9th Company (2005) Script

1988 Afghanistan war has continued for 9 years.

Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, 1988, Day 1

Don't cry, please.

Two years. It's only two years.

Vorobyov ! Yes

Chugainov ! Yes.

Ok, go now

Is Ryabokon here? Here he goes. He's over there.

The enemies won't pass!

Mama Well? It's time to say goodbye.

This is for you.

Brothers, the border is locked And the key's in the pocket.

Come on ! Go! Quick

Put your stuff on the table ! Quick !

Bags here ! Beer, vodka and other booze on the table !

Is she your girlfriend? Have you fucked her at least for one last time?

What? Hasn't she given you?

Alright. Don't worry. Everything will be all right.

There are many nice boys out there. They'll take care of her What's this? Paint.

Warrior, what are you going to Draw there?Wheel of a tank?

Have you brought the easel, painter?

Gioconda Next.

You thought she's gonna wait for you? She's gonna fuck in two holes while you write her love letters What do you want from me What have l done to you?

Oh, you can talk ! So maybe you wanna punch me in the face? Come on.

Come on. Bitch.

Relax, son. I'm gonna make you a real soldier.

Do you know the first rule in the army? Soldier should firmly endure toughness and difficulties of the army life.

Say, why you wear a suit? You think it's a party here?

I have no other clothes.

Let's switch. I'll give you mine, plus cigarettes.

You don't need it anymore, right? And l need go out to the city, disco and girls Can you understand?

Yes, nice service you got.

You bet. It's like a beautiful dream which you don't wanna wake up from.

So, deal?

Of course. That's my boy.

Take the sheet away, Sure.

Beautiful dream, you say Yeah Hold it motherfuckers!

Hold it, l said !

Relax, son.

What you said there about enduring toughness and difficulties, huh?

Let go of me, Let go.

Remember?. Can you remember?

Can you remember?

Finish your hairdo yorself

Guys, is this the 6th unit?

And where you think you going?! Fucking Rambo, piss off Chill out, Chugun. What?

Nothing. What's the name?

Volodya Vorobyov Lutayev Oleg, for short: Lutyi (Fierce)

This is Ruslan, Gioconda Stas ,Seryi It's good to see you.

Volodya Ryaba( Pocky), Chugun (Pig-iron), that's it.

Move, mate Sit, Vorobey (Sparrow)

Continue, Ryaba In short, I wake up in the morning My head's exploding Open my eyes with fingers Look around... Whatta hell's this house?

How the hell did I get here?

There's a girl sitting next to me.

Smiling Naked!


And her father . Stands above me Like above a dead man.

He says, dude , you real fucked up. The girl is under18. So decide Either registry office.

Or police.

And the slut covered her tits with the blanket. And looks innocently Like nothing happened.

And ugly.... Like a bulldog.

But l said no, papa I would rather lie under tank wheels. than with her. Grabbed my feet and start running.

Hoping I get here first before him getting to police station.

And l got married yesterday.

The wedding and the send off at once.

What? Congratulations.

Pretty boy.

Alright,she said,now l am yours. Come on, we can do it now.

She thinks l am a fool. l open the door and be out for 2 years, while she sprees here.

She yelled all night long. How come l didn't touch her.

But l said, when l get back. I will check it And if it ain't there - l'll kill you bitch

Left it as is.

That's him. That one.

Wearing a suit.

What's wrong with you, sucker? Who are you pointing at?

Quiet, quiet. Go have a rest.

I'll crop your dumb head myself now.These are Afghan - Units, dickhead.

Come on , bitch.

Ahh... Oh...

Fergana, Uzbekistan, Day 3

Where are you from?

I am from Grozny.


Grozny From Grozny. So you'll be called Pinochet now What? Pinochet.

Why Pinochet?

I don't know. Why not?

Is him coming for us?

Whatta face.

Where are you from, clowns?

We are from Siberia, Mr. Commander.

I am lieutenant Dygalo What?

Are you hard of hearing? Come on, get up.

Get up quickly.

Stand in a line quickly.

Put your hats on Attention.

I don't think there's any blinds here. That's our mountain there.

Beyond it is Afghan.

And for you not to die. The first day you get there I will train you for 3 months twenty four hours a day.

From this minute on. Any questions?

No questions.

Turn right.

Follow me to our camp.


When l order to run. You should bend your arms.



Private Ryabokon Name, Private Chugainov Soldier's straps is not for holding the balls, warrior.

Name, Private Bekbulatov.

N... Private Stasenko Private Petrovsky It's you, our painter.

It's me, Comrade lieutenant.

What are you doing here, son?

Should stay home.

