A Christmas in Royal Fashion (2018) Script

WOMAN: Okay, baby step, baby step, wait.

Wait right there.

Nice, wait, and hold it.

Hold it right there.

Nice, nice, okay, hold it.

Chin down, chin down.

Left, just a little baby step to your left.

Your other left. Left. Freeze.

Freeze a little. Hold a little bit, hold.

Stop! A little bit, hold.

Hold. Move your shoulder towards me.

Towards me, towards me. Hold, hold and...


And that'’s how it's done.

Oh, I know how it'’s done.

Oh, really? You could'’ve fooled me.

How long you been working for me now?

Two years. Let'’s try to remember that we are on a Christmas time schedule here, and Carson Designs is one of my biggest clients.

I will not lose them, understand?

Get into your next ensemble! Yes, Ms. Charles.

Kyle, get down from that ladder before someone gets hurt.

I'’m fine. I am not worried about you.

I'’m worried about me.

Let'’s get set up for the next session and try to get it right the first time.

All right, let'’s go, let's go.

I don'’t wanna be late for my lunch.

Yes, Melanie, but Mr. Carson did call, and he'’s gonna be late, so you have plenty of time.

Of course.

And clean this mess up!

Wow. Wonder what got into the boss today.

Pressure, Kyle.

Just a little bit of pressure. Pressure?

That woman'’s got ice water running through her veins.

I don'’t think she even knows what the word "pressure" means.

Oh, she does, and she likes it, especially when it'’s being applied to other people.

Isn'’t that right, Kristin?

Melanie'’s right, Josh.

I told you you weren'’t on the right track.

This just confirms my suspicions.

Tell me something. How is it that a girl who'’d been here for just a short period of time know so much?

I might be fairly new around here, but I plan on making a long career out of it.

Well, well, well.

We got ourselves a Melanie Jr. on our hands.

Well, you heard the lady. Let'’s clean up, come on.

ALBERT: Very disturbing, Your Highness.

This has got to stop, and it has got to stop now.

I agree completely.

The young prince is on his way here now, King Fredrick.

Good. Now maybe we'’ll learn what this is all about.

You wanted to see me, Father?

Come in, please.

Sit down.

Would you like to explain this?

Just a bit of harmless fun.

This has gone on for far too long.


Son, listen to me.

Ever since your dear mother left this world, I have tried my best to be both parents to you, and I failed.

Please don'’t say that. No, it'’s true.

But she left behind an incredible legacy:

Her charitable work to erase illiteracy throughout the continent.

A noble cause befitting a queen.

Her annual charity ball was last week, an event you were to host as my representative, and instead, I get this.

You never even showed up.

I know. I'’m sorry. Father--

You have dodged every single responsibility I have entrusted to you.


This is your credit card statement.

Being a prince isn'’t cheap.

I would never dream of passing my debts onto the people, if you'’ll just allow me to pay the bill.

Oh, enough of this!

You, my son, are on your way to America.


We'’re sponsoring our charity holiday fashion festival in association with Dan Carson.

I'’m not sending our usual ambassador this year.

I'’m sending you.

You will host it.

Sorry, but I already have plans next week with the ski club in the Alps.

Albert will accompany you, and with any luck, you will learn the true value of accepting your role as my son and heir to my throne.

Don'’t disappoint me.

Yes, Father.

And we need to get early access to the Carson estate this time.

I don'’t want another fiasco like last year.

Of course, Melanie.

We need to get gate codes and keys by this afternoon.

We get one shot at making this Christmas charity fashion festival a hit.

If it'’s not, Mr. Carson will probably have my head.


But not before I chop off yours.

We won'’t let it get to that.

See that you don'’t. Now I'’ve got to rush.

Oh, make sure that Josh has that new campaign ready to go.

We need to launch that by tomorrow afternoon, and it better be good.

I'’m sure it will be.

[sighs] Hey, Kristin.

Hey, Jill.

How'’s everything going?

Oh, you know, the usual.

Oh, sister, do I.

The Christmas holiday'’s always tough, but planning a big show on top of all of this is just making people crazy.

And it starts at the top.

Still, it'’s good for the company.


You know, I'’ve been thinking about something.

Have you shown them any of your original designs yet?

I think you'’re wasting your time around here.

You should be designing campaigns for Carson.

Not yet, but I'’m hoping to show my ideas to Mr. Carson when he comes in.


I really like this one.

That'’s great!

I hope Mr. Carson agrees.

Well, you know, he doesn'’t come around very often.

If you want him to see it, you'’re gonna have to go to him.

I know, but maybe I'’ll get lucky.


Hey, look. What'’s he doing goofing off?

Hmm. I'’ll see you later.


What are you doing here?

Want coffee?

No, but I do want you to keep your job.

Nobody wants to be unemployed at Christmastime.

I know we have this little intra-office rivalry going on, but if you and I were to team up, I believe we could take this place over.

You and me? Mm-hmm.

[laughs] I don'’t think so.

I wanna get ahead, just not that badly.

MAN: You'’ve been doing a great job for me and my company for how long?

Five years now, Dan.

That'’s right, five years, and you'’ve never let me down.

Thank you. You'’re my number one client.

So I'’m gonna do you a favor. A big favor.

I'’m all ears.

This is my Christmas present to you.

This guy is a personal friend of mine, and he has a line of high-end ladies handbags, and he needs someone like you.

This could be a huge contract for your company.

I don'’t know what to say. Thank you.

He'’s agreed to meet you. Great.

Tomorrow morning. No problem.

In Boston. Boston?

Well, like I said, no problem.

Thank you for this, Dan.

You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

Just don'’t blow it.

This guy is a powerhouse, but this could mean a million bucks to you.

I won'’t. Don't worry.


I got the catering quote that you asked for.

I just put it on your desk. Great.

If it'’s what we agreed upon, go ahead and book '’em.

All right.

Listen, I'’m gonna need you to put in some overtime.

I have to leave town for a few days, and I'’ll need you to watch my dog.

Leave town? But--

But what?

The Edgemoor Ambassador is due here in a day'’s time.

I know, and I really should be here, but I got a line on a new client in Boston, a big one.

