A Dog's Purpose (2017) Script

What is the meaning of life?

Are we here for a reason?

Is there a point to any of this?

First, I had no idea what was going on.

I, I couldn't see a thing.

It was warm.

There was my mother.

Every day I had fun.

Was having fun the point?

The whole point?

No, it couldn't be that simple.

Here's one.

And then it was over.

That's it for you.

No more fun.

It seemed like such a short life.

I mean, what exactly did I do?

There was some playing. There was some eating.

I dug in the dirt.

But when I really thought about it, it didn't add up to much.

I was back. And I was a puppy again.

Alive and ready to ask the big questions, to dig for answers.

Just let me in there.

Um, where am I?

So, what else do you have? This one here.


What is it? It's a Red Retriever.

Nice dog. Good breed. Easy to train.

You got something smaller?

I got some cute Yorkies over here. Ah.

I got this Japanese Chin.

A poodle.

Corgi over here.

Look at all this great stuff!

Somebody knew I was coming.

Oh, yeah.

Hey. Look at this.

What do we have here?

Look at this little guy.

Bet it's worth a couple of bucks.

Yeah, it was a knockout in the second round. I lost everything.

Hang tight, guy.

Now, you're buying this time.

Not today, buddy.

I thought about my life.

I still had so many questions.

But I kept coming back to the same one.

How do I get a drink of water?

Do you wanna get an ice cream? Sure.

What flavor?

Mom, I hear something in there.

Hey, honey!


Hey, Mom. Come here.

Oh, my God.

It looks so thirsty.

It's too hot in there.

I think we need to get him out. I can't open the door.

Wait. It's locked. Please, Mom!

Okay. Stand back.

You poor thing.

You poor, poor thing.

How are you, boy? Good?

What is this?

Mom! A boy?

Boy? Are you okay? A boy!

I never knew there might be such a thing as a boy.

I think this little guy is gonna make it.

Can we keep him, Mom? I don't know.

I think your father might mind.

I decided, right then and there...

I am definitely keeping this boy.

Yeah. Dad! Can we keep him?

Well, who's gonna feed him?

I will.

Who's gonna clean him? I'll do everything, Dad.

You think you're ready to do it? Yeah.

I don't know, son. He's a good boy. He's a good boy.

Come on. Please! He's a retriever, Dad.

He'll fetch your slippers. And the paper when it rains.

Name something you want fetched. He can do it.

Look. Just come here. What are you doing?

So, Ethan and I discussed that the dog would be his responsibility.

Good boy.

Please, Dad?

Come on. He needs a pal.

All right, this thing that you two are doing? It's dirty pool, okay?

Take him away. I wanna talk to your mother alone.


You nervous, boy? Don't be.

It'll be okay. Yeah.

We don't have much choice.

They make a mess, then you gotta clean them.

Oh, come on.

He's gonna be bored with it. Oh, come on, Jim.

No! You know how he is.

If he says no, we can run off and go find another family.

Ethan. Yeah?

You have a dog.

Yes! Oh, my gosh! Yes!

Come on, boy!

Whoo! Yes.

Oh, my gosh! Thank you! Come on! Come on!


B-A-I-L-E-Y. I would think.

And I'm Ethan.

I'm the owner.

Do you think he knows how to spell my name?

I would think so, honey.

Good boy.

Here you go.


Come on, Bailey.

Bailey, sit! Sit!

Roll over! Roll over.

Get that out of your mouth! Get that out of your mouth!

Okay. Come here!

Shake your paw. Shake your paw.

Come on. Yeah! Good boy.

Turn around. Turn around. Come on.

What's he saying? It's too many words.

I'm gonna do this now.

Come here. Good job.

But one word got said more than any other.

Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey.

After a while, I came to understand the words that mattered.

I had a boy, and his name was Ethan.

I got a name.

My name was Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey.

Oh, gee. I wish I'd have known that you and Wes were...

I learned my place in the pack.

Mom liked me.

Dad liked me.


A lot.

Excuse me. Hold on.

Come on. Get down!

I was sad for the cat.

Obviously, he wanted to be a dog.

It wasn't my fault he couldn't be a dog.

Ethan, it's time to go to bed.

Time to turn out the light, okay?


Okay, come on. Come on, come on.

"Don't! Don't do it, Cap."

"Let him have it, Bucky.

"We'll pound some sense into this character."



"It's coming right at us. Jump for your lives!"

Ethan always came up with such great games.

"Boom!" Making noise under a blanket?


"Way too long. Zap!"

Every night as I fell asleep, I thought about how happy I was that I had an Ethan.

And that I wasn't a cat.

Bailey, get in the car. Come on, boy!

Come on.

I wanna know If you'll be my girl

Hey Whenever the family wanted me to get some fresh smells, we all got in the car for a ride.

Grass, tree, toad, moss, skunk, dead skunk, pond, mud, goat.


Everyone was asking themself the same question.

Why can't everything smell like goat?

Oh, it stinks!

Oh, boy, look who's here.

Guess what we got!

What have you got?

What'd you get?

Come on, Bailey!

Look at this! Oh! A puppy!

Here, boy. Here.


Sometimes I thought that trying to make sense out of life could be a waste of time.

Maybe it was better to just really enjoy life.

