99 Women (1969) Script

Where are they taking us?

To the island over there.

It must be horrible.

You should have thought of that beforehand.

Once you're out it'll just be a bad memory.

For now you'll do your three years, so better get used to it.

Oh! That's enough, I beg you.

I know what you're going to miss.

Alas, nothing doing in this prison.

Is this the penitentiary?


Built by the Spanish, oh, who knows when.

It has a very pretty name:

Castillo de la Muerte.

The citadel of death.

You are late, ladies.

Never-ending red tape and paperwork.

I don't care!

It wasn't my fault.

I had to wait for the paperwork.

Here, it's all in order.

Aren't we supposed to take away a girl?


Bring her over.

We found her in her cell this morning. She was dead.

It's stupid. She knew she was going to be freed in a few days.

She always was scared of freedom.

A suicide?

Her paperwork's right next to her in the coffin.

Signed and approved by the Governer.

And I repeat, next time you will be here on time.

Make the newcomers come forward for their instructions.

Your name?

Nathalie Mendoza. Here you say "Madame."

Your number?

98, Madame.

What about you? 97.

You've been here before.

Yes, two years ago, Madame.

How long are you here for this time?

One year, Madame.

That depends on your behavior.

Otherwise I'll make your vacation last longer.

Get one thing straight.

Starting right now, you have no personality.

You are nothing.

You are nothing but numbers.

Forget that you exist.

Hello. A new arrival...

A newcomer's a nice distraction in this hellhole.


Back? What are you in for this time?

What a question.

Same old. I don't betray the cause.


She's sick.

Who? Nathalie?

Yes. Number 98 She's fine. Don't get all worked up.

Of course she's not feeling hot.

She needs a fix.

The cops nailed her on a boat.

She was riding with no ticket but with enough heroin to satisfy an army of addicts.

Can't anyone help her?

She's getting the special house treatment.

She's going cold turkey.

For now it's ok.

Once they're done, she'll lose all her hair.

Come on, lie down kid.

Relax. You've got to sleep.

You can't do anything anyhow.

Oh, don't cry.

Say, did I ever tell you why I'm in here?

No. Why?

It's no secret.

Prostitution. I fucked a fella I shouldn't have.

How about you?

I bet you're in for something pretty wild.

Come on, don't cry.

I'm gonna get in that featherbed.

Governor, I hope you were entertained.

Oh, that white angel.

He was ravishing.

I knew you would like him.

And the new detainees?

There's a little blond among them--

Number 99.

Young... exciting, with a nice body.

I think you might rather like her.

I'll see about her later.

I have a lot of work today.

Thank you for coming so quickly Governor.

I am, as always devoted, to you.

You're too kind.

And very soon you will be able to prove your devotion.

You know very well how I like to treat my devotees.

You said 99?


Alright But proceed with caution.

The dead girl, I'm told, has deep scars all over her back.

I insist all detainees submit to discipline and labor.

But we have a new Justice Minister and he is bound to be zealous.

You mustn't forget this is the second death this year.

Yes, yes, I know. So what?

We must avoid trouble.

Trouble is all I have all day long, Governor.

I'm used to trouble.

Number 99...

I must first see to prisoners.

Dangerous, brutal men.

When shall we see each other again?

Tomorrow perhaps.

I will remember to take a look at--

Number 99.

So until tomorrow... lt will be with great pleasure.

What? What is it?

What do you want?


You had a nightmare.

Who was it that cried out? Nathalie.

She is seriously ill.

Oh... Come on! Go to sleep.

It's not the drugs making her sick.

What do you know? Are you a doctor?

No, I just have a feeling.

What do you think we should do?

We should call a guard. Make her call a doctor.



Will you shut up?

Number 99.

Number 99!

Yes, Madame.

The punishment for insubordination, you will learn, is 8 days in the hole.

Nathalie is delirious.

She's going to die.

And the punishment for refusing to obey the Director is 15 days in the hole.

I hope you have understood!

Hello, Doctor.

That was quick.

She was already dead.

That's how it almost always is.

How long has this woman been the Director?

Oh, it must be 10 years already.

She used to be a guard.

No one ever leaves that place.

We'll see about that.


Or you'll get days in the hole. Faster!

How long is your sentence?

Fifteen months. It's going to be long.

How about you?

Same. It's my first sentence.

I've been here for ten days.

Can you take it?

It's not the work I mind.

Hey, princess, miss those streets you were walking?

Shut your trap or it might rust.