Just need a little time to woo them face-to-face.

You know, when you see an opportunity, you grab it.

That'’s what I always say.

It certainly is.

That'’s where you come in. Me?

Yeah, you'’re going to entertain the ambassador and his cronies until I get back.

You'’ll be fine as long as he doesn'’t bore you to death.

I don'’t have any experience with royalty.

What if I mess up?

Kristin, you'’re my executive assistant.

You'’re supposed to be quick on your feet.

Besides, an ambassador doesn'’t really qualify as royalty.

You just take the company credit card, you buy him a few nice dinners, you'’ll be fine.

I'’ll try my best, but it makes me very nervous.

Listen, if this was a member of the royal family, I would definitely have to handle it myself.

It'’s Mr. Carson's strictest rule.

But it'’s not, so don'’t panic.

You'’re always asking for more responsibility.

Now you got it. Run with it.

Thank you, Melanie.


Wow, you look stressed. Is everything okay?

Melanie just dropped a bombshell on me.

That explains the look on your face.

She'’s leaving for Boston for a few days.

When is she leaving?

She'’s leaving on a red-eye tonight.

Oh, so you know what that means?

It means you'’re in charge.

All right!

And it also means I have to babysit her dog.

Yeah, that too. What a treat.

Look, I'’ll keep you company tonight, if you want.

Would you?

What are friends for?

Oh, thank you.

I thought I'’d find you here.

Merry Christmas.

So you found a date for tonight.

Oh, yeah, Falkor.

He'’s a real charmer, but he doesn'’t talk much.

Don'’t complain. At least you have a date.

He'’s all yours if you want him.

And cut into your executive privilege?

Not a chance.

That'’s what I thought.

You know, he'’s a real cheap date.

[ding] Oh, the cookies are done.

Ooh, cookies!

So why did Melanie leave town so suddenly?

She has her sights set on a new client, and she has to meet him before he leaves for the holidays.

Bottom line is, she has left me to juggle the Edgemoor ambassador on my own.

So you have to babysit him and her little dog?


JILL: Hey, these look great.

Yeah, I'’ll make someone a great wife one day.

If you keep baking like this, I'’m sure you will.

I know, right?

I just wish Melanie would see me as something more than just a professional gofer.

I have potential, real potential, and I could make a difference if she'’d just give me a chance.

Maybe you need to make your own chances.

I must admit, I'’m rather surprised.

There doesn'’t seem to be that many cars out in Los Angeles.

This is Beverly Hills, Your Highness.

People don'’t wake up until 10 a.m.

Here'’s to the pleasures of Beverly Hills.

Work first, Your Highness.

Pleasures second.

Albert, whose side are you on?

On the side of the crown, sir.

Of course.

And who exactly is our liaison on this trip?

Melanie Charles. It says here she'’s one of the best P.R. people in the business, a real no-nonsense, hard-as-nails go-getter.

Melanie Charles. Sounds pretty stiff.

We'’ll know soon enough what Ms. Melanie Charles is all about.

Melanie, please forgive me, but I don'’t have anything appropriate to wear.

Oh, thank goodness you'’re here.

Barely. I tossed and turned all night.

That darn dog snores.

Do I recognize that dress?

I-- I had to borrow it.

I can'’t meet the ambassador in one of my outfits.

What would he think?

She won'’t be back for days.

And besides, she would want you to look your best when you meet the ambassador.

You think?

I'’m positive.



Quite a spread, as they say in America.

PATRICK: This might not turn out too badly.

Oh, my, would you look at that.

Oh, my, would you look at that.

Melanie Charles, perhaps?

Wouldn'’t that be a plus.

When you see an opportunity, you grab it.

That'’s what Melanie always says.

Yeah, go get him. Okay.

Good morning, gentlemen.

Good morning.

On behalf of Charles P.R. Global, I'’d like to welcome you to Los Angeles.


Oh, no, I'’m sorry. I'’m not the ambassador.

I'’m Albert.

Oh, I'’m sorry. Then you must be--


Prince Patrick of Edgemoor.


Oh, I was expecting--

The ambassador, I know.

But my father, King Frederick, thought that perhaps this year, it might be best if I hosted the Christmas charity show in person, representing the monarch'’s charitable pursuits, of course.

Well, it'’s a pleasure to meet you.

I hope I haven'’t spoiled anything.

I'’ve heard nothing but great things about you, Melanie.

Mel-- Melanie? I...

Yes, Melanie.

Your reputation precedes you.

Indeed, it does, and now I can see that you are beautiful as well as talented.

She certainly is.

Well, thank you, but believe me, the pleasure is all mine.

This is Jill.

Lovely to meet you.

Well, I hope you had a pleasant flight.

If you would care to follow me, I'’ll show you the amenities of the hotel.

That sounds perfect. Albert, would you see to the luggage?

Of course.

I'’m sure you'll enjoy your stay here, Your Majesty.

It is Christmas on the west coast, after all, where you can see Santa surfing the waves of Malibu or shop for toys on Rodeo Drive.

I'’m sure it's very different to Christmas in Edgemoor.

Well, I'’ll let you decide that. Thank you.

I can help you with your bags, Albert, and if you need anything during your stay, I hope you'’ll think of me. My name is Jill.

Thank you, Jill.

I'’m sorry we were so delayed.

Customs queues, of course.

Of course.

Come on, then, I'’ll get you settled in.


The hotel is private and very exclusive.

It'’s equipped with an outdoor patio, a health spa, and lounge.

It'’s its own little world.

I'’ll have no need to go outside if I don'’t want to.

True, but it'’s Christmas in Los Angeles.

We have some great photo ops and public relations to do, and it'’s not every day you get a real-life prince.

People will be interested.

Duty first.

I'’m afraid so, but I'll make it as fun for you as I can.

I'’m counting on it.

Jill, why on Earth would you say I was Melanie?

Look, he'’s a prince, and you'’re an assistant.

He'’ll be insulted if he knew that Melanie ran off to Boston to court a new client.

And besides, you can almost pass for her.

I mean, you'’re helping her save face.

You have to do it.

Now, get on it.

All right. Is everything set up?

Yes, everything'’s fine. Good.

