A fond (2016) Script

Have started holiday.

Tap, tap, tap.

Already awake?

Ready for an adventure of the family?



Way ...

Que are!

I go now, in order to avoid blocking of traffic.

Otherwise there will triple machines.

I had a dream very bloody.

I bother you while driving. "I was in the room of operation.

You wanted to take my wrinkles with an iron, then was born the child and started to inject the trunk of an elephant in it, with AC and the ATA carnet.

Was fio dental bridges.

And you do i touched?


Leave in half an hour! We expect that the passenger Noah for a morning coffee complete and more balanced.

To eat! Move!


Lison, pull the bed, please. is behind the door.

And you, wake up.

Adeus, Dr. Frankenstein!

If i sound again, we.



Viva! I will be alone!

I will be alone.

Also want to be alone, everyone wants to be alone, but lets get out of the holidays family.


Because we are a family.

Enter Highway, routing with ...

Come, children. leave in five minutes. Hurry up!

Smooth motion.

More information in 15 minutes.

Noah, eats cereal more slowly.

Sin shores of new Medusa.

I ever spitting out of the window.

Not, you look out of the window antes de que vomit.

Who is?


Good, family.

As a matter of fact, I was on the way to go.

But first must not eat something.

Dr. Cox, can I speak with you for a minute?" is urgently? Are here.

Love, can you just tell me what is he doing here?

Good, all!

Him go with us.

Us? Where?

Good, grandfather!

Good, Grandfather.

I have told you that it is going to spend a week with us.

-Conversamos about her. -Our!

Grandfather, come see my harpoon.

Father or go on vacation with us?

I swear I told you. Think invite without warning?

And You told me and I think that I have forgotten?"

"I do not want my grandfather come with us!"

-Lison! -Lison!

That was nice news that was going to tell me?

Tom, you have a trap?

Yes, we have separated some. Wait, you ... should choose color.

They need all this? is two weeks on the beach.

Well, children, fit the.

Well! Yes, Daddy.

And this case?

Easter, please.

Will be just a few days.

He has been traveling together with his girlfriend, it to the left, and he needs help.

When you hired as an assistant, was also to help you for a few days.

Not, I hired to as a father I am forced to resign Natacha, an assistant very competent.

I have not forced to resign from the competent Natacha.

I had the courage to make him to choose between his wife and a harlot That.

And we have not chosen?

Do you have chosen?

You have chosen your father.

Good morning. Good morning.

Julia ... he will help us.

Children like, they shall make delicious omelet.

Will not do anything. Children help me.

You see, forget it."

Come on!

I gave up.



He has slipped out of his hand.

Arrange check, has got rid almost!

Goodbye, miss. Brebineau.

Take a trip good!

I gave it to him now?

Of course, and say it was my fault.

Will not make to pass through the boring, too easily.

But of course not. I will tell you that we have changed the plans.

Santa is already high, he will understand.


Is she insane?

Not why would I be? well. and then?

Too heavy?

Yes. -Wonderful.

I told him and he understood.

What did you say?" I said.

And still go?

Yes, go to the beach with children and go at dawn. All resolved.

Welcome, Tom Cox.

Good morning.

Operating conditions of control.

Press the power button.

At your disposal, Mrs.

A qu?


Cmon. Wait!

I forgot something very important.

What? harpoon -My.

We buy another. it will not be the same.

Yes, the same brand, the same model.

But I want my spear!

-No, listen to... - Tom ...

I speak to my son.

I forgot to pee.


I don't believe it!

Will not move nobody, everyone just stay calm ...

and in the car.

Sure ... second barb ready.


Tom finished. I will expect in the machine.


Second barb ready.

Sorry, I thought that was a thief.

You might have to kill me!

Yes, but that's good, not nothing happened.

Al? Dr. Cox!

Sacha Chateau Chantelle.

SIM card, SRA. Chateau Chantelle.

Are traveling with my husband.

Bandol to him, in the same way as in each year.

Well. And?

I turn, the injections yesterday.

