A 2 heures de Paris (2018) Script

I won't be able to cover for you.

What got into you? On the plane?

You stressed me out.

You should see a shrink.

Or find other ways to relax. Walks in the forest, crosswords...

You could be suspended.

That snitch is after you. She brown-noses management.

I'm on the workers' council. Yeah, like that'll impress them!

45 minutes late. Sorry.

Around here, you're lucky I'm still alive.

Why didn't you wait inside?

How did the competition go?

Did you wipe the floor with them?

Are you sulking?

You know what?

I'm going to make us a nice little dinner.

To earn your forgiveness. OK.

We'll be able to discuss the awkward subject.

Is my dad in this album?

I don't know.

My darling, I don't know what to tell you.

We decided you didn't need to know who your dad is.

We manage fine without him.

I like our life the way it is.

We're fine, just the two of us.

No one to bust our balls.

You don't even realise how selfish you are.

You're the selfish one.

Why are you trying to force me?

I told you, I don't know who he is.

You understand? I don't know!

You can't have the diary.

Bad timing, I'm having a family crisis.

A week's suspension for your shag.

So it's become a shag now, has it? People are mad!

Ungrateful! I've just saved your ass.

How do you feel? Nervous.

We can turn back.



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Bloody hell!


I suspected it was you when I saw your name.

You haven't changed. Nor you.

Yeah, right!

This is Jeanne.

The one I did all my mischief with.

Not all of it.

Who are you?

Lolo. My daughter.

Your daughter?

How old are you? Fifteen.

I'll explain.

You'd better! We have lots to talk about.

We'll have dinner together tonight.

OK. Come with me.

The royal suite!

Make yourselves at home, this is on me.

No, Jeanne. I won't take money off a friend.

Even if she ran away 15 years ago.

Make yourselves comfy.

Thanks. No problem.

Pretty naff for a "suite".

You don't criticise if you're not paying.

Yes, Jean-Paul?

No, we've just got to the hotel.

Yeah, your car's fine.

Aren't you going to ask how I am?

"Excited" isn't the word.

You're sweet.

No, I'll call you when I have some news.

What did he say that was sweet?

Mind you own business!

You can run me a bath for that.

For what? For that!

Is this DNA test 100% reliable?

Yes, 99.9%.

How do you feel about it? I think it's funny.

Only you could have a kid like that!

As for your list, I know where they are.

Do you see them?

I bump into them, yeah.

Especially Stéphane. He's hard to avoid.

What does he do?

He's a heartbreaker. An eternal romantic!

We could go and see him tonight.

Yeah, let's go. I don't know where, but let's go.

Orange juice for you. And if anyone asks, you're 16.

What does Stéphane do in this joint?

He's the owner.

I bet your name's still in the toilet.

Shut up!

Crap music. It's from back then, like the decor.

I'm not dancing and making a fool of myself.

A vodka, an orange juice... And for you, Jeanne?

A beer.

Hey, she's a kid! Rub up against someone else!

Are you jealous? Piss off!

Fat ass! Wanker!

Excuse me.

Is Stéphane around? No, not tonight.

He won't be here.

Get the coats, I'll be outside.

Come on, girls, get stuck in!

So what are you doing now?

Air hostess.

Really? Air hostess?

That's good.

And you? This isn't exactly top-flight football.

Weren't you going to turn pro?

Yes, but in '99 I broke my kneecap.

I got depressed.

I was on medication, boozing... Not a pretty sight.

But I made it through.

I put my talent to work for others.

I got the girls into the regionals for the first time.

That's not bad.

It must be quite a tough job.

The pressure, the stress, the competition...

Hence the grey hair. No way!

Yes, you have, I'll show you.

Hang on.

Can I help? Darling.

Who's this slag? Be nice, darling.

He didn't do anything. Do you want a slap, ginge?

No, you prefer hands in the hair, don't you?

She's an old friend, I knew her 15 years ago.

It's OK, Mum, I've got her!

Are you OK? She's a maniac!

I'll tear your nail out! You're right.

I love fondling hair.


Like that she didn't slap you for nothing!

Let's go, Lolo.

They're mental!

We'll see about this at home! No, stay here!

I'm going to the loo. It's there.

Something to drink? Fresh orange juice, please.

We don't have that.

A Diet Coke, then. I only have normal Coke.

A normal Coke, then.

A drink? Fresh orange.

Two Cokes, please.

Can you play?

I'll thrash you!

Sure? Yeah.

You're pretty good.

What did you imagine?