And leave it at that.

Come on, boy!

Hey! Where'd everybody go?

Where's all the chickens?

Bailey! Bailey, Bailey!

Ethan, Ethan, Ethan!


Oh, my goodness! Look who's here!

For some reason, they wouldn't share this ball with me.

Yes! Run, Ethan, run!

Everybody knows there's never been a game in the history of balls that can't be improved by having a dog in it.

But there was something weird about this ball.


Oh, no.

Ah, this is the life.

Anyone else? Jim, your coffee.

Thank you. Here you go.

Here we all are.

Yeah. Enjoying a meal.

I liked the old humans. They got me.

Would you please stop feeding the dog?

We're trying to train him.

I told you.

You caught me. I'm sorry.

Could you pass me the jam, please?

When I wasn't thinking about food, my mind wandered.

Why am I here? What's the purpose?

Oh, yeah. Keep rubbing. And might there be more bacon?

Oh, look at his plate.

You know, the way you eat, you're gonna grow up to be bigger than all of us put together.

If there's a world to grow up in.

These Russians are putting missiles in Cuba.

Do we have to talk about that now?


So, Jim, I hear you're up for a new office job.

Why don't you tell us about that?

That didn't work out.

Well, they want him in the field.

He's one of the top sellers every year.

I got the job nobody wants.

Jim. Do you have to?

We're three seconds away from nuclear annihilation.

Uh, can me and Bailey be excused?


Ethan was sad.

And I didn't know why.

Hey, Bailey.

Captain America. Remember?

He could take out that bomb in a second.



Oh, you like it, don't you? Oh.

Come on! Come on!

Yeah, boy.

Okay, Bailey. Get it, boy!


Come on! Yeah, boy! Come on!

Come on. Oh, where'd it go?

Come on, boy.

Get it, boy! Come on! Come on! Get it!

We played with that ball all afternoon. Ethan loved it.

Good boy!

Get it! Come on!

Hey, Dad! Watch this!

Look what he can do.

Okay, Bailey. Ready?


Stay. Okay.



Go, Bailey!


That's great, pal.

Thanks, Dad. Hey, come on.

Yes! Yes! Come on. Come on.

When it got colder outside, we all went back home.

You'll be fine.

Every morning, a big yellow box with wheels took Ethan away from me.

When Mom left the house, too, I was lonely and hungry and bored.

At least they left the cat.

I'd give him his dog lessons.

Ugh! So much to learn.

No! Dogs do not hide under pillows. Come on.

Come on. Sniff me.

Sniff me!


You don't know anything!

Wow, you clear your throat a lot.

Bailey. No.

Hi, Dad.





That's my slipper! Bailey! Bailey! Get back here!

Bailey, no!

Bailey. Come here.

Come here. Come here. Bailey, come here.

When Dad was in the right mood... Come on, let go.

...he was so much fun to play with.

That's not yours, Bailey. That's mine. That's mine!

You come over here.

Come on!

Ethan, my boss is coming over tonight.

And he cannot see my office like this. Do you understand?

You have got to start telling this dog who's boss.

Here, take him. Just take him.

And you say, "I am the boss!"

You gotta show him who's boss.

All right, everything goes back where it belongs.

I want this place spick and span, do you understand?

Well, do you understand? Do you understand?

Yes, sir. Thank you.

"I want everything just the way I like it.

"Spick and span.

"Why? Because I'm the boss, that's why."

I'm the boss man and you're the boss dog.

Boss dog.

Boss dog.

Boss dog.

Boss dog!


Come on. Let's go. We got guests coming any minute.

Chop chop.

Jim? What?

Jim, can you help me? Huh?

I don't know how to make a Singapore Sling.


I'll show you.

I can make a Whiskey Cobbler. Wait, here's the recipe.

Saint-Gaudens, 1907, golden eagle.

Real gold.


Ethan was good to me.

He always shared his food.

Do you have it in your mouth? Did you swallow it?

Wasn't my favorite treat. And he wanted it back.


We made it.

Hello! Ellen.

Come in. Welcome.

I am glad we were finally able to make it out here because I have been wanting to visit the field office for a while now.

Oh, yes.

And it's so nice and quiet out here in the suburbs.

It sure is. Yeah.

Well, we're happy to have you.

Um, so, I've been meaning to say we're real impressed with your numbers this past year, Jim.

Real impressed.

You know, I'm glad you brought that up.

I've actually been meaning to talk to you about that.

I was thinking, with the numbers so high, maybe it's time I get off the road and take an office position.

Well, we really need you on the road.

That's the backbone of the whole operation, really.

I'll be honest, Jim. You are one of our best traveling salesmen.

I mean, I would be crazy to take you out of the field.

Um, are you still collecting coins?

Oh, sure.

What's your showpiece?

1907 Saint-Gaudens golden eagle.

Well, Herman, I don't know anything about coins, but I know that that is special.

That is a treasure. I have never seen one up close before.

It's quite a coin.

Yeah, it's a beauty. I'll show you. I'll go get it.

Maybe after dinner.

Let me go get it later.

May I please be excused?


May I please be excused? And take Bailey out for a walk?

Sure, honey.

Go on. Do it.

Please, Bailey. Please, Bailey, do it. Come on.

What does he want from me?