To draw them naked women or flowers in jardinieres.

You see, comrade lieutenant. Accordingly to dr. Freud Any painting is a sublimation of subconscious instincts.

Including the instinct of violence. But you can disagree with this.

Because Soviet science does not recognize the bourgeois doctrine of doctor Freud.

Very clever.

Sorry, l'll fix it, With your help, comrade lieutenant.

Rule No.1 Paratroopers should be always ready for a sudden attack.

Very good. Name.

Private Lutayev Rule No.2.

Brighter than a lieutenant ls only the first lieutenant Forget who you were and what you knew.

Remember, clowns.

You ain't good and ain't bad here.

No bright nor stupid, Not even a painter. You are nothing.

You are not even humans. Here you are shit.

I'm the one who will make humans of you. Using these very hands.


Yes, sir!

I did not hear it.

Yes, sir.


Yes sir!

Fill it up!

Comrade lieutenant , how come the first unit runs with light equipment.

Take your girl to the bushes. with light equipment.

Here,The more ammo you bring, the more chances to survive.

The mission is, Beat off the armed enemy.

Take the height, confirm your position and report me the situation.

Comrade lieutenant . The second unit is ready.

The preparation of the mission is done.

Stand up.

Run, forward.

Forward, forward.


The mission failed You are all corps. You, you and you.

Cargo 200 in the black tulip.

Piece of shit in a zinc coffin.

The convoy that will go here encounter the enemy's ambush You know what's the meaning of one machine-gun?

Up there, on the height.


Do you know?

Get up, dead men. Put on your helmets. Run down.

I said, run, run.

I wish to get to Afghanistan already.


Whatcha want?

Take my dick to piss so tired, can't get up Him?! Nah... He'll overstrain himself.

Look, Snow White comes.

Come over here.

Snow White.

Snow White, come over here, sit with us.

Snow White, come here. Come over here. Don't be afraid.

Dammit, now it'll stand till next morning.

Who's this?

Were you born yesterday? This is Snow White, the paramedic's daughter .

Half of Afghanistan have fucked her They say she's hot Not you her, but she fucks you.

There's such a disease How you call it?

Get outa here, scholar.

Can you try to arrange it with her?

Why to try?

She's non-refusable, just like Kalashnikov gun. Grab and go How we gonna get her through two sentinels?

No, Guys. I think it's a bullshit.

The previous call up leaving in couple of days.

And we will stay here for three months.

If you get caught - it's your end.

Listen, Lutyi. Would you sleep with her after them fourty men been with her?


Me neither. It's better to die than eat from garbage cans.

Yeah? and l ate. I ate.

Have you ever been starving so bad , that you even can't sleep?

So shut the fuck up your hole!

Our dinner was three spoons of carpenters glue.

After eating that, we were wandering around the city Looking how you and your bitch sit there in a restaurant.

Hoping to get your leftovers after! Dig it?

And the bitches l had were all like her l can't have something else, fuckface Guys, stop it.

Shut up whelp ! First smell a woman. Then talk.

Quiet, quiet.

How to quiet? You don't touch mine and l won't touch yours Pick from the lgarbage cans...

Maybe she's better than all of your rich sluts.

You bastard, one more word from you and you'll eat shit. Got it?

Who is Soviet paratrooper?

Soviet paratrooper Is the glory , power and pride of the military forces

Who is Soviet paratrooper?

Sovie paratrooper is the assurance of all units and people.

Who the hell are you?

We are the shame of all units and you personally.


Iisten, he is an idiot.

Nah. He's cool l don't get only one thing.

Why the first unit is always in the front?

Run with light equipment. And have an hour to sit and moke.

While we eat shit here.

We have done nothing bad.

Should be by turns. One time for them, one time for us.

Yes, it because their lieutenant is sane.

And ours Dygalo is an idiot Making his ranks on us, bitch No, he was hurt badly.

In the head He lost all of his men in Afghanistan He's the only one who survived.

He's been reassigned here

But he writes letters to the minister , wants to come back But with his head injury Who needs him there?

So he's going mad on us.

We are in the deep shit guys.

Company get up !

Put on your uniform Stand in line Why you move like pregnant l don't get it!

What's taking so long?

You are not soldiers, but pregnant cockroaches!

What's the matter girls, is it heavy?

Is't because of your skirts?

What a hell is this line ?

Dismissed Dismissed Come on, help our dystrophycs!

Get up Get up How you think to fight like this?

Go back, clowns

Take Chugainov up Run


Dismissed Lower, lower!

Keep your ass lower, dammit!

Stand up Stand up Lower, Lower Raising your head like this is a gift for sniper And your mothers get obituaries then!