Francine, I didn't see you. Hello.

Don't you remember me?

Sidonie Lavigne.

No, I don't.

I used to come every Saturday. I drank cherry beer.

You lived around here?

Yes. How long have you been here?

A long time. Yeah?

It'll be 56 years soon.

56 years!

Hello, my darlings.

Hi, Gran. OK?

And you?

How you've changed!

The roads weren't too busy?

No. We did it in two hours.

A new car? It's a friend's.

A boyfriend?

That's my business.

You'll stay for dinner?

No, we already have plans. Really?

But you'll be sleeping here?

We're at Jeanne's hotel.

You remember my friend Jeanne?

Of course.

You know you still have your old bedroom here.

Are you all right?

Of course.

Cold, isn't it?

Some tea?

It's good to see you, Mum.

You too.

Four-citrus tea.

Are they here, then?

He can't move because of his legs.


Aren't you going to say hello?

In a bit, yeah.

We dropped in at the bar.

Old Francine is still there.

Poor woman, she can't be far off 75.

Why "poor woman"? Working like that all her life.

Being independent, you mean?

Here, sweetheart.

How do you put up with him?

I thought you'd have got over it by now.

My sweet naive mum!

Won't you two ever be able to communicate properly?

"You two"?

I can't put up with shit like you can.

Mum, we have to get going.

But you've only just got here.

Well, I'm not a masochist.

It's not my fault. I know it's not.

You know what?

Come and eat with us tonight.

And leave him on his own?

Forget it.

I'm sorry, but he can't... forgive you for the scandal.

The scandal?

Does she look like a scandal?

The mayor's daughter, pregnant at 16, wow!

You know what was scandalous?

You sending me to your sister's, that's what!

He didn't want any fuss.

You create that fuss with your petty fucking morals!

The positive thing I got out of it was escaping from here!

Me too, you know...

I could have left.

You've been saying that for 30 years.

Say goodbye to your granddaughter.

You're always welcome in Paris.

I mean, if you can come without his authorization.

Bye, sweetheart.

There's a guy starting to piss me off.

What can I do for you?

Was that you?

Not the most discreet return.

Wait till I park.

Say when.

I didn't say when.

So, what are you doing here?

I came to see you.

That's nice, but it's not true.

Family stuff to sort out.

Nothing serious? No.

Are you married?


Got any kids?


Are you happy?

The zone is clear, then? Clear, but mined.

Some things never change.

And that's good.

You haven't changed either.

You're still as... beautiful.

That's pheromones.

We can't resist.

Even if we could, we don't want to.

Remember how in love with you I was?

We should've opened a bar in Australia, spent our life in swimsuits.

No. Our life without swimsuits.

You're right.

A life without swimsuits.

Been at it again?

Will you see him again?

You'd like that, eh?

Where are we going?

We're going... to Opéra.

Yes, it's a lovely car.

Listen carefully to the engine.


You're like a four-year-old!

I'm proud of it, it was a good purchase.

Can I drive?

Of course, no problem.

Well, when I say that...

I'll let you drive, but it's really special.

It's an old car, so there's no power steering.

You need a fine touch.

I love driving around Paris aimlessly like this.

Shall we drive till the sun comes up?

These show-off cars are shit!

Well, I needed some sun.

Well, he sure took his time.

You don't miss a trick, eh?

Two birds with one stone.

He's on the list. Bruno Petit.

Come on, let's go.

Look at Lolo.

Anyway, I thought of calling you right away.


Did you recognise me?


Are you happy to see me?

Well, it's a pleasure for me, anyway.

How long will it take?

I'll have a look tomorrow. Now, please!

Going by the oil, it's the crankcase.

Is it serious? No, but I have to order the parts.

For this it could take weeks.

You know about classic cars, do you?

A car's a car.

Can you call us a taxi?

Stay and eat, I'll take you later.

Your mum won't mind? Don't worry about that.

Mum, can you pass the salt?


What brings you to town?

Just a little pleasure trip.

Pleasure? You never got enough of that, eh?

Never with your son.

I'm going for a smoke outside. So as not to bother anyone.

Antoinette, you're being hard on her. It's been 15 years.

She hasn't changed, that's obvious.

My poor Bruno really suffered.

She bewitched him!

They were kids.

Then, why give us dinner?

I like you, Jeanne, you're strong.

I might be a grandma by now if he'd loved a girl like you.

How old are you? Fifteen.

Sorry about my mum.

Some things will never change.

So, my car?


What do you mean, "what"? Can it be fixed?