Now, here'’s your itinerary for tomorrow.

Okay, first stop, Carson Estates. Great.

Everything is practically moved in.

Oh, and can you tell our royal guest that a car will pick him up at 10 a.m.?

You got it. Okay.

And, Kristin, this is your big chance to show Melanie what you can really do.

Don'’t mess it up.

Thanks for reminding me.

What are friends for?

What a day. [Falkor barks]

I know, but I think it went pretty well.

He'’s a real prince too.

Imagine that. [barks]

I know it doesn'’t matter much to you, but to me, it'’s a golden opportunity to show Melanie that I can shoulder responsibility with the best of them.

I know. Who cares?

Just bring on the grub. [barks]

Okay, okay, hold your horses. I'’m on it.

[phone vibrates]

It'’s Melanie.

Hey, Melanie! How'’s Boston?

Awful. I'’m snowed in.

Oh, uh, no.

Oh, yes.

How'’s my little Falkor?

Oh, Falkor'’s just fine.

We'’re gonna watch a movie tonight.

Movie? What movie? Christmas Cruise.

Oh, he likes that one.

Make sure you don'’t overfeed him.

I won'’t.

Did the ambassador arrive?

Yes, he did, and I'’m going to escort him around tomorrow.

Good. Take him to a place they offer a senior discount.

How long are you gonna be in Boston?

I don'’t know.

They'’re talking about canceling all flights out of Logan.

I may be stuck here for a while.

I might even miss the show.

Oh, no!

That'’s terrible.

Well, you don'’t need to worry because the show is practically running itself, and the ambassador is in great hands with me.


My potential client won'’t even come out on a snow day, so I have no idea what'’s gonna happen next.

Well, don'’t worry about a thing because I'’ve got all the bases covered.

Good girl. And, Kristin?

Stop sounding so cheerful.

Yes, Melanie.


[Falkor barks]

Okay, Falkor.

KRISTIN: This is where the festival will take place.

PATRICK: I couldn'’t imagine anything more ideal.

KRISTIN: I agree. I think it'’s the perfect backdrop for the perfect event.

I would also agree.

Carson'’s guests pay a pretty penny to attend, but it is for charity.

Our P.R. company contributes a fair share as well.

Indeed. And what types of charities do you support?

Well, I think we all support charities that really speak to us, right?

Of course, yes.

Well, Carson spreads its proceeds around.

It changes from year to year, but Charles P.R. Global is a little bit more traditional.

What charities are you involved with?

Um, well, much like you Americans, we like to diversify whenever we can.

That'’s a good approach.

My mother, she used to host a charity ball each year in support of literacy.

Used to?

Well, she'’s gone now, but we still host it each year in the queen'’s honor.

I see.

She must have been a great lady.

She was.

Oh, there you are.

Mary, how can I help you? Here you go.

Oh, thank you.

And now, if you'’ll excuse me, I need to finish passing these out.



Holiday card?

Sort of. Every year, we each sponsor a child who needs a little extra help getting to that merry Christmas.

PATRICK: How wonderful.

Yeah, we call it the "Christmas buddy program," and this is mine.

Her name is...



Her address is The Children'’s Hospital.

May I?

Oh, she looks like a very sweet little girl.

Hope it'’s nothing too serious.

Well, The Children'’s Hospital is one of our company'’s most important causes.

You know, I'’ve always heard that corporate America couldn'’t care less about the troubles of others, only interested in the bottom line, doing whatever it takes to get ahead.

It'’s refreshing to see that this isn'’t always the case.

Well, you can'’t believe everything you hear, right?

Apparently not.

Look, why don'’t we go regroup back at the hotel, and I'’ll take you to lunch.

Perfect. Great.

I'’ll tell them to bring your car around.


Ah, there you are.

Had a look around, did you?

See anything you liked?

Yes, very exciting.

The property or Melanie Charles?

Miss Charles, of course.

Of course.

She really is such a fascinating young lady.

So smart, so caring.

You left out "stunning."

All for king and country, Albert.

I'’m delighted we finally see eye-to-eye, but I suspect Miss Charles had something to do with that.

You can suspect all you want, my dear friend, but I have lunch with Melanie, and I feel something sporty may be in order.


Right on time.

I try to be punctual.

Sadly, I don'’t, but for you, I made an exception.

I see.

Um, so what would you like to do for lunch?

We could go to Beverly Hills or Brentwood.

We could just grab a sandwich of some sort, but what I'’d really love to do is just relax and take in the ocean view.

The ocean? Yes.

I caught a glimpse of the beach as we were flying in, and as Edgemoor is a landlocked country, I love to take in the shoreline whenever I can.

All right, I think I have an idea, but first, we need to pick up something.

PATRICK: This is truly amazing.

Imagine having something so beautiful right at your fingertips.

I would'’ve thought as a prince, you would have seen your fair share of beautiful ocean views.

It'’s true, and I have, but the French Riviera and Monaco are just so built up.

They'’re full of nightclubs and large hotels.

This is just so unspoiled, so natural.

KRISTIN: I see what you mean.

But honestly, nothing in comparison to this.

[Kristin chuckles]


Isn'’t it beautiful?

PATRICK: Stunning, just stunning.

Would you care for some lunch?


Wait till you see what I got us.

Of course.

There you go.

There you are.

What is it?

Well, you said you wanted a sandwich.

Indeed, I did.

And what is this thing called?

Well, I thought, because we'’re near the ocean that an Italian submarine sandwich would be appropriate.

[laughing] Submarine sandwich?

Never even heard of such a thing.

Wait till you try it. All right.

Mmm! It'’s excellent!

Well, it'’s no high-water mark of gourmet cuisine, but it'’s pretty darn tasty.

The simplest things are often the best things.

You'’re gonna need this.

And what is that?

A Christmas eggnog latte.

[laughing] I don'’t believe it.

All right, well, here goes nothing.

Mm! It is absolutely delicious!

Do you know what? I think I'’m going to start importing submarine sandwiches into Edgemoor.

They'’ll be a huge success.

You can open your own franchise.

That'’s a very good idea.

