A Better Tomorrow II (1987) Script

I've been waiting 3 years for this one chance The only thing to prove is not my brilliance but my determination to regain the losses

Kit, calm down!

Don't call me Kit answer "Yes Sir"

Yes Sir!

I haven't been a big brother for a long time As brothers...

Kit, you are not wrong We are on different routes You've picked the right way

This is Chief Inspector Wu Inspector Chow Brother Ho Take a seat!

Thank you, Sir!

We have a case which hopefully you will consent to take up Interpol has information that the headquarters of an international counterfeit operation has moved here It's a matter of face I want to crack it before I retire

The few big operators we've already finished them off only this suspect is left

The one who taught you everything: Lung

15 years ago Lung ruled over all counterfeit operations in SE Asia We do not rule out he is still in control


He's retired for over 10 years Are you that sure?

He's not that kind of person A person can change his appearance but he can never get rid of his criminal record Ho, you were in the business I want you to be an undercover and investigate Lung I won't do it

It's a matter of face Don't you want to do something for society?

I'm paying back now I think I've done my bit for society

Mr... Lung Daddy, I'm scared Don't be afraid!

Mr. Lung!

How do you do?

How are you?

How are you?

Good evening!

How are you?


Brother Lung!

My daughter is very nervous No need to be

I taught you right Your mother and I danced like this 20 years ago from the first step to the last applause all the way Sometimes, you have to wait long for the first applause If you did your best someone will appreciate it

This way, please!

No, thank you!

Do you know Mr. Lung?

Yes, what's the matter?

I worship him You worship him?

I also enjoy watching people dance like this I saw him dance 20 years ago At the time, not many people could dance like this so he was quite a sensation I would really like to meet him I'll introduce you Someone wants to meet you a secret admire

I heard you it hurts a little too I'm sorry, I'm Billie I don't recognize you

It's alright but I'm sure you're the one

Actually you haven't changed much 20 years

Stay calm

Dad, my heel has broken off That's terrible What shall I do?

Thinking of something Take your shoes off What are you doing? Come on!

This judges will feel sorry for you Go on!

Take a seat!

I can't tell anyone about the case I'm on not even you

Don't worry, I'll be alright

You take care

Mr. Wong would like to say hello Brother Lung!

Brother Lung!


Your daughter dances well

No dance will wear shoes next year

Miss Lung!

My Dad talks too much Don't talk to him Uncle!

Billie is here to see you Really?


Billie Why don't you two chat a little?

OK This is for you to wish you "fast winds"

Wasn't going so well should be better now with this I'll put it away for you Do you like this ship?

Sure. A nice young man too Billie says he wants to tour the shipyard Yes, learn a little about shipyards

I'm glad you're friends with Peggy As long as she's happy I'll be grateful to you We cannot repay the bank The shipyard could be taken over anytime How much cash do we have to payoff the staff?

Not even a third of what's needed What are you listening to?

You want to?

They say someone has applied for our winding up

The only way is to give up your shareholding and get some cash to tide us over Hey!

Are you listening to me?


Mr. Lung!

What is it?

I've come to deliver money to you

Brother Lung I've used all my shares to act as collateral against Mr. Wong's bonds I've done my best towards the company If you let me have your shares too I'll withdraw the winding up application

You think what you say is it?

In our time, we had a code of behavior You respect me and the respect is doubly returned Ko might have been confused and was misled committing this error without asking me

You are not worthy of my respect not my despise This is the way out

Seems there's nothing more to say Nobody dare not give me face


I haven't seen Kit for a long time He seems changed He says he's on a special mission After he's finished it we'll change our names and identity and move somewhere else to live Did he say what mission he's on?

No, but he's become very strange He was talking late last night with a girl Peggy I'm afraid he'll leave me

Why did you send Kit as an uncover agent?

Don't you know he'll be in danger?

Kit has his own thinking no one can stop him

OK, I'll work with you Take Kit off this case Let me think about it Sung Chi Ho, I didn't force you you volunteered We all have to be responsible for subsequent events When are you leaving me out?

I'll arrange it


How did you get out?

I escaped I have nowhere to go I want to stick with you

Give yourself up

When a man has wronged walk in with your head high and walk out with your head high I've left this business for over 15 years

I want to go straight But someone is always after us I want to be clean no one believes me

You should have another choice

Brother Wong!

Mr. Chow Thanks for coming Immigrating so soon?