I said faster!



Turn back

You screwed soldier, after dismissed come to my office

Get up, Run

Hold up your weapon


Second squad, come back Run back Lutaev, Ryabokon, pick up the soldier Remember never live yor soldiers behind Forward, l said forward

10 minutes, rest Take it Shithead

Tell me Sparrow, l need to care you like this every time?

I got enough shit of my own So, kill me, come on, kill me Sod off I can't stand it anymore Then fuck off, step forward and tell everyone, the ceremony is tomorrow Yeah, l will tell ! What?! You despise me?!

I don't give a shit, I don't care.

Olya's waiting there for you, she can't wait anymore

Tomorrow l quit too, guys Got a letter from my mom It's been a while already, she is sick

If l die, then she has no one Didn't want to quit first, like some scum-sucker Ok, guys, is there anyone else?

I herad from the first call up In Afghanistan you make one week out Two at the base

And here Dygalo will finish you even before you get to war.

He'll destroy you.

What do you say, Ryaba?

Sparrow, then we decided, yeah?

We quit together, ok?

Eyes to the center, attention !

Comrade colonel , The regiment is ready.

Hello, comrades paratroopers Salut, comrade colonel At ease Everyone of you, voluntarily

Has made a decision to serve in Afghanistan Now l must ask you one question Is there anyone who has changed his mind?

I don't ask why Your will be merely reassigned to another division

Who doesn't want to go to Afghanistan?

Thanks for your service For the Soviet Union

Harder Harder It ain't no girl, but iron gun Kill him Don't fear, kill, don't fear You only have one strike to save your ass Crush the ribs, rip the guts Take 'em down Give it to me, like this, look Like this Right, kill him Come, soldier, kill him Kill Vorobyov Yes Come here Yes, Sir Stasenko Come, take off your weapon, put down your bag Come on Soldiers Take the stuff away Beat him, punch him in the face You are going to war, come on, son That's how you're gonna pet your girlfriend Punch his mug!

Full contact , quick ! Both of you Sparrow, Hit first Yeah, that's it Come on Sparrow Don't back off, don't fear One more try Get up Come on Sparrow, hold on Get up Come on, come on Come on, more Get up, warrior, punch him!

Finish him, Stas

Get up, when he falls down, you must finish him Only dead man won't shoot you in the back Sorry, Sparrow, forgive me Sparrow, good done

Let's continue

Looks like a plasticine Everybody touch it Touch it, feel it You see, it's soft It can take any form

looks like a harmless toy, that everyone of you had Every one of you molded, squirrels, rabbits But in a fact ,in your hands you hold a powerful weapon Plastic explosive Stas!

It has its chemical formula But we do not need to know this Plastid is irreplaceable It's a necessary item in equipement of every paratrooper The question, why

First, in this condition

It's absolutely safe, easy to store and always available As they say, in the hand But in war It is very efficient and has enormous destructive power But you've got to be skilled, for using it Warrior...

There are two simple rules

First ,the more you squeeze it, the more it blows Number two, don't stick it everywhere!

But by itself this thing won't work For it to blow we need what?

Detonator Exactly We need to insert detonator

Your name soldier?

Private Petrovsky You screwed, soldier l've got to report to your commander

Come in Comrade lieutenant, private Petrovsky Come in

Well molded, quite realistic

Can you paint?

I learned painting A portrait, kinds of big I could

I'm here..., The girl's writing...

We met before the war She wants my photo What am l gonna do? Send it with this?

Can you , like... Without it... more handsome?

Yes, just need some time, couple of days

I certainly won't go to see her after war

Just let her write for the meanwhile



Goddam tractorists...

Eat this

Look Pissed his pants You laugh? My bed is under Sparrow's bed So what , birdy, do l need to sleep with umbrella now?

I don't get it, soldier Did you see something?

Nothing, Sir And you?

I misunderstood, sir Then tell me what's it all about !

I also wanna share you joy You can swallow your snots Can call your mama Piss your pants, but your mission Must be accomplished, Die but do it , and he did Turn back

Basic knowledge of your communication with locals You can get from this But The first thing, you should rember when you cross the border That you're in a muslim state

Islam it's not merely another religion It's another world which has its own laws Another approach to live and death

Muslim doesn't afraid to die fighting the infidel, in other words - us If he gets killed he goes straight to heaven

Where all he was missing in this life awaiting him there Water The fruits in the garden, beautiful maids

How Muslims treat women it's another topic

The most important holy thing for muslim is his house, Harram From which derived the word Harem The second meaning of it - "forbidden", "prohibited"

Looking at the muslim women is Harram Everything regarding sexual intercourse is Harram Harram to show a muslim indecent gestures Those you all are so used to them For this you can get a bullet even from a common peasant Another important thing, Muslim will never profane his house with blood

That means when you enter their village, you are their guests To kill a guest even an infidel - harram So, you must remember this one As long as you're in the villige, you are safe.

