A Boy Called Sailboat (2018) Script

Well, folks, make no mistake, it's hot out there.

Hot as hell and dry as a nun's gusset.

And we're goin' on our ninth year, nary a drop of rain from the heavens.

But as we look forward to the fall and a visit from the Queen of the South herself, let's whet our ears with a spritely version of her Steady as the Rain.

We're here to humbly serve, you're listnin' to Radio HQ.

♪ Radio HQ ♪

One day...

I found something important.

My Abuela one day said, "You find the most important things"

"when you're not looking."

That day, I was not looking.

So, when I found it...

I knew it was important.

That is my friend, Peeti.

He is always looking.

But mostly because he cannot blink.

Papa came here to start living in a quiet place.

But when I was born, it got hot and it hasn't stopped, and people in the town got tired.

I like it because it's quiet.

When I was a baby, our house bent down.

So Papa put a stick to always keep it back up.

Sometimes, Papa is thinking about horses.

But mostly, he is thinking about the stick.

Mama is mostly thinking about other people thinking.

And meatballs.


What is this little guitar you have on the table?

It's a little guitar I found behind.

To English.

An angry cow.

They can be very angry.

Such a beautiful little guitar.

Such craftsmanship.

Such delicate inlays.

Can you play on this little guitar?

No, but I was thinking to teach it to myself.

We will love whatever comes from you brushing on this little guitar.

We are blessed with you.

Papa's good at listening.

Did you check the stick when you returned from leaving the manger?


We must never forget.

I will do it first thing.

My Abuela one day said,

"Some things happen,"

"so other things can happen."

My school was also...

Mostly a quiet place.

But not everybody liked the quiet.

Like Mr. Bing.


He didn't go to quiet much.

The ultimate challenge, little people.


Versus beast.

The serpent.


You must control the enemy.

You might yourselves, why doesn't he let it out of the bag?

Why don't I let this out of the bag, why?

So it can escape me and bite someone on the neck?

Oh, no, you've got to control the enemy.

That's right, supremacy of the fittest.


So, which one of you little tigers think you've got the stones to come up here and touch this bag?


Didn't think so.

The Rattlesnakes.

The Rattlesnakes.

The Rattlesnakes.

The Rattlesnakes.

You should try soccer with the team.

The Rattlesnakes!

Things at my school like to stay mostly the same.

But my Abuela one day said...

"Things can change."

How'd your day go?

I fixed the strings on my little guitar.

I got a call today, Abuela is very sick.

We're goin' to the big city to see her, okay?

We've come to see how you are.


We've come to see if you're well.

They say you're very sick.

Yeah, I didn't believe them.

Did they tell you when you can leave, I mean, you must be eager to go?

Can we get you anything?


Maybe when we come back


Write me a song on that little guitar.

Some things happen, so other things can happen.


I didn't know about songs. Yeah.

But also, Peeti didn't know about soccer, until he did it all day.

Yeah, Sailboat will write a song for Abuela.

Then she'll go home.

Little crio makes me nervous near the stick.

He has a problem with his eyes.

If I could blink, I could go for the team.

Mm, but not many people can always keep their eyes open.

A doctor can fix them, but it's a lot of money.

Doctors have big houses and new wives.

I think boats would be a lot of money.

It takes no money to look at them and think about them.

Why do you think about them so much?

Because I was born thinking about them.

It is a boat?

It is a sailboat.

He's never seen a sailboat.


I used to draw them without stopping, but now I found this book that puts them in pictures, and the man brings a book when there's a new book.

It's a free book.


The ultimate adversary, defeated.



Enemy controlled.

Humans are the real kings of the forest.

You ever seen a lion entoob a snake?

I didn't think so.

Since a million years ago, at the beginning of humans, suprema, Oh no, oh no.

My Abuela one day said, "It is important to sometimes see with other people's eyes."

Maybe that day I needed Peeti's, because I didn't see the girl sneaking up to me and my little guitar.

Not until she was all the way close.

I also didn't see the boy sneaking up.