Are little sensation of itching and swollen.

More than the usual?

Do something I will do it.

Doctor! Yes?

Not her first its purpose being the injectable preparations, d-ra. Chateau Chantelle.

You know that there is a discomfort for 48 hours.

Is not a sort of rejection of shit?

No, not... Mrs ...

Mme. Chateau Chantelle will deflate, do not worry. well.

If symptoms persist, call me tomorrow, okay?

Come, Father, to go.

A harpoon!


Ready, yes?

Subpack and synchronization DanDee

If you are happy and you want to show everyone If you are happy Throttle whatever when they grow, Lison?

Psychiatrist that Mommy.

Maximum security.

I am hungry!

And me! And me!

At the next stop, we should stop.

No, we will not stop! We will continue!

Hey, I am hungry too.

We're hungry.

Julia, regardless of where we should stop, we went through all these so that the tabulatorii which have failed.

Expected to reach de Nemours they have healthy things to reconcile their hunger pregnant. not a long way... -Benzoic acid SIM Card?


No problem, Julia.

We're hungry!

We're hungry! We hungry!

(Autonomy of fuel: less than 100 km).

Well, let's stop.



To guide in safe conditions, SecuriTEST, specialist in the technical inspection.

Can it take? Not so fast. No, no!

The brakes.

Ask a visit on-line. Securitest Access.fr.

Mother ...

Good, miss?

We saw a sort of Kombi green?

Think they forgot me here.

How to remember? well ...

I went to the head d'Agde with my mother.

It has stopped for the gas, I went to pee and then ... it had gone without me... I think.

Has not called her?

I do not want my phone to the bathroom.


But... I do not know her head.

So sounds mobile phone.

But I do not know.

I called. and when requesting the number of them? they did not ask me.

But you can't stay.

Go to the south, can come together.

You can get in, you'll be fine.

You go.

Walking, mounted, may enter.

My Name Is Ben. And yours? -Melody.

Melody Nelson?


There Are Poupard Melody.

Beautiful are the names of the "Pard".

Thank you, madam.

Hide themselves. To take a joke.

You sit under the covers. will not move. why? ... Listen I want to go to the head d'Agde or not? Sure.

And therefore not say anything.

Will only appear when I say.

Ready! Come on, in the car, quickly.

, do you want?

Stop! Come, walking.


Take my jacket. Arrange right.

Be careful, well?

Yes, father! attention/ -.

Take care. Yes!

Safety belts, please.

Here, the children... For you, my dear.

I don't want to see a single core of bread on the bank of the new Medusa.

Seems! Entendido?

Well, Father.

Stop. A call all cleaners.

Not! This is well! Look, is perfectly.

I told her to stop. -Ficou nice.

Ficou good. Yes, parent, was good. Thank You.

Enter Highway, Route Point. begins the holiday.

Movement remains smooth motion. Up until the present time, everything in order.

More information in 15 minutes.

Rate Controller configured for 130 mph.

Good trip, Tom Cox.

I have brought me the Slot?


-Entregue grandfather, please. well.

You can put it, Tom? good music on the road.

What is, grandfather?

My old. she always heard.

E a beauty, not?

It we can hear.

Is a bit earlier to waking baby.

Speaking about already chosen a name? I have one.

Well, Dad. Thank You.

Do not know sex.

Was a boy?" not to tell anyone. -E my father, and I have not done it.

Only said was neither a girl. There is a girl?

Live a boy! -Credo!

Stop it boy and girl.

A boy is better.

So how will sound?

"M-I thought Ben. What do you think? Sure.

Ben Cox.

E fantastic, not?

What do you think?

How will you call?

Not going to say!

Anyway, we do not know. And if I know, there he would tell us.

Not! Run! But is the clinic.

Dr. Cox, can speak.

How it sounds?

Sorry, I cannot say. i are not in use.

Bet that he will ring on Adam.

Never in his life. -Baptiste?


It Is So Hugues.

Don't. Yes, Hugues e.

I say it.


Hugh Por?

Because! They will call Hugues!

