A Common Man (2013) Script

We have a report of an occupied zero-entry fire, confirmed victims on second floor.

Terrorists have struck the city center.

As you can see on your screens, four buildings have been blown up, causing extensive damage.

26 people are feared dead, and more than 70 injured.

The police suspect that a suicide bomber had rammed a truck filled with explosives right into the Central Bank.

The anti-terrorist squad is clueless at this stage.

Forensics experts are rushing to the scene of the crime.

Lost property? Yes, complaint is over there.

No other identifying features, anything like that? No, sir.

Okay, sign here then, sir.

Give us a call next week.

Next, please!

Come, sit down please, sir. What's your complaint? I lost my wallet.

Okay, how? How what?

How did you lose it? I don't know. It was in my back pocket.

Where do you think you lost it?

I've really no idea. What was in the wallet?

Photograph of my wife, uh... driver's license, installment receipt, credit card, photograph of my wife... You said that.

Said what? You already told me about your wife's photo.

Did you have any money in it? Cash? Four, five hundred rupees.

I need you to write down your name and address on this form, please.

Vincent Dias, number 16, Windsor Flats, right?

Vince. Telephone number?

077-7534109. Landline?

Yeah, I've got a landline, it hasn't worked for 3 months. Okay. Sign here, please.

Where? Just there, please.

Call us in a couple of days. We'll inform you of any progress. Next, please!

Where is the toilet? Through that door, on the right.

Come, madam.

How many witnesses were there? Sir!

Your receipt. How many of them would you say there were?

About ten. About ten? Okay, and what time was this?

About six. -About six p.m., right.

And... had you been at that same location before around that time?

Half a kilo of tomatoes. 60 rupees, sir.

Terrorist activities in the last year alone have shown no mercy to this once-quiet city.

Unfortunately, in the last ten years our city is no stranger to these type of attacks.

I am Dilky Thenuwara, reporting from TV1 Colombo.

As news coverage continues, we will discuss how these events have affected the political climate of Sri Lanka.

After I drop you off, I'm gonna make my way to the police station.

So, you just call if you need anything, okay? Alright.

I just wish you were coming with us. I hate traveling alone.

You'll be alright, I'll come visit you on Saturday.

Hello. Yes.

Did you buy the almonds and the raisins for the pudding?

Yes, I did.

Also, don't forget to add tomatoes to the list I gave you. I have already purchased them.

What time will you come home? About seven o'clock.

Try and come early, Pavithra will be here on time and we must have an early dinner.

She has to take the last bus. Alright.

Hello? Mister D.I.G.? Morris Da Silva?

Listen carefully to what I have to say.

I am sure you are aware of the state-of-the-art plastic explosives known as C-4.

What?! Who is this?

Listen very carefully, Mr. D.I.G. Mr. Dig.

I've planted bombs at five different locations in the city.

They're all timed to explode, which could be avoided...

Who is this? How did you get my number?

Mr. Dig, don't you ever, ever interupt me again.

As I said, this could be avoided.

I'll call you back in exactly one hour, to talk to a person with full authority to meet my demands.

You have one hour to decide whom that person would be.

Hello? Hello?

Victor, trace the last call to my mobile. It's urgent.

And connect me to the Inspector General immediately.

He's out of the country, sir. Attending the ASEAN meeting in Jakarta. He will be back tomorrow.

Right. Ask Officer Mohideen to come in, please.

I don't know! Just a second. Hello?

Is this Miss Dilky Thenuwara? Yeah, who is this?

Miss Dilky, I have a sensational news story for you today. Maybe the news story of the year.

I'm sorry, but there is a news-lead tip line for this type of information.

No, wait! What is it?

This isn't a reality show in your nice, air-conditioned studio, Miss Dilky.

This is live. On the most important day of your life. The most important day of my life?

Okay, where is this story supposed to be taking place?

The Polgoda police station. Go quickly. Go now.

Mohideen, we may have a problem on our hands.

I just received a call from a man saying he'll explode five bombs here in Colombo.

It could be a crank call, of course, but we can't take that chance.

Assemble all the relevant officers, intelligence unit, bomb disposal squad, in the operations room.

Right away. Yes, sir!

Cancel my eleven o'clock, I have a lead.

I can't really say, but I'm on my way to the Polgoda police station.

I will check in later.