But after you crossed the borderline of the villige The same man, who's been drinking tea with you 5 minutes ago May shoot you in the back Because it is a glory to kill an infidel

It is a staircase to heaven.

I'm telling it for you, soldier Ah...

After all, Afghanistan is a multinational country.

Over 20 nations live there.

Tajiks Turkmen, Uzbeks Pushtuns live along the Pakistani border In the north, live Khazarss and Mongoloids

The word khazar means thousand in Turkic languages.

Am I boring you, soldier?

Comrade captain, Does it matter who you shoot?

During the whole history No one ever succeded to conquer Afghanistan

No one, ever

Squad, Get up What are we doing in Afghanistan?

Fulfilling our international incumbency, and help our Afghan brothers to resist the aggression of imperialism.


Private Ryabokon, done!

Private Chugainov, done!

Right down You pull the trigger too sharp Very dense, but too high Breath slowly.


Have you ever shot before?

No sir, I'm a painter, l have a very accurate eye Over here.

Ok Give him.

Private, Vorobyov Yes Put down the gun and come here.

Yes, sir!

Here. Put it there.

Yes, sir!


Oh, cool, Gioconda Cool!

Listen, Gioconda, tell me honestly.

Why did you come to Afghanistan?

You could sit at the headquarters and draw. They even offered you.

You won't understand So make it simple Simple?

Do you see the tank over there?

Beautiful, isn't it? What a power! and nothing otiose,not a bit

Weapons are the most beautiful!

The most beautiful thing the mankind created So what?

There was an artist named Michelangelo in the renaissance One day, someone asked him how he sculpts his works.

He said, very simple, l just take a rock and get rid of the otiose parts Understand? Beauty is something without anything otiose, Without any crap.

In the war, there is only life and death, nonting otiose War itself is a beauty.

Listen, Gioconda, l don't understand you Are you a fool or what?

What is so beautiful?

When the guts are twisted around the tank tracks?

You think it's a kids play?

I said you won't understand Fuck you, freak!

Guys, letters.

Calm down!

Stasenko, it is mine.

What day is today?

Wednesday. Third!

Sparrow, mine Lutaev, mine Suvorov, me!

Ryabokon That's it That's it?

My friends asked me out to disco.

But l will not go without you because l love you!

Give it to me!

But tonight l found two nice boys...

You fucking got tough, bitch, motherfucker Come on! Come on!

Come on, sparrow!


Attention, soldiers!

Stand at attention! You screwed soldiers!

You two come to me later.

Very good!

Very good, man.

Stand at attention!

Turn back and march!


Ok, guys. Listen carefully!

March steady. Don't fan out.

To the top of this rock.

Sparrow, Stas and Ryaba, you guys hold their legs and push them over.

I don't give a fuck how, even bite 'em Pinochet, Chugun, Gioconda, you guys come with me.

All come with me!


Be steady!


All squads, stand up!

Stand up, l said!

Come out, lie down!

All down on the floor.

Creep, l order you!

Creep quickly! All! What?

What did you say? I don't understand.

Stand up I don't understand what someone said.

Who said? Who?

Who said? I don't know.


It is you?

I don't know who said.

Who said?

I don't know.

Go there, you!

Do you want to tell me?

Tell me. Tell me what you know Tell to my ears!

Whisper, l will forgive you.

All of you! Come on, l'm alone Come on , you and me. No one will know Are here some normal people?

Or just fucking freaks?

Was it a bad dream?

Aha! Maybe dreamed something.

Looks like an aggravation Wait! I heard that he wrote a request again to the headquarters.

He wanted to go to Afghanistan with us.

He was refused

Hold on . Who's there?

What are you doing? Stay where you are!

Come on, quickly! Slient!

Hold this.

Is there any pot left?


Heh! She sings again!

Did you see it ! she comes like a machine gun

Guys, Dygalo won't be looking for us?




Lutyi , l thought l smelled something good!

Something left?


I'm gonna fuck tonight so hard, that it won't rise for the next year and a half Man, let's smoke some more Ah, Sparrow, bird!

You know how we used to smoke in orphan house?

Like Gypsies One joint for all Wanna see?

Show me

Look, what they doing!

Hey, guys, you are so good l love y'all

Bird had enough ! Don't give him more Otherwise we'll need to cary him again Alright I'm going Tell me, you a man ?

