A Game of Death (1945) Script

Well, what is it Captain?

I'm sorry to disturb you Mr. Whitney, but, I'd like to pull about and take the other course.

We've been all over that once. You said yourself, the other course would take two days longer.

Well that's true Sir, but I'm worried about the crew.

What's the matter with them?

They're jumpy and upset.

These are dangerous waters Sir, and we've just sighted Benguerra Island.

Benguerra Island?

In the native language, that word means man trap.

I smell a story, Captain, tell me more.

Well, it was deserted by pirates, a hundred years or so, ago.

No one has lived there since.

But somehow the place has crept into sailor's legends.

They say there's a curse on it.

This is all very interesting Captain, but I have to be in New York by the 13th.

Unless you can give me some more tangible reason, proceed on your present course.

Very good, Sir.

I'd like to hear the rest of that story, Captain.

Some other time, Mr. Rainsford. I'd better get back to the bridge.

How'd you like the stuff Wadethrope?

It's great Donald. I'm sure it's going to be another best seller.

For a great hunter, you're a pretty good writer.

By the way Rainsford, have you seen this?

Hmm, that's good.

My knees were sure shaking when I grabbed that one.

That's a great shot Collins.

Perhaps you'll use it for the jacket.

Seriously Rainsford, how do you keep it up year after year?

Hunting all over the world, don't you ever get tired of it?

With all the money he makes?

It does pay well, but it isn't the money really.

What then?

Well, I don't know. Love of the game I guess.

Adventure, color, excitement.

Never knowing what you'll meet around the next corner.

To me, it's the greatest sport in the world.

Sport for the hunter, I imagine. Not for the hunted.

Take this jaguar for instance.

Look at the expression on that face.

What do you suppose his feeling are?

Look Collins, there are two kinds of creatures in the world. The hunters, and the hunted.

I happen to be a hunter.

Frankly, I'm not concerned with that fellow's feelings.

As a matter of fact, he's probably enjoying himself just as much as I am.

After all he has a sporting chance of getting me.

Well, I still wouldn't want to be in your shoes.

You'll take one chance too many one day, then you'll get it.

Please, I've made flowers.


Hello, bridge?

Why are you slowing down.

I'll come below shortly and explain, Sir.

Leads man in the chains.

The channel's here on this chart alright, Sir.

And so are those marker lights.

I don't see anything wrong with those lights, Sir.

I do. Look here.

Those buoys are out of position according to this.

Watermark, 3.

3 fathoms, and we should have 6.

We're too close in shore.

You're right, Sir.

What could have moved those lights?

What is it now?

You wanted a more tangible reason for taking the other course, Mr. Whitney.


The channel lights are in the wrong positions according to the chart.

Charts are seldom kept up to date in this part of the world.

Well that's true Sir, but this is no ordinary channel.

It cuts between coral reefs that could slice this hull like a razor.

But I... Wait a moment, Whitney.

There's something else, Captain.

Yes, Mr. Rainsford.

Sharks are following this vessel. Big ones. Man-eaters.

That's another reason the men are on edge.

They say it's a bad sign. And I don't like it either.

Let the captain have his way Whit.

These deep water men have a sixth sense, which warns them of approaching danger.

Now I've seen everything.

Don Rainsford, the man who's not afraid to face any living animal, jittery over an old sea legend.

I'll face anything I can see over a gun sight.

But what I don't understand, I'd rather avoid.

Alright, If you feel that way about it.

Take the other course Captain.

Yes, Sir.

Come on fellas, let's forget about it and have another drink.


Alright, Sir.

I don't mind admitting, I'll be glad when we get clear of Beguerra island.

Hello? Hello? Anyone in the boiler room.

Hello, engine room?

If water ever hits those hot boilers...

Hello, engine room.

Rainsford, help!

The shark got my foot.

I can't swim.

Hello, anyone there?


Say, is there anybody around here?


Oh, is this your house?

I'm not trying to break in.

I just followed the sound of the dogs.

My yacht just went down with all hands.

I think I'm the only one that managed to get ashore.

Well, why don't you say something?