What you got here, Rowboat?

These ones are very hot.

Do it.

Why's your guitar so stupid and little?

Oh, my...

What happened to your little guitar?

The hungry boy cut the strings.

Where can we find this hungry boy?

One time, the man who brought the letters told Mama to stop making the meatballs because she is a meatball,

and Papa got a different look onto his face.

The new man that brings the letters just smiles with no talking.

After that, Mama didn't go out to people anymore.


Papa got that different look onto his face again.

Are you the guardian of the hungry boy who broke Sailboat's little guitar?


I'm playing Hippos!



He might be a few minutes.

Sir, can I get you anything?

You're listenin' to Radio HQ.

♪ Radio HQ ♪ These ones here are pretty good.

They the best?

Are they the best? The best?

Yeah, I can hear the gentleman just there.

If you want the best, you're gonna pay a bit more.

These come with a redemption card for a free compact disk.

They're $41.

Do you take cards?


Well, yeah.


I do.

After that, the boys at school just smiled with no talking.

And my little guitar was back, ready for writing my Abuela's song.

But not every day was a day for school.

Sometimes when you think about someone,

everything else goes to quiet.

My Abuela one day said I am lucky, because I have two things I can think of like this.

And in the quiet, I could think of some things for Abuela's song.

Well, well, well, little man.

Could set my clock to ya.

I see you got yourself a new acquisition there.

A little guitar, no less.

You know what an acquisition is, little man?

Well, it's somethin' you see and you, you just gotta have, and so, uh...

So, you acquire it.

Well, anyways, you ain't the only one been acquisitionin', as you might've noticed.

Alright, you ready? Mm.

Well, I got these three beautiful new babies right here!

Startin' with the American dream, the Chavelle!

Screamin' out for the road and a lifetime of erotic dreams!

Girl on girl!

But if that's not your cup of tea, then turn your loins to a truck made of meat, the '72 Chevy pickup.

All the muscle in back for a girl, guy, guy, and if you's in between, and I most highly recommend you is, you might not even need a sponge cushion.


If your desires are of a more serious kind, and I can see that they just might be, this last baby is a Chinese joss house on wheels!

The Chevy G20 Sport van.

Girl, guy, girl, guy, girl, and I could go on all day and night and I do believe that you could, too, given half a chance.

So, what'd you think?

I think that's your best one.

I like the part about the truck made of meat.

Yeah, I've been workin' on that all week.

Tryin' to really capture the essence of the beast.

Glad you like it.

Yeah, I guess I'll leave you two alone.

I don't know where you keep poppin' in from, little man, but I'm startin' to hope nobody ever comes for that thing.

Don't know what anybody'd want with her out here anyways.

Nearest water's gotta be 1,000 miles.

But she was a good deal.

Mighty fine deal.

And a good deal's a good deal.

Out in the quiet, I thought of some words for Abuela's song.

But even in the quiet...


Has Sailboat returned from the boat yet?

Papa was still thinking about the stick.

Can you please get him to check the stick, please?


Can you please check the stick, please?

There's a bug.

It's a wood ant.

So, you got a problem with the white ants?

Wood ant.

Whites ants.




Can I come in?

Let's get down to business, I'm gonna show you what I got.

Here we go.

Now, this guy is our base model.

He was raised on the pallets.

Now, given half a chance, he'll get the job done.

You know, he's all instinct, he's just a little slow.

But if you guys are really serious about this bidness,

I'd consider this guy right here.

Now, he was raised on the white ants.

He got a taste for that fire!

Wood ant.


That's right, my bad.

Listen, if you guys are serious about this pest control problem, then we gotta take it to the top level.

Here we go.

This guy is your man right here.

Now, he's gonna cost you a little bit extra, but he'll eat anything that moves.

He's a serious guy.


Fetch the special money.

I'll write you up a receipt.

Appreciate the business, y'all take care now.


Grab the string.

Tie it up here.

You got it?

Stand up.

Tell that in your song for Abuela.

Mama said not to tell that in Abuela's song.