Nothing. not to call him Hugues, but Gaspard.

I tell you?" is very nice Gaspard.

Was his Julia.

Make sure the return. How?

I return to the Paris.

All due to a name?

Does not comply with nothing. has been our secret, you betrayed me.

Let us go back to the Paris!

And what are we to do in Paris? Let us go back to the Paris!

Mother, cannot go back.

We cannot back!

Yes, we are on vacation!

What do I do?


Sit down, please.

Sit at my place, so that they can speak without needing to sun.

No, I would prefer to stay here if there is an accident.

Comes, nobody will change places. Relax.

I can concentrate on the road.

Is something we can do without to include your father?"

I have nothing against you, Ben.

When you were born, and there was no.

Daddy, please!" is true, it wasn't. Yes, exactly.

Has been the two times: before, during and after.

E my father.

Has not been when he was born.

It has not been.

And when i ... when I backed up ...

What did you say?" -when he was the children?

"i generated".

When we are generating children! Thank You, Lison.

The generation of children, it has not been.

Both times he was at home!

They have abandoned that a stocking old.

Yes, have abandoned that a stocking old.


Is that of the thirtieth time in 10 years.

Has a neurotic with a syndrome failure.

If collect whenever the desert, do not help.

Help us without assistance. Ten Years of psychology for this?

And you, ten years of medicine in order to correct the nose and eliminate fat?

Of course, it straight!

Julia, I forgot who is calling Gaspard.

I am sorry that I told our little secret.

We are all nervous, we need ... ride by bicycle, which is.

Is a reason.

Let me to the base station in Paris, with children and go cycling together with his father.

In the case in which passes through the Paris, may deviate from Chateaudun?

Stay with a friend.

Father, if shut your mouth, this would not be happening.

, if you please way to boca.

Does not come, this is very easy.

How can you talk to me so, Tom?

My friend left me, I feel vulnerable.

What are you talking about?

He lived for three weeks with her. did not know even the name or family.

And outlet, Tom?

Let us go back, do you know that?

Is a madness!

Is nothing.

No longer rule that, Tom.

You're insane!

I have a small problem ...

I do not know what happens.

Are caught. machine accelerates, but refuses deceleration.

Brake -OS. -already braked.

This joke, Tom.

Brake, pull on the road and we will be back.

Is not a joke. are caught.

But what caught?" -the rate controller.

What is this?" is a thing which controls the speed.

Is this button, which makes the machine maintains the same speed, but cannot stop.

Why pressed the button at the top did not know what was it?

I know what he was doing, but does not work!

"Speed Control cruise". well ...

"Turn off the cruise control: system is automatically disabled when braking. " that I said. brake I, but does not disable.

"Or on the exchange in neutral." system failure.

Stop vehicle.

the previous machine didn't. No, I have not done it.

Also has not had the airbag. my parents were not even safety belts from the rear.

Grandparents my paternal grandparents had no engine.

It is called progress. is that so?" and block the machine to 130 km/h. What is wrong with her to purchase?

Mother, don't be angry, it is bad for baby.

Is so, honey. you crossed the line, Tom.

With scalpel, you destroyed the nature and common sense.

We don't, also a liposuctie, and a small facelift.

, and also, I make Reconstructive surgery.

Are too warm. Can I go now?

Mother, have someone near the grandfather!

A qu?

Very funny, Noah.

Hear voices, doc?


Who is that girl?

Who are you?" Ben, what is it?

True, who is?

Hell, Daddy, who is that girl?

Melody, who is a great friend of mine. Poupard Melody. and when it has gone? -when?

When? at the station of gas.

If you wish, you can pay the tax.

You know, not?

Of course not!

I can let the next stop.

Arrangement I.

Tom and Julia SAO very altruistic.

They will not leave a single young.

And has a vacant place near me.

Right, everything. Silence, Zen status.


Is quiet?

Your father is not alone. at the next stop, Take it and Ben.

If you do not want to leave him, you can go into the bottom, also.

Or I go down with the children.

