A Good Marriage (1982) Script


"Can any of us refrain

"from building castles in Spain?"



Can I drop by?

At seven.

We'll eat there. I don't want to go out.



He's home?


I thought it was tomorrow...

If I'd known I'd have come tonight.

You didn't say...

Alexandre, dear... How are you? Yes, it's Dad.

Tell me.


That's great.

You didn't fall?

You galloped?

A champ!

You'll tell me the rest tomorrow.

I can't come tonight, I'm working.

Yes, well, painters work at night.

OK... Big kiss!

Me too. Sleep tight. See you tomorrow.

What are you doing? I'm going home.

Are you crazy?

Then you'll be free to make phone calls.

Listen, it was unexpected.

I've got kids, dammit!

Then you belong with them and their mother.

Don't lecture me.

What's gotten into you?

It took me a while, it could have happened sooner, but, better late than never!

I've had it with married men!

Their wives and kids are a big drag!

My kid's back from camp, so my wife called.

She wouldn't have to if you lived with her.

So I shouldn't sleep here, that's cute coming from you.

Sleep where you want, I am going home.

This is your home. You know that.

No, I'm at Leghen's studio.

The famous painter, Leghen.

In my house, there wouldn't be so many paintings and paint-pots.

And wives and kids calling at all hours.

I'm going home. I'll take you.

Don't you dare.

We're through.

Do you know what? What?

I'm getting married.


You're married, why can't I be?

Oh, yeah... Who with?

I don't know. The man I decide on, who appeals to me.

Well... Good luck!

Just because your marriage failed, doesn't mean mine will.

I'll be very choosy.

Let go. You're ridiculous. Listen...

Are you coming tomorrow?

From now on, I'm sleeping at home.

I just meant... to go out or have dinner.

I don't want to.

Anyway, I have a date.

With him? Who?

Your intended!

I told you, I just got the idea.

I never thought of it before.

Or rather, I hadn't made up my mind.

I have now!

You're out of your mind.

I was but I'm not now.

Eventually, I'll get a divorce.

You'd make a good husband.

We'll stay friends.

Of course.

I'll get to meet your mistresses. You bet!

I hope you have lots.

Lots and lots.

Hello, Sabine. How are you?

Fine, thanks.

It's a poster for my room.

I liked the pink. Do you want to see it?

Not now, I'm late. I couldn't leave till you got here.

I won't be in today or tomorrow and if anyone calls, say I'll be in Friday.

See you Friday. I almost forgot...

Mrs de Saint-Biez called about her Jersey porcelain.

I'm not interested. She wants far too much.

She'll come down.

See you Friday.

I'll be right with you when I'm done with this colour.

I like this a lot.

Really? You know I say what I think.

I liked the last one less.

It takes all kinds.

I disagree. You don't care if you sell them or not.

You don't develop your personality enough.

To develop it, I have to find it.

It's in that direction.


You know I really envy you?

Do what I do.

Don't be silly.

You're happy. You make things.

I'm wasting my time working for that woman.

If you wanted to paint...

I'm not talented. You are more than you think.

I'll teach you.

You could do the shades and the bases. I need an assistant.

I can't do it all myself.

I hate taking orders.

You do where you work now.

That's different.

It's just a boring job.

I'll quit some day.

You'd be my partner.

That'd be even worse. I'm too independent.

I don't think we'd get along.

Give it a try.

Maybe, but not now.

Do you know what? What?

I'm getting married.

To Simon! He's getting divorced?

Even if he did, I wouldn't want him and his kids.

Then who? Do I know him?

Nobody in particular. It's an idea.

Well, in that case...

The point is, I've made up my mind.

You can't just decide to get married.

I got married because I loved Frederic.

Well, I'm different.

I can do things my way.

Where will you find this husband?

They're all over, finding one isn't the problem.

I've always been good at that.

The point is that I've changed my attitude.

The other night at Simon's, I said to myself, "What am I doing here? This guy has a wife and kids, "when so many men are unattached."

I decided there and then...

Well, not quite.

I'd been toying with the idea for some time.

I see men in a different light now.

In the morning, the train is full of guys working, students, teachers, engineers...

They're reading, writing, thinking...

I like to watch men work, that's when they look the best.

I never watched my lovers work, not even Simon.

All we do together is make love or fight.

When I get there, he stops painting. He wants to be with me.

That's his mistake.

A man is always posing with a woman.

He wants to shine, show off.

He's almost always ridiculous.

You amuse me.

You sound like you calculate every move.

In fact, you're the opposite.

You act purely on impulse.

I'm impulsive.

That's why I need principles.

I decide what I want in general.

For the rest, I follow my moods.

I wanted to lead a Bohemian life, and I did.

Now that's all over.

Anyway, you're like me.

Not at all.

My one principle, if I have one, is to be guided only by love.

And if you fell out of love?

Then I couldn't live with a man any more.

You got married.

Yes, for the sake of convenience, and to please my family.