Come on. Come on.

I really wish I knew what he was saying.

Go! Go! Come on!

What's your problem? Come on!

I don't know why he was so upset, but it made me anxious, and when I'm anxious, things kind of move super-fast.

This was a first.

I'd never seen him so happy to clean up after me.

Yes! Found it!

It's important that it shouldn't be too sweet.

See this?

Now this. That's something for your eyes to feast on.

No! What?

There's a rat! What?

Right there! Where?

No, I don't like rats.

Where is it? Under the table!

I love rats.

Yeah. Go get it, Bailey!

I don't see anything. It's right over there.

Whoa, get that dog!

Get the dog! Get the dog!

I don't see anything.

Right there. Maybe you saw Smokey.

Definitely not Smokey. It wasn't Smokey.

I really don't like rats.

It's more scared of you than you are of him.

Come here, Bailey! Come here!

Bailey! Bailey! Come here!

Come here! Please, Bailey.

Can you grab him, Jim?

Hang on. Come here.

I think it's gone now.

What was that?

Herman! Bailey, come here!

Come here!

You got him, Jim? You got him?

Any chances I had of a promotion, forget it!

Dad! Stop! It's not his fault!

You made us look like fools!

Dad always talks so loud when he smelled this way.

Jim, why don't we take a moment before we...

From now on, he stays out here.

He didn't do anything!

I do not want to see him. I do not want to see him in the house.

But it's cold outside!

Well, he's got fur for that.

We should at least set out a blanket.

It's a dog!


Hey, boy. Good? I'm so sorry.

It's all my fault.

Even though I couldn't see him, I knew Ethan was very sad that night.

Hey, boy!

It's cold out there, isn't it?

I knew he needed me.

And I needed him, too.

You're a good boy.

Ready, boy? Okay. Come here. Come here.

Come on, Bailey. Okay, boy. Ready?

Three, two, one...

Come on!

Yeah, boy!

Oh, come on.

Let's do it again.


Nice throw, Ethan. Nice throw.

Nice play!

Great pass, Ethan.

You just get it to him every time.

Yeah, exactly. 'Cause every time you run that play...

Everybody wanted to walk next to the alpha male.

Almost everybody.

Ethan, why do you always have this dog with you?

What? It's like a girlfriend replacement or something?

Yeah, good one, Todd. Give her a little kiss, huh?

I'm just asking.

Excuse me.

Oh, I'm sorry, Todd.

Did my girlfriend replacement just trip you?

Very funny.

Relax, man. The dog's laughing at you.

Dogs don't laugh, you moron. Bailey, come here.

That's funny.

Got everything? Yeah.

When Lou dropped that pass at the start?

I thought we were done, man. Here.

Bailey, come here!

Hey, Dad.

You hungry? I'm starving.

I got a casserole in the oven.


Africa is home to hundreds of thousands of animals.

Some look comical, some forbidding, and some so entrancing, that we'd like to reach out...

So, uh, Coach made me starting quarterback today.

That's great, kid.

You gotta come to my next game, Dad.

I'm serious. I'm better now. It's been a long time.


Poor Dad.

Wow, wow.

This place is great!

Oh, there's so much to smell here!

And eat!

Oh, it's everywhere!

Feed me! Feed me!

Ethan had a different smell all of a sudden.

A sweaty smell.

Hmm, I wonder if that girl had anything to do with it.


Hey, hey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey.

Whoa! Sorry.

Sorry. That was the dog. That wasn't me.

I wouldn't do that.

Okay. Well, maybe you should teach your dog some manners.

I've been trying. He's not too smart.


Did you hear what he said about you? You look pretty smart to me.

Oh, yeah.

Such intelligent eyes.

My butt itches.

What's your name, handsome?

He's Bailey. Bailey. Yeah.


Now you seem like a very good dog, Bailey.

Yeah. Excuse me?

Nice job. Oh. Thank you.


Yeah. Oh!

Keep that away from him.

Okay, okay, okay.

You're really good at that. Thanks.

Like, really good. I was watching you over there.

Okay. Not like that.

See ya.

Hey. If we never speak again, I just wanna take back what I said before about my dog not being smart.

He's actually really smart.

Definitely smarter than me.

Now they both had a sweaty smell.

You wanna get a hot dog or something? Popcorn?


Okay, let's do it.

There's some good ones over here. Hey, Bailey, come here.

I wanted to save them, but I didn't know how.

Come on. Are we done?

Oh, that was good. Never again.

No, it was fun!

Thank you.

Oh! Whoa!

Uh-oh. Ethan's in trouble.

I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die.

Oh, don't worry, Ethan! I'll help!

Hey, hey. No, no, no!

Stay back! Stay back!

Bailey, no, no.

But I'm helping!

Stop! Bailey, Bailey, Bailey. Stop. Stop. Hey, no.

Okay. Yeah.

Thank you. Thank you both for the ride.

Why did I eat so many meat logs?

Yeah, we should do something.

Yes, that would be nice.

It was fun. It was.

Except for having to pay for 28 hot dogs.

Excuse me.


Yeah, you better go. You better go quick.

Bye. See ya.

From that moment on, the girl was a member of our pack.

I liked her.

Plus, she smelled like biscuits.

We spent every day together.