But it'll cost an arm and a leg.

What's your insurance like?

I don't know.

It's a friend's, I have to ask him.

A boyfriend who has a car like that?

What does that mean?

You and some rich guy. I'm not surprised.

I'm not surprised you still live with your parents.

What's it to you?

It's sad you've ended up an old bachelor.

You're still cute enough.

What the hell are you doing?

Kissing you is like time travel, it's disturbing.

And painful.

Have you got a girlfriend? No.

It can't be easy meeting people around here.

No one for fifteen years.

You mean that since us two... nothing?

Well, not nothing.

But nothing serious.

And you? Everything.

And nothing. Time has passed me by.

And here we are, back together.

Chance has reunited us. It wasn't chance.

What was it, then?

You were really nice to me back then.

I needed that, with my family situation.

I wanted to thank you. Stop it.

No, it's true. You really helped me.

And not just for sneaking out.

Where have you been? In the past.

Let's go.

Antoinette, it was a delight, as always, but one can have too much of a good thing.

Come on, Jeanne, coat!

Hey, girls.

Mission accomplished.


It's nice to take us back.

What will we do without a car? We'll improvise.

Anyway, I trust Bruno, he has golden fingers.

I'll try to get the parts as quickly as possible.

Do you fancy a drink?


Yeah, preferably. Not in six months.

I can't tonight. But tomorrow if you like.

Can you drop me at the Tao?

Yeah, Mum! Me, not us.


Girls... goodnight.

Bruno, thanks for everything.

Will you call me tomorrow?

Lolo, give him my number.

What did you expect?

I can't believe you're her daughter. Me neither sometimes.

Do you think I'm like her?

Yes, very much. What does your dad do?

I don't know him. What do you mean?

It's funny, we see each other all the time, but we've never really chatted.

I'm not the chatty type.

That must be why.

See you, Bruno.

DNA Genetics and Psychology

Got something to drink?

He didn't show.

I'm not surprised.

It's weird. You think so?

I bet he'll call me.

Didn't we have this conversation 15 years ago?

It takes years off us!

Could the guy simply be a tosser?

You're too hard on men.

It's not that simple.

I'm not talking about men, just about him.

I'm sure he's Lolo's dad.

Like a premonition.

I had a premonition he'd stand you up. Funny, eh?

I don't understand.

He's still driving you up the wall.

It's beyond me.

There's nothing to understand.

It's an animal thing.

I feel like a baby rabbit facing a boa constrictor.

Yeah, well, he'll drive you hopping mad!

I'm knackered. See you in the morning.

Sleep tight.

Remember how in love with you I was?

We were going to travel and open a bar in Australia.

Come in.


Well, well!

Successful hunting, eh?

Who are they from? You?

She's not right in the head!


You knacker his car and he sends you roses.

Don't let him get away.

What's he written?

"Don't take advantage." He knows you well.

But he still loves her.

Henri. He's still in the same place.

What does he do?

He's a special case.


You'll see. I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Not one of them is normal.

What does "normal" mean?

Nothing. I'm always telling you that.

Don't you have staff to do your shopping?


It's not a four-star hotel.

Hello, Aurélie, how are you?

Two Neufchâtels. As usual?

As usual. I'll pick them up later.

This was your mum last night!

You think that's funny.

The Mont d'Or was great. I really enjoyed it.

Mum, it's Bruno.

Another cold shoulder!

He's showing some balls. Good! It suits him.

We'll do endives with ham.



My daughter.


You didn't show up last night.

Last night? We had a date.

I had a thing which went on and on.

You could have called.

I don't have your number.

It's in your phone.

My battery was dead.

So that was why? Yes.

Are you playing or what? I'm playing.

Come on, Mum, let's go.

Don't stand there like a spare part.

I'm in.

At her age I was about to get knocked up.

Back then, when you disappeared, I never guessed that was why.

Your parents wouldn't tell me anything.

Not even an address or a phone number. Nothing.

I was a stain on my dad's landscape.

And my mum just said nothing, as always.

I don't know whether to love her or hate her.

Mine's dead, so I don't have that problem.

It's easier.

Really, when?

I feel really stupid.

No, you weren't to know.

Yeah, but she was always really nice to us.

I don't want to talk about it.

Why didn't you...? I don't know.

You could have got in touch with me.

Yeah. I dunno.

I was in a bad way.

I burnt my bridges with everyone.

I didn't see my mum for five years.

You could have had an abortion.

My dad wanted me to.

But I wanted that baby.