It's neither a plus, nor a minus.

But I'd never marry just to get married.

You've thought of nothing else, since you were a babe in arms!

No, it's simply a concession to society.

It makes you feel more secure.

Maybe. In relation to others, but not with my husband.

Our bond stays both as weak, and as strong.

It's love, nothing else.

Love changes.

Its form maybe, not its intensity.

There's some will, even in love.

Do you realise, that what you're saying is insanely selfish!

Wisely selfish.

There's a big difference between us.

You fit perfectly in your milieu.

So you feel free as air, without realising your freedom comes from being accepted.

That's totally wrong!

My ideas shock everyone.

For me, it's different, I have to leave my milieu.

I don't understand what you mean by milieu.

Anyway, we're more or less from the same milieu.

Not at all.

Your father's a doctor, mine's dead.

Your husband will be a doctor, like his father and yours.

I didn't plan it that way.

With Frederic, it was love at first sight.

I knew nothing about his background.

You could marry a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, too.

You can seduce any man you want.

That's what I said.

I must escape my background by an act of will.

So far, all the men I've met were impossible.

The only one I could maybe, have lived with was the first one, Claude.

The teacher?

He teaches high-school now. He sure lacks ambition.

Marry Simon! He's ambitious.

No, he's married.

Besides... Besides what?

Why him? There are others.

I'm sure you have someone in mind.

Not in the least.

Do you want to have dinner at my parents' tonight?

Not tonight.

I brought some books from Paris, I have to work.

To tell you the truth, I like seeing you in the daytime when we're alone... but I'm not comfortable with your family.

And you want to find a new milieu!

The milieu of a man I'd love.

Your parents are OK, but your sister-in-law...

My sister-in-law to be! You must not like her.

She's OK.

Let's say I'd have preferred you.

But she and Nicolas are a great couple. I can't see you with him.

You can say that again.

Anyway, I'll go to the reception, that's enough.

I hope I can make it.

No excuses, this time...

Saturdays, it's hard to get off before 4.

The reception's at 5. You needn't go to the wedding.

Even if I could, weddings depress me.

I'll come at 6. First, I'll go home and change.

It's not dressy.

Just as well for me, I'll stay 20 minutes at most.

Something's boiling over!

I turned if off.

What's that? A drawing.

No, a poster.

I'll show you when I've hung it up.

Before I forget, Clarisse would love you to come to the wedding.

You said you weren't going!

Not to the wedding, but I'll drop by the reception, at 6.

Come with me.

Where? To Nicolas' wedding.

I can't. I'm off for the weekend with Patrick.

I'll go to the church in your place, but that's all.

You're coming with me!

I don't know those people!


By sight, maybe, but I've never spoken to them.

That's no reason.

They're my friends, their daughter anyway.

Come for a minute, just to see the house. The view's fantastic!

I know the view. It's what you see from the road.

You should get out, you're a hermit!

That suits me fine!

I see enough people.

Anyway, I've nothing to wear.

Your black dress.

It's nice of them to invite me, but they don't care if I come.

And since I don't want to...

OK. Don't say you weren't asked.

What will you wear?

I don't know.

My red dress!

Who's that girl... talking to Edmond?

I don't know.

I've never seen him with a tall girl.

She's my cousin Pommier's wife. He's over there, too.

She's a knockout!

Not at all Edmond's type!

But if it meets standards...

Excuse me...

My cousin Edmond, Sabine, my best friend.

She's a bit lost, would you look after her?

But your friends? They're not his friends!

Are they?

No, your sister-in-law's.

Then they're bores.

Get her some champagne!

You come too!

Edmond doesn't need two girls.

I'm old hat to him, he needs something new.

You make a great couple.

That's nonsense!

She loves to tease me.

Let's say I know your tastes.

But three's a crowd... I'll be off.

Two glasses of champagne, please.

Good reflexes!

Luckily! I handle fragile things all day.

What do you do?

I'm getting a master's in art history, but for the moment, I'm in antiques.

Is it interesting?

Not what I do.

I work for someone.

Where? In Paris?

No, the old quarter of Le Mans.

I'm told it's a good place for antiques.

I'm not really a collector, but I'm looking for some Jersey porcelain.

Jersey porcelain... it's hard to find.

It depends on what you want.

Shall we go outside?

I live just inside town, on the main road.

I love houses with views like this.

For that, you have to live in the country.

It's beautiful here.

We're on the old ramparts.

Edmond! You're wanted on the phone.

Excuse me.

Yes, speaking...

I see... That's too bad...

I have to go back, but my car's not here.

Hold on!

Going to town? Can you drop me at the station?

Sure. I'll be right there.

I'll catch the first train. I'm coming.

I have to go back. Will you apologise for me?

I'd better run.

Did he leave?

No, he's on the phone.

It's strange, he's vanished.

Nicolas? Have you seen Edmond?

I forgot, he left. He said to apologise.

Left? Apologise to Sabine, why didn't you?