Is not my friend.

So what she was doing there?

But it may become my friend.

Who cares?

Tom, stop it, will you?

Por favor, seems agora.

SIM card, it seems.

I will not disturb.

Stop, Tom, I will go down with the melody.

Tom, seems!

Seems papai!

Stop sending i halt!

Does not have no control of anything, I cannot stop.

Cruise control locked.

The cruise control is dead!

Good trip, Tom Cox.


De jure, Tom. Swear by it.


No, look at me, and around.

May not... I lead.

But... around.

Do no longer believe in you.

Gaspard swear that I may stop.

Will no longer be called Gaspard.

Swear on your ministering kinsfolk around her!

Around on his belly.

And if the step on the accelerator pedal and menus?

Does not slow down, it will also not accelerate.

You need to accelerate to unlock.

Accelerating the background and release Immediately.

Rate Controller configured for 140 mph.

Still caught and go faster.

Restart pumping the accelerator pedal. Pump.

-Bombear what? -Bombeie pedal.

Rate Controller configured for 160 km/h.

-Parabns. Good idea, Dad. Great.

Very good. Great. -Bravo.

More slowly. and the parking brake? does not have.

"Of course he has. Do Not, everything is electronically.

Locks to stop the engine. the previous machine has had the brake. but not that.

Don't talk to me so.

Excuse me, cute.


Only... e only ...

"e, e only" what?

Cut the ignition.

It is locked. Everything is locked.

Machine has gone mad. A new car, damn!

Tom is a car, and the machines stop.

Not to the machine have a peg walking.

A peg move, dear.

Is a ". Excuse me, a coffin on wheels.

Lison, sufficient.

Tom, slowly, please.

We will not come back, father or can also stand Melody sleeps in the living room, we would pancakes, but I entreat you, slow.

May not.

Mother, don't want to die in a coffin on wheels.

-Filhinho... -Morrer is not bad.

Have no fear.

Nobody will die.

Papa is driving and will be solved. We are all together.

If you are satisfied with the result palm Come, All singing.

If you are satisfied with the result palm If you are happy and you want to show everyone If you are satisfied with the result palm


If you are satisfied with the result palm

see manual, have the lessee.

I sounds of the seller beautiful, will solve.

Will help us.

Take, dial the number.

I call.

Is the machine of the future. If you decide before the end of the month, for another euro lead air conditioning, alloy wheel rims regulator and speed!

Everything for less than 100 000 euros, without charge.

Excuse me.

Danieli The Danjoon.

Dl Danieli is Tom Cox. I bought a Medusa last week.

I wanted to know one thing.

How can I turn off the speed controller?


Stopped in automatic mode.

I thought this.

Half an hour ago Are brakes but does not work.

Are you sure that you do not step on the clutch instead of the brake?

Is a car automatic transmission.

Clutch Not.

There is a foreign body, a bad carpet on, to affect the pedal operation?

For a long time there is no electronic controllers.

Sir Danieli, are at maximum speed on the road, with my wife pregnant, my children ...

And you cheated me with that package damn speed control.

We were not mistaken, d them.

Deceived, yes, Sir Danieli. E a son of a bitch!

Well, turn off the cruise control function, stop at a rest area, stretch the legs and relax with family.

Good weekend.

Supports a sandwich?

Have one.

Yes, of course, a sandwich.

What did he say?

To brake.


Dad, sit here in front of her. I need you here.

Here also the they need me.

There's... e my mother!







Mother ...

I am glad that I have not seen it. More than that, we cannot stop.

Dad, I asked you feel in the face!

Now comes!

What the hell!

Follow the following output and will stop.

I believe that technically, he can stop.

Well? mythomaniac -yours! not to let me sit with the mother. is not mythomaniac.

Are a psychiatrist and I recognize mitomanacos.

And know who is going to do something or not.

And you haven't. mythomaniac Is and you know nothing of.

Seems a carro idiota,.

Does not sound my father idiot, you bastard!

Noah, don't say that.

Do not fight with my mother, useless. Lison!