Let's not talk about it Brother Chung

Mr. Chow Just help yourself

What a coincidence!

When you are not doing well Everybody looks at you like an exhibit So you should look at them the same way

Dad says of all my boyfriends you're the most considerate Really?

He loves the boat you gave him He asked me to thank you Wait for me


Brother Wong!

My name is Billie Billie!

How come you're here?

I'm doing exactly what you're doing What have you found out?

And you?

Wong & two gangs want to get Lung's shipyard

For what purpose I don't know yet You get out of this Let me handle it You're no fight for them

I've started already I must finish it

I've done this before I know what will happen

I used to be too irrational Maybe after this I'll understand you better

You're still so stubborn

You all know my problem There's a note for you

When I drop my cigarette, you shoot!

Brother Lung!

Brother Lung!

I'm right here what do you want?

Don't get so mad I just want your company to pay up What game are you playing?

You cheat me with such low down tricks You have no ethics You shut up you have no right to speak You...

Mr. Wong, I'll be responsible Ko's case The law will settle this Law? The law is up to me It's simple either sign these documents or take this bullet, up to you

I don't believe you have the guts to shoot Don't you believe it?

Neither of us was that clean Why don't we bet on it?

I'll bet responsible, leave Lung out Ko, watch what you do You want to settle, settle with me Watch it Move over, let me kill him

What is it?

Somebody's life is at stake Go in and check it out!


You started it, I'll play Put your gun down You don't care me, Lung!

You think I have no ethics Ko, listen to me We can't solve things this way Brother Lung, let go!


Let me kill him Be careful!

Put the gun down Ko, don't!

Brother Lung!

Put it down

Kit, take Peggy away from this Go on!


Lung, let's go!

Do you know what you just did?

You killed someone

I just want to know you're innocent

Someone set it up It's no good No one believes him everybody is after him He has to leave town Then you'll have to take it up This is against my principle Principles can be changed I do have a way to do I can put him on a boat tonight Thank you!

I'm putting you on a boat tonight Uncle Lung

What about my daughter?

I'll look after Peggy Rest assured, Uncle Lung Do you have any friends overseas?

Yes! In New York!

Fine, as long as you have a friend

Why don't you take me home?

Your home is not safe

My girlfriend, Peggy!

My wife, Jackie!

Don't go...

You cheated me Calm down, go inside Leave me! Get in!

Leave me!

Don't like that, sit down!

Leave me! You sit down here!


I lied, but not to hurt you I'm with the police We suspected your father was trading illegally That's why I had to get near you You used me!

Trust me!

It's safer here You'd better explain

What were you up to? Tell me!

Thank you!

Go. Don't worry

We should let Peggy meet up with Lung in USA And you?

I'll try to join them

They wouldn't trust you I'll try anyway

Watch Ko, he's real trouble!

You take care too I will

You really don't know where your father is?


Have any friends said where he is?


Peggy! Peggy!

Peggy is dead

Many things are memorable I've put down all the incidents in your lives into many stories Nothing much worth writing about It's not true the world nowadays no longer has people who are friends like you are

Like Mark how many are there like him?

Who's he? Looks just like Mark He's Ken Mark's twin brother He's a real tough cookie Used to be called King of Diamond Hill People shook at hearing his name Then he went straight and traveled all over At 15, he landed in USA and traveled from West to East Sweated it out to go straight everybody respected him Said he had guts

Hello, Four Seas Restaurant I'm Sung Chin Ho calling from Hong Kong Can I speak to Ken Wait a minute!

Ken will tell you off for dressing like this So what!

There's a table, go and sit down Ken Table No. 10 Hong Kong call from Sung Chi Ho, taking it?

Tell him I'm busy, hold on Those two say it's too salty want to change I'll change it take this out first Keung I've got a lawyer working on your papers You can apply for your family soon Thank you, Ken!

No thank you at all!

So go slow on the salt in the fried rice Those customers are really making a fuss I will. I was worried about being caught everyday so I got heavy handed I won't anymore

Well, look good?

What is it?


Got a cold? Eyes gone blind?

Serves you right told you Ken would scold you Just want to imitate Mark, so suave We're not blind We just want to go with some boss You won't take us Look at you, like circus clowns Take if off and go have some soup Good, great What soup do you think it is today?

This fucking rice stinks!

Hey, where are you going?

