A Better Tomorrow (1986) Script


$2 Yes!



The plate


Taste good?

Are you alright?

Take it and go to see the doctor Thanks

Can you read it?


Don't pretend

How are you!

Hi, Russ

Thanks That's it!

That's great, first class

Why don't we go out for a drink sometimes

It's pleasure doing business with you


Your English is improved Even know of course Of course!

Good morning. Mark Good morning, Mr Sung Good morning Good morning, Mr Sung

Good morning, Mark That's good

Mr Yiu Ho, you are back! Everything OK?

I counted already Clever Those foreigners are easy going Not all of them are as good as they are Your weakness is too easy to believe someone Thanks!

You are Shing? Sit...

No, thanks It's better for me to stand

Good morning. Linda!


There's a lot, you can learn from Ho He's excellent But I'll never be as good as him Though mark is frivolous But he is loyal Yes, he takes good care of me What are you talking about?

Nothing Just talking about you!


Your brother, Kit, graduates today Oh! Yes! I forgot to buy him a present I've got to go now Ho. Take Shing with you tomorrow to Taiwan Give the kid a chance

Taiwan Don't mistake it with Chai Wan?

Though I've been in this field for years I'm still afraid to go Do you know why?

Too much fighting and drink Don't fool him OK Give Kit a hooker for a graduation present I'm no good, but I want him to be a good citizen But it's better to have a whore

I want to see him to be a Ph D Getting married And having his own baby Then you'll be as busy as a buffalo

People say, one will step on shit with a big mouth You go in first You first I won't We will go in together

Hold it. We are police Search!

Sir Freeze That's not funny Don't turn around Both of us have guns If you don't respect me...

I won't See who doesn't respecting the others

So ticklish Don't...


Are you sure?

I have good news You'll surprise I am an Inspector, surprise!

You have to work hard At least you've got to be a super intendant Jackie!

She is my girlfriend She takes care of dad when she has time My brother Hi!

Taking care of dad in this way!

Thanks a lot Don't mention it I've got to sit for an exam Are you going steady Don't know yet!

You said you'll go with me! Hurry up!

I really want to stay... But...

No need to explain. Go!

I go first Sorry Let's go!





You should quit Your brother doesn't know what you have been doing Still remember You two played cop & thief when you were kids He almost lost But he still wanted to be a cop I don't want you to play the same game again For your brother



That's better Excuse me... Traffic is so bad Yes. Traffic jam I am Jackie Sir Traffic jam Give me a chance Please give her a chance Are you alright?

I'm fine Sir, the traffic is really bad Give her a chance please?



So pity Listen. Judges


It's you... You made me so embarrassed You spoiled everything How can I help you, if you don't have confidence yourself?

They didn't say you are out How do you know you'll fail?

Give it back to me

I will really fail this time

Are you sure?

This will be my last time

Because of Kit?

Don't come with me to Taiwan tomorrow Any goes wrong, you here to handle it Then they will follow you

I can't do it Then Shing will do it He resembles Albert Gino Please don't fool me, Mark Ho, we can't do without you I'm not mature yet Don't expect too much Don't think you can be the Big Brother by reading the books about underworld

Anyone ever point a gun at you?


12 years ago...

12 years, Ho and I went to Indonesia the first time We had a dinner at a club with their Big Brother

I said something wrong Suddenly 2 guns were pointing at my head and I was ordered to drink a bottle of whisky

I was so scared

Ho is really great He drank it for me

But there was even worse

4 guns were pointing at me then...

Do you know what they asked me to drink?


Drank urine in the club

Learning! That's what you call learning

That's our first deal That's history! Don't talk about it anymore No!

Never cried since I was a kid

That's the first time I cried

I swore that no one would ever point a gun at me again

That's good!

Be careful

Hitting a sand bag more often

I've to go tomorrow

Regular disappear I'll be back soon

When I'm away, take care of dad I will

Take care!


They're coming

Be careful, there's something wrong here

How do you know?


Mr Sung, how are you!

Where is Mr Wang?

He's not feeling well I'm her nephew He asked me to replace him How are you!

What kind of illness he has got?

Mr Sung, let's in and talk Nothing serious Just hiding out for a while Have a cup of tea Thanks!

Mr Sung, this way please!

Scared of everything when you are getting old Please sit Don't waste time!

Attention, head quarters Please check a car north town 1086379 It's a bit suspicious

We know you're reliable I respected you when I was a kid Do you believe that?

Someone paid me double to kill you He's crazy, who do they think I am?