That's no way to talk for a hooker.

Stop it. You're crazy!


You two, come with me.

The rest of you, keep working.

What's gonna happen to them?

What'll they do to them?

It'll be a party.

Good evening.

On time, as usual.

I am not your first visitor today?


The doctor has been by this morning.

One of the girls is--

Dead. I know.

How could I have known it wasn't an act?

Oh, that was not a reproach.

I am not the new Justice Minister.

It's hot tonight.

The doctor said a report would be sent to the Minister.

Well, there we are.

Just what I have been fearing.

But the Minister's job should be limited to finding those responsible for crimes.

These are matters that can be solved.

I'll get you your glass of wine.

Let's talk about more pleasant matters.

How is number 99?

You know, you planted that seed, my dear.

She got in a fight with another girl.

I had to punish her accordingly.

Who was the other girl?

Numbr 76... you know the one.

Yes, you know her.

She's the one that's been here for a year.

Ah yes. Zoe.

She's injured.

She's locked up in the infirmary.

With her dear friend 99.

They'll stay there until they've made up.

Well, they must be punished Governor.

The choice of punishment, I will leave to you.


I really think you missed your calling, Thelma.

I can see you as a Madame running a brothel.

No, Governor.

You know very well that I have found my true vocation here and that I am devoting myself to it, body and soul.


Are you going to stop bawling?

Enough! Do you hear?

It's pointless.

Stop crying-

It's because of you and that whore that my leg is all scraped up.

And I'm not crying.

Do you hear? I have never cried.

Come on. Here.

Come on, I said.

No! Leave me alone!

Well, well.

Two old friends.

My two friends who looked like they didn't get along.

That's alright, my angels.

Sometimes it's hard to distinguish between love and hate.

They can cohabit so well.

More on that subject in a little while.

It's so hot in here.


Shall we get a little more comfortable?

Leave me alone!

What's your name?


I'm in for six months. Can you believe it?

That's so long.

In this hell hole six months is an eternity.

How about you? How long do you have?

I don't know.

Your case is conditional?

You poor thing. That's the worst.

You'll probably never get out.

That's not possible.

Oh, you know, I didn't mean anything by that.

Your papers?

This is a letter.

I'm sorry. It is all I have.

It's addressed to the Director.


Director Diaz.

And you are...

Director Carole.

Not yet.

The Minister's letter is clear enough.

Yes, It says for one month... the time it takes to form an opinion.

I'm not an idiot.

I know what this means.

I must leave. I understand.

That depends on you.

But I would prefer you stayed and helped me.

Helped you?


I'm certain I will need you.

Do you have any experience in prison management?

Very little.

I have dealt with juvenile delinquents.

This is my first time in a penitentiary.

You have a great deal to learn.

I know.

That is why I would ask you to help me.

I can assure you that if you wish to check up on things you can see all the files, the receipts, and accounts are in order.

We have 99 detainees as of this morning's roll call.

But I trust you, Madame.

I would like to visit the premises.

Will you accompany me?

Who the hell does she think she is?



Why have you stopped working?

Carry on!

And what is in there?

That's the hole.

Anyone in there right now?

Yes. There's one detainee in there.

For what reason?

Attempt to awaken others, and insubordination.

And how long has she been there?

It'll be a week tomorrow.

I'd like to see her.

You'll be disappointed.

Very well. As you wish.

Stand up! Come on, stand!

Stand up and walk. Come on!

What's your name?


Tell me your name.

Here detainees have no names.

Please tell me your name.

What is your name?


Thank you, Marie.

Take her back to the others.

Her punishment is two weeks long.

Do as she says!

I would like to talk to this girl.

One on one.

Governor Santos, Mademoiselle Carole.

I have learned of the Minister's letter.

I also have a letter to give to you.

Please Madame, could you kindly have a room prepared for me?

Yes, gladly.

So you are Leonie Carole?


My name is Santos. I am the Governor, hence your superior.

The Minister did inform me of it.

He would like to receive a daily report.


But you must send me a copy of it.

Sit down.

You should know, I'm not surprised that you've been sent here.

I see.

Terrible things have happened here.

Madame Diaz, the Director, has been a little too negligent.

I keep telling her, "You work hard but there's too much that gets by you."


She should resign.

I have asked her to stay on a little longer I see.

You're something of a tactical thinker.

I'll accommodate you. I'm sure we'll get along.

Of that, I am certain.

You should get settled.

Keep me abreast of everything that goes on here.