Where are you going? Stay here. Don't go!

Come here, you Hey, what are you doing? Let me go!

I want to talk to your greasy manager, alright?

Come on Where's your fucking boss?

I'm the boss what can I do for you, sir?

The fried rice stinks!

Oh! Yeh, no problem I can change another for you Keung, bring two more plates of fried rice More rice?

Go on!

Damn those foreigners

Bobby has a gun I'm your protection Oh!

And now you listen to me You will pay me a thousand dollars a month I see!

See up!

I give you nothing

I won't give you, shit!

You don't pay me and I'll blow up your restaurant You really mean that? You mean that?

You want to blow up my restaurant?

You make me so nervous!

I really scare about this Mamamia!

He wants to blow up my restaurant Shut up, you!

What about that, my friend If you feel hungry you come to my restaurant any time No problem What do you think? What do you think?

Oh yeah, he needs some money I got a quarter Take it or leave it it's up to you What do you think?


What's matter with you? You got a big problem?

You don't like my rice? You don't like my rice?

My rice is good, tastes good You...

What's wrong with the food?

It is beautiful for me

You want to try some?


For you, rice is nothing But for us, rice just like my father and mother Don't fuck on my family

I am very hurt about it

I feel sorry with my rice

If you have any dignity Apologize to the rice right now Fuck your rice, and fuck you too Shoot him

What are you doing? Stop it!

Drop the gun! Drop the gun! Drop it!

Open your fucking mouth and eat the rice Never!

Eat up you bastard

OK, drop the gun! Drop it!

Are you talking to me?


Wait a minute, let the asshole eat the rice first No, no, you drop the gun first No, no, let him eat first Eat it up, damn you!

You better eat that asshole he means it If you don't I'll blow your head off Eat up, go on!

Come on!

That's better, much better!

15 years ago you said if I were in trouble to come looking

Didn't think you'd come looking for me

Brother Lung!


It used to seem so easy to kill someone Yet it seems so difficult to save someone now but I believe in one thing if you are determined to be a good man you'll make it

You brat Come wash your hands

A tattoo of over 10 years cannot be washed away Some regular parishioners dare not come in

Hello, Ko!

Oh good, where are you now?

In New York, what's happening?

It will soon become all clear I am collecting evidence How about my daughter?

She misses you I'll arrange for her to see you Do that as quickly as possible Give me your address

Don't worry I'll handle everything Take care of yourself!

He's in New York

God bless him He's a dead duck Let's continue, how much more counterfeit do you need

$60m, to supply Europe and South America How do you intend to ship the money out We have our own ships That's great I'm confident then Same price, $38 for 100 notes

I'll be able to see my daughter soon That's wonderful told you not to worry

This is for you, tastes good


Who are you?

You keep an eye on this guy he is dangerous

Help! Stay cool man

Get him ready for an electro-shock

OK, I will I think that will be the best thing

Uncle Lung!

Uncle Lung!

Uncle Lung!

Uncle Lung, we're home

Dinner time

I'm sure in you entire stay in the States You have not had a more sumptuous meal

Here, a sausage, no poison

Chicken leg!

Nail you down Help yourself!

Diamond 2, got any more 2's Get him!

A Mr. Sung to see you

I want to see Mr. Ko Brother Ho?

When did you get out?

Nice of you to visit us You really give me face He's the one who shot Big Boss Shing The whole business knows about it You speak too highly of me Let me present, Mr. Ko Mr. Ko!

What can I do for you?

I used to work with Mr. Lung He used to look after me well

Now, I've escaped and want to work with him again but he's skipped town It's my bad luck I just want to make some money So why come looking for me?

I want to join your organization You're mistaken All our business is legitimate Your background and mine we both know If think I'd just turn up without checking it out Why do you speak like this?

If there's money to be made let's all make it If you're interested talk to Mr. Ko If there's a chance to let me join You can play at whatever you like That's settled then Give me some time to consider it We should all check out our credibility

We speak again Good Mrs. Sung Get to husband to decide on a name

Please come in, Mrs. Cheung!

That's not very careful!

Tough. Where are you from?

Do I have to be from somewhere?

Not even a word of thanks?

You want to talk business?

Talk business. Sure

It doesn't do you any good not to eat You're not a baby I won't make you eat You eat yourself

Take something Go on!

Whether we are husband and wife or friends Brothers or sisters whatever we are

The worst is that I can't help you If you think there is not a single good person left Who can help you?