Children, shame. must be gentle.

If pulls to my father with harpoon, we stand no chance.

This is not cool, Melody.

Stop or end with the grandfather!

No, not cool, Melody.

What is this?"

You are a cult?

Is a collective suicide? Everything will starts over?

E my mother. Can?

Yes, Mother?

You need not be afraid of the gun is not charged.

Are you sure you, Mother? Absolute Certeza.

Thank you, Mother.

Has passed restrictive.

I want my mother!

Then, yes!

Enters the red light?

Articles R-R and-412.30 415,6.

Much of 135 euros.

So. Points - four!

Sorry, I do not want to hurt, but threatened with second barb ready.

He gave me no choice.

Is nothing. M have grown accustomed.

Drugs slowed down.

Tom, care.

Tom, the lorry.

Attention! Where are you going?


-Batemos something! -Do not hit something!

I want to go home now!

Thank you for two hours of joy.

Two hours? nor did I noticed.

I have.



I will take care of that.


A worthless broken door BM.

I do not know why!

Him! He is a dead man.


Dad, now come before.

Come back.


You go.

Will be fine, you'll be fine.

Will be well, you will be well!

Will be well... Beware!

Be careful, father!


Are new copilot.

You'll be fine, Dad?

I don't, dear. indeed?

What is happening here?

The gearbox has failed. Stop vehicle.

Exchange Caixa? -Falha system.

Immobilisation of the vehicle.

We cannot, dickweed!!



See my belly with my baby inside.

And my children are before.

If you move the ear, pulls the teeth and swallowed, well?

Daddy, what are you doing?

I only checks the fuses.

And do you understand that?" as much as you submarine fuses.

Must say police.

Hello, sir! we cannot stop!

Dad get out of there, please.

E amusing. wrist my is high.

Has been locked in the passenger compartment fuse.

Dodge and to stop the vehicle.

I can't!

Lison, in the case in which the markers?

Ago, in my bag.


Give me that.

-Puts the window. well.

He saw it! flung himself on the window! well.

Have seen nothing!


May not be! Damn!

Good afternoon, sir.

Federal Police.

Documents relating to the behavior of the and the circulation of vehicles.

I did not understand.

License and the registration number of the machine.

Path, the path, way ...

of the road!

They are my children and my wife pregnant. help us! -a second!

What is love? Heartbeats accelerate -O too quickly.

Behavior of the suspect, disobedience, the crime of escape..

Let him go, I need you here immediately.

-Is an order. well.


I care.

Daddy, what have you done?

Has been stuck.

TOLL hell, a fee! Are you sure?

Yes, my mother was a journey form the European Union.

Indeed? he has found an editor?

Don't. How we do with tax?

How are we going to do with the tax? still have the LPG? -i only to fill the tank.

Range of E 850 km.

Will exalt boundaries. A call barracks.

If you lie, this research may discover.

Look like a liar?

This research may discover.

Investigation what? us we run into an idiot.

He told us, no one else will save.

There is no negative thoughts, but we lost.

But he's not smarter Crew.

Officer is an expert and will save us. Repeat, Tom.

Is so, honey. the officer is an expert.

What? Practitioner or the Nazi? - "Expert". It is specialized.

Tom, "the Nazi," he said. Do Not, he said "expert".

What? Wait, Tom, indeed. officer is a ... practitioner. Not, pronounced "expert"!

Chega, father, you're insane. Pope has entered a wasp in the car.

Noah, how nice, but who cares about the wasp?

I DONT CARE! are extremely allergic.

Has no a wasp, hell!

Sin! are bad. Ball.

It. well.

Thank You! 19-20. Great.

Sorry, but 18-20 is for me, captain.

Ball do not hit the earth.

"Ball do not hit the Earth." If i will hit?

Come, bag I.

Capita Request!

-Capit Peton! Play!

New empathise 19.

Takes! you paid to descentralizeze?

Seriously. has not been a crazy machine on the motorway.

There is or was it? What is this? Besauce journal of -Is.