Now what? I thought after lunch, you could just relax at the hotel, and I'’m just gonna swing by The Children'’s Hospital.

I have a stuffed animal for my Christmas buddy.

Well, unless you'’re eager to get rid of me, I'’d be happy to come along.

No, not at all, if that'’s what you really want.

I'’d love to spend the day with you.

Barnholtz is down the hall at 213.

Thank you. Sure.

Excuse me, nurse?

Yes, can I help you?

Do you know where Amy'’s room is?

Oh, she'’s down the hall at 202.

Are you here to visit her?

Yeah, I brought her this.

Aww, she'’ll like that. Are you a friend of Amy'’s?

Not yet, but I hope to be.

I'’m her Christmas buddy.

Oh, good.

Poor thing hasn'’t had a visitor in weeks.

No visitors?

She'’s from the children's home.

She doesn'’t have any family, so I'’m sure she'll be happy to see you.

We won'’t be here very long.

Is she very ill?

I'’m sorry, I'm not allowed to discuss her condition, but just know that she'’s a very sweet girl that really needs a friend right now.

Thank you.

Come in.


Are you a doctor?

No, I'’m your Christmas buddy, and this is Prince Patrick of Edgemoor.

A real prince?

At your service, milady.

It'’s very nice to meet you, Prince Patrick.

And this is for you.

To keep?

Well, he'’s not much, but he needs a friend, and he'’s all yours.

He'’s so soft, and it gets so cold in here at night.

Well, maybe he can help you with that.

I'’m sure he will.

How are you doing today, Amy?

The doctor said I was doing better, so I guess I'’m okay.

Well, that'’s very good news.

And how old are you?

Nine-and-a-half so far.

Do you have any plans for Christmas, Amy?

What would you like to do?

Well, if I could, I'’d like to leave here.

Well, maybe with permission, you can join us at our holiday fashion show.

Would you like to do that?

I sure would.

I think between the three of us, we can make that happen.

That would be great.

Because it turns out that your Christmas buddy is a very important person.

Maybe she could pull some strings.


What do you say, Melanie?

What, me?

Well, you do own the P.R. firm, don'’t you?

Shouldn'’t be too much trouble.

No, no, no problem at all.

It'’s just that I'm, you know, not really--

Good. I knew you wouldn'’t mind.

Why would I mind?

Well, we should probably get going.

It was so nice to meet you, Amy, and I will see you tomorrow.

Okay, bye.


She'’s very nice.

That, she is.

Is she your girlfriend?

No. Do you think she should be?

She'’s so pretty.

Well, you'’re a very pretty girl too.

Thank you.

And such lovely hair.

Can you keep a secret?


It'’s a wig.


I don'’t have any real hair right now.

It all fell out.

It'’s all right for people to know, but only if you want them to know.

I'’ll be back soon. I promise.


Well, here we are, safe and sound.

Thank you for a wonderful day. Will I see you tomorrow?

Absolutely. We have a few photo ops set up for you to help promote the show.

That sounds like work.

I was hoping you had a few more entertaining ideas in mind.

Maybe afterward.

I'’ll have the limo call for you at 11 a.m.

If you must.

Good afternoon, then.

Good afternoon.

[phone rings]

Hello, this is Kristin.

Kristin, this is Dan Carson.

Mr. Carson. Sorry to bother you.

The office gave me your number.

I'’ve been trying to reach Melanie.

Is she back yet?

No, sir, she'’s stuck in Boston, snowed in.

I see.

Everything running on schedule?

Yes, sir.

I'’m on it. Everything'’s shipshape.

As it should be with you in charge.

I'’ve heard great things about you, Kristin.

Thank you, sir. I won'’t let you down.

Be sure you don'’t. Goodbye.


Oh, my goodness. What have I gotten myself into?

A royal prince, and I think he likes me.

I can'’t believe my luck.


There'’s just one teensy problem.

He thinks I'’m Melanie.

Thank goodness Melanie and I are about the same size.

I really shouldn'’t be doing this, but it'’s for a good cause.

She'’d be fine with it.

I'’m sure she would.

Oh, brother, who am I kidding?

I am so dead.

All right, ladies, look alive! Here we go!

Aren'’t we so excited for this?

All right, we are looking very nice, ladies.

I love the elves'’ energy.

[camera clicking]

All right, and now if I can get the elves to get down on the brick there.

All the elves, and I need you to be nice and casual, Alisha.

No, more casual.

Well, it'’s hot out here. Can we please finish up?

Yeah, yeah, actually, I do think that we got it.

Let me just go inside and check.

I cannot see it with all the glare out here.

You girls get in the shade.

ALBERT: So, Your Highness, what has Miss Charles planned for you today?

I believe there are some publicity chores I need to participate in.

Starts in about an hour.

That should make your father very happy.

Duty calls and all of that.

Indeed, Prince Patrick.

PATRICK: How bad could it be?

One can only guess, sir, but you will, of course, be in the presence of Melanie Charles?

I wouldn'’t have it any other way.

Well, I'’m off.

Excuse me, sir, you'’re not leaving.

Don'’t worry. I'’ll be back in time.

But your obligations.

I said I'’ll be back, and I will.

Keep up the good fight.

But Your Highness-- Cheerio!

[engine starts]

Now, you'’re up third, so make sure you'’re ready as soon as Jasmine makes her final round.

Jill, I need to talk to you.

Oh, okay, girls, take five.

Whoa, you look sharp.

Does Melanie know? Never mind that.

I have a real problem.

I can'’t keep pretending to be Melanie.

It is not right.

Don'’t be in such a rush. You'’re doing great.

And you won'’t get this chance again. It'’ll be fine.

Maybe you'’re right. I just wish I knew for sure.

You can always tell him, but I'’d just wait a little longer.

This is your doing. You caused this, and this is the best advice you can give me?

Okay, I will tell him when the time is right.

Good girl, but I would be worried about wearing Melanie'’s dresses in the photos.

I'’d say out of all the photos if I were you.

Yeah, no kidding. Right?


Oh, Miss Charles. You look lovely today.

Oh, uh, thank you. Is the prince with you?

Uh, well, no.


I'’m afraid he'’s gone off somewhere.

Gone off? Where?