And Papa stayed at the stick all night.

And even into the middle of the next day.

Until he got a clear shot.

I now had some words for my Abuela's song, and I started to think of some little guitar.

When Mama said...

Sailboat, some more papers have come with a record.

It's got changing colors.


Is there music on that compact disk?

Contact disk.


Well, you should find out.

Contact disk!


These notes represent one octave.


Now think of a strong emotion.

Hold it.

Now find a note that represents this feeling.

Follow this with notes that compliment this feeling.

This is called music.


Now consider these notes we have compiled for you.


I do believe that I perceive it just by being...




Did you finish making your song yet?

No, but maybe manana, then we can take it to Abuela.


Have you finished using my compact disk player?

Mm, it was a good help. Contact disk.

Was there any music on the compact disk?

It was mostly a man teaching me some little guitar.

Did you learn it?

I wrote a song for my Abuela, she's sick.

Do you know about songs?

My father prefers the stylings of Ted Nugent and Suzie Quatro, but my favorite artists would have to be the Beatles and John Travolta.

Maybe I can play to you my song and you can tell me about it?

It would be my listening pleasure.

My Abuela one day said, "Things can change."

That was the greatest song I've ever heard.

The notes were, were all my memories.

The melody was far superior to the Beach Boys, and your words were things nobody knows.

I like that song.

Water boy, very important.

Do you think we can go and see Abuela?

The hospital left a message today.

Your Abuela is very sick.

But I finished my song for her.

She's sleeping.

We can go another time soon.

Um, maybe you can practice her song for us to hear now.

We would like to hear your song.

Sailboat? Sailboat!

Mm? Is your little guitar okay?

That was a song from Dios.

We're taking that song to Abuela as soon as she gets awake.


Your song gave me a magnificent dream.

I was a horse hero, and I had a special seat to protect my culo from the bumps, and it was singing!

You cul, your culo was singing?

What was it singing? Your song!

Your song also gave me this other magnificent dream!

We were both riding close to the sky, I was on my black stallion and you were on this little...

And uh, wait, let me get ya.

Alright, get in, I'll tell you about the rest of it.

I was happy Abuela's song was a happy song.

And when Abuela heard it, she could be happy, too.

Um, can you play me the song again today?

Mm, I'll play you the song.

You can come over.

Papa does not care that you bent the house down.

He's happy with dreams now.

Can you play me the song again today?

Mm, I'll play you the song.

Molly, check.

Maggie, check.

Cyrus, check.

Tommy, check.

Blue Straps, check.

Peeti, check.

Yo, South of the Border, yippah!

Come on.

You're draggin'.

Where's your papers?

I forgot it when our house bent down.

Are you the kid with the dad with the face?

Uh, Jose, right?

Mm. You want me to call him?

Mm. Alright.

Hey, Jose!

You know, I used to play a little guitar.

Like this? No.

No, not like that.

So, what do you play, like Freebird or Stairway or, uh...

Yes, sir? Yeah, is this your boy?

Ah, yes, sir.

Would you mind if he goes on the day trip with us?

May I ask where you're goin'?

Tobacco. Tobacco.

Tobacco. Tobacco.



Oh, heck yeah!

Ever since they got the paint done, woo-hoo!

Livin' the dream.

Feel that gun show, baby. Yes!

Yeah, everybody wins! Yes!

Ow, alright. Hey, whoa.



Eyeballs, take your seat, South, why don't you play us a little somethin' to settle these kids down?

Bon Bon Jovi, or whatever it is.

I got control.

Hey, did you hear me?

I said play a little somethin', come on!

Play that little guitar, buddy!

Come on, Boat!

What have you done, kid?

How was your day trip?

Mr. Bing took away his hair.

Then some school people told some other people about Abuela's song.

What you doin' with that big ol' bus round here, Alisa?

That's all it took, one shot!

He may not get up!

Stumblin' around!



Got his hands way down.

Whoever thought we'd see this?


That's all it took, one shot, he may not get up!

I'm sorry.

Will you come with me?