Okay... no, nothing.

Sir, it is a mobile number in the name of Rudra Wilson in Kalmunai. It is now disconnected.

Alright, let's go.

Good morning. Please be seated.

We have a situation on our hands. A man is threatening to explode five bombs here in the city, now... this could be a crank call, a madman, or a well-planned act of terrorism, there's simply no way of knowing. He calls on my mobile.

From now on, whatever happens in here stays confined to these four walls.

Your cooperation in this is vital. Clear? Yes, sir. - Yes, sir.

Ganesha, talk to intelligence, see what they have.

Warner, get all the information you can about the trafficking of explosives in and out of the city.

Particularly RDX. We need this fast, use your informants.


Connect my mobile to the speaker system. Keep the line open, be ready to trace him when he calls again.

Yes, sir. Good.

Mr. Dig, who's going to talk to me? Where's your Prime Minister, your Chief Minister? Someone with authority?

You expect the Prime Minister or the Chief Minister to talk to you?

Why not? They came to us during the elections. Now are they too busy?

Alright. Let them come after the bomb blasts and explain to the people.

Now, who is going to talk to me?

Sir, he's using several mobile phones and changing the SIM card with every call.

Now, Mr. Dig, this is what you are to do.

Inform your person with authority that there are four warriors that you're holding in your prisons.

Sarath Master. D. Gopinath. Prakash Kumar. Akthul Majood.

Don't you remember?

You arrested two of them in Colombo, one in Jaffna, the other in Hong Kong.

Right? Have you forgotten?

Yeah... what about them? I want you to release them.

Release them? Yes. I want them released.

This should be a no-problem for you, Mr. Dig.

These men are terrorists. Convicted prisoners serving their time.

You've held them long enough. Three are in Welikada prison, the fourth an unknown location. I want them all in one place.

You can't be serious. Serious? Serious?

Do you think I'm playing with you, Mr. Dig? To be honest, I don't know.

What is your connection with these men? They are warriors, Mr. Dig.

Warriors! They do not deserve to be locked up like animals.

You are dictating to me using mobile phones and different SIM cards, I'm sorry, why should I believe you?

There is a two-kilogram RDX bomb at the Polgoda police station, within your command area.

It is set to explode in exactly 40 minutes.

Maybe then you'll believe I'm serious.

Mohideen! If he is telling the truth, we have less than 40 minutes to find that bomb. Get onto it.

Victor! It was a very long call...

Sir, we know he's in the city, but we need some more time to zero in on his exact location.

Get over to the Polgoda police station, take Sergeant Anura from the bomb disposal squad with you.

Hello. Hello.

A bomb is set to explode in the Polgoda police station, any moment now.

Oh my...

There's a huge pandemonium at the Polgoda police station, the bomb disposal squad and police dogs are all over the place.

An anonymous caller just informed us that a bomb has been planted there.

Victor, get an en route to intelligence. Find out about these four prisoners, I want their status now!

Prepare to clear the building. Begin evacuation of outside perimeter.

Secure the base area. Unit secure in perimeter.

Stand by for further instructions.

We have official confirmation.

It looks like C-4 and dynamite triggered to a detonator.

Bypassing detonator will take further evaluation, cannot attempt bypass without more time.

Repeat. We need more time.

Detonator set to go off in three minutes.

Yes? Mr. Dig, no time to panic.

Shall I tell you how to defuse the bomb?

Yes. Tell me. Now do you believe I'm serious?

Yes, I believe you! Tell me.

There're three wires attached to the detonator.

Three wires attached to the detonator!

Cut the green one. Cut the green one!

Defusing on location. Repeat. Defusing on location.

Unit standing by.

Bypass successful. Bomb is defused. Repeat. Bomb is defused.

Now, Mr. Dig, will you release the prisoners?

I'll need more time. There is no time.

Mohideen? Get me the Chief Minister on line.

Sir, it's the Chief Secretary.

Hello, sir. D.I.G. Morris Da Silva here. Yes, D.I.G. How are you?

Uh... I'm fine, sir... um, I wonder, is it possible, could I speak to the Chief Minister, please?

He is attending a political meeting in Kandy.

I see... um, sir, we have a situation here.

Well, what is it? Can't it wait until the minister gets back?

No sir. I'm afraid I can't talk about it over the phone, um...