No really, tell me, are you a man or what?

Let's not , Oleg What?

I have a girl, Olya, you know how she is.

Ah, Olya So love your Olya Everyone has his Olya, We all have , but do you remember what you were?

Now you became a real man, and there's last test left You must, bird, You gotta!

It's not a resort we going to maybe this your last chance You can't go a virgin to war it's a men thing, understand?

Come on, Sparrow, go for it, come on Maybe she don't want me Are you fool ?!!! she likes you the most Really? You kidding me I swear, ask the boys l am not kidding C'mon c'mon , go!

She has seen you many times at the camp But you paid no attention, she felt hurt No, l can't do this before you all Well, drink in the meantime, l'll be back

Are you so special?

Better than others, l don't get it!

Shut up, I'll explain you later You need help Sparrow? Want me to hold your legs Sparrow, just go Go fight ! Take the sword out !

If l don't come back Say, he died bravely Warriors, forward

Stas, what's the matter?

Why are you so sad?

I miss my family, toss me one

It's scary a little , isn't it?

If to be honest, without any bullshit Scary Not all die...

If it happens fast, It's not that scary The worst thing if you get crippled When l was in Tashkent, l went to that hospital, and some soldiers were there The whole ward Each one occupies only half a bed ...

I knew a guy who came from the battlefield He is good, only his bladder is cut by splinter.

He got a pipe coming from his stomach, and a bag tied to a leg.

They call him bagpipes...

What's up with Sparrow ls he sleeping there or reading books?

Wait, l'm going to see You are bruts! Understand, animals!

You all are like animals, don't care with whom and where I can't do like this, You all are animals

I wanted it to be good...

What are you looking at?

Have anyone told you that you are very beautiful?

Are you in love with me? so marry me, and they will come visit us

You must know it, you are so beautiful

Are you an idiot?


Cyprida (Aphrodite)

Cyprida, coming from a sea Cyprida Goddess of beauty The sea washes away all the sins Eternal purity Goddess Everyone worship her!

On your knees, you freaks

Guys, l love you

Rank Comrade lei...At ease.


Turn left Run towards the plane, move

Krasnoyarsk Is there someone from Krasnoyarsk?

Krasnoyarsk I am Where are you from?

Kraza And l'm from Yershovka , my countryman!

Just stay cool Ok I got back, you'll come back too Here, this is amulet Take this

4 over-periods, 28 missions, and not a scratch Wear this, don't take it off, do you understand Yes Countryman, don't take it off Then pass it to others when you come back, just wear it Aye What's your name Oleg, and you ?


Look there, guys Commander, from the right

No brakes

Keep it steady

Help me

Melkumov, yes Sitroylov, yes Ryabokon, yes Vanifatiev, yes Demchenko, yes Bekbulatov, yes Go to the fourth company, follow me

Bye, guys Take care, bye So long, man, bye

So what's your story, junkies, alcoholics and sex maniacs.

Yor are in the 9th company Follow me

Oh, a fresh meat is coming

Get hanged, ghosts

Attention Stand at attention

Warriors, congratulations for coming to the valiant 9th company

I don't get it, Warriors Welcome To The ninth Company Hooray, hooray, hooray Fuck it Hohol Take them outside and wank them there I am lieutenant Pogrebnyak, Forget all you've known

Here you ain't bad and ain't good Here, you're nothing Yes, brothers, we've already heard it in some other place I plan to deal with you day and night, until you become a good soldiers Is it clear?

Yes, comrade lieutenat Huh?

Yes, comrade lieutenat That's good Private Chugainov

Why is it so gnawed?

This machine gun is Samyilin's, He heroically died He killed 8 ghosts by it And got a medal It's scratched a bit, because he died of grenade It's not such a big deal, Glue it The barrel is skewed, How am I gonna shoot?

You are very lucky, dumbass This gun is special You should feel proud, instead you're bitching here Comr... Solder! Sign here!

Turn left, move

Who was your former commander?

1st lieutenant Dygalo Sashka...

I thought he retired He slept there Been screaming whole night long, going to a combat ,no one could sleep Then they took him to the hospital To Tashkent l guess Aha Was a good guy, joyful, Used to laugh a lot He had some illness, hey doc, how'd you call it?

It is called contusion I thought you'd say something clever what a dickhead Oh , shut up!

Is that snow white girl still there?

Snow white's there

Say, painter Is this good?

More or less Some boy here made it by memory Listen, Hohol Pomidor - this son of a bitch, gave him broken Samylin's gun And the new one probably washed out and sold...

What? He trades weapons ?

