A Copy of My Mind (2015) Script

-Have you found a man yet? -Not yet.

Not yet?

If I still can manage things myself, I prefer being single.

What's your type?

Like… Nothing in particular.

Someone rich?

-Not really. -No?

A rich husband means we don't need to work.

He works, we take care of the kids.

Isn't that like working?

Well… It's different.

Raising kids is like… a neverending camping trip.

-It's different from working. -Like what?

Like a neverending camping trip.

It's different from working.

Working is stressful.


Your boyfriend picking you up again?

Of course.

Someone picking you up?

Yeah, the bus driver.

You can do better than that.

Please jot this down.

-Which ones? -For tomorrow's shopping list.

Dandruff haircream is out.

Apple mask is also out.

Green tea too.

Half of strawberry left.

Avocado is also half. Melon is out.

-These two are still good. -Okay.

Anything else?

That's it.

How about aloe vera?

Yes, aloe vera, too.

-Done? -Thanks.

-Bye. -Take care.


Brothers and sisters!

Don't vote for the wrong person!

Vote for the one who is of the people.

Vote for the most intelligent!

Vote for the most honest man to be our president!

Vote for the man who will bring Indonesia good name!

And bring us respect!

Passenger! Passenger!

Well, it should be his turn now.

His salary is higher than mine.

Business is slow these days.

I can't chip in this time.

Hey, is this good quality?

Are the Indonesian subtitles good? The last one was horrible.

No, I can't, Mom.

-No, I can't, Mom. -Well?

-The subtitles? -It's good.

The subtitles are good.

Hi, how are you?

We're having a special offer for this one.


Very good for your living room.

The latest one from Samsung. It's curved.

Are you sad, miss?

I can see your reflection on the TV.

I'm still looking. I haven't decided.

How big is your living room?

Well, about this big.

Well then, this 65-inch is perfect.

We're also having a double savings.

The original price is $8,240. You'll get a $500 discount.

And another 10% discount if you're paying cash or debit card.

I see.

Today is the last day of the offer. Plus, you'll get a TAB S as a bonus.

So you can watch TV while surfing the net.

Just for today?

Since yesterday, and today is the last day.

Do you have credit card?

A bank-issued credit card?

I do.

Then you can get another 15% discount.

Perhaps you'd like to try the sound?


-Mon! -Yeah?

Hi, Sari.

-Hello, Auntie. -Oh, you're home.

-Yes. -Tired?

-Very. Are we renovating? -Yes.


Next week.

Oh, okay then.

Please find a place at your friend's until it's finished. Okay?


Keep it going!

You bet.


Kids, I'm renovating this building.

You all need to find another place to stay

-for about two weeks. -Oh c'mon.

Two weeks is nothing.

Why so sudden?

Well, I have to. The rain keeps leaking through the roof.

I have no one to take me in.

That's impossible. You have friends, just ask them.

This is the closest to my workplace.


I'll give you two weeks discount.

Why don't you renovate gradually?

The builder wants to do it all at once.

Shit, I just lost 150 bucks.

I told you to bet small.

Listen! Listen!

I gave your pay to your supervisor.

-Ask him! -Yeah, but we haven't been paid!

Like I care!

We stood all day under the sun.

You know how much he'd get if he drove a minivan today instead?

Twenty bucks.

Here's your dinner.

Here's your beverage, okay.

What's going on outside?

People not getting paid.

How much did one person get?

Three dollars.

Three dollars?

For a whole-day rally?

Your room is disgusting.

You're lucky. Fifteen bucks a movie.

Here, another five movies.

Finish them by tomorrow.

How can I finish making subtitles for five movies in a night?

Just do it, there's only a little dialogue.

Art films?

Art films?

No, porn.

Porn with subs gets more buyers nowadays.

We have to be more creative.

Regular pirated DVDs aren't selling anymore.

Can you imagine how the legit ones do?

But since it's an easy job...

You get six bucks a movie.

Forget about it.

Don't be a prick. Just do it.

Give me your hairband.

It's like a sauna in here.

Okay, I'm heading out.