I really need you here. Alright. I'll be there in half an hour.

Thank you, sir.

Hello? Are you too busy to talk?

No, tell me.

We just passed Bentota. Okay, good.

What happened? Your voice sounds different. No, nothing. I'll call you later.

Sir! We have an important lead, sir. We found a broker.

Two days ago, he sold six kilos of RDX. But he's refusing to talk to us.

What do you mean? Get him to bloody...

Find Detective Ranjan, he'll make him bloody talk.

This man is one of his informants!

Where's the prisoner?

Talk to every officer on duty at the station. Somebody must have seen something.

And sir? There is a young TV reporter covering the case. She seems to be everywhere, even before anything happens. Really?

Get Victor to question her. I'm on it, sir.

We continue with the coverage at the Polgoda police station. Presently, no one has claimed responsibility for planting the bomb.

Sir! It's the Chief Secretary.

Mr. D.I.G. what is this commotion? Good morning, sir.

This situation has escalated. I feel you must inform the Chief Minister immediately.

The whole area around the Polgoda police station is closed off as the police continues with their investigation.

We'll be back with more news on this developing story. This is Dilky Thenuwara, from TV1 News.

Hello? Yes, what is it? I have arrived at police headquarters, sir.

Yes, sir. The D.I.G. is here, sir. Yes.

The Chief Minister would like to speak with you.

Good morning, sir. What's is the problem, D.I.G.?

A man has called informing us that he has placed five bombs in the city.

We've just defused one of them at the Polgoda police station. This man is a serious threat.

He will only speak with the person with full authority, and the Inspector General is out of the country.

The next in line is you, sir. He is insisting.

Now, if you like, we can patch all the calls to you from here.

No. This is obviously a law and order problem.

Bomb threats?

He may be a terrorist. You are better equipped to handle this.

Sir, I don't have that authority.

D.I.G., there's a big difference between making a political speech, and handling a life and death situation.

I'll give you full authority to handle this matter. Alright... but on one condition, sir.

No interference, no complaints, no post-analysis. You decide, sir.

Right. It's all yours, B.I.G. Agreed.

Only keep me informed.


Calid, who did you deliver the explosives to?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Don't lie to me. You know what happens when you lie to me.

Either give me a name or you know I'll beat it out of you.

I don't know!

Give me a name now!

I made the delivery to an arms dealer. Six kilos of RDX. You know him.

Pithala Nihal. Fifth cross street. Sells used computers.

Who'd you sell the RDX to? Give me his name! Who was it?

Give me his name!


Hello? Yeah. This guy... he's got no information.

He's got nothin'.

Okay. Get back here. I'll tell the D.I.G.

D. Gopinath, once a crooked accountant, was caught in the no-fire zone in possesion of llegal firearms and explosives.

He has been marked as a traitor, and fled during the army's march forward.

Suspected of four bombings, and convicted of two. A cunning and devious man.

Presently serving a life sentence at Welikada prison.

Sarath Master, a high profile criminal. His bombing of the northern attaché office was covered extensively by the media.

This man is a spy operative and responsible for many deaths by torture.

Serving 25 years to life at the Welikada prison.

Akthul Majood, he ran underground training camps.

He was a supplier to several terrorist groups throughout the world, trained more than a thousand men and women, all youngsters from 16-20 years.

Imprisoned for six years, he has done 5 years and 8 months at Welikada prison.

Due to be released in four months.

Why release Akthul Majood now? He's due to be released in a few months.

Prakash Kumar, known as PK.

A pilot who flew arms, ammunition, and explosives to enemy destinations.

He was very close to their leader. Under protective custody at an unknown location.

Hey! You two! Come here now!

Come on! Quick! Quick!

Come on!

Sir! The TV News reporter.

Dilky Thenuwara. Miss Dilky Thenuwara.

When did you get the first call? Do you know what is happening? He is using you.

He is monitoring everything that is happening through your telecast.

You are his bloody eyes! Can't you see that?

What kind of a person are you? Excuse me! Look, sir...

I am a woman. A Sri Lankan woman. A TV reporter.

Good. I am asking for the cooperation of the Sri Lankan woman in you.

I have no time for TV reporters.

Remember, this mad man is using you!

Mohideen, we've got to get the four prisoners together, fast.

Sir, three are in Welikada prison, but the fourth... What about him?