Some people have come to the yard to Sailboat.

Who, uh, were all these people in the yard just now?

Those are some school people and some other people that came to hear my song.


He may not get up!

Stumblin' around!


Nine, can he make it, it's over, it's over!

Hey, Sailboat, I had another dream.

I was ridin' in the clouds, I was shooting my six-shooter even higher and higher, but it didn't shoot to six.

It just kept on shooting, and everybody was there to celebrate.

Was I there? Yeah!

You were playing your song on your little guitar!

Was Peeti there? Yeah.

But I was forced to shoot his ball.

Was Abuela there?

Maybe we can go and tell her about your dream and I can play her song for her?

Yeah, but I think before we do that, we've gotta wait till Abuela's a little more rested.

Hey, but you know, when Peeti was there, man, I shot his ball not once, I shot it twice!

Pah, pah, pah!

The next day, even some more people started to know about Abuela's song.

Sailboat wrote a magic song.

Sailboat wrote a song.

Sailboat wrote a magic song.

Sailboat wrote a magic song?


Hi, Sailboat.

You're like the boss.

Bruce Springsteen.



Hey, Sailboat.

Are you gonna play again tonight?


Oh, good.


I might, um, yeah.

You're Bruce Spring Clean.



And then they came to the outside.


Before Abuela's song, the people at school were mostly quiet to me.

And then, after Abuela's song, they were again quiet to me.

I think there are different ways of quiet.

Maybe after Abuela heard her song, the first quiet would come back.

You think more people are gonna come hear the song?


There's more and more people.

Mama didn't go out to people anymore.


Man, that is a mighty hot meatball!

But it's good, it's real good.

Get yourself one, that's a good meatball.


That's amazing, that's a complex heat.

Really good, thank you.



Sometimes when you think about someone...

Everything else goes to quiet.

It's a long time before the game.

Very important.

Hey, guys.

We got class.

Come on.

Very important.

Come on, guys.

Let's go do some learnin'.

Sometimes you can do something for someone, and it can also be something for everyone.

But really, it is something for someone.

Everyone just forgot.

The Rattlesnakes.

Where's Sailboat?

But really...

It is something...

For someone.

For you leftovers playin' soccer this afternoon, you need to report to the locker room right after class.

And stay tuned to Radio HQ this afternoon

'cause we've got the one and only, Queen of the South, chattin' before her big show in town.

♪ Radio HQ ♪

Hey, there.

What're you doin' all the way out here, kid?

I'm going to the big city to see my Abuela.

The big city?

I don't know what Abuela is, but I'm headin' back to the city.

You can jump in, if you want.

In fact, I insist.

Get that.

Put your seatbelt on.

You're a long way from anywhere, kid.

Woo, it's hot!

Hot as hell and dry as a nun's gusset, and you're lucky, 'cause I ain't seen another car since I started out.

And even I only ventured out this way on the rumor of an acquisition, you know what an acquisition is, kid?

Well, apparently it's when you see somethin' you just gotta have, so you acquire it!

This is a good car.

That's right, it's a hell of a car.

My Papa has one just the same.


You have doors.

Well, yeah, it has doors.

Anyways, don't you wanna know what I acquired?

It's the weirdest thing, all the way out here.

A sailboat!

I know, I couldn't believe it!

I mean, I had never seen one in the flesh.

So, when I saw it, naturally I just had to have it.

So, I acquired it!

What's your name anyway, kid?

You ain't gonna tell me your name?

Sailboat. Yeah, I got a sailboat!

Strangest thing!

So, what is your name?

Bruce Springsteen.

Bruce Springsteen.

I'll be, my lucky day.

All the way out here in the desert and I find a Mexican kid with a little guitar named Bruce Springsteen.

Speakin' of which.

What business you got with that little guitar anyways?

Do you know what I do for a living, kid?

Sir, what're you doin' here?

I'm, uh, waitin' for Sailboat.

We thought he left early to go home and prepare.

Lotta people are comin' to hear him play the song.


Where's Sailboat?