No, he didn't mention names.

He got a phone call, since the Pommiers were leaving, they gave him a ride into town.

He's a lawyer, he's always busy.

We're cousins, but not that close.

At any rate, he's not married.

I only came for ten minutes, I'm leaving.

If you want, I can easily invite him another time.

No, don't bother. See you Wednesday.

I'll see you out.

I'm sure you're interested in him.

We exchanged a few words! He may be an interesting man, but there are lots of them!

I'm not so sure.

I'll tell you something I know, and you don't.

He's interested in you!

How would you know!

He told you so?

He didn't tell me... but I saw it in his eyes.

And I saw in yours that he interested you.

It was the first time I'd ever seen it, love at first sight.

It was like a lightning bolt.

You're crazy!

Something happened, admit it.

Let's say he appealed to me.

I don't know why.

He's not really my type.

But you're his.

How do you know?

He goes for delicate, graceful girls... like Tanagra figurines.

So that's why he collects porcelain.

No, he collects girls.

Well, not really.

To tell the truth, I've only seen him with two women.

Both your type, and stunning.

If he likes me, he'll find a way to see me.

Don't kid yourself.

Like all dynamic men, he's casual about women.

It's easier for you to approach him, than vice versa.

Yes! He can only reach you through me.

He'd never do that. He's too afraid I'd tease him.

It's easy for you to phone him.

I don't have his number.

222 13 40.

Edmond Sureau, attorney.

It's in the phone book.

I don't know who you think I am, I've never chased a man in my life.

Then I'll call him for you.

Certainly not!

If I call, I'll do it myself.

May I speak to Mr Sureau?

It's Clarisse.

This isn't Clarisse, it's her friend, Sabine.

We met at Nicolas' wedding.

You're forgiven, I know you're a busy man.

I just wanted to tell you, about that Jersey porcelain... I have a very good bargain.

You'd have to come see it.

Just outside Le Mans.

You're busy all week?



Your car's in the garage?

Take the train, I'll pick you up!

OK, I'll meet the 10:16 train.

See you Sunday.

The chateau's there.

I'm not a collector, it's a present for my mother.

One day, she broke a very pretty vase.

A unique piece. It wasn't my fault, but I'm looking for something to console her.

This is Mr Sureau, Dr Bachelet's cousin.

Sureau, you say?

The Sureau family from Le Mans?

Louis' son? No, Paul's.

I'm not as friendly with that branch. How are they?

Very pretty!

It's Jersey, 19th century.

Souvenirs from the island?

Gifts my grandmothers received.

We considered it junk.

I don't agree...

The bad taste of the period.

Bad taste will always be bad taste.

Then I have bad taste.

It's just what I wanted.


How much is it?

What I'd told Mrs Cadot, 1600 francs.

It's much too much. I won't take less.

You yourself said it was junk.

To me, it is.

My taste isn't important, yours is.

If you want to bargain, my dear, go to a thrift shop.

That's a retail price, I brought you the client.

Is it you who's buying... or the gentleman?

I am. But she brought me here, so naturally she...

Will you take 1500?

All right. Bargaining isn't my forte.

Nor yours, I presume?

Nor mine.

I'm doing it for you.

So you're Louis' son?

No, Paul's. Ah, yes. Paul's.

I lost track of him. But I see the other branch a lot.

What do I owe you? Not a thing.

You haven't made a cent!

I'm not a businesswoman.

You said you had a store.

I only work there.

What will the owner say?

It's none of her business.

She was waiting for the price to drop. Too bad!

She may not like it.

I won't work there forever.

What we need now is a restaurant. Hungry?

Frankly, yes.

I don't have a weight problem.

Whether I eat or not, I stay the same.

Are you a good cook?

Not bad.

I'd have invited you to my house, but there's family visiting.

I don't want to keep you from your family.

You did me a favour.

My mother and sister are OK, but the others...

I can't say they bore me, but I have nothing in common with them.

I hate everything they love, and vice versa.

Order for me.

I don't know what you like.

Everything! As long as it's good.

I like everyone to eat the same thing.

In a home, you don't order à la carte!

I prefer that too.

So, you choose.

Let's have...

Shish kebab?

Fine. Do you drink wine?

On special occasions.

Let's say this is one.

Red or white? Red.

Me too. Really?

Really. I never agree out of politeness.

I tend to argue.

I'm more flexible, a lawyer's training.

You mean you can defend any cause?

Not any cause, but any person.

I give my clients the benefit of the doubt, or they wouldn't confide in me.

I see, you're just trying to make me talk!

You've read too many detective stories.

I was only joking.

You may be a good lawyer, but I'll never be a good salesgirl.

When people want to buy things, I try to discourage them.

You didn't do that with me.

It wasn't a business deal.

I loathe everything about business.

I don't know what I'll do, but if I do anything in life... the word's pretentious, I know... but it'll be "creative".

Not trading, exchanging or distributing.


Even if, only a baby.