I hope everything will go well, Governor.

One piece of advice, Mademoiselle Carole, you must respect the strictness of order and discipline.

If, through weakness, you concede the slightest thing to these girls you will no longer have any authority.

Remember that, Mademoiselle Carole.

Goodbye, Governor.

I am sure we will see each other again soon.

So am I.

I don't scare you, do I?

No. Leave me alone.

I feel for you.

They really fucked you up.

Like you care.

You know, there was a time, I too had aspirations like you.

I was a dancer.

Amarvelous life, I swear, and the best job ever.

Everyone knew me.

I had it all.

The men were all after me.

It could have lasted, but the boss was jealous of me.

Take it off!

Why? Does it bother you?

One night, I met a man.

I was crazy about him.

I didn't know she was watching us.

Good evening, Zoe.



That's terrible Zoe.

How come she got you out of the hole?

I don't know.

She's not like the others. She's different.

Watch out.

She might be worse than the bitch.

Be careful. She's out for something.

I saw her this morning and she seemed ok.

You should have asked her how she ended up here.

It's usuallyjust old hags here.

Why don't you ask her?

Number 99. Come with me.

Well, well.

Leave us.

Sit down, Marie.

Why were you punished? What had you done?

Because I called out for help.


One of the girls was sick. She needed a doctor.

Did a doctor come?

I don't know.

Where is the girl?

She's dead.

How long have you been here?

Seven days.

And you've been in the hole ever since you arrived?

Why are you here? What have you done?

Tell me.

I have studied your file.

I haven't learned very much.

I'd like to understand how you ended up here.

Come now. Calm down.

So, what happened?

Tell me.


That night I was waiting for the bus.

A man on a motorbike offered me a ride.

I went with him.

It was dark and I didn't know the area.

He took me to a dirt lot.

There were four men in all-- horrible brutes.

They attacked me.

Come, come.

One of them had a knife.

I tried to take it from him.

Suddenly I realized I was covered in blood.

You killed him.

No! No!

Still the Court found you guilty.

No one believes me. I'm telling the truth.

What I think happened is that you were turning tricks and when one of the men refused to pay you the money you were asking you fought and in a rage you killed him.

No, why won't anyone believe me?

All right.

Now I do believe you.

But remember this.

All those who are condemned, claim to be innocent.

Very few are telling the truth.

I will ask for your file to be sent to me.

Though, the chances of a reversal are very slim.

Go back to your cell now.

Thank you, Madame.

This Leonie Carole is not as stupid as you had first thought.

I never thought her stupid.

I think she's very clever and that she's here not to fire an insignificant prison director, but rather, you.

Me? That's absurd.

The Minister has complete confidence in me.

Are you sure of that?

Yes, I have a reputation.


We need to prevent the harm she might do.

Think of the reports she will send.

You're right. We must act.

Before it's too late.

Before she's sent him her report, he will receive our report on her.

Good idea. We must be proactive in this matter.


But what can we find against her?

I have noticed that she tries hard to gain the trust of certain detainees.

Are you sure?

Might she be interested in one of these girls instead of you, Governor?


What a great idea.

Let's not waste any time.

Give me names, details, facts, I want all the saucy details.

Oh, I will give them to you.

In a nutshell, Governor, she's in love with number 99.


Come on now!


Juan Diego! You know that guy?


I have to talk to him.

Wait, I have an idea.

Beat it.

Go! Quick.

Pardon me, but I need to talk to you.


I tried to get word to you.

I wanted to tell you I was ok.

What's this? Nothing-- just a scratch.

Listen... at the other end of the island... there's a village of fishermen.

They have boats.

In ten days, at the new moon, a friend and I are going to escape.

But Juan, where will I find you?

Two kilometers from the village there's a port.

We'll wait for you there, at daybreak.

Oh, Rosalie.

Be careful.


What Marie? What do you want?

Why don't you go to sleep and dream of your new girlfriend?

She'll never get you out of here.

You can be sure of that.

She'll sleep with you several times and then leave you to rot here.

A letter for you.

Thank you.

A detainee wants to speak to you urgently.

Which one?

Number 99.

I'm hungry.

Me too.

Why don't you ask Sister Mercy to do something about the food here?

I've only seen her twice.

She'll agree to whatever you ask. You're her pet.

Oh, shut up.

You mind your mouth and stay out of this.

I know you don't dig girls.

Whore! You piece of trash!


I'll show you!

What's going on here?

Enough! Do you hear me?


You know what you deserve?