I give you money




We'll be miles away

Sung kill some of our men in Taiwan He is wanted by the Police Big brother is worried that Ho might talk his secret Please come with me I don't want to be rude

You son of a bitch If you hurt my son I won't let you off Run!

What are you doing?


Don't push me!

Wrong number

Go. Uncle!


Jackie, what's happening?

Be careful, Kit?

Dad, don't come out

Dad, please don't


Kit, you have to forgive your brother!

Who betrayed me?


Ho, if I did I wouldn't be here with you now

I don't know if I can escape this time

Ho, what are you doing?

I'm going to surrender You can't Please don't Please don't go

No Run!


Go away I don't want to implicate another friend There's gun shots in the cavern You go No I insist you go

Stand and don't move Put down the gun Did you hear me? Put down the gun

There's no more rules in the world You can't trust any one today Even my nephew, Wang betrayed me He joined up with a new HK gang to try to take over my business As a result, we've lost Ho

We respect a faithful man but not a traitor



He will be in Fung Lim Restaurant tonight

What are you gong to do?

Do you need any help?

Do you need my men?

Take care!


Chief What's this?

Chief Inside here

I'm not scared My boss will post bail for me If you've the gut, fight with me without a gun See who is stronger?

5703 Sir, what's happening?


Sung, what's the charge?

Drug trafficking, attacking the police How dare you insult Inspector Sung Take down his statement


How's that? Feeling different!

Can I give you a lift?

No, thanks We are not going the same way I admire you Because of your friends You kept quiet That's ridiculous You were behind bars The counterfeiting racket is still strong Thanks!

I'm not involved anymore

Tell your friends The case is still open I won't let him off

A bad guy for a day Will never be a good guy again


I'll never come back again


Kit, cool down

Stop fighting

Kit, stop

Don't let me see you again


There's no manager here I'm Ken, are you looking for me?

Uncle Chung, asked me to come see you When I was doing business in Taiwan...

Doing business? You were in jail!

Mr Chung asked me to give you this letter

Chung, he never does anything good But we are friends It's so difficult to get a job for an ex-con No one will hire an ex-con

Don't feel depressed All these guys were prisoner before

Some people like to adopt orphans, I like to take care of ex-cons Because I was in prison too

Everybody, here's a new man Take care of him He is... you are...

Sung Tse Ho Ho brother!

Just call me Ho Social gathering?

Back to work I'm not paying you for doing nothing

Do you have a driving license?

No Whether you pass the exam or not...

You can stay Thanks, Ken Don't mention it There's no Boss here

Take it for lunch Thanks


That's not what you told me in your letter

Even I break my legs, I can't pay you back It's not your fault

I'm so glad to see you again Haven't seen you for so long You're still looking the same

Mark. This isn't our world anymore Why are you still here?

I've waited for you for 3 years

Let's start all over again

Don't bother me Pay attention to your brother

He's following Shing everyday That's very dangerous

You're brothers

Kit, we all know you are good at your work I recommended your promotion, but it's rejected Why?

This guy, you know him very well

He disappeared 3 years ago He's back after being released from prison in Taiwan and got back with his old partners again It's none of my business We're investigating underworld activities and none of their family members would be related Understand?

When I carry out my order I've never thought of my brother Kit!

You're not in Shing's case anymore Or you'll spoil the whole matter

Sung, Shing will meet those Thai tonight...


Bottom up Mark Tell us about your stories Let Ho say it My boss says

$18,000,000 maximum OK Boss, Ho is outside

Draught beer, please

This way please


How come you didn't inform us you're back You shouldn't do that

We were good brothers once Is that right, Mark?

Ho, if you didn't take care of me I would never have what I have now Oh no You deserve it I don't have the ability It's Mark who gave me the chance Mark, if you need my help in the future Just say so Don't bullshit Let's drink You have to take care of our brothers Cheers!

This is for my leg


Come to see me when you're free There's a lot we can talk I'm not interested You will be I have to go

Sung Tse Ho!

Follow me

What are you doing?

What did Shing tell you?


Don't fool me!

Business or bullshit?

Bullshit, really Is there something arriving the day after?

Don't know Where to load and when?

Don't know How can you be a Big Brother knowing nothing?


Don't call me Kit, call me inspector!

I'm not a Big Brother anymore

Where do you work?

United Taxi Co

Decent business

Robbing with a taxi?

Where do you live?

United Taxi Co

Someone still accepted you thief

Thief... Doesn't he have a name?

Don't think you are great to have a gun I'll shoot you down, cripple

Don't point at my head with a gun If you've got the guts, then shoot me...


Sir, I know I owe you too much Give me a chance!