Or can't you speak English?

No, he can not.

Carib does not speak any language.

He has no voice.

He hears, but he cannot talk.

Good evening.

Good evening. Are you the owner of this place?

Yes. My name is Kreiger, Erich Kreiger.

I'm glad to meet you.

Very glad.

I was trying to make him understand that there's been a shipwreck.

A wreck, how unfortunate.

Surely you are not the only survivor.

I believe I am.

Carib, go search the shore, see if there are any others.

Let me offer you a drink.

I guess I'm in luck.


The captain told us this island was uninhabited.

There's usually only myself and my servants.

Oh, thanks.

I certainly needed that.

How do you communicate with the mainland?

I don't... at least not often.

I'm a simple man, my wants are few.

I find my inspirations, even my pleasures, in solitude.

But I'll see what can be done, Mr.?

Rainsford, Don Rainsford.


Not the famous author and hunter?

I don't know about the famous part of it.

What luck!


I too am a hunter.

I've wanted to meet you for a long time.

My safari just missed yours a few years ago in Africa.

And again in Tibet.

To think I would meet you here on my island.

You see, your books are my bibles.

I've read everything you've ever written.

And only in these have I found a knowledge that equals my own.

I'm flattered.

There is one ruling passion in my life, Rainsford.

And that is the hunt.

And now, how very, very fortunate I am.


Pleshke, show Mr. Rainsford to a guestroom.

You must get out of these clothes at once.

They look just about the way I feel.

Pleshke will find you others. We have some for such emergencies.

Oh, my guests and I were about to dine when you arrived. We'll wait for you.


There are survivors of another wreck still in the house.

They too are guests.

Another wreck?

Unfortunately, yes.

These are dangerous waters.

But we won't discuss it now.

Well I don't want to delay your dinner.

It will take me some time to get myself ready and... and anyway, I...

What is it Rainsford?

I was thinking of my friends.

An hour ago they were alive.

It seems incredible.

Death is always incredible.

Always for others.

Never for ourselves.

Straight ahead Rainsford.

Just follow Pleshke.

Just one moment, Mr. Rainsford.

Is there anything wrong, Mr. Rainsford?

No, nothing.

Your clothes Sir.


Tell me, why the bars on the windows?

This was once an old castle. Built by pirates I believe.

They were left over in the rebuilding.

Oh, that's very interesting.

Is there anything else Sir?

No thank you.

Were there any others?

Come in.

Well, that's better.

Did your Carib find any traces of the others from the yacht?

No, I'm sorry.


We finished dinner. I came up to see what's been delaying you.

Mr. Kreiger, I'm afraid I'd be very poor company.

Oh come Rainford, come. I insist. I will do you a world of good.

What you need is some black coffee and interesting companions.

I can promise you both.

- Thank you Pleshke. Would you care for coffee sir?

Thank you no. I'll have another brandy.

I didn't realize one of your guests was a lady.

And a most charming one, I assure you.

I know it's hard to forget what happened to your friends, but as a favor to me, be careful what you say.

How you act. I don't want to have her upset.

You know how women are.

Of course.

May I present, Mr. Rainsford.

Ms. Ellen Trowbridge.

Hello. This is my brother Robert.

How do you do? How do you do?

Say, haven't we met before?

Not that I remember.

Mr. Kreiger says that you were shipwrecked too.

Make yourself comfortable Rainsford.

Pleshke, Cafe for her and Rainsford.

Better settle for brandy, Mr. Rainsford. This will drown your troubles.

Not just now, thanks.

We have the honor of entertaining a celebrity Ms. Trowbridge. See here.

Say, you're not the man that wrote all those jungle thrillers?

Yes, Rainsford is our foremost authority on wild animals and their habits.

Thank you.

I knew I'd seen your face somewhere.

It was in the news reels.

Why your front page stuff Mr. Rainsford. This calls for a celebration.

Bob, no more. Please.

Well don't be like that, Ellen.


Well what else is there to do around here.

10 days on this island, and nothing to look at but jungle and ocean.

I feel as though we are living on borrowed time.

