watch out for the gators. They don't sleep.

And make sure I don't roll in the water.

LYNN: Why are we going this way?

I just wanna show you something.

LYNN: Dennis, what are we doing?

DENNIS: Just trust me and follow me, please.

What is this? Have a look.


Will you just have a look?

CONNOR: It's a cool pool. Cool pool.

I'd say.

Makes you wanna dive in, right?

Whose basketball goal is that? That belongs to Shaquille O'Neil.

He lowered it cos he likes to dunk from sitting down.

LYNN: Can we go now, please? Have you seen the pool?

I bought this for you.

And you. That's your pool. This is your house.

Let's go home. This isn't funny.

I'm not joking, Mum. That's not his basketball net.

This is somebody else's and I want our house.

I wanna go home.

We don't have that home anymore. I sold it.

I sold our old home and I bought this.

Fresh start. I don't wanna go back to that house we were evicted from.

You sold our house?

We couldn't move into our old home for two to three weeks so I had to get us out of that motel so that Connor wouldn't get killed.

By kicking people out? By kicking people out of their houses?

You buy this? I didn't kick anybody out of this home.

I bought this home with money I earned so I could put a roof over your head and I could put food in his mouth.

We were drowning, Mum. This stops here.

I bought this fair and square.

I didn't take it from anybody. I'm gonna call Jimmy and we're going to Tampa, OK? Come on, Connor.

I'm gonna call my brother.

We're gonna go to Tampa and you're gonna figure this out.

I did this for the boy. We were drowning.

Rick Carver? Rick Carver who bought our house for us?

I'm not staying here. I'm not staying in this home.

What do you want?


Is Connor OK?

He's sleeping.


Hey, Rick.

Yeah, sure.


Give it to him. Yep, all right.

See you, fellas. 9:45.

Yes, sir.

Goddamn it. What is it?

One Santa Fe homeowner is gonna try and block his eviction in court today.

If he's successful and others follow, Vesic will pull out.

This is proof of publication.

It wasn't filed two years ago, so Freeman's boys backdated and notarised it.

Now, I need you to be at the courthouse plaza at 9:45am.

The court clerk will meet you there. Just give it to him, OK?

This is forged?

It's a stupid piece of paper someone forgot to file when the loan was being bought and sold a million times over.

It's just a technicality.

It's Frank Greene. Yeah.

Same deadbeat stealing my water and power. I told you he was no good.

Hey, that's not your dick in your hand, son.

That is the Santa Fe deal.

100 homes, 1,000 more for Freeman. Our money, Miami.

Your home, everything.

Got me? Mm-hm, yeah, I do.

Don't "mm-hm, yeah, I do" me.

Courthouse plaza, 9:45am.


Hey, honey.

Hi. Say hello.

Hi, Mr Peters.



Hello. What the hell is going on?

'What do you mean?'

You get your arse over there now or consider your life over, do you hear?

Where are you? 'I'm here now.'


I'm about to do it now. 'You dumb fuck.'

You call me as soon as it's done.

You hear me?


Hey. Hey.


Are you with Rick Carver?

Are you with Rick Carver?

Are you with Carver or not?

Is that it?


JUDGE: As far as I can tell the proof of publication is here.

LAWYER #1: Your Honour, we have a buyer in place and we'd like to get this property on the books.

LAWYER #2: If we check the fall index this has not been docketed.

JUDGE: Well, that may be, but the proof is in the file.

That's all the statute requires. I'm ordering the sale to go forward.

FRANK: Your Honour, we know for a fact that the files weren't there.

JUDGE: ESP versus Ballard.

FRANK: Your Honour, I know that there was no proof of publication.

You can't look at me... What is it?

I have a wife and I have...

These guys. You see them?

You see my wife and my children?


Mum? Connor?



'Please record your message after the tone. When you have...'


'Hey, Rick.'

Morning, Donald Trump. I'm outside your new mansion.

Where are you? Frank Greene's eviction. Let's go.

'Hello? Dumb arse, are you there?'

There's eight other homeowners we got to evict after Greene.

I'll start out nice with an aggressive cash-for-keys.

I'll pay out of my own pocket if I have to. I don't give a shit.

But if they give me any flak, Freeman's boys and the court clerk, baby.