Give you a chance?

I beg you to give me one!

Do you know because of you I lost my chance of promotion Because you are an agent of the underworld

Don't leave HK

I'll be back to get you

Do you need an invitation for a cup of tea Thanks!

I will deduct it from your salary You are mean Otherwise How can I support my family?

You're right

There's a beautiful girl staring at you Your girlfriend?

Please come in!


I want your help

Can you leave HK for a while?

I don't want to see Kit getting mad He can't take this pressure, neither can I

So I think it's better for you to be away for a while I won't leave!

I want Kit to see that I'm in my new life Can you give me a chance to show it to him?

Don't you see I want to skate Riding bicycle with him too?

I don't want to lose this brother


Don't stay here, go in!

There's no use just staying here Ho can handle his own matter, go in!

Who are they?

They're not good Ho, Big Brother wants to see you I'm busy Give me some face Just come with me


Ho, Mark is with us Come over too No, thanks I am not interested...

You may not interested in business How about your brother?

Doesn't it raise your interest?

I'll wait for you!


Ken, I want to go out for a while

You have to have principle, don't be afraid Be straight!

Ho, please!

You'll never be cleaned once you belong to the underworld


Ho, so glad you're back How are you, Mr Yiu?

Fine, thanks Come, talk to Shing!

Not you?

It's the same as talking to Shing I'm too old to make decisions Ho, sit please

We can make big money I really hope to cooperate with you again How?

You're still our Big Brother Mark handles the trafficking of money I'll take care of the drugs, make money for our company We need you to contact the old clients

You haven't got to the point yet

With your brother's assistance That would be perfect!

What else to have your own man in the police!

Come, I have something to tell you

How about if I don't accept?

Ho I kept Mark because of you Your brother is following everything If it wasn't you, he's dead already!

Shing, one is my brother the other is my friend How would I walk out this door if I said yes?

It doesn't matter for you insult me But not my friend

If you hurt my brother You won't live long

We've wanted Mark Lee for 3 years But we can't take him back legally Otherwise, we can control the syndicate The Roc Police Dept is willing to give information to the Interpol to the Hong Kong Government The US Government has also taken action I see!

We've some information recently in 2 days there'll be counterfeit shipped to Taiwan and 500 kg heroin!

Though I can't do this case myself I hope to see Mark and his men being charged

Boss, Ho is too much Let's kill him Not necessary

Do as we plan

I gave you the money already Where do we load the thing?

I'll give you the address

Get in!

Come back!

Did you have dinner yet?

What are you doing?

Mr Mok, its Kit, I've got hints That Thai will deal with Shing tomorrow Time and location should be...

OK, you hand in the hints tomorrow and there will be no concern of yours Why?

You are not involved I'm afraid that you'll spoil the whole thing Give me a chance?

I have told you that There is no hero in the police What are you doing now?

Do you know that today is my birthday?

Can you look at me?

You'll look at vase This is your home, not the police barrack

You even forget my birthday


Happy birthday

I didn't forget

Blow out the candles

What wish did you make?

You really want to know?

What is it?

Promise not to lose your temper Say it

The reunion of the two of you

Don't be angry Nothing Don't get angry on my birthday I don't let you get angry Otherwise I will get angry Smile

Let me open it

Anything happens?

I want to speak to Kit

Who is?

Don't be mad Keep your promise

Sit Thanks Today is your birthday?

Yes Have a piece of cake Why do you treat him that nice?

Don't do that

I don't care how you treat me I'm here to tell you that Shing tries to tramp you Be careful Thank you!

Don't trust those crummy It's always a trick if you have it too easy Do you think I am as dumb as before?

I only want to help you Help me or trick me?

Do you know You are my burden Can you trust me one more time?

Trust you?



He didn't change a bit on my impression Don't give up Don't let the other look down upon you

Why can't you forgive him?

Let him start a new life?

He killed dad indirectly?

Why do you force me to accept him

He can't blame anymore for choosing the wrong way?

I'm the cop, he's the thief

We're going opposite

I'm a cop

What's happening? Ken!

Your brother is having an operation He's now in Queen Mary's Hurry up!


What happened to my brother?

He is being tricked by Shing He purposely did it How is he?

You can't get in

I tried to stop him alone But he insisted I hope you can cooperate with the police and let's know your location

It's easy to be a hero. Jump

It's not the same now, you don't have any choice Get along with us And don't tell the police We know each other well

What's happening?

Don't use Sung ever again


Fight with them

Stop it!

Can we make a deal It's not worthwhile breaking rules again

Stop fighting



You idiot, don't go!