Mr. Trowbridge doesn't approve of my island.

Well why have you stayed?

Not because we wanted to.

What my brother means, is that there is only one launch and...

Well, that's under repair.

Yes, you have to be patient a few days longer.

I can't see that Mr. Trowbridge has much to complain about.

Why here you have all the comforts of civilization in the wilderness.

Too darn lonesome.

But it's swell for you Erich, you can go hunting.

Hunting, here?

He goes hunting nearly every night.

Bet he has you doing the same.

Yes, I hope to offer Mr. Rainsford some very unusual sports.

But what can you possibly find to hunt on such a small island?

Big game.

Of course you're joking.

I never joke about hunting.

It has been my life.

I shot my first bear when I was 10.

I've been hunting ever since.

All over the world.

I couldn't possibly tell you how many animals I've killed.

You must have had some interesting experiences.

See that big fellow up there?

I had trouble with him.

He gave me this.

For sheer calculating savagery, you can't beat the cape buffalo.

That's right.

But I got him.

Two week later, I was up... and on my way to the Amazon.

I had heard that the jaguars there were unusually cunning.

A fallacy, my dear Rainsford, a complete fallacy.

They are no match for a man with his wits about him and a high powered rifle.

I was bitterly disappointed.

Then, one night... lying in my tent, unable to sleep.

My head's throbbing.

A terrible thought began pushing it's way into my mind.

The idea gave me actual, very real physical pain.

Hunting, had begun to bore me.

It had ceased to be a sporting proposition.

I was too good.

I always got my quarry. Always.

Why didn't you handicap yourself with a lighter weapon?

I did.

I gave up firearms almost entirely, and became an expert with the bow.

That's one of my favorites.

But in time, even with that, hunting was losing it's thrill.

There is no greater bore than perfection.

I realized what I needed was not a new weapon... suddenly everything became clear to me.

I knew what I must do.

I came here.

Restored this old place.

To start my own game preserve.

With what?

Rainsford, I think I can say in all modesty, I have done a most unusual thing.

I have found a new animal to hunt.

One with courage, cunning, and every attribute of the ideal quarry.

I beginning to believe you've found the descendants of the saber-toothed tiger.

Tigers have only their instinct, their claws and fangs.

No Rainsford, no. It is something far more interesting than that.

What is it?

It's no use Mr. Rainsford, he won't tell you.

He won't tell anyone.

It's his secret, and he keeps it behind the locked the door of that trophy room.

You've certainly got me excited.

Come on, give me at least a hint.


Very well.

Mine is the most dangerous game in the world.


It's just that, Mr. Kreiger was so interesting that he made me realize the danger.

I'm sorry.

It's nothing. Don't let it distress you my dear.

When men start talking about hunting, they are oblivious of everything. Eh, Rainsford?

Even beautiful women.

Won't you play for us?

Erich's a wizard at the piano.

I'm really not much at it.

Don't believe him, Mr. Rainsford. He's an artist.

And a very accomplished one.

Very well, if you think you can stand it.

Now Rainsford, you're really gonna hear something.

Shall we sit by the window Mr. Rainsford and get some air?

Your sister's right Robert, you're drinking entirely too much.

Sorry Erich.

An amazing personality.

Don't trust him.

Don't believe anything he tells you.

What do you mean?

There's something evil going on in this place.

We're all prisoners.


Keep your voice low as if we were discussing something casual.

You mean he's preventing you from getting to the mainland?


There's nothing wrong with his launch. He lied about it needing repairs.

I hear it coming and going in the night.

Perhaps he enjoys the company of two charming young people.

There were four of us a week ago.

The others have disappeared.

One night after dinner, he took one of our slavers into the trophy room.

The guy had a dog?


Last night he took the other there.

We haven't seen them since.

Have you asked him about them?

He says they've gone hunting.

Has he any other servants?

Yes, two men.

One who cares for the dogs, and another who patrols the beaches.

We're watched every moment. Day and night.

Be careful, he's looking at us.

Play some more Erich, play some more.

I'm afraid I'm boring Mr. Rainsford.