He is not with you? No.

There's a lot of people out here.

Maybe he's out there already?

Maybe you can help me take the albondigas and we can check for him? Okay.


Prairie Dogs!

Play soccer ball!


Come on!

I have to go to Abuela.

Whatever Abuela is, Bruce, I'll help you find it.

But please, right now I need you to come with me.

What you did back there...

I mean...

People have died waiting to hear such a thing.


I can make it worth your while, Bruce, I mean, whatever, whatever you want, what do you want?


That's what you want?


You got a deal.

You got a deal.

Come on, let's go.

Thank you.

Just this way, right here.

There you go.

Half-past three and when we get back, I'll be chattin'...

You ready to play, Bruce? You're listenin' to Radio...

Huh? ♪ Radio HQ ♪ Alright, you wait right here and I'll be right back, okay?

Don't touch anything.

Hey, there. Hey.

Heard you this mornin', you were great.

Oh, thanks very much. Yeah.

Well, I don't even know how to say this, um...

Are you okay? No.

No, I'm not, I've just had the most amazing experience.

I can't even explain.

You're just gonna have to trust me on this, you see...

30 seconds.

Look, I'm gonna have to ask you to relinquish your microphone... Oh, no.

Why can't this wait for your shift tomorrow?

No, please. But I can't.

I'm about to have the Queen of the South about to walk...

I've got somethin' so special...

No, I have about 10 seconds left, now you get out.

Get out! Whoa.

Have you lost your mind?

No, CJ, no!

You've gotta start playin' your age!

There ya go!

No, come on!



Excuse me, is the boy gonna play?

It's just, I've been so homesick, and I heard that he might help.

Thank you.

Where's the boy? He's going to play.

Yes! Yes!

I just have to hear it again.

Where's the boy? ♪ Radio HQ ♪ Before the big show, we are lucky enough to have her right here in the studio.

So, how the heck are you feelin'?

Do you want me to play it? Oh, I feel great, you know.


To those people?


And then, can I go to Abuela?

Bruce, I don't know what Abuela is.

I wished I did.

I wished I could help you.

But I can't.

I'm sorry.

Even just this mornin', I woke with this feelin', somethin' special was in the air, you know?

I don't get it, where could he be?

It's him, it's him!

And then everything, went to quiet.

One day, I found something important.

Come on!

Can you see this?

It's unusual!

You can see the ball.

I need you to get that ball.

Do not pass it, you do not stop.

You're not gonna need this.



You got it!

Peeti, Peeti, Peeti, Peeti, Peeti!



What are you doing here?

I am here for my Abuela.

You can't be in here, little man.

But she is waiting for me.

Uh, no, she's not waiting for anybody.

She's been in a coma for days.

She's waiting for me to play my song.

Uh, that may be so, but she can't hear you.

Okay, but can you make it quick, please?

I did get to play Abuela her song.

She did not move.

She did not say any words.

But she was waiting.

Thank you.

I did never play Abuela's song again.

But the lady from the radio place who sings sent us a letter and now likes to sing the song on the radio.

Sometimes she sends more letters and some money, and Papa can now buy us things.

Sometimes you get a gift.

Sometimes you give it to someone else.

And sometimes it's not what anyone expected.

Papa talked to the man who drove me to the city, and gave him some money for my sailboat.

No, thank you.

Mama got a new gym suit and a new cooker that can fit more meatballs than we can ever have.

And the stick is now the best wood that wood ants cannot eat.

Papa got the horse from his dreams, but it got hit by a bullet coming down.

So, he got another one.

And the man who drove me to the city also did our deal.

Now Papa's car has all the doors.

♪ Radio HQ ♪ You're listenin' to Radio HQ, and like it has all month, my desk looks like Vegas on a power surge.

Seems like you folks just can't get enough and I gotta say, if this ain't the greatest song I've ever heard, you can skin my hide and call me muscles.

So, folks, you've been asking for it round the clock, so here it is once again, the Queen of the South's version of, well, heck, you know what it is.

Take it away.