That a boy.

Ready, Bailey? Ready? Here we go. Yeah. Go, go.

Oh, good boy!

What a dive! What was that?

Swim! Oh, good boy! Bring it back!

Come here, boy. Attaboy.

Come on. Oh, good boy!

Good boy.

Watch your head.

No, it's not okay. No.

Besides, I'm going. Fine.

You don't listen to me.

Every time I ask you where something comes from...

You tell me! You tell me where it's going!

'Cause I earn it! I earn it!

You wanna go to town instead?


Bailey! Come on, Bailey.

And I thank you

Come on.


And I thank you

Hey, bop, bop, bop, bop We howled together.

And sometimes, we would sit in the car not even going anywhere.

Ethan and Hannah would wrestle and lick each other.

Are they fighting over food?

Maybe Hannah's hiding something in her mouth.

Nope. Nothing in there.

What's going on with you?

He loves you.

But no matter how much he looked for food in there, he never found anything.

And he looked.

A lot.

Let's go. Okay.

You can feel it.

Summer's ending.

Best summer ever.


I don't wanna go back to school.

Yes, you do.

I do?


You are going to get a big football scholarship at a good school.

And then I'm gonna apply to that school and get an academic scholarship.

And then we'll both be at college, and we'll never be apart.

Wow, you've got it all planned out, huh?

Yes, indeed.

That's a good plan.


Right, Bailey?

What? What did you say?

See ya. Bye!


See you tomorrow!

Good boy.

I gotta go.

Where are you going? I'm getting some beer.

All I asked was for you to lower your voice.

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Will you please just keep it down?

My parents are upstairs, Jim.

I'm sorry. You're right.

Fine, I will stop doing it then. I'll just go. I'll just leave.

Does that sound good to you? Come on, boy.

No, just tell me. Just tell me if you'll be happy.

Just go! I'm gonna go. Fine, I'll go!

Will you just come back inside? Stop it, Elizabeth!

Shut up! Shut up!

I'm trying to help you, Jim.

You're trying to help me? You wanna help me?

You're my wife, Elizabeth.

You should support me. I do support you.

Will you just come back inside? Hey. Hey, pal.


You spying on me?


You spying on me?

Leave him alone, Jim. Come here.

Oh, you got something to say?

I just got home. Come here.

Look at how he looks at me.

I am so sick of the way you look at me. Relax.

Look at how you look at me. What are you doing?

This has nothing to do with him!

Stay out of it! What are you doing?

Easy. Take it easy. Take it easy.


You're right.

I'm gonna...

Don't you ever touch her again!

You hear me?

You gotta go. Mom, he's gotta go.

He can't stay here.

You okay? Yeah.

You sure you've got everything?

Just let her talk to me.

Get in the car, Dad.

From that moment on, Ethan was the leader of our pack.

When we went home, things were different.

Dad was gone.

That cat had been hiding from me for a while.

And now, I got it.

Found him!

Okay, sorry.


Go! Red-80.



Set! Hut!

That's it! Over the top!

Way to go, Ethan!

Let's go!

Let's go!

Come on, Tigers!

Down. Set. Hut!

Touchdown, Tigers!



Full scholarship. Four years.

Oh, my God! Really?

Really? Yeah.

Okay, you wait here. Okay, boss dog? Okay.

You wait here, I'll get you something to eat. Okay?

I just said okay. Good boy.

Come on, baby! Let it burn!

Go! Go, go, go, go! Yes!


I'm keeping watch.

All clear.


Uh-oh. What was he doing here?

And in one of his bad moods, too. I could smell it.

Come on, let's go.

Come on. Got his brains from his mom, huh?

Hey, Dad.

Hey, pal.

What are you doing here?

I saw ya. I saw ya tonight...

And you did good. You were at the game?


You got a good arm.

So, everything's going good? This guy?

Good game, huh? Dad. Hey, Dad.

We're all excited for the big win, huh? Let's hear it for this guy!

You don't have to do this right now, Dad.

Come on! Come on!

Would you stop this?

All right.

Come on. Let's go.

Want your burger? For Bailey?

Hey, boss dog. Good boy.

So, it's not all perfect in Ethan Land, huh.

Now I know why you're going to Michigan, man.

Get away from that alchy father of yours.

You should shut up, Todd. Oh, yeah?

You don't want everyone here knowing that your father's a drunk?

Ethan, I have to catch my bus. Please.

It's pretty obvious.

Can we go? Yeah, we're going soon.

Oh, and his girlfriend's fighting his battles, too.

If Michigan State knew the real Ethan...

I told you to shut up, Todd.

I don't like that smell.

Please get in the car.

Bailey, come on! Bailey, let's go! Get in the car!

What was that? Could that be that squirrel?


Todd was on our territory.

Oh, I wanted to bite him.

But I remembered Ethan telling me no biting.

Then I forgot.


No, no, no.


Bailey, shut up.


Mom, Mom, Mom! Get up. Get up. Quick, quick.

Come on! Quick!

We've gotta get out. We can't. We can't. Come.

The window. Come here.

Fire! Fire!

You've gotta jump.

It's too high. Get your sheets! Get your sheets!

I just wanna tie these together.

Anyone have a ladder handy?

We've gotta help 'em down.