All right.



Allah is great Allah is great

I bear witness that there's no God But Allah I bear witness That Muhammad is Allah's messenger

Let us pray, let us reach victory.

I was on duty one day, and there was this funky old lady with her husband.

The husband asked me if I was single.

And I thought, this dirty old man with his wife next to him.

It turned out that he wanted to fix me up with his son.

But his son is far away in Germany.

I asked for his number anyway.

Oh, you're so cheap.

The family's quite well off. The dad is a pensioner from State Electricity Company.

Did you say yes?

I only smiled. No way I'd say yes right away.

You're so coy.

You could've been in Germany by now.

No longer a customer service girl.

On Sunday, the General Election Commission (KPU) has received the campaign schedules of each Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate up to July 5th.

The KPU allows each candidate to determine the location and schedule of their campaign as long as they report back to the authorities and not campaign in the same place.

The condition of Jakarta during the campaign period is

such that vehicles are being damaged by the masses.

There have been violent acts under the guise of religion and Molotov bombings.

Damage has been done during the Presidential campaign period by each of the candidate's supporters.

Around 5:00 p.m.,

a group of people with green attributes ruined a motorbike and threw rocks at houses.

Many people are trying to build, to support a President and Vice President, resulting in the damage of various motorbikes and houses.

A large number of people wearing green attributes that support Presidential candidate number one...

Can you keep your voices down?

Sorry, miss. Facials here are always this chatty.

You don't talk when you're given a facial. That's why they call it a facial.

Maybe you can find someplace else.

Excuse me?

Well, if you're not comfortable...

I bet you can find a better place.

What's your name?

I'll report this to your boss.

Sorry, miss.

Not you. The one who just talked to me.

That's me.

What's your name?

I'm also a customer.

-Excuse me. -Hi, may I help you?

I have some questions.

We have various treatments here. What would you like to ask?

Actually, I want to ask if you have a job vacancy here.

Oh, job vacancies.

Let me ask my manager first.

Please have a seat.

Okay, thank you.

Please have a seat.


Asking about a job vacancy?


To my office?

Yes, sir.

We are short on facial personnel.

We had one recently, but we moved her to handle body scrubs.

Because clients really love the way she… scrubs.

What's your experience?

I'm currently working in Yelo Salon, handling facials there too, sir.

Okay, it's a little different here.

Our clientele are different.

Here we don't use hands as much.

We have a lot of equipment.

Ioniser, red-yellow-green laser, just like the rainbow.

Those sort of things.


As I said before, our clientele is a little bit different.

We need to spoil them more.

And, well… Are you interested?

I'm interested, sir.

Okay, you're required to get training for the first two to three weeks.

You're going to watch how our senior therapists work.

Observe how they treat a client.

Learn how they use the tools.

How they offer our products to clients. Try not to sell too hard on them.

Don't push too much.

And then you can offer the products.

That's for two to three weeks.

And then if I think you're ready, you can handle clients solo.

How's that?

Do you have to be able to speak English here, sir?

Not a must.

But at least you understand a bit.

Learn a little English, so you'll appear classier and clients will like you more.

Will it be a problem?

No, no problem, sir.

Alright, then. We're open at nine, so please be here at eight.

A senior therapist will brief you. And that's it.

Do I get transport allowance during the training, sir?

Of course. Don't worry.

But you won't get a full salary until you're full-time here.

But as for the training, we provide meals and transport allowance. So don't worry.

-All right? -All right.

I'm gonna work somewhere else.


Stay, it's nice here.

I got a good offer.

From whom?

That salon at the end of the street.

I see. How much will you get?

More than here?

Maybe the same, but the tips are bigger.

I like working here. It's nice.

It's nice, but I want a new atmosphere.

That's up to you.

Just think about it carefully, so you won't regret it later.

I know.


Don't forget to tell the boss about this, or you'll get yelled at.

I'll have to come up with an excuse.

Okay, just be careful.


Okay, I'll get going.

Take care, Sari.


So it's easier to find.

You've worked here for a while, right?

You should know better.