I'’m sorry, I don't know.

The Christmas tree lighting ceremony is in five minutes.

He said he'’d be back in time.

Has he done this before?

All too frequently.

Oh, fantastic. Which way did he go?

That way.


Thank you, Scott. You'’re welcome, sir.

Prince Patrick.

Ah, good morning, Melanie.

You'’re looking exceptionally lovely this morning.

Thank you. Now, where have you been?

The tree lighting ceremony is in less than five minutes.

Sorry. I just nipped out for a little Christmas shopping.

Your stories here are truly amazing.

You left to go Christmas shopping?

Yes, it'’s for the kids at The Children'’s Hospital.

I didn'’t know if I'’d have another chance.

You'’re not upset with me, are you?

No, I'’m not.

It'’s very impressive.

Your generosity is refreshing and welcome, but we do have a schedule to keep.

And that we shall.

No harm done?

None at all.


♪ Ooh ♪

♪ If I could have one wish this Christmas ♪

♪ I'’d only ask to be with you ♪

♪ So tell me that you'’ll be with me ♪

♪ When Christmas Eve comes round ♪

♪ Ol'’ Saint Nick and the reindeer ♪

♪ Are coming to town ♪

♪ But, baby, you'’re the one and only one ♪

♪ That I want around ♪

♪ So I sing jingle bells, jingle bells ♪

♪ Quarter in the wishing well ♪

♪ Wishing that this holiday you make your way to celebrate ♪

♪ Christmas here with me ♪

♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells ♪

♪ Quarter in the wishing well ♪

♪ Wishing that this holiday you make your way to celebrate ♪

♪ Christmas here with me ♪

[line ringing]

[phone ringing]

Josh, what do you want?

Turn on 3MZ, Entertainment Foodies Network.

REPORTER: Today, Prince Patrick from the Kingdom of Edgemoor helped spread a little holiday cheer as he prepares to host this year'’s charity fashion festival.

Prince Patrick?

What is all this? Where is the ambassador?

Prince came in his place. Kristin didn'’t tell you?

Why would she not tell me something this important?

I would have never left town if I knew the prince was coming.

Well, it gets better.

Are you sitting down?

Are you kidding me?

I'’m sorry, Patrick, but I must confess that I am not really Melanie Charles.

No, that'’s not gonna cut it.

Prince Patrick, this is gonna sound silly, but I am not Melanie Charles.

That is so phony-sounding.

Okay, let'’s see, um...

I don'’t know what happened, but there'’s been a mix-up and...

[Falkor whines]

Oh, boy, is that ever true. [barks]

Hey, you keep your opinions to yourself.

[phone vibrating]

I need to straighten this out fast.

How'’s that? Straight?

Very straight, sir.

Evening plans with Ms. Charles?

Yes, and don'’t badger me. I'’ve been everywhere and done everything that'’s been asked of me.

I'’m entitled to relax a little bit.

It would appear as though you and Ms. Charles have struck up quite a friendship.

Not quite the report we received from the ambassador.

According to him, she'’s as cold as ice and all business, nothing like our Ms. Charles.

Call it what you will, but...

I just can'’t seem to take my eyes off her.

She'’s nothing like the girls back home, and she really is everything I'’ve been looking for.

You seem to have come to this conclusion rather quickly.

Ah, yes, well, I know how I feel, but I just wonder if she feels the same way.

One way to find out: You can tell her.

Car'’s waiting outside, Your Highness.

Mustn'’t keep a lady waiting. Good.

Oh, and, um... don'’t wait up.

'’Course not.

Ah, good evening, Jill.

You look handsome tonight, Albert.

As do you, my dear.

Are you ready for your invitation-only tour of L.A. nightlife?

Indeed, I am.

Come on.

♪ When the snow starts coming down ♪ After you, Melanie. Thank you.


How about two glasses of Merlot?

Perfect. Right there?

Looks good.

Good evening. Can I get two glasses of Merlot?

♪♪ [jukebox]

♪ Whoa, whoa ♪

♪ That old feeling comes around ♪ Wonderful. Thank you. Mm-hmm.

♪ Whoa, oh ♪ Now, here we are.

Thank you.

Is this your favorite restaurant?

I like to come when I can.

It'’s very nice. It'’s very atmospheric.

I like it. Our company has an open account here.

Even better.

Do you know I'’ve been feeling rather guilty, like I'’ve been taking up all of your free time.

No, no, don'’t be silly.

It'’s my job to make sure that I make your stay a success.

And you'’re doing a marvelous job.

Thank you, Your, uh, Princeship, or Your Majesty.

Please, just call me Patrick.

I don'’t know that I should.


All right. Patrick.

Uh, I'’ve been meaning to tell you something very important, and I'’ve been looking for the right time.

Hold that thought.

I have something important to tell you as well, but this is one of my favorite songs and I thought maybe we could dance.

Okay, but, I'’ve got to tell you something first.

Look, if it'’s anything to do with your dancing skills, believe me, I'’m just as liable to step all over your feet.


We all have our little secrets.

But it'’ll wait five minutes. Come on.

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ No, it ain'’t easy ♪

♪ You got so much going on ♪

♪ But without you this Christmas ♪

♪ It would feel oh, so, wrong ♪ That'’s a beautiful dress you'’re wearing.

Thank you.

I chose it just for this evening.

On you, it'’s spectacular.

Each time I see you, you are lovelier and lovelier.

Please, you'’re making me blush.

I'’m sorry, I didn't mean to.

It'’s just that I've never met anyone quite like you before.

So empowered, so beautiful, so...

Sorry to interrupt, just as things are starting to look so cozy.

Josh, how dare you follow me here.

Hey, I'’m not cuttin' in.

What'’s going on here?

That'’s what I would like to know.

You have no right to be here.

What are you-- I was invited.

By who?

Oh, no.

She'’s back from Boston.

JOSH: Just flew in.

What is all this?

Oh, I think we'’re about to find out.

Nice dress.

Who would'’ve imagined we have the same taste in designers?

I can explain.

No, you don'’t need to explain anything to me.

It'’s all pretty obvious.

Would you like to introduce me to your friend, Melanie?