The fourth is under heavy security in an army compound somewhere.

Find him, get him released immediately.

Sources say that one or more dangerous terrorists are being moved from the Welikada prison to an undisclosed location.

No information yet as to why these prisoners are being moved, but we will give more information as the story develops.

Mr. Dig, I see you are following my instructions. That's good. um... three of the prisoners are at Welikada prison, that shouldn't be a problem, but the fourth one...

Prakash Kumar... is in an undisclosed location.

I'll need more time to find him. You must locate him, he's a vital part of my plan.

Right, you can't waste any more time. What do you want me to do with them?

Take them to the Katukurunda airport, to the runway.

You... follow my orders and no one will get hurt. They will be there.

Wait, how many policemen will accompany our warriors?

Five. Too many.

Take two officers, with two cell phones each, with speaker and conference facility, We'll need to make conference calls.

Anything else? Yes, one more thing.

I've planted explosives at the airport. Do not bring sniffer dogs or cowboy commandos.

There are four more bombs that I can detonate by mobile phone.

They are set to go off at six o'clock sharp.

Now just a minute!

When all this is done, what guarantee do I have that you'll defuse the bombs?

Oh, guarantees... you want guarantees.

I don't want any more deaths!

These... men... are responsible for mass murder and wholesale destruction in our country.

Just... do as I say. I'll call you back at three o'clock.

Any luck, Victor? Sir, it's crazy. I just can't seem to pinpoint the exact...

You're sure he's in the city? He is in the city, sir.

Then suddenly the call shows up in different countries, different places...

Chennai. From Mumbai. Karachi. In Pakistan.

Then Singapore. The Maldives. Okay, how is he able to do this?

He's using advanced technology. Sir, he's obviously a communications expert.

Then for God's sake, let's get our own expert to counter him. We need a computer hacker.

Find one. Quickly. Yes, sir.

I want you to organize a discreet sweep of Katukurunda airport, I hope to God he isn't planning on hijacking an aircraft.

Sir, the officer at the front desk can't remember anything, but Sergeant Bernard here took a complaint from a man who wanted to use the toilet.

He might be our man, we have his number. Well, call it and see what happens.

Well, Sergeant? He gave his name as a Vincent Dias, sir.

Here's that phone number and address he gave. He was carrying some kind of a green bag.

Good. Anything else? I can remember him very clearly, sir.

He complained he had lost his wallet. And I even noticed he was left-handed.

Very good! Sir, the number came up not in use.

Shall I verify the address? What's the point, it won't be his address.

Take the Sergeant to the sketch artist, get a composite image.

Hello. Miss Dilky.

You know the Katukurunda airport? I can't. I can't!

Excuse me? I told you, I can't.

What was that? What do you mean, you can't?

You are using me! Of course I am.

And if you weren't interested, you'd have told me so at the outset.

You're making me part of this crime. Oh, come on, Miss Dilky...

Don't flatter yourself. If Sri Lanka loses a cricket match against India, right?

Nobody blames the TV channel that telecast the match. You're just showing the public what needs to be shown.

But this is not a cricket match! Damn it!

Damn it? Dilky, you're right.

And there's no scarcity of reporters like you, roaming around with a camera looking for dumb stories.

This is news.

Am I right, Dilky?

Am I right, Dilky?

Where do you want me to go? Katukurunda airport, at five o'clock.

Off you go to the armory to suit up. Take Detective Ranjan with you.

We have a clever man on our hands, Mohideen. I'm counting on you both.


...or he'll be replaced! Outrageous. On my watch?!

This is Dilfer, sir.

Yes? Yo, what's up?

Dilfer is a computer specialist, an expert in ethical and unethical hacking.

Is he qualified? Well, probably overqualified.

He has helped us crack some tough cyber-crimes.

Well, tough for you... not so tough for me.

Don't worry, I can help you, man. Sir.

That's why you're here, lad. To help us locate a madman.

Alright! Let's do it.

Why the hell do we have to babysit these damn terrorists?

If I had my way, I'd execute every last one of them on the way to the airport.

Alright, take it easy. We're officers of the law.

You're not the Terminator. Yeah? Why not?

What's your status? Everything's going as planned, sir.

We have Prakesh Kumar and we're on the way to the airport now.

Right. Call me as soon as you get to the airport.