Some die at war, and some make profits of it

Sir, l heard that we'll go to combat in two or three days, is that right?

Not a combat, but we go out, our mission is occupying a height

Hold the line of defence, protecting our convoys Is this all?

Yes, what you thought it's Stalingrad here?

He's so monumental, l'd make him a statue of bronze Kagraman What?

Kag - ra - man Dushmans call him so It means angry giant Our commander is the only one in the whole Afghanistan He's been nominated for hero three times But each timehe returns from a combat He beats shit out of some brass hat They don't take him to the martial court, though But he ain't getting his star .

Afanasyi, who are them?

These are the Green Afghanistani army, Darned Allies There is nothing worse than working with them When it gets tough a little, they run While you think they cover your flank, they're far behind Three kilometers away We got surrounded once because of them assholes Where the Dushman territory begins?

After the block station There they are They say - Russians are our friends and brothers But when the night falls dig out their guns And go Allah Akbar, and shit.

So do not haste to join this war,kids You'll get it anyway You probably already made a bet who kills a ghost first Of course Bet on what?

Marlboro pack I add another one Who was the first then, lieutenant?

Samylin, He killed the first ghost He also left first, in the zinc, What remained of him, The pieces we could gather

There they are ,savages The frontier guard We'll drop some ammo and food and go on

You gonna take it with you?

Of course And when it grows?

Take with me...

And eat?

What am I? A Korean ?

Is it good?


Has it fermented yet?

Sure, With a sun like this Better than a Crimean winery Let's get 5 liters or so, for the kids

So ,boys, Let's drink for our encounter . ok

Say, what are the girls wearing now?

He hasn't been out for half a year yet Well, dresses and jeans I know that they not wearing helmets, I asked What kind of dresses, describe me in detail.

This summer, they got them skirts totaly transparent against the sun you can see their legs, so charming

Like this?

No, longer It's kinda broad Waves in all directions A little breeze and everybody grab their skirts And Gorbachev? I've been listening to the radio Couldn't understand a thing. Perestroika and stuff...

What do people say?

Hey won't you shut up? I'm trying to have a conversation here

So, she walks, the skirt's waving to and fro To and fro Yeah?

Yeah Just like that?

Just like that I'll be damned How long have y'all been here?

Year and a half

15 months Look, I can count without you, stupid Ukrainian The only good thing to do with you is eat shit You won't let me open my mouth Calling me stupid Ukrainian?! And who the hell are you? Barbarian!

Only yesterday got out a cave Here was your first time you seen a toilet If you keep pissing me off like this I'll fucking piss you....

Hey, hey fellows! Break it up!

Be quiet, let's drink for our discharge Moscow time is 22:00, We begin our program by your requests

So gentlemen .Let's go shooting

Get down

Hello Hello, guys What's up? Are they moving? - Moving How many of them? Five or six, I don't know Above the"tortoise", 30 meters left from the "big tooth"

Right under the "elefant"

Here they are Ladies and gentlemen Make yourself comfortable...

Beside your radios. They are five

Ahmed Ahmed, is that you?

Ashet ! Salam Aleikum my dear Ahmed! You still alive? You worthless shit eater Fucking whore, fart sniffer I'm gonna kill you now Ashet ! Me your guts cut your throat strangle Me your mother "fuk", Your father "fuk" brother, sister "fuk"

Your "dik" hasn't grown yet...


And now your favorite tune, by AC/DC band, bring it on

They're leaving Thank you for choosing our program, see you next time Let's go fellas

Halt! Halt! Halt!

Lesha? Volodya Voloda, salam Voloda Are you Ahmed?

Ahmed yes Me go soon You is no wait long Very soon Business Tashkent? Papa, mama Tashkent?

Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Oh, cold Girl have Siberia? Love?

How call? Olya, Olya? Pretty?

Yes, very Me too, have pretty Fatima Very much love Bride? Yes, bride Next village Bride, wife, love Voloda Me go Soon, go Voloda

You shot? Where he came from? Look!

These ghosts got some nerve to come here like this.

This is Ahmed -Say, Patephone, he's your pal, right? Cut it out!

Stinking freak, let me see his mug at least He killed three our men, Bitch Well, congrats ! Let's make a mark on the butt

This is yours, Sparrow Farewell, our dear friend, we won't be seeing you again But memory of you will remain in our hearts forever

Let's go, guys

Convoy,stop Arrived The train reached its final destination, Please clear the carriages

Rock rock

Come on

Occupy the height, and strengthen the line Come here, Rock

Unit one, I am unit nine Unit one, I am unit nine, I'm in the position

Freeze, two steps back

What's up freak? Are you walking with your girl in the park? Huh? Don't look under your feet?