Oh, I am sorry, Your Highness.

I'’m afraid that you have been the victim of a little prank.

A prank?

No, it'’s not like that.

I am Melanie Charles.

That'’s what I've been trying to tell you.


I am so sorry, Melanie, I--

I don'’t know what to say.

Start with saying why you'’re wearing my dress.

Wait, hold on. But you'’re Melanie Charles.


Oh! Is that what she'’s been telling you?

She'’s my assistant.

One I foolishly left in charge.

That'’s what I've been trying to tell you.

I can'’t believe it.

I can'’t believe that you just let me--

You lied to me.

No, I didn'’t lie to you, not really. It'’s just--

You called me "Melanie" the other day, and I didn'’t stop it, but I--

It was just, everything was going so fast, and I was nervous, and I just wanted you to like me.

You made me look like a complete and utter fool.

How many people are in on this joke?

No one, believe me.

Well, I'’m sure you got quite a few good laughs out of it.

No. You know, I guess it'’s true what I heard about you corporate types, that you really will just do anything to get what you want.

That'’s not true.

Look, I didn'’t mean to harm anyone.

Trust me, I didn'’t.

Well, you did, and now you'’re fired.


I'’m-- I'm sorry.

Ms. Charles, I know that what Kristin did was wrong, and I'’ll admit that I'm finding all of this rather surprising, but was that absolutely necessary?

I'’m sorry, Your Highness.

I hold my employees to the highest standards.

I understand, but at Christmas?

And her charitable work has been so moving.

I know it seems harsh, but she deliberately deceived me, and she deceived you.

Now, perhaps you and I could just sit down for a minute and get to know each other a little better, perhaps over dinner.

I'’m sorry.

I'’m afraid that I have rather a lot to consider.

I should have known that girl was far too kind to be you.


♪ Promises, promises ♪

♪ Hope'’s gonna find me ♪

♪ When it feels like the opposite ♪

♪ You'’re there to remind me ♪

♪ Promises, promises ♪

♪ When I'’m filled with worry ♪

♪ You say no matter how tough it is ♪

♪ Keep faith in the journey ♪

♪ I keep hoping that tomorrow brings another ray of light ♪

♪ While keeping my feet on the ground ♪

♪ But when it feels like no matter how hard it could be ♪ I can'’t believe it!

I'’m sorry things worked out the way they did, Your Highness.

I feel like it'’s all my fault.

Don'’t blame yourself. Who else is there to blame?

I must confess, I suspected the young lady was not Ms. Charles all along after reading the ambassador'’s dossier on her.

And then when I pressed Jill on the matter, she confirmed it.

[scoffs] So you knew?

She told me everything.

But as you both seemed to be getting on so well together, I made a poor choice to keep quiet.

Kristin knew that I thought she was Melanie Charles, and yet she said nothing.

She just let me go on thinking it.

She'’s really a very sweet girl, and from what you say, it sounds like she was trying to tell the truth at the restaurant, but you didn'’t give her the chance.

Maybe, but now I'’ll never know for sure.

There is a way.

Please, spare me.

I think you'’ve done quite enough damage today.

As you wish.

I liked her, Albie.

You liked her because you thought she was someone important.

No, that is not true. I--

I just liked her.

She was a breath of fresh air.

Someone who truly cares for others, but maintains a unerring dedication to duty.

If you say so.

And to what end?

I don'’t know. Let'’s see what tomorrow brings.

But I'’m really very tired.

Then I bid you good night, sir.


[door closes]

What a mess.

Want some company?

Sure, come in!

I brought you a present.

A present? For me?

For you.

Thank you!

I think you'’ll really enjoy it.

You look so sad.

Well, how can I be sad when you look so happy?

How do you do it?

Well, I try to take a negative thing and make it into a positive thing.

And that works?

Only sometimes.

I think I know what you mean.

Where'’s your prince?

Uh, he'’s busy right now.

He told me he was gonna come by.

I don'’t know if that's possible, but I'’m sure he'll try.

He'’ll come back. He promised.

Then I'’m certain he will.

He was very nice. He really liked you.

It'’s his job to be nice.

I saw how he looked at you.

He might even be in love with you.

Please! Sometimes it'’s best not to put meaning into a look.

I have to.

No one here wants to tell me the truth, so I just see how they look.

I can tell how you feel.

You can?

Well, don'’t tell anybody.

Now, there'’s something I need to go and do, but I'’ll be back as soon as I can.

It'’s okay. I know you'’re busy.

Not anymore.

I'’ll be back soon.

I'’ll be right here.


I really must apologize for what occurred last evening.

I really should have handled that privately.

I just feel terrible for what'’s happened.

You shouldn'’t even think about it, Your Highness.

It is I that should have handled Kristin in a more professional manner.

You did what you thought was right, but I really was very well treated.

She did an excellent job.

Well, she had a lot of potential, but she made some very poor choices.

Perhaps I'’ll get a chance to see her again and make amends before I leave.

Let'’s not worry about her right now.

Mr. Carson is tending to his prize roses, and he'’s very anxious to meet you.

Mr. Carson.

Ah, Prince Patrick, great to meet with you at last.

My father sends his regards.

Thank you, Your Highness. How is the king?

He'’s well. Good.

I'’m sorry I haven't been around more, but a worldwide corporation requires worldwide attention.


I trust you'’ve been in capable hands.

PATRICK: I have. Thank you very much.

Well, don'’t thank me. Carson Designs would be nowhere without Melanie'’s strong marketing sense.

She'’s a wonder.

I rely on her for almost everything.

She does run a very tight ship.

You honor me, Your Highness. I was just telling Dan here--

If you wouldn'’t mind?

Yes, of course.

Let me know if you require anything else.

To the point, sir, there is a young woman named Kristin who just lost her job at Charles P.R.

Melanie'’s assistant.

She'’s lost her position, you say? What for?

I'’m afraid there was a sort of a charade going on.

It'’s nothing that you need to concern yourself with.

It'’s just that...

I was hoping you may be able to have a word with Melanie.

I feel it would make a great difference.

A royal request, Prince, for an unemployed executive assistant?

She'’s a lot more than that, sir.