Why don't you help yourself!

If you went to be ill I'll be ill with you If you want to give up I'll give up too If you want to starve I'll starve with you

This shit!

Come on, baby, come on, come on

Come on, baby, come on

Come on, baby, yeah!

So nice, let's eat

Let's eat

You've got guts why are you returning the money?


You forgot your case

watch out!

Let's look up Ken

Damn, damn!

Marco, notify everybody Get everybody here Fucking guineas There's nothing for you guys here Ken!

Your problem is our problem I'm sorry to have let this happen to you You go back!

Kill them all You shut up!

Give me the gun give me the gun Ken!

Be cool man!

Why, Ken?

Cool down!

Let's go


Don't follow me Go home Let us help you

You've finally thought it out Yes!

If there's money to be made open up the doors I really want to work with you Do you trust me now?

But, all hearts are different we must be careful We must understand one another better Test our sincerity

How do we do that?

I want you to get rid of someone for me He could do us great harm

He says he's one of us Yet I know he's an undercover agent You kill him for me later

I'm sorry, brother

Oh, it's Billie You want to make money just let me know I've always liked your style Mr. Ko, your status is somewhat different now It's difficult to talk to you Let's deal Sure!


I know you're an agent You want to get me?

An agent!

If I were one, I would have killed you already I don't need to take this shit If you don't believe me, do it Let his wish come true

You want to play I'll play with you If you've got the guts shoot me Otherwise I'll go to the police Chong!

Let me do it

Take another shot or else he won't believe it

Go on!

Get rid of him

Big brother between the two of us It's enough that he trusts one


Actually, we haven't investigated this kid We just wanted to test you Welcome to the company

Thank you!

Kit, Kit...

This is your brother

Miss, where is the emergency ward?


Prepare to operate Get him inside, quick Get him inside Please, hurry up, will you You can't go in, wait outside

How's Kit?

He's wounded the doctors are working on him

He's ok Luckily the bullet went through Please feels relieved

Good luck

What's her name? Name?

You daughter is dead

She's dead

Wake up, will you Wake up!

Do you want to spend the rest of your life like this?

Don't torture yourself

Everybody will be so hurt to see you like this

The Lung of yester years

could face anything

and now, you can't even walk out the door

Why can't you face reality?


You might as well be dead

And my sweat over these years were blown away too

I have no regrets I need no sympathy Not like you, waiting to die looking for pity

I am still in control If you do not admit defeat fight back with me There's no such thing in this world as "Forced To"

Fuck you!

Get out!

There's only one way out and you're coming with me If we don't fight we'll both die here If we win we'll start all over again I know you can do it, come on!

No, don't, don't make me!

No, don't force me!


Don't make me do it

Peggy, I'm right here don't be afraid Dad's right here

I want to see you



Why... Why is it so difficult to be a good person?

This is after all not our own place

Many try to leave home at all costs Many want to go home Some...

Cannot even find a temporary place to rest

One's home is always better Will you come back?

Sure, to take some soup

You're prejudiced keeping so much of Mark's things Sure. He treated me the best Just like this overcoat over 40 bullet holes it's a reminder for you to behave So that you won't come crawling back in one


I've been waiting for you to come back


Look who's here?


It's Ken!


I'm sorry, I couldn't protect Peggy I can only send her flowers everyday

Thank you. It's God's will Uncle Lung Kit did his best

It's been hard on you

I don't care now

Why are you looking at me?

You resemble someone someone died?

Your brother?

Don't speak of the dead in a cemetery I'm Sung Chi Ho's brother Sung Chi Kit How're you?

Oh! So you're big brother Kit!

Just call me Kit I'm Ken!

Hi, big brother Ken Come on, we're both younger brothers Call me Ken

What happened? Got hit?

In the line of duty Just admit you got hit in the line of duty...

You're just like your brother a real square You're like Mark too quick tongue Kit!

Jackie needs you right now go home

Why don't we let Kit join us?

Maybe he has more information for us An extra hand can sure help Whatever you say?

I can't figure it out What does Ko want with the shipyard?

I suspect he is using it as a counterfeit headquarters Put the blame on Uncle Lung He needn't kill Lung just make him go crazy I'll burn up the shipyard My life's work No one can destroy it If it has to be done I'll do it myself The main thing is to get evidence against them To clear you Either we don't get involved or we do, in a big way

Got any clues?