This is supposed to be here.

Just do it by the system.

Hey, the subtitles are lousy.

You said they were good.

I want to exchange it with another movie.

Not here.

The rule here is if the image is poor, I'll replace it with a new one.

How about this one?

The picture quality is good, right?

Isn't it?

Yes, but the subtitles are horrible.

You want to watch the movie or the subtitles?

How can I understand the movie without the subtitles?

I can only give you an exchange for poor picture.

Not for bad subtitles.

You're in luck.

Wait here.


A customer is complaining that the subtitles are bad.

I already told her there's a 'winner' logo on it.

It doesn't have anything to do with it!

Deal with this, Alek.

Did you do this?

The subtitles?

-Yes. -It's so bad.

Do you even understand English?

If you want good quality, buy a legit copy.

You can't complain if you buy a pirated one.

But I buy pirated DVDs with money, too.



Why are you so nervous?

I'm not.

Let me look inside your bag.


I saw you took a DVD.

Let me see.

This is boring, too much talking. You won't like it.

Look, I'm sorry.

Never mind, I got my replacement DVD. Let me get going now.

Wait, just hear me out.


I've got a lot of movies at my place. You'll like it.

How would you know?

What kind of movie do you like?

That's my business.

Well, I'm sure I've got them at my place.

I've got all the new releases.

You can choose anything.

-No thanks. -Pick any films you want.

If you don't come with me, I'll scream.

I'll let people know you're a thief.

If I scream, you'll be the one who's gonna get lynched.

Try it. This is my neighboorhood.

Go ahead, scream.

Are you coming? Or I'll scream now.

No way.

Okay, okay.

Don't worry, I won't bite.

Just come.

Come on.

Everybody here is my friend.


Are you ordering or what?

Do you want to order?

-Do you want to eat? -No.

-Order? -Yes, to go.

-How many? -One.

Rice with… With?

Who's that? Your mom?

No, that's Bu De. My landlady.

I'm taking care of her.

Her children don't want to do it.

Here's your dinner, Bu De.

That's why I can live here for free.

I'll put the drink here.

I'm going upstairs, okay?

Let's go.

This is my room.

Come on in, don't be scared.

Those are the DVDs.

A lot, right? Just pick whichever you want.

Can I take more than one?

Sure, how many do you want?


Go ahead.

All of them?

You're nuts.

These are my favorite DVDs.

I put them on a special shelf.

You can borrow these, but you have to return them.

Come here.

And these are the latest films I'm working on.

See? New titles.

You're doing the subtitles for all of these?


They'll be released next week.

This is how I make subtitles.

What did you say your name was?

So you like that kind of movie, huh?


-Why? -Movies with creatures, hybrid monsters.

Like… Crocodiles and fish, becomes Crocfish.


-Here, have a drink. -Thank you.

Are you from here?

-Jakarta? -No.

I moved here around two years ago.

Where do you work?

I do facials at a beauty salon.


You like it?

It's the only thing available.

What's your dream?

My dream is to own a home theater, so I can watch movies on a big screen.

With great sound.

Because the TV at my place sucks.

You have to hit it to work sometimes.

-Really? -Even the sound comes and goes.

I really like watching movies.

What about you?

My dream?

I don't know.

So I'm better than you!

Aren't you gonna pray?


What's your religion?

Do you have one?


What does it say on your ID?

I have no ID.

How many films did you take?

Check the head position.

Whether the hair is pulled back.

Then we can start by washing the face.

Once it's dried off, apply soap.

This is similar to what I did at Yelo Salon.



We have also another equipment for microdermabrasion.

The nose area looks okay after the extraction.

Okay, we'll turn it off.

I'll start the massage.

I'll start selling fish to street vendors.

-That's good. -Yup.

Hey, you're wearing a uniform now.

Yeah, new workplace.

Have you watched the DVDs?

Not yet.

Why don't we watch them together?


I was so bored today.

All I did was watch other therapists.

Even though I already know how to do it.

You can give me a facial.

I've never had one.

Sure, your facial skin is so rough.

Like asphalt?