Yeah, I can tell that.

Does she know how you feel?

What? Oh, no, no, no, it'’s nothing like that.

It'’s just that, uh...

[laughs] No.

I, um...

It just seems that she does very good work and, uh...

Your Highness, that'’s not exactly the answer I was expecting.

But let me say this, without intruding too much:

Business is business, but love is a magical thing.

And I appreciate what you'’re trying to do, but there is a better way for you to help this young lady.

And what is that?

You'’ll know what it is when the time is right.

I see.

Well, if you would just consider it, I will be most grateful.

Consider it considered.

Looks like we'’re going very festive with this.


Your Highness, any luck?

No, but I need to do something to fix this.

I'’m a royal prince, for goodness sake.

I should be able to make things right.

I just thought it would be easier.

I'’m sure you'll think of something.

Is the car still out front?

Yes, sir. Good.

Where are you going, Your Highness?

I need some advice.




You need any help?

No, I think I'’m done messing up my life.

And my dreams come down to this little box filled with paper clips and pencils.

What are you gonna do?

I don'’t know.

Maybe I'’ll go home for Christmas.

You know, Ohio'’s looking pretty good right now, and there'’s nothing keeping me here.

I am so sorry about all of this.

I'’m the one who should apologize.

You know, don'’t feel bad.

This is on my head.

It'’s just, um... for a moment there, I just felt really special, you know?

And I knew it was wrong, but I just wanted to do a good job, and I wanted Melanie to be proud of me, and I wanted Patrick to like me.

If only I hadn'’t been so scared to just be upfront with the truth, none of this would have happened.

Just don'’t be so hard on yourself.

You were great.

Melanie herself couldn'’t have done it better.

Thanks, but it was a lie.

And now what do I have to show for it?

I'’m unemployed at Christmas, I'’m pretty much broke, and Patrick hates me.

I know the Prince is disappointed, but he doesn'’t hate you.

For what it'’s worth...

I believe he'’s just as miserable as you are.

I don'’t think that's possible.

He'’s a prince.

He may be a prince, but he'’s no fool.

Trust me.

The biggest fool is me.



Can I help you?

Oh, I was hoping to speak with Amy. Is she here?

She'’s in the rec room, visiting with some of the other children.

Ah, may I see her?

Of course. Follow me. Thank you.


Uh, wait.

Hello, Amy.

Prince Patrick, you came!

Now, don'’t you get up. You stay right where you are.

Oh, all right.

I told you I'’d be back.

I knew you would. You promised.

And a promise is a promise.

Could you give us a moment, please?

Of course. Call me if you need anything.

What'’s this?

Just a little Christmas cheer for you... and your friends.

Thank you. You'’re welcome.

Thank you. You'’re welcome.

Thank you so much.

Well, go on, open it.

I can'’t.

Why not?

Because there isn'’t a present for Cathy.

Oh, I'’m so sorry. I seem to be one present short.

It'’s okay, Cathy. I want you to have it.

Why did you do that?

I could'’ve easily gotten another gift.

Cathy doesn'’t get anything.

She doesn'’t talk much, but I know inside, she'’s lonely.

No one ever visits her.

You'’re a very wise person, Amy, with a good heart.

I'’ll make it up to you.

Don'’t worry about me, Prince. I have lots of things already.

Like my new Christmas dog.

Yes, and a new book, I saw.

Was that from Kristin?

She came by today.

She seemed so sad.

I can imagine.

You should find her and tell her you love her.

[laughing] Now, what kind of talk is this?

Well, you do love her, don'’t you?

Well, I, um...

I don'’t know. Um...


Maybe doesn'’t cut it, Prince Patrick.

If you love someone, you need to find them and tell them.

We only have so much time in this world, you know.

You'’re such a brave girl, Amy, with wisdom beyond your years.

If only it were that easy.

I'’m afraid it's all a little bit of a mess. I...

I said some rather unkind things.

You'’re a prince.

If you love her, you can fix anything.

How old did you say you were?

Old enough.

♪♪ [saxophone playing "Joy to the World"]



Almost ready to go, Your Highness?

Nearly there.

Don'’t look down, sir.

Things haven'’t been all bad.


I met the girl of my dreams, and I lost her just as quick.

I'’m a royal idiot.

Our visit'’s not over yet, sir.

Might as well be.

Don'’t forget the main purpose for being here.

The Fashion Festival is all for charity.

A wise man once said, "To ease another'’s heartache is to forget one'’s own."

I hope he was right.

Most assuredly.

Did you attend that one little item for me?

It took some doing, but yes, sir, I did.


Well, then let'’s get on with this.

Our public awaits.


♪ Tick tock tick It'’s coming up quick ♪

♪ Yeah, Santa Claus is on his way ♪

♪ Pulling lots of toys for the girls and boys ♪

♪ On his trusty Christmas sleigh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, whee ♪

♪ Christmas is coming fast ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, whee ♪- 1, 2, 3, very nice.

♪ Christmas is coming fast ♪- There you go.

Good, good, thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please?

Your attention, please. Thank you, thank you.

Good afternoon and welcome to King Fredrick'’s 10th Annual Christmas Fashion Festival, presented this year by Carson Designs of Beverly Hills.

Now, each year, the Kingdom of Edgemoor presents a Christmas festival that represents the charity and goodwill of Christmas worldwide.

This year, Carson Designs is proud to share the stage with King Fredrick'’s son, his Royal Highness, Prince Patrick.

ALBERT: Looking for someone?

No, I just-- I just thought that maybe--

Maybe Kristin would be here?

Well, I don'’t know what I was thinking.

Good luck, sir.

I'’ve got a few things to see to.

Now, what you'’re about to see is Carson'’s newest, most exclusive line of ladies apparel, presented today by some of their most beautiful models.

His Royal Highness, Prince Patrick of Edgemoor.


Welcome to our Christmas Fashion Fest.

My father King Fredrick sends his most sincere greetings and well-wishes to each of you at this very special, festive time of year.

Edgemoor recognizes your deep sense of charity and caring to those around us who need a little extra assistance at this most joyous time.

I would especially wish to thank Mr. Dan Carson for so graciously and generously co-sponsoring my father'’s event.