No big deal.

We've been neighbours for a long time and I've never seen anything like this before.

Do you know if they have any guns in the house?

I mean, he likes to hunt. He's a hunter?

Yeah, he likes to hunt.

She gripes a lot, but he's a pretty even-keeled guy.

Not hot-tempered or anything? No, I wouldn't say that.

I can tell you, it's been really hard. His wife's been a worried wreck.

Morning, Rick. We may have some trouble with Mr Greene, the tenant.

He and his wife have been looking into stuff.

Well, I mean, you know. Look, last night I heard 'em yelling.

RICK: Ma'am, thank you.

We're not marriage counsellors, OK? Let's get cooking.

The problem is, this guy may be armed.

Go find out. I got two more evictions today.

All right. I'll contact Orlando PD, get a back-up come in and check it out.

Is his family in there with him? The kids didn't go to school.

They're definitely home.

She came over this morning, crying, until he called her back in.

I'll go and check it out.

RICK: Thanks for the play-by-play. Hurry up.

Watch out! Get back!


FRANK: I do not wanna hurt anybody.

Sir, put the gun down. Put the gun down.

Put the gun down, sir. Put the gun down, sir.

You put that down. My wife and kids are in this house.

Get your gun. You don't have it?

Dumb shit. Sir, put the weapon down.


Sir, don't do that. Shots fired, shots fired.

FRANK: You wanna shoot my kids? Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!

I am not gonna leave here. Go in the bedroom.

Don't stand there. Get in the bedroom.


I shot at the grass. Put the gun down.

God damn it, stop it. Put that down.

Put it down now. Not gonna happen, sir.

Sir, why don't you send your wife and kids out?

Send your wife and kids out.

Sir, drop your weapon.

The court decided my case in 60 seconds flat.

Nobody checked the file index. Fact.

No proof of publication filed. Fact.

Nobody looked at the cancelled cheques to prove bank payment. Fact.

The judge, he wasn't up for re-election.

He wasn't beholden to anybody in this county.

60 seconds for a lifetime and this is my home.


(SCREAMING) Get in the bedroom.

Get in the bedroom! No, Dennis.

Dennis. Get the fuck off.

No. SHERIFF: Sir, Mr Nash.

What the hell are you waiting for? Mr Nash, get back behind the car.

Get back! Sir, get back!

Stop! Stay right there.

I'm gonna shoot you. I will shoot.

This is my home. Listen to me.

Get off of my lawn. This is your lawn.

This is your home, I know. What are you gonna do?

Do you hear me? The banks made more money...

Frank. I have got the right to shoot anybody who is on my property, who sets foot on my property.

I don't want to do this. Frank, I know this is your home.

Put the gun down and let your family out, please.

Look up there. Look up there!

You see that?

That is the sun and it is shining.

Nobody is gonna tell me it is night when it is day.

And God Almighty could come down here and tell me it's night and I would know that it's day, because I know what I know.

And nobody is gonna tell me the sun isn't shining. Nobody.

I cheated you.

I put a forged document in your file on the day of your court hearing, Frank.

This is your home.

All right, I'm coming out.

SHERIFF: All right, sir. Keep your hands up.

Walk this way slowly with your hands up.

Hands up. Put your hands up. Hands in the air.

Walk out slowly. Keep your hands in the air.

Keep walking. Keep walking.

Stop. Turn around, face the home.

Turn around, turn around.

Now walk slowly towards the sound of my voice.

Stop. Go down on your knees, sir.

Lie down on your stomach, sir, with your arms extended to the side.

We're coming in, ma'am.

Stand up.

Got anything on you that could poke me, stick in me, hurt me?

Call it in.

No, sir. No.

All right. You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can be used against you.

You have a right to have an attorney present during questioning.

If you can't afford one, the court will appoint one for you.


OK, I just wanted... He didn't do anything.

He didn't do anything wrong. Calm down.

What is your business here? I came here to evict Mr Greene.

Who are you working with? Rick Carver Realty.

Is Rick Carver here today? There he is right there.

That's a hell of a thing you did, son.

Hell of a thing.

DETECTIVE: You Rick Carver?

Sir, are you Rick Carver?

Thank you.

Yes, sir, I am.

We need to speak to you. Don't leave.