Let's do that.

You want to buy some DVDs?

I got plenty from you.


Feels good after a facial.

My skin feels soft.

You should do it often, so you'll look a bit better.

What's your phone number?

I've got no phone.

How do I contact you then?


You want to see me again?

If you want to.

You know where I live.

You know where I hang out, too.

I do.

Are you nervous?


No, I'm not.

Why do you put these on the wall?

I want to cover the wall with them.

But I'm too lazy to do it.

That's the stack.

Wow, plenty more to go.

All of this wall?


Will you help me?


-Really? -Yup.

You have to rinse three to four times, because make-up residue is thick.

We clean the extraction area such as the nose with alcohol.

You have a lot of blackheads, ma'am.

I do.


This traffic jam is crazy!

Been selling drinks here long?

For a while now.

Is that salon always packed?


-I gave you the money, right? -Yup.

For this and two cigarettes.

I'm going then.


How was work?



This is a secret spot.

The center of piracy.

Music, MP3s, and CDs are all being duplicated in there.

This door is for software and games.

Wait here.

No bonus?

That's my girl.

I'll give you the rest soon.

I got some money.

Let's eat chicken noodles.

I know a good place nearby.

How many people live here?

A hundred.

A hundred. How about bathrooms?


Boys and girls.

Megashark vs. Giant Octopus.

Do you like it here?

Yeah, I do.

This is cute.

You're bringing that?


Is it washed?

I got it air-dried.

I did this one.

Not this one.

You never did a good job at subtitles.

The ones you didn't do have good subs.

The ones before are good?


When you buy pirated DVDs, don't buy the ones that says 'combo format'.

Why not?

Poor quality. It's been copied several times.

Buy the ones that say 'DTS', Digital Surround Sound.

-Digital surround. -Better, right?

Yeah, you're right.

Next time, check.

Take off your shoes.

Sorry, my bad.

What are you, a white person?


Do you have porn?


I saw it the other day.

That was gay porn.

I want to see.

It's a guy doing another guy.

I know. I want to see.

No way.

Put it on.

Hurry up.


What time is it?

I didn't hear any prayer calling.

This is a Chinese neighborhood.

Therefore, no mosque.

Let's check this area.

To find out whether those are blackheads, we need to check if it's a darker yellow underneath.

You can also feel it with your finger.

Please, come in.

What is it?


I've been observing senior therapists the last few days.

Giving facials, massages, scrubbing, and everything else.

I think I'm ready, sir.

So, can I start handling a client?

Well, all the senior therapists went through the same process as well.

They observed for one to two weeks before starting to handle clients.

I understand, sir. But I have some experience from Yelo Salon before.

And from what I saw, the process is basically the same.

Except for some machines.

I've studied how the machines work too, and I think I can do it, sir.

Those machines are more complicated than they seem.

If you push the wrong button, you can burn our client's face.

I'm still hesitant.

How about observing for another week before you start handling a client?


And I also heard from other therapists that when you tried it, you were still rough at it.

I can do softer, sir.

But I know the technique.

Look, I think you're not yet ready to handle the clients here.

Not at least for another week.

But… I also have another business.

Providing outcall service for our special customers.

We have a client named Mrs. Mirna. She's in prison.

And once a week, I send somebody there to give her a facial and body scrub.

But the usual therapist doesn't want to go there anymore.

She said it was too much hassle.

Do you want to do it?

Prison as in a prison cell?

It's not a normal prison cell.

More like a cell for special convicts.

But is it against the law, sir?

Of course not.

Not that I know of…


Please follow me.

He said I can't go home.

What an idiot.

It's okay if you don't come home, Darling.

I knew that!

Please come in.

Who are you?

Sari, ma'am. Your facial therapist.

Where's Erlin?

She's unavailable.

Did Bandi send you here?

Yes, ma'am.

Put it there.

Hold on, let me see your hands.

How long have you been giving facials?

A year and a half, ma'am.

What did you do before that?

Also facials, at a different salon.

May I take the pillow, ma'am?

Must be frantic out there with the Presidential campaign.