Some day I'll have a baby.

Whatever I do, it won't be... just to make money.

If I make some, so much the better.

In business, money's everything.

You don't sell for the joy of it, only for money.

I have to enjoy what I do.

You have an artistic temperament.


A temperament...

I'm not really an artist.

I couldn't paint like Clarisse.

I'm more of a tinkerer.

I like to fix lamps and make things, I like antiques.

I'm full of ideas.

Maybe I'm dreaming...

It's a very modest dream.

Too modest?

You can be as much of an artist being a good tinkerer as a bad painter.

You're laughing?

I don't mean Clarisse. I love her work.

So do I.

I keep on saying, "So do I"!

No, I was thinking of a friend, a painter...

Not a bad one, at that.

I lived with him.

I couldn't live with an artist, it's stifling.

I'd rather be in the same situation as Clarisse, with a husband whose work is his life.

They're a good couple.

Just modern enough. Don't you think?

They're very nice.

Clarisse is my cousin, but I don't see her that much.

You're not from here?

My parents lived in the colonies.

My father who was in the army, died a few years ago.

My mother settled here.

She didn't want to live in a big city.

She got a job in a bank.

My sister's finishing high school.

So, you're waiting for him to call?

Of course.

If I just wanted to sleep with him, or have an affair, I'd act differently.

I feel I can seduce any man I want to, and hold on to him.

But that's not enough.

I want him to want to marry me.

Men just don't think that way these days.

Or only after they've been with someone for a long time.

At first, Frederic and I never gave marriage a thought.

But you were younger.

I know what I'm doing.

I want him to think of it and he will.

Don't you have anything to say?

About what?


Don't you see what I mean?

Sunday is Sunday.

I went out with friends. I can do what I want.

Not business with my customers.

It wasn't business. A favour for a friend.

With my customer.

Then she shouldn't have sold.

You tricked her!

She called me. She regretted it later.

I did not trick her.

You wouldn't buy it. She can do what she wants.

But you can't!

You work for me.

Not any more!

Where are you going?

I'm leaving. You're not satisfied, but neither am I.

I don't care about business.

I can see that. You're spoiling this one.

It will never be my business. I've better things to do.

Calm down.

I'll forget about it, but let it be a lesson to you.

You're a bright girl.

I'm sure, some day, you'll find a challenging job.

Meanwhile, you should know what you can and can't do...

I know quite enough.

I've learnt too many useless things.

And don't worry about me. Haven't you heard?

I'm getting married.

I'm better suited for that.


And with whom, may I ask?

The man who bought the vase.

See? I do have business sense.

What are you doing here?

I was praying.

You, praying?

Yes, I've changed.

What about you?

I was praying too. In my own way.

Your own way?

You're not a believer. You don't ask for things.

No, but I can still pray.

I was looking at the stained glass.

Do you ask for things?

Of course.

Is anything wrong?

Everything's just great.

Well, I'll be off.

I'm leaving too. I'm going home.

Do you have the car? My wife does.

She's at her mother's.

Can I drop you off?

I'm not going your way. I'm in no hurry.

I don't want to make trouble.

Your wife's not home.

Neither are the neighbours. Not at this hour.

Anyway, she trusts me.

Is she right to?


I'm not criticising. I approve.

I may get married.

To your painter?

No, to a lawyer.

From Paris?

So, what will you do?

Get married.

I mean career-wise?


Is he rich? I have no idea.

Actually, I'm sure he is.

If he earns enough for two, why should I work?

But then, you'll depend on him.

What about you?

Aren't you dependent on your wife, and she on you?

In a couple, people inevitably depend on one another.

This may sound cynical, but with a hardworking husband, I'll be freer to do what I want, days and even evenings, than if I had a 9 to 5 job.

Do you want a drink?

Your wife's a teacher...

Yes, of course. Does she like it?

Sure. I wouldn't.

I want to be with my kids, not a whole classroom!

It's not always fun.

But my pay isn't enough.

What if it was?

My wife wouldn't like being a kept woman.

But, I won't be kept!

It's amazing, so now a housewife is a whore?

No, but it's demeaning.

And putting up with screaming kids all day isn't?

You're the one who's dated.

You see male-female relationships in terms of power.

Marriage is a pooling of a couple's talents.

So, the woman keeps house, the man earns the money or vice versa.

Though, that wouldn't interest me.

Why should they both do the same thing?

The breadwinner will always dominate the other.

That's society's fault. So change it!

Be a revolutionary!

Maybe I'll be dependent, but no more than in a menial job.

You'll be bored. What will you do? Work that I like.

Hobbies for idle women?

No, I like to make things, but I don't feel like it yet.

Let's say I do nothing...

Look at this place. Don't get mad, but it looks like a bachelor's pad.

If your wife didn't work, she could make it... more attractive.

That doesn't interest her.

That's what I reproach her for.

I couldn't live like this.

This light switch is loose!

We need an electrician.

An electrician!

Neither of you can fix it.