Well after all he's been through tonight, you can hardly expect him to concentrate.

My dear fellow, I've been most inconsiderate. Forgive me.

Besides, it's 11 o'clock. Time for all of you to turn in.


Every night, he packs us off to bed like bad children.

No my dear, charming children.

Oh, who wants to go to bed?

Erich, you promised to show me the trophy room.

Yes, I did.

But not now.


Goodnight, Mr. Rainsford.


Well what do you think of her, Rainsford?

Ms. Trowbridge is very interesting.

Exciting is a better word. It suggests a keener emotion.

Remember the proverb of the Ugandan chieftains?

Hunt first the enemy, then the woman.

That's the savage's idea everywhere.

It applies to all of us.

Only the savage is frank enough to admit it.

First the hunt, then the kill.

And then the woman.

Only when you have experienced all that, can you know complete ecstasy.

Pleshke's waiting for you.

Ms. Trowbridge.

I was afraid to call, or even knock.

Well, what is it?

I need help. My brother is not in his room.

Are you sure?

I just looked and he's not there. I'm worried.

Kreiger's been planning something.

Something about Bob and me.

Perhaps your brother could have wandered outside somewhere.

He's been drinking.

He was only pretending.


Because he's frightened. He's gone, I tell you!


Where do the others go?

That door downstairs. I'll be with you in a minute.

Please hurry, Mr. Rainsford.

I'm coming.

You heard?


I've heard it before out there at night.

Perhaps this time it's my brother.

That's odd. It's unlocked.

How horrible.

Oh Bob.

What are you doing down here? You frightened your sister out of her wits.

I had to find out what's in this place.

That's why I pretended to be plastered tonight. To throw Kreiger off guard.

After they left, I went to his room and I got this key.

See what's on those shelves?

Yes, that's what he's planning for all of us.

Where's that corridor lead to?

It's a dead end. That's where he keeps his dogs.

And down there?

I don't know, I haven't had a chance to look.

Well there must be someway out of here.

We'll find out.

I found the boathouse.

We may as well face the facts, we are dealing with a maniac.

You mean that scar?


A homicidal maniac.

To satisfy his obsession, he'd kill his best friend as quickly as his worst enemy.

There's only one chance with a man like that.

We've got to beat him to the punch.

Where's he keep his guns?

You got me.

You heard what he said about hunting with bow and arrow.

If he has any guns, he must keep them locked up somewhere.

At least we know where he keeps his launch.

Yes, but you can't get to the boathouse from the outside. I've tried.

No bars here, I wonder why.

This was his room. He gave it up for me.

How generous of him.

But perhaps lucky for us.

What's Kreiger's daily routine?

Oh, sometimes he takes me to the lagoon swimming, to sober me up he says.

But he always brings Carib along to watch me.

Tomorrow morning, act as though you have a hangover.

Get him to take you to the lagoon, and keep him there as long as possible.

Have you got a knife?

Only this. It isn't much of a weapon.

It's good enough for what I want.

What are you going to do?

Lay traps in his jungle. He thinks he has us cornered.

But he may find out how it feels to be trapped himself.

With Kreiger out of the way, the others might not be too difficult.

Good luck.

Thanks, I'll need it.

Oh, and one other thing.

In case I don't get back by morning, try and prevent anyone from looking into my room. Understand?

Good morning Pleshke.

Good morning Ms. Trowbridge.

Is breakfast ready yet?

Yes Miss. I'll call on Mr. Rainsford.

Would you mind serving my coffee first?


Come back!

Come back Bob, you hear!

Carib, go get him.

Thank you.


I'm positively famished this morning.

I'd like some scrambled eggs, an orange juice, buttered toast, marmalade and... perhaps some bacon.

Yes, Miss.

Is that all?

Yes, I think so.


These eggs are over done.

Over done?

Why do you not wish me to wake Mr. Rainsford?

It doesn't matter to me.

Then why are you frightened?

I'm not.

You have not seen him?


Not since last night?

See here, what are you driving at?

I see how you looked at him last night.