What car crazy Besauce? is a foolish thing?

A family to 160 mph, without brakes and the locked.

Tank full. Driver cannot stop or stop the engine. Nothing not responding.

Lack least Louvette fee.

Liar, Besauce.

On arrival at the fee will be a miracle: will come to a halt.

"I do not think so, captain. -and then? What is it you suggest?

Are You there, asshole.

I suggest you do not I may call an idiot, captain.

I will leave the duty of the idiots.

Will open the barriers and outside the cabins.

Do you play stupid, I monopoly.

The your orders, captain. "At your disposal, Captain" they hear?

May call. Yes, captain!

-Deixem machines pass. Come on!

I recorded, Tom. You are an ace!

We pass this fee.

I pass to taxation at 160 km/h.

And we will die.

What I have said, Lison? repeats.

We will die.

And dad will never know the big secret the mother.

Julia... What is the great secret?

I do not know.

Fee 3Km Lack 3 km to the obstacle. To take?

Well... to give him 160 km/h.

Machine is 1.80 m length, 2.5 m to pass. I want all of me.

Children, back quickly.

You Can, Tom.

Do not think of anything.

Do not look to the obstacle.

Secure at the furthest point, okay?

Or close your eyes and invokes force.

That it is strange, I will keep my eyes open, babe.

My bottom is heating up. what they want?

Seat heater activated alone.

But that machine shit!

We have already.

Toll 1000m.

-Capit Peton? Yes?

Device simplification of taxation in progress.

Come on! quickly, Come out here!

What have they done? raised the barriers!

Captain, missed the!

Again, failed to the side. is a direction Paris-province. What disaster!

Bow their heads!

Does Not Pass.



Who would play ping-pong idiot?

Besauce, the waveform to Lyon is empty.

Hear or idiot, vou send reinforcements.

Fuel will end and then we will make checks.

Now, as well.

Recorded? recorded everything?

Tom Cox is type! He passed to taxation at more than 160 km/h.

And in-band opposite way!

And I have offered to pay.

I.e. tolls.


Cleaning agents!

What? What madness, what have you been doing? the windscreen was dirty. -there has been three mosquitoes!

Is now dirty!

There is no cleaning and is a new car, damn!


-something. "What do I do?

Do not know, gives a way to clean.

Come on!

Yes, wait.

What do you intend to do?" I do not know.

-benzoic acid? Careful, my grandfather.

Do not believe ...

-is better? too! Yes! too!

Quickly, seized! c'mon, get it!

Put it in!

Quickly! Help me!

-Socorro! -Peguem it!

Follow him!


Different! Different!


Hello, is the husband of Sacha.

Who? -Jean-Marie.

A marido of Sacha Chateau Chantelle.

Listen, I am sure ...

Sacha has facial symptoms of the terrifying.


What kind of symptoms? is-Fukushima, doctor.

Eyelids doubled, it is colored red.

Is very swollen, it is not possible to shut the mouth.

Listen, I'm a little overwhelmed.

Is not the first time. It was this reaction.

E somewhat smaller. Chat with my assistant.

He will spend an anti-allergy cream with oil of jojoba.

I see when I turn.

Take, the response.

Come, answer!

Yes, d them?

May take note? Sir ... do not understand. Jojoba ointment will not ...

Sr. Chateau Chantelle, five years ago that Dr Cox its purpose being injected.

We never had any problems.

Did he not eaten anything ... that Quiche Lorraine?

A to send a photo.

You will see that it has not undergone intoxications.

In no case will take a picture of me so!

Stop, Dad. i hard cramp rippled, are exhausted.

We hope that the image, sir.

I cramps.

Departs from there.

Must replace him. cannot lead well. Yes, father, to take my place. no longer this seat hot. "I do not have a qualification or points!

Ben, or to take the wheel.

No, I could not.

Is a great responsibility. Pediatric, Julia, the child ...

-Don't ask me. Pope!


Dad! Dad!

I... I ...

-Assuma wheel. -Not.

Grandfather ...

Yes, dear?