And now I'’d like to present the lovely Jasmine.

♪♪ [upbeat]

[applause] Our next model, Tiffany, is stepping out today in smart evening wear.

♪♪ [continues]

CARSON: Beautiful day for the show.

Ladies all look so lovely.

MELANIE: We only employ the best.

And you did a great job on this show.

But what'’s become of your young assistant?


She couldn'’t be here today.

What a shame. I like her.

I like her a lot. She seems very efficient.

One of the things I enjoy about working with your company is all your people work so efficiently.


Yes, we do.

PATRICK: Now the stunning Sasha wearing a fall print.

♪ Joy to the world ♪

♪ The savior reigns ♪

♪ Let men their songs employ ♪

♪ The fields and floods ♪

♪ Rocks, hills, and plains ♪

♪ Repeat the sounding joy ♪ -[applause]

Thank you, Sasha, followed by Erin, wearing a cheeky retro summer ensemble.

♪ Repeat the sounding joy ♪

♪♪ [continues]

♪ Revel in joy ♪

♪ Ooh ♪ PATRICK: Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to now introduce you all to someone very special to me.

I know that at times it can be hard to envision where our donations actually go and the good that they really do accomplish.

Sometimes we simply need to be able to put a face to these good deeds, to those whose hearts are genuinely uplifted by the simple act of giving.

What is he doing?

I haven'’t the faintest idea, and I'’m afraid to find out.

What an unusual young man.

Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you all to my new friend, representing The Children'’s Hospital, the beautiful and now honorary Princess Amy of Edgemoor.



[applause continues]

Aww! She'’s beautiful!

This is where your dollars go.

Your support for Amy and her friends means they will get the medical help that they need to grow strong and tall, and the permanent homes, which they deserve.


That'’s brilliant.

Empathy is always in fashion.

What a beautiful little girl.

Well done, young man.

Alisha, what is wrong? You'’re on!

I know. I can'’t find my other shoe.

Here it is! Where did you get this?

It was-- Oh, never mind.

Get away. Can I give you a hand?

No, leave me alone.

Would you like to read the final card?

I'’d love to.

"And now, to conclude our show, the lovely Alisha, wearing a winter print design for Carson Designs by Vousberg."

Here. Thank you.

Ah, it seems we have one more presentation for you today.

What'’s he talking about now?

I don'’t know, but nothing would surprise me at this moment.

Her name is...


Git. Go on.

Isn'’t that your assistant?

Yeah, kind of.

And she looks fabulous.

I know you fired her, so don'’t pretend otherwise.

I'’m sorry, Dan. I...

I kind of lost my head when I found out that the prince was here himself, and Kristin hadn'’t told me.

I should'’ve been there to receive him myself.

I know she probably didn'’t mean any harm by it.

She was probably only trying to protect me.

The show came off great.

At least you learned something positive from all this.

Do you have something you'’d like to say?

Do you mind?


Come on.

[microphone feedback]

Ladies and gentlemen, you don'’t know me.

I'’m not one of the models.

What you'’re witnessing here today at this wonderful charity event is...

much more than just a fashion show.

It'’s a celebration of the human spirit, an uplifting hand to our fellow human beings.

It'’s not about us.

It'’s not about getting ahead.

It'’s not about what we think that we deserve in this life.

It'’s about us as a community, united for the good of all people.

When I look at Amy and the kids like her and the joy that they bring into our lives, I realize just how important and valuable the work done by Prince Patrick and Dan Carson is.

And that'’s what it'’s really about.

And that is how we are going to make a difference.

And for that, I thank you.

PATRICK: Thank you very much.

Enjoy the rest of your day.



You were great up there.

I mean, really great.

I said what I needed to say.

If they'’re mad, at least they can'’t fire me.

They'’ll get over it.

I'’m sure they will.

I'’m sorry it worked out this way.

I thought maybe if the prince saw you again, it would make a difference.

That'’s okay.

It really is.

I know who I am now, and I guess that'’ll just have to be enough.

Kristin, a moment?

I'’m sorry, Mr. Carson, but if I could just please leave...

Please don'’t rush off. We need to talk.

I know what I did was wrong.

I couldn'’t help myself.

Don'’t be silly. I only want to talk to you about a job.

It just so happens that I could use someone on my staff with your kind of courage.

Ah, keep looking, Dan.

Kristin works for me.

I do?

You do, if you would accept a Junior Vice President of Strategic Marketing post.

I would.

We'’ll talk about it tomorrow then.

Well, Dan, your guests are waiting.

Melanie, you'’re just too clever for me.



I just wanted to say that I'’m...

Well... I just wanted to say that I'’m sorry.

No. I'’m the one who should be sorry.

No, I should have just shut up and listened.


I did everything that you said I did.

But I never really stopped to ask myself why you did them.

I didn'’t know then, but I do know now.

I love you, Kristin, and I think that you love me.

Love can make you do some pretty crazy things.

I'’ve never really said this too much before... but I love you.

And if you love me, then you'’ve got to give me a chance to prove it to you.

Is that what you really want?

Yes, with all my heart. Just one more chance.

When you see an opportunity, grab it.

All right.

Now what? [laughs]

ALBERT: Now what, indeed.

Amy'’s doctor brought us some very good news today.


Her troubles are on the run.


She'’s going to be just fine.

A Christmas miracle.

It'’s the best present I could'’ve ever asked for.

I brought you a present too.

Oh? And what is that?


How could I refuse?

You can'’t.

[applause continues]

That'’s wonderful. Yes!


♪ Ooh ♪

♪ If I could have one wish this Christmas ♪

♪ I'’d only ask to be with you ♪

♪ So tell me that you'’ll be with me ♪

♪ When Christmas Eve comes round ♪

♪ Ol'’ Saint Nick and the reindeer ♪

♪ Are coming to town ♪

♪ But, baby, you'’re the one and only one ♪

♪ That I want around ♪

♪ So I sing jingle bells, jingle bells ♪

♪ Quarter in the wishing well ♪

♪ Wishing that this holiday you make your way to celebrate ♪

♪ Christmas here with me ♪

♪ Ooh ♪