Don't you see ? There's a petal.

The worst mine of all It's ours, the ghosts don't have such We plant them, and then we blow up on them.

If you step on it - your feet is gone Step back all

The Houst province, height 3234, day 181 Bring a big one

Get that rock there Pile here Come on, come on There, put it there

On the right ! Fire to the canyon !

It's us!

Salut, comrade captain

Look It's our Ryaba, Fellas take the soldier The far cordon's been entirely shot, Only he survived


First First, affirmative Second Second affirmative

First First, affirmative Second Second, affirmative

I'm sor... I'm sor...

I'm sorry, What ? What's up, Stas ?

Had a nightmare?

Get up, bitch You know how it happens? Huh?

They come here, right here, And cut, cut 30 kids One by one, cut Cut like this, Stas, From ear to ear, like they were slaughtering pigs Because of one motherfucker like you That fell asleep on his watch , Stas This is not a school! This is battlefield It's not the "F" you getting here! Here you get killed !

Take this piece of shit away Vorobyov! Take his place Aye Afanasyi Kurbashi, with me The Houst province, height 3234, day 210

Cool, Listen, draw one for me too Come on

Gioconda! Yes Hohol is calling you, I finish when I get back

Comrade lieutenant Private Petrovsky has fulfilled your command Look at this ace.

And this...

Gimme the money, dickhead You're two minutes late Have you got it? Yes I don't get it Are you sneering me? No sir, no one got it It's all that left Do you know when the next supply comes?

In one day? Two? Maybe a week? For how long we gonna be here?

You have one hour to get me two full match boxes, clear? ( 5 rubles)

Where am I gonna get them? I don't give a shit !

Find, steal, make! Is my order clear, soldier? Yes, sir Go Once more OK, dumbcluck Stas, got any matches?

Bachar! Bachar!


I said stop, bastard Halt!

Hey, bachar Bachar Halt!

Matches, understand, matches, matches

Me...For you....This Tasty, tasty, me, this, for you, tasty

You, for me, matches

Forbidden Forbidden Harram


Walk, walk

Get here, Who allowed you to leave the position?

Being a fucking hero? You'll be punished Aye, comrad captain, Picasso, God dammit

What took so long? We already planned to storm the village

Have you got it?

Very good The country will not forget you

They coming!

How many ...


Fire Get ready to combat

Arrow, arrow This is falcon Do you read?

Over Arrow, do you read?


From the left!

Cover me!

Don't, don't!


There they are Curbashi! Cover me!

Behind the rocks!



Stas, take the captain Sparrow, Lutyi, Gioconda come with me !

Kurbashi, Grab him Pull back!

Fellas, me first!

Get down I said get down!

Sparrow, get down!

Let's go

Get down

Hold it!


Where's your gun?

Let's go, They are in the village

Hohol, the center is yours I come from the right Got it


Chugun, Curbashi, the right yard

Stas, Lutyi - go straight

Where's this?

Stas Where teh hell you went? What were you thinking?

Stop shooting!


It's ok, it's ok It hurts, of course it hurts, It's ok Hohol, let's pull back The artillery is about to strike.

Where the hell you going?

Hold on, hold on, Kurbashi!

Come here, Stas got wounded, quick Come on, pull back

Stas, Don't close your eyes Everything will be ok Stas, hold on Stas

Don't close your eyes, Stas, look at me

Afghanistan, day 237

Let's go

Catch Look, what they doing, dammit!

Ok, let's go Hey you, what the hell are you shooting?

Guys, get down Whatta freaks, huh?

Your own soldiers will shoot you For a box of canned meat Few month before discharge Discharge for you, is like walking to China backwords Me and Kurbashi gonna pack soon, Guys, we shouldn't have...

It's not right, maybe they needed to deliver it to some garrison.

Yeah, right, teach us how to live Guys, do you know what kinda man is Sparrow?

Tell 'em, bird I should feel embarrased?

I went to college, studied philology . Sparrow is a teacher

Why is it so funny? If I got you in school....

Teachers were afraid to come to our class How many guys you were at the course?

Three. - And girls?

You probably had all of them, huh? Come on, guys, He's got his Olya I swear, I'll come to you especially, just to meet this Olya, What's so special about her?

Wait, what you saying is...

Sparrow gonna stand with a pointer near the board, like some woodpecker It's clear regarding Gioconda Kurbashi will slice people No I won't, I had enough of this shit I'll be a vet, horses, sheep What about you Hohol? Whatcha wanna do after you leave Afghanistan?

Drink. Yeah, sure, for a week or so, but after that?

Drink again And then? - Still drink.