Pasta or flyer, please.

-Take! Come on!

Hell, Dad!

There you are, asshole!

Are Gypsies.

Will blow you away! will pay to destroy the door!


Stops this machine. A call Danieli.

It seems that they liked.

It is a real jewel of technology.

Not bad.

SIM Card? The Danieli Danjoon. Al?

Sr. Danieli?

Please wait ...

Well, I hope.

Do Not... Ra, it would be a shame destroy the vehicle before you buy it.

Pope, the locked door! Yes?

Is Tom Cox!

Do you remember me? Yes, sir Cox.

Swear that is locked. Sounds it. Press button.

Caught! i already pressed ten times!

Two policemen open the way. Just go through the taxation.

-seemed a shot. Wait.

Door - the city! "door - the city!" Come opened!

Come here!"

Yes, wait a minute.

Remain locked!

I don't believe it!

Hell! Do not dispose of in the car!

Sir Cox, a call.

I have an emergency.

I sound ... has an emergency.

Is Chateau Chantelle.

Yes, indeed, stinks. is not ... is not a benign... even had a large rejection.

Vespa th! Vespa th!

The wasp will kill the grandfather! No, not the wasp!

It will not do anything. open windows to exit.

It does not operate!

Not! Lison, newspapers my grandfather.


Melody, does not move.

I don't believe it! They are all crazy in this car!

Well, I caught. I caught ...

If kill grandfather, we're all going to die. I should not be caught!



to step back, probably, drain the tank more quickly.

Yes, and perhaps I got more quickly to the mortuary.

Mortuary? What is the mortuary, Dad?

To put an end to naked in refrigerators.

None of that. The mortuary is when ... estamos muito "negrulhosos".

See someone with "necro", i.e..

I do not think it means.

I think not.

Sir, are you all right?

Sir, can you hear me?

Stops the engine, please.

D them? Where is the scoundrel?

Relax, please. will be taken care of.

Go to hell!

No, sir!

I wanted to deceive?


Captain, this came from the prosecution.

There! What I said?

Sounds Besauce idiot.

Well, captain. Understood.

How are we going to do with the traffic jam?

How to spend?

Seems a carro!

Not! again?

I found a policeman with amnesia.

Before the photo yesterday. has been 190km/h.

Is a fine recurrence.

Now stop this machine.

Has not taken any image, it is a new car.

I spoke to my boss, there is still an image.

Be polite and will stop on acostamentul.

Habilitao, recording and insurance. There is a 60 km of bottling.

Do you think we are insane? Yes!


's a liar! and you have a sham!

O qu? Seems! ltimo aviso!

Tasks false?"

No, mother!

-Julia! -Mame!

Drag on my stomach, dickweed!!

To see if it is a task sham!

Come on! indicate toward his navel!

Is an objective good!

This world is a madness.

And then?

I have taken my picture.

Bag -I. -Capit?

SIM Card? A journal Besauce.

Yes? the woman is pregnant, captain.

Machine is locked.

You at maximum speed. -Idiota!

Stops them. Type is a joke, it is not responsible.

This makes me wasting their time and the game! you play it so stupid!

It is best to call the governor! We are on the point of "cataplasma".

I just ping-pong game? -Not.

Espere... Am I?

I hardly play ping-pong?

There is a restriction of traffic 60 km. at the speed they go, all a family French will be destroyed on a wall of cars, captain.

I suggest to call your leaders.

Of course, drugs, more ... when you say "family" French wants to make the call to my feelings?

Implying that if he had to be ...

Togolez, I will continue to play ping-pong?

Is a fool, Besauce.

Firemen, guv, ambulances, the traffic police, call us!

At your disposal, captain!"

News of roads.

We said that A minivan fights against Red is in trouble on the way to the south, between Fleury and Auxerre North.

Police officers to escort and circulates at high speed to a blockage of traffic because of the discharge drivers.

More information in 15 minutes.

Father I shall never know the secret of his mother.

Lison, seems!

We can stop two minutes?

Must pee.