What's happening?

Where are you taking us? Shut up.

Where are you taking us? Shut the fuck up!

You'll soon find out.

Aisa? Hello.

Yeah, where are you now? We're still on the way.

The train is getting delayed at each station. I don't know what's going on.

How's the little one? Is she okay? Roshi's fast asleep.

I think she likes the motion of the train.

Call me when you get there. Okay, I will.

Aisa? I love you.

I love you too, darling. Bye.

What's going on?

Mr. Dig, have your men reached the airport? Yes, they have.

Good. I wanna talk to them.

What are the names of your officers? Detectives Ranjan Jayaweera and Anver Mohideen.

Mohideen? He wants to talk to them. Turn on your loudspeaker.

Officer Mohideen, I want to talk to my brothers.

Greetings. Greetings.

How are you? May Allah protect you for getting us out.

I'll need to confirm that you are the four I asked to be released. Could you identify yourselves, please?

Akthul Majood. Sarath Master.

D. Gopinath, may God bless you. Prakash Kumar.

Right. Please, relax and follow my instructions. You'll soon be on your way.

Mohideen, turn off the speaker phone, give it to Mr. Akthul.


Did they give you any medication, orally or by injection?


Did they force you to eat anything? No, but we're handcuffed!

No worries, you'll soon be unlocked, as per God's wish.

Switch the speaker on, hand the phone back to Officer Mohideen.

Mohideen. Yes?

Remove the handcuffs.

Do you see a small aircraft at the end of the airstrip? Yes.

The four warriors must board the aircraft on my instruction.

As soon as the aircraft takes off, I will disclose where the bombs are and how to defuse them.

Do as I say, quickly. You don't have much time.

Prakash Kumar. You are to fly the aircraft, I'm well aware that you are a decorated pilot.

Once you're in control, start the engines, taxi to the airstrip and await my instructions.

There's a mobile phone on board, wait for my call before you take off for Trivandrum.

Enough fuel on board to get you there. All this must happen within the next ten minutes, are you listening, Mr. Dig?

Yes. Mohideen, you heard the man. Yes, sir!

Do you have anything yet? Yeah. The call is coming from the Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia area, close to the ocean, from a high location. Are you certain?

Trust me! If he calls again, I will nail him. I will pinpoint you his exact location.

This guy's pretty smart, but he ain't the best. Yeah, uh, thank you.

Sir? I'll need the assistance of the Air Force.

Get me the Air Force commander.

Detail has been transmitting from southern area of the city.

Roger that.

Subject transmitting from high location, unknown description.

Looking for anything out of the ordinary. Again, description unknown. Keep your eyes open.

Taking edge of perimeter.

Command, we have a visual. An abandoned building, Mount Lavinia area.

Just east of the coast line. Flying over to take a look.

Detail puts him south of you. We need you to go southeast of your present location.

Roger that.

No visual, building looks secure. Looks like limited roof access.

Shit. We're not getting any visual...

Detail puts subject to the south.

Roger that. Heading south, command.

Have the warriors board the aircraft. Now.

Go on! Board the aircraft!

Ranjan, what are you doing?

Ranjan, what are you doing? Let him go.

No, Mohideen! This is not right!

What if all these guys escape and we still don't know where the bombs are?

There's got to be a connection between these guys and the bombs!

Ranjan, we have our orders.

No! We're taking this one with us. Don't!

No! I'm not releasing him until we know where the bombs are!

What about Akthul? Hurry up, man!

Leave him, let's go! No.

Let's go! No!

Calm down. We have to wait for his instructions.

I have to go! They're taking off!

Mohideen. Talk to me!

Mohideen! Are the four prisoners on the plane?

Where is it?

Here is the phone, here's the phone! Give it to me.

What have you done?

The warriors have taken off.



What happened? I don't know. They're dead.

What? There must have been a bomb on the aircraft.

It just blew up and killed them!

The three prisoners are dead!

Three? What do you... what do you mean, three?

Sarath Master, D. Gopinath and Prakesh Kumar are dead.

Akthul Majood is alive. Sir, we're bringing him in.

What the hell have you done?


No. What the hell have you done, officers?

You just made a big, big mistake, which you must rectify.

Let Akthul hear this.

My plan was to release all four of you warriors from this world, so, you see, my work is not complete. Officers, you will have to finish my work.