How dare you talk to me like that. I'll report you to Mr. Kreiger.

You're insolent.

Yeah. Go on and report me.

But this time I find out why he is not down.


Yoohoo, Mr. Kreiger.




What's the matter Ms. Trowbridge?

Pleshke was insulting me.

What's wrong?

Rainsford has not come down.

Every time I start to call him, she stops me.

She must have some reason.

Go on with your work.


Did you have a good swim?

The water was just right.

What kept you so long?

That's what I was wondering.

Why are you so concerned about Rainsford?

Well after all he went through last night, don't you think he should be allowed to rest?

8 hours are enough for anyone.

And why did you delay me at the lagoon?

I didn't.

Your brother is a very clumsy liar.

Isn't Rainsford back yet?




What is it?

Oh, Good morning.

Forgive my intrusion.

Of course.

Did you sleep well?

Like the dead.

My guests always do.

I could sleep forever.

What time is it?

Time for breakfast, Rainsford.

Please hurry down.

Good morning Ms. Trowbridge.

Good morning.

Where's your brother?

He's upstairs taking a shower. He went swimming this morning.


I know how you men hate feminine conversations at breakfast, so if you'll just...

Not at all my dear. Please stay.

You know, I'm very excited to see the island of yours by daylight.

There must be many interesting trails to explore.

Won't you show me around?

Not this morning.

I'm afraid Ms. Trowbridge will have to entertain you.

You seem worried.

I am.

Last night, this started bothering me again.

It recurs more frequently.

I've been to many doctors, but only Pleshke can give me relief.

If I have to hunt tonight, he must help me now.

Then I must rest.

If you will excuse me.

Why of course.


He's going hunting again tonight.

You know what that means.

Your brother, or possibly myself.

The look in his eyes.

He was frightened.

What are we going to do?

I've got to get him out there alone, somehow.

Come in.

I was worried about you. I do hope you're feeling better?

Yes. A little fatigued, that's all.

Can I speak to you alone?

You may go.

Very good, Sir.

I couldn't very well say what was on my mind in front of Ms. Trowbridge.


Did you have a good hunt last night?

My game was frightened and witless, it ran straight to a dead end.

I'm always annoyed at a stupid quarry, it upsets me for days.

I know exactly how you feel.

I wonder if you do.

Or are you guessing?

Not at all.

I know what your most dangerous game is.


Well suppose you tell me.

You hunt human beings.


Kreiger, you're a genius.

I could have never devised such a unique game.

I congratulate you.

Really Rainsford?

I was afraid you might have some romantic notions about the value of human life.

Ah, nonsense.

Let me tell you Rainsford.

There is no game in the world can compare to it for a moment.

At last I found something against which to pit my brain, as well as my skill.

Something truly exciting.

Thrillingly competitive.

And what a perfect setting for your purpose.

Jungles with a maze of trails, right off the beaten path.

It's only unfortunate that you have to depend on chance shipwrecks for your quarry.

I never leave anything as important as that to chance, Rainsford.

You mean you...

It's so simple.

To move the lights in the channel.

Sailors thinking they are in deep water.

Suddenly find their ships smashed against my coral reefs.

So that's how you do it.


You remember the old German legend of the Lorelei?

Who lured sailors to destruction on the Rhine. It was as simple as that.

But if they're drowned, surely you defeat you own purpose.

Not at all.

Only those powerful enough to swim to shore, make fit game.

Don't you see?

How very ingenious.

You and I are strong Rainsford.

And life is for the strong, to be lived by the strong.

The weaklings of this world were put here to give us pleasure.

To die for us, if need be.

But how do you get your man to take to the trail?

I suggest to him that we go hunting.

I give him an excellent hunting knife, and a good start.

I follow, armed with only bow and arrows.

You see, I want him to have a good chance to defeat me.

He must above all things, be dangerous.

If he alludes me until dawn, he is the victor.

But suppose he refuses to be hunted.

After seeing my trophy room, my guest invariably accepts my invitation.

And if he wins?

To date, I have not lost.

My dear Kreiger, it's a privilege to meet a man of your daring imagination.