I immediately loved her like I've never loved anyone else.

She's a great kid. You're really lucky.

I know.

You're going in two days?

I have to. I'm working on Monday.

You can't do anything about work!

Look who it is.

What's he doing here?

I bumped into him this morning and invited him.


Can I have a word?

Shall we walk?

Sorry about your car, but it'll be at least three weeks.

Jeanne told me, it's OK. She'll drive it to Paris for me.

It's nice of you to do it.

When are you going? In two days.

I'd like you to stay a bit. That's nice.

But I'm starting to get a bit bored. Not with you and Jeanne.

You no longer believe in true love? True love?

Maybe you and I...

You've gained self-assurance since 15 years ago.

Well, we did... Yep.

Very nice it was too.

But that doesn't mean we should end up together, does it?

-Yes. -Both of us at the farm?

Why not?

This is pure fantasy.

I haven't changed, you know.

Yes, you have, you're a mum now.

Which means I'll shack up with anyone?

A bumpkin mechanic who lives with his mum.

That's below the belt. Yep.

I hit below the belt when the guy doesn't understand.

What's up with him?

He made a declaration.

Well, you shouldn't have... led him on.

I didn't lead him on, what are you on about?

You didn't sleep with him last night?

So what?

Maybe it's because this is the countryside, but when you sleep with someone here, there might be feelings.

If you think he's so cute, get him for yourself.

Thanks, I'm not having your leftovers!

So you don't think he's cute? Cute...

We're not kids any more.

His heart's broken.

Jump at the chance and console him.

You create havoc everywhere you go, eh?

Look, Mum, it's beautiful.

Seen the house?

The château?

Yeah, almost.

Hello, Henri.

"Her small porcelain teeth

"brought out the ruby colour of her cool lips, "on which there hovered a smile.

"Her complexion was brighter

"and her pallor

"even paler, "at that moment, "than in the most loving hours of the day."

Honoré de Balzac.

The Skin of Sorrow.

Still reading the same books? Yes.

That's nice.

We were in the area.

We thought it'd be nice to pop by.

And now you've met Lolo.

Hello, Lolo.

Are you shy?

The awkward age. Awkward age yourself!


Well said.

She takes after you.

Can I get you a drink?


Obviously...? Champagne.

And I have some!

He paints headless women?

That's a tree.

It's not bad.

He's a great artist with a real eye.

He's a weirdo.

15 years ago he was hot.

He's old. So?

I was his muse.

His source of inspiration.

If that's what you inspired...

He's a man of talent and charisma.

You'll be in luck if he's your dad.

Oh, yeah? You say that because he's loaded.


You're spilling it! The carpet needs feeding.

Henri, we're here because we're looking for Lolo's father.

Mum! No.

We've always been honest with each other.

Always? I know all the psychological deviousness...

Not for her.

...of your mum. Let her get straight to it.

So you're not beating around the bush?

And you're looking for the father?

Lolo was born in 1999. So you're my daughter!

We'll do a DNA test.

We need some of your hair. Anything.

We're in luck, you still have some.

No, not that one.

An old sod like me...

Doesn't hurt.

We'll let you know. Do it right.

Close the bag. She's good at it.

Well, what does your instinct tell you?

I can't imagine calling you Dad.

Granddad maybe, but... No!

She's right.

I'm an old sod to her.

A boring and lonely wreck.

But to me you'd be a gift from heaven!

Mum, let's go. I'm finishing my drink.

I won't give you a toke. Not recommended in your state.

After all that emotion, though, I could do with chilling out.

Give it a rest!

Still Chopin?

I'm pleased you recognise it.

I ought to.

And the piece?

I'd forgotten your musical quizzes and how they bored me shitless.

The Farewell Waltz.

What was it between us back then?


Between a 16-year-old girl and a 40-year-old? I don't know.

I don't like you saying that.


Because it's not the reality.

You've never been part of reality.

That's what was so good about you.

Yes, Jeanne?

No, we slept at the old bloke's place.



Mum, are you there?

Mum, are you there?

Jeanne called. Your dad's been taken ill, so... we have to go and see Gran.

Do you want me to come?

No, thanks, I can manage.

You slept with him.

What are you, the police?

My darlings.

Party time! Stop, it's serious, the doctor's here.

That's why I said it.

Be a bit Christian!

Mum, I'm not going to ease off because he's "at death's door".

How long has he got?

You're going too far!

He'd already had one attack.

You must be used to it, then.

Excuse me.

Do you want a drink? Yes, please.

Here, sweetheart. Thanks.