Yes, ma'am. It's giving me headaches. It's always so loud outside my lodging.

Some were even fighting.

One of the brands is called Hermes. The bag is about this big.

Well, it has various sizes, but the most common is this size.

It's called Birkin, kinda stiff.

The handle is small.

You can only carry it on your wrist, not on your shoulder.

But I think that's better because it won't hurt your shoulder.

Because it can be so heavy.

Are you done? Why aren't doing anything?

Yes, ma'am.

Often, people pray only when they need something.

You know what I want to do?

Ouch! Don't be too rough.

Sorry, ma'am.

I want to go on Hajj. But am I strong enough?

But you can just pay, right?

I heard so.

You can pay people to carry you going around the Kaaba.

Usually for the elderly or those who are ill.

But I'm sure they'll do it for you for some extra money.

I think I'll do it.

But isn't it a must to go around Kaaba on foot?

Do you know how many millions of people go on Hajj every year?

It's impossible for me to be among that many people.

I would be suffocated.

And then there's Bottega.

It's a woven-like bag. Cute!

But it's actually very similar with bags that you can find in Bali or Yogyakarta.

Like traditional bags?

Yes, I think it's stupid for people to pay so much for a bag, when you can get them cheaper here for six dollars.

How much does it cost, ma'am?

Depends on the type.

The most expensive ones can reach up to tens thousands of dollars.

What for?

Why is it so expensive, ma'am?

There's this thing called craftmanship. Do you understand?

Craftmanship is an idea.

Ever been arrested by the police?

If you ever have problem with the police,

just let me know.

Those police officers are just like you.

They have a hard life.

Your bag.

Excuse me?

Bring your bag here.

What for, ma'am?

Nothing, just bring it here.

What for?

Bring your bag here.

You only have one cellphone?


You didn't bring a recorder, did you?

No, ma'am.

Excuse me, ma'am.

How's work?


Babe, can you grab me that?

-Huh? -Please grab my bag.

I got a new DVD.

-New DVD? -Yup.

We've got plenty here.

This one is different.



What is it?

Just see.

Another creature movie?


What is it called?

It's called Piranha versus Anacobra.

Why doesn't it start?

We need help from you to pass a law that permits the forest from being converted for the project.

So I arranged this meeting to introduce these young entrepreneurs.

What's this?

I don't know.

But that's not the final figure, right?

There has to be a win-win solution.

This is the lady I gave a facial to in the prison.

Four and a half.

We can only raise it that much, sir.

It was not like the usual prison.

It's more like a small hotel room.

How did you get this DVD?

I took it.

You stole it?


Well, yeah.

Why do you always do this?

That's why we meet in here again.

This side goes down, this side goes up. Everybody's happy.

Let's watch another movie.

That must be very important to her.

Yeah, so?



Excuse me, sir.

-Yes? -I'd like to meet with Mrs. Mirna.

Do you have an appointment?

Yes, I do, with Mrs. Mirna.

But I didn't receive an order.

You can ask Mrs. Mirna, sir. I'm sure she'll let me in.

I have to receive an order beforehand.

I was here yesterday, sir.

That was yesterday. Today I have no order.

Please, could you please let me in? Just one minute.

Sorry, I can't. No order from my superiors.

If I let you in, I'll get in trouble.

Please, sir.

I'm sorry, miss, I can't.

Just let me in, sir, please.

I can't.

Well, then can you please pass this on to Mrs. Mirna?

I can't do that either.

It's just a CD, sir.

Yes, but I have no order.

Can you just slip this into her cell, please?

-I can't, miss. -I really need to give this to her.

I know, but I can't. Sorry, miss.

Please, sir.

If I do that, the situation will be bad for me.

Is there any way we can help each other in this situation?

I can only help you if you have an appointment.

Otherwise, I cannot.

-Okay then, thank you, sir. -You're welcome.


What is it?

-Can I ask you a favor? -Yes?

Can you send me back to the prison?

What for?

Yesterday, Mrs. Mirna told me to come again.

She didn't say anything to me.