I like you Rainsford.

You and I think alike.

If fact you're the only man I've ever met who shares my opinions.

I'm going to accord you a courtesy, I have given to no other living man.

Will you accept the privileges of my preserve?

I consider it a great honor.

Good, you shall join me tonight.

Young Trowbridge may not be the gamest quarry in the world, but he'll do.

Is he at all fit?

He's in better shape than you'd believe.

He almost got away from me this morning.

I must clip his wings or lose him.

Until tonight then.

Until tonight.

How'd it go?

Even better than I'd hoped. I have Kreiger's complete confidence.

Now hold onto yourself, and don't go overboard at what I've got to tell you.

I'm going hunting with him tonight.

But he'll kill you, just as he has did the others.

I said with him, not against him.



Your brother. Don't worry.

When I get Kreiger out in that jungle, the hunt will be short, and the victim won't be your brother.

Herr Kreiger, come with me.

I warned you. He wasn't in his room.

They were protecting him.

This man is dangerous. Kill him now.

No Pleshke.

I have other plans for Mr. Rainsford.

It's time.


Now let's go over it again. Listen carefully.

When Kreiger tries to separate you, don't make a scene.

Go quietly to your room and stay there.


And when he turns you loose in the jungle, head fast for the lagoon and stay there.

I'll walk him straight into a trap.

Yes, but no one has ever beaten Krieger.

Bob, you've got to pull yourself together.

You too Ms. Trowbridge. Why, you're shaking like a leaf.

I can't help it.

So much depends on him, so much can happen in the next hour.

Aw, buck up. And above all, be natural.

Those faces are a dead give away.

He'd know something was up.

Yes, you're right.

That's the stuff. Just relax, and everything will be alright.

Talking of lion stories, I remember once in British East Africa, I...


It just occurred to me. You can't possibly hunt in those clothes.

I've had Pleshke lay out others for you.

Oh well thanks. I won't be long.

Please don't. We're a little late already.

Ms. Trowbridge.

Goodnight, Mr. Kreiger.

Bob, are you coming?

Oh Bob, you haven't finished your drink.

I'll just wait until Rainsford comes down.


Goodnight, Ms. Trowbridge.


You sure you want to finish that drink, Bob?

What do you mean Erich?

Don't you know?

It will be a long time before you see Rainsford again, Bob.



Isn't Rainsford going with you?

Not tonight.

Then, who is?


You alone.

What? I won't hunt with you.

I won't be hunted down like an animal.

I think you will.

You've always wanted to see my trophy room, Bob.

Now you shall.


I won't go I tell you.

Come Bob.

Come with me.


I won't go, I tell you. I won't go.

Guard the door from the outside, until we come back.



Kreiger knows! Save Ellen!

Save her!

Look out for my dog. He's a man killer!

Auf wiedersehen!

Kreiger has caught on to our plan somehow.

Where's Bob?

They took him into the jungle with him. I saw him from my window.


Ms. Trowbridge.



Wait, Ms. Trowbridge. Wait!


Stop it Ellen. Let me go, he'll kill him.

Ellen, please. Please!

Don't move Herr Rainsford.

Herr Kreiger.

Come quickly.

How did they get in here?

I don't know. I heard the boat and came down and found them here.

Where's Bob?

He met with a most unfortunate accident.

You killed him.

You've killed my brother.

He had his chance.

He was a weakling. You're better off without him.

Bob never hurt anyone in his life.

Only a madman would do a thing like this.

You think I'm insane.

I know it.

Anyone who takes half-drunk men from wrecks, drives them out to be hunted, is insane.

That scar, it hurts you, doesn't it? That's because you're mad.

I wouldn't have believed anyone as lovely as you, could be so unpleasant.

I'd kill you, if I could!

I'm bitterly disappointed in you, Rainsford.

I thought as great hunters, we had a common bond.

You, a hunter. Tracking down a helpless man, who didn't know a jungle from a drawing room.

Oh, you're wrong Rainsford. Really, you are.

Bob did better than you'd believe.

He gave me quite a chase. Even tried to swim the lagoon.