Do you have a screwdriver?

I'll fix it for you.


For the last ten years, I've spent hours on trains, on pointless studies, getting involved with pointless people.

What I want is so simple, to have my own house, and fix it up my own way.

And if I work, to have a job I like.

Do you love this guy?

It sounds like you're marrying his apartment.

I haven't even seen it.

You'd better, before you get involved.

I'm shocking you?

Don't worry, I'm deeply in love.

I couldn't be in love with a failure.

Like me.

No! You're not a failure!

But, with you I couldn't move up.

I realised I needed someone to help me move up.

Do you understand?

That's not moving up.

It's ambitiousness!

I don't have ambitions, except to be happy.

For that I have to feel at home.


Back already?

Are you sick?

Have you had lunch?

I'll have some coffee.

I quit my job.

Another run-in?

Sort of. Anyway, for that money... it wasn't worth it.

What will you do now?

Nothing right away. I've saved up.

I have to finish my Master's.

When will that be?

In six weeks.

But don't expect anything, it won't get me a job.

You have to do something.

And your painter?

Couldn't he help? Simon?

No chance!

All he knows is painting. Anyway, we broke up, didn't I tell you?

I thought I had.

I think I'm going to get married.

To whom?

A very nice guy. You don't know him... A lawyer.

Is he from here? No, from Paris.

He's a cousin of Clarisse's. That's how I met him.

Is he young?

Yes... 35.

Just the right age difference.

Amazing, but that's how it is.

I met the perfect man.

He's handsome, young, rich... and available.

And he wants to get married?

I'm the one who wants to.

I see.

Are you pregnant?

What an idea!

Don't worry, Mum.

He hasn't even kissed me.

Being pregnant isn't the only reason to get married.

Have you known him long?

Not really.

But that's not the point.

I like him.

Especially for a husband.

Does he like you?

Why wouldn't he?

I'm sure he does.

And if he doesn't, I intend to make him like me.

No man can resist me, you know that.

I know.

But that's no way to get married!

What is the right way?

These days, people live together, and then they get married.

Is this my mother talking?

Well, your daughter says no!

I've lived with men, and didn't marry them.

Now, I want to get married.

To get a man to marry me, I mustn't sleep with him.

I want to be respected, to be idolised by my husband.

For that, he must respect me.

That's how people talked a hundred years ago.

A hundred years ago, women were idolised.

When they turned men down, it wasn't on moral or religious grounds, but out of instinct.

An instinct that tells the female to resist the male so that he'll desire her.

I haven't lost that instinct, even if others have.

I've given in to too many men.

That's all over now.

You're going from one extreme to another.

Don't worry.

I'll only marry him if I'm in love with him.

And probably only if we've shared that love.

But it must be true love.

I think that falling into his arms isn't the answer.

I want him to desire me, to suffer.

Is that really necessary?


Or he'll look down on me.

That's how I am, men put me on a pedestal, but once I give in, I'm less than nothing.

I'm sick of being loved for my arse, that's all.

Am I wrong?

Of course not.

I was broken-hearted to see you waste your time with a married man.

I hope with this one it's mutual.

I'm telling you, it is.


I can't tell you how happy I am.

I'm off to Paris. I just wanted to say hello.

Come in. I don't have time.

I bet you're bored.

Not at all. I have to finish my thesis.

I was right to quit that job.

What else? Still in love?

Of course.

Did he call you?

No. I'm in no hurry.

If I were you, I'd do something. I don't think he'll call.

It would look like he's running after you.

I don't want it to look like I'm running after him.

But you started things, so why not continue?

And I think you should strike while the iron's hot.

I'd be so happy if he called.

I'm prepared to wait.

You say that, but you're the most impatient person I know.

You're pushing me!

You would be anyway.

This time... I'll wait.

Well, maybe you're right.

Anyway, if I call, it won't be from here. It will be from Paris.

He may be very busy. But I have all the time in the world.

That's my advantage.

Like it or not, he'll be my husband.

Hello, this is Sabine.

I just called to see how you were...

Me too. I'm in Paris till Wednesday, maybe longer.

I quit my job. I had a fight with my boss.

No, you had nothing to do with it.

No, I'll tell you. Can we get together this week?

Me too. I'm finishing my thesis.

Talk to you next week! I'll phone again Monday... Bye.

It's not easy but don't lose head.

I don't think he's making excuses. He's really busy.

It may not be easy, but I'll get there.

I feel quite sure of him.

I'll find his weak point. Everyone has one.

I'm less sure of myself.

You're right. I feel incredibly impatient.

If he doesn't show some tenderness next time, I'll insult him.

And if he does, I'll fall into his arms.

Why not, you'll have waited long enough.

Maybe I shouldn't see him that soon.

I'm not used to playing good little girls.

Don't. Be natural.

The only way to be natural and good is to not be alone with him.

I've got an idea. I'll invite him for my birthday.

I have some money left. I'll throw a big party.