Stay if you have guts!

You, son of bitch!

Ken. That's my fault I don't want you to be involved

You've no principle They fight because they are scared If you hit them back then they win

Why do you want to change?


Who's he?

Ken! Ho!

Come and have a look Come over Mark...

Emergency box Quick!

Ken, what are we going to do?

Let's go!

Police. Stop for searching

That's too much I'll send the quotation to the Station Smart

I did notice the beauty of HK at night

But it doesn't last It's not worthwhile


Let's start all over again After this last time then leave HK Mark!

We've never been scared before Why are we scared of Shing...

Don't push me, I'll never get involved again

Those are memories I'm still alive Even you do 10 times, 100 times Then what?

Even you kill Shing?

I lost my brother already I don't want to lost you too Mark, can you wake up? Don't say anything I don't want sympathy

You didn't owe me anything?

I never force my friend's doing things unwillingly I've my principle I don't want to loose for my whole life

Do you think I like begging?

I've waited for a chance for 3 years I've to show them that I'm the best I just want to say that I take back my losses

What did you look like?

We were scared when we were bad Felt as if we were being followed when we are good Did you fight for a chance?

You didn't No!

Same as you


What happened to you?

I just want to take back something

Stand over that side Go and steal the plate You'll be in big trouble Think twice before you do it

Stop for a moment


Open the door!

Thanks. Mr Chan!

Go after them

You idiot!

I told you that's too much Idiot If Ho hands the plate to the police Not only you will die but even the syndicate will collapse That's enough Don't call me idiot What did you call me when I gave you money?

I regret to have you I'll kill you if you don't bring me back the plate You kill me then I betrayed Ho 3 years ago Would I be scared of him now?

You have to pay him back We've to share the problem together!


Ho, why did you give me such a problem?

Mr Yiu. I want to speak to Shing Shing? Wait a minute Ask him to give us back the plate

Ho, don't fool me We can compromise

10pm tonight. Go to Temple with US$2,000,000 For the exchange of the plate and have a boat ready for you at The Bay That's simple?

I want cash You yourself!

I will be there

What did Ho say?

What did he say?


He said he wants to have dinner with you OK, I'll wait for him


Come in!

Mr Mok, I've information Ho, Mark and Shing have a quarrel They blackmailed Shing and they're having a deal tonight

Did you know the time and place?

Later Hello. I'm...


2 minutes ago Shing debited US$2,000,000 from the bank Everyone get ready for order Yes, Sir!

Mr Mok. Let me in You should be in the hospital What are you doing here?

I'm fine You've a paid leave for a few days

See, I can lift the chair easily You're not included My brother is the thief Not me Why do you give me pressure?

If you still remember the rules You shouldn't get involved My dad died 3 years ago I allow Shing But you two are brothers I know this case most thoroughly Don't depress me I want to lock him up myself I'll lock him up


Kit. Be practical


I'm leaving HK tonight You are giving up Can you give this packet to Kit tonight at 9 It's very important to him

Will you come back?

Kit, your brother is leaving tonight He asked me to give this packet to you Kit. The plate I gave you is the proof to charge Shing We're having a dealing tonight at The Bay You can put me in prison if you like to I decided not to stay in HK

What are you doing?

I have to grab him No. You can't No Go away!


Ho. They are late

Do you know what to say?

Do you believe in god?

I'm the god

God is a human

Anyone will be god, if he can control his life But sometimes you couldn't

You'll either gain or loose

Hold it!



Hand it to the police

Don't There's a bomb I'm not a dummy

You scared?

Don't trick me?


After Ho arrived, he had a quarrel with Master He asked for $2,000,000 He'll be at sea tonight Then I heard a shot That's him Are you sure?


Do you want to be the witness?


I know you'll do that already You'll lose Get out!

Get out...

If you're better, release him!

Come over Go!

Ho, on board You go first

You said we'll go together

I've something to do

I'll meet you

Mark. Go!

I'll wait for you

Release him Otherwise, I'll kill your brother Don't do it

One for each


I won't let you off

I know!


Come over


Look at your brother


No matter how he wronged you before He paid you back now

He has the guts to change What can't you forgive him?


For a brother...


You can't get over, Miss


Ho, you're being surrounded In 3 minutes Come out unarmed

No more bullets

I'm going to surrender I'll be alright You'll not I will have money, 3 days later I'll be released I've money, can change black to white I learned it from you But your brother, because of you, he's from white to black You tramp him

Kit. You didn't do it wrong We are on different routes Yours are right

I was wrong before

I want to be back on the right one now