What are you talking about?

Mr. Dig, if a cockroach enters your kitchen, will you nurture it, or step on it and sweep it away? That's all I'm doing, I'm cleaning my home of cockroaches. Enough! Tell me where the other bombs are, now!

Who are you, anyway? Do you have a name?

Why do you suddenly want my pedigree, Mr. Dig...?

..when you know me. You know me very well. I'm the one who's afraid to get on a bus or a train.

I'm the man who's wife thinks her husband is going to war, when he's actually going to work.

She's afraid I won't come back, she keeps calling me every two hours to see if I've had my tea, my lunch... actually she's calling to see if I'm still alive. If we want to open a shop, right?

Just a little shop. I'm afraid to give it a name for fear of it being burned down in the next riot.

Because, whoever's fighting whom, I'll be the first victim. So... when you see a large crowd, pick a bloke, any bloke. That's me.

A common citizen of the world. A common citizen of Sri Lanka, a country that I love.

What makes you so special? We all love our country.

What kind of man are you, anyway?

Who the hell do you think you are? Some kind of Superman?

Superman? No, I'm not Superman. Invisible Man, more like.

They've even erased my name from the voting register.

When I go to enquire, they tell me I don't exist.

So, Mr. Dig... To purchase the material for an RDX bomb, there's no need to be Superman.

The Invisible Man will do. Look on the internet... a hundred websites show you how to make a bomb!

So don't ask how, ask why!

Why? Focus, focus on the present, Mr. Dig.

It's coming up to six o'clock, there's one more cockroach left. I want him squashed, then I'll tell you where the bombs are.

Are you really saying that if we don't kill Akthul Majood you will explode the bombs?

Killing innocent people? Yes, that is exactly what I am saying.

If you release him in a few months, he'll kill thousands, directly or indirectly.

I'm only asking for one life. He's asking for the lives of a thousand people.

Compare, weigh the two. It's a good trade-off, Mr. Dig.

Why these four, when there are so many other terrorists?

I drew lots, these four got lucky.

Are you afraid to tell me who you are? Never you mind who I am.

When these vermin masterminded the Central Bank bombing or the Padahuthurai bombing you should have wiped them out.

You had loads of opportunities, but you didn't do it!

It doesn't matter what their causes are, whether they're from the north, south, east, west... causes are to be addressed, but not at the expense of innocent lives.

They came back, and attacked the railway station.

We cried for a few days, then we forgot. Then they bombed the sacred city, and the airport... how many people died? Do you remember, or have you forgotten?

We are forgetting. Forgetting... is our national disease, Mr. Dig.

Terrorism must be eradicated.

Instant justice. Why not? Terrorism is instant, why not justice?

The more we wait, the more it takes on different shapes, different names, different forms.

But the DNA remains the same. Terrorism.

You say you want to eradicate terrorism, yet here you are terrorizing us!

What religion are you?

Religion? No...

No, this has got nothing to do with religion.

Gopinath was a Hindu. Designer of death. I killed him. Does that make me a Muslim?

Sarath Master, a Buddhist. Responsible for thousands of deaths. I killed him.

Does that make me a Christian?

You can play the Buddhist-Hindu-Muslim-Christian card with the gullible public, that's your business.

You can spew lies on national TV and brainwash the vulnerable pathetic innocents, but... do not connect me to any group.

I'm just an ordinary citizen, taking a class action.

Maybe I am a Christian, or a Buddhist. Maybe I am a Communist, or an atheist.

Whoever we are, don't we have the right to get angry?

Don't we have the right to say, "Enough is enough"?

So, it's not a matter of race, religion or politics.

You must know that the people are very angry.

Stop testing their patience.

Whatever you are trying to prove, will not succeed.

I shall find you.

I have already succeeded, Mr. Dig. I have your attention.

Tell me something.

Did someone close to you die in these bombings?

Why should I wait until somebody close to me dies in such a way?

Let me tell you something.

There was someone on that train.

Young man, about twenty-one. Don't know his name.

When I came on the train, he used to greet me with a "Hello!"

And I used to return the courtesy.

We didn't know each other's names.

We just knew each other through "hellos."

He'd shown me his engagement ring just the day before.

He was happy.

The next day I was late, I missed the train. I escaped death.

He didn't.

After that, when I took the train there was nobody I knew.