Oh, God.

How many people are in the house?


Check the back of the house!

Somebody give me a hand.

Go, go, go!

We got you. Got her.

We've got you. We've got you.

Good boy. Good boy.

I'll check around back!

I'm here, right behind you.


Is there anything I can do?

We gotta help him down. Come on, Ethan.

You need to jump, son! Ethan.



Can you move?

My leg!

My leg. You're gonna be all right.

You're okay.

Somebody hold this dog.

Hey, Bailey. Bailey.

No. No.

Go with him. Go with him. No!

One, two, three.

Let me give you a hand with that.

It's gonna be okay, boy. He'll be back.


No. Hey! Hey! Don't! Stop!

Somebody get the dog.

Hey, hey, hey.

What you running from, son?

I swear it was an accident.

Why don't you tell us what happened?

I had a firework...

I think you should come with us.

It was an accident.

Fran, Fran! Come on, come on. They're here. They're here.

I'm being careful.

Hey, sweetie. Good to see you.

Oh, look at you. Here, here.

I got it.

Fran. Stop it. Stop.

Good to see you, Ethan. Yeah. You too.

I've been baking all day.

Got your room all set up for you, Ethan.

It's so good to have you here.

Ethan never wanted to play anymore.

Oh, Bailey!

Even though he carried a great new stick everywhere he went.

Bailey. Come on.

No, no, no. Bailey.

Come on. Come on.

I couldn't make him play with me.

All he wanted to do was sleep.

I had a lot of free time now. So, I made a new friend.

It was like a small horse or a giant dog.

With its own special smell, that was so wonderful and disgusting.

Oh, I wished I could roll in it.

Oh, we had fun.

Until we didn't.

At least Hannah still came around.



Hi, Bailey! Hi!

Hi! I missed you, too.

Good boy! Good boy!

You're such a good boy. Come on! Come on!

Hey. Hey.

Do you, um, do you wanna go to the pond?

I made some sandwiches.


Yeah, if you want.

I just thought it'd be nice if we could get out of the house.

Get you out.


Look, Hannah, it's nice for you to try, but you don't have to...

You don't have to do this. You don't have to help me.

I'm not doing it for you. I'm doing it for us.

No, you're doing this for me.

You leave for college in three weeks.

But I'll be back all the time. Uh-huh. And I'll be here.

With that.

You have to stop feeling sorry for yourself.

You can't do this for me, Hannah.

I'd do anything for you.

I don't think we should be with each other anymore, Hannah.


We shouldn't be with each other anymore.

It's not gonna work. I'm sorry.

Why are you doing this?


Good boy.

You want your ball?

Okay, here's your ball. Go on.

Bye, Bailey.

Wait. Wait, no. No, stay.

I really missed Hannah.

Ethan missed her, too.

I could tell.

Ethan, I made you a sandwich.

I'm gonna put it in the backseat, okay?

All right, Fran. Bailey, Bailey, Bailey.

Good boy. You're gonna miss me, huh?

I'm gonna miss you, too.

Don't look so glum, women.

It's a good agricultural school.

He's gonna learn everything he needs to know about running this farm.

All right. Go on. Come on.

Better grab him. He's not gonna understand.

Come here. Good boy. You got the dog?

Come here. Stay, Bailey. Stay. Come on, boy.


Oh, my goodness.

Good boy, Bailey.

Keep that for me. Okay, Bailey?

Bye, Ethan! Drive safe.

See you, Ethan!

No, Bailey. Stay.

Stay? We're playing fetch!


It's been so long since we've played.


I like this new version of fetch.

You're crazy. You know that, boss dog?

Maybe not drive so far next time.

Take care of things around here for me. Okay, boy?

I'll be back soon.


Come on. Go on. Go home.

Humans are complicated. They do things dogs can't understand.

Like leave.

Ethan and I were meant to be together. But if there was no Ethan, what was the point of my being here?

Maybe the point was not to look for a point.

Okay, hold on. Hold on.

Okay. I'll be right back, Bailey.

Everything moved at a slower pace now.

Which was okay.

Because I never felt like running anymore.

I was tired all the time.

I didn't feel like playing anymore.

Not even with horse-dog.

Hey, Bailey.

Are you okay, boy?



Let's see what we have here.

His eyes just didn't look right. They were kind of rheumy.

And he was panting. His breathing was labored.

He's also got this little lump in his...

Oh, yeah. Has he been drinking a lot of water and peeing?


Lethargic. So he doesn't wanna go for walks anymore?

I had to carry him into the car.

What can we do for him, doctor? What do you think?

We could do testing, but I'm afraid that it would probably be the same results.

His kidneys are shutting down.

Everyone was so sad.

But I was too tired to cheer them up.

Dr. Joyce, can I use your phone?

Yes, absolutely. Doctor...

If this was a person...

You're the veterinarian.

Uh, hello.

Yeah, I'm looking for Ethan. It's his grandpa, Bill.

Ethan! It's Grandpa.


Are you here?

I can't smell you.

Where are you?

Hey, Bailey.

There he was.

I could tell he was still sad.

I didn't want him to be sad.

Doodle dog.

Boss dog.

I knew I was here to love Ethan and make him happy.

Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey.

I didn't want to leave him like this.

Good boy.