At home, at my mother's.

Have it here. You can use my house.

No, I want him to see me as I am.

Things must be clear from the start.

Now, you'll say I'm a schemer.

I never said that!

Had a nice time? Great, thanks.

I bet he'll show up when everyone's left.

He won't come at all. It was too good to be true.

At least my sister had a good time.

He'll be sorry. Next time, he'll eat out of your hand.

But he'll come. He promised.

Yes, absolutely!

If only out of politeness, he should come.

He could've called.

No, in fact, that's a good sign.

I think it's time for the cake. Everyone's leaving.

Not everyone. Let's wait a bit longer...

No, let's not...

5, 10, 20, 25...

I can't blow out that many.

Does he know your age? Take some off.

First, he's not here. And I won't cheat.

But I can't blow out that many!

What are you doing? Stop it!

You'll ruin the cake! No, I won't.

You should've told us you didn't want any.

Here, for your birthday.

There are too many.

Keep them. Some day you'll need them.

Move, come on.

I'm moving.

It's her fault. If she wasn't so worked up...


Take it easy. Calm down.

If you don't like it, you do it.

Leave me alone.

I don't believe it!

What's going on?

Nothing at all...

She's upset.

I'll go upstairs.

Go away!

Everything's ruined, I just want to cry.

If I could only cry.

Listen, he must have gotten held up. Do you want me to call?

If he didn't come, he's not home.

Do me a favour. Tell everyone downstairs I'm sick.

It's my stomach.

He's here. Edmond?

Are you sure it's him?

Who else could it be?

It's him! Come on!

He'll see I've been crying.

Rinse your face. Come on.

He doesn't deserve it. Tell him I'm sick.

Good idea. Get in bed. He'll come up.

We'll leave you alone. It's perfect!

Go look after him. Come on.

At last!

I'm so sorry. I have a case in Narbonne next week, I had to...

Do you know Lise, Sabine's sister?

Sabine will be right down.

Do you want some cake?

Frederic's not here?

He's on duty at the hospital.

It's a nice little party. Sabine has lots of friends.

Give me your package.

I'd rather...

It's for her? You'll give it to her when she comes down.

Here's her mother. Come meet her.

This is Edmond, my cousin.

He guessed you were Sabine's mother.

Lise looks more like me.

But, you have Sabine's smile.

I bet you were a real flirt.

Isn't everyone?

Edmond and I are a lot alike.

Only Edmond has no sense of humour.

We're like brother and sister.

But you're cousins!

Cousins rarely look so similar.

You look great together.

We're a handsome couple.

An incestuous couple.

And illegitimate!

I didn't mean that...

Because I'm married, but Edmond isn't.

I wasn't implying that...

We're too similar. That's not good for a couple.

Edmond doesn't like blondes. He likes tiny brunettes.

Not necessarily.

I know your tastes! You're always with cute brunettes.

What nonsense!

This cake looks delicious.

Sabine made it. She's an excellent cook.

Sorry, I was upstairs.

No, I'm sorry. I'm terribly late.

Better late than never.

It doesn't matter. Parties are always better at the end.

You've come at the right time.

Happy birthday.

It's nothing much.

The best part is opening it.

How lovely!

It was lying around in a drawer.

You should have it. You're an authority.

Nothing could please me more.

Let's dance.

I don't know if I can...

I'll show you where I'll put it.

Your room is very nice.

I like those suns. Clarisse did the lamp.

I gave her the idea for the sun.

And that's the moon.

Who's it by?

I don't know.


I don't feel at home anywhere. Neither here, nor in Paris.

When I need a book it's in Paris, and vice versa.

I want a room of my own.

In Paris, it's a pied-a-terre, and this is my mother's house.

This room hasn't changed since I was 14.

I ought to get rid of all this.

But why bother? Since I don't really live here.

I don't have my room, but everything's in the attic.

We have an attic too, but it's empty.

We lost everything when we came back to France.

I was eight.

Everything I've had since was handed down to my sister.

I don't have much left...

Did you do that?

When I was 14.

So you paint?

It's not painting. Anyone could do it.

No, it's very nice.

Take it.

I insist. I can give you a present, can't I?

Anyway, it's worthless.

When you're tired of it, put it in your attic.

Let's sit down.

Your friends will miss you.

I've seen them for two hours!

Now I want to spend some time with you.

I'm a bit nervous, on edge, tonight.

I always am when I ask friends over. I hardly ever do.

Some, I shouldn't have invited. I didn't think they'd come.

You have faithful friends.

Or they had nothing better to do.

They came more for my sister, than for me.

I shouldn't hang out with that crowd. They're mediocre.

All it takes is a few of them to drive me up the wall.

I don't want to be with them. I want to be with you.

Please, for me.

Let's stay like this.

I'm exhausted.

The trip must have worn you out too.

Let's not talk.

What is it?

The Mercerets are leaving.

Say goodbye for me. I'm very tired.

I can't keep you from your friends.