Till I forget all this Then I'll rise, wash my mug And start a new life, If I could

The Houst province, height 3234, day 267 Faster bird, because of you we've missed the New Year by Krasnoyarsk time It's ok, in Vladivostok they all rolling drunk already.

Say, Chugun! What?

What have you done to the compote?

Nothing. So where is it?

I forgot it, Yeah right, forgot.You intended to drink it all alone,under the blanket Brothers!

Brothers!!! Pinochet Pinochet! Pinochet!


Hello, drop it here How did you get here? I've been reassigned to your unit. Why? What you done?

I broke some motherfucker's teeth He said, you champ like a pig You see, for us, muslims Pig is an impure animal We might kill for such words Give me a drink. It's a pure alcohol Go ahead Let me introduce Afanasyi, frightening man Kurbashi, medic This is Hohol (offensive term for an Ukrainian)

For some Hohol...And for others comrade lieutenant Come on, man, he's one of us, Dygalo's disciple Hello Well, let's sit down, fellas Fill it in... Guys! Gorbachev's speech starts! Turn up the volume.

For the passing year.

Let all the bad things stay behind.

Come on, fill the second right now.

For discharge. Hooray, Hooray!

This year we dicsharge, guys.

Fill in, what left!

Brothers, the third toast

To our fallen comrades.

To Samylin To Nikita Balashov, To Potap.

To Ryaba, to Bold, to Kostyan.

In short, for all those who didn't make it.

To Stas To Stas

Troopers! Come on! Yeah! Hooray!

Wake up! Dude!

Guys!!! Ghosts!!!

Get ready to combat, company!!!

Put through the Falcon, quick Ammo, Chugun!

It's a major bummer! These bastards gonna fight to the fucking last one of 'em Come to me!

Don't let them close.

Come on Shoot, Shoot We have two wounded Where's Gioconda?


They pulling back. -Mortars... Incoming!

Get down

Falcon! Falcon!

Where's the captain?


Sparrow! Aye Get to the captain's dugout! They all drunk as a skunks there.

Get the mortar !

In the coomb, among the rocks, 150 Aye 150 Fire!

Excellent - you hit it!

Get the wounded here!

Captain's down Are there any officers alive?


Company, listen to me, To comb....

They are coming. -Get ready

Come to me!

They running,Hold the center

Don't let them get any closer

For nothing. No one is there Don't waste the rockets, We might need it later.

They must come some time.

If we hadn't contact them all day


Why they use only machine guns?

It seems they ran out of mortars But they got plenty of RPGs They save it for the convoy won't spend it on us Meanwhile Hey, Russian! Come out! Alive be.

Be patient, it won't take long Our troops will come here soon The choppers will take us To Tashkent There is good, warm.

Nurses in white coats.

How long we sit here? 3 hours.

They'll start soon.

Get down!

They shoot grenades!


Kurbashi! Get Kurbashi here!


Allah Akbar!

Crawl over here, Sparrow!

Go, go.

Sparrow, crawl.


Is there anyone alive?

Fellas, any ghosts left?

All clear here.


Enough. It's over. Everything is over. Enough.

Is there any officer alive?

Is there? No.

Listen to my command.

Number off.







7th Go get all the ammo that left.

I have two rockets. -I've a half magazine.

Two grenades.

Shit. It ain't enough for even one attack.

They start again.

They're going to attack. We are fucked ...

Company get ready.

Listen to my order.


Our troops!

Comrade colonel. The 9th company has accomplished the mission.

The convoy may pass securely.

There'll be no convoy, we are leaving.

Comrade colonel, we hold the height.

The convoy may pass.

Can you hear me, son? Why the communication didn't work?

Why there's no connection? Can you hear me?


Afghanistan, Chaugani, February 9th 1989 We were leaving Afghanistan.

We, the 9th company. Have won our own war.

Back then, we hadn't known a lot of things We hadn't known, that two years later the country we had been fighting for will vanish.

And wearing the medals of non existing country will become unfashionable.

We hadn't known that Lieutenant Dygalo will stay in standing army.

And train recruits somewhere near Tula He will die of a stroke, a year later During a night march.

We hadn't known that Snow White with her mother and lots of other Russian families.

Will stay in the abandoned army city on the Afghani border and disappear.

And we ourselves will be scattered ruthlessly, by the new life.

Some to the top, and some to the very bottom.

Non of this we hadn't known then.

We even Hadn't known that we were simply forgotten in the bustle of the huge army's withdraw On that remote height.

We were leaving Afghanistan...

The 9th company We, we won.

This film is based on real events That took place on January 8th, 1988 In Houst province, height 3234