Good boy, Bailey.

Don't worry. He'll just feel a little prick in his neck.

And then the pain will go away.

And then it happened again.

The mother, the milk, the tongue, the warmth, I was back.

But why? Where was Ethan?

Other things were missing, too.

I didn't have a...

What? I'm a girl?

Come on. Come on.

Good girl. Good girl.

My man was very serious.


We worked hard. Over. Over. Good girl!

Even when we played, he made it feel like work. Easy.

Down, down.

Find Wally. Search! Go!

Wally was a disaster, always losing pieces of clothing.

You found him.

Good job. Okay. Okay.

Carlos Ruiz.

So, this is my purpose?

It's not about fun.

It's not about Ethan. Come on. Come on.

My job is to seek, find, and show.

Good job. Good job.

But even when I did a good job, my man was still sad.

He was lonely.

I could smell someone else used to live here, but their scent was faint.

They hadn't been around in a long time.

That's when I realized being alone might be the worst thing that could happen to you.

I knew how it felt to miss someone.

Did he miss someone, too?

Stop that.



Dog bed. Now.


Dog bed. Now.

Why did I listen to him?

I didn't wanna go.

And I could tell he didn't want me to go either.

Oh, gosh!

Would you give me a break?

No whining.


Gun had a smell that stung my nose.




Get used to it.

Stay strong.

Good girl.



I could do that, too.

I mean, I don't see why not.

Come on.

Come on.

That's the sweater that she was wearing yesterday.

Today she had on blue jeans and a blue jacket.

We got called here on a domestic.

By the time we got here, it was kidnapping.

Ex-boyfriend, armed. Took the 12-year-old girl.

What is this?

This is the last item of clothing she was wearing.

Come on. Come on.

Got a partial plate called in on a blue Toyota heading east toward the reservoir.

Copy that. We're on our way.




Find, Ellie. Good girl.

Good find.

Pretzel. Pizza. Hot dog.

Rubber. Train. Cab.

Coffee. Sweater. Girl. Sweater girl!

Girl! Girl!

Come on.

Come on. Come on.

That a girl.

Get him! Get him!




Get him, girl. Get him!

Get him, Ellie.

I said halt!

Slowly! Let her go!

Hold it! Hold it!




We've got you. We've got you.

Good girl. There you go.


We got him. We got him.

Get up.

Come on. Get up.

Come on.

This is canine unit K 27. I'm gonna need immediate assistance.

My dog's been shot.

I repeat, canine shot.

I always hated getting shots.

This was definitely the worst shot I ever got.


You're gonna be okay.

You're gonna be okay.

You're a good dog.

I could tell from Carlos' voice I'd done a good job.

You're a good dog.

I need to rest.

Can I just sleep in your bed?

That was a different life.

Not so much fun, really.

But I did good work.

Here we go.

Now I'm tiny, and all ears!

Oh! Hi, you.

Are you the cutest little puppy in the world?

She smelled good.

Like sunshine and pretzels.

I think you are.

Oh, yeah. You wanna come home with me, huh?

Okay, you gotta come home with me.

You gotta come home with me, huh?

You gonna help me with this?

What's happening? Where are you going? Come here.

What's going on? What's going on, huh?

I could tell she was sad.

I needed to cheer her up.

What are you doing?

Where's my tail? Hello? Where's my tail?

Okay, boy. All right. Come on. Come on, let's go.

Everywhere she went, Maya brought me along.

Which was great!

According to the American philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce...

She always brought me something to eat.

I almost forgot what it was like to be hungry.

Well, almost.


Hi. Hi.

Cute dog.

Uh-huh. Thanks.

Listen, a few of us are putting together a study group.

We're meeting at the Woodford common room.

We'd love for you to join us.


I would, but I have plans, so...

Oh, but I didn't say when we was meeting.

No, I'm busy.

I know I'm gonna be busy. I got my dog, so I gotta...

Thank you.

I gotta go. I'm sorry. I have to take my dog out.

Okay. But thank you!


Maybe next time.

Uh, yeah!

I don't know what's wrong with me, Tino.

Maybe it would be nice to meet people, but...

No. Also I should just study alone.

Slow down! Slow down! My legs are barely even legs.

I feel like such an idiot.

I learned quickly that even though Maya talked all the time, she was a lot like Carlos.

There was no one else in our pack. Just Maya and me.

But I'm starting to get her.

Actually, I can read her mind.

You know what I'm thinking?

Chips. Chips.

You know what I'm thinking?

Pizza! Pizza.

Please. Pizza.

Hey, Chris. Hi.


You ready? I am ready.

You know what I'm thinking?

Ice cream!

It's ridiculous, but sometimes I actually think you know what I'm thinking.

Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream.

Ugh! Tino, I'm spending way too much time alone.

You wanna go get some ice cream?

You've read my mind.

I think this is it, Tino.

I think it's just gonna be you and me.

I don't know. That's fine, right? Because I love you, and you love me and love is all that matters.

It's not like it matters where you get your love.

As long as something loves you, right?

Can I have some more?

Oh, you're so sweet.

You're so cute. Hi! I love you.

Why can't you be my boyfriend, huh?

Why can't you give me more ice cream?

One more to go.

What's with these white coat people sticking me with sharp things?