They're not my friends. They'll understand.

Anyway, it's late, I have to go too.

You just got here!

I had a hard time getting away...

All the more reason!

I have to go. Tomorrow morning I go to Narbonne.

Sleep here. There's my kid sister's room.

No, I can't miss my train tomorrow.

It's very nice of you, but I'm afraid that...

If I don't leave now, I won't sleep all night.

I have to be in shape for my case. I know it's selfish.

Stay a bit longer.

Lise is a creep.

It wasn't her fault.

It was!

Come on, Sabine.

I'm so sorry...


I'm sorry, too.

I'm crazy. Don't be mad at me.

I must leave. Thank you so much.


No, I have to go.

I'll call you.

What are you doing?

Going to bed. I'm tired.

And your guests?

It's late. They'll leave.

The least you can do is say goodbye!

You do it for me.

What will they think?

They'll think I'm sick, an upset stomach...

Lise can play hostess. It was as much her party as mine.

Most of those people are her friends.

Don't get mad.

What happened?

You had a fight?

That's not it... He's just very busy.

You've been crying.

Sure. Because he had to leave. He was sorry, too.

Did you like him?

Of course, but he's a bit...

Too good for me?

Not too good. No one could be. Too grand.

Just don't get all worked up over him.

I had the feeling he wasn't very happy to be here.

How did you ever get him here?

If he came, it's because he wanted to.

He seemed uncomfortable.

Of course, the only person he knew was Clarisse.

And she needles him!

A brilliant lawyer can be shy!

Even if he begged me I wouldn't want him!

But don't you beg him!


All right, but you're so impetuous!

I wonder who you got it from!

I'm impetuous, but nothing like that!

Could I speak to Mr Sureau, please?

Who's calling?

He's not in. Please call next week.

Could you give him a message?

Say I called. The name's Sabine.

Very well.

Could I speak to Mr Sureau, please?

He's out. He's in court.

Please ask him to call Sabine.

I called last week.

Did you give him the message?

It's raining.

How come I never see you anymore? My thesis.

Has he called?

Have you?

I won't call.

Can I speak to Mr Sureau, please?

Who's calling?

He's out right now.

Did you give him the message?

Yes, Miss. It was done.

What did he say?

- That he'd be in touch. In touch?

He said he'd be in touch.

She hung up.

It's all your fault.

My fault?

You never stopped needling him.


Saying I was his type, we made a handsome couple...

Things like that.

He loves to be teased, he said so.

Not in front of me.

It bothers both of us.

If he likes you, that won't change anything.

I did you both a favour. It made you feel comfortable.

Strange way to do it!

Don't you feel comfortable? You had nothing to do with it.

More than you think. I pretend to put my foot in it.

That way the first steps are taken. The famous first steps!

You're immediately closer!

It didn't bring us any closer!

That's your fault, dear!

You chose to keep your distance...

I've told you, I don't want a man to take me, but to hold on to me.

To hold on to you, he has to take you first. Like Simon.

Simon didn't marry me.

Because he was married. Edmond isn't. It's a different story.

What will you do now?

I don't know.

Wait a while.

I'm sick of waiting!

It was going so well.

Let me call him. He'll answer me.

No, I'll write him.

A letter? That will really get you into trouble!

So what? I can't stand this any more, I need an explanation.

If he'd admit he didn't like me. But he dodges the issue.

It's time he spoke out!

He's such a coward! What's he scared of?

I'd really like to know. I'm not going to eat him.

Mr Sureau, please.

When will his meeting be over?

Look, it'll only take a minute...

I want to see Mr Sureau, it's very urgent.

I'm sorry. He's in a meeting.

Tell him I'm here. You're...

I'm sorry. He can't be disturbed.

I'll wait for him.

He'll be quite a while.

I have all the time in the world.

Who's calling?

I'm sorry. He's in a meeting. Can you call back in ten minutes?

I was in Paris, so I dropped by to say hello.

That's nice of you, but I can't see you. I don't have any time.

My next client's due.

But since he's not here yet...

Come in. But he'll be here any minute.

Don't worry, I came to say hello and to apologise for the other night.

For what?

You know, I acted silly. I was upset.

It was my fault. I was late. I shouldn't have said I'd come.

I'm flattered you came when you're so busy.

I was very touched, and I wanted to tell you.

Did you get my letter? You wrote me?

Last week, at your mother's address.

The letter was mailed Friday or Saturday. You should get it today.

Put her through.

It doesn't matter...

I'll wait for you. In 15 minutes...

Right away.

May I sit down?

Yes, but my client's held up, and I'll be in a hurry, so I'd better go over her file.

I'll be off. Could we meet later?

I'm busy tonight.

Tomorrow night?

I'm busy too.

The next day? I can stay in Paris all week.

I'm very busy this week. But I wrote you. My letter's surely arrived...

Well, I'll go back to Le Mans and read your letter.

Wait... Don't be angry, that letter...

Tell him to call back. In an hour!