A New York buyer is in town He has a deal with Ko OK when they arrived the headquarter we'll catch them at it


Thanks, Uncle Lung!

How sweet

Big brother!

For you

I don't like oranges

What is it?

A shooting star It's only a firefly

In the police, it's unlucky to see a shooting star Bullshit, what's the point if you know you'll die

The first time you saw it was in a cemetery The second time we see it together again Such misfortune

So what? Are you worried?

I'm not worried I'm very worried I'm worried that before this case is over I'll be dead

Do you have much unfinished business?

You have to act with panache

Softly as I leave you Softly as I came Not taking with me any trace of the clouds


Who are those people?

Looks like printers

Go back to the shipyard and get them started I'll take delivery tomorrow You go too It's about time Let's go!

Here comes the boss


Hurry it up Get a move on How much do you think we'll make?

Enough to buy a few night clubs

You've got the nerve to steal Don't!

Don't look about, get to work Watch them. They know how to slack

Surely the counterfeit headquarters are at the shipyard Ko has been running it Then notify the police and clear Uncle Lung's name Right!

It can't be that simple I feel something is wrong I saw it myself don't you believe me?


Ko, this is Lung!

I'm back

Brother Lung, are you ok?

Yes, fine thanks!

Kit, I'd like to talk to you

Leave this case I don't want you to get hurt Jackie is in hospital Really?

She's in room 704 At a time like this She needs support

Ko Ying Pui


What have you found?

There's no one here We've been had That's terrible Mr. Ko, we've notified the police You think I really trusted Sung Chi Ho?

I set a few guys up and got rid of them Nice and clean

Let's get going!

Let's go!

The back door the police are here

We want Lung alive

Hurry, get in!

You go first Let's go together You go, look after Uncle Lung!

There's gunfire What's happened?

Get in!

I really got it Are you scared?

I'm not scared, I'm very scared

Then drive faster or I won't make it Yes, Sir!

Ko's basement is really the headquarters I finally finished this case Yet crime goes on so what if you cracked this one Someone's bound to. Carry on Right, just you to handle it

Kit Stop the car, I have to call We're nearly at the hospital There's no time

Room 704 please

Ho, this is Ken Oh, fine, he's right beside me Let me talk to Jackie Wait a minute

Jackie, is it a boy or a girl?

A girl

Oh, a girl, what does she weigh?

6lbs 3ozs, she's really pretty

6lbs 3ozs, no small Mark and I weighed less than 6lbs together

Does she look like you or me?

Like me But her eyes are like yours

She says the baby's real pretty with eyes like mine Must be a pretty baby judging by her father

Bring her over, let me talk to her Don't be silly, she can't talk yet She can only cry

Even that, I want to hear it

Hey, why aren't you talking?

Oh, I'm really happy If you want to see her that much come quickly I'm coming

We haven't named her yet

Kit, you haven't thought of a name yet

Sung Ho Yin (The spirit of righteousness)

Don't ask me about today No need to know it and no need to ask Reasonable or not?

How to make a judgment?

Don't want to think to remember or to know!

Don't ask me about my life No need to mention the past With or without love Don't ask me Don't want to care to regret or to understand

Watch out!


I'll be with you to find a better tomorrow Don't ask me about sad things No need to say it don't even mention it This, that Just couldn't help it Nobody knows the inside story Nobody knows

Uncle Kin, Go home!

I can help

I've prepared a boat for your departure It's not necessary

Ho, Kit fell from here

He must have taken the wrong medicine These grenades are really something Have to watch out this time

No... sorry...

Can't go on

Let those outside take care of it

You want to get away

This is for you

you get $100,000 for each one you kill

Brother Uncle Kin, what kind of bomb is that?

So powerful!

Still have more powerful one, wanna try?

No I go and get it for you No


Are you alright?

Give me a gun!




Ko Ying Pui!

Are you alright?

Ko Ying Pui!

Let him go!

You're so serious about everything You think a good man always has a good ending?

You think a bad man always has a good ending?

Are you alright?

I don't need you to save me Yes. We're not right We're dying. Can we leave If you want to go

Go back first, go on

Put the guns down Inspector Wu you'd better not retire There's a lot for you to do yet

We miss you Ken, are you alright?

We're looking after the Restaurant really well There are more customers than before You'll be very pleased when you come back

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