Now, do you feed him at regular times?

Pretty regular.

What do you give him?

Food. Dog food. What?

Maybe give him more exercise.

Go on more walks. Sure.

Shots. I hate those shots.

Okay, Tino. Let's do this, huh? Doctor's orders. Come here.

All right, get the ball.

A long walk, and now I have to chase a ball?

Get the ball. Come on!

Why was I being punished like this?

Tino, come on. You're a dog. Chase the ball. Chase it.

Come on, Tino.


Tino, this is embarrassing, okay?

Sorry. Not today.

Get the ball. I'm not in the mood.

And then I saw her.

And everything changed.

My heart was aflutter.


What a catch!

Tino! Bring it back to me.

Are you feeling what I'm feeling?

Hey, I'm sorry.

My dog's acting so weird today. No, it's okay.

Come on, are you gonna chase this?


Wait a minute. Oh, hey.

You and I both have Professor Kenter.

Right. Yeah, yeah. Wow.

I'm Al. Oh, okay, I'm Maya.

I'm sorry.

Maya was talking, but I didn't listen.

All I could think of was her.

It's cool. I understand.

Why fight it?

We smell great together.

We started seeing Roxy all the time.

For some reason, Al always came, too.

It wasn't long before we slept together.

I'm really starting to get it now.

If there's a point, Roxy is the point.

Wait. What's going on?



There's been something on my mind that I've been wanting to talk to you about.

Oh, I recognize that sweaty smell.

We been together for a while now, and, um...

Maya, I want you to be my wife.

Al! Oh, my God! Yes!

Something's wrong here. Maya's in trouble.

Oh, yes!

There is danger.

Get behind me, Roxy. I'll protect us all!



Okay. I got Tino. I got Tino. I got Tino.

Hold on!

Wait. Sit. Sit. Sit. Sit.

No, Roxy. Stop it!


Mom, hold these.

Come here. Come on. Come here.

Okay, I think we ready.

Okay, perfect.

Okay. Ready.

You're jealous because Fallon's had her baby and that's made you even more paranoid.

Okay, Alexis gonna get her butt whooped... Right.

...she keep running off the mouth like that.

'Cause Krystle's not gonna take much more of this.

This is crazy.

I told you. I told you.

Oh, my gosh.

Oh, get her, Krystle.

Oh, my gosh.

What's all that noise in her stomach?

Was it something she ate?

Yo, they trying to kill each other.

Oh! What?

Oh, no.

It was a baby.

Is she breathing?

You've gotta relax, honey. She's breathing, okay?

Maybe we should wake her up, just to be sure.

I didn't understand why they got a baby.

It took all their attention.

Good thing Roxy and I already had everything we needed.

Each other.

Hey, baby.

Then they went and got more babies.

Seemed like a mistake to me.

Soon I had to live my life on the run.

Found him!

There was no escape.

I let them do what they wanted to me.

I'd do anything so that Roxy could be safe.

That was my mission, to protect her at all times.

I guess if I was really honest, I liked all the attention.


As Roxy and I got older, our connection grew stronger.

And she never lost the spark that drew me to her in the first place.

One day, Roxy went to the vet.

And she never came back.

Look at me! Look at me!

Everyone was good to me.

But as the years went by, I missed Roxy.

It just wasn't the same without her.

Hey, Tino.


You know what I'm thinking?

Yes. I know what you're thinking.



No pizza?

I'm not hungry.



What are you thinking?


What are you thinking?

Tino, what are you thinking?

I'm thinking I'm ready.

One of my best lives, really.

I'm back. Again.

But why?

Puppies! Want a puppy?

Puppies for sale!

Who wants a puppy?


Here we go again.

Look what I got!

Yeah, I am looking.

Look how cute he is.

You know, it's crazy. Who's gonna take care of him?

I will.

Come on. I named him Waffles.

Not inside.

Come on.

I kept telling her you were going to get bigger.

Not so into you now, is she?

I never went anywhere.

I never played.

It was like the days went on and on without me.

You have 30 days to deal with this.

When the officer came, I thought it was to take me to do find and show.

But she left without me.

He's dirty. We're getting rid of him.

We are not.

That's enough! That dog! I took him in here.

You'll make sure he finds a nice home, right?

Somebody responsible?


Come on. Out.

Move it.

Let's go. Come on.


So long, doggie.

Now I'm supposed to walk home?

That didn't seem very fair.

But when I thought about it, I didn't wanna go back to that home.

Look, Mom.

That looks like fun.

Go get 'em. There he is.

It's been so long since I've had fun.

Do you wanna bring your dog?

Oh, yeah. That would be great.

Do I know you?

There's something about you.

It's your smell.

Aw, you're a scruffy one.

Are you lost?

Where are you from?

You got a collar?

I know that smell.

Don't be afraid.

It's from a long time ago.

Had I been here before?

I was so happy to leave the town behind.

My nose was full of fresh new smells.

And then there are the smells you never forget.

Train. Moss. Trees.

Horse. Garbage.

It was horse-dog!

Could it be the same?

Oh, it was the same.

Could it mean Ethan was here, too?


That can't be him.

Is that him?

It is him.

It's him! Yes!

Yes, it's him!

Hey, hey, hey!

It's me!