That letter...

Sit down.

We have a minute.

That letter...

Some things are easier to say in writing. I'd rather you read it.


I shouldn't have mentioned it, without...

There's nothing much in it.

I apologised for leaving suddenly.

But I had that train to catch.

You were right. I behaved like a little girl.

My letter says nothing you don't know, but I'm afraid you may find it a bit curt, and even hurtful.

How can an apology be rude?

I did more than apologise. Do you want to hear?

Since you're here, tear up that letter. Promise?

I left because I felt uncomfortable.

I always am at family gatherings.

I realised all eyes were on me.

I think you see what I mean...

No, I don't.

All eyes were on me, though you intrigued them, like any outsider.

Do people's opinions matter that much to you?

People close to you, your mother.

What did my mother say?

Not a thing.

Explain, will you?

Maybe I'm dumb, but I need things explained.

Let's say I imagined it all, and forget it, but...

I want you to know that I'm fiercely independent and...

I don't foresee any tie which might alienate my freedom, if I may use legal jargon.

Then I'm sorry I bothered you.

You said to call. I did it as a friend.

And now I'm being accused of chasing after you!

I'm not accusing you of anything. It's only a friendly warning.

Just don't get any wrong ideas.

I'm not available. Even as a friend.

First, I'm very busy.

There's my career, which rightly or wrongly, comes first.

That's very selfish, even disagreeable, but...

I don't want to conceal anything.

Now this is harder to say...

I could get out of it by making excuses, such as...

I don't like women, or I'm in love with one woman... or I'm not attracted to your type of beauty.

In fact, perhaps I shouldn't say this but you're the type of woman who appeals to me.

Which is why I have to defend myself against you.

Why defend myself, you'll say?

Why, indeed?

Much as I regret it, and for reasons I can't explain, I'm not in love with you.

It's not you, personally, it only has to do with me.

Which is why you mustn't feel hurt.

Not at all. If I'm not your type, I'm not hurt.

To each his own.

Why should I be your type?

But you are! How can I explain?

Forgive the comparison...

Suppose I see a country house I like very much. Should I buy it, if I don't feel like being in the country?

Right now I feel like being alone.

I've just had a stormy love affair and...

I don't want to get involved.

I respect your feelings.

I don't want you to take this as any kind of flirtation.

I'd like to be friends, and since I'm so busy, meet now and then.

I hate people who say they'll call when they don't intend to.

I shouldn't have made a promise I couldn't keep.

I wanted to clear things up when we were in your room.

But I didn't want to spoil your party.

I won't bother you any more.

Forgive me for speaking out... Please don't go away angry.

I'm not angry. A bit... That's only natural.

We have a minute. My client's late.

You're a bright, sensitive girl. Let me be frank.

I'm sure you'll understand and not be hurt.

This is hardly the moment for confidences.

Yet major decisions are often made in awkward moments.

In seconds, truces are signed, wars are declared.

Our quarrel, if we have one, isn't a world war, but believe me, I don't take it lightly.

I'd hate for you to misunderstand me, or my letter.

Because you'll read it, I'm sure.

I'll tear it up. I promise.

Read it. Now that I've told you everything.

You must understand, and I doubt you have, that this is no reflection on you, but on me.

I've never been able to deal with my weakness for pretty young women.

It forced me to make some painful choices, so now I put the brakes on, before it's too late, before the road gets too steep, before my fears become reality!

When I sense I won't be able to make a decision in total freedom.

Frankly, if I get married, which isn't about to happen, but might some day, I want not only to have chosen my wife freely, but to have had the idea of marrying, if not first, at least at the same time...

If she had it first...

Who's talking about marriage?

What gave you the idea I wanted to marry you?

You overestimate yourself!

I'll tell you what's wrong with you!

You're scared I'll get you in my clutches.

Well, don't worry. There are thousands of men more handsome, younger, and more interesting than you.

Who are worth going after. You're not!

Don't get angry! Why fight when we agree?

Don't go off like that!

Don't bother! I got the message!

I was only being frank.

Frank? You must be kidding!

You're a hypocrite!

And chicken, to boot!

You fear scenes?

We've just had one! Goodbye!


You might apologise!

I did. I said "sorry".

You should have stopped.

I'm sorry, I'm in a hurry.

And I'm not?


Look at me, at least!

I'd rather not see an old hag!

Who's that wild woman?

In our profession, we see all kinds...

Do you know what?

He interests me so little now, I have no desire to read his letter.

He may be a fine man.

But he's not my type.

As a man, he doesn't attract me at all.

I don't like his voice, his manner, his nose, his mouth, his skin.

In fact, I don't like anything.

I always knew I didn't like him that much.

If I get married, it'll be with a man I liked right away.

It was all your fault, claiming it was love at first sight.

It wasn't that at all.

At that rate, you'll never find the perfect man.

Simon was better. We liked each other right away.

You're right. He suited you better.

But I don't want a married man with kids.