Compartment full of strangers.

What's it matter who I am?

When you step out of your home, you may not come back to your family.

When your kids leave for school, you're not sure you'll see them again.

While Akthul, or Gopinath, or Sarath may be at the junction waiting with a bomb, to blow up your dreams, and dreams you have for your loved ones.

They are indiscriminate.

Terrorism must not be given a chance. It must be stopped the moment it raises its head.

Yes, but you are acting like a mad terrorist.

Let me explain.

If they are instrumental in killing 3 or 4 hundred people, you will quietly wait for the courts to answer.

I kill four notorious terrorists, you're in a frenzy!

Okay, I don't blame you.

You've decided that we must be complacent, and wait for the wheels of justice to turn.

That is too little, too late.

Think I'm a madman? Possibly, maybe, perhaps, Mr. Dig.

There are three bombs set and ready to explode at six o'clock sharp.

The clock is ticking. You're running out of time.

Officer Mohideen, whether this is my last call or not, is up to you.

That TV reporter, Dilky Thenuwara, and her cameraman will appear in ten minutes, and... confirm Mr. Akthul Majood's death on TV.

You see the picture, you know the story, I will then tell you where the bombs are located.

Mr. D.I.G., things have obviously gone out of your control.

Shouldn't we call the Chief Minister?

There will be consequences, Mr. D.I.G.

It's too late for me to worry about that. Sir.

And if things were to go wrong?

Right. It may well be your funeral.

I never liked this from the start.

The feeling is mutual, sir. Oh, look sir, excuse me. You forgot your mobile phone.

Give it to him, Victor, please. Wipe it carefully first.

We must make sure the Chief Secretary's hands stay clean.

Hello? Dilky, where are you?

Outside the airport. What's going on? What's happened?

That explosion? You'll see.

Come in through the side gate, get close to the airstrip. Okay. Let's go!

Mohideen, remember... you are a police officer.

Sir! Mohideen? Can you hear me?

Sir! Mohideen?

Hello! Sir!

Ranjan! Ranjan, don't do it!

Ranjan! Ranjan, don't! We have to take him in!


Ranjan! Don't!

Ranjan, come on! You know I can't let you do it.

When the terrorist tried to escape, Officer Ranjan Jayaweera and Officer Anver Mohideen confronted and engaged him.

For security reasons, we had to shift the location of the prisoners.

During the transfer today, they managed to break loose and hijack an aircraft.

Officer Ranjan Jayaweera and myself were able to stop them. That's all.

The prisoner broke loose and tried to escape. We had no choice but to shoot him.

Oh, my God! Thank you, Mr. Dig.

It was a pleasure working with you. Where are the damn bombs?

We are here live with a breaking story at the Katukurunda airport.

The four terrorists brought here by the police tried to escape, and all four were killed during the attempt.

Why were they brought here? Where had they planned to go from here?

Miss Dilky, I have some breaking news for you.

Dilky, Dilky? Can you hear me? Yes, I can hear you. I'm on camera.

I know Dilky. I know you're on camera.

So you can tell your viewers where the last three bombs are located.

And listen very carefully, 'cause I'm only gonna say this once. Three bombs...

The bus. Pettah to Mattegoda.

Number 32 The train. Seven o'clock. To Galle.

The shopping mall. Odel's. On the first floor.

None of them will detonate.

You take care, Dilky... and thank you.

Officer Mohideen! Officer Mohideen!

Keep tuned. Dilky Thenuwara, at Katukurunda Airport.

What's going on? Yes. Yes, they have stopped the train.

Just call me, okay?

Don't worry.

Have you finished yet? I need a print-out, fast!

Sir... It's not coming together, sir.

What do you mean? I'm sorry, sir.

What about you? What's that building? Is that where he is?

Alright, what just happened?

I thought you said you could crack this.

So, you can't locate him? Or you won't locate him?

Am I the only person in this room who wants to capture this man?

I see.

I see.

Excuse me, what's the time now? My watch has stopped.

Been shopping?

Have you bought everything on the list I gave you?

Why don't you answer?

Are you on your way home? Yes.

I can't hear you.

Yes, dear. I'm on my way home.

I am Morris Da Silva.

Deputy Inspector General attached to the special task force.

"Mr. Dig."

Looks like a nice evening.

Nice and quiet.