And you have the nerve to call yourself a sportsman.

You wouldn't dare hunt anyone that had half a chance against you.

What do you mean?

Why don't you play your dangerous game with me?

I'm saving you for last.

You're a bluff Kreiger. You won't hunt me, you don't dare.

You shall see.

Tomorrow night.

Hedging eh?

I thought you would.

It's my game.

I make the rules.

You mean you stack the deck? No Kreiger, tonight.

Or not at all.

A few hours in this room will change your mind, I think.

Have you looked?

Have you seen what's in this room?

Yes, but your trophies won't frighten me into running as they did your other victims.

Too bad, isn't it?

Rainsford, you're becoming extremely unpleasant.

The trouble with you is, you want all the odds.

You have no real nerve, you're just a braggart.

You wouldn't dare match your brain against my brain. Your skill against mine.

You think not?

The sun doesn't rise until 10 after 5.

10 after 5. Time enough to prove how good you are.

Or how bad.

Very well Rainsford.

You asked for it. It shall be now.

I'm going with you.

As you wish.

One does not kill the female animal.

I can easily recapture her, alive.

Of course I have no proper clothes for her.

I'm afraid she'll be quite a handicap to you.

I'll accept that handicap.

Let's go.

Rainsford, I'm going to be more generous than you'd believe.

If I don't find you by sunrise, I shall return you to the mainland.

Both of you. Upon my honor.

Your honor!

Here are your claws and fangs.

I shall give you 10 minutes.

And now may I suggest that you go. A good start is everything.

Good luck, my friends.

I advise you to avoid, Fog Hollow.

Whenever my game is foolish enough to hide there, I am forced to use the dogs.

Here it is.


One of the traps I built last night. A Malayan dead fall.

Careful! Don't come any closer.

It's a man killing device.

One of the Malayan natives, taught me how to build it.

Well how does it work?

The slightest touch on this vine, and that mahogany log will come crashing down, and kill any living thing beneath it.

Well, We're ready for him.

Let him come.

Careful now, watch your step.

I feel as though we are trapped in here.

Suppose the dead fall misses him and he comes in here after us?

I only hope he does.

Come on out Rainsford!

This must be very distressing to Ms. Trowbridge. Why prolong it?

I'll not bungle this shot.

You won't even feel it.

Surely you don't think anyone who has hunted jaguar, would follow you into that cave.

Very well, Rainsford.

Since you choose to play the jaguar, I shall have to hunt you like one.

And not with the bow.

Do you think he's really gone?

I can't tell. He's playing with us like a cat with a mouse.

We'd better take a chance.

Perhaps he won't come back.

Oh he'll be back alright, and with a high powered rifle.

We've gotta get out of here, and fast.

Get in behind here.

Quick! Keep down!

That must be Fog Hollow.

Fog Hollow? That's the swamp where he caught the others.

We'll never keep ahead of him there.

That's what he thinks.

But he has a rifle.

And we have the fog to hide us. Let's go.

Very good Rainsford.

You've made my rifle useless in the fog.

I warned you to keep out of the swamp.

You wouldn't take my advice.

Now you have only yourself to blame for the consequences.

The fog may blind my eyes, but my dogs will follow your scent.

Keep your nerve.

Run, Rainsford, run!

Give them a good chase!

Let's see how far you can get now!

Cut around the swamp. I'll wait for the dogs.

I can't go any further.

You must.

8 minutes after 5.

Only 2 minutes to sunrise.

We almost made it.

Rainsford, I...

I congratulate you. You beat me.

Not yet.

Oh yes, you have.

Why, you're not even wounded.

You hit the dog, not me.

I took a chance and went over with him.

Admirable, my dear Rainsford.


And then you very cleverly doubled back to the last place I would expect to find you. My own house Exactly.

My dear fellow.

You have given me a superb night.

One that I shall never forget.

Naturally, you are free to leave at any time.

With Ms. Trowbridge.

Here's the key.

For the trophy room.


You're the hunted now.

And I'm the hunter.

How does it feel?

Look out!

Behind you!