What happened?

They fought.

Number 97 and Number 76.

I can see that.

Bread and water only for two days.

They'll each do seven days in the hole.

No. Not the hole.

That punishment has been eliminated.


Why did you ask to see me, Marie?

What is it?

I wanted to know if you had found out anything new about my case.


I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do. I received an answer.

Your case is clear. There's no chance for a review.

Show me the letter.

I destroyed it.

I don't believe you.

What do you mean?

Do you know what they all say?

You'll do nothing to help me get out of here.

Marie, why would I do nothing to help?

Apparently first I'd have to sleep with you.

You're a bitch, just like the others.

You're disgusting.

So, chiquita.

When can I get out of here?

Maybe soon. I see it coming.

What do you mean?

Our good angel has given orders.

No more night watches.

I have a great idea, but we would need to have three.

We'd need Rosalie... me...

and you.

It won't be easy. It's 30 kilometers into the jungle.

And if we don't make it,

we'll be royally screwed.

I don't care.

So you're in?

I'm in.


Take the keys.

I must inform you a new rule is in effect.

If during the night a detainee is sick, you must ring the bell.

But if you disturb the guards without good reason, you'll be punished.

I don't feel good!

I am so sick.

What's the matter?

I'm sick.

One move and I'll slit your throat!

I won't make it.

Rosalie, please. Try to hang in there.

We can't stop now. We can't stay here!

Be brave.

The hard part's over.

Do you hear that?

The sirens.

They've realized we're gone.

Come on, hurry!

Those bitches. I think they alerted the men's penitentiary!

Come on, quickly!

Hey! What a fruitcake.

Straight from the jungle.


Looks like we use the same tailor.


When did you escape?

This morning.

Where is Juan Diego?

Come on. Come here.

Are you Rosalie?

Yes, I'm Rosalie.

Where's Juan Diego? I'd planned to meet him.

He gave me this.

It's yours.

Yes, it is. What's going on?

The guards shot Juan Diego when they saw us escape.

Oh, Juan!

Now they're on your trail.

We were going to work when we escaped.

That's when Juan--

I'll thank you later for what you've done.

Tell me, do you know the jungle?


But the sea should be straight ahead.

We'd do better to stick together.

If we don't make ground quickly we're done for.

What should we do, we should--

We should follow the river down.

It's bound to lead to the sea.

Where's the sea?

Let's head toward the mountains. We'll find it.

That won't lead us to the sea!

Do you have another suggestion?

We'll do as he says.

Let's go. Quickly!

They're going deep into the jungle.

They won't find us in the mountains.

No, I'm not gonna make it!

Yes, you will!

Come on.

No, Rosalie, please stop.

Be brave.

You and Juan were like brothers, right?

You could say that.

Like two brothers.

Did he ever talk about me?

Often .

He always said you were the nicest girl in the world.

And when he died, did he call out my name?

Yes, he did.

He told me to kiss you and said this one's for Rosalie.

And he said, "Ricardo, be nice to her.

She's a great gal. Take care of her."

I loved him.

S0 did I.

He was a great guy.

I'm never going to forget him either.

Oh, Juan, my love.

I loved you so much.

Oh, Rosalie, you're so beautiful.

Come on, get up.

Let's keep going.

Ten minute break.

Freddy! It's me, Ricardo!

What do you want?

Are you hungry?

You're kidding, right? There's four of us.


Quick, let's get outta here.

Everything okay?


Keep going. I'll take care of this.

Not so fast.

Leave them alone. They've just escaped.

I'm condemned to life and it's been years since I saw a woman!

That was Ricardo crying out.

We have to go to his rescue.

If you want to help him, go ahead!

Those brutes, they got her.

It's awful. What's going to happen to us?

I don't know, but we can't stay here!

Come on!

We'll run across.

What if they see us?

We'll have to take our chances.

Where to in such a hurry, my angels?

Your impatience makes you even more desirable.

All right. We'll start again tomorrow.

Untie them!

Don't you think they've been punished enough?

I know what I have to do. Sanctions are in place against the escapees.

The rules are strict and you must recognize them.

They will spend four hours each day in the hole.

Corporal punishment can be administered every 24 hours.

These are the rules.

Corporal punishment can be administered every 24 hours and it will be.

Leave out the Justice Minister!

I am responsible for the laws here... and they will be respected.

Tomorrow we'll have an inspection of all detainees.

I'll make my decisions then.

I will also have the pleasure of seeing you again tomorrow.