He's out of danger.

He needs rest and no excitement.

You understand, Mrs Lavigne?

Here's the prescription.

Thank you, Doctor.

I have to rush.

I'll call you to see how he is.

Goodbye, Doctor. See you.

Just a second.

Who's that? Jeanne.

What's the doctor's name?

Dr Ménard.

Julien Ménard.

Do you know him?

See, an educated man on the list! No way!

What list? Never mind.

Oh, flip!

He forgot his cheque.

We'll drop it off.

Would you? Thanks.

His address?

It's on the prescription. He works from home.

When will you come to Paris?

Come back with us.

Get a nurse in. We can spend some time together.

A little holiday.

That'd be nice.

Well, we have to go because Jeanne needs her car.


Bye, sweetie. Kiss-kiss.

Take care.

Go fuck yourself!

A breath of fresh air in your native Picardy.

How can you refuse?



Do it for Lolo.

I don't have any money.

I'll pay for your trip.

It's important to Lolo.

You'll thank me later.

You can't buy me.

So pay me back. I don't like being in debt.

Go on!


Recognise me?

Sidonie Lavigne!

That's funny, I was...

No, it's not funny. I was at your folks'...

I know. I didn't recognise you at first.

You were there?

Come to ask about your dad? No.

Look, it's a warning sign but nothing serious, don't worry.

I'm not worrying at all.

I've brought your cheque, that's all.

I thought we could go for a drink.

No, I can't tonight, sorry.

But I'll give you my number.

Who is it, darling?

Mum, I really need to go to the loo.

Could we...? Sorry, but we're expecting people.

Who is it? Good evening.

I knew Julien at school.

We were in the area.

My daughter really needs a wee.

Come on in, then.


Come in. Thanks.


Weren't you expecting guests?


No, why?

I dunno.

Sidonie's father was taken ill.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

You were in the same class?

You look much younger! Because of my hair.

No, I was in 10th grade and you...

Who's interested in all this ancient history?

Let's talk about the future and youth, right, kids?

Yes, I'm interested in what you got up to.

Did you go out together?

Were you his schoolgirl crush?

It's OK, you can tell me.

No, not at all.

"Not at all", really?

Not at all.

A couple of months. It was purely physical.

Darling, can you go and get the roast?

I haven't finished my starter. Now!

When did this take place, this little fling?

A long time ago.

The winter of '98.

This is delicious, Marianne.

Children, can you leave us, please?

When did you meet him?

I love hearing about how people met.

At school.

Then we got married when he was doing his first year of medicine.

So he was shagging you while I was pregnant.

The winter of '98.

Where's the electric carving knife?

Shut up!

Sorry for being so tactless.

No, it's not your fault, I don't blame you.

Everything gets found out in the end.

It's just that... you've made me face up to the shitty fucking reality!

Don't take it like that.

It was 15 years ago.

It's ancient history.

Cheated on when I was bedridden for 5 months expecting twins? No!

Some men react oddly to the prospect of fatherhood.

Prospect, my arse!

No, that's the last straw.

Here I am, watching it from the front row like a stupid fucking bitch!

A stupid fucking cow that he's cheated on, year after year!

But I pretend.

And act as if everything's fine.

At first you stay... turn a blind eye because you think that... he'll change.

Then you stay for the children.

Because you have values.

Shit values!

Stupid bitch values!

Stop calling yourself a stupid bitch.

I have to tell you something.

The timing's not great, but...

It's only a hypothesis.

I just need to check.

I've found the electric carving knife.

Don't move! Don't move!

Darling, this is no time to...

There, I hope that'll do it.

He's bald but as hairy as an ape.

A stroke of luck! If you like.

Let me know the results.

We'll be off.

Good luck. You too.

Lolo, we're off.

You weren't hitting on your brother? Stop it!

What are you doing? Comparisons.

Look, that's your nose, isn't it?

Look, he has my eyes.

Look, be honest.

No, I don't want it to be him.

Get in the car.

See you soon.

Don't miss your train.

And we're off!

Be careful.

It could become a habit.

Maybe, if it's that good every time.

With your help I think I can even improve.

When do you go to Berlin? Tomorrow.

You'll finally know who Lolo's dad is.

Are you happy? I dunno.

It's like a big win on the lottery, but all it means is trouble.

It'll make Lolo happy.

Ms Lavigne?

It's been a while.

Three or four weeks?

That's right.

Can you be more exact?

No, I can't do any better than that.

Only you can do the math.

Are you pleased at least?


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