Maybe she forgot, and she wanted me to tell you.

Impossible. She would've told me.

But I need to go back there, sir.

What for? What is this?

What did you do yesterday?

I took something from the cell yesterday.

But I intend to return it.


Are you okay?

-Let's just go in first. -Okay, sure.

I went to the prison to return the DVD and apologize.

But I wasn't allowed to enter.

Just forget about it.

Don't get involved anymore. I found out who they are.

Mrs. Mirna is a power broker.

Businessmen who want to bribe lawmakers or government officials all go to her.

She's not someone you want to mess with.

Then I must return her DVD.

What if she thinks I'm holding her evidence?


If you return it, you'll be in danger.

Just stay away from them.

We know nothing.

Stay here. Don't go back to your lodging for awhile.

I have no clothes.

Wear mine for now. Here, drink.

Or I can get them for you.

No, don't.

They might be looking for me there.

There you go.

Promise me you won't go there.


Your stomach hurts?




Who's this?

Where is Sari?

What do you want?

Where's Sari?

If you have a problem with Sari, you can talk to me.

Who are you?

I'm her boyfriend.

Where is she now?

Go fuck yourself.


His cellphone?

He doesn't have one.


He doesn't have ID either.

Driver's license?




One to go, with fried egg and chicken.

-How much? -One dollar fifteen.

We need help to make a law that permits the forest to be converted for the project.

So, I arranged this meeting to introduce these young entrepreneurs to you, gentlemen. Please, go ahead.

We need to have a majority to support the draft.

It's not just up to the three of us.

Perhaps the amount of 'apples' is too much. Isn't that right?

That's right, ma'am.

Our young entrepreneurs are okay with everything except for the 'apples'.

We also need some to build the resort.

That's right.

Come on, that's nothing for you guys.

We just started off, sir.

For this one. I bet you've had many projects already.

We can only provide 3.8 crates of Florida Apples.

Please also respect our efforts.

This is not an easy task. We need resources.

We have many colleagues behind us.

As well as other factions.

This is taking more time than it should have.

I have other things to attend to.

We must come to an agreement today.

This is a big draft. The forest is so vast.

You need the resort. But the 'apples' are too few.

How can I explain it to my colleagues?

I'm taking all the risks here.

Oh, come on. We're taking a bigger risk.

That's why we must decide quickly, before the word gets out.

Okay, let's make a deal, then.

Hopefully this is a win-win solution for both parties.

This is for your family as well.

Hopefully our next business goes better.

Sure, sure.

We still have two more years to save for our pension money.

That's the most important thing.

We need savings.

We have many posts.

-Sure. -Post number one, number two.

So, Sari?

Oh, fuck!

Where is Sari?

Fuck you!

I got no reception, I'm going out.


We will be entertained by a singer.

A singer who supports our presidential candidate.

A president who will bring prosperity to the people.

But first, here's the singer known for his political songs.

Songs about the political history of Indonesia, but before that...

Let's give the warmest welcome to our Presidential candidate.

We're really proud to have someone whom we choose with our conscience to lead this nation.

Welcome, sir.

Welcome to the stage of the people.

Welcome. We believe you have what it takes to lead Indonesia. Because you are the choice of the Indonesian people.


Bu De, is Alek home?



You ever think about it?

Just a small house, 50 square meters is enough.

So my kid can have his own space.

We don't have to keep renting.

I don't have to think of… It's crazy, man. My kid is already five years old.

Jakarta is tough shit. It's so hard to make money here.

You know what's essential? A garden, with grass.

So my kid's friends can come over.

And the air needs to be fresh. Somewhere out of the city.

I've been saving up for six years, but it's never enough.

I'm running out of ideas.




Bu De, are you hungry?






Where's Alek?

He's sick.



They keep fighting.

Even fighting over the TV channels.

-I'll get going, everyone. -Bye, take care.

Allah is great Allah is great Allah is great I bear witness I bear witness That there's no God but Allah I bear witness That there's no God but Allah I bear witness That Muhammad is Allah's messenger Let us pray Let us pray Let us reach victory Let us pray