Boss dog! Bailey, Bailey, Bailey.

Doodle dog!

Where'd you come from?

After all these lives, I'd actually found him!

I found Ethan!

I'm gonna make a bet you're hungry.

Here ya go.

Wow, you must be. Nobody likes my cooking.

Don't look at me like that.

You can't stay here.

You gotta go home. You belong to somebody.

Home! Yes! Yes, I'm home!

Go home, dog.

Go home.

You're a stubborn one, aren't ya?

Then Tuesday night we got three-tenths of an inch of rain.

Be sure he gets a good home.

He's a good dog.


No! No, don't leave me here.

This is a white-coat place.

I belong with you.

So long, dog.

You wanna get outta here?

Do you wanna go? Come on, let's go.

I was back in the front seat.

Okay, buddy.

Guess it's gonna be you and me.

And the donkey.

What's a donkey?

Now, when was the last time you got a bath?

That's a good boy.

There you go. All right.

Just step out. Out. Let's go.

You're getting a new collar.


Doesn't look like he's missed too many meals. He's in good shape.

Yeah, he's a good boy. Aren't you?

But Ethan still seemed sad.

Maybe it was because he slept alone.

I wanted to help him, but I didn't know how.

Wait. Wait.

Hold that thought.

Okay, Bailey. Let's do this.

Hurry. Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.

This is the place.

I'm looking for...

Come on, Carly.

Come here, girl. Come on, Carly.

Come here, Carly.

Can you get the gate for me? Yes, Mommy.

Good girl.

Oh, sorry.

Rach! Oh, hey!

Look, Will. Grandma's here.

There's that smell again.

I'm pretty good.

This is a surprise.

It's stronger now.

I got you some groceries.

It's Hannah!

You're still here?

Oh, you look different.

But you still smell like biscuits.

Who is this?

It's the stray from the park.

A stray? Really?


Hello there.

What a good dog.

Well, he's certainly not a stray

'cause he's got a collar. Let's see.

His name is Buddy.

Let's see. He belongs to...

Come on, Ethan. I can smell you in there.

I don't wanna leave you here.

But I guess he's not home.

Hi, Ethan.

Hi, Hannah.

I brought your dog home.

Must have been tough on you, losing your husband after all those years.

Yeah, it made me miss my daughter a lot.

And then with the new baby coming, I thought Rachel and Miguel could really use the help.


How long you get to stay for?


Well, I'm not visiting, Ethan.

I moved back about a month ago.

You did?

Welcome home.


Well, this place is still the same.

Yeah. - Oh, come on!

So, what about you? You never met anyone? Or...

Never found the right fit.


I'm really stubborn.

I know that.

When you put your mind to something, that was that.


That's good for getting things done.

It's not so good for relationships.

Okay, well...

Okay, here we go.

They're gonna lick faces.

Well, look...

This was really nice. I gotta go.

Thank you, Ethan.

Wait, what? Oh, come on!

Hey, thanks for bringing back my dog.

You're welcome. Bye.

Hey, Hannah.

I, um...

I owe you an apology.

For what happened to us.

Back then.

Well, don't worry. It was a long, long time ago.

No, I pushed you away.

And I was really mad at the world.

And I just want you to know that not a day goes by that I don't kick myself for doing that.

There's that sweaty smell.

You think, um, it'd be crazy if

we did something together?

Are you asking me out on a date?

Well, I just think that I'd be an all-time fool if I just watched you drive away.

Enough talking. Use your nose!

Then don't.

Okay. Now you're getting it.

Yes! Yes!

Get out of here. Give 'em some space.

Hi, you little cutie pie.

My water has mint in it.

You have a good time?

Once they started licking faces, no one could stop them.

Ethan finally had what he needed.

He was happy.

I was happy, too.

Excuse me, everybody. I would like to thank you all for coming here today.

It means a lot to Hannah and I.

I've always wanted a big family.

All in one day, I've got one.

You didn't tell me how big it was.

I just would like to say how grateful I am that my beautiful girl walked back into my life.

Thank you.

Life's a mystery.


There was one thing I still wanted.

I wanted him to know it was me.

That I was Bailey.

Wait, didn't Bailey used to do that? Yeah.

It's a dog thing.

Bailey. I'm Bailey.

There's gotta be a way.

Hmm. Wait.

That's familiar.

I smelled...


What do you got there?

Where did you find that?


You wanna play?

Get ready.

You have to really go after this one.

Go get it.

Good boy!

Come on, bring it here.

Good one.

All right.

You go play, all right?

Gotta get back.

What? What do you want?

This is nuts.

All right, Buddy.

You wanna go for the showstopper?

You wanna try it? You wanna get it?


I am ready.



Where did you learn how to do that, Buddy?

You are really starting to freak me out, boss dog.

Yes, Ethan! That's right.

I'm your boss dog. I'm Bailey.

Say it.

Boss dog?

Are you the boss dog?


Yes. It's me, Ethan. It's me.



Boss dog.

Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey.


So, in all my lives as a dog, here's what I've learned.

Have fun, obviously.

Whenever possible, find someone to save and save them.

Lick the ones you love.

Don't get all sad-faced about what happened and scrunchy-faced about what could.

Just be here now.

Be here now.

That's a dog's purpose.